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Date Posted:02/10/2014 07:45:27Copy HTML

So, this seems like the best place to post this, since you guys have a lot of experience with thongs and when the right age or time is to wear them etc.
My daughter is 13 and will be going on a spring break trip to Playa del Carmen with our temple's youth group. They're a pretty liberal bunch, and apparently a bunch of the girls who are going are going to be bringing thong bikinis (!) which sorta shocked me but I talked to some of the other parents and they indeed have their blessing.
So, of course, my daughter is eager not to be left out and excited at the notion of no tan lines. She's also more recently started to gain a lot of confidence in how she looks (which is all too rare at her age) so I'm hesitant to discourage her. But, my first reaction was '13 is too young!' She'll be supervised and in a group setting so the other part of me says it's no big deal.
Anyone here have experience with this? Also, where are good places to get thong bikinis for girls her age if I do 'cave'?
jess903092 #1

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/10/2014 11:05:27Copy HTML


Teaching her that she is in charge of her own body -and what she shows of it, within reason and the law- is such a great lesson for a girl to learn. And the fact that her friends are doing it helps, strength in numbers haha.

Have you seen how something like that fits on her? Obviously make sure you guys pick one that is flattering to her body type so it does serve to build her up (as opposed to make her feel self conscious).

Look I'd get why it's a question at 10 or 11. But 13 is when a lot is changing, and if she's proud of how those changes affect her, she should go for it!

amandamanda1997 #2

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/10/2014 11:15:20Copy HTML

Haha I guess I tend to agree that it's a good lesson.
I haven't seen her in one because we haven't bought it for her yet, but I'm not worried about it being flattering or not. She inherited my bubble butt, that's for sure. And I guess when I was 13 I had similar feelings...I was really dorky and awkward but suddenly had this booty. Back then it just wasn't a question tho, girls didn't wear that stuff.

ThongersAngels #3

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 12:29:47Copy HTML

 Yep, I say let her. We let our daughter start wearing them abit younger, but I wont get into that in public.

Go for it!
jprob50 #4

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 06:54:05Copy HTML

I would let her or at least a tiny scrunch-butt rio. No one likes to be left out of the "Cool Kids" group. I'm sure Skinzwear XS or XXS will fit a 13 y.o. girl. Something like these should work.



It will earn you major cool points in her book too !!
tiggerix #5

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 11:47:34Copy HTML

 might be a good time to have a discussion with her about the world she is emerging into.  many girls have no idea that while they might like the support and attention of their peers; they may not be so aware of the effect on older guys.  they need to know enough to take care of themselves without being totally freaked out.  basically if they are wearing anything 'sexy' then they will get attention from older men - they can't avoid it, but they can reduce the risk.  some girls will prefer that their parents do restrict what they wear - that way they can maintain cred with their peers by blaming the parents.  as a mom it's up to you to guide her and let her wear what you are reasonably comfortable with.
amandamanda1997 #6

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 02:05:50Copy HTML

Aw thanks all! To jprob50: those scrunch-butt options are cute! I also came across these ones which I think would look good on her:

And I love the flowers on this one (and of course she prefers this one since it's a bona-fide thong): http://www.teenyb.com/Products/LE-Wild-Red-Flowers-wBlush-Pink-Whaletail-Thong__333-9980-31100.aspx

To tiggerix: Yeah, older men are gonna look for sure. Happened to me at her age, and I think happens to a good deal of girls. Something she'll have to get used to understanding and managing. And as long as she's in a group and supervised, I think it's the right way to learn that. One of her friends who is going on the trip had a thong last summer and she told us some older guy came up to her and said 'thank you, you made my day.' At least he was polite! :P
thong_jock #7

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 02:13:50Copy HTML

 Our 12 year old started wearing string bikini swimwear this past summer and this year asked for thong underwear so she doesn't get panty lines under her yoga pants. Since her Mom and I both wear thong underwear and swimwear and have always been open about the body we didn't see an issue. My now partner [a guy] was aghast that she got thong underwear and thought it was inappropriate for a girl her age and I simple replied, it's just underwear, dude, chill. I wouldn't let her wear thong swimwear on the beach yet. My thoughts are on thong swimwear in public that it's flaunting what you got and she's far too young for that yet. That's just my opinion as a parent. I would be the same if I had a son who wanted to wear a thong swimsuit. I would probably say stick to speedos until he was about 16 or so.
tnline #8

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 02:39:54Copy HTML

Sounds like a very liberal temple youth group !  I think the whaletail suits from teenyb are a good choice.
jess903092 #9

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 02:46:52Copy HTML

 Love love love the one with the flowers!

