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Date Posted:12/21/2018 07:39:32Copy HTML

I believe that with the continued acceptance of cheeky swimwear and even thong swimwear by today's women, that the trend in this magazines coverage to obvioiusly show more thongs will only increase.   Thongs many not be the "norm" on women and certainly are not the "norm" on men, but I think as long as people (mostly women) keep buying this style more and more, and at more places, including brick and mortor stores, the market for thongs for women will be secure for at least some time.   add more to their collections, and as their acceptance seems to be more and more universal, that the magazine would be foolish not to keep up with the trends.

What interests me more is the question "will all this added exposure [pun intended] to thongs make them more common on the American beaches, and at other places where swimwear is worn?"  I believe that women will be the first ot benefit from more publicity of this style, mostly with very little if any negative responses.  I can only hope that adding men in the magazines and better yet in physical locations where swimwear is often worn will make the acceptance on guys just as acceptable, and hopefully a more common site. 

So my predictions are -- More thong swimwear in SI in 2019.  More women wearing cheeky swimwear in most appropriate areas.  More acceptace of thong swimwear in general, and less resistance and more support for men who brave wearing thongs.


Matt37 #1

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/21/2018 10:25:24Copy HTML

Huh? Wasn't 90% of the 2018 Swimsuit Edition thong suits to begin with? Not sure they can do "more thong swimwear" in 2019, really. And I think the advent of the scrunchy bottom and the rise of the BoutineLA brand is doing more to make thong swimwear more common than anything the SI Swimsuit editions could ever do. Men's thong swimwear is not going to rise significantly unless and until some popular celebrity wears one somewhere, is photographed wearing it, and they interview him and he talks about it in a positive light. And even then, the bump will be minimal.
Mary0826 #2

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/22/2018 06:50:48Copy HTML

I have to agree with Matt37. It would be hard to show more thongs. Perhaps the swimwear bottoms will get smaller, more will be mesh or see thru, etc. SI could also show more explicit pictures of the thong bottoms. For the tops, they too could be smaller and it wouldn't hurt to show more topfree women -- not just a side view but perhaps even frontal pictures of the breasts. Many of the pictures from recent years have the women topfree, but holding what appears to be their tops in their hands, like it was a spur of the moment thing to remove them. Why cant the women be show simply topfree -- like they spend the day this way. I personnaly would like to see pictures with a busy beach in the background to establish that thong and topfreedom is something acceptable in many places. They often go to exotic locals (probably because they are warm) but why not go to beaches like South Beach, places in Austrailia, and if possible even more Northern places in the US where topfree women and thongs are permitted. They could mention on each picture the local to emphasis that minimal swimwear is okay in many places. The Wicked Weasel website often has their models on busy beaches. I think 2018 was the first year they had exposed buns on the cover, and it was on display for most of the year at some places. I never heard of anyone complaining. Most of the men I know liked this issue, but wished they showed more. All liked the 2018 edition the most when compared with recent years. What is at issue is not can they show more thongs, but how much further can they go and how long will it take them. Women I know think the SI issue features unrealistic women in unrealistic poses. Irregardless, if swimwear companies decide that thongs and near-thongs are no longer of interest to most women, and they start featuring some other type swim garment (girls board shorts as an example), I think SI would quickly switch over to whatever "style" is most popular on on the rise in popularity. I wonder if SI gets kick-backs for some if not all of their swimwear from the companies who make them. A long time ago, a few magazines which catered to women like Vogue and the soft-porn Playgirl magazines had similar features (only a few pictures on a few pages) of men in thongs as part of their yearly swimwear features. These usually included swimwear for both women and men, and the magazines often showed them as couples in their pictorials, but most were also pretty boring studio pictures instead of on-locaiton works like SI has been known for. Like SI they listed the manufacturer, where to get them, and reccomended costs. Even a few more mainstream magazines along the People line showed a few swimsuit for men and women, and sometimes showed a male "star" in a thong, but rarely was the thong shown from the back. Still, the soap-opera type actors who wore them may have given a slight increase in male thong wearing. These main-stream magazines would say something like "George is ready for the beach in his red Speedo thong. (Macy's, about $15)" I wonder if any of the current group of gossip and women's sports/exercise magazines would dare to have a male counterpart to the SI swimsuit issue, even if only a few pages were devoted to the topic. SI started with only a few pages, and it took a decade or more for them to go with a whole magazine devoted to women's swimwear. From what I have read, the timing of the feature (late January and February) was to hit at the time when typical league sports were at their lowest with no baseball, no football, only a few basket ball games, etc. The timing also created an escape from the cold days of winter.
big daddy thong #3

