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Date Posted:01/08/2005 10:50:48Copy HTML

Just ask ! It should be everyone's first action. Always check the rules before you thong. That way you avoid any potentially embrassing encouters with staff, which can end up making you look like a complete pervert in front of other people. It's sad to say something like that but male thongers are sometimes treated badly in this respect.
jjoohhnnyy #1

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/23/2004 12:27:48Copy HTML

I moved into my small apartment complex about 4 months ago.  it's a two flat building with only six tenants and a pool.  I'm off work on tuesdays and Wednesdays and have a very good view of the pool from my apartment.  I've never seen any kids, in fact the pool's empty most of the time.  I've seen two girls in thongs for the last two Tuesdays.  I told myself if they're there again this tuesday I'll go down there in my thong.  they weren't, in fact it rained all day Tuesday.  Wednesday came, I looked out at the pool, no one was there, I said to myself, "it's now or never!"  I put on my thong, nothing extreme, just a navy blue thong with one inch sides.  I pulled on a pair of baggy shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed a book and a towel and headed down stairs to the pool.

It was about 11:15 still no one was there.  I picked a chair on one of the corners of the pool, layed out my towel, took off my shoes and shirt and sat down.  I kinda hesitated for a minute then looked around, still no one in site then I quickly pulled off my shorts and layed down on my back in one quick motion.  I looked at my watch and told myself I'll flip over in 10 minutes.  10 minutes became 15, 15 became 20.  I finally turned over.  The sun on my buns felt great!  About a half hour into to this I was getting comfortable.  I was on my stomach again when I heard the fence to the pool close. Before I could do anything I heard "Hi John, how are you?"  I looked up and standing over me was Susan, one of my neighbors I had met before in the hallway a while ago.  She's older than me, about 40.  She asked how the sun was and then proceeded to pull the closest chair right next to mine.  She then said "I didn't take you as a thonger, but you certainly have the body for it"  I just said thanks and didn't move.  We small talked for the next hour, no one else came.  I had to leave and started collecting my things, she said " you coming next Wednesday?"  I said I'll be here. 

What a great first experience!!!  Can't wait until Wednesday!!

elp_gr #2

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/23/2004 05:33:13Copy HTML

Looks like the lady's interested. Best of luck
Ryan Booth #3

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:01/12/2005 12:50:27Copy HTML

Just ask ! It should be everyone's first action. Always check the rules before you thong. That way you avoid any potentially embrassing encouters with staff, which can end up making you look like a complete pervert in front of other people. It's sad to say something like that but male thongers are sometimes treated badly in this respect.
Jazz Skirt #4

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:01/29/2005 08:58:46Copy HTML

My experience (such as at the indoor lap pool in my community) is that there is no rule in writing!  I made a point of reading the posted rules, and there was no mention of any stand on thongs.  But I know darned well, by observing the conservative suits worn there,  that thongs will not be allowed.  The point is, no one has posted anything about thongs because no one has ever tried it there.  So I feel "asking about the rules regarding thongs" is akin to asking a grocery store owner if you can walk around in his store with a loaded gun on your hip:  Certainly you won't see a sign posted, "No Guns", and asking seems pretty silly.

I guess my previous experience at that pool---lap swimming in a string bikini---is a warning sign:  Someone complained about the brevity of that suit, and so I had to haul it out of my swim bag later when the pool manager inquired about it out in the lobby.  That actually turned out okay, because she came to my defense by offering that wearing smaller suits results in increased speed in the water.  But that conversation sent up warning signs that, if I were to wear anything that was smaller still (such as a thong or g-string) I would certainly better be prepared for an embarrassing talking to by the swimming pool manager.

You see, this scene, and so many others involving "community standards", are set by mothers who are always on the alert to "protect their children" from any possible emotional harm from sexual expression.  Even though my experience is that children don't really give a damn one way or another (in fact, the children are more traumatized by the shocked reaction of their mothers), cops listen more to those women's complaints than they are likely to listen to a man's protest over his rights to wear "sexually expressive" clothing in the community.  We can chalk this up to the "pervert" incidents that make the news.  I happen to be one man who "pushes the limits" on just about every unwritten rule, and so I know when asking for an opinion about the extreme of thong wearing, I'm on the losing end.  Up against the mothers. 


smoothrunner #5

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/03/2005 02:01:52Copy HTML

I agree completely.  Just ask.  I called at our apartment complex that we lived in to see if there were an official ruling.  They said that thongs were okay.  Then any time that anyone would ask...and no one ever did, I would be able to say "they are legal here."

The other option if you don't know the official rule, is just ask the people who are there when you show up.  One time I arrived at a pool and it was a woman in her 30s with two small children.  I ask, "Hey, is it okay with you if I lie out in a thong?  I won't if it is a problem."  She said she didn't mind and everything was cool. 

I find that it's good to submit to the locals even if it is your "right" to wear a thong.  Better to be able to come back to the pool than to force your way into violating everyone else's taste for one day of sun.

nadathing #6

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/04/2005 08:25:18Copy HTML

I guess I must disagree with Jazz Skirt when he says: "You see, this scene, and so many others involving "community standards", are set by mothers who are always on the alert to "protect their children" from any possible emotional harm from sexual expression. Even though my experience is that children don't really give a damn one way or another."

One of the big problems in this country (USA) is parents who don't raise their kids responsibly. We don't need to criticize those who are try to do just that.

Now I like wearing a thong in public, but I would agree with those who feel there should be limits. Parents have the right to teach their values to their kids and dress codes at the beach and pool are part of that. People in the public become examples and kids will take their values in some measure from that. Just because we feel that they can wear what they want and we can wear what we want and they don't have to look, that isn't good enough. Those mothers deserve places where they can take kids with out exposure to things that are not widely accepted, and sadly thongs are not.

While I too would like to see a wider range of places where thonging is acceptable, I don't feel I should be free to do so wherever I please.

