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Date Posted:07/25/2010 09:07:52Copy HTML

Most thongers, especially the guys, will have someone give them a negative comment from time to time.  In a recent discussion, I realized that many of these comments are not that much different than racial slurs.  The most common slur goes something like "Put some cloths on!" This is "the n-word" for us - it is what gets yelled at us from pickup trucks. You should recognize this expression carries the offensive message that you are not wanted where you are. Once you realize this is a slur and not a fashion tip, you can more properly deal with the offensive nature that the utterance entails.

Another comment some of the men may hear is that you look female or homosexual. If they say, "You look like a girl," don't believe for a minute they really believe that. People don't say that to real girls. It's a slur.

Jazz Skirt #1

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:05/21/2005 10:47:57Copy HTML

I guess I'm a pretty bold guy; I wear thongs on textile beaches and I simply "don't sweat it".  I set myself up for trouble, I realize, when I decide to "live on the edge", so to speak, and it happened one day when I was walking along the water's edge---wearing only a thong---when an irate young woman came up to me, yelling that her children shouldn't have to see me in my thong...the kids were over on the blanket.  One thing that this woman said to me, I've given a lot of thought to:  She said she was "offended".  Seeing my butt.

I believe if I had worn a solid, textile bathing suit to a beach, but the suit was passionate pink, someone would have been offended.  If I was fat and in my bikini, someone would be offended.  If I was loud, or partying too much, or wearing my hair too long, or whatever---someone would be offended.  So:  I was in a thong, and someone was predictably offended.  So what should I do, in any of these instances?  What I did was accept that some people offend easily, and recognize that my freedom of choice about my life should not be interfered with by such restrictive people.  So long as I'm not breaking laws, I owe it to myself to enjoy the brief life I've been given.  Damn the torpedoes!

One other thought, and this addresses the "children" issue:  I have noticed that a lot of people these days use "children" as a reason for being anally retentive.  It's really "in" these days to give up ourselves, make life difficult for ourselves, "for the children".  You're not a good parent unless you suffer.  In this instance, when I was walking down the beach flaunting my butt in a thong, the children who saw me would find me only interesting or curious.  What woud traumatize a child is when his/her mother freaks out about something.  If Mommy's upset, they're upset!  So:  I firmly believe that society's major problem is with overprotective mothers, not with nude men.  (Ever notice the family with truly laid-back parents, whose kids are equally laid back and not a problem to anyone?  It's because their parents aren't a problem to anyone!)

Thank you, one and all, for permitting my venting.  Wear your thong on the beach and enjoy every minute of it.

BaltoBob #2

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:07/25/2010 12:17:54Copy HTML

I get this now and then. What bugs me is when I'm wearing a LOT more than I have to, to be legal. I just ignore them. The police here can't bother me as long as my penis is covered.
bmicro #3

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:07/25/2010 02:25:10Copy HTML

 Good metaphor, Traci. I get very few negative comments (much less than 1% of the time) and every time it has come from an unsophisticated individual or some young guy trying to make points with his "buds". These comments are typically yelled at a distance.
Only twice has someone made even a slightly negative comment to my face. One was a homeless man who wanted to use the shower for his morning clean up and the other was a shop keeper trying to do me a favor by telling me that I might get in trouble (he was wrong, but I appreciated the intent).
ohiothonger #4

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:07/27/2010 05:04:41Copy HTML

Twice, I have been thonging and had a woman come by and try to slip some money into my waistband.  At Lake Lorramie, Ohio, it was a one dollar bill, but at Huston Woods, Ohio, it was a five.  Both women said something like "if I went to a Chippendale show, I would tip the men in thongs, so why not here?"  Both times, other men and women in the group were cheering the tippers along, so I let them do what they wanted, but I always felt a little embarased and uncomfortable with the situation.  If anything, I felt like a sex object, unlike others on the beaches.  I don't know if these actions were done to humiliate me, or where really just in fun.  I am quite opened about my thonging, not hiding from other beach goers, and not bothered by those who take pictures, stroll by repeatedly just to get a better look, or otherwise want to check me out better.

Now I know a lot of board members would love to have someone come over and give them a tip like the ones I got, but I felt very uneasy about what happened to the point of seriously considering leaving early.  When someone gives me the "put some cloths on" slur, I generally ignor it, especially when I have thong tollerent if not thong friendly people in the area.  The thong friendly folks generally stare at the slur caller, sometimes yelling back for him (it usually is a man) to shut up.  They often talk with each other and me to say how inappropriate the comment is on a beach where thongs are legal and generally accepted.  Without re-enforcement, the slur caller generally shuts up or leaves.  Sometimes he will wander around talking with others to try to get support for his wishes, but usually his efforts are futile.  Sometimes, he makes a call on his cell phone, probably to the ranger, but does not get any support that way either.  Eventually, with nobody providing positive feedback for his attacks, he shuts up, and often leaves.  I had one person go so far as to put some shorts on my towel right before he left.  I was in the water at the time, and didn't notice it until I was getting out.