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/24/2018 07:35:35Copy HTML

I'm just guessing here, but I think that there will have more thongs in the SI 2019 swimsuit issue. Last years digital online issue showed a lot more thongs than the magazine. I personally I'd love to see more guys wearing thongs as models to show that it is normal. But I'd be pleased if it is a conservative speedo or a mens skimpy bikini bottom. (baby steps of aceptance) However, unless there is a well known pro athlete rocking a thong (which I wouldn't bet on it) most dudes will continue to wear board shorts or trunks. Guys fear the peer pressure, even if they are in good shape. Seems to me that fashion dictates what will sell. Right now, thongs for women are coming back. But for guys, the more material in a swimsuit will sell a lot more. for the record, I like ESPN NUDE edition better.
mack_back #4

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/26/2018 07:50:11Copy HTML

Big Daddy thong: The famous dudes will never wear skimpy bikini bottom or thongs. Even though some maybe well endowed they can't dare have themselves exposed bulge in public to be critiqued. In the public eye there are various opinions some pictures show you shrunken coming out of the water headlines on TMZ does size matter? laughing at his bulge. Yet in truth you can be well  hung but they write a story to mock your style or personality. Usually other females loving him may change there mind other celebrities watch and gossip saying yah i thought he be lot more hung. Thus any dating of famous models or actresses goes out the window destroying any chance to have sexual relationship only because people know or seen your willy in tiny swimwear making skewed judgement. If your male actor you don't want to alienate the public because of your swimwear feelings some maybe having. No studio will hire actor that the public finds creepy or pervert with all the sexual harassment in hollywood they drop famous actors if there is a hint of inappropriate behaviour or lifestyle. Yes, thonging isn't bad thing of itself  but others misconstrue the notion your something your not telling there kids stop watching from the magazine stands at the grocery store showing naked photos. It's not the magazine the mother is angry about but you wearing such swimsuits to be photoed in public, saying it's disgusting i will never watch any Tom Cruise movie because they see him on a beach with a thong taken  photo from paparazzi. Celebrities have to control their image out in public so they can work without any bias from outside sources. Even John Ham walking on the street with loose pants freeballing. Paparazzi took of him with clear penis shaft seen. The photo or story is Ham is hung and his girlfriend must like it.  Yet if he was in speedo or thong fans would feel he is showing off and is exhibitionist thus finding him greasy. Then casting him in serious roles will implode leaving him unemployed or working as stripper or pornstar roles.

While the double standard exsits in the media showing mid 30's actress in a thong bikini or cheeky bottom. Telling the public look how beautiful she looks on the beach talking about all the weight she lost how fit she looks, from her pregnacy, congradulating her. Usually that helps envokes some interest in casting agents giving her a place in a new bond film doing the Ursulla Andress bikini wearing role. While the male gets blacklisted being a perv for wearing anything skimpy on his own time on a beach. So look for more long board shorts and tops for men in hollywood unless there Matthew Macaunaughey. Other actors laugh about saying every movie Matt asks for the director good time to have his shirt off in the scene of the movie almost every movie.

