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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:08/17/2008 01:24:25

I don't know if anyone has already started a topic like this before, but if anyone happens upon an Anti-Thong Swimwear website, why not share the link here?  I'm not talking about Weird Al Yankovic's Anti-Thong song, or passing references to thongs in park and pool rules (ie. "... cutoff jean shorts, see-thru clothing, thongs and g-string swimsuits are not permitted. ...).  I mean for this topic to include links to things like serious legislation being considered, links to existing laws which try to regulate thongers, religious or accedemic works which question wearing thongs from a moral or pshycological point of view, etc.  No gossip columnists, TV doctors, etc.  Someone else can start a topic like that.  Just real information about real attempts (both potential and realized) to limit our ability to wear the swimwear of our choice. 
The Gabe #1

Re:Anti-Thong Websites Register

Date Posted:07/13/2014 02:18:38

 I think this is a great idea. We could all check it out and perhaps make our feeling on the matter known and find out just what is so awful about thongs.
JM_Runs #2

Re:Anti-Thong Websites Register

Date Posted:07/13/2014 01:35:30

These days on the internet its fairly easy to find 'conspiracy' theories about just about anything including why the WTC towers went down, how the US was brought into the world wars, who really is to blame about exploding debt levels etc etc...
One recurring 'theory' (even popularized in a recent movie,) is that companies that wish to exploit some resource or other will 'seed' the environmental groups with 'agents' who on the surface are working against the company's interests, but in reality are involved to help sabotage the protesters goals.
Rather then look for a website that is anti-thonging, why shouldn't "we" create one that is -on the surface- against thonging, but really intends to embarrass those who are so anal retentive about thongs, they need dork-short styled swimsuits to cover their over-stuffed backsides?Perhaps the website could be along the lines of the 'Colbert Report', which on the surface supports the redneck agenda but in reality pokes fun of it, exposing it for the farce it is. Naturally, we will need some really good photos of thong clad folk to support the cause, along with some exceptionally 'tastefull' picts of people wearing ridiculous body coverings. Plus we need lots of photos of olympic athletes, competing in tiny suits (e.g. women's beach volleyball, synchronized swimming etc) and perhaps david beckham styled underwear adds etc would allow us to poke fun on the ridiculous amounts of effort these folk spend to stay fit and healthy.
Now if only someone had the required energy, amount of time and cleverness on their hands...
JM_Runs #3

Re:Anti-Thong Websites Register

Date Posted:07/13/2014 02:10:53

 I would like to see an on-line poll that allows people to vote on whatis 'acceptable' and what is not as to swimsuit coverage and perhaps 'shape'...

For example, I would like to see pictures of several individuals ofdiffering physical shape wearing a series of different sized swimsuits.Pictures could be from the back, front and/or side and should allow randomviewers to 'judge' what is publicly acceptable, and how to 'measure'acceptance.
Consider a series of pictures at a beach. The same individual wears a progression of swimsuits of successively smaller size. All pictures are taken within 10-20 feet of a vendor located a short distance from the water.

Photos include the beach, some do not. Some include people and some do not. Some of those people pictures include kids and some do not. Some of the people pictures include people in minimal swimsuits, and some do not. Some pictures include the vendor (perhaps with milling customers) and some do not. All photos locate the 'model' in exactely the same physical location. 
I would think after a few hundred or maybe thousand people cast their vote it would be pretty obvious the whole attempt at defining 'acceptability' of such a purely 'subjective' thing is ridiculous. If the poll would allow people to indicate their location, (or perhaps could infer it from their IP addresses,) it might also highlight that certain 'thong-intolerant’ areas have been hijacked by a minority of individuals – and have not met the American ideal of ‘democarcy’.  
Oh - so many ideas, and so little energy to implement them…
JM_Runs #4

Re:Anti-Thong Websites Register

Date Posted:07/14/2014 02:52:08

 The problem with satire on the internet, is FOX news will report it as real.  Just ask the Onion.
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