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Date Posted:11/05/2006 09:12:09Copy HTML

Guys who have had experience in doing so, and girls/women who wear thongs to the beach...all feel free to respond with your insights.

What is the etiquette in approaching a female who is wearing a thong on the beach, either just to have a casual conversation, or in an attempt to pick her up? What is the difference if you are wearing a thong?

What are positive things to say and do that will likely receive a good response (make her feel comfortable and want to talk with you), and what are things to avoid saying and doing?

I am also wondering the same thing in regards to approaching females who are topless (either face up, or just untie the straps when they are laying face down. Feel free to post your opinions and especially any experiences you have had. Thanks!
lovethongs #1

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/05/2006 09:12:10Copy HTML

Guys who have had experience in doing so, and girls/women who wear thongs to the beach...all feel free to respond with your insights.

What is the etiquette in approaching a female who is wearing a thong on the beach, either just to have a casual conversation, or in an attempt to pick her up?  What are positive things to say and do that will likely receive a good response (make her feel comfortable and want to talk with you), and what are things to avoid saying and doing?

I am also wondering the same thing in regards to approaching females who are topless (either face up, or just untie the straps when they are laying face down.

Feel free to post your opinions and especially any experiences you have had.  Thanks!

Popeye1 #2

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/06/2006 06:54:23Copy HTML

Popeye told me about this contri and thought i should respond. The short answer to how to approach thonging women is "don't".

As a woman who thongs solo and also sunbathes topless if I can, I always find it very irritating to be constantly interrupted by guys who think that the reason I'm there is to meet them. Believe me that if a woman wants to meet you, she'll make it clear. More than likely she's just there to relax and enjoy the beach.

So please gentlemen, we're happy you find us attractive and don't mind you looking, but please give us our space and don't assume that because we wear minimal swimwear we're somehow on the make. Olive
nicksthong #3

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/07/2006 02:34:35Copy HTML

How is it any different than if she (or he for that matter) were not wearing a thong.  Genuine and APROPRIATE compliments are always acceptable, but keep it to that.  If they are interestedm, then they will say thanks, and then send you the right signs.  But if not, back off, and be nice.

Thonglicious #4

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/07/2006 03:43:02Copy HTML

While some women (or men) may just want to be left to their own devices, there could be others who very well may be receptive to a little chit chat.  I agree with nicksthong; treat topless/thonging sun-bathers the same as someone wearing a full seat one peice or board shorts.  Isn't that what we're all pressing for anyway?  It's your call.  If you don't feel comfortable approaching someone, wait until a more opportune time.


yogabutt #5

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/08/2006 07:25:39Copy HTML

I don't go to the beach all that often, but over the years if I was thonging solo at a non-nude beach I would usually seek out another thonger, preferably female.  I'd typically strip to the thong and put my things down, asking if it was okay.  Then afterward I'd say nothing and mind my own business unless the other person seemed talkative.  I'd say most of the times I ended up having a nice conversation.


ithongit #6

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/09/2006 12:41:17Copy HTML

Take it slow -- I know you hot blooded men would like nothing more than to strike up a conversation with a thong bearing woman or one who is topfree,  but we get hit on so much (especially when we are going solo) that most women (myself included) do not take well to most men in this situation if they move too fast.  Can I suggest some things in no particular order that will make up feel less vulnerable?  (These suggestions apply regardless of how much or how little a woman is wearing.)

Personnally, I am opposed to pick-up lines in general, but I have been hit on enough to make out a list of things that I see men do wrong (and some things men should do more often).  Some women will behave differently -- just as some men behave differently to various circumstances.

1.  Set up a respectable distance away.  A man who sets up too close is threatening.  Obviously, there is no set distance since this will depend on the size of the beach and how many others are there.  On a small beach that is packed, 10 or 15 feet may be sufficient.  On a large beach with few visitors, 100 feet may be too close for comfort.

2.  Use the beach, enjoy the sun, go to the water -- in other words be a normal beach goer first.   A man who comes over immediately upon arriving can seem threatening (unless there is a really good reason to talk upon arrival).

3.  If you are into minimal swimwear such as bikinis or thongs, a women also scantily clad will feel some kinship to you.  I said KIN ship -- like a brother or cousin.  Most women who are into thongs or topfreedom will not be bothered by a man in minimal swimwear, but this does not necessarilly mean a thonging woman want's to see you out of your swimsuit.  They realize that you are a different type of guy when they see your swimsuit.  The more confident you are and more you act like a "regular" guy wearing board shorts, the more they will feel comfortable.

4.  Don't follow a woman around.  If the woman gets up to swim don't follow her in immediately.  Don't follow her to the restrooms or car.  If she wants to be followed she can get a puppy.  You are a man, not a puppy.  Sure, you can go swimming, but don't tag along after her -- go your own way, on your own time table.  Its okay for you to talk a little if your paths should cross like if you are entering the water as she is leaving, don't try to start up a complex conversation -- keep it simple "hows the water" or "nice day isn't it" is all you need to say as you walk by.  Don't stop to talk unless she stops first.

5.  Don't ask to apply sun tan lotion (or have suntan lotion applied) unless ask.  This is too forward for people who hardly know each other.

6.  If you really want to impress her, and if you are wearing a thong or g-string, lay out your towel a respectable distance away and then before you drop your shorts, you can approach her and ask "is it okay with you if I take these shorts off and wear just my thong?"  Go back to your towel and abide by her wishes.  She will respect you for asking first -- even though it probably is fine with her.

7.  Don't ask a woman to "watch your things" unless you are getting something for her.  If you are going to the snack stand it is okay to ask if she want's something, and if she does, it is perfectly acceptable to ask her to watch your things, but don't use this as a conversation starter.

8.  Occationally, it is okay to approach a woman with reasonable questions -- "do you have the time", "where are the restrooms" (if not obvious) etc.  Discussing thong wearing can also be an acceptable topic -- "there aren't many thongers here today" is a fine conversation starter, but listen to the response.  If it is a simple word or two, she probably is not into the chatting mood.  I personnally don't smoke and am turned off when someone asks for a cigarrette or light -- especially if they have been there quite a while and don't see me smoke.  Asking for or sharing drugs or alchohol can also be a turn-off. 

9.  If something unusual happens -- a person gets hurt, the ranger hassles someone, a TV crew sets up nearby, a boat drives through the swim area, whatever  -- certainly do feel free to talk about these things -- they are non-threatening conversation starters.

10.  Feel free to ask a woman if she wants to toss the frisbee or whatever, but only if  she is not otherwise occupied.  If she is in a group, ask all to participate.

