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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Blackphantom5 #51

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2018 01:24:06Copy HTML

 I took a job just north of Charlotte so I’m relocating in a few weeks from buffalo area. Every apartment complex I look at has a pool so this should be fun. Wish it wasn’t 6+ hrs to bird island. 
Martylouie #52

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2018 03:24:17Copy HTML

 Blackphantom,  The Huntersville/Davidson area is @ 3. hrs to Sunset Beach (My kid went to college there) and it is less than a 40 min. walk from the last crossover to the Mailbox.   But you can thong legally after you get to the reserve which is @ a 20 min walk from 40th street.   On the weekends the hardest thing will be to find parking on the west end of the island. Just don't have your tires on the bike path, they do give out tickets for that.
Blackphantom5 #53

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2018 03:40:20Copy HTML

 Oh man your right! I was thinking outter banks.   Thanks! 
Martylouie #54

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:06/28/2018 01:01:27Copy HTML

 Btw, that 3 hrs factors in rush hour traffic on 74/Independence. Even with the bypass you still have to go through Matthews. 
thonglife #55

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/16/2018 04:19:53Copy HTML

To my own surprise I have been able to comfortably wear both thong and g-string swimsuits at my apartment pool this summer without issue. Since my last post in May, I have spent many mornings and afternoons tanning in and out of the pool in my smallest, most favorite suits.

As far as I can tell my neighbors and the apartment staff are not bothered.  I met many of them for the first time in just my thong. My girlfriend sometimes joins me and now wears a thong bottom. The popularity of cheeky thong-like bottoms for girls is rampant around here. Many of my female neighbors are wearing them.

At my old community pool, that I still visit, I have worn both thong and bikini bottom suits as well recently spending the day with a very attractive female friend who exclusively wears thong bottoms. She didn't seem to care that I was rocking a small suit and thong tanlines. It's been a nice summer so far.

NCThonger #56

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:07/18/2018 02:36:13Copy HTML

 You are super brave thonglife BUT you have a super sexy body to pull off thongs at your apartment pool. It should be noted that you are from NC and thongs are not very common on women much less men around these parts. I do like the new cheeky swimwear that the ladies are wearing these days.

We actually had a high school girl wear a true thong to our neighborhood pool last summer and that was the first I had seen at our pool. Our wives weren't too crazy about her being in her thong but there are no rules stating you can't wear them. That enticed some of the other high school girls to wear skimpier suits last year and the trend has continued this year. Sadly the girls that wore thongs have moved away and I haven't seen anymore true thongs since.Bryan
LoveMyThongs #57

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:10/19/2018 07:08:00Copy HTML

We lived in a condo with a community pool and wore our thongs to no real issue. We picked our moments but never had complaints. I would catch the other wives and husbands checking us out but that’s normal. Eventually one mom asked about our thongs and thought t was cool we did it together. She loved our confiden in public. She laughed and said she could never do that!

XChip #58

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:02/09/2019 01:35:06Copy HTML

For those of you who live in condos with a shared pool, how do you work it so thongs/g strings are OK?
ohiothonger #59

Re:Apartment complex or pool thonging

Date Posted:02/12/2019 06:29:31Copy HTML

I don't own a condo, but used my sister's when I was moving and I had about 6 weeks one summer before my new house was ready and while she was out of the country.  I had hung around long enough that the manager, and others got to know me.  The chair person of the neigborhood improvement or condo community action group also got to know me before I moved in.

These are usually the key players in rule making at most condo places.  Either position often brings out the most selfish and self-serving interests, prejudice attitudes, and craving for power.  Let's face it, this is the most authority many of these people will ever have and the job is often monotonous with few if any benefits.  

The manager is there to run the business side of the community, while the homeowners association leader is supposed to deal with minor details -- land scaping, changing color schemes, choosing pool furniture and usually other aspects of pool life such as pool hours, etc.  In most cases, the homeowners association members (people who own property) go to the association leader with suggestions or comments.  The leader goes to the manager if an answer goes beyond their authority.  Usually, the manager can over ride the association leader at will.  Any pet peve one of these people has can result in them becoming the swimwear police or doggie poop cleanup police.

In any case, any complaints about swimwear will usually go to one of these two people, unless even higher authority as been established, for example by city statute, complex owner preferences, or already established rules or regulations.  These places usually operate like a some-what messed-up government.  Like real governments, the manager may simply defer one or more issue to the homeowner representative, especially if they don't want to mess with it.

Now this is how I got to wear my thongs.  First, I ask (even when just a guest) if guys could wear Speedo Racing type swimwear for swimming and sunning.  There was no resistance.  For a week or so, I wore nothing more skimpy but a variety of similar suits, and made sure to make a big deal to talk to these two people if they happened to come around.  Since I have an engineering/architectural background (and like doing yard work too) I would put in little comments to improve the place or save money.  "Did you know you can get those type shrubs wholesale at this place, instead of going to Lowes?"  "The roofs on the garages look a little thin, you might want to get estimates now so you can budget getting them fixed before it becomes an emergency."  "Maybe you should switch to LED lights in the laundry room.  They are a lot better than they were a few years ago and will ultimately cost nothing with the utility company rebates."

After about a week or so, I tried out a more Rio type swimsuit.  Still nothing over the top but a lot skimpier than what other men were wearing.  Again no complaints.  So I went to a couple of suits that were half-way between a Rio and a thong, and again there was no resistance.  I kept up my almost daily conversations with both people in charge and also made and kept friends who often were there when I went out to the pool.

It took about two weeks before I felt comfortable trying a conservative thong.  I figured I could always play the "I didn't know the rules" if things did not go well.  To my surprise, there were no complaints and nobody seemed to mind, including the manager or association leader.  It was another week before I worked my way to a very minimal thong that was not a G-string, and another week to move onto a G-string.

While I am sure many people noticed my ever shrinking swimwear choices, nobody seemed to mind a bit.  This was reinforced when the manager came over to speak to me after I progressed to my G-string.  I forgot to say these self-serving people tended to be really chatty with each other and always interested in a rumor or incident they could trump up or at least talk about.  The manager told me that a particular person -- an older cat-loving lady who was constantly complaining to the police about the neighbors being noisy or complaining when maintenance wanted to come in to fix or check something.  This lady complained about my swimsuit choice.  The manager told her my swimwear was okay with her, and if she didn't like seeing me in them maybe she should move to another condo project.

This was one of the most positive statements I had heard for years about wearing a thong, but I guess I will never know if it was because the manager really didn't mind, simply didn't want to make waves with the other tenants who seemed to not mind, or if she simply didn't want to become the swimwear police.

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