The devil is in the detail of whare the line gets drawn and should get drawn.
Thong Kong #7

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/04/2005 09:18:52Copy HTML

I totally disagree with the above. If we teach kids to be ashamed of their bodies, they will. If we teach them by example to be "shocked", they will. Personally, I'd rather my daughter be raised in an environment where her response to a man in a thong would be complacency.
Ex_Member #8

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/04/2005 12:56:00Copy HTML

I think you are missing nadathongs point. He is just saying that people prefer to raise their own children certain ways. This is a free country and we should not intrude on their right to do so. He was just saying that there should be some pools where thongs are not allowed so that people that find them offensive can go there. He's not saying that he will stop thonging or that pools should ban thongs...
JM_Runs #9

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/04/2005 01:18:12Copy HTML

Hold on there, nadathing said "Those mothers deserve places where they can take kids with out exposure to things that are not widely accepted."

If they need a thong free place to take their kids, they can take the precious little brats to church.

I don't wear thongs in their church, they shouldn't preach on my beach.

The idea that children will be "corrupted' by the sight of naked people is bunk.  A superstition fully debunked by all the nudists  who rased healthy kids in nudist camps.

Most kids are not interested in anyone more than a year or two older than them selves - unless the person is a parent, teacher or older sibling. Sorry, they just don't see you. You're not on their radar screen.

We don't owe to anyone, a need to make the wold safe for people with religious delusions. If their delusions don't match the real world then that's their problem: Something they have to deal with.

Now that Jesus stuff, that can truly warp a young mind. Before we need rules protecting children from seeing what people look like in the eyes of god, naked, we need rules protecting young minds from religious rot.

Like smoking, the age limit for exposure to religious activity should be 16.

Nudist camps make healthy kids and Churches make warped minds.

How do I know? There are no groups for recovering nudists, but there are lots of support groups for recovering christians. It's a long and difficult recovery. Some times they slip back because of the family or friends they hang out with. It's just peer pressure. Some times in the dark of night, or when lonely, they doubt their own strength, and relapse. Luckily, daylight is often enough to restore enlightenment.

Here is an intresting thread

Thong Kong #10

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/04/2005 01:44:22Copy HTML

Agreed. I don't think any parent has an inherent right to raise their child to be ashamed of the human body in the same way I don't think they have the right to raise them to be bigoted, homophobic, mysoginist, violent, etc.
smoothrunner #11

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/05/2005 02:01:16Copy HTML

I think we are having an is/ought problem here.  Many of us who think that thongs OUGHT to be okay in public (beach, park, if not more), can easily slip into a mentality that the reality is that thongs ARE ALREADY okay and that if all the dumb people out there would just wake up and realize it, they would know that thongs ARE okay.

There is a real problem with this thinking...(and I'm speaking from experience.  I can slip into that thinking too if I'm not careful).  There are some things that are set as "right" and "wrong" (or even different shades of grey), by the community.  They are not set by individuals; but rather are a collective agreement between co-habitors in a particular place.  Those things might not even be spoken, but the "norm" is there.  We know this well because many places we show up wearing a thong, we find out that we are outside the "norm."  But I think the point of the norm is that it is there for a reason (and I don't mean because people are unenlightened, or stupid, or adhere to religious beliefs...those things factor in, but aren't the reason).  The reason for norms is that they are where the majority of people feel comfortable and safe.  I like going to a nudist resort because I like the comfort of knowing I will not be judged for being naked in front of other people...I don't go because I'm enlightened beyond those who feel comfortable surrounded by people who won't judge them because they are wearing clothes in front of other people.

I hear a lot of anger in a couple of the above messages and I hope that we can make sure that we are taking a step back.  We need to examine if we are as bigoted, chauvanistic and "religious" as those who would put a ban on thongs anywhere.  If we say thongs should be allowed at all pools, at all beaches, in all places, we are infringing upon the rights of other people.  We may think that we are "setting them free" into our enlightned state.  But what we are really doing is oppressing people who don't share our belief.  I find that equally offensive to any of the worst things done in the name of religion or politics through the years (obviously not with the same weight of outcome, but still offensive).

If we are hurting because of rejection because people haven't accepted us in a thong, and we purposefully go to places where we think people "ought" to let us do it, but they just don't.  We can get into a self-fullfilling prophecy of "people just don't accept me because they're stupid."  And we find places to say "see, they're all stupid too."  Then we can go home and mope and wonder what this world is coming to...and they will go home and wonder what this world is coming to because we forced our beliefs on them when they were just going to the beach to enjoy the day with their kids. 

I believe thongs should be accepted in more places than they are.  I believe in being able to wear a thong to a beach.  I believe in having beaches with two ends (nude and non-nude).  But I also believe that people (not just in the USA, but everywhere) should be allowed to have places where they can practice life the way they feel is right.  Thongs in every public place or on every beach doesn't do that.  Because of our hurt and pride we are so often more interested in our own desires than that of a community or of others.  I know I need to think more of others than myself than I do.  I hope that we all can be discerning and wise about how we practice what we believe.

Plus, they'll respect our "cause" (and that's what it is for some people here) more if we love them and respect their wishes over our own sense of entitlement.

Comments welcome...I don't mean this to bash anyone...I have to snap myself out of that thinking sometimes too.


Ex_Member #12

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/05/2005 03:57:10Copy HTML

Hear, hear, smoothrunner!  You've said so well the sorts of sentiments I was trying to express this morning in the "stigma" thread in the Questions and Opinions section.  It's a big world out there, and we need to approach it with goodwill if we expect the same in return.  I believe in the Golden Rule:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  I learned that in Sunday school and it stuck.  The "Onward Christian Soldiers" stuff I've discarded.  Sure, religion has a lot of good to offer, as well as a lot of bad baggage.  As a political conservative, social moderate and religious liberal, I've found a path that seems to work for me.  But life is dynamic, always changing, if we're open to it and not stuck on some "true way".   In a free society, we don't always have to live by the norm.  If we want to shave our whole bodies, it may strike many as strange, but they have no call to proscribe it.  If we want to bare our butts, that moves to a middle ground where discretion is advised.  Those who object have a right to their preferences and we have an obligation not to get too much in their faces.  If we want to get naked, that's fine, but even more discretion is advised.  I can appreciate the feelings of those who want to go the beach and not be confronted by such displays, even as I would relish it and want to participate if it weren't a perverted exercise of some sort.  So these are my opinions, and enough of this rant!       
Thong Kong #13

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/05/2005 10:02:48Copy HTML

Yes, I believe in "baby steps". But to take baby steps, you have to take baby steps. If you don't take any steps, you don't go anywhere. Waiting for society to change is not good enough. It can always change in the opposite direction. We have to be proactive in some way. If thongs aren't acceptable we should wear speedos until more people catch on. If we wear board shorts, we give in completely.