A few times one or another of those around me will seek me out later and say something like "it is ashamed that that happened".  I have once or twice had people tell me to cover up, but in a nice way, and always with an explaination why it would be a good idea.  These people don't shout at the top of their lungs from a safe distance, but speak at normal levels and in a friendly way.  With them the request is not a slur, but a fashion suggestion.

The money in the g-string thing gets just the opposite reaction from those who don't seem to mind thongs around me.  They laugh and enjoy the show as much as those giving the money.  After the money changes hands so to speak, my beach neighbors make comments like "do you make much like that" or "I didn't know I was supposed to tip you.  I thought the show was for free."  While the money in the thong waist band thing has led to some interesting conversations and even a couple of beach friendships, I still feel degraded about the incident.  I am not at the beach to make tips obviously, but I also am not wearing a thong because I want to be treated like a sex object or a hunk of meat as the women would say. 

Traci has identified a few "slurs" which as she says often means "I don't want you around here".  But other beach activities are just as negative for some of us.

Pagan-Egyptian #5

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:08/05/2010 03:58:24Copy HTML

 Traci, I have heard those exact comments  myself.  but, it was while I was wearing shorts, not a thong. I was going into my bank, from a guy in a primer gray pick up truck. I just called back redneck , and went on. Hoping he would come into the bank and cause a disturbance. Then the cops would get involved.  
While I was in Hollywood, FL one evening. One guy, obviously a tourist made slurs such as, that should be illegal. I wanted to ask him if he was from KY or TN or AL, as that tends to be the mind frame around here.So I just ignored him and went on. The other time was on Southbeach...  some young Cuban Teen trying to impress his homies that were with him. other than that, I got very positive comments, and TONS of pictures taken, and in my opinion, somebody that takes the effort to try and hide that they are taking the picture, is a compliment in itself.
JM_Runs #6

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:09/09/2012 05:37:35Copy HTML

If it is just a random shout from a distance then I generally ignore it. Most times I can't even tell exactly where it came from. 

I too have called "Redneck"  in response to a shout of "Put some cloths on" shouted from a passing pickup truck.
Most of the time I am running so it tends to be a comment in passing, but I have also suggested to a few people to "Go back to Tennessee."  

If people come and directly confront me I am often lost for words and look at them a little stupidly, as if I can't believe how stupid they sound.  Sometimes I ask them if they say the same thing to the girls in thong swimsuits or if they are just homophobic, but frequently I am tottaly at a loss for a snappy retort. Sometimes I say "Thank you for expressing your opinion and goodby." Sometimes I ask "Do you seriously think I would take fashion advice from someone as rude as you?"

But mostly I try to be light-harted and smile.

There was a time when a negitive comment pushed my buttons and made me mad or think I should change, but now I am more mature in my thinking:  Now I just brush the comment off as easily as a few drops of rain on a hot sunny day.

Even when there is mean sounding negative comment I don't take it to hart,  if I have not pissed of at least one redneck today I am doing it wrong!

Grabeach #7

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:09/09/2012 08:57:33Copy HTML

What most frustrates me is that I think up really witty replies ..... after they've gone.
JM_Runs #8

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:09/10/2012 04:31:09Copy HTML

 Grabeach, I AGREE !   My witty retorts play in my head, but about an hour too late.
Thongmad #9

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:09/10/2012 10:48:27Copy HTML

and you never remember them next time...
yyzgent #10

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:09/11/2012 11:12:17Copy HTML

In Canada I simply say " No speaka Eaglish " or my other one is "Tourista"  ...Say it in broken English. People usually say sorry and move on.  
modelnude4u #11

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:09/11/2012 06:25:19Copy HTML

The positive comments or actions I've received have far outnumbered the negative ones over the years, but they still get to me a little bit.  As long as I'm someplace that I'm completely sure I'm legal, and a spot that's safe enough from an actual physical assault, I can blow them off pretty well. 
If I'm around home (TN - yes, the same TN that everyone is using as a spot to send their redneck back to!), I do have to be a bit more aware, because thonging in public, even including your own back yard, is illegal here.  
JM_Runs #12

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:09/13/2012 04:16:47Copy HTML

 "The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us,... the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls."  Abbreviated quote from Elizabeth Cady Stanton 
JM_Runs #13

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:09/24/2012 08:51:51Copy HTML

I was thinking about this subject this morning.  Yesterday was Sunday and on my way to the beach I stopped at two different yard sales where I spent some time, talked to the friendly people and bought some items.  They both held them for me so I could collect them later in the day. Then I had a marvelous Sunday morning run with every comment being positive, except one man who shouted "Put some cloths on" as he stomped off to the bar.  After running I was sitting on the wall drinking iced-coffee.  Several people stopped to say hello, or called out or nodded in passing. Then a friend came by on a bicycle and we ended up spending a couple of hours in the coffee shop talking about the future, money and investments.  

