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Date Posted:04/18/2018 03:30:27Copy HTML

We had one nice day in Ohio with temperatures in the 80's.  This was the nicest day so far this spring, and I went to the beach.  I knew the water would still be too cold for even wading, but also knew that the sun would be warm.  First issue -- we had so much rain that the lake was flooded but the parking lot was not, and people were setting up near it to catch some rays.  What surprised/pleased/amazed me was that of the six other young women at the beach, two were in cheeky swimsuits and three in high-waist thongs!  These were true thongs -- strap up the back consistently narrow from the bottom to the top.  (I had on a G-string and was topfree.)  Anyway, when these others saw me topless, two of them took their tops off too.  In the past, someone would usually come around and ask if thongs or topfree beach use was legal, then hem and haw for a while before finally changing to a thong or taking their tops off.  This year, they were already wearing their thongs, and just having a single woman topfree was all they needed to see to make them comfortable with taking their tops off too.  It has been years since I was a small kid that I can remember this high of a percentage of women on the sand in thongs in Ohio.  I hope this was a true trend, and not just a few extreme swimwear wearers who decided to take advantage of the high temperatures (but windy conditions) we had squeezed in between other sometimes freezing weather.  Unfortunately, the guys were mostly in board shorts, but these seemed shorter than in recent years.  One had on a thong (thank you!) and another some sort of jams that I think were really bike shorts, but I was not going to complain -- at least they were tight, and he didn't have anything to be ashamed of.  Several people/couples came along just to do a little hiking (not practical due to the flooding) or to exercise their dogs.  None of these people seemed to mind how much skin the young people were showing.

Later we stopped at the nearby convenience store and there was a lady buying some snacks in a cheeky almost thong bottom and a very thin cropped off T-shirt.  She was obviously braless and was showing skin on the bottoms of her breasts all the time under her somewhat loose top, and showed a bit more when she bent down to get things off lower shelves.  Two years ago, Nikki and I had been kicked out of this same store when we wore tiny cut-offs and bikini tops that the manager/owner said were inappropriate for his store.  This year the same guy seemed indifferent about what his female customers were wearing.

The other day, I had to go to the mall to get my new glasses and had a while to kill.  Normally I avoid malls like the plague, but since I had to kill an hour or so, I wandered around and into a few of the stores.  Most of the young-woman's stores were displaying tiny, distressed denim shorts, and a few had swimwear in the window as well.  The most conservative swimwear on display in the store windows were skimpy bikinis, while a few stores also had some pretty extreme cheeky swimsuits on display.  At one store, they had a mannequin with a true high waist thong and had the dummy standing there topfree and with her buns facing the window.  As I walked by, three high-school aged girls were standing there looking at the display, and one was telling the others that as soon as she got paid, she would be coming back to get a swimsuit "like that" before they all were sold.  I lingered a moment within ear shot and she further explained that last year they had sold out by Labor Day, and she wanted to get something "modern" to wear this summer.  The other girls were not as crazy about the thong, but were interested in the most extreme cheeky swimsuits on display.  At Penny's (where I cut through from the parking lot to the optical place) the dummies had on more traditional swimwear, but they had some more conservative cheeky swimsuits on the rack.  These showed about half the buns.  Nothing more extreme, and no thongs -- at least none yet.

JSJax #1

Re:2018 More Cheeky Swimwear and Thongs Than Ever!

Date Posted:04/18/2018 04:01:45Copy HTML

 You're not alone in your observations, Traci.  Between well below-average temps and a hectic schedule this past Saturday was my first chance to get out to the beach this year; apparently everyone else is just as tired as I am of the inconsistent weather as it was almost holiday-level crowded.  My friend and I observed dozens of true thong bikinis on the ladies and a staggering percentage of cheeky or near-thong bikinis.  To my surprise I even overheard a couple of passersby comment on the number of "dudes in g-strings" - though we didn't spot any on a good long beach walk it's still nice to know they're out there.

For reasons I haven't figured out the amount of thongs on Jax beach tends to be at its highest from the end of the spring college semester through the 4th of July so I may be overly optimistic, but I'm taking it as a sign of good things to come this summer.
ithongit #2

Re:2018 More Cheeky Swimwear and Thongs Than Ever!

