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Date Posted:06/24/2011 09:42:27Copy HTML

Do we get same reaction wearing thong or skimpy bikini?

I've noticed in the past when i wear bikini briefs to the beach, one inch sides, 3/4 back with moderate front people reacted unflatteringly. They either laughed to one another, others saying it looks gross, men shouldn't wear womens bikini's, asking me is that real laughing at my bulge, how many girls will he end up picking up wearing that, laughter. Two girls one Korean wearing a thong bikini and the other full cut bikini. Asking her Korean friend laughingly bumping her, saying, "he's your type", reply "no", giggling.  The bikini's i wore were skinz rio skinny side m29, skinz m53, Andrea Chaling posing suit 3/4 inch sides with green camo color.

So my question is does people's reaction differ to tiny bikini on a man or wearing a moderate thong? Would it be the same reaction of smiles and shock on a family, dork short wearing, conservative group at the beach? This being that your well built clean shaven and well tanned.

I always thought wearing a rio bikini or 3/4 back bikini would inlist the same thoughts from people then having on a thong? With all comments made by some people that i listed above, it really doesn't make that of a difference to those if i wear a thong or bikini back swimsuit at the textile wearing beach i would get the same negative reaction. Only difference would some might pull out a camera and take a photo wearing a thong.
This reason i stay away from family beaches i used to visit. Even members on this forum advised me i should go to another less conservative beach.

Other reason i stay away from family conservative beach was when i wore my new Skinz skinny side black m29 rio. I was laying on my chest and i scronched my fabric into bum crack like a thong.
 There was a woman playing frisbee with her boyfriend nearbye. As her boyfriend raised attention to me they started in closer towards me droping the frisbee. The girl was smiling at me but didn't say anything nor her boyfriend. I felt they were laughing at me and was a rare sight they have ever seen.
After about a week i was walking to work in the morning. As i waited for the light to turn green i seen the same woman that was playing fressbie and she recognized me smiling all the time while we passed beside each other. I only imagined if i was with a co-worker and she came up to me and said something of me wearing a skimpy bikini at the beach in front of them to get me embarrassed. She had that smug smile look like i know your dirty little secret. Only reaction from me was shock that i would walk by her in the street with millions of people living here.

So what i'm trying to ask is if people hate guys wearing speedo bikini's and thongs are much worse the reaction in itself would be negative nonetheless.

Or i make some ultra conservative older women at the beach become to embarrassed to look at me in a small bikini them feeling uncomfortable. They tend to look at my bulge and feel uneasy trying to ignore me puropsely to avoid eyes to stray to look at it.
mack_back #1

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/30/2005 01:11:20Copy HTML

 Never wore my thong out to the pool or beach. But have wore a small rio which gave me a thong like back. Most people when see me lying on my front see the rio wedged in as a thong, look at me in disbelief. Most people clear the area which i lay down at and stare and laugh. Most smerk and laugh while passing bye. Most women look at my front to see my shape, size and stare while walking especially if i come out of the water. I hear some comments such as, l  like him better when laying on his back, disgusting, gross, men shouldn't wear womens bathing suits, he must be.. (garbled).. then laugh.
 One day i sat down on a secluded beach and a band of fully clothed 16 young asian men and women came passing by me only a few feet away and placed themselves 20 feet away from me for what seemed a picnic.  They all noticed me and started to  laughed and stare and make comments in there language. They hoped for me to leave but i stayed there for hour and watched them look at me and even came running around me chassing one another while the women prepared the meals. As it was time for me to leave they all sat down and ate and ignored me. I should have been the one laughing because showing up at the beach with sweatshirts short pants was funny and i couldn't tell the difference at the body shape from the women or the men. When i stood up to leave the women could then see a body of a man then there partners they were stuck with.
mack_back #2

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:09/21/2009 04:50:48Copy HTML

I had mostly giggles from girls or women with there husbands or boyfriends. While at first started to go to the pool I got bad reactions by most folks but now people are less shocked and ignore me because I have become a regular. When I went to the pool today there was a mother with her teenage daughters and they didn't react immaturely at all, at least not that I heard.

I frequent the pool 5 days a week and see more men wearing skimpier swimwear.  While seeing someone other then myself wearing skimpy swimwear is a relief, sometimes they look strange as some of them don't look good in there type of suits. 

Once a very attractive Asian women in a one piece swimsuit was doing laps and another man in a speedo followed her around, coming into the whirlpool where I was sitting.  A few moments after the man arrived the women left. I guess she was annoyed at his overtures, his following her and coming to sit next to her.  I played it cool, ignoring her.  I noticed that she did look over in my direction when pausing between laps in the pool. I'm guessing she liked what she saw and came to join me in the whirlpool.  Shame that man ran her off.

Some guys make it obvious they looking for some action when women are swimming by showing off and strutting. Often they look ridiculous and it is difficult not to laugh at them. 

I do agree women over 40 usually smile nicely towards my direction. No conversation happens while in the pool.  I  prefer to make as little eye contact with them as possible. I don't want them to feel I'm hitting on them, especially if it is late at night.
ThongLoverOBX #3

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/24/2011 10:57:48Copy HTML

Board shorts are the norm here in the USA.... so IMO it doesn't matter if you wear a speedo or a thong, you are still probably going to get the same reaction - most people will laugh and think you are gay. Bearing that in mind I say thong if you want to and don't worry so much about what other people think. People are pretty much socialized and conditioned by the media and fashion trends to think certain things about what people are wearing. I say screw them and wear what you want. It's YOUR life and as long as you are not hurting yourself or someone else and conducting yourself within the law then it's ok.
mack_back #4

