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Date Posted:03/07/2011 10:05:04Copy HTML

I decided to look up the word appropriate, as many swiming pools use this as a means of banning thongs. The definition I came across was "Suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place" Of course that could still means the gate is 'wide open' in some peoples eyes, but if one is pendantic, I reckon a thong scores ok on at least 3 of those criteria. The person is ok I reckon if one keeps themselves slim and athletic. Condition, well swimming and sunning seem to fit. Occasion, see previous. Place, Pool or Beach fits. What's other peoples view on this
hotbunz1969 #1

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:03/07/2011 11:10:33Copy HTML

Here is a slightly different spin on it, because some peoples idea of "appropriate" is different from others! 

We were in Venezuela (Margarita) 7 years ago, and the sign on the reception and by the pools of our hotel said "appropriate swimwear must be worn" (in about 6 languages) We arrived in the evening so I could not gauge what they meant before I hit the pool in the morning, so as we enjoyed our welcoming drinks and checked in I questioned there sign, the girl behind the desk says, (in very good English)  "as long as your "bits" are covered anything goes, if you want to be nude please use the far end of our private beach!!"  come the morning I would say 60% of the girls and about 10% of the guys were in thongs, and some of them were pretty small!  so needless to say we joined in!! 

Different places and people around the world have different ideas of what is appropriate, and I suppose that's what makes the world go round! 

Regards PAUL
ShadowT #2

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:03/07/2011 01:32:23Copy HTML

I believe those terms are generally used to leave it open to interpretation.  At some venues, it may mean your privates shouldn't be exposed.  At others, particularly pools, it may simply means you have to be wearing actual swimwear (i.e. No: cut-off jeans, underwear, gym shorts, etc...)  Otherwise, it leaves it open to their discretion.

IMO, there's no point in trying to pin down a definition.  In this context, it is the "place" that is going to vary, and at least in the US, such a rule could be applied as they wish.  What is appropriate from one pool to another may vary just as much as from one city or region to another.  It can even vary depending on who is "on duty."  Here in the west side of Michigan, I'd be surprised if thongs were considered appropriate at any pool.  Many hotels around here may tolerate it, but as soon as families enter the pool, I would expect the "rule" to be enforced - especially at an indoor pool.
BeachBum413 #3

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:03/07/2011 02:45:47Copy HTML

 ShadowT I suspect that you are correct. I know that her the Y has the same rule. That means swimsuits - bikinis are OK for the girls and Speedos for the men. At our pool here in Michigan you don't see many men wearing Speedos (besides me). You do see several male swimmers that wear the skin tight technical shorts that really show a lot. Most girls wear one piece suits, but many so wear bikinis. I'm sure that a WW suit would not be tolerated. It's the old not family friendly thing. I have found that if I wear my Speedo Solar 1 I don't get as much hassle as when I wear my Club Swim Euro suit - even though they are about the same. Generally I have found that if you go about your busisness and swim or do water aerobics or whatever that you won't be bothered. It's the show off folks that cause us all problems. Don't get me wrong I wear my thongs at our cottage as often as I can.
NWGirl #4

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:02/17/2017 09:55:18Copy HTML

My gym has these vague signs, so I finally just decided to ask what they meant. Their response was that the suit needs to be opaque and cover the genital region. Just to be absolutely sure, I asked if thongs are allowed. They said it's fine as long as it meets the aforementioned criteria. Been rocking my thong at the gym ever since.
Grabeach #5

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:02/17/2017 09:14:51Copy HTML

Since I started using lifeguarded Olympic pools about five years ago, I've sunned or attempted to sun at 28 different pools in the Sydney / Wollongong / Blue Mountains. I've come across four broad swimwear categories of signs.
A. Swimwear not mentioned. Two pools. One okay, one not.
B. Swimwear to conform to community standards of decency. Three pools in the same council area. All okay. Intersting that a fully minimised Skinz M1R2 g-string apparently conforms in what I consider to be one of the more conservative regions.
C. Recognised swimwear. Three pools. Two okay, one not. I suppose this would have been the easiest one to argue, but I really can't be bothered when there are alternatives.
D. Appropriate swimwear. The rest, so twenty pools. Thirteen okay, seven not.