Vega1210 #5

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/26/2018 11:57:32Copy HTML

even if in Sports Illustrated it wont change the fact they are illegal here in SC :(
csnipwb #6

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/27/2018 03:21:58Copy HTML

yes, I must say that we have a long ways to go before you see thongs on babes at Myrtle Beach let along on guys!

ithongit #7

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/27/2018 05:14:36Copy HTML

I know that thongs are not permitted on Myrtle Beach, but was unaware that they are illegal in the entire state. In any event, I must agree that just because SI chooses to show thong swimwear that it does not automatically become legal. However, I also believe that if thong swimwear becomes more common both on beaches where it is legal and in magazine as well, that this shows some level of acceptance perhaps at a national level, and with enough acceptance, some additional places might accept minimal swimwear. Likewise, there is no guarentee that a trend being popular will make it more acceptable to some. Myrtle Beach first became thong intollerant, as I remember, during a time when thongs seemed to be growing in popularity both there and at other locations. Shutting down the beach to thonging was totally a local issue. Local rules and regulations at the city, county or even state levels can occur at any time and without any apparent logic. Indiana is a case in point. Located between Illinois, Ohio and Michigan (all states know to be at least thong tollerant, if not friendly) you might expect the state to be equally accepting of thong swimwear. They are not, and have past laws making it illegal in most localities. I have heard that Kentucky to the South of Indiana is a place where thongs are legal, but local pressure is often used to limit their use. I don't know exactly where they stand as a state or as a people there, so I have not included them in my Indiana is adjacent to thonging states logic since I simply don't know. A freind once told me it is a lot harder to un-make a law than it is to make one. If this is true, then places where there are laws against thongs might be some of the last or hardest to come around to a more thong friendly environments.
lindros #8

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/27/2018 01:06:23Copy HTML

Thongs are not illegal under state law in SC. In fact I've thonged lots of times in Huntington Beach state park just south of Myrtle Beach, and confirmed with Georgetown county and park police that they're permitted. That said there are a number of cities that ban them, including Myrtle Beach, which instituted the ban in response to black bike week where large women we with big butts would wear them while riding motorcycles on the streets. I've seen the occasional girl wearing a thong on the beach here without repercussion from the police.

NCThonger #9

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/27/2018 03:25:45Copy HTML

I will agree with lindrosand ithongit, while technically thongs may be illegal in Myrtle Beach, the last time I was there, I saw several thongs on women on the beach. Most were cheeky suits that became thongs by the girl pulling them up in her ass, but there were some true thongs as well. It is good to see the trend of cheeky / thong suits becoming more plentiful at Myrtle Beach. With that said, it is going to take something revolutionary to happen before you see guys in tiny speedo bikinis much less thongs on the beach. Just too conservative down in NC and SC.
Alfresco10 #10

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/27/2018 04:18:26Copy HTML

SI swimsuit issue is about titillation for guys who believe it is more dignified than a regular nudie mag. It isn't about moving a fashion trend. I think that we may see a few more thongs on fit women encouraged by their men who see the SI issue but that's about it. As for guys in thongs the SI issue would not have any impact, it will still be largely older nudists like me who cover as little as possible to legally enjoy the setting, and some fitter European guys who won't be devastated by the prospect that somebody is assessing the size of their package as they emerge from the sea.
nospam_TN1 #11

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/28/2018 12:36:50Copy HTML

The other negative trend at play that will surely have some spillover effect is the acceptance of these technical suits (that come to the knees on both men and women) in competitive swimming. I realize nobody was ever wearing thongs while doing that, but it wasn't that long ago that both men and women raced with completely bare and shaved legs from top to bottom. This won't affect women very much, but for men, it is gradually removing the pretense of wearing briefs because they're swimming laps, or doing other fitness, aquatic activities. I fully realize that the origin of this is hydrodynamics. Some engineer designed a type of material that created less friction than human skin, and for short time, people were covered from neck to ankles in this material. The regulators of the sport didn't like this, but they didn't completely banish it, just ended up creating a compromise type scenario where swimmers are allowed to use such materials, but only to the knees. Let's just hope this trend doesn't spill over into water polo.
SlimSuit #12