Today was a Monday in the off, off season so I did not expect very many people on the beach. There were quite a few more than I expected, probably because after a rather rainy weekend the tourists were all getting as much sun as possible.  On my way to the beach a group of women in an SUV started whooping and hollering with approval.  Unfortunately for them they were held up by the red light and I kept going.  Again my four miles was uneventful, other than the usual friendly greetings, a few surprised looks from tourists and one life guard who, instead of his normal enthusiastic greeting snapped to attention and saluted as I ran by.  That was quite funny.

I was thinking about that salute, and the fact that many people don't believe that most of the feedback I get is positive.  I realize we tend to give the positive feedback short shift and greatly over emphasis the negative: Often giving the negative comments and the person who yells them more credibility and respect than we should. While running today I was thinking about it, that I could exactly remember the words and the person who said the one negative comment from Yesterday, but could not remember the worlds or most of the people who said all the nice positive things, or who waved or smiled.

There are some who focus intently on the negative, and who tend to assume that any ambiguous reaction is negative, or even positive comments are some how to gloss over their true negative opinions.  Why do we do that to our selves?

Having pondered this issue while on the beach this morning I came across a Facebook posting on our Critical Mass page to this article.  As I was reading it some words rang a bell:

"The affect heuristic is compounded by the idea of negativity dominance—bad events stand out more than good ones. This causes you to overestimate both the amount and the severity of upsetting events,"


"The affect heuristic" is just "a fancy way of saying that people make judgments by consulting their emotions instead of logic."

While the subject of the article is cycling, the physiological issues of the automatic amplification of negative experiences is right in line with the issue facing most thongers:  How to mentally overcome the one or two negative experiences, which seem much more dramatic, and focus instead on all the less dramatic positive encounters.

ithongit #14

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:09/26/2012 12:05:50Copy HTML

 I agree that incidents that are perceived as being negative are often remembered better and longer than positive incidents.  We do remember negative issues more strongly than positive ones, and this is used by the political parties to try to win your votes.  As an election approaches, the commercial TV stations are non-stop political advertising.  The ads I remember from years ago were often more positively stated.  "This candidate has experience", "This candidate is honest", etc.  Now most adds are negative "If my opponent is elected, you will suffer", etc.  In politics, it is called "attack ads" and they are the ads that put down the competition without really saying much about the candidate they support.  Political campaigns often promise to not run the "attack ads" but most wind up doing that pretty soon, and once one candidate runs negative advertising, then the rest usually join in.  Obviously the politicians have learned that "negative" is remembered and "positive" is forgotten.  They now don't want you to vote "FOR" a candidate, they want you to vote "AGAINST" their opponent.

JM_Runs #15

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:02/21/2013 12:10:15Copy HTML

"Its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what your not." Marilyn Monroe
as rephrased by Kurt Cobain, "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."
JM_Runs #16

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:02/27/2013 07:57:14Copy HTML

JM_Runs #17

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:03/06/2013 10:03:34Copy HTML

 I know the criticisms we get from others are like racial slurs, but it makes me sad whenever I listen to those negative comments. We do not deserve to get criticized by senseless people, and I think it's sad that we cannot stand up to them. What if we were the majority? Would they be making those comments if we were the majority?
nospam_TN1 #18

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:03/21/2013 03:32:56Copy HTML

Do all these gay-related comments have any bearing on male thong wearers?
I think not, other than male thong wearers in public being insulted by some other epithet besides "queer" or the f word.  Instead, it will be "pervert" or "creep".  Any thoughts?
JM_Runs #19

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/06/2013 06:07:12Copy HTML

 Ithongit said:

  • Most thongers, especially the guys, will have someone give them a negative comment from time to time.  In a recent discussion, I realized that many of these comments are not that much different than racial slurs.  The most common slur goes something like "Put some cloths on!" This is "the n-word" for us - it is what gets yelled at us from pickup trucks. You should recognize this expression carries the offensive message that you are not wanted where you are. Once you realize this is a slur and not a fashion tip, you can more properly deal with the offensive nature that the utterance entails.
Sometimes, when I hear a negative shout like "Put some cloths on! I don't want to see that!"

I_thong_it is right, these shouts are often from someone passing in a truck, or someone walking by who is leaving, not by someone interested in honest discussion. They often shout and leave, leaving the bitterness of their tone lingering in the mind.

