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Dr S

Date Posted:05/25/2003 08:07:44Copy HTML

Has anyone visited Antigua?I am going on vacation in July / August with my family and would appreciate anyones experiences (positive or negative). My wife and I both wear thongs on the beach, so if anyone can recommend any particularly thong / topless friendly beaches we'd be grateful. We'll posta report when we return!
orldick #1


Date Posted:05/25/2003 08:55:59Copy HTML

We went to Hawksbill beach a couple of years ago, when our cruise stop in Antigua, and it was fantastic.

The Hawksbill resort is really beautiful and has three beaches one of which is clothing optional but I am sure that thongs and topless wouldn't raise an eyebrow on the other two.

You can visit their site at:


We are sometime this year, just trying to figure out when.


Dr S #2


Date Posted:08/17/2003 05:52:51Copy HTML

I promised to post a report on our trip to Antigua, so here it is:

We stayed at the Royal Antiguan resort located on the sheltered Deep Bay, and the location is absolutely superb.  The hotel was reasonably priced for accommodation, but I have to say a little shabby and in need of renovation.  The pool and beach were however wonderful and the food excellent, if pricey.

I found the resort to be very thong - friendly.  We got no adverse comments during our entire stay.  I wore Hom, Speedo or Bruno Banani thongs every day; both at the beach and pool. On a number of days Kath wore thong bikinis too. I felt no need to cover up to walk around, happily walking the length of the beach, visiting the beach bar and swimming / snorkling in only a thong. We also went on a catamaran cruise which included snorkling at the reef. I could happily sun myself on the deck and snorkel, again without hassle.

The resort had guests from a wide range of places including Italy, Spain, Portugal an well as the usual USA, Canada and UK, which I think contributed to the relaxed atmosphere. Although the hotel was very quiet when we stayed I counted over 25 thong-wearers during the two weeks, although only 3 were male (me included). I merited little more than a second glance to most other guests.

I only visited two other beaches: one completely deserted and the other on the catamaran day trip, so can't really comment about other resorts. I would definately go again and recommend Antigua to other thong enthusiasts.

Bobbill #3


Date Posted:01/20/2004 03:12:54Copy HTML

Reply to : Dr S

I am a newcomer - my wife and I are going to Antigua in March with our 15 year old to sail.  I appreciate that to wear a thong in a family situation may not be appropriate and anyway my wife does not like it -are there beaches near the Sunsail resort were thongs are okay


Dr S #4


Date Posted:01/29/2004 08:18:29Copy HTML

Hello Bobbill,

I couldn't comment on your particular resort as I didn't go there, but I got the impression that thongs would pretty much be accepted on the beach anywhere in Antigua.

As to wearing a thong in a family environment, I'm personally quite happy.  It's what I wear to the beach and I'm not going to suggest thongss are sordid and skulk in the corner of the beach.  I've been on family holidays with my wife & young son and even wider family members including my wifes sisters and her grandfather.  No-ones objected yet!



Bobbill #5


Date Posted:04/05/2004 01:20:15Copy HTML

Reply to : Dr S

Have now been to Antigua and can confirm that the beaches are pretty deserted and had no problem wearing a thong on any of the beaches - for the first time in public and even my wife did not object after the first time - progress

JM_Runs #6


Date Posted:08/01/2004 01:40:22Copy HTML

I went to Sandals Antigua last week (honeymoon) no men in thongs, one women in a  thong and couple women topless.

Dr S #7


Date Posted:05/30/2007 07:26:24Copy HTML


We're off to the Grand Royal Antiguan again at the end of July beginning of August. I'm really looking forward to that beautiful beach. Has anyone been to Antigua recently, and if so were there many thong wearers?

I'm sure to be wearing mine regardless, so I'll post an updated report when I get back.
Dr S #8


Date Posted:08/28/2007 08:13:13Copy HTML

Well I promised a report, but it's very dissapointing.

Two whole weeks at a resort with only one other thong wearer seen (cabin crewe staying at the hotel: and those were more cheek-baring boy shorts than a proper thong). To be fair the hotel was dead. some days there was only us (me, my wife & our two kids) on the beach, but even on the days when the cruise ships were in there were no thongs to be seen. This is in stark contrast to our last visit to the same resort 4 years ago when there were 10 or 12 women in thongs over the two weeks, and at least two other blokes.

However I have to say my swimwear got complete acceptance all the same. Not one negative comment despite wearing thongs on the beach, at the pool, visiting the bar and even walking back to the hotel through the gardens. I've achieved my best tan-lines ever!
erik3000 #9


Date Posted:08/31/2007 10:51:38Copy HTML

Dont feel sad, at a resort all depends in who is in at that time, is unpredictable.  Maybe the previous week was ful of thongs... Any way I know how dissapointed you feel. If you want to be at a beach with a bunch of other thongers your best bet is SXM
erik3000 #10


Date Posted:09/19/2008 06:34:45Copy HTML

well, I have been twice in hawksbill (cruise visit-one day pass) The hotel is not a big deal, food is not fantastic but the nude beach it is very secluded and you are going to be with very few people. the third beach before enter into the nude one it is grate for thongs, i remember that I saw a topless blonde with a gstring that was very hot.   

