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leo40 #51

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:08/09/2016 10:01:44Copy HTML

I have always been pleased with AliExpress purchases.  I like to maintain a collection of highly unusual styles that provide conspicuously less than full coverage in front, and when new such styles appear, an AliExpress seller will often be the first to introduce them for sale.  My most recent acquisition has been what AliExpress calls a "Japanese style mini bulge pouch."   That name doesn't tell you much.  Too scanty even for Japan and while certainly "mini," it is actually a G-string cut so narrow it covers only your shaft, and then not completely.  I love to wear it for backyard sunning.  Sometimes they will include in their name for some super-scanty item "jj bag," although I have no idea what the "jj" means to them.  So to find unusual items you just have to scan a seller's pictures for something out of the ordinary.  And when something turns up that is much too bare for any beach, the price is still right for limited-use swimwear.

Jman71 #52

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:08/19/2016 03:28:06Copy HTML

 I recently decided to give AliExpress a try. My overall opinion is that the quality is decent for the price; but they don't compare at all to suits like MuscleSkins. I ordered three things:

Mesh Hole Thong

Gauze FishNet Mesh Briefs

Convex Crotch Bikini Briefs

I normally wear a size 33-34 waist pants. I heard that the sizing ran small so I ordered XL for the Mesh Briefs and Bikini Briefs. That turned out to be a mistake, I should've stuck with the sizing chart and ordered L instead. I probably could've even gotten away with M. Oh Well.

The fabric of the thong and FishNet Brief feel pretty rough and a little scratchy. But other than that the overall look and style were nice. Of the three I liked the Bikini Briefs the most. The fabric of these bikinis was super smooth and soft. Felt great against my skin.

NudeSunner #53

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:10/07/2016 10:04:23Copy HTML

 I am an avid buyer of Aliexpress thongs (and many other items as well.)Be sure to pay close attention to their sizing as it runs generally two sizes smaller than US sizing. Be sure to have your conversion in Centermeters. Take your time, read and re read the web page with the item you may want. Understand sizing and where it's coming from, if you have a question, generally, they are great communicators and will try their best to accomidate you (the buyer) be patient as shipping from China takes a long time but your patience will be rewarded with a quality product, well packaged and well made arriving at your door for an incredibly low (ridiculously low) price.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #54

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:12/28/2016 02:45:22Copy HTML

Ordered these today.  We'll see what shows up.


bronzedbuns85 #55

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/02/2017 03:42:46Copy HTML

Please give us a review of when they come in.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #56

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/06/2017 03:15:23Copy HTML

 I got my g-strings from Aliexpress.  They fit my waist fine but the pouch is a little on the large size.  I have a few Joe Snyder Bulge thongs and that size pouch fits me fine.  I'm pretty much average size.  The Aliexpress ones have considerable more room in the pouch.  The material is fine 85% nylon 15% lycra.  The are stitched well.  Because of the pouch size I wouldn't order them again.
tiggerix #57

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:04/27/2017 09:37:07Copy HTML

I think it is hit and miss ordering from China.  Sometimes the photos are ripped from branded products and the actual item will be inferior.  There are knock off Aussiebum (should be made in Australia) and Joe Snyder (Mexico).  Official Aussiebum seems reasonably priced, so better go direct to them.  Joe Snyder is widely available so you should be able to check it is legit.  Pricing will usually give it away; if it is cheap then likely to be the Chinese copy (everything on AliExpress will be Chinese)

Sizing is always an issue, but if you read carefully you stand half a chance of getting it close.  You have to check if they are western or asian sizes.  If asian then go one or two sizes up.

That said, the Desmiit brand seems ok, the fabric isn't brilliant, but acceptable and the thong for example is reasonably well cut/made.  Brave Person fabric seems to be very lightweight - fine if you like that.  Both of these seem to be Chinese brands and often seen on ebay.  They can be got for under $10 including postage.

itanng #58

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:04/27/2017 12:35:55Copy HTML

I've made several orders with AliExpress the past 3-4 years, ranging from soft goods like swimwear to hardware like plumbing valves and shower systems. If I'm not in a hurry and the product I'm purchasing is "made in China" anyway, I save about 75% of the price. Almost always, I click the "free shipping" option then sort by price.