There is normally nothing I can say, other than "Go back to Tennessee", that helps.  In general it is unwise to return insults.  One can ignore them and hope they go away, which they normally do.  But ignoring them leaves a bad taste in the air and a bitterness on the mind.

Theses days my reaction is to smile, and continue smiling as widely as possible. This is a good defensive skill.

I smile because it helps me deal with the comment. A wide smile is my defense, it neutralizes their hostility.

I smile because that smile tells others I think the shouter is an idiot.  They smile too,maybe because we all agree the shouter is an idiot, or maybe they smile because it is a way for them to distance themselves from the idiot.

I smile because smiling produces endorphins for me, and is infectious so others simile too.

I smile because it is pretty damn near impossible to stay angry at someone who is smiling widely.

I smile because I have thick skin. It is much better for that idiot to address his comments to me rather than a less confident thonger who will be crushed and resentful the rest of the day. Soot at me, I am bullet proof.

flthongbutt #20

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/06/2013 06:16:09Copy HTML

well, i honestly dont believe that a guy wearing a thong is exactly like being a black person.... wow, thats' quite a stretch there..
thongers dont have a "right" to thong, it's a privilege. You do however have a responsibility to be respectful around others, particularly families.... it's interesting that i've been thonging in more conservative places than alot of the posters on this board, yet i have NEVER had anyone say anything negative , only positive....
do what you do, just behave yourselves, and there wont be any need to getting defensive about things...
and that's the thonging lesson for today!

JM_Runs #21

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/06/2013 07:01:55Copy HTML

Thonging is not a privilege. One has the right to do anything that is not bared by law. Your suggestion to be respectful around others makes sense, but respect works both ways. Even then, I am not sure respect is the right word: True respect is earned, it cannot be mandated or demanded.

This argument that one "must respect the 'sensitivities' of others" is the same bull peddled by people looking to have their religious "sensitivities" mollycoddled. Fundamentally it is a demand that other people, who are happily living their own lives, don't pop the unrealistic world view maintained in your religious bubble.

Flthongbut, I am glad nobody has ever said anything negative to you.  It is possible you don't thong that often, or when you do you are discrete, hiding away from the general public like you are doing something improper.  OR maybe you just have a radiantly sunny personality so everyone always smiles at you.

My experience is a little different. I wear a thong frequently, openly, publicly and without fear.  Most of the reactions, feedback and comments are positive. I would say the VAST majority. But now and again, on odd infrequent occasions, some red-neck does shout something rude. I think every male thonger who regularly and publicly thongs in the USA either has, or will, hear an outburst from one of these idiots at some time.

I find that when a random burst of vitriol is shouted out, it is by someone who's presence I had been previously unaware. Probably by someone shouting and leaving, or maybe someone just passing in a truck. The problem is the bad taste and bad feeling the random act of harassment leaves behind.

For me a good defense is a wide smile. Others have witty put down lines. I can't think that fast. For me the perfect thing to say does pop into my mind, but about half an hour late.  So for me the default and easy defense is a wide smile, and sometimes even a friendly wave. That last bit, the friendly wave often causes them to vanish as fast as possible, least someone might see and think they are friends with a queer!

Is it good for us to sometimes experience what other people do?  Does someone shouting "Faggot!" make you as angery as someone who is on the receiving end of a shout of "Nigger!" ?  Maybe, maybe not. Offense is in the eye of the beholder. 
Does such an experience make you more senstive to how other people may feel when idiots strike?  I hope so.
flthongbutt #22

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/06/2013 07:57:39Copy HTML

no, i actually DO think you have a responsibility to be respectful of others, and them to you...
I'm a white male conservative that thongs. I thong 3-4 times a week at public beaches and at my condo pool.
Having said that, i think it's incredibly insensitive that you would compare negative comments of your thongness to the horrible treatment that black people have endured in the US....
you are from the US, right? then i' m sure you understand.

JM_Runs #23

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/06/2013 08:53:19Copy HTML

Unless you are a straight guy who has been in-artfully hit on by an overbearing gay man then you probably don't know how women and girls feel when men make passes.
Unless you are on the receiving end of a vitriolic homophobic shout you probably don't understand the level anger and dismay a racist shout would provoke in the recipient.
No they are NOT the same.  BUT the vitriolic act is likely to provoke very similar emotional and physiological reactions in the recipient. From this personal experience one can extrapolate to find deep empathy for another who is discriminated against in a similar way.

Activists for social causes often have an "ah ha" moment when something happens to them which triggers similar emotional reactions or identification.

flthongbut, With respect, you say this has never happened to you. You said "I have NEVER had anyone say anything negative". Therefore I suggest you don't understand how cutting and emotionally frustrating the random shouts of negative idiots can be. 

