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Date Posted:05/15/2018 09:28:38Copy HTML

Seattle had an unusually warm Mother's Day last weekend. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

My husband and I will be travelling over Memorial Day weekend. Some friends of ours borrowed our luggage, and I'd arranged to pick it up on Sunday. I'd forgotten it was Mother's Day when I made the arrangements, but figured it would be okay anyway.

I stopped by in the afternoon. When I rang the bell, no one answered. I texted my friend, but didn't get a response. I could hear them in the backyard, so I decided to let myself in through the gate and went around back.

My friend, her husband, and their son and daughter, who are both in high school, were sitting on the deck on a couple of outdoor couches. The furniture blocked most of my view of them. I said hello. My friend turned. She looked surprised to see me. I reminded her of our plan, and she apologized for forgetting.

I told her I could just pop in and grab the luggage, but when I moved toward the deck she said, "Actually, let me take you through the front."

I waited as she stood up and came down the steps and around the side of the deck. All she was wearing was a black thong bikini. She led me back through the gate and in through the front door.

"Trying to beat the heat?" I asked as I followed her upstairs.

She laughed. "The couches were a Mother's Day gift," she replied sounding a little embarrassed. "Figured we should enjoy them."

The luggage was on the landing. We brought it back down to the entry.

"Is this a regular thing?" I asked.

She blushed. "Not exactly," she replied. "We were having brunch this morning, and the kids, as usual, were glued to their phones. The weather made me think of a Mother's Day when the kids were little. It was nice like today, so we filled the little kiddie pool and lounged around naked all afternoon."

"Sounds lovely," I said.

"It really was," she agreed. "We were so happy and close. It felt like we'd lost something. So, after brunch, I decided to try the 'It's Mother's Day' tactic."

"And you suggested an afternoon without clothes or phones?" I asked. I realized why she hadn't answered my text.

She nodded. "I figured the kids would be abstinent, but they didn't complain." She smiled. "I'd invite you to join us for a drink, but the dress code is rather strict," she said with a little laugh.

I was wearing a light dress with only thong panties underneath. Although I was sure she was half kidding, I lifted the dress over my head and set it down on the luggage. "A drink sounds great," I said smiling.

She was a bit stunned. "Oh, well, I...." she laughed.

"Too weird?" I asked.

"No," she said. "You just took me by surprise."

We went out to the deck. The guys were naked. Her daughter was also wearing a thong bottom. The kids seemed a little uncomfortable at first (young bodies will do what they will), but they quickly got over it. We sat together for about half an hour. I had plans with my own family, so I couldn't stay long.

The sun felt wonderful, so I left my dress off as I loaded the luggage into my car. A family with a young kid approached on the sidewalk as I closed the trunk. "Sorry, just enjoying the weather," I said when they were close.

"It's okay," said the mom. "If I had your body I'd be running around naked too."

I got in the car and drove home.
tobias5711 #1

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:05/15/2018 11:10:05Copy HTML

 NWGirl, great story. Hope you will be able to join your friend again when you have more time.  One question. Did you drive home in just your thong bottoms, topless?
csnipwb #2

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:05/15/2018 11:58:16Copy HTML

Yes, great story.Glad you shared it with us.
NWGirl #3

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:06/05/2018 08:46:25Copy HTML

Tobias, I did drive home topless in just a thong. The streets were busy, so I had to park about 3 blocks from home. I considered getting dressed, but decided it wasn't far enough to bother. I walked home as I was.
NWGirl #4

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:06/05/2018 08:56:47Copy HTML

My husband and I had a wonderful holiday weekend. Some friends invited us to stay with them at a cabin their parents out. It's near a lake and secluded.

