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Date Posted:02/23/2015 06:52:07Copy HTML

I ran across this thread today.  It's from a forum on Miami Beach.  The poster, a guy, is about to leave for Miami and wanted to know if he should bring along his thong to wear on the beach and wanted to know if they were allowed and if he would be harassed for wearing one.

It's an interesting read if you have time to read it.  Also, as an added bonus, our beloved administrator is mentioned in the post as well.  I think they are talking about him anyway!  The link I posted starts on page three.  I did this because the comment about JM Runs is halfway down the 3rd page.  It's from a poster named "blacksmith76". 

It's an interesting read from the beginning if you have a chance to read it all.  Lots of stereotyping going on! 

Here is the link:  http://www.city-data.com/forum/miami/1483014-can-male-wear-thong-miami-beach-3.html
J_R_365 #1

Re:An thread from another site asking about a guy wearing a thong in Miami Beach

Date Posted:02/24/2015 03:44:38Copy HTML

 I was left shaking my head throughout that. It reminded me of a thread on another board I read once, before I landed here. Not about the perception that Men in thongs = Gay, but just general acceptance.

The board was about Swingers' Cruises to the Caribbean. A woman asked if it would be OK if she and her husband wore thongs on a cruise. The response was a resounding, "OK for you, but your husband, No way, No how, who wants to see that?" et cetera.

The woman responded that she would have thought that a Swingers board would have been more accepting, and she was told that, No, her husband would not be accepted anywhere on the face of the Earth, and would be laughed at anywhere he went, and who wants to see that stuff anyway? et cetera.

The woman left with an, "OK, have a nice day."

It's sad how many people in this World are so small minded.

thongman8 #2

Re:An thread from another site asking about a guy wearing a thong in Miami Beach

Date Posted:02/28/2015 03:27:47Copy HTML

Were they referring to you in the thread?  The guy running on the beach in Ft Lauderdale?

In the thread, I found it interesting that they not only found thongs to be associated with being gay, but briefs too.  One responder ever wrote that he should be wearing board shorts as they are comfortable.  I don't get it either.  There were a few that basically said lie and let live.  But, like you said, most were of the mind set that no guy should ever wear a thong unless he is gay! 

I just shook my head while reading it! 
mack_back #3

Re:An thread from another site asking about a guy wearing a thong in Miami Beach

Date Posted:02/28/2015 06:28:43Copy HTML

Being denied the wearing of minimal swimwear just because of a social attitude has perpetrated a lot of anxiety and having to deal with not receiving the satisfaction to fulfill a personal need(desire), tends to increase one's need for such fulfillment. Hence, the attitude that only men have fetishes - women have been able to satisfy their desires for minimal swimwear so society sees them as liking bikini's a lot(even over zealous), but not as a fetish. 

This is the world we live in and have to find ways to cope and accept negativity. I'm not only talking about swimwear but other clothing as well. 
Welcome the gay slurs from these dork short wearing males, an advantage for me that they are clueless. They can laugh and joke and ridicule my thong all they want at the beach. What these guys don't know, is their girlfriend or wife could very easily spending weekday afternoon on top of me, mount everest, rather waiting for their boyfriend coming home from work riding his toothpick. So who is laughing at the beach next time they bring their GF or wifey, only she and me know our secret. Sure their will be laughter afterwards but the girlfriend or wife is smiling for entire different reason while her boyfriend or husband is clueless.Great cover ruse being non threatening "gay label" chatting up their wife or girlfriend in front of them wearing a thong. Being only guy in a thong helps attract the attention picking and choosing whom i like to be with. Woman love to watch and can't help being curious and intrigued less of wall to break down when approaching a hot filly, already assuming what they want.
So bring on the stereotype and more guys can wear dork shorts so i will have no competition in getting attention from the ladies. Last thing i want is a guy figuring out i'm straight no matter what i'm wearing and his pregnant girlfriend or wife has her eyes on me. Last thing i want the dork short straight male is to be cautious and jealous keeping a close eye on his wife or girlfriend. Rather have them never see me coming, or assume the opposite.
NicoR #4

Re:An thread from another site asking about a guy wearing a thong in Miami Beach

Date Posted:05/22/2017 03:27:04Copy HTML

 Hahaha for real though mack_back. Before thonging I'd rarely approach anyone especially girls in my dork shorts, I never felt like I was sexy.Fast forward to me thonging on the beach all the time now, and I know I look f***ing hot in my thong, I feel sexy, I see all the girls checking me out, so I could give a f*** what any negative person has to say.

if I see a girl I like I will just walk up to her and say hi like it's nothing unless she clearly isn't interested. But about 60% of the time we end up having a good conversation, and sometimes I make a new friend to hangout with for the day! 

After that happens, I see all the straight guys looking at me funny, with a little less condescension and more respect. Like, How did this guy (me) in a thong just pull such a hot babe (also in a thong) while me and my dork short buddies are circle jerking each other getting no action or attention from any babes.

Yea, I like my way xD
J_R_365 #5

Re:An thread from another site asking about a guy wearing a thong in Miami Beach

Date Posted:05/23/2017 02:53:08Copy HTML

 Same here; I love seeing the ladies checking me out, often with verbal compliments, too. As the beach I frequent has a reputation as "The Gay Beach" I sometimes get this from guys, too, which actually kind of tickles me, since they're usually less than half my age. Maybe I'm a "DILF"?

I had a funny experience a couple of years ago. I was wearing a red mesh Dubio "Grenade" suit, and was laid out near my friend who always sunbathes topless. A group of young gay guys were smitten by her, and started chatting her up big time. One had the same job as her, too, which added to it.

After they left, I remarked to her how I was wearing a see-through thong, yet SHE was the one they were hitting on. She  replied,"That's 'cause I got boobs!"

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