I don't think it is insensitive to equate vitriolic bigotry with vitriolic bigotry.  They are the same. The cause my be different, the roots may be different, the degree may be different, but they both come from the same ignorant intolerance and are expressed in very similar ways.
mack_back #24

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/07/2013 12:53:42Copy HTML

I concur with JM_runs...
Also find the silent negative female who complains to management (anonymously) about my thong wearing at the pool but doesn't comment or say a word to me, while swimming laps in the next lane.... Yet after the fact the same female days later watches closely seeing me in a full back bikini smiles with smug, proud look as though she is responsible for changing the way i attire myself at the pool.  My feeling are just the same as hearing a negative comment to my face but digs in deeper... Feel as though she has some sort of power that can change someone's choice of swimwear through her complaint while leaving the pool facility... Yet i blame myself not standing up fighting about my freedom to wear a thong while swimming, thinking i will lead it to a rule banning thongs period.. I did this only to appease certain male employees, not making waves when they are  on shift working, while it gives me an opportunity to wear a thong while female employees are on guard.. Never heard a female employee walk to talk to me about my choice of swimwear whenever their was a complaint....
Still the fat obese female complainer who i know for certain is the anonymous young critic  who finds my thong wearing inappropriate utterly ticks me off, wanting some sort of revenge.... While just looking upon her body likeness of a sea lion with her ill fitted black one piece swimsuit and pasty white skin folding over at every angle is almost enough to feel pity on her as hopeless....  The root cause of her complaint isn't that i wear a thong but my phenomenal fit body that she probably never gets to experience and is polar opposite of her. This causes her to be angry and take that anger about her appearance  out towards me... Suppose seeing my tanned toned glutes was to much for her to take and looked as flaunting my body was sort of a slap in the face to heavy out of shape individuals.... Instead of people being inspired or ogled seeing me she takes steps to tone down my appearance, giving her power over me which i hate...
OS777 #25

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/07/2013 02:47:07Copy HTML

 I was thonging on the edge of a concrete wall near next to an old grist mill that used to have a waterwheel but now has only a spillway that directs the waters from a very powerful natural spring creating the headwaters of the San Marcos river in San Marcos Texas. This was fall of 2012 when I was once again a graduate student at Texas State University. The ole mill stills just on the east edge of campus and is owned by the university. There are huge cypress trees that line the back of these headwaters. Anyway... more than a few later afternoons after I was out of class I would wonder over to that swimming hole and wrapped in a towel would venture into the briskly cool waters of this swim hole. This swimming hole is physically separated from campus by a 4 lane road that winds up the east side of campus to the higher elevations of hills that the true campus is located. At the swimming hole a few young rednecks would be overreacting to seeing me wear a small Dore thong by yelling "puts some clothes on." Of course I was over dressed in my opinion so I first reaction was to send up the trusty ole American Eagle high into the air for my undesired fans to catch their attention. Of course I was not bothered to look in their direction as I was meditating or reading a book. I was not bothered thereafter on that day. I don't really care what anyone thinks. It is legal to wear a swimsuit in San Marcos on the river. I was just enjoying the serenity of the place before and after the incident. If you saw my above average physique you would see that I have an above average self-image manifested by my healthy appearance and complimentary attire. Negative views or comments... why waste any time or energy about dwelling on water well down the river? Those negative comments and reactions and recollections should have flowed away long ago... Namaste!
tanlines2thin #26

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/07/2013 12:07:48Copy HTML

the only way to handle negative comments, disapproving looks, or any other B-S ya get is to consider the source for a split-second and - without further hesitation - throw 'em in da trash and not give them even the slightest second thought.........in other words, don't sweat the small stuff....
flthongbutt #27

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/08/2013 04:11:48Copy HTML

well, it certainly sounds like you/ve been a victim of negative comments before. While im' sorry that happened, i cant help but imagine that something you were doing attracted that comment.
yes, people come up and want to take pics of me, and sometimes they want to talk. i DO get hit on by guys , but i've never heard them say anything negative.
i have a professional type appearance, and can be sort of " distant" around people i dont know, people dont mess with me in any type situatino,  so i'm not exactly running around on the beach flashing my stuff everywhere. I do layout in the regular parts of the beach, and i behave myself, therefore i  dont have any issues.
i think alot of this is WHERE  you're thonging. If you're doing it in south beach, youre probably going to get some  more rowdy comments from the "rapper/party" crowd....southern folks, by and large , still have manners. In a very large town like Houston, where i lived for 20 years, i never had any problems either. South Beach , even though it's geographically south, isnt the "south" by any stretch anymore.
i'm suggesting that it's more about the crowd you're around and their values. Resort areas typically dont have issues with guys wearing thongs, the more upscale you go, the better it gets...
as for the connection between discrimination of thongers, and the persecution of black people in america, i'm still at a loss on that one.... lol
best way to put it: There s an old saying in Texas, " we dont care what you do, as long as it doesnt splash on us"..
and there's the difference..
Have fun.

