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Date Posted:11/20/2012 04:26:18Copy HTML

I have had some successes buying thongs through the AliExpress Chinese merchandise portal.
www.aliexpress.com offers an incredible variety of items from many sellers at very attractive prices...

This thread was meant to share successes and misses, and intriguing thong related items I have seen.

http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-New-style-Men-s-Very-Sexy-Thong-Pouch-Underwear-Panty-Briefs-1pc/624725851.html - nice fit.

http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-Men-Sexy-Stretch-Pouch-Thong-Shiny-Underwear-Briefs-G-strings-U5-5-Free-Shipping/527433433.html - same style as above - different colour

http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Sexy-Joe-Snyder-Men-s-Underwear-Bulge-Pouch-Thong-White-L-32-35/502178223.html - decent, but not as 'bulgey' as hoped!

http://www.aliexpress.com/item/COCKSOX-Gilded-Mesh-G-string-Thongs-Sexy-Men-Underwear-M-L-XL-Black-Red-White-Free/623971738.html - shipped a brief, offered a refund.

http://www.aliexpress.com/item/C-String-Men-Wholesale-and-Retail-Mens-Sexy-Underwear-LC7429-Cheaper-price-Lovwer-Shipping-Cost-Fast/504771308.html - received item did not match picture!



http://www.aliexpress.com/store/all-wholesale-products/320688.html (lots of suits besides thongs here)




Make sure the sizing is clearly stated, as Chinese sizes are much smaller than elsewhere.

Be careful if there are multiple inconsistent photographs or descriptions. You may need to ask clarification.

Shipping times can vary a lot, from 3-4 weeks to North America - or longer.

Consider checking a sellers feedback on same or alternate items from their shop.

Buying in quantity is advantageous  (I'm thinking thonging weekend groups might benefit)


I have bought non thong items as well, at good to great discounts... but won't discuss them here.
flossy666 #1

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:12/28/2013 03:14:15Copy HTML

 I wanted to order some underwear from aliexpress website a long time ago, but didn't because it had gotten some REALLY bad reviews. They keep sending me emails and I have some extra time on my hands lately, so months and months later, I'm looking into it again.
Simply put, I just don't want any fraudulent charges on my credit card.

I just googled the website's name again (or variations of it) and it's still getting quite a few horrible reviews.
http://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.aliexpress.com (A 2 out of 5 start rating, 249 reviews as of 12/28/2013)
Also see:
http://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.aliexpress.com (It was given a 2.9 out of a possible 10 points, 250 reviews as of 12/28/2013)
Has anyone who has bought from here had problems ordering? 'Extra' charges on your card? 
bmicro #2

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:12/28/2013 06:56:04Copy HTML

As I stated on the TXM thread, four months after ordering and receiving the suits quickly, I have not noticed any fraudulent charges.
As I am sure that you found out with your search, Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba, a 50 - 102 Billion dollar Chinese company that is affiliated with Yahoo. I suspect that you will have more problems shopping from Target.
The issue here is, like Ebay, this is a company that serves as a sales site for a large number if independent companies. Check the ratings that they have and stick with the top rated ones.
Seam_Stress #3

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:12/30/2013 05:24:35Copy HTML

flossy666, and to anyone else who listens -
I wouldn't trust any company based in mainland China or Hong Kong.  I've been ripped off by one of them, and you'll find countless stories from others who have been cheated as well.  And when you add in the issue of slave labour in Chinese prisons, it's not ethical to buy from there either.  I would never have bought from China had I known, and I try to avoid products in stores labelled as being made there.
flossy666 #4

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:12/30/2013 05:57:28Copy HTML

 Yikes!!! Bmicro approved of their site, so I just ordered from there yesterday, on my credit card. 
Most stores here in America have a wide variety of products that are made in China/overseas somewhere. It's almost impossible not to buy from China these days.
I'll let you know if I get any fraudulent charges in the coming days/weeks.
bmicro #5

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:12/30/2013 10:09:03Copy HTML

Best of luck! I just made another order. Hope that we both chose quality vendors.
20897 #6

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:12/31/2013 03:56:27Copy HTML

 I have made 8 orders from different vendors on AliExpress over the last six months without any problems. I ordered 2 one piece thong swimsuits for my wife, 10 Joe Snyder and 22 TM thongs and G-strings for myself. The prices are so reasonable. Thanks for the tip Bmicro!
mrever_ready #7