11.  Don't disturb any person who is reading, on the phone, or eating.  Don't disturb a person who has their eyes closed unless you absolutely know they just closed them.  They either want to sleep, are sleeping, or don' t want to be disturbed.

12.  If you do start talking to a woman, and want to talk more than a few moments, hunch down or kneel near her  if she is sitting or laying down.  (but not too close again -- just at a distance required to carry on a conversation without having to raise your voices).  Standing above a woman can be threatening, kneeling down near (but not too close) is not so threatening.  Sitting or laying down (without having chatted a while) implies you plan to stay -- which the lady might not really want you to do.

13.  Be honest and factual in all conversations -- especially when making compliments.  Keep your comments clean.  Don't say "you have nice tits" say "you have a nice body".  Don't say you like the woman's towel if it is obviously old and worn out.  Don't pretend to be someone you are not, claim to live someplace you don't live, or own things you don't own.  A man once told me he lived in a small town above the drug store and I knew that wasn't true because I knew the person who lived there.  If you are uncomfortable with saying something, do like the politicians -- say as little as you can then try to change the topic.  If you are ask where you live say "in this town" or "outside such and such city" if you don't want to be more specific.  People who brag too much are not very appealing to most people.

14.  Assume all women you meet are either married or are in some type of steady relationship.  It's fine to ask about this, but most women will "spill the beans" on their relationship status shortly after a conversation starts, and waiting for them to say will keep it from looking like you are only interested in the woman if she is un-attached.  Approach a woman as if she was married to your best friend, talk with her like you would a friend's wife you stumbled upon.  That certainly doesn't mean you can not compliment her or admire her, but do it with the same respect you would your friend's wife.  If you do this, you will not be coming on too strong, and she may decide you are an okay guy. 

15.  If  you are talking and enjoy each others company, do ask if you can move next to the woman.  A single woman who actually enjoys your company probably will say "yes", and it is always more fun to thong with someone else -- especially if that someone is from the opposite sex.

16.  Don't make a big fuss about "not being gay".  A woman will know that if you get to talking anyway, regardless of what you are wearing.

17.  Really listen to what a woman says.  If she comments on something, try to think of a intelligent response or something humorous.  Women like men who are smart and funny, and many place this above physical appearance.   

18.  Be equally opened and communicative with other beach goers in the area.  If you single in on a specific woman for attention, and not others, she might feel you are chasing her.

19.  Do not ask how you look -- Especially do not ask about your "package" or any of it's components.  Most women are uncomfortable discussing things like this with men they do not know well. 

20.  Rescue the woman's towel or beach umbrella if it blows away.  You will be a hero if you do!

21.   Become a regular -- visit on some type of schedule or frequently enough that you are perceived as a steady presence -- not someone on a hunting mission.  I have made friends with many "regular" men thongers and non-thongers alike.  Some like to lay out next to me, and I don't see any reason not to let them since they are part of the "beach family".


John Howard #7

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/09/2006 04:01:00Copy HTML


I'm sure your post will give us men a good indication of how to approach women who thong on the beach,  (or at least, how not to scare them or intimidate them),  and  how should we behave to enjoy their company....   There's nothing better than female company when lying down sunbaking and enjoying the beach.  (at least for us males)

you are magnificent!!


Ex_Member #8

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/09/2006 06:50:50Copy HTML

In other words, be a normal, polite human being. Approaching a woman just because she wears a thong will become fairly transparent quickly. Be sure of your motivation and intentions and be sure to show respect.
ithongit #9

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/09/2006 10:43:34Copy HTML

John Howard and Thongmad have summarized what I was saying pretty well.  John -- thanks for the compliment!  But you also raised the point I was trying to make -- men and women who are not married or going together can lay out together, enjoy each other's company, play in the water or whatever and have a wonderfull time without any guilt or comitment.  There are several men (other than Randy my BF/Husband) who I regularly lay out with if I go to the beach alone.  One is an over-weight, 50-something man who is not a thonger but who I had seen around for months and finally came over and started up a conversation.  He wasn't the type to cruise by me constantly and not the least bit pushy, he just came over one day, said something about seeing me there a lot, and the next thing I know, he has moved his stuff next to me.  He has been 100% straight about himself, being married, his intentions (none) etc.  Since we first talked I have met his wife, Randy and I been invited to parties at his house, and once when my car broke down when Randy was out of town, he came to rescue me.  It turns out we have a lot of common interests and he has been nothing but a gentleman.  We even exchanged phone numbers so we can call each other if we need a beach partner.  Having a man laying next to me helps to keep other men from hitting on me, gives me someone to talk to, swim, and play frisbee with, and just to be a friend.  This man admits he feels like some type of a rock star or millionaire when he is able to lay out with me at the beach and people see him as a man who is friends with a woman in a thong and often topfree.  He knows I am married, respects my relationship with Randy, and has never made any in-appropriate moves or suggestions.  I've been calling him "Uncle Bob" because he is more like a good family member than a casual aquaintence.

There are other men I will lay out with, and a few I will not, but I find the commorodity of having a friend at the beach to make the day's stay an even more wonderfull experience.

I believe many thonging women who are going solo and are regulars will find that a friendly non-threatening male companion is a wonderfull experience and something that makes the beach experience better than it otherwise will be.

armand_galleon #10

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/14/2006 10:26:10Copy HTML

Some places are more condusive than others for meeting people. The beach is NOT one of those places. Sometimes, ...SOMETIMES, the opportunity arises to where you can begin to talk to someone but it is usually limited to a simple question and a quick answer. The most common interaction (for me anyway) has been the "hi!/hello!", the nod, the thumbs up. Being a regular helps a lot as well as being already with someone else. The few conversations I've had have been regarding something that I was doing: body surfing, surfing, watching dolphins/seals. This gives people the opportunity to say something. When I say people I mean men, women or even children! (children are curious and not shy. They stare for a while but curiosity finally wins over and they ask questions in relation to their age. The oldest children I've been spoken to have been early teens, they youngest around five or six. Let me say it again: I've been spoken to and I've never spoken to them first and even then I speak/answer their question(s) very brieftly. Rather, I've said to the parent: "hey! quite a kid you got!" I am not shy but I assume that other people are not interested in being approached and are protective of their privacy, time and children.
I've been asked to watch people's stuff, where is the store, how cold the water is, how to body surf, is it difficult to surf/what are surfboards made of, are thongs legal, where I'm from, what time is it and only once a strange guy asked me if he could use my sunscreen. I said, "No".
99% of the time most people are comfortable setting up near by and taking a glance every now and then. Again, I go to the beach to enjoy the day/sun and not to socialize. I will socialize but with people that I have gone to the beach with. I pointed out in some other post somewhere else that a strange man was setting up his towel a little too close to women and this one woman, whom had been aware of me and my style of suit, chose to get up, put some distance from this guy and came within conversation distance from me, in what otherwise was a wide open beach! I looked at her, she gave me a brief smile, looked at the guy who seemed puzzled by her abrupt movement, I looked at him and back at her as she said, "Some people!"
"yeah." I said, as he walked away.
She didn't say anything more and after a while she got ready to leave, said "bye" and was gone.
What's the best advice for talking to women on the beach?
You wanna talk to women? Go to a bar. To a market. To the gym. A disco. Church group.
If you try to talk to women at the beach chances are you'll just end up looking creepy. And desperate.
This of course is just opinion.