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/25/2011 12:58:11Copy HTML

I see it like this.
Girls in the younger teenage years wear a conservative bikini maybe little more fabric what i wear at my gym pool. Many wear tankini's , skirted suits also a coverup of some sort. So they are bought by there parents and wouldn't care for there child to wear anything less.
As women get to late teens, early twenty's they may try to wear a string bikini or rio and nieve to try on a thong as rebelling towards parents. Most likely wearing the same type of swimwear as there parents bought them when younger at sears.
As women grow older they are embarrassed at there bodies some may find a conservative bikini with full back is the least they would ever imagine to wear.
So my reaction at the pool wearing skimpy bikini from woman looking at me is amusement at my swimwear. Some have watched and commented loud enough for me to hear that i got confidence wearing it. While they themselves coverup with a towel until they jump into the pool or leave to the locker room.
What i would like to know when wearing a tiny bikini at the beach rather feel better if i would be in a thong for sure. If i'm getting fingers pointed and comments wearing a bikini why not feel just as uncomfortable with your environment in a thong. Anyone notice the difference when in bikini vs thong? 
My point i'm trying to make is wearing say a skinny strap rio with half back coverage is silly when it looks a bit feminine with the 1/4 inch side straps. It's like a man who is balding trying to do a comb-over like he's fooling anyone with it. So to when exhibiting a tiny bikini's your wearing what most woman would attire as minimum swimwear with a slim sexy body would be odd look for a man. Unless a man puts on a thong he is displaying that he has confidence to wear what women don't have the guts to adorn because of many reasons being center of attention, gawked, leered at. Thus some women admire the man in a thong or be repulsed depending on the females character value system she grew up with.
Only problem i can think of man in a thong is so rare that it would be a spectacle versus woman seeing the same guy in a "speedo type bikini" which seen and talked more about. 
I believe nieve younger gals are more pron to except the minimal swimwear on a man until her friend which applies her value system towards her way of thinking. Many times i heard two girls talking about me while one likes what she see's the other rejecting her attention towards me thus changing her thinking as bad with added peer pressure included. So even if a woman likes a man in thong or bikini there friends shame them also losing them as a girlfriend as added threat makes gals back away. So gals rather criticize guys for there minimal swimwear then to lose a close friend thinking there weird for liking guys in a bikini. We all know women go out in groups and there is one leader who thinks for all of them, if you disagree with her your kicked out of the group of friends. They just call it, "she's weird lets not call her to join us". Only because she enjoyed the look of a guy in thong or bikini.

bmicro #5

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/26/2011 03:35:51Copy HTML

Being in an area where there a lot of European and South American visitors, I see a lot of men who would take extreme exception to your characterization of wearing a small bikini as "feminine". It is what men do in many cases. I find that there is no reaction on the rare occasions that I wear a small bikini. 
By your logic, wearing a thong or g-string is also effeminate, as these are also primarily worn by women and by a larger proportion than is wearing bikini suits.
In many cases I get compliments, not derision, from women (and some men) for wearing a small g-string. I get little or no reaction to wearing a bikini.
mack_back #6

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/26/2011 08:10:47Copy HTML

As for your compliments for wearing your g-strings women maybe find you more exhibitionist and having the guts to wear what you do. Let's face it South beach is a bit different vibe then other beach's to be sure.

 Going to my local nude beach i don't see problems with g-strings, thongs, bikini briefs or all natural. This is because people expect to see less then briefs or dork shorts on a guy. Peoples values are more relaxed at the nude beach and are more accepting just as in your beach. If people find your swimwear offensive they wouldn't come to that part of the beach only stay in a more conservative side like in Clearwater or Siesta Key.

Lets face it as silly as it sounds, women find bikini's for men feminine just as they wear, looks weird on a guy for some reasons. One being they think guys would feel uncomfortable being squeezed by the swimsuit and need room for there bulge to relax. I disagree with such ridiculous reaction but that is the truth of some uneducated women. Until the grow a penis and balls they shouldn't talk about something they know nothing about.
I hate to say this but when i see someone as yourself or a hairy stocky individual wearing a teal g-string teardrop suit knowing full well it is sold for male swimwear it looks a bit odd to me to. Does my reaction to it make me receptive to you to wear it with ridicule, absolutely not.

Today women tend to wear sarongs coverups more so then in the past. If it's walking along the shoreline, restroom, snackbar or in the pool they always coverup there bikini bottoms for whatever reason.While for a man to wear a bikini he wears it proudly without coverups and his bulge is seen constantly for hours on the beach or pool for everyone to view.
Something tells me many women feel not excited or comfortable looking at a mans bulge relaxing at the beach watching it at every view towards the water. I put a percentage of 97% women hate seeing a guy in bikini briefs. The other 3% may only enjoy it as entertainment for amusement at how funny someone can look and not realize it while taking out the boredom they feel of sitting on the beach.
That's why at my local nude beach there are few women to keep consistently coming. The ratio maybe 20:1 for guys to women at the nude beach but if you go to my local family conservative beach the ratio may sometimes be overwhelmingly more young teenage, adult gals then males or families.

Some girls may even say where are all the guys gone? I would like to go but the inhesent mockery of wearing a bikini would be not comfortable for me. Once i stopped at the beach with my bicycle. Found a perfect spot in middle of the beach surrounded with packs of girls with maybe few group of young guys behind me. As i planed out earlier to maybe adorn my rio skinny side skinz bikini i chickened out only taking off my cargo shorts. Left on only with my long spandex cycle shorts. As i took off the cargo shorts girls started to laugh at my tight long cycle shorts. I was not going to take them off to only wear my black rio in front of them. So i ate my lunch and left seeing all the single gals checking out people at the beach. Only seen one guy wearing a 4 inch speedo brief walking through the maze of women in bikini's some well built and some little to young but hard to tell without there schoolgirl uniforms.

I understand wearing a bikini makes you center of attention at times. At my local gym pool i feel comfortable because there are maybe ten or twelve people there when i spend an hour there in my bikini. Almost always once i walk out of the lockers and onto the pool deck almost every eye is on me until i sink myself into the water or when i get out showering on the deck. Do i get odd looks yes and has anyone complimented me wearing such speedo bikini's, no. Do i look good in it, proudly i admit it, yes i do. Some complimented me at my body but never the bikini i wear. I maybe the only guy to wear such skimpy swimwear for either male or female who i seen at the pool. Thus i feel many are to conservative in there attire at the pool but nobody has complained only few laughs, chuckles or embarrassing shocked looks.