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/07/2014 09:22:53Copy HTML

I have yet to be burned by ordering through AliExpress.   I've ordered many things, from thongs to electronics.    My credit card info has never been compromised, my only beef is the incredibly long shipping times.    If you're willing to wait for the merchandise, the deals cannot be beat.
flossy666 #8

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/07/2014 12:31:43Copy HTML

Thanks to those that ordered & replied. 
I placed the place I bank at on my browser's bookmarks bar so it's right there, staring at me ever day. This way I'll remember to check my account for any dubious behavior every few of days. So far, so good.
bmicro #9

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/07/2014 05:30:47Copy HTML

Received my order from two aliexpress.com stores. They were a set of JQK one-sided thongs. Excellent product, service, and no issues with my bank account.
The only issue on my account in the last six months is when a local spa adjusted my bill and forgot to delete the first (incorrect) posting. They apologized profusely and corrected it immediately. Just goes to show that it doesn't necessarily take a website to foul up your bank account!
flossy666 #10

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/21/2014 04:49:09Copy HTML

 I received my order today from them. Wrong style thong. I think they sent me a woman's thong, as there is no pouch section for your you-know-what area, and the picture they provided on their website is a different thong then the one they sent.
I will have to agree with the above poster(s) who say they have been ripped off by them. 
I'm certainly not going to try to get them to send the correct order, as I've read the reviews posted on the Internet (just google 'AliExpress reviews'), and they all say the same thing when they've gotten the wrong item: They won't resend the correct item.
As long as the don't put fraudulent charges on my credit card, I only lost 5 or 6 bucks. 
bmicro #11

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/21/2014 08:52:28Copy HTML

Flossy666, I am sorry that you had some sizing issues. This is, however, par for the course when ordering online. At least you lost less than I did when Muscleskins changed their sizing. Aliexpress must be having some difficulty in assuring the quality control across all of their sellers. Every time I look up TM a large number of sellers pops up. The actual TXM site does have a great return policy, but they are more expensive and their shipping costs are prohibitive unless you are ordering many suits.
JM_Runs #12

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/21/2014 10:59:58Copy HTML

It might be useful if people posted pictures of thongs they bought via AliExpress -along with a link to the seller.My biggest complaint with ordering thongs from AliExpress is that there is frequently a mismatch between the fit of the item as per the picture and myself.In some cases the pictures for thongs look like they may have been copied from someone else's web site.Many of the items I have ordered were a little skimpy (thinner material) then I would have hoped for as well.I suspect  many thong sellers (besides aliexpress) actually have their product produced in China or a thirdworld country.It seems silly to pay the markups we do from them...
For those who don't know what company sells a quality product with a fit they like, experimenting with Aliexpress is ok.
Here are a few I've purchased over the last year that I was pleased with:
http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/289796977.html-material is fairly thin
http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/289532291.html-nice heavy material, but I ordered too small
Will post more when time allows.
flossy666 #13

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/22/2014 01:15:06Copy HTML

  I think aliexpress.com are just getting rid of what they have and don't give a hoot what they send you. And with all the complaints online about them, this is pretty much exactly what they are doing. It is not hard to get an order for a product and send the correct item to the customer. I am one of those people they basically 'just sent anything to.' They know they are far enough away that they don't have to actually refund anyone for anything. And so they don't. What are you going to do, fly to China for 5, 10, 15 or a 20 dollar order? lol. Hot damn because I wanted this cut (see link)
...of underwear for a long, long time. Oh well (sighs).....
JM_Runs #14

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/22/2014 11:06:16Copy HTML

 Aliexpress is like eBay or amazon, just the portal into thousands of suppliers. They are not responsible for any particular one, even though they give lip service to providing a dispute mechanism, which in my opinion isn't very effective.I have seen the style you like and agree it looks good on the manikin - the same manikin used in many other photos.Unless their advertising pictures show their product on real people you are taking a chance.
I would think many of these sellers could, would and/or should show their product on oriental guys - unless maybe they are the primary manufacturer for a mainstream - 'western' designed/run business... making you wonder about the ethics of undercutting their primary/original customer.Its altogether possible that the proportion of a Chinese guy's 'junk' to his waist size might be be different then a north american guy - and unless this is taken into account for the larger sizes a NA guy wears, the fit or at least appearance could be disappointing.
I am pretty sure some of the sellers copy images from mainstream/original sellers (whether they actually supply them or not,) and the product the aliexpress vendors sell may have a different material and/or shape that leaves the buyer disappointed. A few of my purchases seem to suggest this.
We as a group need to try various sellers products and publish results with photos and reviews.I will try to do so with some of my aliexpress purchases... over the next few weeks.Sticking with bigger sellers i.e. those with larger selection and considerable positive feedback, is advisable too.Not sure if they publish how long any of the sellers have been active... (Anyone see this info anywhere?)
Wide Net (noting- very few of my thongs are in net fabric!)
flossy666 #15