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/28/2018 04:29:00Copy HTML

I agree with Alfresco10. The SI swimsuit edition was not meant as a fashion bellwether like Women's Wear Daily, Vogue, Elle, etc. While I realize that some reports say that many women buy the swimsuit issue, I think that by far it follows the original intent of supporting news stand sales at a time of year when sports news was slow by using a titillation factor. I think it further reinforces the societal norm that has been embraced for some time now that women can openly express their sexiness, even sexuality, by what they wear. Unfortunately, this is contrasted by the constant drumbeat since the 70s, and the rise of some militant feminist movements, that male sexuality is generally bad, exploitive, invasive, self-ingratiating, and other negative terms. This has morphed over the decades into a generally, sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle, societal pressure that men need to suppress, hide, and literally "cover up" their sexuality. High profile powerful men being exposed as womanizers and harassers hasn't helped the overall cultural image for males either. Don't get me wrong; such behaviour should not be tolerated and punished where applicable. But it makes it easy to paint with a broad brush that "you men" are all alike for people who are predisposed to that thinking, and gives others an easy means to view any expression of male sexuality in any form, including dress, as suspect. In my opinion the acceptance of men in small swimwear has a loooong way to go to be generally accepted. I had hope in the 80s and early 90s that men's swimwear would be accepted on a par with women's swimwear. But, as has been said many times on this board, *that* didn't happen. The SI swimsuit issue merely acknowledges that it's okay for women to openly express their sexiness but does nothing for men in that regard.
ohiothonger #13

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/28/2018 07:13:07Copy HTML

While the pros and cons of who should wear what type of swimwear and where is interesting, I think the original post was asking if there would be more thongs in 2019 SI and if this would create a more positive image for all thong users. I think SI will have more thongs and show them more explicitly, although having a thong on the cover was pushing SI to about as far as they can probably go at least there.   As long as the SI swimsuit issue is a money maker, and as long as nobody makes distributing such materials illegal, I think SI will continue showing as much skin as they can.  Yes, this issue is probably used more for male excitement than for a women's fashion guide.  Still, I am sure some women do buy it to see what is hot this year, and showing more cheeky and thong swimwear (along with topfree or nearly top free selections) might encourage some of these women to follow the magazine's "suggestions".  If these women actually go out in public dressed in similar swimwear, it will increase the public's awareness of what some minimal swimwear is like.  But how the public reacts is unknown.   Some people probably would say "great" and others would say "this is awful".  So I can not believe there is some type of magic line between a SI model showing her rump and the creation of a public that will accept minimal swimwear. SI used to have some thongs, but not as many as were in 2018.  Then sometime (1990's? 2000's?) they virtually stopped showing thong swimwear or showed it in a way that the buns were barely shown.  This was also a time when the "religious right" was at a peak, and many anti-thong rules were created.  I would guess that SI saw the writing on the wall and decided to cool things to keep from having a boycot of their magazine or perhaps even legal attempts to classify them as porn and restrict the magazine sales.  I know the swimsuit issue was popular with the guys when I was a teen, and imagine it is also popular now.  Loosing the teen marked would be a major blow.  The religious right is not so vocal today on the issue of swimwear as they were then, or perhaps people are not as intimidated by them.  In any event, I am seeing more women in thongs at the beach than I have for years, but the number of men has not changed much over the last 10-15 years or so.

Matt37 #14

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/29/2018 02:16:53Copy HTML

> I know that thongs are not permitted on Myrtle Beach, but was unaware that they are illegal in the entire state. Thongs are not illegal in the state of South Carolina. Only in Myrtle Beach and Horry County.
Martylouie #15

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/30/2018 03:04:00Copy HTML

If you are in Horry County and want to thong (or go topfree) just go across the state line to Brunswick County and visit the Bird Island Coastal Reserve. While Sunset Beach is not thong friendly, women in thongs were seen on the strand last summer. I guess the beach patrol was too busy policing cabanas to bother with ladies in thongs. (I don't know if any guys tried outside of the reserve). See you in 2019
tbck1000 #16

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:12/30/2018 01:39:12Copy HTML

Bird Island is one of my favorite places. Might make a good location for SI! Can you summarize the legal limit (minimum) on front and rear coverage in SC?
Martylouie #17

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:01/01/2019 08:29:31Copy HTML