 Some cute asian lifeguard even sat facing towards the wall taking a break with others, trying not to look at me while i was in the water. After i got fully dressed and was leaving the locker room seeing through the plexi glass window onto the pool. I noticed the asian lifeguard in the pool taking a look towards my direction and not concentrating her attention holding a toddler in the pool for swimming lessons.. Go figure she couldn't bare to look at me in my bikini at the pool but had to look when i was fully dressed in street clothes ready to leave. At least she recognized me?

bmicro #7

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/26/2011 08:46:05Copy HTML

When you say that something on my images section "looks odd" to you, I respect that.
When you recognize that beaches differ and then, based only on your observations, generalize as to what percentage of women hate seeing a guy in bikini briefs and conclude that the others only enjoy it only as entertainment, I lose respect for your thought processes. In many beaches of the world, more than 3% of the women are with guys that they respect as significant others and certainly don't look on them as "funny".
JM_Runs #8

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/26/2011 09:43:38Copy HTML

Mack_back, I think your arguments are rather circular and not supported by the facts. You say "Lets face it as silly as it sounds, women find bikini's for men feminine" ....." looks weird on a guy" ... " put a percentage of 97% women hate seeing a guy in bikini briefs."

I think you are wrong. There are a lot of women and men who wear bikini or speedo type bottoms on my beach, and some even wear thongs.  I see the women notice and appreciate the good looking men in speedos (who are often fit swimmers) just about as much as the men appreciate the fit women in bikinis.  I think both sexes look askance at people who are very unfit, fat and flabby, especially when they wear completly unstable clothing.  I don't see or hear any of the women saying that they "hate" to see a man in a speedo and I have never heard one say, "That man would look better in shorts" unless they are commenting on someone who is seriously stupidly over weight, and then the comment is on their fatness more than their swimsuit.

You sound like you are trying to convince yourself that although you want to wear a thong or speedo, you can't because women might think it feminine.  No, a speedo is not feminine, not even a 1" sided solar or equivalent.  Nor is a thong. 
On my regular section of beach, because we are near a proper swimming pool, we see lots of swimmers from swim teams in speedo type swimsuits. I have never heard any women go "Look at that man in a bikini, he looks feminine."  Trust me, most of these men look very masculine, something about the "swimmers shoulders" does that just fine. 

Don't believe internet polls or made up numbers like 97% percent. 

If you go out thinking everyone will think you are feminine, and you worry about what everyone will may think you are going to end up acting furtive and weird.  Not only will your reasoning be circular but your fear will become a self fulfilling prophecy, a negative feedback loop.

I don't think women ever judge if a man is masculine or feminine by their clothing, only if they might be gay or not, which is a totally diffrent subject.   If you are worried about someone thinking your suit is a little gay, don't wear a pink one with lace and ruffles.  Project your masculinity by your confidence and attitude.

I am sure there are places in the US where most of the men think any guy in a speedo is gay, but just because a lot of men think this way, don't assume the women think the same.  You are probably wrong. The men may be fearful of being thought of as a homo, and so won't admit a guy in a speedo or thong looks just fine.  On the other hand, this is not a problem for the women. 

When arguing made up numbers like 97%, it is my experience, when thonging at the beach, 97% of the people who want their photo taken with me are women, because they like a man in a thong. They would probably like it even better if I was younger, fitter, more handsome and famous, but out of all the other people on the beach, the one they want to have their photo taken with is me.  (Well not only me, the ocean, the life guards, and often the sign that says Fort Lauderdale Beach).  

On the other hand, the men seem to want a picture of themselves with the ocean, a drink or any good looking women in a thong bikini.  I think women like men in speedos and thongs almost as much as men like women in bikinis and thongs.  I am sure there are some who hate both, but maybe they just skip coming to the beach.

mack_back #9

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/26/2011 10:09:02Copy HTML

As for my experience i find it so. In maybe excluding folks who yonder into the world of nudist your seeing it through there eyes of acceptable clothing. I like to someone tell me i'm wrong and correct my thinking. Personally i don't believe it myself and feel seeing others the way they want to wear shouldn't be an issue at least for me. 
When i was in the hospital waiting in the hall i was overhearing conversation. One nurse came from vacation from Mexico with her husband. She was in the nurses office with others she was telling how her vacation went. Her most significant point and weird for me to over hear was of her husband. She told all her nurses giggling even my hubby put on a speedo, gasping for air laughing, to them as it was a big deal. For what i heard and read between the lines he most likely bought the local Joe Snyder capri rio bikini with her figuring it was a speedo.
Maybe the nurses found it a bit personal information to share and didn't hear any reaction only from the nurse who told the story. It just tells what i'm trying to say is even if you choose a bikini brief to wear with your wife, girlfriend doesn't mean they like it. Just like smoking it's your life but she may want you to quit. She felt it was funny for a guy to wear one especially her spouse and it didn't matter there because they wouldn't know anyone to get embarrassed being seen. A women in that situation wouldn't bother her if the hubby got kinky in a exotic resort of strangers they may never see ever again. Once home where friends family are around women would feel embarrassment for the husband if they were seeing him wearing skimpy swimwear as everyday thing.
So i see couples at the nude beach the guy nude, women fully dressed. So the same women may find if he wore a bikini brief at a textile beach as okay not to concerned. So a more open minded free spirit lady doesn't take offence to the look of the male body no matter what it looks like.  While if your a non nudist and seeing your husband, boyfriend in bikini that may get more attention then you like. Thus see the giggles from people she may ask you to stop and assuimulate into dork shorts for her behalf. If not the women would have to accept it just like an alcoholic if he were one.