lovethongs #11

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/21/2006 09:29:03Copy HTML

First of all, thank you everyone for your responses, especially Traci, that was great!

What is everyone else's opinion on the most recent post in this thread?  Are beaches a bad place to approach women?  Personally, I like the relaxed atmosphere and feel comfortable there, so I would have thought beaches would have been a good place.  Everyone, feel free to provide your thoughts and opinions on this and why you think the way you do.


mrever_ready #12

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/21/2006 03:52:06Copy HTML

I'm now 50 and have been married for over 15 years, so I don't go to the beach to talk to women.    I go to the beach to check out everyone, enjoy the sun and show off a bit.   If someone wants to talk to me, that's OK, I have no problem with that.    But I don't go there specifically to talk to people or pick up anyone.     A couple years ago I remember talking to a younger woman.    I'll admit that I've never been any good around women, but she looked at me as if I were from outer space, lol.    So, just like in my single days, I walked back to my spot with my head down, totally defeated and kept to myself.    Thank god I like myself a lot, lol.   
Popeye1 #13

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/21/2006 07:01:09Copy HTML

This is Olive again. Popeye has been encouraging me to respond again, so here goes. First, thanks Armand for saying what I tried to say. Many of the threads on here mention how irritated a lot of guys get when they're thonging and keep getting hit on by gay guys, well guess what? It bothers women too, as I said before, if we want to have a conversation, we'll make it clear. Otherwise please just leave us alone. I have a lady friend who also wears a thong and when her and I visit a beach together, we get a steady stream of guys who think that because we wear skimpy suits that we're just desperate for male companionship. It get's old fast guys. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm at the beach to relax and catch some rays, so please go ahead and look, but show some respect.
JM_Runs #14

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/22/2006 03:29:39Copy HTML

I have written previously on how to meet women or girls on a beach. Maybe an astute reader can locate my prior post.

For the purpose of this thread, the advice above is good, while it is possible to meet girls or women on the beach, for the most part they don't want to be cruised or picked-up. Just because they are wearing a thong does not mean they want you to try to talk to them or pick them up,  DON'T EVEN TRY

Just don't assume a that a girl or group of women, with or with out thong, with or without men, is in any way interested in you, just because they, or you, wear a thong.

As the posters above say.. You don't like to be cruised by gay guys, who assume that just because you wear a thong, you are advertising for quick one behind the bathrooms. In the same way, women don't appreciate getting cruised either.

Probably you are a lone male. This is a big disadvantage. All women have a natural wariness of single males, especially ones that are some how odd, stick out or are socially shunned.

The only way to spark their interest is to make sure you are NOT attempting to hit on them. You have a prick between your legs so the assumption is that you are attempting to hit on them, until you prove otherwise.

To prove you are not attempting to hit on them, you will need to be seen to be having fun and fully entertained, and not in any way dependent on them for amusement or conversation.

Fun, carefree and confident people are alluring. Here are some suggestions:

  • Playing soccer with the Brazilians, having fun surfing or body surfing, flying a stunt kite in a high wind. Women like to see bodies in motion in an activity where the focus is not on them. Strutting up and down the beach like a peacock does not count.
  • Spending time laughing and talking with your group of friends who obviously accept you as an equal. Not a singular outcast lurking around. Women are very tuned in to spot lurking men, it's not gaydar, it's survival instinct.
  • Try going about your own business while TOTALLY ignoring them. If you can convince them that they are not the focus of the leopard's attention then they will not feel like a stalked animal. A sensible gazelle is going to assume that any predator within 500 feet as a potential threat. The only question is just how close the gazelle will it tolerate the preditor before it takes flight. So don't crowed them. 
  • Keeping your distance is a good thing becuase you are not annoying them.  The problem is when you are far away you think you have not been noticed.  Don't worry, they saw you before you saw them.  You are very hard to miss, you're the old guy in the thong.
  • If you have not stalked them, or paraded like a peacock, AND they have an interest in you, then they will make contact.  Glancing in your direction is not an invitaiton, it's assesing the distance. If and when they do decide to initiate contact it will be clear and un-ambiguous. 

MOST good looking women or girls on the beach, singularly, in a pair, or in a single sex group, don't want any approaches by men, so just stay away. Good looking women get hit on all the time and don't need you to add to that. If they wanted a man's company they could have called any of their men friends, who would probably have jumped at the chance to accompany them to the beach.

There are some exceptions where you may get a friendlier welcome:  Grandmothers;  Women with children; Women in a LARGE group, mixed or not. But in these cases it's just to be friendly and pass the day.


The are a few ways to establish casual contact without being a preditor:

  • Accidentally meet at the beach shower. You will have to be there first because you don't want to be seen to be following her around. You win points if you hold the shower on for her while she washes children underneath. (Spring loaded taps)  You can be there first by accident, or because you were smart enough to anticipate her routine. For example, in Florida a lot of women take a fresh water shower after swimming but before laying back down to sun. So seeing her starting to exit the sea would be a clue.  
  • The above post suggests that you don't ask if they will watch your stuff while you are gone for a while.  I personally think this is ok but don't make it too long a time, and don't assume that they will want to have a conversation on your return. Too short a time and they think you are paranoid, to long a time and they think it's an imposition. 

The above are excuses for casual contact, not an invitation to practice your pickup lines or to talk their ear off.  Having made the casual contact, next move is to SHUT UP and SHOVE OFF.  Let them make a return approach, IF they are interested.  So a few minutes later take a swim. If they are interested they will come in too, and start talking to you again.  (Don't you follow them in, thats sort of stalking).  In the water is a very natural place to talk, because the bodies are mostly hidden and you have easy excuses to back off at any time.