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/22/2014 11:57:19Copy HTML

I went on their website today. Now I think there is definitely a chance the thong I received is the thong in the picture, but i cannot imagine how a guy could fit into it, even if he was REALLY tiny down there... Plus I ordered an XL and it really didn't fit me well, it was too small, and I'm pretty skinny at the waist. Plus there is no scoop for the genital area, but the manikin they use does have a slight bulge, so that's why I'm thinking it might be the same thong? I don't know anymore.
You can fill out something to dispute your purchase and try to get your money back from them, but I think it's best if they don't try to access my credit card again. You know? It's only a few bucks. 

bmicro #16

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/23/2014 10:44:41Copy HTML

I just received a C ring from one of their suppliers and it was the wrong size (too large, would you believe it?). I just tried their dispute process and will let you know how it goes.
bmicro #17

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/29/2014 07:28:47Copy HTML

 As a follow-up, through the dispute process I received a refund and did not have to return the item.
flossy666 #18

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/30/2014 01:23:13Copy HTML

 That's cool, bmicro. 
It's a shame TM (or is it TXM?) doesn't hook up with someone from the states to sell their products. Someone could make some serious money if they made normal sized thongs and underwear and marketed them more toward the U.S.... Some of their products are pretty cool. Okay, over & out.

mrever_ready #19

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/30/2014 03:03:12Copy HTML

We've purchased many items through Aliexpress and so far, no problems.   But it is nice to know that the dispute process works ... good for you bmicro !
20897 #20

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/30/2014 04:45:19Copy HTML

 After many orders with no problems, I had to file a dispute on my last order of TM items. I bought a (lot) of 6 TM suits and only received one. The seller is now shipping the other 5 that are missing. The dispute process does work.
JM_Runs #21

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/30/2014 04:51:07Copy HTML

Pictures of me with my 35 inch waist, wearing the nine thongs I purchased through (not from) AliExpress in the last year.Average price each with shipping was about $6.


Others I have on order:

Wide(net) - not waist?! (and until today, I thought my waist was only 33 odd inches!)

P.S. Can someone confirm how to distribute a list of contiguously uploaded flickr photos such that I do not need to reference them all (as above)?Was my first link above sufficient?
flossy666 #22

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/30/2014 06:21:04Copy HTML

 @ widenet: You might want to post those pics under something other than flickr, as you have to have an account to view them. 
DoreFan #23

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/30/2014 07:46:45Copy HTML

@widenet: you just need to use this link to get to your "home page" http://www.flickr.com/photos/115926663@N02 
Camloser #24

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/31/2014 12:33:38Copy HTML

 You can create sets on Flickr and then share just the link to the set.
You can also choose privacy settings, if its requiring an account, it's probably because they are tagged 18+ or adult...or private?
flossy666 #25

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/31/2014 01:39:57Copy HTML

 Or you can also open a tangotime.com account, and just copy & paste the URL's.
20897 #26

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:02/01/2014 01:08:10Copy HTML

 Update on my AliExpress dispute. I received the items that I were shorted by the seller. Great deal for TM suits at $4 a piece so I ordered another lot of 6.
JM_Runs #27

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:06/01/2014 05:37:24Copy HTML

I recently received this great thong from aliexpress, for only $2.75 !
Nylon, with a very conservative mesh, somewhat see through when wet, but likely only when close up.Great style, reminiscent of Joe Snyder bulge - but more conservative.Large size fits my 35 inch waist well.
All told a fantastic find - in my opinion.
JM_Runs #28

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/04/2014 06:58:42Copy HTML

Here is a quite a sexy woman's swim suit, with a thong rear option:
My wife hasn't "crossed over" yet, so doubt she would expect to be too comfortable wearing it... dang!
flossy666 #29

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/15/2014 02:43:18Copy HTML

 Just wanted to say I ordered from AliExpress many, many months ago and even though I had read of them putting additional charges on their customer's credit cards I myself had no problems with that whatsoever.