I just came back from a meeting at the UN. The closing statement of Hong Kong's Acting Secretary for Home Affairs was "Human rights is like rowing a boat against the current. If you don't keep moving forward, you drift back." He may have borrowed the statement, but it's pretty darn good advice.
zafranh #14

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/01/2005 04:27:09Copy HTML


Yesterday I went to a outdoor public swimming pool in Etobicoke (west Toronto). I wore my HOM thong for swimming. I called beforehand and asked if I can wear it and they said thongs are allowed in all pools regardless. They said, preferrable during adult swim times. I wore it and nobody bothered, not the lifeguards. The girl guards liked it and spoke to me more but there was a male lifeguard (Dorky looking guy) who was a bit surprised and I dont think he was pleased. I am straight, married and under 30. I liked the experience and I am going to wear it more and more...it was a bit quiet at the time I went, at high noon. I just bought a speedo thong to wear. I plan on going everyday.

All in all a pleasurable experience.

Endo_Rowe #15

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:04/06/2006 01:10:22Copy HTML

I am currently living in an apartment complex that wraps around an outdoor pool in the courtyard. It certainly is a handy thing to have around for those hot summer days. So far, I've been too chicken to wear anything more than my Sauvage squarecut suit. I have openly walked around public beaches in my Dore and Alphamoda strings, but I get nervous when I am around people I see on a frequent basis. Not get too off track here, but I recently told a friend that I wear thongs and also go to nude beaches. He was cool with it, but extremely shocked as well since he had never even seen me without a shirt in the five years we had known each other. I used to be overweight. I have since dropped the weight, but still have body-image issues, and have a hard time taking anything off in front of people I have regular contact with.

Anyone else live in an apartment with a pool? What do you wear? Did you have to get over a similar problem?
teeback269 #16

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:04/07/2006 01:10:14Copy HTML

I do not exactly live in an appartment complex but in a caravan park (with a pool)

Because the park is located right on the beach, a lot of people (tourists) walk around in just swimwear. I am the only permanent resident who wears swimwear all the time.

On the beach I wear only g-strings. To walk to the beach I wrap my beach towel around me.

In the park I only wear men's bikinis, with just a 6 mm side strap. I will not wear anything bigger than that. I know some permanent residents have objected to the park management but the park management has said my bikinis are quite acceptable at the pool and to walk to and from the pool (but no g-strings). If I have to go to the shopping kiosk I just put an open shirt on. Same if I have to go to the shopping centre. The only time I wear shorts or pants is to go to work.

f1mark #17

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:04/10/2006 10:24:23Copy HTML

When I lived in an apartment, I would wear my thong at the pool and hot tub. I avoided it when kids were around but, other than that, no problem.

I like having a house but I miss that pool.

bikinidave #18

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:12/25/2006 07:06:49Copy HTML

I lived in an apartment complex in the southwest in an area where people are rather conservative and not used to small swimwear. I ended up living there for 4 1/2 years. In the first year, I hardly went to the pool. The second year, I started with wearing a speedo solar 1" side bikini to the pool, but after a month I upgraded into a Skinz Skinny Side Rio in negative zebra color. The first day I was out there, I had a friend who I knew from the pool who I will call Kathy say she had seen everything out there, and it was no big deal, and that I should just wear whatever is comfortable for me! I had another lady say "I have a friend who has a shirt that is the same color as your speedo!" My laughed and said "This is definately no speedo!" We ended up talking for a few minutes. I told her I was still trying to get used to wearing something so small, and she said something to the affect of who cares if it takes getting used to and just wear it(I am not going repeat exactly what she said due to profanity and the fact that this board is a polite kind of board)! Not long after that, one one particularly hot day I was laying out on my back on a recliner wearing nothing but my bikini, sunglasses, and sunscreen and the ladies in the leasing office who had a view overlooking the pool were gathered around one of the windows, and I know they were watching me!

Usually I wore a rio to the pool. The first friend who told me to wear whatever was comfortable who I will call Kathy was out at the pool one night with me and the last summer I was there, I was wearing a skinz adjustable skinny-side thong. I stood up in the shallow end of the pool, with my back to her after I told her that the suit I was wearing was smaller than what I usually wore, and she saw what I meant when she saw my bare bottom with the triangle descending from the waist string. She said "Oh if you were to lay out in that during the day, they would let you live here for free, if they didn't pay you to live here!" At the beginning of that summer, I had gone into the leasing office to pay my rent, and the lady who I gave my rent check to said that it was a beautiful day out and I should be out at the pool and getting a tan! It was so obvious that they were watching me from up there! In the last year that I lived in that apartment complex(which was that summer), I got a $10 cut in rent. Kathy told me that one of her friends got a $10 increase in her rent! We decided that there was a fan club of some sort dedicated to just watching me hanging out at the pool, and I was the star of the show!

One of the best parts of wearing a bikini was that I had a lot of guys who would go to the pool with their wives or girlfriends, and it was obvious that their wives and girlfriends wanted them to try out wearing the kind of swimwear I wore! I could also tell those guys were thinking "Man I wish I had the guts to wear something like that!" It was obvious that they were jealous, but they were not man enough to wear skimpy swimwear!