bmicro #28

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/09/2013 01:58:51Copy HTML

 I guess that you haven't been around South Beach very much. In the many years that I have been wearing minimal swimwear here, I have had very few ( less than half a dozen) negative comments directed at me. None were from normal residents of the area or tourists. They all have been from homeless folks that have no self control or from overly religious rednecks that drive in from other parts of the area. I am so glad that South Beach isn't "south" (like some areas of Florida) and has the amazing variety of people from around the world to share the area with.South Beach reflects your comment:Resort areas typically don't have issues with guys wearing thongs, the more upscale you go, the better it gets.
flthongbutt #29

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/09/2013 06:53:20Copy HTML

oh, i've been to south beach several times, i just dont find it the "end all" of thonging... it's a great environment, but you hit it on the head. You mostly get comments from homeless or rednecks....you dont see that much in the resort areas of the Panhandle. o guess they cant afford it... no, i'm not talking about panama city or pensacola, i'm talking about Rosemary Beach, south Walton, etc.

flthongbutt #30

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/09/2013 06:58:40Copy HTML

you just made my point exactly! lol, homeless , rappers, sleazeballs in miami..... it's a cool place, but there's other places in the universe... i find that all this thong phobia that this board celebrates is mostly in the thongers minds... its not that big of a deal that i would have to drive 10 hours to miami to layout...
happy thonging
bmicro #31

Re:A different way to view negative comments

Date Posted:11/09/2013 08:37:13Copy HTML


You seem to have some issues with the popularity of South Beach (jealousy perhaps?). I am thrilled that you enjoy the Panhandle as I have always considered it South Alabama, crawling with rednecks. However, I guess that both of us are rather uninformed about each other's locale.
If you think that "thong phobia" is mostly in the mind, try thonging in places like Clearwater or one of the state parks in Florida where the prudes have succeeded in making wearing them against the law.
Lets try to stay away from blaming the victim when some immature teens or prudes make a rude remark and it is reported on this board. That is how we become better informed about where AND WHERE NOT to wear thongs.
flthongbutt #32

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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you just mentioned about  homeless and all the problems of south beach, then you seem surprised when i  mentioned  that you made my argument for me.
i was in south beach over memorial day this year. you had assault tanks on the corner of 15th and ocean by starbucks, you had a GhettoFest of unparalled proportions, and cops were shutting down streets and installing automated license plate scanners to catch south beachers who were coming across the causeway with criminal warrants.... hardly something i would be jealous of.
South beach is ok, i've stayed at all the major resorts... if you think 20 million dollar houses , low crime, and new, clean beaches are not what's for you, then stay away from the Panhandle. During the real estate boom , we had HIGHER per sq ft. condo prices than miami/fort lauderdale. I know this because i have a good friend, Ralph DeMartino,  who's a past  president of the Miami Board of Realtors.
Maybe you should get out of the barrio, and travel a little...
like here:
bmicro #33

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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It may not be jealousy, but there is something behind the vehemence of your comments and your choice of words.
You missed the "best" of Memorial Days in the past. Things have calmed down considerably since Urban Beach Weekend began! I missed the assault tanks, are you confusing the command center at Ocean and Tenth or the observation towers?
I have been to Rosemary Beach. A very pretty town designed by a couple of Miami based architects. It reminds me a bit of the "Stepford Wives" (there is a lot of sameness there) and it is a pain in the butt to get to or from. As a resort location, I can see it.  Perhaps even for retirement given that you have a lot more money than I have.
We have certainly hijacked the thread from its original purpose. Perhaps JM could move most of our comments to a new thread entitled "Urban vs Rural" and we all can have a great time throwing around the kind of generalizations that have characterized this theme for centuries.
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Re:A different way to view negative comments