But any ways a clothing optional is is optional the bathing suit so a thong will fit perfect. Probably you are going to be the only one in a thong but who cares? 
underwater #11


Date Posted:06/30/2011 10:54:00Copy HTML

We're going to be in Antigua in October and definately plan to visit Hawksbill as much as possible.
Anyone have anything current on thongs elsewhere?
bikinicouple #12


Date Posted:12/21/2012 05:26:20Copy HTML

Jolly Beach on Antigua is a fine place to wear thongs.  First place my wife and I thonged overseas.  Funny story, at that beach we convinced a friend to take her top off.  She was really shy but we prodded her along until she agreed.  We got in the water, and a huge catamaran party boat pulled up beside us.  At that same time, we started getting stung by jellyfish so we all had to run out of the water (wife and I in minscule swimwear - wife and friend topless) right in front of a large group of drunk tourists.  They had a blast, hooting and hollering and undoubtedly snapping pictures while watching us prance around on the beach trying to numb the stinging pain!
pkthong #13


Date Posted:04/18/2013 02:57:02Copy HTML

 Wife and I going to Antgua tmoro. Will be staying at St. James Resort, really looking forward to this as work has been crazy busy.
After the last trip to PDC where I thonged openly and the "sky did not fall";i am really eager to catch some rays this time!!
pkthong #14


Date Posted:05/04/2013 09:08:40Copy HTML

 Got back from Antigua a week ago and it was a great trip. I wore a Joe Snyder thong on the beach a couple of times and elsewhere like the pools etc., I wore my rio's. I saw only one other thong on a young lady by the pool. Saw a couple of other guys in speedos and one other guy in a string bikini.
The overall vibe was friendly and weather was great. 
My wife did however tell me how uncomfortable she felt when I was in my thong with all the staring, and requested that I wear a rio when I was with her, But she did not mind me thonging alone.
The only comment that I thought was funny and worth mentioning was actually directed at my wife. We were getting ready to play beach v'ball and I was in my sunup/sundown rio. She stopped at one of the trinket vendors and the owner lady said to herin the Antiguan Patois(think Jamaican): "You shouln't let your husband run around like that, all the girls are looking at him! At least make sure you are nearby and make people understand that he is YOUR man!"
She thought that was hilarious and could not wait to tell me, made my day.
PJ_UK #15


Date Posted:07/01/2014 06:43:13Copy HTML

I was just wondering if there are any updates for Antigua. 
My wife and I are going in October to the English harbour area of the island and was wondering how the thonging situation is....
When we went to St Lucia, we got the feeling that thongs weren't really the swimwear of choice and I ended up wearing a Rio backed suit.
Should I pack my thongs for Antigua ?

pkthong #16


Date Posted:07/17/2014 01:48:03Copy HTML

 Yes pack your thongs, bikinis, rio's and whatever else you want. We were there last year(vide supra). It may not be Punta Cana but just use your judgement and have a blast. We stayed at the St. James resort and I would thong on a more secluded part of the beach when I was alone, otherwise I would wear a skimpy rio of various types.
ocspeedokid #17


Date Posted:06/16/2015 08:59:39Copy HTML

 Anyone heading out to Antigua this aug?  I'll be there in muscleskins the whole time!!
tanner_anu #18


Date Posted:06/22/2015 08:42:59Copy HTML

When you go, try the 4th beach at Hawksbill Hotel on the western side of the island. The hotel may be closed for repairs but all beaches are free for the public and the security will let you pass through once you tell them you're headed to the nude beach. You can dress as little as you like so thongs wouldn't be a problem.
FYI, this time of the year will more than likely be dead and not too many if any will be on the beach.
Enjoy nonetheless.
publicgirluk #19


Date Posted:09/06/2017 11:40:00Copy HTML

 back from St James Resorts and had no issue with my thongs, just not allowed topless. Very nice resort too.
straightsilver #20


Date Posted:09/10/2017 02:18:26Copy HTML

 Hi fellow thongers,The wife and I are visiting Antigua in March next year. It will be our first visit to the Caribbean. We will be staying at the Blue Bay guest house, does anyone have any experience with staying there? Are they thong friendly? I thought I would ask here before going to trip advisor. Thanks.
OS777 #21


Date Posted:09/12/2017 10:00:33Copy HTML

 Check to see if the island will have recovered for visitors before you buy tickets or make reservations. 
thonggbott #22


Date Posted:09/14/2017 07:41:31Copy HTML

 My wife and I had previously booked a "cottage" in Antigua near the Five Islands Village (WSW of St. John's, the island's major city).  I was in touch with the cottage owner by phone yesterday evening, to (1) first and foremost, make sure she was OK and that her personal safety wasn't compromised during the hurricane, and (2) that the accommodations were still OK and would be ready for our trip in November.

She was very explicit that in her area there was no damage other than a small amount to the vegetation (palm fronds, etc.) and that Antigua as a whole was spared much of the devastation that affected Barbuda (the aerial images of Barbuda looked like a war zone).

The part of the main island closest to the hurricane's wind effects were the North East, North, and North West coasts based on report. But Barbuda was close to being wiped out (Barbuda is a "satellite" island, part of Antigua, which is about 40 miles NNE of the closest point of the main island - and the south edge of the eye swiped them with 270/300 KPH (160/180 MPH) winds.

The cottage arrangements are with a small established owner, who is known for her honesty and forthrightness - I'm pretty sure she would have told it like it is if the damage was really more extensive than what she reported.
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