Better contacts can be made in the following situations:

  • If you spot a group taking pictures of each other,it's ok to stroll over and ask if they want you to take a picture with all of them in it. This goes for any group, not just the people that interest you.  Not only is it a nice friendly thing to do, but if the women your are interested in has any interest in you at all, and you are seen helping a different group, she will have seen and registered your goodwill towards others.
  • Provide assistance if she genuinely is in need of help. (Unruly umbrella, dog got lose, beach toy took off in the wind). But don't be condescending.  "Would you like some help with that?" is fine but "Let me help you with that." is invasive. 
  • Provide assistance if any one else needs help.  As said, women like men who demonstrate goodwill and assistance to others.
  • Take a trash bag, or old shopping bag, and pickup litter. Not only is it good for the environment, but it gives you something to do, and provides a reason for you to be moving (see women like to see men move, above), and provides the women with something to talk to you about. If she is interested in you and if she wants to initiate contact she will stroll over and ask why you are picking up the litter. Be ready with a friendly smile and have a good, short, understandable answer ready. This may also endear you to the beach or park staff.

After making any contact you should give her lots of chance to talk. That means you are not talking. Listen, get the message, and if she is not interested in the conversation  SHUT UP and SHOVE OFF.

As a general rule, a women in a larger group feels safer and is more likely to be forward. Single women are in their own private head space and are unlikely to appreciate any form of contact.

One last thing, if they do choose to have a conversation with you, DON'T on any account talk about swim suits, thongs, or any thing like that unless they bring the subject up. Even then, I suggest you change the subject by saying "Nice to see a fellow thonger, do you think it's going to rain later?"   Acknowledge and move on. 

As some one who has worked on and around beaches when young, and is on the beach every other day, I can honestly say that beach is not an easy place to meet girls or women, especially when you are trying.  You are more likely to meet in line waiting to get served at the coffee shop across the road, than actually on the beach.  It will probably feel more natural too.


Why do some women talk to me, the older man in a thong?

  1. They see me talking to other locals. The life guards, the men who rent chairs, the old folks sitting on the wall, the mothers with children. They can see I am an accepted part of the community and am therefore probably not a threat.
  2. I run. I run about 5 miles and am obviously going about my own business, not lurking or leering.
  3. They see me on a regular basis. I have been running down the beach in a thong, 150 days a year for about 10 years.  Again this goes back to being part of the community, and part of the beach environment. 
  4. I am polite and say a cherry good morning to most people, young old or homeless.  What started as just a friendly 'Good Morning' in passing may evolve, over time, into them asking how I am doing and how far I ran today. 
  5. Their mother or grandmother introduced them to me. (Be friendly with all the old folk: If you are a genuinely nice guy they will want to play match maker and introduce you. Most mothers or grandmothers have daughters who visit at least once a year.  If your's lived by the beach wouldn't you?)    
  6. That women who runs up, flings her arms around me and kisses me deeply,.... she is my girlfriend. (We did not meet on the beach but were introduced by a mutual friend.)
  7. Other women see me and my girlfriend holding hands, making out or acting like teens in love, and therefore know I am not trying to pick them up.

Why do lots of people wave when they see me?  I have worked hard to greet everyone in a friendly way. It takes time but pays off in the end. I greet people of all ages, sexes, stations, and dispositions.  Even the grumpy ones.  Now they almost all wave, smile or nod at me, and I return the greetings with interest.

Still to be honest, I think you are more likely to meet women by joining your local marathon training group, than you are by going to the beach.  Did I mention that my local group is more than 75% women and 98% achievers. 

Want to meet women? It's Thanksgiving, (in the USA).  So try cooking a turkey and inviting your single friends, and ask them to bring a dish and maybe a friend. The first year will probably be small and my well be a disaster, but year after year all the singles who don't have family commitments will end up at your house.  You can't choose your family but you can choose your friends. Invite them to the feast. My friend holds an annual event called Fresh Leftovers on the Saturday after thanksgiving. Fresh because it's not leftovers, it's fresh turkey, fresh pies etc. (And they are on sale on Friday)  She does the bird, we all bring the rest. 

JM_Runs #15

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/05/2007 10:43:51Copy HTML

Found my prior post. The advice I gave to a young man who was worried about wearing a thong during spring break has some relevence to this thread: 

Just ignore any bad comments you will get from the spring break boys, and take all the good ones you can get.   Afterall 50% of them make the wrong choices in life: About half of the idiots are destined to vote for the wrong man for president.  If they make bad choices like that, then they probably should not be a thong judge either.

You can seek the safety of laying out with a group of girls.  This insulates you from stupid comments from the boys because they don't want to act like jerks infront of the girls.  The only problem is to get the group of girls to let you lay out with them.  One line that works for me,  "Can I lay out with you girls so that I don't get hassled by thoes jocks over there?"    Works with a groups of girls who are not with any guys.  They will identify with getting hassled by jocks or hassled for a racy swimsuit.  They may let you hannging out together because they understand that there is protection in numbers.  If you ask nice they may welcome you in. 

Once you are hanging out with a group of girls you have imunity from jerks.  You put the jerks in a delema.  They can call you a fag to impress their friends, but will look stupid in front of the girls.  Not looking stupid infront of girls wins allmost every time.

Once you have been allowed to lay out with the group, shut up and listen.   Sun and keep quiet.   This is inportant.    It may be very tempting to have a conversation with one of them, but in the long run you will learn a lot more, and be much beter accepted, if you stay mute for the first day or two.  That way you dont upset the dynamics of the group, and will be brought in to the fold like a lost dog.  (No one takes home a dog that barks and wines)  So try hard to stay mum.

After using this line, or a similar one, I have spent some very plesent days on the beach with some stunning women.  Women who most men drool over.  So don't be shy about asking to chill with the real stunning girls in thongs, just lean to cool your heals and shut up for at least the first day.