Saying all that, back to original topic. If i wear a bikini brief one inch sides on a conservative family beach which to me is way to much fabric to wear. I get looks and attention usually bad depending on how active i'am. While if wearing a 1/4 inch rio or tiny moderate front t-back thong will people look at me the same way? Or better with the thong because i will be only person wearing it male or female thus a spectacle which some may find it intriguing or pitting me from all insults trying to cheer me up. 
stanpuppy #10

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/28/2011 01:22:09Copy HTML

From my experience...No.  Granted, neither are very common and both will (under most circumstances) get you "looks" "giggles" "comments" etc.  All the stuff we are used to from the dork shorts crowd.  That being said.  I often wear small bikinis at the jersey shore.  On occasion, I even get the nerve to walk in and out of the ocean in them.  While they will get some "looks", it is no where near as extreme as if I wore a thong.  Truthfully, I would never consider walking around in a thong in Atlantic city, ventnor, margate or Longport (note...I do thong in Longport, but only lay out...never walk around).  Even in South beach, I notice that my thong get some "wow look at that honey" type of action.  On the rare occasions when I wear a bikini in south beach, I become invisible....no reaction at all.  So....whilst I agree with the board that both get reactions markedly different from wearers of standard swim attire, the thong is still in a different class (for men) than a small bikini.   A phenomonom which (my wife contends) also exists for women in the thong vs. g-string camp.   My wife contends that G's are seen as far more risque than thongs, and she is often more comfortable in certain situations in a thong than in a G.   I'm not sure why, but then again, I have never professed to understand the female psyche
mack_back #11

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/28/2011 03:29:58Copy HTML

Thanks stanpuppy:
I to get "look at him" or "did you see that", from couples also at me when on the nude beach. Some smile some laugh nervously some just stare oddly. I suppose it's normal for what ever reason they do look. good or bad i can't tell from just there reactions or care if they are a couple. 
When a single lady walks bye me at the nude beach i always can tell if she subtly tries to check me out down below. First she walks alone faster then her group of girls she is with, ahead five to ten feet. Stops suddenly pretending looking down at her phone turning away from me and slowly in a 180 degree motion facing her pack of friends. As they approach in front of me she looks towards them facing my directions another 90 degrees and finally looks not at her friends but between my legs as i lay on my beach towel. It always gives me a chuckle when that happens. Sometimes i can overhear one of the girls asking the girl "did you get a good look", "are you disappointed" group of girls start to giggle at her.   
The Swan #12

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/29/2011 02:42:28Copy HTML

I read a study somewhere that showed about 1/3 of women like to see men in bikinis. I assume that 1/3 of the women who see you in a bikini would like it.  I don't think it matters about the size the bikini or if it is a thong. I wish I could remember wear I read that study.

mack_back #13

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/29/2011 09:20:41Copy HTML

The swan: You maybe right i'm starting to believe it a little bit. I noticed from some youtube clips of local beach's girls being interviewed  a pack of three girls, one will comment speedo's look okay, some say it's to european, while most like "board shorts for sure". The type of girls who said that like a guy in speedo swimwear at the beach, need to have a good body only to wear it. 
This 33.3% of girls who enjoy seeing a guy in bikini are usually single and bored looking at dork shorts and like the view of something different for a change. I feel once the shock of seeing the only guy at the beach in a bikini and getting eye full some will change there minds or not like it on a particular guy either to thin, to muscular, to stocky, to short etc..

Just as women have a preference of the type build a guy should have. Women like most will laugh and be amused criticizing the particular male body in a bikini. If your body doesn't coincide to there personal description of the ideal body you may face disappointment from women seeing you in a bikini. Most women i seen have a prudish look about fashion if your a guy wearing a skimpy bikini smaller then the woman looking at you, they label you as having personal problems and no shame in wearing it in public, thus the ridicule.  
So as men seam to rate women at there type of body so do women. In reality if a woman has poor genetics and her body looks odd but she stays in shape as best she can then i say she looks great. Not to be criticized or looked upon badly same goes with a man as well. Often it's not the case and people make others feel uncomfortable without them saying anything but staring with odd body language and looks that make it obvious for others to pick up.

This examples of guys in speedo type bikini swimwear which women have a hard time figuring it out as bad or good only to giggle nervously hearing what someone will else comment about.
We also know there is sometimes a big difference to what some consider a speedo or bikini or boxer brief shorts. Girls label most as speedo but in reality some are much skimpier then others thus some reject it while others feel fine looking at it depending on the size of the swimwear. If your wearing 1/4 inch bikini brief rio it may turn a lot of girls off. If you wear a boxer brief cut say 5 -6 inch wide brief they may look on it as sexy. I noticed wearing a navy blue speedo boxer brief about 8 inch wide at the hip and a young 18 year old girl  in the water told me my trunks look nice with a smile. Even in the pool she noticed me wearing such tight swimwear, what i call short shorts or boysshorts, but others say it's a speedo.
So we got to be careful when some girls say they like a guy in speedo's but there is gamut of type of swimwear you maybe describing. If the ladies say they like a guy in a bikini then we have no issue what that means. True or not? Then again my parents seen my thong straps on my hips and rear end while i was wearing cargo shorts bending down shirtless and they said shockingly, "what are you wearing, a bikini?"

I know what it's like to get mocked and commentary given to others about me with people i never had a conversation or don't know me. At my gym i see the same prudish conservative personality when i adorn my spandex shorts they find it odd and give me offensive expressions. 
stanpuppy #14

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/30/2011 01:13:58Copy HTML

I think there is a big difference between a traditional Speedo style brief and the skimpy bikinis I was referring to in my earlier post.   Even at the conservative Jersey shore, I have seen full blown speedos and square cuts on men.  While they are far from common I have seen guys pull it off.  Sad to say, but it really depends on what the guy looks like.  Last week I saw a very fit (looked to be) latin man playing quite freely in a full cut bikini suit.  He was the only one in his mixed group wearing one. There were about 3 other guys (trunks/dork shorts) and 3-4 girls (conservative bikinis).  He looked great any nobody seemed to care.   Unfortunately, I have seen other less attractive guys strut down the beach in them and people giggle, laugh or outright taunt them.  It is a sad commentary, and the board may not like it...but it is my real observation.   I have worn muscleskins bikinis in longport (which are much briefer than a full speedo....but still pretty traditional in cut) and I have had no problems.   The chatter starts when you move beyond the traditional into the skimpier, pouch enhancing or string side stuff.  Forget thongs...they are in a league of their own
shaved_thong_lover #15

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/03/2011 11:13:18Copy HTML

 i would say bin my experience no... I have gotten more women asking to take pictures or saying comments that are half sarcasm and half compliments like... you ass looks better than mine, or im jealous you can wear that, or you can get away with that... when i wear a gstringor thong... but more negative comments in bikinis.  unusualy maybe as one would think, the less coverage, the less flattering remarks.  i guess gstring and thonngs on men are so rare that women tend to think its more of a novelty or a... once in a lifetime sighting... whereas speedos and or bikinis are more common and less enjoyable to watch i guess.  today for example about five jersey girls at the pools wanted pictures, because they said i looked like a stripper... meaning the gstring i was wearing was something they might see a stripper in a club they would goto for a bachloette party.  whereas a speedo, does not have the same effect.  bottom line. my experience is better compliments or atlease less negative comments in gstrings than speedos and bikinis.
mack_back #16