I even had a helicopter stop and come to a hover near the pool one day while I was laying out on my stomach, and I am sure they were checking me out!

Every time I went out to the pool, I would spend about 20 minutes in preparation. I would strip naked and cover all my skin with #50 sunscreen except for where my bikini rode(one of the benefits of good tan lines was I knew where to not put sunscreen!) Then I would slip into my bikini and I would put on my aqua socks and sunglasses and usually a t-shirt and I was ready, and I could then lay out all day! By using lots of sunscreen, and making sure my bikini rode in the same place every time I wore it, I was able to avoid getting sunburned! By just wearing a t-shirt and no shorts, no one was shocked when I pulled my t-shirt off since they could already see I was wearing a bikini! I found that if I just forgot what I was wearing and just acted like I was wearing shorts, it was much easier to lay out in a bikini. I also had the respect of a lot of people because I displayed the confidence and level of composure that it takes to wear a bikini, whether there was one or two people around, or whether there were 30 families around. Usually when I went out to the pool, I would sometimes just walk in a bikini, but usually wear a t-shirt with my bikini. I think I probably confused a lot of kids, and even their parents! I remember a couple times kids asking their parents questions like why I was wearing what I was for swimming attire since usually only girls wear bikinis! I am sure the parents were uncomfortable getting asked questions like that! There were people who also just didn't know how to handle it, or what to say or do! There was one lady in the pool one day with her kids, and one of her kids said I was wearing panties, and she said "Those are swim trunks, now turn your head around!" She kept checking me out all the while! There were also people who probably thought I was gay when they first saw me! There were a lot of people who realized after a while however, that I was not gay, and not a threat to them, so they didn't really care what I wore.

I don't think that it was that I looked great wearing the kind of suit that I wore, as much as how I wore it! I just decided early on to wear it with no inhibitions about it, and I just showed nothing but total composure and confidence while wearing it, especially when I laid out! I just acted like I was wearing shorts! All I did was to make sure my skin was covered either by my bikini or sunscreen from head to toe, put on sunglasses, lay back on a recliner or on a pool float, and RELAX! I found that when I was in a conversation with any ladies, NO ONE would say a word to me or make any comments. If I was talking with an attractive lady, people would sometimes give the strangest look at me because I would be wearing something so tiny and I was getting all the attention! One thing that I found is that after talking with an attractive lady for a while, my social status went up with everyone! I know there were a lot of guys who were jealous of me because of what I wore! Like I previously said, there were a lot of guys who I think wished they had the guts to wear a bikini out at the pool!

I would also do things like straighten out chairs around the pool if I arrived shortly after the pool opened, and one day during the last summer I was there, there was broken glass on the pool patio, and I went around and picked up every shard of glass!

I heard that there were more than a couple ladies who liked me and what I wore for swimwear! There was more than one woman from what I have heard who would have liked to have spent me time with me in more private settings than the complex pool. The problem however is that I don't mess around with other guys girlfriends or wives. Adultery makes things too complicated and you can ruin lives that way! I had more than a few ladies check me out, and I enjoyed being the center of their attention.

I was able to talk with ladies who would probably never have given me the time of day had I not been in a bikini and I enjoyed having an excellent social life! I had to give up my modesty, but it was worth it! To have such an excellent social life, you have to be out at the pool at least a few times a week, and you have to be one of the regulars! That means you also have to drop any inhibitions you may have about being almost naked most of the time! People are going to know what you look like! I had the chance to be the "star of the show" at the pool, and(I know this sounds strange) I also became "ONE OF THE GIRLS" without any questioning of my manhood or sexuality, and that is something that VERY few guys ever get to experience! Those of you who have experienced being in that VERY exclusive group of men know exactly what I mean! Women treat you and look at you like another woman on every social level and you enjoy all the social privileges that women have, yet every woman is at one level or another attracted to you, and socially, all the ladies you are with all adore you! Most guys are not man enough to become one of the girls! Yes, I loved being "one of the girls!" and I got to enjoy wearing a bikini on a completely different level than what anyone can imagine unless they have done it!
JM_Runs #19

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:01/02/2007 07:32:44Copy HTML

In the later 1980s I lived in an all-adults aparement complex. This was be-
fore the U.S. Supreme court ruled that adult-only apartment complexes were
discriminatory to people with children (unless they were for senior citi-

The first year I lived there I would sunbathe in a string bikini with about
3" elastic string sides with no problems. The second year I lived there I
layed out several times in a g-string with a fairly modest front. I didn't
even walk around, just would disrobe next to my recliner and sunbathe. However,
somebody complained one weekend and one of the office staff (a female) came
out and said that I would have to cover up more. During the winter I read in
the apartment complex newsletter that the complex manager had changed and I also noticed that they had all new office help (all of the office was always
female). During the following summer I started working night shift, so my
time off was during the day. I figured I'd try wearing a g-string again, but
I'd only wear it during the weekdays when there was only maybe 5-10 people at
the pool and almost always women. I didn't bother to ask the office if it was
ok to wear a thong or g-string, I just boldly did it. This was early in my
thong/g-string wearing, so I didn't have a very high confidence level and I
can't begin to tell you how much courage I had to muster up to do this. My
first g-string that I wore to the pool was a fairly modest front crocheted
suit (by my standards today). I would go to an isolated recliner away from
everyone, would disrobe and stay in my recliner. However, this became
one of the hotest summers on record in the midwest U.S., and I soon found
the water too tempting and began traveling the few steps from where I was
laying to the pool and then straight back. It wasn't until I had gone to
the pool for about 3 or 4 weeks before I got the courage to even come out of
the water using the ladder, which added about 10 feet to my walk. After I
started seeing the same people (women) at the pool and observed that they
didn't seem bothered by my suit, and some would even watch me while getting
in and out of the water, I became much more comfortable and even starting
exiting the water at the opposite side of the pool and walking all the way
around back to my recliner. This is when I fully discovered that I enjoyed
them watching me and decided to savor the attention and even occasionally
varying my path to the side of the pool with the most ladies.