Yah some might say like thong_jock that wearing that stuff is flaunting it, and he's probably right. But I'm sure that's the point lol. These girls are proud of what they got and I don't think it's wrong to want to flaunt it, especially if they're gonna learn what it means. I was at a beach over the summer where a bunch of girls her age were in thongs and brazilian cut bottoms and 1) they looked fantastic, more power to 'em and 2) I heard some older women snickering that 'nobody wants to see their asses hanging out like that.' Um, I'm sure plenty of folks DO want to see that!

If she's got a bubble butt like you say, she's gonna look stunning! So funny about that guy thanking one of her friends, too. I think it's sweet actually.
amandamanda1997 #10

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 04:37:48Copy HTML

To tnline: yes, they're a pretty laid back hippy style reform jewish temple that wants to make it 'cool' to be a part of it, especially for teens. The chaperone who's taking them is 25 and runs tour groups to Israel and is super 'cool' herself haha.

To jess903092: you crack me up! I can't argue with your logic but I guess I am torn about guys oogling at her, but that's just because I'm her mom. If I think about it objectively, I loved that when I was that age and it did build up my confidence in a healthy way when others weren't so nice about it. Back in my day I got made fun of for having a big butt, now with Beyonce and Kim Kardashian it's the look every girl wants. Besides, she already gets a lot of looks when she simply wears leggings or yoga pants so it's nothing new. So to thong_jock's point, yes she'll be flaunting it and yes that makes me nervous but I think it's all in good fun for her and her friends (and they can be sure nothing will come of it aside from a few looks and maybe a thank-you).

And looks like the teenyb whale tail is winning so far haha. Figures you guys pick the smallest one! :)

jess903092 #11

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 05:09:20Copy HTML

LOL lord help that chaperone.
JM_Runs #12

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 07:36:58Copy HTML

Having dealt with teens, on beaches, on summer trips.....  Give her options.  One scrunchie back, one or two thongs, etc.  Most teen girls of that age use simple triangle tops. Try to get tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched.

String tie side bikinis and thongs are a good idea because they are growing and will be a different size next year.  Also adjustable bikinis can be shared with friends, which modern teen girls do a LOT with their best friends. Sometimes I think the sign that a friend is a real friend and not an acquaintance from school is the mutual sharing of cloths.

Tie sides helps overcome the problem of getting the right size for growing teens.  Skinzwear makes suits down to XXS size but at special order cost. Chinese sizes often fit young teens better than US adults.
A cover up wrap might make her more comfortable when going from room to beach. A pair of daisy duke style BUTTON front jean shorts is also a popular teen cover for thongs, often worn with the top half of the buttons undone and corners turned back.  

Your crew will probably all have long hair - & - the tropical sun is bright and strong, so a baseball or runners cap with a rear opening for ponytail is a must. Combine with dark sunglasses with large lenses, teen girls like to look without being seen looking.

Pack her off with lots of sunscreen in different tubes. She will probably lose the first one, or feel obliged to share with friends less prepared. Also pack a couple of zip lock bags to store the sticky suntan containers.

Down here the spray pump L'oreal Sublime Sun Broad Spectrum sunscreen oil in SPF 15 or 30 seems to be popular with the teens, because it makes their skin glisten. Just careful with oil based sunscreen and some swimsuit fabrics.  If you find the sunscreen gel with the gold sparkling glitter fakes in it that is also very popular with teens, this they LOVE to wear, but it is hard to find.

Leave electronics at home.

Sharon73 #13

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/11/2014 08:49:01Copy HTML

 I remember my first bikini when I was 14 - and I loved all the attention I got from wearing it
amandamanda1997 #14

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/12/2014 05:02:20Copy HTML

 To JM_Runs: I'll keep that stuff in mind. I don't want to buy her a whole new swim wardrobe but yes I suppose options are important. She's a redhead so really fair skinned so I've got the sunscreen taken care of, believe you me! :)
thonger_in_oz #15

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/12/2014 10:00:00Copy HTML

wow, $200 for a bikini these days??!!!! i thought they were supposed to be cheaper with less material??!! :P
amandamanda1997 #16

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/12/2014 11:14:32Copy HTML

 Haha well $98 but I know what you mean. And it's ordered!
JM_Runs #17

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/13/2014 03:41:25Copy HTML

Simple low cost tie side string bikini or thong will work.  No point in spending that much money on something she will either grow out of or dislike by next season.  You maximize your investment by getting suits that tie to fit, that way they fit her when she grows, and it still fits if she lends to friends. At 13 she is unlikely to need any structure to the bikini top, and if it had structure she might worry about filling it. So keep it simple.

I suggest staying a way from girly prints, flowers, frills and other decorations that suggest 'young girl', because these will be quickly dis-guarded in the months and years to come. While purples and pinks and unicorns might be ok for children at some point most teen girls will suddenly drop and disown them.  So stick with simple solid colors that don't look like wallpaper or patterns and colors associated with younger girls. If you get it right she may wear the suits for years to come.