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/04/2011 01:14:30Copy HTML

What type of negativity you get when in a bikini and what situation ie, location, atmosphere etc..
Your basically correct in why women like to see or want pictures when a man wears g-string or thong. It's usually like spotting a UFO and wanting proof thus taking a picture with or without your permission. Its a gag to see a man in a thong for most women who never will wear a thong.Reminds me of a youtube clip peeping thongs  hidden camera where a young women wears jeans very low exposing her pink thong. Most women who walked by her were smiling i doubt they liked it just found her looking funny. I guess same goes with a guy in a beach or pool situation.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yKIUThOCBA&playnext=1&list=PL3BEC7272B62EA4BB
I had a couple thinking the same to me stripper mentality. The women with her hubby and son were ready to leave the beach. I could hear the women telling the husband to go ahead so she can take a closer look at him (meaning me). As the man left with his son and turned around waiting for the women 100 feet away she began to stroll around my beach towel. I was on my back closed my eyes only heard someone walking around me and noticed the sun blocking me for a second. As i turned over she was walking towards her family and asking her husband he maybe a stripper. He answered "no", the boy yelled out he's wearing a european speedo! Then they left i just watched them leave laughing because i had on a black women's 1" side bikini brief lined front and back.

BorisVI #17

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/04/2011 03:51:17Copy HTML

For men, as would be expected, square cuts get somewhat less attention than traditional speedos. Going from speedos to thongs is a huge leap because bare bottomed is considered partially nude by most people. It's guaranteed that by wearing a thong, you are going to start a conversation among those around you unless you're on a nudist beach. The conversations may be about taste, your orientation or whether it should be allowed but there will be a discussion. Wearing a traditional speedo isn't going to cause a stir, but your thong certainly will. OT: Beautiful women can get by with showing a lot and over time thong bottoms have become much more common for them. Without regard to its legality, going topless for women is a major leap and will certainly garner a lot of attention much of it hostile. Beach selection can make a big difference in how your day goes.

mack_back #18

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/05/2011 01:33:37Copy HTML

Agreed wearing a thong will bring people together to start a conversation about your swimwear, good or bad but some remark will be made.

Funny thing is when others conservative prudes label thongs for men as gay. Visiting a presumed nude gay beach most if not all gay guys wear boxer brief square cut swimwear, (aussiebum) or shockingly speedo type briefs.. Rarely or ever do you see a gay guy nude or in a thong and never a g-string. 

It is so weird when i wear a bikini swimsuit to a pool people may utter gay, and i would kinda agree with that statement seeing many gay guys wear them also. If i wore a thong i just will be labeled more of a exhibitionist or people get offended of so called nudity, showing your bare ass. 
JM_Runs #19

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/05/2011 05:05:34Copy HTML

There are two legs to this problem:

(1a) You worrying about what other people think
(1b) Other people getting into your business that is none of their business

(2a) You worrying about what other people do or do-not like to see
(2b) Other people telling you what they do or do-not like to see

The first is, Will they think I am gay or will other people call me a fag?  This is about perceived sexuality.
The second is about not wanting to offend, and others taking offense at seeing buttocks.
The two distinct issues frequently get confused.

I think the same people who make an incorrect assumption about my sexuality would make the same mistake, no matter if I was wearing a thong or speedo.  I have just learned not to worry about what they are thinking.  One thing I have figured, most people are going about their own business and apart from first looking at you to figure out what you are wearing, quickly turn back to what they were doing or really interests them and are not cared either way. 

The blowhards, the ones who shout put some cloths on, they are the sort of conservative people who can't tolerate diffrences and make up excuses for their positions. Excuses like it's against the law, when commonly it's not, or there are children here, where most children, given their druthers, would rather run naked anyway.  The sort of people who want to tell you what to do, then turn round and complain about the 'goverment' telling them what to do.

Have figured out each type of complainers are going to think what they want, more or less regardless of what I wear.  So not much point dressing to please them.  However I do notice much more positive feedback when in a thong.  Lots of warm smiles, thumbs up and kind complements when wearing a thong.  I also get a few puzzled looks, and a few dirty looks too, but the positive far outweighs the negative. 

I think I look better in a thong than a bikini or speedo style, so normally wear a thong.  When I want something more conservative, for example bicycling into town to post a letter, or with friends I don't want to embarrass, I will wear a square cut.  These days, having figured out I am fine in a thong, I almost never wear anything in between.  I find swimsuits with small backs like rio cuts don't stay in place very well. I end up having to mess with the back, to adjust it. So I am happy in just a thong.

To address the question of if we get the same reaction wearing a thong or skimpy bikini, I get more reaction when wearing a thong, much more general positive support,  but also a few dirty looks and the occasional rude comment. 

This may seem counter intutive, but I think when people see a man in a thong they think "man in a thong" and process that: Their mind asks questions like is it legal, does he look good in a thong, who else is looking in my group, what are their reactions, should I point him out to the rest of my group, what will be their reactions then? etc..  These thoughts probly swirl through their mind, crowding out the question of if the man is gay or not.

With regard to the assumption of gay, I thought the following post on point, people, even conservatives, just don't publicly make an issue of it any more. 
The post is here >> http://politicalirony.com/2011/07/04/gay-and-carefree/

ExhibithisA #20

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/05/2011 09:22:11Copy HTML

All I know is I'm gonna go to Ormond Beach this Thursday, July 7, 2011 and will be wearing a g-string...couldn't care less if anyone cares or what they may think because I really like wearing them. It's particularly enjoyable to go there very early and pick a nice spot, and then wait to see who decides to come really close by to place their towel(s) down. Yes it's very much a case of exhibitionism, mixed in with a minor, but really quite obvious bisexual theme.  I think that if you have the "audacity" to wear a g-string on a public beach (lol) than you probably are very, very open-minded when it comes to your sexuality...sure hope so :)
mack_back #21

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/06/2011 03:31:14Copy HTML

All i know is when at the nude beach i feel comfortable around people. Although i get looks from couples staring chuckling at me as they walk by, talking to one another about me nodding in agreement about something. This is a bit unnerving why they would stare at me while other guys similar to me are also on the beach as well and don't notice them as much?