Some observations from my 443 pool visits.
1. All of the nine 'nots' were stated to be due to someone complaining and would I please "cover up". Only at three of these nine was it inferred that what I was wearing was not allowed. I have a strong suspicion that if I tried again at the other six it would be okay.
2. All pools have the equivalent of, "Must follow all lifeguard instructions." If they're not happy with what you're wearing, this is all they technically need to stop us wearing what we do.
3. Lifeguards with few exceptions do not consider what people are wearing to be a big issue and would prefer to not have to deal with it.
4. A vast majority of other pool users do not care, or at least do not care enough to complain, about what one wears.

Appropriate, recognised, decent or not mentioned, what the sign has on it doesn't matter. If someone complains and they can't easily deflect the complaint, then the lifeguard will politely ask you to cover up. Unless they specifically say thongs are not allowed, in Australia you can try again next time.
tanlines #6

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:02/22/2017 12:45:14Copy HTML

 @grabeach you're not the chap who wears N2N/Cocksox and minimal briefs on the sundeck at North Sydney are you? Wish I had the balls to do that! :-)
Grabeach #7

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:02/23/2017 10:45:53Copy HTML

“You're not the chap who wears N2N/Cocksox and minimal briefs on the sundeck at North Sydney are you?”

That is fascinating. Either there is some other guy wearing g’s at North Sydney or you’ve mistaken the swimwear brand. When in the pool I wore black AussieBum briefs. On the sundeck it was only ever a black Skinz M1R2 g-string, as it now feels a bit weird to lay out in anything more.

I was there five times between mid October and mid December 2016 for maybe three hours each time. The first four times no problems whatsoever. The fifth time, when laying face down, some guy from the office (not a lifeguard) asked / told me to “Cover up or turn over because children are using the facility.” There were heaps of kids having school swimming lessons, none of whom would have noticed I was even there, let alone what I was wearing. You can’t see the upper level indoor pool from the sundeck, but I assume there would be pre-schoolers using that. I can’t recall there ever being any one below about age 16 on the sun deck. Probably someone who didn’t like seeing a guy’s bum (but apparently didn’t mind two female rolled to thong bottoms) had a whinge. Interestingly, as the guy gave me that alternative, I simply turned over and continued sunning for half an hour or so with the front fully minimised as usual. Nothing more was said.

It would have been my last visit for a while anyway, as the sundeck gets too hot for my liking at this time of the year. Don't ever try walking on the artificial grass in bare feet! When the weather cools down a bit and the school carnivals are over I will try again.
tanlines #8

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:03/07/2017 06:52:16Copy HTML

 @grabeach A shame it hasn't been the weather recently, it's gone from instant sun burn and feet-burning artificial grass weather to damp and chilly without anything much in between. I think I'm thinking of someone else actually, I've seen this guy a few times this year and he has a few different pairs of very skimpy briefs in different colours. I tend to wear bog standard speedos or squarecuts... maybe one day I'll summon up the courage to wear something more revealing - I happily do at beaches in Europe, but it seems different on my home turf where people know me!
speedosrule #9

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:03/14/2017 11:53:42Copy HTML

Just like NWGIRL
(Male)Been swimming my laps in thongs for many years at the gym
Wore Speedoes on team in school. Can't stand these board shorts men & boys wear these days.
Enjoy the freedom of a thong to swim at the gym pool.Everyone is use to it and know my peference.
Have even worn some "torpedo" stlye thongs without a problem.
LakeLife #10

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:03/19/2017 03:29:05Copy HTML