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no, there were assault tanks at the corner of 15th and ocean for the rapper fest thing , or whatever you call it...night vision cameras on the beach, streets blocked off, and rappers everywhere... it was horrendous...you couldnt walk down the streets, and there were license plate scanners on the cause way... all in an attempt to keep riots from happening after you guys had that big shoot out a few years back at the festival... i dont need to go through all that, just to wear a thong.
hell, come up and thong in the panhandle. you can do the same thing here you do there.... i've seen thongs at the mall, in the streets, and at hotels, on both men and women....as long as you behave, we promise not to shoot you...i think this thread got a little off when i started hearing people say it was their "right" to thong... it isnt... no more than its' a right to have free wifi or free condoms or clean needles, which apparently is the way most folks think these days..... hell, everyone these days thinks they have "rights"... what you have is a right to respect others, and that will keep the negative comments down...
also think theres alot of whiners on this board... get over it and go out there and thong! the biggest hangup is in your head, not with the public... most folks dont care...but when you start getting into all this legal codes, and all this bullshit, it means you're pushing the envelope too much.... get over whether it's legal or not, and just respect others... you'll find you have no trouble with the law or anyone else...
thank you

nospam_TN1 #35

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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flthongbutt:  I think you misunderstand the meaning of "conservative" by equating rights with entitlements.  One has no effect and requires nothing of anyone but you, the other requires taxpayers' money.  Privelege is something of value that is earned.  Rights are essentially a restraint upon what others can do to you.  Figure out which is which.  You exercising your rights doesn't cost anybody else anything.

As for the panhandle of Florida, I have worn thongs there with no problems, but that was back in the 1990's and I've not been back since.  During that time, it was full of gay men wearing thongs.  Since that era, they've abandoned any and all clothing that distinguishes them from straight guys in any ways.  You probably had 20% of the gay guys and 2% of the straight guys wearing thongs back then.  Now it's probably about 0.1% of all men and 1% of all women.  I'd agree with most others here that the only good thing about it is that thongs are legal there, but the place is full of intolerant rednecks in bored shorts and womens swimsuits that resemble shower curtains, so I'm not too inclined to hang around those fearful people. 
flthongbutt #36

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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"board shorts"

if you think the panhandle is all rednecks, it's probably because you havent been here for 20 years. its' clean, no crime, and very thong tolerant....it's NOT panama city, and pensacola, i'm talking about areas like 30a and destin....
as far as the gay thing goes, what's your point? what does it matter who is wearing the thongs? senseless argument.

johny_b #37

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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i say if your going to make bad comments about someone, you should take a look at yourself, most people that are negitivly commenting are the ones that have nothing better to do, everyone is someone and should be respected, it shouldn't matter the race, ethnicity, wear they wear etc. i myself like all kinds of people. this world is a messed up place sometimes and we all need to get along with each other. thats just my opinion.
mack_back #38

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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Johny b it matters to them.... Whatever you wear or choices are someone out their will disagree.... Ever heard of people have eyes that see yet are blind..... Same is true when someone finds what i wear not appropriate or silly appearing.... It's all in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone likes a certain style or color and they like to express their dissatisfaction loudly, openly not caring if someone overhears or feels.... Sometimes it's expressed so the person criticized is shamed or told not directly that their appearance is not too someone's liking or societies norms, making you look as a clown for others amusement... 

You can criticize others for being negative, but we all know they find themselves "normal" in society circles, carefully wearing or appearing mainstream towing the party line, so they can never be mocked or negative comments brought to them by others..... For doing that they begin to chip away at different appearing people; tattoos, piercings, body physique composition, clothing choices, etc...Whatever choices we make stretching the boundaries of ordinary or traditional culture values we live in, with changing our appearance their will be a prejudice that most will bring unto us... Sadly, wrongly stigmatized for whatever the reason we are persecuted, society takes time to recognize some things as tolerable...For example in the western world males having long hair, earrings, tattoo's now seams to be recognized as acceptable appearance while in the 50's would be mocked unless your native American Indian..... While still their is a degree of dislike of people appearing as those i listed, we all tolerate while not finding it to our liking leaving others alone.... While some just need to poke hating you for your appearance just to show their not happy with societies fashion movement or style....

While i to hate women wearing UGG's or seeing many females taking on a trends... My only thoughts are to ignore it to my best abilities or sigh rolling my eyes trying not to be obvious of the criticism i bring  to their choices as many do to me anyway... live with the moto do to others as you want them to do too you...  

Have you ever not liked someone for whatever reason? Such as a hobo who smelled bad and you just want to run away from him... So too a woman might feel the need to run from me while feeling nausea or uncomfortable for what i wear.... For whatever the reason people act negatively towards me wanting  to fit into society norms rather then be myself.... We all love people who help society rather then rebelling against it by just simply going against the norm in your appearance is one example.....
Acceptable #39