You will probably do more for her self confidence to send her with 1/2 a dozen thong bottoms costing $12 each than one fancy brand costing $70, because she can wear one, lend five, and will have more fun if doing things with friends in a group.  Not to mention making friends with the girls who's parents would not let them pack a thong.
jprob50 #18

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/13/2014 05:04:19Copy HTML


The Teeny B that you selected is awesome, but you should note that it's $118 for just the bottom.
Be sure that you ordered the matching top.
amandamanda1997 #19

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/13/2014 04:33:55Copy HTML

Yep, got that and a few other things too. Part of it is coming from her allowance, and I'm paying the rest.
amandamanda1997 #20

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/13/2014 04:48:02Copy HTML

Also JM_Runs: can you recommend some side-tie thong bottoms that would work for her?
JM_Runs #21

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/13/2014 08:30:31Copy HTML

Ebay -> Search for:  "tie" + "thong"

Change display order to: "Price + Shipping Lowest"

and the view to "List View"

Restrict search by selecting the check box on left for "Women's Clothing"

Maybe further narrowing to "Women's Clothing" - "Swimwear"

This will remove most of the underwear from the search, although some of the products listed under underwear might make good teen swimwear.

Also try the same search but for "Danceware"  selecting "Women's Clothing" - "Danceware" to refine your basic search for "Tie" + "Thong"

The key is to make sure you have the results sorted by  "Price + Shipping Lowest"

Effectively selecting the right results from ebay, or for that matter any large database, so as to find what you want, at the price you want to pay, is a skill all teens should learn. Don't do it for them. Teach them how to find what they want within their budget.
tnline #22

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/14/2014 12:44:24Copy HTML

Side-tie options:

malibu strings : http://www.malibustrings.com/order/MS10022.html

NVR : http://www.nvrstrings.com/versant_tie_side_thong_bikini.html
adambrix #23

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/14/2014 04:34:25Copy HTML

Hi Amanda

You will obviously find a more liberal set of opinions here than if you ask eslewhere.

When you have kids, you try to look at the spectrum of options available to them, and the risks and benefits of each.

Whether it is their generation, of when I was a teenager in the 80s/90s, there are so many unacceptable risks and activites - drugs, illegal activites, violence, alcohol, high risk taking, destructive personal relationships- that should genuinely concern parents. Within the spectrum of what is available to younger people and what gives them some fun/ thrill/ pleasure/ excitement- wearing a thong bikini in a controlled environment (and where it is more a social "norm") is probably not that big a deal. I agree that 13 is pretty young, but I would think the other factors (controlled environment with peers and a chaperone, in a more liberal social setting) probably counteract that.

My family was very involved with exchange students in my teenage years. The 15-17 year old teenage girls from other countries visiting Australia  (and their families back in Europe or South America) had no problem at all with toplessness and thong bikinis. It was a social norm in their countries. It seemed outrageous to me (as one example) that a teenage Swiss friend of mine told me she had been entered into a topless bikini contest when on holiday in Spain with her family (who were very respectable) back in the day. Another Brazilian friend of mine (from very well to do family) showed me some of the bikinis she and her sisters wore to the beach with the family, and they were miniscule (even by today's standards). Wearing of minimal swimwear is more a social issue than anything else in many cases. It is unfortunate that some countries make such a big deal of it.

I find it ironic that, for example, single people in their 20s that I know from Sydney will have multiple sexual partners at any one time, drink alcohol irresponsibly and dabble in various recreational drugs, but would shudder at the thought of having their buttocks or breasts in public view at a Sydney beach. It somehow seems to be more acceptable if it is less "visible".

Maybe this could be an excellent opportunity to talk to your daughter about some of the other sexual, personal, relationship, social issues around where she is in her life, and how she will choose to be as a young woman in the formative years ahead. The fact that your daughter has the opportunity to discuss this with you openly, and be given options, may be far more positive than pushing it underground.

On the topic of swimsuits, there are several adjsutable butt brazilian styles available this season. These allow more full coverage, but can easily be wedged into a thong when it suits. These ones are far less expensive than some of the others mentioned above.

jess903092 #24

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:02/15/2014 03:59:53Copy HTML

Well I think she wasn't asking MEN specifically and I hope I'm not the only female who chimed in!
oosuntanman #25

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:03/27/2014 10:51:16Copy HTML

 our two daughters 14 and 12 wear the same suits as my wife.Roma suits from bikini-beach.they are g strings that will fit any age.side tie with a tiny front covering.very reasonably prices and have matching tops in very small cup sizes.they look great and fit perfectly.
LoveMyThongs #26

Re:13yo daughter...what to do?

Date Posted:09/06/2018 05:05:47Copy HTML

13 is about the age girls start to go skimpier with the bathing suits. My issue is girls who flaunt it and stick their behinds out for attention and thats asking for trouble. My wife doesn't flaunt them, she just wears them as I'm the same. My point would be why she'd want one
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