Even this weekend a very sexy lady with her husband and little lap dog were spread out on the shoreline beach nude all afternoon. After it was time to leave the women who looks like Rachael Welch and Isabella Rossellini started to stare over towards me and didn't stop until she walked well behind me out of sight. Only explanation i could think of was we were both tanned well and she was looking over as for comparison to her.


For the record i'm not worried as much as what people say about me. Wearing different clothing then other guys do at the gym people gave me enough grief beyond anyone's breaking point. So to infer it matters what others think or label me is beyond benign.
Only thing i want is to feel good and comfortable relaxed wherever i may roam. Want to wear without feeling uncomfortable just as few woman attire thongs. 
Most people who label themselves as normal families think thongs are for show. If a single gal wants to parade around in a thong with a pretty body such as the link above they have no problem. Once a man tries the same he is only attracting the same gender to him not the female who are shy and prudish. Thus the "normal" families think your gay and don't want to associate with the type of lifestyle or have tolerance in talking to them in any manner. So in essence your considered an outsider with just looking at you as a thonger. Most guys who i work with would say, "buddy nobody wants to see your naked ass, Nor my wife or kids, please put some pants on". This statement also goes to fat girls or older cellulite legs who parade around nobody wants to look at that.
My problem is even though your courteous and friendly people will shun you as a hobo who wears dirty smelly clothes. They may nod and be polite but are glad your gone out of there site just as you may do to a hobo on the street begging for money.
At least at a nude beach you feel there is a higher tolerance and people who do judge you aren't likely to be steady visitors there anyway only curious gawkers. Only problem is whats the point in wearing a thong at nude beach anyway? There is less selection of women to choose from and those who do come are very conservative and afraid to take it off. Lastly the stereotype of mostly gays yonder into there territory of nudism which is a falsehood but you are labeled as one by any women who walks by thus not interest in you.
So if i go to a family oriented beach meeting single ladies they will be afraid of me with my thong. Either they feel i'm to open minded and free thinking thus to over the top for there liking. That's why you see to many ladies wearing boyshorts and coverups constantly to be less noticeable to ever be critcized by anyone. Thus not being able to handle the attention the thong portrays to everyone who look. Believe me if i wore a thong and those ladies in the above link seen it they would be embarrassed to be caught talking to me or even laying down on a towel chatting, thinking its to funny in there pea brains. Only get a quick picture and move on and don't lead me on...Thinking these girls are so sexy and i might have a chance? ??? UMmm?  


ExhibithisA #22

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/06/2011 06:55:16Copy HTML

Opposition to Thongs Due to Male Inadequacy Issues? Is there any merit to this thought? I think so, but would love to read some responses to this concept.

In the USA there is such a prudish attitude at so many lakes, parks, pools, and beaches. I have wondered for a long time whether this can at least partially be attributed to male inadequacy/size issues. So many men have such issues with their...uh....shall I say (write!) little-ness that they envy and resent men who have enough to sport in public.
mack_back #23

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/06/2011 07:58:42Copy HTML

Yes and No depends on who voices there opinion. Today it's not males who are covering-up its everyone, they make you believe it's because there protecting themselves from the sun, LoL???
To be honest not a lot of guys are in shape and look pretty bad in minimal swimwear. Also women behaviour doesn't help in there reactions mixed at best. Woman tend to look and laugh, giggle, smile but men react as if there manhood is in question. Woman feel uncomfortable seeing a mans bulge openly and shy away from you. Some woman are insecure in there own bodies and wear to conservative swimwear thus can't understand why others showing there bodies off makes the look sluty thus not wanted to portray that side. 
 So ya, people are more conservative in there clothing at the beach, pool and that's a bit disappointing for everyone around. It causes avalanche of a trend which people blindly follow like herd of sheep. 
This weekend i seen on tv the local news report of my local family beach. It actually shocked me how many kids teens wear "shorts" that look as they are size way to big and go down covering your calves, unbelievable. These are no longer considered shorts but short pants or at least capri pants, don't you agree?
As for guys feeling self conscious about showing there bulge there is something to that true. If straight guys look at me they may find it looks different and worth a try but hesitate when they find there bulge disappears. Also unless you buy your clothes online or live near swimwear shops for men your out of luck owning bikini size swimwear. You can't go to Sears and buy a thong for a guy can you or even a woman.
I noticed many people seeing me in a bikini at the pool and woman tend to not look at your bulge unless your really big then there eyes tend to pop out in reaction. If your bulge is more normal size then reactions are more benign but don't make much fuss. You get more looks for the way your body looks then the bulge ie, shaven, lean muscles, tatoos, belly fat, skin color, rear end shape, confident look etc..
The size of your penis if seen is very big woman tend to laugh in disbelief. If your small or have a micro penis they feel bad for you and not look or stare taking pity on you. Personally seen and observed this on a nude beach. Men who are large don't have much luck with women tend to be alone just because the sheer fear of women not being able to take it in. So it's usually a misunderstanding among strangers men feel woman laugh at the man's bulge rather its more about how a guy looks period. Thus strange giggles from woman enter the picture men who first start wearing smaller swimwear are self conscious as well.

stanpuppy #24

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/24/2011 06:56:51Copy HTML

According to my wife .....yes.   There have been a couple times when I thought the vibe was just not right for a thong, so I went with a very skimpy muscleskins bikini that I own (poser front, 3/8in. straps, narrow pouch, and a bikini back).  Every time I have done this, she says....."if your going to wear that, you might as well wear a thong".   She probably has a point.   Once you divert from board shorts, I dont think it makes a ton of difference.  Any suit that is tight around the butt and groin area (square cut, bikini, micro bikini, or thong) and the reaction will probably be pretty close to the same.  Probably where the tipping point is, is when you get into the extreme suits (koala, dubio, baggies, etc.).   Then the extremeity of the reaction probably goes up a notch or two
mack_back #25