Yes, you must pay close attention to the descriptions, especially material, sizes and brand names. Many Chinese vendors use a brand as a generic description (such as referring to a copy machine as "Xerox" or a tissue as a "Kleenex"). Especially watch for descriptions with more than one "brand name".

When I find a product I like, I grab the "model number" from the description, then search for other vendors selling the same item.  Often, other vendors provide a better description, more pictures, and/or a lower price. There are occasions when a vendor is selling multiples of a product for just a bit more than the price for one, so watch for that, too.

Regarding swimwear, I've ordered some of the "Joe Snyder" product and have been very pleased with the quality. I'm pretty sure it's a copy, but the price represents very good value for the product.  'tiggerix' mentioned Desmiit.  I purchased one of their men's thong and it's the closest thing I've seen to a Speedo-brand thong, with the exception not being too much fabric. To me, that makes it the perfect "conservative" thong.
abczyxabczyx #59

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:04/28/2017 10:14:33Copy HTML

My experience with Aliexpress itself has not been so good.  Amazon sells the same products that I would purchase at Aliexpress, except with better service.
kawaiski #60

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/08/2018 09:51:24Copy HTML

Hello! What is the difference between these products?Maybe someone of you bought it...
J_R_365 #61

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/08/2018 03:44:11Copy HTML

 kawaiski -
Looks toe be two different fabrics; one is nylon, the other polyester.
JM_Runs #62

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/08/2018 07:33:03Copy HTML

 What J_R_365 said.... Fabrics.  Scroll down the items pages and you will see the first ones are more transparent.
Always order XXXL, or the largest size available, when ordering any TM product.
kawaiski #63

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/09/2018 03:31:04Copy HTML

 Thanks! And what is better?
NCThonger #64

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/12/2018 09:54:46Copy HTML

 Most of my TM Thongs and g-strings have come from Aliexpress. It does take a long time for them to arrive from China, but so far so good on them arriving. You do have to be very careful on the sizing as others have mentioned above.
kawaiski #65

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/14/2018 07:21:19Copy HTML

I very like TM styles and I buy thong and micro bikinis on AliExpress, but usually I take into consideration design only, not fabric. In this case  there are two identical designs but different fabrics, I don't know what's better. I tend to nylon, because it's thinner...
flossy666 #66

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/14/2018 10:40:46Copy HTML

 Not sure about the fabric but like JM said earlier DEFINITELY order the biggest size they have. From my experiences? Even as large as they have still might be too small, and I'm skinny. It's almost like TM thongs are made for kids (but they aren't). 
kawaiski #67

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/15/2018 02:02:56Copy HTML

flossy666, I do not order the biggest size. Usually there is a table in the product description. According to this table my size is between L and XL, and I prefer L size for better fitting and minimal coverage.
flossy666 #68

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/15/2018 02:55:17Copy HTML

 @ Kawaiski - Are you saying you've ordered from them and their size fits you - or - you haven't ordered from them as of yet but are planning on it and that is the size you're ordering?
kawaiski #69

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/15/2018 03:35:42Copy HTML

 flossy666,  I have shopped on AliExpress before. For example


flossy666 #70

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/15/2018 03:40:46Copy HTML

I have ordered TM stuff before and it was way too small, even with the largest size ordered. But good for you you found ones that fit.
Beached_Santa_Cruz #71

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/15/2018 04:31:30Copy HTML

 I've got about 20 of these that I wear most of the time.   I've even worn the black ones to the beach a few times last summer.  I'm not huge in the "package" area so they work fine for me.  I'm sure there's plenty of guys out there that wouldn't fit into them.

abczyxabczyx #72

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/23/2018 02:10:00Copy HTML

 My experience with aliexpress resulted in never receiving the swimsuit I ordered.  I contacted them about it and they said that they will conduct an investigation, that lasted three weeks.  Their response was that it is the fault of US Postal Service and therefore they would not resend or refund.  Essentially, I am out of pocket money for the swimwear that I never received.
I don't trust this company.

