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MBareAs #101

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:01/27/2019 03:58:32Copy HTML

A few of my favorite AliExpress thong things... to 'miss'-quote Julie Andrews from the 'Sound of Music':

Although some prudes might object to pulling an American flag themed thong between your cheeks, these will set your thong experience 'on-fire':


Yeah, these are awesome too, and will get your flag/pole 'at attention':


I have a 34 odd inch waist and typically order XL... from AliExpress.

bmillerw #102

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:02/02/2019 12:48:30Copy HTML

If you are thinking about ordering what you think is a bargain on a name brand product from Aliexpress, I suggest that you go down to ITEM SPECIFICS and see if it truly is that brand. Often they will post a picture of a high end, name brand product (like TM) but go down to Item Specifics and here's what you'll see: Brand Name: PYONGRANS which in my opinion is cheap, throw-away junk compared with the genuine article. I speak from experience. That is why Aliexpress states that they are "not responsible for authenticity".

itanng #103

Re:AliExpress for products from China

Date Posted:03/16/2019 07:09:05Copy HTML

This post is to let members know about a VERY POSITIVE experience with one of my recent orders via AliExpress. Seldom do I find a product that I can highly recommend to Board members. This is for a men's "Rope Belt Thong", which is an adjustable-front g-string with twisted cords forming the waistband/belt. This "suit" is 95% polyamide (no stretch polyester-like pouch) and 5% elastane (extremely stretchy spandex-like waistband) and has NO Chinese characters (garments with characters seem to have a cotton pouch). One click is worth many words. I purchased FLL-038 at I-TRENDY Store: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/4470042 or https://www.aliexpress.com/store/4470042/search?SearchText=FLL-038 At the time of my purchase, I ordered two at $3.02 with a $1.00 discount off $5.00. Other vendors have product numbers F-E032-2, E-032bs, AYC-E-038, F-E038. The size chart says: M 27-30", L 30-32", XL 33-35", XXL 35-38". But the XL should be sized closer to 32"-48" (it REALLY stretches from 24" laying "flat"). So, this is one Asian product for which you will want to order the same or smaller than your US size! The store owner recommended the XL for my 40" waist, but the L might have worked! The front is adjustable from about 1.5" to 8". It's about 8" from the top of the front down to the point the under-strap is connected. The top back of the under-strap wraps loosely around the waistband. There is about 1/4" coverage along the waist line, and being a g-string, no coverage for the buttocks. The "navy blue" is opaque when dry and has only a slight hint of see-through when wet, and I suspect this is true of any of the dark colors. I think these "suits" will be great for sunbathers and at public beaches that allow g-strings and thongs. The "yellow" is essentially see-through when dry and clearly see-through when wet so I'd avoid the use of lighter colors at public or non-nude beaches. The last suit of this style that made me happy was purchased from Dore, so you can see why I was happy to find this product, especially for such an affordable price. Danny
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