In early summer I went to Hawaii and while there discovered some great lycra
g-strings that I brought back with me to wear at the pool. It's difficult to
describe the material. It was almost a woven type of lycra and was so thin
that if you held it up to the light the light would easily show through, but
when wearing the suit it was fully opaque. Plus they were unlined. I couldn't
believe that I was buying such suits to wear. I got them in a sky blue with
wide-spaced horizontal pin stripes, a purple with wide-spaced horizontal pin
stripes, and a copper/brown that had bars of different weave of the fabric
about 3/4" wide that made the suit reflect the light differently. The fabric
was so light weight that it felt like I wasn't wearing anything, yet barely
gave me the necessary gentle support (I was only wearing suits where I would
"aim up" at that time) but the fabric was so thin it was very clingy and
didn't hide much at all. I've never seen a lycra fabric like it since. Plus,
all the suits were *unlined*. I didn't know if I'd have the nerve to go
through with wearing something like this, but the idea of doing it was

I was sooo nervous when I first slipped off my shorts at the pool and
quickly layed down. The suit was so thin that it felt like I wasn't wearing
anything. I could feel the sun through the material! It felt so good, but,
thankfully, I was so nervous I didn't get turned on. Good. After a while I
noticed that nobody was acting any different. Good. I slathered on the sun-
tan oil, enjoying becoming all slippery and shiney; however, even that felt
more sensual because of the "bare" feeling of my suit. I layed back and en-
joyed the sunshine. This is how it was meant to be! The day was heating up
fast and I had to go into the water. It was the moment of truth. I got up
and walked over to the steps into the pool. I had gotten less shy about
walking around the pool in my previous g-string, but this was a whole
different ball game. No one seemed to notice. Good. as I eased down in to
the warm water it quickly became apparent that this suit was going to be
quite different than anything I've worn before. I could feel the water come
right through the suit! It felt wonderful during my brief swim, but as I
headed toward the ladder at the opposite end of the pool (I challenged my-
self to not change my routine) I became very very nervous. Sure enough, as
I climbed out of the water the suit was clinging to me like it was vaccuum
packed! I was struck by a moment of panic, but then realized that I was
kidding myself if I didn't think that when I bought the suits that they
would be this revealing. In the next instant I was relaxed and decided to
enjoy every second of the experience. Here I was, my tanned glistening body
shining in the sun, feeling practically naked out in the open with just a
skinny waist string and a triangle of fabric between me and the rest of the
world. How many other guys would dare to do that? I played with the suit a
little and got some air in behind the fabric and it no longer looked vacuum
packed, but still was wet, clingy, and wasn't hiding a thing. I then decided
that since I was going to enjoy the full experience, to walk a route around
the pool that would take me past the most number of women (only about 6 or 7
were there, as I recall). This is when I discovered that I like showing off
my g-strings. I took my normally paced walk back to my recliner. Along the
way a couple of the women actually smiled at me! I got back to my chair and
enjoyed the rush!

As it turned out, nobody complained that summer. Plus, some of the office
windows had a view of the pool, especially the steps going into the water,
so I know that they knew what I was wearing. Perhaps they enjoyed the view
too! I also know the apartment complex manager saw what I was wearing, be-
cause she came out a couple of times to talk to a couple of the ladies at
the pool.

My only regret is that when I would walk out of the fenced pool area to the
restroom I would slip my shorts on. I had to walk for about 10 feet past a
wall of plate glass where the office was. I figured that even if the staff
enjoyed my suit, they may have prospective renters visiting and it might
prove embarassing to them or the office manager. I was tempted to ask the
office manager if it was ok to go outside the fenced area in just my
g-string, because I'd seen other people walk to the restroom in just their
swimsuits but I didn't want to push my luck. I didn't want to spoil my fun
that summmer.

I moved out the following year.

32189 #20

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:02/09/2014 04:14:06Copy HTML

I sometimes take out the trash wearing my thong.  I typically will not do that in the middle of the day but in the mornings or at night I might since there is less traffic.  I occasionally do see people.  This morning I took out the trash wearing a thong and as I turned to go back to my place a lady was coming down the stairs and I could hear her footsteps from the shoes she was wearing.  No big deal I thought so I continued on.  I noticed that the footsteps had stopped so I turned around and she was staring at me.  I do not know what she was she thinking but I hope she does not complain about it.  Hopefully she was just taking it in. 
johny_b #21

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:02/10/2014 01:28:39Copy HTML

 i used to live in an apartment complex and on weekends, early in the mornings i would thong on the balcony, never to long, just long enough to drink my coffee. i don't think i was seen cuz no one there ever said anything.
ithongit #22

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:02/10/2014 03:52:44Copy HTML

I have never lived in an apartment but we do rent a condo in the Gatlinburg area now and then during the winter months.  The place we go has an indoor pool, two hot tubs, and a hot sauna for use by the guests.  We have thonged there regularly (nothing about no thongs in the pool rules -- either at the pool entrance or in the information package they give you when you rent a unit).  The pool area is pretty well deserted during the winter months when we rent, and it is impractical to not wear cover-up clothing from the unit to the pool building, which is a fairly long walk.  Still we have been there when others, including family groups with children have come to use the facilities too.  The people we have met at the pool seem indifferent to our thonging at worst, and several have made positive comments.  It is hard to say how the condo is managed, and who would make the decision to ban thongs (a manager? a vote of condo owners? some condo board?) but I think that since this condo complex has such a high rate of places for rent that the management does not really want to do anything that might alienate potential renters. 

As far as I know, thongs are legal in Sevier County, Tennessee.  They used to sell both men's and women's thongs at the Wings store in Pigeon Forge.  We wear them at other Gatlinburg area motels when we are there in the summer, on inter tube rafting trips on the rivers, and at the Abrams Falls (where we occasionally have also skinny dipped).  We even dragged blankets up to Gregory's Bald and spent a hot afternoon eating lunch and sunning our buns in our thongs, and a ranger who came by only commented something to the effect that it looked like we had found a way to enjoy the unusually warm weather.