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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I'd like to make a couple of points...
Let's assume you walk into a nice restaurant, and you see a guy amongst the suits and ties wearing shorts and a Metallica t-shirt. If you walk into a situation where you are the minority, there's likely to be ridicule. The nature of this board takes things one step further. Thongs or skimpy swimwear on men tends to be tied to homosexuality, and to many, crosses that line into creepy. It's a fact, and forcing yourself on said situation won't sway people one way or another. Like I said above, I only wear such things with my gf and that alone changes the entire situation. Seems a lot of people push the envelope, receive ridicule, then get butthurt when it ends badly. If I go to the Y to swim laps, I wear a bikini suitable for the clientele, if I go to the river to have a private day with my gf, we'll push things to the extreme. If people walk up, they're joining our space as opposed to wearing thongs at the Y. How you carry yourself and what you wear has a big impact on how it's received. If you strut up and down the beach, you're likely going to cross the line into creepy. 
Like I said above. Lets assume I go to the lake with my girlfriend and we both have matching skimpy swimwear. We're cordial, having fun and the people love us. Now lets say I go to the same lake alone, wearing some bad style. The perception changes, just like that Metallica t-shirt  at the restaurant.
Swimwear isn't sort sort of culture, or club. It's fucking clothes designed for sun and swimming... Nothing more. You wear what's appropriate for the situation and skirt the envelope when the situation will warrant it.
JM_Runs #40

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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Today was a good day for the beach.
Being Christmas week I wore a small candy cane colored thong, narrow red and white stripes, red side strings. small striped triangle back.

Around lunch time I ran 5 miles, the lengh of the beach and back. Then after stretching walked the main strip a couple of times.
Lots of friendly greetings, smiles and a few joyful whoops.  Lifeguards waved, some local women flagged me down to come over and talk.

School, collage and the local universities are out, and many collage kids come back to town for Christmas week, so lots of teen and twenties on the beach. A few groups of young boys snickered, but the groups of young women waved and smiled.

When stretching by the sidewalk one overdressed guy cycled by and loudly said  "Put some F.... cloths on." This made my day.
If I am not pissing of at least one conservitive I ain't doing my job. 
mack_back #41

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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 Jm_runs " When stretching by the sidewalk one overdressed guy cycled by and loudly said  "Put some F.... cloths on." This made my day. If I am not pissing of at least one conservitive I ain't doing my job. "

Love it! Fun isn't it?
32189 #42

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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I was running in my thong the a few mornings ago and a car drove by and then suddenly pulled over and stopped.  I wondered if this would be a gawker.  Sure enough as I ran by I heard guys giggling and laughing in the car.  I kept running by and then they drove off laughing and yelling "what the f*ck?" a couple of times.  This was rather intimidating to me but I kept going pretending to ignore them.  I know many people are not used to seeing someone running in a thong, especially a guy.  It has taken a few days to deal with that experience but I am working through it.  
JM_Runs #43

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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I find giving a wave and smile is a good way to defuse silly comments.
JayByrd #44

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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  Jm_runs " When stretching by the sidewalk one overdressed guy cycled by and loudly said  "Put some F.... cloths on." This made my day. If I am not pissing of at least one conservitive I ain't doing my job. "

mack_back " Love it! Fun isn't it? "
Hey, not all conservatives are anti-thong. Some of us actually wear them.   On the flip side I caught a lot flack about my swimwear choice from someone on the beach... I later saw him loading the trunk of his car with multiple Obama bumper stickers.
JM_Runs #45

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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I am using the word 'conservative' in it's traditional meaning: a person averse to change, one who holds to traditional attitudes and values and is cautious or adverse to change or innovation.

Words in the English language often have more than one meaning, or coloring, and you have to read the word in context to discern what the person using the word meant. 

Most tests for English comprehension are moving away from the old style question which gave a possibly obscure word and asking the tested to select the 'correct' definition from a list of possibles, to a more nuanced question which asks the tested to read a passage and then select what the meaning of the word was as used in the passage.  One can look at this as moving away from a fundamentalist idea that each word only has one correct meaning to a more modern understanding that context defines meaning. 

You assumption that 'conservative' is only a label for your political 'beliefs' is fundamentally flawed.

JayByrd #46

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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 That's true. The word does have multiple uses and in context I read it, (mistakenly) as a political party.   But hey.. I've been  fundamentally flawed before.
32189 #47

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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I will have to try that some time JM.  But it is a little intimidating to me when there are a bunch of guys in the car laughing and making comments.  There is power in numbers and I also doubt that any one of those guys alone would even say anything.  
JM_Runs #48

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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Comment from Facebook:  
"If video games have taught me anything, is that if you encounter enemies you are going the right way!"
32189 #49

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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Good point JM.  Another thing going through my mind lately is that I cannot control who sees me in my thong.  People can react in a variety of different ways and I do not have control over that.  I can only control myself and my level of confidence.  
guyfiredup #50

Re:A different way to view negative comments

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I've had some snide comments, laughing, giggling when wearing a thong to the beach.  Most times when I go all the guys wear long board shorts and girls very conservative too (Florida west coast).  I'm the only one almost naked (thong).  What should I do/say if people ridicule me, laugh or cause trouble (if anything)?  It makes me somewhat insecure.  Thanks in advance.
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