Pagan-Egyptian #16

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/05/2007 06:40:38Copy HTML

Excellent advice JM. When I wear thongs and see girls, I am normally just happy to be there period, but I do offer Good Morning/Afternoon , smile and continue on my way, if they make the greeting longer by replying with another question, then I know they want to talk. Then I am the most polite and gentle creature to walk the earth, being more like a guy next door than a tourist. I find being myself and not trying to pick up girls works best, though I do make friends easily anyways. I will have to visit Ft. Lauderdale soon, and would love to say Hi to the nice people of the area.
Gstringing #17

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:12/16/2007 03:12:31Copy HTML

For guys, its the best when a topless/thonged woman makes small talk with you.. this has happened more than a few times in South Beach.  Some locals, some not.  I have asked to sunbathe next to, with, asked the female to join me..all with positive "sure!!"'s also stern "NO's!!"
mabeachbum #18

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:08/13/2009 11:15:48Copy HTML

 Personally I have not had too much trouble socializing with female thongers or topless at a few local beaches I tend to frequent. The section at one particular beach is notoriously known as the "gay area" but a number of straight guys like myself will go to this area to wear a thong or other risque swimwear. A surprising number of women (mostly under 40) will also frequent this area for the very exact same reasons we are - to have the freedom of wearing as little as possible comfortably without ridicule from the mainstream public.
I have a very friendly and free spirited personality and always appear non-threatening. I don't immediately come off as someone cruising or on a 'mission'. When I say hello to an attractive woman, I usually get a likewise reply and a nice smile. Sometimes it will go further to just some small-talk, we comment on each others suits, the good weather etc. etc. etc. A few times I was even asked to join them or go for a walk with them. All just harmless conversation and enjoying a day at the beach.
Although on a few occasions it did become more intimate. I can clearly recall two instances that involved an inflatable air mattress / pool float. A lot of times I will also go to this section of the beach to use my suntanning float because the water is shallow, I can keep cool, get a great tan and the beach patrol will very seldom give you a hard time as flotation devices of any kind are prohibited from the main part of the beach. Well beyond the last lifeguard tower and far from families and children, they are almost always are more lenient with these rules - as with topless sunbathing. I once by accident brought along the giant sized double french air mattress when I should have brought the single - and I also forgot the air pump. Well it was early and only a few thongers were setting up in my proximity, some of the gay crowd regulars and this one drop dead gorgeous brunette (early 30's) wearing nothing but a g-string and a terrific tan. So, I decided 'what the heck, I have the whole day' so stripped down to a very sexy blue thong and proceeded to huff and puff on this air mat by mouth. After about ten or fifteen minutes of this exhaling workout, she walks past me heading for the water for a quick dip, turns her head with a big smile and says "that looks like fun, I should have thought of bringing something like that myself". I then replied to her that they were unofficially allowed down on this part of the beach and so encouraged her to bring one the next time she goes - great way to enjoy the beach on a hot day.
Another ten or so minutes, I was getting tuckered from inflating this thing. It was just only 1/4 inflated and it was very hard to blow into. As she was walking back past me from her swim to where she set up, she could clearly see that I was having some difficulty with this big air mat - it was a hot day, sweat running down my forehead.....she sort of laughed in a playful way saying to me "when you finish with that, will you let me float on it?" I said "sure, if you help me blow this up, you can get on it with me...it's big enough for two people" She said "you bet" and asked if my towel had room for her to sit down next to me. So she did, and she was beautiful, deeply tanned and smelled of roast coconuts. There was one another inflation valve, about four inches from the one I was working with, so our 'almost naked' bodies were sidled up snug against one another and she didn't seem to mind or care...not shy at all. I thought it was absolutely sensual. So we both started huffing and puffing on this which only took about 20 minutes to finish. She was in real great shape and obviously a gym regular somewhere and had never seen such a pretty girl blow so hard in my life - her cheeks were puffed out like Dizzy Gillespie, the size of baseballs. She didn't take a break and was way better than I was at it, I almost passed out trying to keep up with her and when inflating in tandem (with the valves so close together) I had to turn my face at an angle toward her because her cheeks would puff out so big and hard and left no room for me to puff mine. After this excessive air mat inflating exertion we were both hot, out of breath and somewhat both aroused by this circumstance. Very tough for me (not unlike all men) to control one's self when in this type of situation as you could imagine. We took the float to the water....and it was refreshing with the cool waves plashing over us. We floated in the sun and chatted for a while - and the rest is left to your own imagination.

GroundLevel #19

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:09/11/2016 04:38:52Copy HTML

This story does not involve thongs, but I still think it's pertinent. Yesterday I was with my relatives and we had 7 people on the beach. We wanted to play beach volleyball but we wanted 8 people. My cousin and I decided to recruit one other person. We approached several women on the beach to ask them to play. Two were alone and four more were in a group. We finally recruited one woman to play. Initially I hesitated to ask because I thought it was creepy. The last thing I want to do is make a woman, especially a young, attractive woman who is alone, to feel uncomfortable. What are your guy's opinions on approaching women at the beach? Is it creepy?

capnscallywags #20

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:09/12/2016 12:19:04Copy HTML

 When I'm thonging at the beach, I don't have to approach them. They approach me to get pictures or share some of my smuggled beer.

I've never had a problem approaching women on the beach, though. If they aren't interested in you, they'll let you know, and you move on.
OS777 #21

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:09/12/2016 01:18:42Copy HTML

On the first Saturday of September (2016) I was enjoying an afternoon at Barton Springs pubic swimming pool in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. It was a cloudless hot sunny day. That day I wore a tiny Jovana 4D thong.  It was a black and white print of a skull and crossbones (pirate theme) of white bones on a black background.  It is a very small thong which I was conspicuous wearing from my shaded resting spot to the very open and visible sidewalk that lines the huge damned up creek that constitutes the Barton Springs swimming pool. 

As I often arise  from my towel, where I read for most of the day, and walked down the steep slope of the south side of the enclosed grounds of the shaded grassy picnic area I was approached by an amazingly beautiful young woman who asked if she could grab the back of my thong, pull it away a few inches and let it snap back on my buns.  I had no hesitation in allowing her to do as she requested to the delight of she and her numerous female entourage.

Thereafter I dove into the pool and swam about in the 68°F clear spring fed waters.  After a few minutes of swimming I emerged from a poolside ladder and was met again by this stunning young beauty who was wearing a tiny black string bikini.  She asked if I would accompany her a few meters away to where she and her female companions where laying out on towels.

 I followed her and she again asked if I would allow her friends to take photos of her pulling the back strap of my thong and snapping it as well as pulling the back panel of my thong away from my bum to allow her giddy girlfriends to take numerous additional photos.  Of course I consented and everyone had smiles and laughs from this interesting event.  All this activity was being watched by hundreds of other park visitors on both banks of the swimming pool.

