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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:12/04/2004 05:22:54Copy HTML

Went toAldinga Beach south of Adelaide last weekend with my wife. She was sporting a 456 Sheer Orange WW which barley covers everything and looked even better in the water. I decided on a Dore very narrow front push out g-string in wet look blue lycra. Very erotic to wear and I certainly filled it out a little better watching my wife in the water.We walked a little way up the beach away from the crowds and set up where there were onlytwo othercouples. I noticed one couple watching us as we stripped down to our revealing swimsuits. After a little tanningwe decided to go for a dip. Getting up I noticeboth couples in thesurfwith all partners wearing a thong or g-string. Weall acknowledged each otherwith a nod of the head or a quick hello and thenmy wife and myself spent about20 minutes body surfing.Surfing the last wave back to the beachwe wereabout knee deep in the water when we ran into one of the other girls.We both said hello while we were all checking each other out. She was wearing a bright pink Wicked Weasel (I could tell form the tag and style), a little bitlarger then my wifes and the girls then got to talking about them. By this time I was getting a little bit aroused and if any ofyou guys have this style of Dore there is little hiding from the result. She asked me were I got my g-string from and commented on how good it looked on. We then went back to our towels and dried off and the rest of the day was spent swimming and tanning while all of the couples I think appreciated seeing other non gay couples thongingon the beach. It was a great beach day. Will be going again before X-mas (weather depending), but I am waiting in the mail for a new low cut push out g-string from Dore. Cannot wait to get into this number for summer.Daz
Ryan Booth #1

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:12/07/2004 12:56:24Copy HTML

Great account. If only we had that kind of weather at Christmas. Nice to see fellow thongers being as friendly as ever.
Will you be meeting up again with any of them?
dazthong #2

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:12/10/2004 06:54:58Copy HTML

No we will not be meeting up again unless they are there the same day next day when we go down. Just great to see other thongers for a change. Weather here has been a little unseasonal so we have not been back since. But summer has only just started. Just received my new Dore low cut push out g-string in wet look red and am really looking forward to wearing it.



stringster #3

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:12/27/2008 07:36:40Copy HTML

*blows the dust off this thread*
has anyone ever thonged at some of the more metropolitan beaches in Adelaide? not necessarily glenelg, but further north around largs bay and a bit further down south like brighton?
mattsthong #4

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:01/20/2016 10:02:58Copy HTML

 Not sure if anyone is following this thread but Pt Noarlunga or Moana South beaches are good thonging spots. Message me if you are in Adelaide.
Thongmad #5

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:01/22/2016 04:44:28Copy HTML

 I'm usually over there for a surf comp in early August. Too cold that time of year...
John Howard #6

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:01/25/2016 11:51:46Copy HTML

 Hey mattsthong, have you ever thonged at Aldinga beach?  What sort of atmosphere is in there ... Last time i visited it seemed to me like a bit conservative
GStringSA #7

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:01/28/2016 11:35:48Copy HTML

 Hi mattsthong,I went to Pt Noarlunga early this week with my girl. There were five or so very rude teenagers followed us for quite a while making fun of my G. I ignored them but they didn't stop saying bad words.They just acted as they've never seen a human's body. We had a nice swim though. Hope you will never encounter this s***.
John Howard #8

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:01/29/2016 01:31:49Copy HTML

 Its a pity you had to go through this GStringSa  I'm currently in Adelaide for a short holiday with the family and am really impressed by the beauty of adelaide'S beaches.I thonged only 2 days at Aldinga beach south the car ramp and also at maslin beach both thonged and naked.At Aldinga beach i had the best time, swimming and fresbeeing with my teenager sonsA lot of cars drove past through our spot and no issues at all, even a police car drove past us.Got the best tanline after playing freesbee.At maslin beach, really its such a beautiful beach!No issues at all while wearing a thong on the common part of beach, and obviosly even more relaxing while naked on the nude area, all on my own.  People very polite saying hello, quite a few guys wearing metal coc*k and gl*ns rings as well as myself.  Most of the guys parading along the beach though, not my cup of tea.  The proportion of females is very low which on one hand makes maslin a beach very relaxing but quite boring

John Howard #9

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:01/29/2016 06:02:35Copy HTML

 It all goes back to luck; i might have been lucky thonging here in Adelaide.  You were unlucky instead.  I have been harassed 2 times already at my local beach down in melbourne
Both times it was drunks and or drug addicts wamdering along the beach.  It can be intimidating at times cause you hear stories about low lifes being high on ice or other drugsThis beach is at Seaford in Melbourne which is known by its high unemployment and rampant drug consumption.
On the same way mattsthong good experience at pt Noarlunga was lucky enough not bumping into the same mob of young imbeciles that harassed you.
I reckon that this issue, how to overcome harassment from drunks, scumbags, macho idiots and junkies, by a man wearing a thong on the beach, could be a very important topic on its own.Mate dont let that bunch of young yobbos ruin your beach day wearing a thong

In my case i will ask the lifeguards at seaford beach who patrol the beach on a dunebaggy, if i can report a guy high in drugs or holding a bottle of beer on the beach who spends time harassing other beachgoers who.mind their own business sunbaking on the beach in a thongThese lifeguards are quite friendly and wave at me whenever they drive past

chickenleg #10

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:10/28/2017 12:15:43Copy HTML

Hi guys, i'm new to the forum and new to thonging. What are the good beaches for this summer? I'll be with the wife and child. Looking for somewhere not too busy and a fairly metro location, but i also don't want to go somewhere deserted either. Obviously the more female admirers the better haha.
aeurope #11

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:10/29/2017 08:36:52Copy HTML

 Brighton South might be a good place, I've been there. Also West Beach.
mattsthong #12

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:12/03/2018 03:36:49Copy HTML

Hi Adelaide guys. Anyone keen on meeting up and having some thong fun this summer? PM me.
Thongmad #13

Re:Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide - Australia

Date Posted:01/01/2019 06:05:21Copy HTML

@mattsthong I recently did a week's work down in Adelaide, but in awful weather. Possibly may have to return Jan/Feb/March... don't know yet. I'll look you up if I do.
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