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/24/2011 09:02:18Copy HTML

Stanpuppy: have to disagree with you and wife on the thought of, might as well wear a thong then skimpy muscleskins bikini.Yes, reactions on the basic level are similar but once you turn around or people see your in a thong rather then bikini bottom full covered or 3/4 cut, laughter seems to erupt. More so then not peoples readily take out there camera's start to take pictures of your backside in a thong.
Wearing a small bikini at the pool gym gets reactions sure but a thong would be seen as off the charts with laughter and hysteria. Even though we attract attention to ourselves in bikini swimsuits it's far cry for most compared to a thong which many believe that is exclusively female swimsuit. Many who see bare skin on the bum will feel your naked the conservative crowd i'm talking about. Once you have some material on the rear end people may conclude your wearing a speedo that is new or european and not as shocking then a full thong.Let's face it not many men wear or are seen wearing thongs at a pool or beach or women for that matter. So people shocked expressions of the first time seeing a man in a thong is very daring and most people funny to watch.

Think about your walking down the beach the reaction is the same looking at you from the front either thong or bikini. Once people pass you they may turn around seeing what coverage you have in the back. Once they see your rear end is covered then giggles will subside little bit. If your in a thong then people will point to you more and laugh louder and longer at your swimsuit. If they follow you from the back people may find it funny less shocking then hey, look OMG it's a thong attitude with gasping for air to laughter.   
Many may find a thong obscene and look away in disgust or confused looks if there polite folks. While wearing a small skimpy bikini other people laughing, may find other strangers defending you saying what's the big deal he's wearing a speedo on the beach. People may seen guys wear skimpy bikini bottoms before and think your diver or european that isn't accustomed knowing the culture of western beach clothing yet. Plus you probably most likely to see another man in a brief speedo larger then you wear but nonetheless similar swimsuits others may compare you to.
Again. laughter is laughter so what's the difference like i wrote earlier people will take out there camera's to get a photo of you in a thong while in a bikini not so much or at all. Sometimes it all depends on the opinions and attitudes maturity of people your surrounded with. You and wife may think what the hell and if you don't care of other peoples opinions then wear the thong always.
sailor250 #26

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/24/2011 09:32:37Copy HTML

Yes the reaction from most Americans is the same for bikini or thong on a man.  Just look at the press reports or even blog reports of "man in a thong"- and it's just a bikini!!  Even places like Flickr are loaded with "thong" images of guys in bikinis- anything not covering your knees is in the same category.

Hey we should just run with this- makes no difference to some!
thong_jock #27

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/24/2011 09:58:27Copy HTML

 Not sure about reactions, but I feel far less exposed in a bikini. Since switching to thongs I've found that I feel overdressed in the skimpiest of bikinis when tanning. I've been on beaches where I am the only guy in a brief and have worn a posing bikini suit, without feeling exposed but would never feel comfortable in a thong in the same situation. I've never experienced laughter from others while in my thongs, but I did get some young dude with a couple buddies yell at me when out running in my tights, "NICE SPANDEX, FAGGOT!" I turned in his direction and grabbed my bulge and yelled back, "Get a good look, Faggot?"


I'm 6' 200lbs of muscle and have a red belt in martial arts. Look forward to the day when some dumb ass tries to gay bash me. Bring it on! LOL!

stanpuppy #28

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/24/2011 10:14:08Copy HTML

mack back....your probably right, once you presented it that way.  I guess where my wife was coming from was.....you are going to get looks, laughter, pointing, talking under the breath, etc, whenever you are not wearing a conservative swim suit.   I feel the same way as thong jock...i.e far less exposed in a a bikini.   If you want the details of the most recent experience, we tried Spring Lake beach in NJ.  We had never been there before and wanted to check it out.  I brought a muscleskins poser thong (which i wore under my shorts) and the muscleskins bikini mentioned above.  Wife didnt even attempt to thong and only brought one of her mommy bikinis.  Before we even parked the car, I knew the thong was not going to cut it, so I switched to the bikini even before we got on the beach.  I have to tell you...I think I was the only guy on the beach who did not have trunks down to his knees!!!.   Dont get me wrong....people definately noticed my suit (ed. note...I only wore it on the towel.  To walk around and go in the water I put a Tulio red squarecut over it).  Wife heard a group of girls talking about me, and one women actually moved her chair when i stripped down to my micro.   In spite of all that...I had no issue whatsoever laying out in that suit.  But...and I am being completely honest here....no way would I have been able to do it in a thong!!.  I dont know if you have ever been to NJ, but you know the reputation.  I honestly think, had i worn the thong, that someone would have complained to the lifeguards and I would have been asked to change (thats how conservative this beach was).  

So...I guess I was wrong on the specifics of my earlier thoughts.  I guess my main point is.....if you ain't in dork shorts...your going to get noticed....at least in NJ!!!!
mack_back #29

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/25/2011 03:13:05Copy HTML

stanpuppy: Don't believe i'm right but what you described in your beach visit was the problem. Beach like you went to is prudish in nature and so to are the people who go to it. These same people wouldn't go to a clothing optional beach only because they find nude people walking around relaxed disgusting or not appropriate to do so in public for everyone can see. These prudes like to mock people like us when we attire different swimwear sort of way to discourage us away.

That's why i always wonder if wearing a thong would be that shocking to people in a relaxed laid back beach setting then wearing a bikini bottom. If you think about it many who disapprove or chuckle at a man's bikini will think or say it looks feminine so if you thong what's the difference. Same thing happens when i wear women tights or men's tights both are unisex but people perceive one gender should wear it while the other not or at least be looked upon as girly or feminine.

Laying on a towel isn't way to enjoy yourself at the beach and a great way to stay low on the radar for people to notice your not around. Found this when i first tried nudist beaches never got off the towel or stood up for anyone to see me nude unless they walked by next to me. I even put my clothes on and off when laying down. 
Believe me i know what you went through at NJ beach because of the type of impolite people and immaturity they drag along with. That is why i prefer to stay home knowing it's a beautiful day sun is shining but going to a beach with pants isn't my preference for a good time sharing it with prudish people. How many times have i declined invitations to Clearwater beach because of the same reason stanpuppy explained in his encounter at NJ.