Over the course of the past 3 years I have been seriously engaged in a weight training/body building program which has resulted in remarkable results of quite visible muscle size and definition.  I subject myself to an extreme abdominal and torso workout 5 times per week.  At age 65, I continue to astound people of all ages.  That young woman who approached me for photos could not believe me when I told her of my age.  Her girlfriends said they wished their boyfriends looks 1/2 as good as I look. 
The Swan #22

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:09/13/2016 02:40:48Copy HTML

I never find it creepy but then again I'm not a woman. There are some women who definitely give off a "don't talk to me vibe."  So I don't or if I'm feeling ornery I might say, "Howdy." or "Hi." to the "don't talk to me" brigade. How ever I'm usually just looking for some conversation on the beach not a phone number or a hook up so I probably come across as a lot less threatening. Also at my age I'm talking to older women who seem to be alot more willing to engage in conversation.
Tanian #23

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:09/13/2016 03:55:31Copy HTML

 Get a cute dog/puppy, where its allowed. Say hi,= have conversation.Do it all the time, my thong is never a topic.
kiyoothong #24

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/14/2018 07:44:51Copy HTML

 I'm sure you've received some comments and questions at the beach. I'm usually by myself at the beach, but now I would like to start talking to some beach thongers. What would be a good question to a female thonger? What's a good conversation starter? I don't want to be seen as a creep.
JM_Runs #25

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/16/2018 01:47:18Copy HTML

The beach is a terrible place to approach women in thongs. By wearing a thong they are getting just enough attention already.

Like men in thongs, the women would be happy if people just ignored that fact they are wearing a thong and acted normally, not walking over to try hitting on them.

The best thing to do if you happen to cross paths with a women who is wearing thong is to give a friendly (not creepy) smile, and a thumbs up. AND WALK ON.

In all sales of intangible goods the first thing is to establish your credibility. By giving a smile and thumbs up, and moving along  you will have done that. 

The unwritten rule of beach etiquette is you don't disturb people laying out on their towels. This means you don't disturb them, and they will not disturb you.

If you want people to come talk to you be up doing something, like flying a kite, playing Frisbee with friends or if you don't have friends, playing with a dog.  If a women is interested in talking to you they might come and talk or arrange to cross paths. Women are good at that.

bbyrne78 #26

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/18/2018 12:00:12Copy HTML

Hi Kiyoothong

Much like what has been said here before, guys need to watch for the signals. Generally, if I am laying out, reading, have my earphones on, or talking to someone else, please leave me alone. If I am playing with my dogs or sitting up looking around, a wave and a smile is a nice way to get my attention. If I am not interested, I'll give a half wave or nod. If I am curious, I'll give a full wave and smile. In the past, if I was super interested, I would give a big wave, flash a smile, and most likely wave you over.

After that, talk to me about the book or magazine nearby, what music I have on my iPod, the surf conditions, or weather. Don't lead with how I look or what I am wearing. Please don't state the obvious.

What I hate, having discs, balls or other things thrown in my direction to get my attention. I guarantee that nothing makes me want to pack it up and leave faster than that. Whatever you do, don't waste your first question to me on the following topics: whether I am there by myself or not (it should be obvious), whether or not I am a local (that's just creepy and makes me think that you're a stalker), what I do for a living (we're not a date and no way you're getting that information straight away), any pick-up lines (nothing I hate more), and MY SWIMSUIT (I get enough attention and the last thing I need is someone bringing it up again).

I have said this a couple of times before, be nice, be humorous, be humble, and be friendly. It's not that hard.

Love Bren

kiyoothong #27

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/18/2018 01:52:48Copy HTML

 Thanks for the pointers.
Bojangles64 #28

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/20/2018 04:55:54Copy HTML

 "The short answer to how to approach thonging women is "don't"

I disagree. If I want to talk to a thonged woman..I am...and I have....it's just a regular conversation. lol
NudeNArizona #29

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/20/2018 06:02:48Copy HTML

 Like some others have said become a regular, when I lived in Hawaii I frequented the same beach regularly.  Initially I would just keep to myself but after a few visits I started recognizing different people and would wave or say hello as I went to my spot.  Soon afterward different people would start talking to me and some even invited me to join them. After establishing my regular status I would have many single women who wanted to enjoy the beach and not get hassled come sit by me. All the while acting normal in my G-strings and micro suits as well as baggies.  Some women even would follow my trend after getting comfortable with hanging out. Plus more than one would eventually hit on me or flirt and make suggestive comments about my minimal swimwear or even let me know they were ok if I wanted to go nude.
Grabeach #30

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/20/2018 11:06:32Copy HTML

Fortuitous timing for this topic. What happened to me two days ago was the culmination of events over the past six months. It could easily have gone into the Best Experiences Topic, but I think it's more instructive to place it here. It ably demonstrates Bren's comments (post 26#), "..... be nice, be humorous, be humble, and be friendly. It's not that hard." To which I would add, be honest and don't be pushy.

This wasn't the beach, but was at a pool. The lady involved didn't wear a thong, but spent time at the gym and absolutely rocked a string bikini. I was stunned when I eventually found out that she was in her mid 60s, a couple of years older than me.

I first met her in a nearby street as I was heading home and she was on her way to the pool. I smiled and said, as I would say to anyone I met, nice afternoon. She smiled and asked how the water was. I said beautiful and we continued on our ways. A few weeks later I was at the same pool and as I left a very attractive lady sunbathing said hello. This wasn't an everyday occurrence, so although I was in a hurry to catch a bus, I considered it polite to briefly stop and exchange pleasantries. It only dawned on me later that it was the same lady.

The next couple of times we crossed paths at the pool we chatted for a few minutes about the weather, the condition of the pool, the adjacent park and the local bus services. Although each time this was when I was returning to my towel after swimming laps in my AussieBums, she would have seen I sunned in a g-string.

Next visit I showed her a book I had that she hadn't seen on the history of the area. She asked if she could have a quick look through it. I said sure, I'll get it back on the way out. As I started to move away with my gear (I had just arrived), she said that I could sit with her if I liked. I said that I would enjoy that, but she may get a bad reputation laying out with a married man. She laughed and said who cares, but then seriously said that she appreciated me telling her. I spread my towel out a respectable distance from hers. She was soon engrossed in the book, so I didn't interrupt her. After about half an hour she put the book down and asked if I was coming for a dip. As I went to put my AussieBums on she said not to bother as nobody cares what you wear here. Other than a later discussion on the price of swimwear, this was the only time my g-string got a mention. We had an interesting discussion about the book afterwards until I had to leave.

The next time she was again there first. On arrival I mentioned that I really enjoyed talking with her last time and would it be okay if I joined her again. She said of course. We had a great couple of hours talking about all sorts of things. At one point she volunteered that she was widowed two years previously (I had never asked her marital status) and in response to a leading question from her (women seem to have a sixth sense about such things), I briefly explained my situation of staying married basically for convenience reasons. She again said she appreciated my honesty. When in the change room on departure another guy, who appeared to be a regular, said to me that he had never heard her laugh so much in ages.