Afterwards, I did find that the founder of aliexpress admitted that he started the company based on deception.  Now that is their corporate culture.
tiggerix #73

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/23/2018 10:08:26Copy HTML

From what I can tell AliExpress is just a site that has many sellers on it - like ebay and Amazon.  You can find different prices for the same item from various sellers.  Some will have reviews and photos from customers.

Some are poor copies of other brands, others such as Desmiit seem to be a brand of their own.  I have bought some stuff from the site with no issues.  Don't expect high quality fabrics though.

You have to trawl through a lot of items to find what you want.
OS777 #74

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/23/2018 03:43:45Copy HTML

 Come on. A business built on deception?  Ha ha. Guess you don't understand a thing about Chinese, Russians, Middle Easterners, Africans, and 99.99999% of the rest of the world.  Best You crawl out from under that rock that you have always lived under.  As a former world traveler this is the reason I don't consider visits south of the USA border or beyond western Europe anymore.  Jamaica and Venezuela likewise reside on the bottom of my bucket list.  If aspirants to foreign travel ever learned to read a travel guild or seriously scoured the Internet they would never waste a penny on places or companies that commit to unscrupulous practices, customs, or locally acceptable norms.  Caveat emptor!!
JM_Runs #75

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/24/2018 09:30:28Copy HTML

First:  AliExpress is not the company you are buying from. They are a listing and transaction agent, abit like ebay.  If you buy 6 thongs it is quite possible you are buying form six different suppliers. 

Second: I have ordered many items through ebay and through AliExpress.

I have purchased more from ebay. My feedback rating is 100% with a feedback number of over 2,000 so I think I have some experience and credibility with the ebay process.  Recently I have ordered from a number of vendors through AliExpress. 

With AliExpress you are almost exclusively buying from vendors in the far east, at low cost, often with free shipping.  Like all buys from China, the sizing tends to run from very small to ridiculously small. Quality also varies. This is not a function of AliExpress, but the vendor who actually lists the item for sale through AliExpress, and who ships the item.

There are some issues with AliExpress, like the sort by "price" does not do a sort by "price and shipping", or ones ordered products list is more difficult to manage than Ebay, or that you cannot see actual item or the tracking number on a shipped product from the purchased items list, but have to open the image of the sale. 

Having said that, AliExpress is sometimes able to deliver products for less than the lowest price for the same thing on Ebay, and they have some items not listed on ebay. 

If you have a problem with a vendor I find AliExpress is MORE active and more prompt in sorting out the dispute than ebay.  Not all disputes were resolved in my favor, but most were. They also have a system for you to make an offer, for example if it comes in the wrong color, you can send a picture to the seller with the item, showing the wrong color, and offer to keep the item and split the difference. I find most sellers will take you up on that offer. 

If you buy enough through the web, as I have over the years, you are going to get the wrong product sometimes, or get burnt sometimes, but not often.  If you buy a thong for $2 with free shipping don't expect Olaf Benz quality. Do expect very long shipping times, especially during the Chinese new year. 

Hating on Ebay or AliExress is like blaming the mailman for delivering the wrong color: You are focusing on the wrong party. You need to resolve the issues with the actual seller of the product. 

MBareAs #76

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:02/21/2018 12:31:22Copy HTML

I recommend, if you are buying multiple items from Aliexpress that you request (when ordering) that they include the order number on the shipping/postage label... Some sellers will do this, but most don't seem to bother. This means that if you order an item and receive something in error, you won't know what happened as you won't be sure if it was sent in error or not.
Worse, if you order multiple items from multiple sellers at the same time you won't know which one sent you something in error. It does happen, it is very frustrating not to be able to correlate a package with an order number and seller.