leo40 #30

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/16/2014 12:51:08Copy HTML

My purchases from China have been satisfactory, with China-Post with US Mail deliveries less than two weeks transit time.  As a price example, Chinese swimwear maker Wang Jiang has been promoting a new line of "baggie" or strapless pouch swimsuits, and I have bought two of them.  Chinese sellers on AliExpress typically charge $3 to $6 for this item, while a seller on Amazon wants $17 (down from $22) for the same thing.  Delivery would be faster I suppose.
20897 #31

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/18/2014 10:55:20Copy HTML

 I am still having great success with this website. During their 11/11 sale I ordered 12 TM G-strings from a supplier for $3.50 a piece with free shipping. I cancelled an order from a different supplier and received a credit back to my card within 3 days.
thonger_in_oz #32

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/19/2014 01:43:29Copy HTML

20897... which store are you dealing with on Aliexpress? 
20897 #33

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/19/2014 04:13:06Copy HTML

 The seller is summer927286 Store No.927286.  http://www.aliexpress.com/item/TM-Men-s-Hipster-Tight-Elastic-Thin-Man-Thong-Male-T-PANTS-MENS-butyl-pants-0002/1919750150.html. These due run on the small side. I am a 32" waist and buy them in xl. 
JM_Runs #34

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/19/2014 05:55:29Copy HTML

Chinese sizing runs VERY small.  Unless you are below 30" in jeans, I suggest starting out with XL, and if more than 33" consider XXL.
flossy666 #35

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/20/2014 06:00:34Copy HTML

 I agree with the sizing, JM_Runs, especially with the TM merchandise. I'm pretty skinny, ordered the biggest size and it was so small it was actually funny... But I was out only like 5 or 6 bucks, so no big deal.
thonger_in_oz #36

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/24/2014 09:52:09Copy HTML

is the TM that is sold on Aliexpress the same as TM sold originally through their site? 
flossy666 #37

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/25/2014 06:03:51Copy HTML

 I believe it is but am not 100% positive it is. How 'bout probably!
SolarOne #38

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:04/17/2015 10:58:10Copy HTML

A few things to consider before ordering: Add something to your wishlist, wait a month if you can and see if it goes on sale. Look at the bottom of the page for other sellers selling the same product, add them all to wishlist and wait for a sale. Epacket shipping is the best, I will avoid the lowest cost item just to have this faster shipping. To get bulk discounts, you need to order multiples of the same color, or just order one color, add a comment with the colors you want, and hope that you get what you want.

My favorite underwear is Intymen Sport Thongs, but I don't like the price or how quickly they start looking bad, so I turned to AliExpress. The two below are the closest finds that match.

Price I order at $3.77. It's so close to my favorite, but it doesn't have any C seam uplift rise. The front tag was fine to leave on. This is the one I will order more of.

Not as close to my fave, but it's ok. Less room in the front for your stuff. The front tag has to go as it has some Chinese stuff on it, but it's not so easy to get off. The black with red borders one was of interest to me, look nice.

I like to remove underwear without taking off pants at times, so clips or buckles are important to me.

This item is "Free" size, meaning one size. It's a problem for me since I have a 30" waist, or 32" where I like pants to sit(low rise). So it would be great with sizes, but as it is I don't like the fit or how high it rides because of the fit.

And some others to avoid:

Garbage, the pouch area is so small, I don't know how a man can fit. Probably would be great for children if they offered smaller waist sizes. If you want to try these expect some skin to be popping out in the lower area and the top being pushed away from your body.

Avoid anything like this from the jojo sex store. The front area does not really stretch and you should be busting out all over.

Holy moly is this front pouch small. It has a g-string back which is, to me, long.

So beware of the tiny front pouches from Chinese sellers. If it looks small, it is. Just because the model can fit in the underwear correctly, they might not be an average person with normal sized testicles. I generally order the smallest size available, usually that's small or medium. Never had an issue with a bad waist fit, but I go according to their chart or size specs.
SolarOne #39

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:04/17/2015 11:41:50Copy HTML

For those with concerns about AliExpress, you shouldn't have any. The money you pay is held in escrow until you approve that you received the item(s) or the time runs out and you did nothing. The dispute process is great! I have got what I wanted back 100% of the time. If something doesn't match, I file a dispute for 100% refund without returning or if it's close enough, just some money back so I feel better. If stitching is bad at all, I ask for a few dollars back. The fabric material listed will almost always be wrong, easy dispute win right there. If I don't receive it in time, I ask for 100% refund. If a seller disappears when I have received the product, if anything is wrong at all, I ask for 100% back--After the 5 day countdown times out, it's always is in your favor.