Moving to the most recent pool visit. By now it was automatic that we lay out together. We were talking about how this pool closed soon and about suitable outdoor pools and protected beaches for the cooler weather. There were a few we had both visited and I was able to add a couple more she had not considered. It then dawned on me, and I think her, that we would not see each other until the pool re-opened in six months. At this point, and I had not thought about it earlier, I said, "It may be inappropriate to even ask, but would you be interested in having company when visiting beaches or pools during the off season?" By now I thought I knew her well enough that she would not be offended by my question and give an honest answer. She looked me straight in the eye for a few moments and said, "I understand your situation. Yes, that would be really nice."

And before anyone asks, my wife thought it was a good idea when I later mentioned it to her.

kiyoothong #31

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/21/2018 07:22:21Copy HTML

What Bren wants to say is, if you are going to talk to a female thonger, you shouldn't mention her thong from the beginning, as she's already getting enough attention. And by reading Grabeach's story, you can see that thongs and swimwear were never part of the conversation. They just talked about other things like the weather, the book that Grabeach had, and swimming. I guess it's okay to talk about thongs once you've gotten close to that person.
bbyrne78 #32

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/22/2018 04:04:29Copy HTML

@Grabeach - that's fantastic. I'd say that is the way you build up a sustainable connection. Good for you!

From the right way to do it, here's an example of the wrong way.

I was with two clients and a girlfriend recently while in Melbourne. We were relaxing after the second workout of the day and just topping up our tans when two guys approached us. They were reasonably in shape and really confident. Both stripped off their shorts to their swim briefs. After a brief hello to our little group, the one of the guys asked if he could borrow some sunblock (who goes to the beach and doesn't bring sunblock?). I threw him my bottle and the next thing he asks is if one of us would help him apply the sunblock to the parts where he couldn't reach.

Our group realised that this was going to be an unpleasant afternoon but we'd worked so hard to get a nice spot and we had agreed to meet another one of our friends later in the afternoon, so we were pretty much stuck. My client asked why his friend couldn't help him with that, and the response was 'Can't do that, because we're not gay. Wouldn't it be more fun if you did that?'.

Right now, our little group is not only feeling uncomfortable, we're feeling a little sick. His buddy then goes to my girlfriend 'Sure you don't want to help us? We're pretty big every where...'. At this point, we've pretty much had enough and the we start packing our stuff up. Over the course of maybe 5 minutes, it went from a really fun afternoon to a slow death and lost bottle of expensive sunblock. As we all left, my girlfriend made sure to give it to the two guys by quipping 'actually you two are pretty small, smaller than average. My boyfriend and her hubby (pointing to me) is way bigger than the both of you. Trust me I'm a nurse, I've seen bigger c@cks on 12 year old boys.'

With that all of us made a show of laughing like it was the funniest thing we'd ever heard as we walked away.

When we all returned to the spot about 20 minutes later, the guys had left and I was out one bottle of Neostrata sunbock.

Love Bren     
Sarah_Thong #33

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/22/2018 08:00:20Copy HTML

Not quite advice on how to do it but coincidentally I was actually talking to someone recently about an experience myself and a group of friends had on the beach. 
Years ago we went on a girls holiday and we were all on the beach tanning. A group of lads came near with a football and started playing. Probably right on cue every 5 minutes the ball would come flying over to us, hitting our drinks over or putting sand everywhere. 
After about half hour this seriously started p1ssing us off. The next time the ball came over one of the girls grabbed the ball, stood up and shouted "FFS boys, stop acting like f**king children, if you want to grab a girls attention go over and talk to them not boot a football at them"
This wasn't meant as an invite however they took it as such and as we saw them coming over we all groaned and prepared for the worst, saying if they are idiots we'll just leave. 
They sat down anyway and got talking, none of them mentioned the thongs or that we were topless they just chatted about the holiday etc. and turned out that they were a bunch of decent lads.
Sometimes you have to think outside the box it seems LOL
J_R_365 #34

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/22/2018 01:56:54Copy HTML

 I agree on being a regular. At the beach I go to, there is a woman who always suns top free, and, like myself, always sets up alone, just to work on tanning. We had both noticed each other, but there was never any interaction. Finally, on the last day of the beach season, I had been there only a short time, but the flies were biting so fierce I decided to leave. As I was leaving, I met her arriving. She asked if I was also arriving, so I explained about the flies. We chatted for a few minutes, and were on our respective ways, but the ice had been broken.

Since then, we frequently hang out together at the beach. Sort of disappointed that nothing's gone further, but it's OK, seeing as how we're both very single-minded about working on our tans, not partying.
Comfythong1 #35

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:03/22/2018 02:36:14Copy HTML

Would you approach a girl and talk about her swimsuit if she were wearing a bikini or shorts? Probably not. May be you can ask about it once you get to know her. 
Although I’m a guy, I would think that people just want to enjoy themselves at the pool/beach without comments about their choice of swimwear.  I just spent a vacation in Mexico with my wife and children and had a great time. I wore only thongs at the pool and at the beach every day. Talked to other people about various topics and not once had anyone mentioned my swimsuit. Same when I swim laps at the gym I indoor pool. 
NudeNArizona #36

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/28/2018 11:32:41Copy HTML

When I first moved to Hawaii I lived there alone for about a year before meeting my wife, so I frequently went to the beach alone, not necessarily looking for women to talk to or date, but if the situation arisen I didn't turn down an opportunity. 

I usually went to the same beach because it was fairly close, but also you could see people coming from about a 1/2 mile away so it was known by many as an "unofficial" nude beach. After going a few time I started to recognize a few of the regulars in particular a very attractive female in her mid 20's who always wore thongs and topless and usually went alone. After a few visits and after getting more comfortable with my surroundings I would wear a G-string during my walk. Usually she wouldn't be there when I arrived, but was there when I was leaving, about 1/2 down the beach. I would usually say hello as I walked to my car.

One particular morning I arrived later than usual, and I saw the regulars already set up in their spots along the way, but when I get to the spot where I'm usually set-up the attractive girl is right in my spot, where, over the past few months, I had built a privacy and wind blind with drift wood and rocks. As I got to my spot I noticed the attractive girl was nude in my blind. So not to be an "asshole" I just turned around when I saw her and decided to find another spot.

Just then she sees me and ask's "am I in your spot?"
I said "Kinda, but that's OK I can go somewhere else."
Then she looks around the spot and says "This is big enough for both of us, I don't want to kick you out of the spot you've been working on."