In addition its worth putting a notification in your calendar for a heads up a day or two before your buyer protection runs out. If the buyer doesn't ship something before the buyer protection expires, you will have no recourse for a refund. I have in the past automatically submitted a full refund request when items are not received within a day or so of the buyer protection limit... and with few (if any) exceptions have received full refunds.

In addition, I generally don't trust sellers who ask me to wait beyond the buyer protection limit to receive something either. Although things can arrive after it expires, it is more likely IMO that they don't. My philosophy is, if they can't get it to me in what is a buyer protection interval they control, they are incompetent and should pay the price of the item.

Most of what I have ordered from Aliexpress have been low priced men's thongs... IF enough people pester me, I may highlight a number of men's thongs I have bought through ali-express that I really liked and would recommend. I have only bought a few that I thought were true beach wear - i.e. would likely be compared well to 'western' swimwear expectations for longevity and robustness. 

As an example of a nice value buy from Aliexpress I would recommend these:

They reflect my personal preference for thongs with more prominent pouches... Mostly cotton (I think) fabric, so they should hold up to some abrasion. 
MBareAs #77

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:02/21/2018 12:48:56Copy HTML

As someone with a 34-35 inch waist, I invariably order the XL (eXtra Large) size THONGS from aliexpress.Non cotton items generally stretch a bit more. I generally don't order the metallics or shiny pseudo leathers because I don't expect them to stretch as much either...

JM_Runs #78

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:02/21/2018 02:25:51Copy HTML

I am about a 32" to 33" waist and order XL or XXL if available. 
I have never heard of anyone ordering the largest size available and finding it is too loose. 

Even after ordering the largest size available some are still too snug around the waist.
As MBareAs suggests, unless you are skinny it is a good idea to stay away from metallics and faux leather as they don't stretch. 
However if you are planning on the fabric stretch to allow for fit, the thong is probably too tight to start with.

Most AliExpress thongs come in Chinese sizing, and they are a lot skinnier than us. 
Even when there is a size chart, for thongs go a size or two larger than the inch conversion suggests.

I have a section of a closet where a some of my newly acquired thongs hang, with a 10lb weight on the other side of the waist. 
With luck, after several months, the waist elastic eases up a bit.
Once they fit without grooving my body then they get transferred to the ready boxes.

(Less than 10lb and there probably will not be a change, more than 10lb and you risk breaking the stitching on lighter thongs.
although 15lb can be used on shorts or thongs with wide elastic waist bands)

Some AliExpress products have been a disappointment, some have been good.  Many are a lot more transparent than shown in the pictures. 
I suggest buying several at once, from different vendors. Like gambling some will pay off and some will not.

Wear the ones you like to SunSplash, and bring the ones you don't to donate to the lines. At SunSplash we have ropes strung between the trees like washing lines. People donate the thongs that did not fit, or they don't like anymore. Others pay a nominal amount for them and the funds go to help with the expenses.

If you are not going to SunSplash but have thongs to donate to the lines put them in a ziplock and send to me or Luvnmythong who organizes the annual event.  

Since we are doing suggestions, here is one you can wear a the beach, if you get the darker colors:  

joe1220 #79

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:02/21/2018 07:50:52Copy HTML

 MY experience with TM thongs on ALIexpress is that they seem to be knock offs. I`ve seen original TM and the one I`ve got are nothing like that. Even the fabric is way different. The price difference I think determines that they are knock offs
Beached_Santa_Cruz #80

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:02/22/2018 04:42:11Copy HTML

 I had ordered 6 TM thongs from Aliexpress.  They fit great.  They were a large and I usually wear a medium in JS and Skinzwear.  So I ordered a dozen more from the same seller.  They all are significantly larger than the first batch.  So much so that under my jeans they are sliding down by the end of the day.  It really is hit and miss, even by the same seller.
tiggerix #81

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:02/23/2018 10:55:34Copy HTML

Stuff you get from Aliexpress is going to be made in China and won't be an original brand that you might see elsewhere, so you are not going to get Aussiebum, Joe Snyder etc. - just copies, of variable qulaity.