Bird Island is lovely, but it is probably not exotic enough for Sports Illustrated. And since they shoot in the late fall, it would not be warm enough for even Mrs. Verlander. I can’t speak to the requirements for South Carolina, as most of what is regarded as Bird Island is in North Carolina. Only about 20 acres near the jetty is in South Carolina. On the reserve in NC, I have seen some tiny g strings and top free on the ladies being passed by the beach patrol and I know CKwanderer and Lindros routinely wear very small suits, often with the beach patrol driving by. I, on the other hand do not look good in a thong, so I wear a brief, or grab a cover if textiles are near. Some of the beach patrol have actually told me they are members of the local nudist club.
sailor250 #18

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:01/28/2019 03:41:58Copy HTML

Here's some of the search shoots from Southbeach from a couple of months ago-- That's I believe the W they're shooting from https://www.si.com/swimsuit/2019/01/17/sports-illustrated-swimsuit-model-search-siswimsearch-sweet-16
Mary0826 #19

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:02/01/2019 05:52:22Copy HTML

Just verified the news -- The swimsuit edition will be coming out 4-monts later in May this year. Sports Illustrated has not explained the more, but it might be that they want the magazine to be illustrating looks for the US market and not the more exotic (and expensive) southern winter cruise destinations. Frank thinks they want to make sure that what they show is realistic for the US summer market -- not too wild (too bad, guys). He also wonders if the US TV market that will certainly show the swimsuits and models has dictated to some extent when to release the magazine. The TV market and magazine markets are compimentary, and one creates interest in the other. Brad thinks they want to have more time to do the swimsuit edition so the latest trends (good or bad) can be shown. Many of the swimwear shows are in the later months of the year, or even in January or February. Moving the introduction day to May will give SI more time to choose and photograph the newest suits, and also to do their layouts and get thing ready for printing. The later date will also give them a chance to see if any runway designs turn out to be flops and to eliminate these from the magaine. Scott thinks they realize that they have created a late-winter, early-spring over abundance of magazines showing women's swimwear. Some of the others are more risque and a customer with limited funds (like a teen) who wants to have something new to look at might not feel they can afford two expensive magazines, so they might choose to get a different one in early spring. Moving the magazine pemier to May would give these people the chance to get a second magazine without going broke. Last year they sold the magazine for what seemed like 9 months. Maybe they got some sales figures to indicate when the most magazines will be sold. Let's face it -- Sports Illustrated is in business, and whatever the reason, you can be assured that they think moving the day to May will help sell their magazines.
ithongit #20

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:02/08/2019 01:19:36Copy HTML

Swimsuit Issue Delays Explained(?) by Newsweek Jan 17, 2019 Sports Illustrated this week said it was postponing the launch of its most profitable issue, the one devoted to swimsuits, which is now a multimedia extravaganza, from mid-February to mid-May. It marked the first time since its debut in 1964 that the issue has not appeared in the dead of winter. “It’s hard to think about swimsuits when it’s 18 degrees outside,” swimsuit editor MJ Day told AP. When the issue was first conceived, it was to fill a void in the weeks after pro football ended and before spring training began. Now sports, as well as swimsuits, are year-round events. Newsstand sales have been off in recent years, but it’s not clear if it is because of a backlash against a magazine of scantily clad bikini beauties in the #MeToo era, or just part of the more general industry malaise. SI didn’t release official figures. Meanwhile, efforts to sell the every-other-week title to a new owner drag on. It officially went on the block nearly a year ago. Fortune and Time magazine, two other titles Meredith put on the block shortly after it completed its $2.8 billion takeover of Time Inc. in January 2018, have already been sold to new, billionaire owners. Only SI and Money remain. Junior Bridgeman, a former super sub for the NBAs Milwaukee Bucks who became a fast food restaurant mogul following his retirement, is still said to be the main contender to buy SI, reportedly for $150 million — but that price is said to be falling. Sources say there are obstacles to a deal, including price and how much Meredith will charge to continue to handle back-shop services. -- end of quote -- So, Time Inc. is under new management. SI and Money are stilled owned by Time Inc. Time Inc. runs other media as well through the parent company Time Warner (who ran a good part of the nations cable TV systems). The Time part of Time Warner was sold in January 2018, but Sports Illustrated was still owned by Time Warner. Even if Sports Illustrated been sold in January 2018, it probably would have been too late to make changes in the 2018 issue release, and perhaps maybe too late to make editorial changes to the magazine, such as what type swimwear was appropriate. January 2019 comes along. Time Warner still owns Sports Illustrated. Perhaps the current SI ownership does not want to have a perhaps controversial swimsuit edition hiding on the horizon waiting for Swimsuit changes which can not be made in a timely way. If there is a few more months for SI to get sold, then the new owners will have the ability to affect the swimsuit issue in 2019, which would not be opened to them if the current management stays in place.
ithongit #21