So not to miss an opportunity I joined her in my blind, and since she was already nude I removed my G-string and laid out my towel as normal. During this whole time just chatting small talk not mentioning anything about swimsuits or being nude. Then after a little while I wanted to cool off because I was getting hot and when I stood up to go to the water she ask "mind if I join you?"
I said "Not at all, but be careful of the rocks here some can be sharp, or there is a softer bottom of sand just past the next big rock formation about 1000 yards down the beach if you'd like to grab your bikini."
She ask me "Are you going to put on your G-string, because I don't mind walking naked."

I said "Are you sure?", because there are fishermen along the shoreline plus other sunbathers who we will pass along the way. 

She said "Yeah, I know that's kinda why I want to go naked!"

Then she said she had been wanting to go naked for months but every time she got to the beach I was already in my spot and didn't want to seem like she was trying to hit on me. She had seen me laying out nude in my blind when she would take walks down the beach and had wanted to join me but was too shy. So she made sure today she got to my spot before I did and after about 2 hours I had finally shown up. So when she saw me in the distance she coaxed herself to remove her G-string before I got there. Now she was ready for an adventure since she finally overcame her shyness.  She said she had told her friends about this for months.

So we walked along the shoreline passing a few others walking the opposite direction and a few sunbathers along the way. After our swim and on our walk back I found out she also worked nights as did. I and I ask her if she would like to exchange numbers so we could coordinate our beach visits which she agreed too. She said she would prefer to have somebody to lay out with, especially if going nude, it made her feel safer.

For the next few months We kept meeting at the beach during the week. Occasionally she would bring another friend along, but usually came alone because most of her friends weren't into wearing G-strings or goring topless, and couldn't imagine going nude. So we usually just hung out together. Her exhibitionist personality got more bold, she would shed her cover-up when we hit the beach and walk it naked.

navythong #37

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/28/2018 06:05:42Copy HTML

I had a nice (but short) converstaion with a girl on the beach when on summer holiday in France last summer. We were on holiday in the Vendee region which has nice long beaches. Ideal for long beach walks. One afternoon I set up at the beach and decided to go for a nice long beachwalk, just in my army poser thong. After an hour or so, on the way back I saw a girl trying to launch her kite. From a distance I saw she didn't succeed. I think the wind-force was a bit low for launching a kite, but she kept on trying. Since I was walking along the water line I passed her and I asked if I could help here launching the kite. She smiled and said you are the second who offers to help. She politely said she didn't want me to help.Since I didn't want to force any further conversation I said beye, beye and walked on. I'm sure she must have seen I was wearing a poser thong when passing on..
mack_back #38

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

Date Posted:11/30/2018 08:45:27Copy HTML

NudeNArizona: Nice experience with the woman you met on the beach. Often is the case woman need to approach me rather the other way around. Only because i don't look that i'm creepy or have one track mind. The way I look some assume I’m to sexual appearing. 

 How did the relationship end up? Meaning it is difficult for me to stay friends while laying out on the beach nude with a woman. Often wanting more if indeed she is attractive and shares the same nudist tendencies. Often wanting to take it to the next level then being friends or casual beach companion. 

 Your describing a female companion for visits to the beach rather something more of a sexual relationship that may occur. Would LOVE to meet some woman like you described but often they are afraid to peel there swimwear off or aren't much to be sunbathing in direct sunlight. Often i find females are disgusted to be viewing nude males on the beach feeling uncomfortable about the vibe. 

Had many thoughts to invite few married woman i chat with that simply adore my physique, showing them thong pictures of me on the beach. Yet i fully realize there very modest in there display to the public and reactions to me in skimpy g-strings laughing at my boldness and wishing to see photos of my frontside. Be impossible for them to go topless or wear a thong to c/o beach i often visit. alone Yet i know some females  would jump at the opportunity to observe me in the buff for little while only novelty sake. Do feel they would truly dislike the nude vibe looking at everyone else besides me. Do feel it would be a short term relationship maybe one visit and that would be it. 

Difficult to change a conservative females mind to join being nude in public or semi-nude (thong, topless) in front of people. Have specific married woman in mind who likes to tan but very wary of how she is showing her pyhsique in public. She once told me chatting, wanted to purchase leggings but found them sheer showing her underwear underneath. She didn't like that someone could see her underwear thus didn't buy those particular leggings. Occured to me woman like that would be hard pressed to tan nude on c/o beach or wear a thong on crowded beach alongside a nude man. Even one she loves to observe his naked body. Last thing i want is have conservative woman who know or see often find out i enjoy laying out nude on a beach. They would gossip and take intrigued turns visiting the beach only short time to see me nude. Feels to me it's sign of disrespect and often becomes childish behaviour from grown adult woman catching glance at my manhood for more gossip and intrigue amongst other like minded females.

However the few woman on the beach that like to go topless or nude already judge me to stay clear of. Suppose they find my outfits bad taste or take offence thus not respecting me wearing c-rings, g-rings, sling strings.  Woman CFNM who approach me or attempt to, are casual vistors, lurkers, often married accompanied with there man, wanting only voyeuristic photos of me nude.  Or just take there phones out pointing upon me as i walk passed along the waters edge as they are laying on there towels with smirk on there faces. For those woman who have one track mind visiting the beach comes with the terriotory appraoaching me having conversation about how much more of it they would love to see and how she make it happen. In order to measure up to her standards and leaving with her which is opposite of what my intentions were to relax on a sunny afternoon nude.

NudeNArizona #39

Re:Approaching or talking to women on the beach

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mack_back, This particular girl was quite attractive and we did flirt a lot and she wasn't the shy type who was constantly looking around to see who might catch a glimpse of her most intimate parts while walking past us lying on the beach. But we never dated, because I was currently involved in a long distance relationship and she was dating guys on and off, but this didn't prevent us from flirting and she always made sure I was covered with sunblock and always enjoyed having be apply sunblock to her as well. Even though this wasn't "technically" a nude or C/O beach, most of the people walking the beach were locals and knew what people did down at the end of the beach and some would walk down to look and others were just fishing the shore line. I'm saying this because on many occasions while she was applying oil to my front she would take extra care to the C&B's to where I was lying noticeably excited and at first I was a little embarrassed by this and would go to turn over, but then she laughed and said "you should be proud to show that pole" Another of her little things was she liked walking the beach looking for shells and would bend over at the waist to pick them up with her legs apart giving an unobstructed view to who ever might be passing by, along with lying faceup with her legs bend and knees wide apart when guys would stop by to talk to us, knowing they were staring at her open lips
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