Desmiit and Brave Person both seem to be Chinese brands and are usually fairly consistent in size.  Brave Person material seems to be very thin and unlined - it will stretch quite a lot on the fabric but less so on the edges, whereas Desmiit is a thicker material and usually lined.  The outer material is quite soft, but again edges are not going to stretch that much.  

The same item will appear under multiple sellers at differing prices.

Usefully there is a feedback section that buyers may post photos to - not always a pretty sight, but helpful to see what they look like in real life.
Maxin #82

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:02/25/2018 07:18:15Copy HTML

 Recently ordered through  AE and found a shop called Undermoon, they make miniscule tight thongs and g-strings quite well. One suit had an Undermoon label and at the front a TM label!
J_R_365 #83

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:04/12/2018 11:24:09Copy HTML

 Just got some new strings from AE vendor Angela's Flagship, https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1873879?spm=2114.10010108.0.0.13028734zO94XG

Both the suits I got have pouches that have very little coverage, so a C-ring can really hold things together, so to speak. First off is https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2015-Hot-Cheap-wholesale-men-s-nylon-underwear-sexy-low-waist-Seamless-transparent-nylon-sexy-men/1873879_32460300167.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.58064a63ANu9md

The fabric is very thin and clingy, so it shows a lot by light and shadow, but is not real transparent (I got a yellow one). I'm looking forward to wearing it this summer. The other one is more interesting: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2017-Bikini-gay-underwear-brand-gay-thong-men-s-thong-TM-brand-low-waist-nylon-breath/1873879_32799308059.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.58064a63n6coKc

The picture is not quite what it looks like. It is really more like the Tangaland24 Man Bag Ouvert [ https://www.tangaland24.de/de/men/men-bag-ouvert [ , sort of between the regular and the 'Extra Small' versions. You can really wear this two ways, "Through and Out", or "Tip tucked in". The latter exposes most of the shaft, and the pouch only goes part way around things, so I don't know how much I might be wearing this to the beach. Luckily, I have a few places in mind where I'll be able to let it fly.

JM_Runs #84

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:05/02/2018 07:48:09Copy HTML

May I suggest:  

I got one. Impressed by quality for the price, so ordered a couple more.  Unless you are terribly sKinny order XL.
MBareAs #85

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:05/03/2018 05:25:03Copy HTML

A few more mens thong recommendations from Ali

I invariably order size XL, noting a few vendors on AE are starting to list 2XL and up...

I am avg height for a Canuk at 5 feet 9 inches (yeah - I know we are nominally metric-ians up here!)

So onward:
Here are some mostly patterned 'suits', synthetic materials though some definitely have cotton too...
single layer fabric, likely less 'robust' than most NA grade (or at least priced) swimsuits, but the price CAN NOT BE BEAT!
In very rough order of price: -because who doesn't like it a little 'rough'?









MOSTLY CHEAPER!??? (CAN IT BE TRUE!???) Solid Colours: (Hey! In Canada-eh! we spell it 'colour' don't U know?).




For the more like swimwear and less like underwear crowd:These guys have a heavier fabric weight IMO...


And just in case you need to wear a T-shirt on the way to the beach, or perhaps an 'enhancement' aid:


Your mileage may vary, batteries not included, past experience is no predictor of future performance etc etc etc...

Oh yeah, here in the 'Great White North' Robertson rules over Phillips... (speaking of loose screw drivers!).

P.S. Went for a dip in the run off from a still frozen lake in Ontario today - in a thong (of course!).P.S.S. Did anyone get the math 'joke' in the first line?
MBareAs #86

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:05/03/2018 05:29:06Copy HTML

 OK, the joke was "Ali(less then symbol)Express"... but regrettably the "less-then" symbol was lost along with the "Express" text following it on posting... Musta missed that symbol conversion / formatting feature on the preview - sorry!
MBareAs #87

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:05/03/2018 06:55:05Copy HTML

OK, Here are a few men's thongs I missed, noting that the prices for these are considerably higher (double or more,) then what I recall having bought them for in the past.
Regrettably, the 'retailers' I bought these items from in the past no longer sell them, and these are the first 'examples' of them I could find quickly...
Invariably, with persistent searching one usually can find many items from alternate vendors for considerably less then the first vendor you find...I frequently search only for vendors that offer free shipping - noting this can omit some pretty nice looking suits!One trick is to consistently go down the 'More Products: From Other Sellers' links at the bottom of the 'Product Details' section.