Date Posted:04/28/2018 08:45:38Copy HTML

 Back in Ohio, we had a nice day on Friday.  Temperatures around 70, little wind, nice and sunny.  Randy and I had to go on a trip and decided to go to the Indian Lake State Park in West central Ohio.  Randy had a thong and I had a G-string in the car, but we didn't put them on until we decided if the weather was going to cooperate and the lake was not too flooded or had other issues (like never having the beach cleaned yet after winter).  We stopped at the beach in Russell Point (see Indian Lake post for more information on their beaches).  Things were not too bad, a little flooded, but the grass was not wet, and so we went back to the town to get some lunch and put our suits on.  When we got back, we saw some girls about 20-25 on the beach.  We got our things and headed for the grass near the sand.  We left out cover up cloths in the car, since the parking lot is only about 200 feet away.  As we approached, we were surprised to see that three of the four ladies were wearing true thongs and not just cheeky swimwear, but actual full-bun exposing swimsuits, and the fourth was in a pair of micro cut-offs.  We walked by them and they seemed almost nonchalant about my G-string bottom, but were not trying to hide that they liked seeing Randy in his thong.  They stared at my exposed breasts, but did not immediately comment on them. 

One said "hi" then ask us how we liked the new law.  We ask what that law was, and she said it was the one that permitted wearing thongs on the beach.  Randy corrected them, and they said they were sorry that nobody had told them earlier that thongs were okay.  At this time, the girl in the cut-offs took them off and she was wearing a G-string like I was.  She said she and her friends had been thonging in their back-yards but never at the beach before and that they assumed that thongs were illegal in the past since nobody wore them.  She said they thought the law had been changed when they ran into another lady wearing a thong at one of the marinas.  (Randy and I rarely visit this spot, but we have seen a few other thongers here in previous years.)  One of the girls said she was so glad that thongs were more acceptable than ever and that she intended to never wear more.  Two of the others agreed and ask about my being topless, and I explained that this too was legal.  Two of the four then took their tops off.  All four agreed they would like to wear nothing more than what they had on, and told us how nice they liked feeling the sun all over their bodies.  One said with all the positive publicity about thongs, she didn't expect anyone would mind their wearing thongs this year.

Randy, who was also in a thongs was also a hot topic and the women said they liked the look but thought it might be too "girly" for most other men to wear.  The ranger and a grounds worker came along.  The ranger was telling the worker what had to be done to get the beach area ready for the summer -- putting the trash cans out, cleaning up the restrooms, getting the floating swim area markers ready to put out, etc.  They past us all several times and didn't comment on our swimwear but only talked to us about if we had gone swimming (no the water was too cold) and how nice the weather turned out to be.  This was the final bit of encouragement needed for the other women.  One said she was going to order more thongs and pack her cheeky swimwear up.

The ladies told me they had decided to try out their thongs on the beach before the beach got too crowded, but that with the Ranger being okay with their thongs, they would stop worrying and simply enjoy themselves in the future.  I hope that others will follow our lead this summer and strip down to thongs and G-strings as the weather continues to get better. 

mhdavisjr #3

Re:2018 More Cheeky Swimwear and Thongs Than Ever!

Date Posted:04/29/2018 12:46:03Copy HTML

 Traci, to which beach are you referring in your first msg?  Just wondering which one had so much water.
cmp304 #4

Re:2018 More Cheeky Swimwear and Thongs Than Ever!

Date Posted:04/29/2018 03:48:12Copy HTML

Sounds very positive!  Traci's post adds to  the thought that people just assume that thongs are not permitted.  Now that there is a trend toward skimpier suits maybe people will either ask and find out they are perfectly legal swimwear, or they might just try anyway and be surprised.  And wish they had made the change years ago!
nospam_TN1 #5

Re:2018 More Cheeky Swimwear and Thongs Than Ever!

Date Posted:05/26/2018 09:07:48Copy HTML

 I wish I could report similar observations for east TN, but if I did, it wouldn't be truthful.  The only exception to that is that I did see several plus-size ladies in slightly cheeky, but still closer to full bottom bikinis on a public lake beach at Douglas Dam, just east of Knoxville several weeks ago.  I'm one of probably 5 or 6 guys who swims laps in briefs at the local gym pool.  One guy, a bit older than me, still does the local triathlons in briefs.  At the more rural lake access points I typically use, those females in just regular bikinis are a minority.  Most are in shorts, one piece, or some kind of "modesty" type suits that come down to the knees.

Of course, I still get most of my tanning from a combination of paddle boarding and open water swimming in briefs. 
bmicro #6

Re:2018 More Cheeky Swimwear and Thongs Than Ever!

Date Posted:06/01/2018 01:48:17Copy HTML

 Here in South FL there are certainly more cheeky suits. However, the trend seems to be away from g-strings or true thongs to these wannabe suits. I see far less g-strings now than I did a few years ago and fewer topless women as well. 
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