My girlfriend and I represented Team Cheeky all weekend. Her suit wasn't quite a thong, but close enough.
tobias5711 #5

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:06/05/2018 12:49:49Copy HTML

 NWGirl- nice that you walked the 3 blocks in just thong bottoms- top free- can't imagine anyone complaining. My neighbors see me often in just a g-string around my house both in back yard over my 6 foot privacy fence and in the front yard- feels great to have the freedom to b in so little. Wish I could go legally nude everywhere.
NWGirl #6

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:09/05/2018 08:36:00Copy HTML

My friend and I are jogging together in the morning a few time a week. She wants to get into better shape, and I always enjoy company on a run. Her kids are usually still in bed and her husband has already left for work when I get to her house. We try to get our runs in before it starts getting too hot (not much of an issue lately). Today was the first day of school, so her kids didn't have the luxury of sleeping in late. My friend answered the door in a robe, and apologized saying that getting the kids out of the house had her running late. I told her not to worry. She invited me in for coffee. Her kids were eating breakfast at the counter. Her son was nude and her daughter was wearing a thong. My friend removed her robe as we entered the kitchen and draped it over a chair. She too was wearing a thong. She got me a cup of coffee. I was dressed in my running shorts and a tank with a built-in bra. We chatted about school starting. Feeling a little out of place, I asked if they'd mind me joining them. Of course, my friend said it was fine. I took off my tank and shorts. The shorts were lined, so I wasn't wearing underwear. It felt incredibly freeing to be nude with them. Her kids finished their breakfast and went to get ready for school. We saw them off, then went for our run.
stypenz #7

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:09/05/2018 11:52:51Copy HTML

Sounds like an awesome time with your friend and getting used to a thonging and nudist lifestyle! I'm curious so I hope you don't mind me asking, but in both cases the males were naked. Do the males in the family also thong as well? I was also wondering about thongers/nudists and their pubic hair styles preference. Do you shave or groom your pubes and what about the others in the story?
sailor250 #8

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:09/06/2018 01:57:34Copy HTML

Ah Ha casual nudity! Wear what you want or bare what you want! It's all good! As long as no one's offended or arrested, it's all fun.
DavidFreeman #9

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:09/07/2018 10:35:29Copy HTML

Sounds like a cool family.  With little kids though nowadays, even with that it seems you need to be careful.  Who knows what they might say at school about Mommy or Daddy being naked, however innocent, and be overheard by an overbearing, or possibly even well intetioned adult.  That's not something anyone wants to get mixed up in.  

But I like hearing about people who make it work!

thongmom #10

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:09/10/2018 08:52:10Copy HTML

I think family nudity is more common that many are willing to admit. I mean, really, who hasn't at least gone naked to the laundry room after forgetting to put clean towels in the bathroom or something similar. When I've discussed the subject with others, at worst they say they could never be as liberated as my family. At best they want to know when we're having our next party. We'd been hoping to find a way to take a nude vacation this summer. I'm not a believer in the typical nudist philosophy that most resorts tend to espouse, so we looked for alternatives. My husband had the idea that if we rented out an entire place, we could do as we pleased. After a little searching, I found the perfect place. It had 6 yurts, each big enough for 4-5 people. We couldn't afford to rent the whole place ourselves, so I sent out an email to some of our friends to see if anyone was interested in joining us. Within the hour, we had 5 other interested families. We rented the place for a week. Everyone drove up separately and arrived by late afternoon. We all unpacked, then grilled and ate dinner together. We stripped down as soon as we arrived, but some of our friends were taking a little time to warm up. After dinner, the kids went off together while the parents sat around the fire. I could tell that some of our friends wanted a little encouragement. I suggested that we take that night to get comfortable. Starting the next day, we'd be clothes free until we left. Everyone agreed. Sure enough, we all came out the next morning in our birthday suits. It felt wonderful and natural. No one wore a stitch of clothing until we had to pack up to leave. With only one room, the yurts didn't provide much in the way of privacy. We got to know each other in ways we never would have at home. It really brought our family together.
underwater #11

Re:An Unexpected Mother's Day Encounter

Date Posted:09/10/2018 01:27:04Copy HTML

You could always try a nude cruise.
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