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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:09/11/2003 12:04:34Copy HTML

I wrote a private message to a new member who also owns an operation that makes thongs. I thought about it and decided to post it as general advice for new posters who have a connection to, or interest in, one of the thong vendors.

As a new member you may not be aware of some of the past history with this and the previous web site. We had one or two users who were into the promotion of their products and disaragement of others. As a result of this history, a number of our members get a little over excited when they see people promoting products they make. The result is often flame wars that do no one any good.

I try to keep a hands off approach to the board and try not to interfere with postings and on going discussions. This is easer if you could follow the following recommendations that will help to keep discusions on track.

Links to other sites should be entered under the "Links" section. This is designated as the place for "Links to other thong pages and thong sellers". This is the correct place to promote a web site. You are also welcome to start a new tread under the Swimsuit or Underwear sections to talk about the suits. You only need to post the link once.

Don't promote your web link in every message you post. This will be seen as spamming and will attract a flame war.

The best option, once the thread has been started, is to sit back and let others comment on your suits. Good or bad, its still better that it comes from other users than your self. 

Be careful to contribute in a useful way and not just say "Hay I make wonderful suits at .... link."

By walking softly you will avoid some of the flack other makers have encountered.

Members may post comments on suggested modifications to your suits in a non sexual way, cut, colors or fabric. Feel free to followup on general comments and questions, but discussions between you and potential clients about suits they wish to order should probably be conducted by private message or better still email, not as public replies on the board. You can send a private message any one by clicking on their icon or using the message option that is one of the buttons at the top right of each posting.

Comments about what custmizations or customer options you can provide are allways welcome, but try to keep the replies non-sexual even if they are realy looking for a suit that seems to premote sexual exhibitionism.

Most nudists pursue a utopia of publicly accepted non-sexual nudity. In a similar way we promote safe public thong wearing while encouraging members to stay out of the gray areas of sexual exhibitionism and possible police involvement. So please step carefully around the subject of suits that premote sexual- exhibitionism.

It's true that in some way everyone wearing a thong to the beach is an exhibitionist, we still try to draw the fine line between people who like to wear as little as possible to get a good tan, and those who get sexual kicks, and into trouble, from exposing the sex organs. I try to keep this site non-sexual and on the subject of wearing thongs on the beach.  No links to gay twinkly sites or teens in... whatever.

Don't create a second user ID and pretend to be a big fan of your stuff.  One vendor did this and got lot of flack from the regular users.  It amazes me how some board readers do read every message and remember who said what, about what, and who is a fan of what. Shrills are spotted very quicky.

So welcome to the board but be careful.  Because you sell thongs please tread lightly and be aware that self promotion of products sometimes attracts a lot of hostility. 

If you get restricted access messages, use the Sign Out option from the menu at the top right, clear your browsers cookies, then Sign back in.
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