32189 #23

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:02/12/2014 06:08:36Copy HTML

I have thonged a few times in my apartment jacuzzi as well.  It is hard to know how much people can see as I am covered up by water and bubbles blowing from jets.  I am mostly seen from the front as I sit so it probably just looks like a speedo.  I do walk from my apartment to the jacuzzi sometimes without a cover up or with my towel around my shoulders. 
OS777 #24

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:02/13/2014 04:24:56Copy HTML

I stayed with my girlfriend in northwest Phoenix for a few months some years ago.  Her condo complex had a swimming pool which was rarely used in the evening or at night.  One evening she and I went for a late evening swim and romp in the pool.  We had been there by ourselves for about a half hour and fooling around inside of the pool.  Soon an old bast@$% came out to disturb us.  This is not the thing to ever do to because I live to chew some idiot's lower backside.  I immediately jumped down his throat, yelling at him and warning him to quit spying on us and quit harassing her teen age son.  I must have startled him because he never again bothered us or her son.  I love the high school drama classes where I learned well the actor's craft of putting on a different persona when required!
DesertThong #25

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:04/02/2014 07:05:55Copy HTML

I live in a complex that has a common pool that is rarely used. I use it with my smallest G because I'm alone. Sometimes for hours. I think a couple people have been walking their dog and have peeked with no comment. The pool guy has shown up twice to clean and we exchanged pleasantries. I keep a towel handy to cover up if there are people with issues.
sailor250 #26

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/19/2014 12:20:27Copy HTML

 Here's an advice column about a guy at a community pool in a thong with an ewreckshon....or so they say-
One mommy doesn't like it.

Matt37 #27

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/19/2014 04:15:34Copy HTML

She has a point, though. While I am very liberal about what people wear on the beach or at the pool, walking around with an @@@@@@ (or what appears to be an @@@@@@) at a community pool is not only inappropriate, but in most states illegal. This behavior is *specifically* why men wearing minimal swimwear get such a hard time from a lot of folks.
mack_back #28

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/19/2014 04:49:57Copy HTML

Not defending the male who may have an erect C&$k but could he just be well endowed angled it up or to the side. 
Only reason is i maybe mistakenly lumped into the same category. Whenever a woman sees me in a small bikini brief they think i'm possibly erect. After seeing me for countless times or for longer time period they figure i'm just big. Whatever they assume about me they perfer not seeing it displayed so easily seen. Often the ones notice my bulge they leave immediately from the pool area not wanting to be party to my spectacle.

Have to understand some woman notice a big bulge and assume your erect. While others notice assuming i'm well endowed, leave it at that. Either way erect or well endowed woman feel uneasy and find the notion disgusting and someone should escort him out. 

Just like a woman once announced at a pool for everyone to hear about my skimpy bikini bottom. Saying, "Do something about him, he is wearing to little or not enough". Luckily just one woman complained,  while other hot moms didn't mind. One mom made a funny remark answering the woman's cries by saying, "he has a lot to coverup", to the laughter of the other moms.
Matt37 #29

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/20/2014 03:13:21Copy HTML

Wait, the word e-r-e-c-t-i-o-n is banned here? What the absolute fuck. lol Really?
tanlines2thin #30

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/20/2014 01:31:38Copy HTML

 I'm glad this topic has come up......as a new resident to the community pool, I have taken a discreet approach to introducing my swimwear styles to my new neighbors.........so far, with accepting results........in the springtime, I began by sporting my bodyaware mini-square-cuts......while these tight, thin material suits show just a hint of fanny-cheek, they reveal a very definite and sexy outline of my manly bat and balls.......I rationalized that sporting these suits gently put my new neighbors on notice without being too in their face about it........as a sunbather with a decent physique, my swimming laps in the large pool, shows my neighbors that I am an athlete of sorts, so that when I scrunch my suit up to sunbath my tush, I do not look like just a single-minded exhibitionist.....so far, I have not received any critical reactions, no less any disapproving looks or not so subtle comments, and I credit my swimwear acceptance to my being very conversation and friendly with my new neighbors, even though my mini square-cuts do not hide that facts that I wear a ring around my jewels and that I am a totally-shaven man........on occasions, I have even wore a mini extender that definitely showed-off my 5 inch pork-tube as I sunbathed and walked to the shower before swimming laps........

as summer has rolled around, and my deep tan has improved my appearance, I have been wearing a number of rio suits that have very snug and form-fitting front pouches.......these 3/8th inch strap suits show-off essentially 3/4th of my moon tush, and the form-fitting pouches, which dip to my root,  leave no misunderstanding that I always wear a ring and that I am a totally-shaven dude............most of these suits have push-out pouches, so that when I am sun-tanning my front or walking to the outdoor shower, my manly jewels are definitely - and in no uncertain terms - on display........that said, I have still not received any disapproving looks or comments, and by now my new neighbors most certainly must realize that I am my own man, so to speak.........

although my strategy might strike some as being a candy-ass, my ultimate goal is to enjoy the convenience of my community pool on both my terms and without any ill-will, so that I can enjoy sporting my swimsuit styles and tan in complete pease and confidence..........today, I am very tempted to sport a torpedo rio to the pool.........I figure that will be the first acid test on my way to sporting my sexiest, spaghetti-string, micro G-eez, -------- that show total-tush and almost always reveal whatever style of ring I am sporting......my tanlines already look fabulous, but I am never happy until my tanlines are knife-edge thin against my overall & rich caramel tan........I don't think there will ever be a chance of my manning-up in some of my diciest and totally exhibitionist semi-suits or shaft-sleeve suits,  at my community pool, but I hope to make it to 'da splash' to enjoy sporting those dishie numbers in poolside confidence..........

upthecrack #31

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/20/2014 02:19:55Copy HTML

 Tanlines2thin,  I would not say candy-ass,  I would say smart and respectful.  Good strategy!   I was watching TV last night and noticed that bare ass is all over the place.   Naked dating, naked and afraid, Buy nude.   I'm guessing that things are becoming more relaxed these days.  Good for us...
odiekyle #32

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/25/2014 01:39:50Copy HTML

 Just had to share my experience yesterday! A good friend of mine who recently moved away came back for a couple days and invited me over to his former apartment complex (with pool). He was staying there with other friends so I guess technically we were both "guests"...anyway, I stopped by and everyone was out by the pool enjoying the great temps and sunshine here in southeast Missouri.