The last item, is one of my favorites, given the shape conforms wonderfully to ones junk (in its 'resting state',) given the ribbed material is super stretchy and comfortable.

Best of luck fellow thong hunters!!!
MBareAs #88

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:05/03/2018 07:03:22Copy HTML

Argh... Damn formatting feature on this board...Seems the detail on my waist size (34 inches) was lost too...
JM_Runs #89

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:05/03/2018 11:51:48Copy HTML

NOTE about posting URL's

When you have a LONG website link, in the style of AliExpress, there is a point in the string where there is a ".html?
You don't  need to include the ? or anything that comes after the ? mark.

Example, using the link above :

Can be posted as: 

The part after the ? mark is to inform the server of other information, which might include a pointer to your personal user ID , or what website you linked from, or what web page you were looking at before.  

Some extra long links F-up the way Aimoo formats the page, and makes the rest of your post unreadable by many. So for brevity, formatting and general clarity try to only post the first part of the URL, the part that matters.

Beached_Santa_Cruz #90

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:08/19/2018 03:58:24Copy HTML

I have bought these from UM on ebay.  I didn't realize they were Asian sizing when I bought them so I ordered a medium.  The waist has stretched out to fit me.  Also losing 10 pounds didn't hurt.  The quality is better than the TM on Alliexpress. https://www.ebay.com/itm/273179225671

brocker36 #91

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:09/12/2018 04:25:47Copy HTML

I have ordered a few items, and most are pretty obvious if they're going to fit well or if they're just novelty. I had high hopes for the teardrop shaped TM pouch but it does not work well for me. This is the one where the strings form a V at the top of the pouch, and the pouch flares outward making a (american) football shape. Perhaps the bag string is too long, but regardless there's no good way for this to cover all the goods. The fit is even worse when worn with a c-ring. Here's an example of the item I'm talking about: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Bikini-2017-Nylon-Low-Rise-Gay-Mens-Thongs-and-G-Strings-Sexy-Men-Underwear-Penis-Pouch/32814784274.html
J_R_365 #92

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:09/13/2018 02:37:20Copy HTML

brocker - I have one of those, and it fits well enough. I wonder what the consistency of cut is on these things. I agree on the length of the pouch strap. Just about every cheap Chinese suit Ive gotten seems to be cut for wearing very high on the waist, and I MUCH prefer low-rise. It really is hit or miss with these. I got one of these: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Brand-TM-Sexy-Mens-Underwear-Gay-Penis-Pouch-Thongs-And-G-Strings-Lingerie-Men-Jockstraps-Underwear/1873879_32474150755.html and it has WAY more material at the top than in the photo. On the other hand, this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2017-Bikini-gay-underwear-brand-gay-thong-men-s-thong-TM-brand-low-waist-nylon-breath/1873879_32799308059.html and it's just as shown. I often wonder how the original tXm Japanese versions fit, but most of them are not available in sizes that would fit westerners.
Lycrathong1 #93

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:10/06/2018 01:07:35Copy HTML

Not tried Aliexpress but I have bought at least a dozen Chinese thongs and bikini briefs off eBay. I've been impressed by the quality, low prices, and speed of shipping to the UK,
JM_Runs #94

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:10/31/2018 06:07:08Copy HTML