 I do find that the approppriate swimwear rule is becoming the norm. I also find that the female gender can wear the skimpier suit according to the appropriate swimwear rule. In places that I've been asked to put on shorts (when wearing a 1/2 back) I've seen ladies (yes plural) wear a thong. I'm not complaining, just making an observation.
NudeNArizona #11

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:03/21/2017 10:17:16Copy HTML

 Here is what I have found out with the "Appropriate Swimwear"

When I lived in a condo complex about 10 years ago we had a community pool with the "generic" sign that mentioned "Appropriate Swimwear", and since this was a "private pool" because you had to be an "owner" of a condo. I decided to look into the legality of the situation since I also happened to be the President of the HOA. What I found out is that "unlike" PUBLIC pool meaning anyone from the general public could visit by admittance.  Most community pool, hotel pool, gym pool, and spa pools ARE owned and on PRIVATE property.  This being said, unless you are wearing something AGAINST the law in the state Appropriate Swimwear is up to the EST. to decide.  And after reading the law for public nudity, which was as generic as most that stated something to the fact that it is considered an indecent act, if you were to affront the public, or were performing a sexual act.  To which I took as not having sex in "public" and "no flashing" strangers, nothing mentioned about female breast, but it did mention the "genitals must be covered" in public, which to me left a lot of "grey" area.  So I contacted the local authorities to get their take and was told "nudity is illegal" which tells me they did less research of the law than I did.  So I contacted a lawyer who had defended people in the past for public nudity when a woman was topless, and he said, that you could "legally" wear a clear baggie over your genitals walking down the street and be "technically legal" but you would then be brought in on "disturbing the peace" and wouldn't recommend that. Then he said MOST places have the sign to encourage people to conform to wearing swimwear and not street clothes in their pools since the street clothes are harder on the chemicals. But on a legal stance you really have "no power to enforce to rule" and as long as the person "appears to have their genitals covered" legally there is no breaking of the law. So I asked about thong, G-strings and Baggies to which he said that he could defend any of those in a court of law and win, he even defended a man and woman who were nude on a public beach who were arrested by a police officer who stated he was on a call "about nude people on the beach" because when the lawyer asked the officer to produce fact that he had been contacted to report on a call, the officer said "he knew of people going nude on this particular beach" and decided to see if anyone was breaking the law, to which the lawyer stated the officer was not considered "the public" while on duty and since there was no report there was no law broken, and the couple got off on the charges. 
So back to my "community pool" I informed the staff that they could "suggest" people to change but could not "enforce" people to change, and that if there was a complaint w would handle it by informing the complainant. After doing my research if was fascinating to find out what really was legal and I will tell you that the knowledge has saved me on occasion, because once when I was on a beach there I was wearing a "nude" baggie and a park ranger came up to me telling me I had to cover up or he was going to arrest me, and when I pointed out I was "covering my genitals" he knew I was right and never said another word and walked past, and I was never bothered again.
Grabeach #12

Re:Appropriate swimwear requirement

Date Posted:02/12/2019 09:03:47Copy HTML

Every so often when I'd been in the Blue Mountains (about 100km west of Sydney) I'd swam and sunned at one of the five Blue Mountains Council public pools. Recently I was planning another trip and though I'd never had a problem sunning in a g-string, it had been a couple of years since my last visit, so I thought I'd recheck the 'Entry Conditions'. It had always been "Appropriate (or recognised - can't remember which) swimwear must be worn". Sure enough this still existed, but I was disappointed, and actually a bit stunned, to see that, "Recognised swimwear does not include g-strings" had been added. This is the first time I have ever seen anything in writing classifying a particular style of swimwear as not recognised as such.

I won't even try and guess as to how this addition came about. With regard to the practical application, I doubt that they are using the same theoretical definition of a g-string that most of us here use. In which case where is the cheeky / thong / g-string line drawn?. Or do they just fall back to the "There has been a complaint" line?

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