They might beg you to cancel the dispute as it seems bad for them, or accept it pretty quickly. I've had them tell me all kinds of stories, then relent with what I wanted. You need to go with the sellers that have a long track record, some scammers pop up, sell, and disappear. You have protection from all wrongdoing as long as you watch how many days left on the buyers protection, ask for more days if needed. Once that timer runs down to zero, they get their money, and if you can't leave feedback you have no recourse left. So when you receive something, take some time to enjoy it before you mark it as received--this is really essential with anything electronic in nature, things need to be tested or burned in because there are so many bad products(like LED light bulb failing within 100 hours of use) and cheats(like 16 and 32GB TF cards actually 8GB but allocation tables to be the full stated size).

If in the US, don't have $200 of stuff arrive in one day. Then you don't even have to worry about customs. I've had nothing go wrong, but I might be considered a nightmare to some sellers 8)

ellchubbo #40

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:09/25/2015 02:35:27Copy HTML

 Aliexpress advertise on behalf of many manufacturers, having said that I have had great success with purchases, be very mindful of sizes, theses little guys are only just starting to learn about western mens body sizes, if they state a maximum stretch limit then don't think you will fudge a few more inches.         The styles are endless and materials are beautiful both colours and feel, Iam off to Thailand next week and will be looking to see if they source their gear from China also, I am a big fan of lace g string and bikinis  and Aliexpress has the best ever, I think it needs to be stated that the pricing is very low and that if once in a while you get a reject then put it down to experience.           Nothing beats the thrill of wearing G s
flossy666 #41

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:09/25/2015 06:34:23Copy HTML

 Yes, they've come a long way.
Post some links to what you bought if you wanna. 
Poimbeach #42

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:09/26/2015 12:40:53Copy HTML

 Aliexpress is a great place to find deals. I have been buying from them for about a year and only had 1 junk order. I do have a dispute going on some 2xu tights that never made it to me. Don't get in a hurry because it takes a good 2 to3 weeks to reach you and is very hard to track. Once in the United States, you can use the tracking number on usps to track. This does not always work I must say. Sometimes you can't find tracking and it just shows up. You can save a lot of money and the quality is good for the most part.
20897 #43

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:09/26/2015 11:40:21Copy HTML

AliExpress is the best place to buy a variety thongs, G-strings, and tights at a very cheap priced. You are not out a lot of money if the item doesn't work out. Besides buying many thing for myself, I have also bought one piece thong swimwear and lulumon yoga pants for my wife.
SolarOne #44

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:09/29/2015 08:19:58Copy HTML

 @20897, can you link to lulumon yoga pants on Aliexpress? If they are there, it's not a company they dare to name.
brocker36 #45

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:10/27/2015 09:51:56Copy HTML

I'm fairly skinny, but still a 32" waist, and ~40" hips.  I usually get Small for joe snyder, and border between small/medium on other products, depends on how stretchy they are.  I ordered these two in Silver and my initial response is positive.  I'm a big fan of the silver metallic fabrics, and these are very shiny!
http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6967187541.htmlSize: medium, a bit snug but fits well.

http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6967187542.htmlordered size medium, arrived size: large.  However it fits perfectly!
lukus2013 #46

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:10/28/2015 11:22:08Copy HTML

 I have bought a couple of thongs through Aliexpressand beside 1 order that was wrong,  i haven't had any complaints. Also on any of TM ultra low rose thongs, make sure they have done semblance of a pouch and are a stretchy material and toy should have no issues. 
steampowered #47

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:10/29/2015 06:30:53Copy HTML

 Have purchased many times from various agents on aliexpress. Quality is always less than elsewhere and there's a fair share of obvious knock offs. Because they're often dirt cheap, I wouldn't completely discourage from buying from them, but don't be disappointed if they're low quality.Still worth it.
steampowered #48

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:10/29/2015 06:31:06Copy HTML

 Have purchased many times from various agents on aliexpress. Quality is always less than elsewhere and there's a fair share of obvious knock offs. Because they're often dirt cheap, I wouldn't completely discourage from buying from them, but don't be disappointed if they're low quality.Still worth it.
20897 #49

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:11/12/2015 03:09:56Copy HTML

Wanted to let everyone know that AliExpress is having their 11/11 sale. Its a one day only sale.  I just bought from 8 different vendors.

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:08/09/2016 03:45:25Copy HTML

I purchased a few thongs here:
Really light, thin and stretchy. Super comfortable, too. The XL works for my 33" waist perfectly.
They have a great "nude" color which works well under my white linen shorts.

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