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Date Posted:05/15/2005 11:59:43Copy HTML

Years ago, a New York-based company named Gazelle made some of the best-fitting thongs and bikinis, both for swimwear and as underwear. The thongs were perfectly cut, about 1/2" on the sides, with very comfortable pouches and backstraps, and made of high-quality cottons and stretch fabrics. The bikinis fit smoothly, with center seams both front and back, and were cut to show just a bit of cheek, which made them very suitable for virtually any beach. Sadly, the company is now out of business. I still have a few Gazelle thongs and bikinis. They were so well-made that they show very little wear, even after many years. Anyone else know this company?
clubthongs #1

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:05/16/2005 01:31:48Copy HTML

I have owned several Gazelle thongs and bikinis over the years.  In fact, I believe they were one of the leading manufactuers of minimal swimwear in the late 80's and mid 90's.  I believe they went out of business about 5 years agao but a few shops I have found in CA still have  few in inventory.
Beachlover492000 #2

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:05/17/2005 08:43:06Copy HTML

I met a guy a Fort DeSoto Beach last year, named Danny, who said that he was a part owner of Gazelle. He indicated that the company still existed, but that it now produced suits for other companies that marketed them under those companies' names. One example was the Micro Shock g-string that Koala markets.

I'm only going by what he told me, but he seemed credible.

ithongit #3

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:07/08/2011 12:04:44Copy HTML

My Dad brought over another box of thongs he had from his early thonging years in the 1980's and 1990's.  Many he outgrew (midriff bulge), others he didn't like, others were duplicates.  We found two Gazelle swimsuits.  They fit Randy and Mark perfectly, and even though they are 20+ years old the elastic is perfect and still works and all other details like stitching and general quality are great.  The fabric is one  layer (no lining) 2-way stretch and the boys wore them at the pool party last weekend.  Both loved the fit.  Dad says he wore these in many chlorine filled pools and they seemed perfectly fine after and never seemed to change colors.  The color still seems viberant.  Dad no longer knows where he got them but they seem to be made for the European market since they are sized "3" which is a European size designation.

I don't know any more about these thongs, but would like to find more.  Does anyone know of a source of original Gazelle thongs? Or if like Beachlover492000 explains they make other brands and styles now, does anyone know what brands and styles they make for others?
Sipper #4

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:07/08/2011 02:31:04Copy HTML

 I must have owned over 25 Gazelle Thongs which I bought for about $14.00 apiece.  I wore them daily.  The best thong ever made.  My understanding is that they were made by an older couple.  The ones made in New York were of inconsistent quality, but the ones that they had made in Hong Kong were super.  The Gazelles were of the finest design, perfect and the standard by which I measure all thongs and swimwear to this day.  I miss them.  All of mine finally wore out.  Anyway, the couple who made them retired (leaving a job well done in my estimation) and the Gazelles ceased to exist.  I felt a terrible sense of loss when I learned of their ending production forever, and still harbor it to this day.  They were the perfect thong.  Had I had the wherewithal back then, I should have bought the rights to them and produced them myself.  I would have been so happy!  However, I only learned about the demise of the company well after the fact.  I felt a pang of sorrow when I saw Traci's post regarding the very word Gazelle.
rickl454 #5

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:07/08/2011 02:49:49Copy HTML

I bought one in Provincetown a very long time ago.  I still have it and it still fits perfectly.  Excellent quality.  I've never had another thong that fit in the back as well as the Gazelle does.
tnline #6

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:04/06/2012 07:21:34Copy HTML

I also owned 20+ Gazelle thongs and a few bikinis.  I still have 7 in a few different colors that have held up well over the years.  Nice unlined Lycra swim wear.
sailor25 #7

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:04/06/2012 07:46:48Copy HTML

those were some of my first thongs I loved them and still have a few
JM_Runs #8

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:04/07/2012 02:23:23Copy HTML

 I have not seen them in stores in ages, but think I still have some old Gazelle suits.  They had a funny numbering system for sizes. 1 2 3 4
rickl454 #9

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:04/07/2012 11:21:48Copy HTML

One of my best fitting thongs is a Gazelle.  I bought it about 15-20 years ago in Provincetown and it is still as good as it was when new.  I think they are long out of business.  Too bad.
ohiothonger #10

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:06/11/2018 03:15:50Copy HTML

 I just re-discovered my old Gazelle swimsuits from the 1980's.  They still look and feel new.  No issues with worn places of bad stitching.  If someone ever posted a thread for most comfortable thong ever or longest lasting thong ever, I would vote for the Gazelle thongs for both categories.  They were unlined, as mentioned above.  They did use a "funny" numbering system (but I remember being told it was a European version of Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large)  The system also included "0" for Extra Small, and 5 for 2-Extra Large, but I don't know if Gazelle made their swimwear in these sizes.  I had tour thongs, and sometime in the 1990's found two more on E-bay, all in different solid colors.  I also got two Gazelle performance or racing type suits (some would call a Speedo style suit).  

What is amazing, besides the long life, is that the fabric seems very strong, yet it also seems thinner or more compliant than that used in any other swimwear I have owned.  It fits like a second skin, but without any of the confining restrictions of today's suits.  If anything, it seems that the Gazelle fabric (for lack of a better name) is at least twice if not three or four times as stretchy as what people sell today.  If you really want something that feels tight, buy something new.  If you want something that looks tight, but feels like nothing at all, find a Gazelle swimsuit on e-Bay or wherever. They are the most comfortable thongs I have ever had, and I wore them as underwear for many years when I was in college, letting me hop out of my street cloths and directly into a local river, lake, or to get some sun on the quad.  I have never needed to throw out a pair yet.  I wonder if this type fabric is still available, and if so, who might offer swimwear in it.  I have ask a few custom swimwear shops and they basically either say "all swimsuit fabric is the same now" or "that fabric would cost us 10 times what we use now, and nobody wants to pay that much.  In a thong, there is so little fabric that the cost of the fabric would be a minor expense next to designing, manufacturing, advertising, shipping, etc.  If I could find this type fabric, perhaps someone could create a line of Gazelle - like swimwear.  I really think if you compared the Gazelle suits to modern ones, you would want to have more too.

In addition, they seem totally compatible with virtually every swim environment.  I wore them at the indoor college pool that had so much chlorine that the life guard's T-shirts faded even when they never got them wet.  Salt water, lake and river water, running them through the wash in the washing machine for weeks on end, and virtually every other imaginable crime a swimsuit can endure, never seemed to cause any damage or color fading.  I think the fabric may be made with finer threads and this is part of the comfort and look factor.  This would be similar to jean denim vs. a fine cotton used in an expensive dress shirt.  Both are cotton, but the denim is less compliant and feels rougher than the dress shirt's fabric.  (My girlfriend thinks this would be a good material for women's swimwear as well.)
sailor25 #11

Re:Anyone familiar with Gazelle thongs?

Date Posted:06/12/2018 01:12:46Copy HTML

 Gazelle thongs were the first thongs I owned, Are very comfortable and last a long time
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