One of the ladies there, Debbie, I already knew, the other was introduced to me and we all sat around just chatting. I told Debbie that I would join them catching some rays but I didn't think they would allow my "attire".

Debbie made a joke about the jeans and tennis shoes I was wearing (I had already removed my shirt), and I said "Well, um, no, it's what's underneath." at which time I hooked my finger under the side of my Manstore black sheer thong and pulled it up for her to see. She started laughing and said "Well hell, us old ladies here would love that!"

I didn't hesitate an instant and stood up and stripped down to my thong while receiving good-natured applause. My buddy Scott just said "Oh good Lord, a banana hammock!" I sat back down and propped my feet up to catch some sun and, this is the important thing to me, NO ONE made a big deal about it!

I stood and walked around a couple times, and Debbie even asked Scott to take my picture so they could show the other residents later! I've put the pic in my gallery.

The thing I took away from this is that: A) I was honest and asked first, and B) I acted naturally after revealing my preference is Sun-wear. I think my relaxed nature and comfort in my own skin made everyone else at ease as well. Hell Scott even gave me the "Manly hug" when I got ready to leave. It was a great experience, and I hope it won't be the last!
Acceptable #33

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/28/2014 05:17:11Copy HTML

I recently got a nasty voicemail from my apartment complex stating that a neighbor complained that I was, "outside in my underwear." I was wearing this...


I went down to the main office wearing it and told them verbatim "this is the same shit I wear swimming laps at the YMCA. Tell my neighbors to go F themselves."

This is the only time I have had any trouble. My deck only gets sun for two hours every morning and since I work nights, I go out every morn and drink coffee and check emails and such. I was pretty torqued. Of course my gf can go out and lay out wearing nearly nothing and there's no complaints. Goto my pool and it's an exhibitionist show. 20 16 year old girls in thongs but I can't lay out and drink coffee. Go figure...
bikinicouple #34

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/28/2014 08:10:53Copy HTML

 Acceptable, your community sends voicemails.  mine goes one step further and sent me a picture of the security camera feed to my e-mail.  I almost thanked them for providing me with such a unique picture of myself in a thong!  recently a "no thong allowed allowed" sign was put up at our pool. I read the bylaws, there is nothing they can do unless the neighborhood covenants are re-written, which requires 75 percent of homeowners to vote in approval of a change, and they'd need to pay a lawyer to draw up the proper paperwork.  It is just a small contingent who are not cool with group of us that wear thongs to the pool. I shared the picture they sent me on my flickr feed!  https://www.flickr.com/photos/bikini_couple/14658338854/

SlimSuit #35

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/28/2014 08:59:27Copy HTML

 Acceptable: Welcome to societies double-standard.  Your bikini isn't even anything extreme. It just amazes me that, unless a man wears "big baggy stuff" you're either wearing underwear or are gay.  Sheesh. I wish I could've been there for the visual when you went down to the office. Just something to consider though--and I don't know what the content of the voice mail that they left--but you might want to reconsider coming out with "guns blazing" complete with expletives when talking to them. They no doubt have to deal with a lot of different people which can be very stressful (believe me--I've dealt with a lot of customers) or they could've just been having a bad day. I've almost always found that I get better results or make my point better if I take the high ground and treat the other person with some consideration. I do understand your frustration, but it's the old "you get more results with a spoonful of honey than with a barrel full of vinegar" adage. Good luck.
mack_back #36

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/29/2014 12:46:26Copy HTML

Never had i been mistaken wearing underwear. Can understand some upset woman who briefly glance upon you seeing seams in the front similar to brief white or gray underwear. That is why i always wear hot colors or some sort of emblem with no front seams. Plus make sure to throw away any loose worn fitted swimwear because it can look similar to cotton underwear. Also if your swimwear is lined up front it helps as well. 

That's only suggestions that you may try to copy. Do understand your anger and you probably want to know who bitched about your swimwear negatively. Best to try to improve your attire or change into more revealing stuff. Sort of a way too spite those who want to complain. Had fatty young clerk from walmart swim beside me without a word. Then as she was leaving the building she complained to management about my thong. Ever since then she smiles seeing me wear bikini full bottoms smiling at herself satisfied. Well that was another time and year things change and i'm wearing thongs again. Yet to receive any complaints nor seen my fat walmart clerk complainer. Think she couldn't cut it to exercise and gave up all together, well that's my hope. 
Only ridicule i get is big smiles from old woman and chuckles saying to others that i sure enjoy showing off that body in every way. Keep doing what your doing and relax a bit. Stress can make your life worse for what.. Your swimwear and a stupid misunderstanding.
Their always going to be woman who hate seeing any guys wearing brief swimwear. It just makes woman uncomfortable that they maybe able to recognize your penis outline. While in the same manner are paranoid that a man maybe able to see their bodies flaws and bumps covering themselves for modesty or in reality self concious at their own ugly appearance. Many woman are sickened seeing their bodies exposed in swimwear thus believing no man should do it. So their beliefs are manefested in your direction. Don't take it personally.