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:03/10/2019 07:12:02Copy HTML

I just read in a financial magazine (something like Money or Kiplinger, but more professional) a short article about the 2019 SI swimsuit issue and also the 2018 issue. I wish I had the article to share, but I was called into my appointment, and then left by a different door by the receptionist, and I don't know if this magazine posts anything online anyway. The writer of this article suggested that back when the 2018 edition was being created, there was serious negotiations with a fairly conservative group that was considering purchasing the magazine for investment purposes. They had indicated that they were planning to be more critical of things like cheating, inappropriate behavior, sports figures and owners making too much money and suggesting that salaries and bonuses be brought down to more reasonable levels, and concurrently bringing down the price of tickets. They apparently indicated that the SI swimsuit editions needed work too and if bought, they intended to make the magazine more female friendly by highlighting more women's teams and female sport's celebrities. One suggestion made was the elimination of the swimsuit edition all together. A second proposal would be to include male models and male swimwear along with the females. In a third proposal they would tone down the issue to include more conservative swimsuits. They also suggested using fewer pages of swimwear and more of the magazine for traditional sports news. Those involved with the swimwear edition thought any change would be a big change. There were too many advertising commitments for 2018, and the photo shooting had just started when sales talks started. The current management directed the photographers to push the limits and show as much as could be shown in this supposedly "family" magazine. They actually ask them to go past the limits and when selecting the photos and doing the layouts, sometimes used more extreme photos than they would have in previous years The swimsuit group collectively decided if the SI swimsuit issue were to die or have major changes, that people would remember 2018, the last done by this group to be be best. In December 2018, many "experts" thought that the SI sale would be complete shortly. At the request of the potential future owner, SI agreed to postpone the 2019 photo shoot so the new management would have more control over it. If this is true, then in the next month or so the magazine sale must be completed, of the current owners will have to make a decision -- become more conservative with the swimsuit edition, keep it about the same, or do like last year and push the limits again. They have already announced that the swimwear edition is coming this year in early summer. A few other things the magazine article pointed out was that the SI swimsuit edition is traditionally the most profitable edition every year, but sales had leveled off and are now dropping. They pointed out that some of the photo essays from 2018 were done in an attempt to include more pro-feminist issues (like the photos with feminist saying painted on the women) and more even coverage of other minorities like racial backgrounds, fewer super thin "perfect body" women, amputees, etc. It is not clear how people accepted these items, and SI will not comment on specific readership preferences of various issues based on their own research. However, other ways that the likes and dislikes of the magazine can be judged, such as online surveys and open chat lines have had mixed reviews of the materials inside this magazine. Surprisingly, there is neither support nor lack of support for the 2018 cover, which featured a model in a thong swimsuit which her bare buns. Generally, men liked the majority of the issue's swimwear, but women mostly were indifferent but not especially turned off by it. I would have thought a majority of those people commenting on the cover would have preferred not seeing the model's buns on the magazines cover.
MNluvthongs #22

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:05/20/2019 03:43:36Copy HTML

That issue is out and it is mostly thongs.
Mary0826 #23

Re:2019 -- Sports Illustrated and thongs. What will happen?

Date Posted:05/20/2019 02:18:48Copy HTML

C O O L ! I will get copy and check it out myself before I give it to for the guys. They claim they don't care about the pictures, but I won't see it again for months. I wonder what they do with it for so long and why it always seems to wind up under a bed or in a sock drawer. Maybe I should get each their own copy.
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