11/11 Sales on Chinese sites like AliExpress - I posted this to my FB page. Then thought I would post the same for you folks, to let you know about 11/11 sales. Every year AliExpress.com runs specials on November 11th - from most of the vendors. This is the equivalent to the black-friday sales in the USA. The one day discounts are sometimes just 5 or 10% but sometimes as deep as 30 to 50%. My kind friends say I am thrifty, my ex probably says I am cheap. Either way I do like to hunt down bargains. I am a LONG time ebay buyer, with more than 2,220 transactions and a 100% positive feedback. Not to boast, but to show I know a bit about buying things online. As most of you know I now use AliExpress.com a LOT !! Like all web stores that sell products from multiple vendors you have to be a bit selective. First because a lot of the clothing products are described in good English, but the SIZING is Chinese. So you have to size up SEVERAL SIZES. A second problem with AliExpress is you can't sort by "price and shipping", only by price. So some vendors discount the price, but bump the shipping. Therefore when sorting by price the first one may not be the least expensive. Look at several. Use the "Add to Cart" function to gather up alternatives of the same product from different vendors, then go into your cart and you can view each offering, and where the price is now shown with shipping. Pay the vendor with the lowest price and remove the rest from your cart. China to US postal rates for small packages are very low, so even items less than $1 often come with free shipping. Many items like small lightweight parts or light cloths have free shipping. Sometimes if you get 1 the shipping is free, but if you get 2 there is shipping charge, so multiple orders of 1 at a time are sometimes less cost than doing one order for several. Some of the current deals for 11/11 are pre-order deals, you pay a deposit now and then the rest on 11/11 locking in the availability of the item and price. Means you don't have to be up at 3AM when the 11/11 deals start rolling in China. I get A LOT of thongs and other clothing from AliExpress. In addition to thongs I get things like bike lights, USB cables, shorts, tools and other parts that are all made in China. However shipments can take up to a month. If you place orders now, or even better reserve orders for 11/11 when many things go on sale you will probably get them by mid december, but with the Christmas postal rush they may come later. TIP: When an AliExpress order arrives ALWAYS go to "Confirm Delivery" for that order. That way you can later filter the "My Orders" list to just show those orders still "Awaiting Delivery". This helps when you have a number of orders in the pipeline. If you later find the product defective you can still open a dispute after confirming delivery. If you are thinking about jumping on the 11/11 sailes you may want to browse AliExpress now, and make an initial small order, or 11/11/ reservation payment, just to get setup. I have had my card on file with AliExpress for a couple of years without a problem. AliExpress handles the money and pays the Chinese vendors, so your details are not exposed to the vendors.
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Re:AliExpress for products from China

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Hello! Anyone bought this item? https://aliexpress.com/item/2015-TM-sexy-men-underwear-gay-thongs-Gay-Penis-Pouch-Thongs-And-G-Strings-Lingerie-Men/32472413883.html I do not really understand how this thong arranged, since there is no photos in the customer reviews. If you have this model - share your photo please!
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Kawaiski — I have one of these (but no photo yet). When laying flat, the front is about 14cm curving very slightly down, and then angles back for about 7.5cm, slightly arching up, until it meet the crotch strap. Sort of like a hawk's beak.

When worn, the crotch strap starts just below the bottom of the shaft, and splits the middle of the scrotum, and is balls out. The front is a triangle, of fabric that is thin and opaque,  that tapers down to the tip of the shaft, almost like one of those "tanning sheaths", except that it does not go snug around the base. The end result is an arrow pointing downwards, with the tip of the shatft at the point:

The fabric is quite stretchy, and can be pulled down and back to cover the balls if desired, but it's not as sexy that way, although it still shows a lot of your contour.

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Re:AliExpress for products from China

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J_R_365, thanks! I hope you publish a photo:)
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As soon as I loose weight!
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Re:AliExpress for products from China

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J_R_365, Does weight matter? :) The photo is clearer than the description, besides, English is not my native language. You can crop the photo and show only the pouch.
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Re:AliExpress for products from China

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Sometimes the underwear makes good outdoor thongs. Today I am going to be wearing this when pressure cleaning the boat. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mens-Sexy-G-String-Thongs-Bikini-Gay-Men-Underwear-Men-T-Back-Thong-Homme-Jockstrap-Men/32922511178.html I don't like the ones trimmed in white, looks too much like underwear, but the yellow trimmed in blue is bright and fun.
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