 While young thong wearing girls get a pass because they are attracting attention from potential mates. While i wear my thong woman recognize me instantly while i swim grinning because of my tiny thongs or briefs i wear. Old woman never seen a guy like me while single girls  can't believe what i'm wearing. Neither will become suitors of mine because they are afraid of my unconventional swimwear doubting my sanity. While men seeing a female in a thong think they are easy and want to party. 
32189 #37

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:08/31/2014 04:06:09Copy HTML

I have been wearing thongs in public for a couple of years now. I wear them mostly at the beach but I wear them out in my apartment complex sometimes too. Most times when I come from beach thonging I just walk to my car in my thong and when I get home I walk from my car to my apartment uncovered.The other day I had come home and was walking to my apartment just wearing my thong and carrying my bag from the beach. I heard someone from behind yell, "those are some short shorts!". LOL I turned around it was a neighbor girl that I talk to sometimes who was out walking her dog. She said, "it is not often I see an ass in front of me". I told her I was coming from the beach and she was cool about it. We just chatted for a few minutes and I took off to my place. That was a cool experience.
thongersc #38

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/16/2015 01:37:20Copy HTML

 I live in upstate South Carolina. Not a great place to wear skimpy swimwear. So I sometimes visit Myrtle Beach and wear a bikini or speedo, and if I wanna wear a thong I drive all the way to Florida. I just moved into a new apartment complex & have no choice but to wear swim trunks to the pool. Well today I had to drop by the office. I look out the window to the pool & at 10am is an older guy tanning in a blue thong!!! He was laying with his back down so it could have been a bikini but from the look of his bare thighs showing it really looked like a thong to me!So now my blood is boiling! Do I dare try to wear a bikini or thong to the pool in the morning?
thongersc #39

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/16/2015 02:35:10Copy HTML

Guess I'll wear my tan thru square cuts with a thong underneath?
amethyst2513 #40

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/16/2015 12:39:03Copy HTML

Is there a policy against it in your neighborhood covenants or something?  I say do it, but maybe go in layers, wear a thong under a bikini, under your trunks.  Go to the pool and strip off the trunks, see how it goes, then strip again if there's not a ton of gawkers and whisperers...

Actually, don't even wear the swim trunks, just go in a pair of shorts, something not designed to swim in, so you half to take them off and can't chicken out.  :)
thongersc #41

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/17/2015 01:35:37Copy HTML

 I ended up wearing my purple thong under my tan thru square cut. I was too nervous to wear a thong or speedo so close to home. I was hoping to see the other guy in the thong again but he wasn't there today. Maybe if he shows up tomorrow I'll get brave enough to pull the square cut off. 
jn9195 #42

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/17/2015 05:53:11Copy HTML

 no point in wearing the thong if you are going to cover it up
amethyst2513 #43

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/17/2015 01:27:37Copy HTML

Sounds like he was getting the thong tanlines at least even if not showing it off, thanks to the tan-through shorts...  So there's at least SOME point to it.  He's just continuing to miss out on the freedom of it, both the physical and psychological freedom.  :)
Martylouie #44

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/18/2015 06:16:23Copy HTML

Come up to Bird Island in NC   Thongs are legal.
GoldenTan #45

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/22/2015 11:26:34Copy HTML

 I have been wearing thongs or even skimpier suits at our neighborhood community pools since 1992.  Have had a couple of instances of conflict but by and large it has always been a great experience.  I probably have a reputation as 'the thong guy' around the area.  There were a few times back in the mid to late nineties when there would be a half a dozen or more ladies doing the same.  I miss those days big time.  I have noticed that the suits seem to be getting skimpier again over the past couple of years.  Just in the last month or so I have seen quite a few ladies with 'almost' thong bottoms on.   Let's hope there is something starting to trend.  I wear Parr of Az product like AzCraig.  Lots of flexibility from them.  
I will be out there tomorrow.  It will only be 110 or so.  I go nude at Mira Vista Resort in Marana by Tucson most Saturdays during the warmer months.
nude2020 #46

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/16/2015 05:45:42Copy HTML

 If you think it's wrong to thong or gstring just ask.....the manager of the condo I have always been given the green light. :) 
Grabeach #47

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/17/2015 11:32:02Copy HTML

Not a good choice of words. If you think it's wrong, then you simply don't do it. However if you think it may not be permitted and you'll get into trouble, then you ask. If you think not permitted, but will only be asked to 'cover up', then the choice is up to you.
JSJax #48

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/01/2016 09:13:33Copy HTML

 It's very early in the season, but I've already noticed a significant uptick in cheeky-type bikinis, a couple of which could easily be considered thongs, at the apartment pool.  I ran into an off-shift management staffer this afternoon and decided to ask if the company had an official position on thongs, she wasn't sure but told me she'd check.  If she comes back with a yes I might mix in a thong for an hour here and there when it's not too crowded, but mostly stick to squarecuts at the pool; I have no reservations about thonging in the hot tub after dark but it's too crowded/confined of a space during the day for me to feel really comfortable in a thong most of the time.
I spend most of my weekends on the beach anyway, so no big deal.
thonglife #49

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/29/2018 06:23:21Copy HTML

I'm not one to ask about swimwear rules or if thongs are allowed at a pool but I will scan the posted rules to see if there is any mention of swimwear. My old town home complex years ago actually had a rule that said No thong swimwear. I served on the Board of Directors and had that rule removed :)

I currently live in an apartment and when I moved last fall, I looked at apartments with regard to their pool layout in making my decision. Happily, so far, my complex doesn't have any issue with thongs. I have been able to lay out at the pool and swim in my thongs (no g-strings yet, lol) without issue from staff or other residents. It's a fairly low key not very busy pool and has multiple levels so I can be semi-discreet. My girlfriend is now wearing thong swimwear too and she's joined me a couple times. There have been a trio of girls at my pool twice in thongs and I am hoping to run into them again in my thong. The first two times I met them, I was wearing a bikini/Speedo-type suit.

I recently visited my old town home pool on a busy Sunday and counted at least 10 ladies in true thong bottoms. Nearly every female was otherwise wearing a cheeky bottom.

kiyoothong #50

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:05/30/2018 02:36:01Copy HTML

Currently living in an apartment and there is a communal garden inside the apartment complex. It's a beautiful garden, and I'm quite tempted to go there and just lay out in a thong. Apartments surround this garden, so people living in the complex can definitely see the garden from their windows.
It'd help if there was another person laying out with me.
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