Thanks to this board giving us the heads up on places friendly to thong or not and not wasting time at bad beaches and forgettable memories. So forth i only go to my clothing optional beach sunbathing nude in a relaxed comfortable accepting place, thus i need not to thong but have the option if i wanted to. Only if i could find a place in the Caribbean to visit with like minded folk who don't judge people bodies or clothes we adorn?
1Tinysuit #30

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/25/2011 03:52:32Copy HTML

Both of you guys bring up good points but I would have to tend to agree with Stanpuppy on this one. He clearly is right when he says that if you are not wear board shorts you are seen as an outcast or an outsider. Even if you are wearing a square cut, people call it a speedo and it is totally out of the norm.  Have been to the beach wearing a skimpy rio cut from skinz and have over heard people comment about "that guy" wearing a thong. You would be surprised at how many people dont know the differnet types of cuts and assume if its spandex its a speedo or a thong. 

 Now at the same time I do agree with Mack in the sense that I feel more covered up at tradional beaches and pools when i am wearing a rio as opposed to a thong. But my wife also always says that I might as well wear a thong if i am going to wear a "Rio" cut suit so I guess most people have that type of thinking.
mack_back #31

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/25/2011 07:10:14Copy HTML

Stanpuppy is right when dork pants are the norm at beaches and pools. Find only people do know the difference between a thong and bikini swimsuit rio, or 3/4 cut back and square cut. 
I've worn speedo square cut swimwear at a outdoor pool found lifeguards male disapprove at my attire giving me a grimacing stare. Found women tend to like my swimsuit and compliment it saying, like your swimsuit. I know i can wear it anywhere beach pool and not feel i'm getting stares or laughed at. Once i don my Skinz traditional rio people start to think or laugh it's not something they see often. Although my skinz rio has wider sides then my skinny side Skinz rio but the same reactions are directed at me.

Often i roll my rio skinz bikini in the back to a thong and reactions from people are same as wearing a posing bikini swimsuit. Only problem was i never walked around with my rio suits in thong configuration. If i went into the water i came out had some back coverage. Found some chinese older ladies started to laugh at me seeing me all wet and my bulge defined in my M53 rio swimsuit. Wearing my skinz rio M53 had young boys commenting to one another beside me that a man shouldn't wear women's bikini bottoms, it's not right! So after hearing comments and looks i decided to wear Skinz M29 rio thinking why should i get larger tanlines wearing my m23 rio if the same reactions will happen in my new skinny side rio bikini swimsuit.Wearing my skinz rio M23 never leaving laying on my towel but did roll it into a t-back thong found young women smiling playing frisbee looking at me while i was on my stomach. Yet, i never worn the rio again since i visit nude beaches but found it interesting that nobody took photos or cared to much.
Although i do find skinny side skinz rio looks feminine because the side straps are thin like most women's bikini's thus it looks odd to see a man wear it. So yes, you might as well wear a thong if the beach atmosphere isn't to negative and try to enjoy the day as best you can.

Again, i ask what is the judgement of finding the right vibe at the beach or pool to wear a thong or stay clear and not even dare?After a couple years of never going to the family beach i frequented, i stopped by on my bike taking a look if it had changed with people. I must say it was lot more crowded then i ever seen before. It had a 10:1 ratio of women to men and most were young teens or young adults. Many women were wearing bikini's but none had on rio's or even a thong. Some older women who had nice tans wore conservative bikini's hardly any string ties at all. As i setup at the beach i wore my skinz rio m29 under my bike tight shorts. Noticed as i started to eat my lunch women laughed looking that i had tight spandex shorts on. I decided not to take them off because of the reaction of my shorts. Knowing full well my rio swimsuit was smaller then any women wearing bikini surrounding me. If i decided to wear my rio alone many would be laughing towards me as i would almost certainly notice each group commenting at my daring swimwear.So sometimes it's a judgement call knowing what you can wear around people that can have the maturity to handle your thong , rio swimwear.
tanlines2thin #32

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/26/2011 10:52:44Copy HTML

i gotta put my two cents in on this.....let's face it, general society ain't never gonna give a guy in a thong a green light......there are 50 plus years of social conditioning built into regular people's brains that says, only women wear skimpy swim or sun suits, and it's just that simple.......in the years that i've been a show-off tan-aholic, i've never had any real conflict or sarcasm from anyone.......of course, i don't go to chain hotel pools or the large general population type beaches, either, because i know damn well that my kind of sexy swimsuit is gonna go over like a lead balloon........consequently, i go to the smaller, less populated beaches and hotels, and i have never had a real problem......

my kind of swimsuit is as skimpy as it gets.......i am a strict g-stringer with the smallest pouches i can find.......that being said, my priority is getting the most complete suntan that i can......i'm not out to attract attention from anyone, so i basically pitch my beach camp a discreet distance from the regular jane and joe's, and i've been cool for years........even when the dork short possee walks past me, they're even afraid to look, and that's fine with me........
ukessexbob #33

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/26/2011 03:38:39Copy HTML

I notice all the postings here are from the USA. Seems to me that 95% of the population there needs some kind of therapy if they find men in Speedo style or less a 'problem'. I know ladies here in the UK who think fat, overweight, lilly white homophobic americans gross. So there !! So all you fit guys in the states, keep thonging, us here in the UK are with you!
ShadowT #34

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/26/2011 07:58:12Copy HTML

I'm from a very conservative area and I don't think "banana hammocks" and thongs are in the same category.  It of course depends on the bikini or thong.  At the gym, nobody is phased by men wearing standard bikinis from Speedo, Tyr, etc... A bulge enhancing bikini, or possibly one that is unlined, is different.  Either is going to be viewed differently in a recreational setting, but I don't think the athletic suits are ever inappropriate, whereas other bikinis most certainly can be.  Two suits could bare the same amount of skin and one still be infinitely more revealing than the other. 

I don't have a lot of experience to base any of this on, but I really feel that a thong or g-string much more easily, and more often, crosses the line of inappropriate.  Even one fully lined in the front isn't going to be well accepted in a great many locales that have families around.
mack_back #35

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/26/2011 11:00:49Copy HTML

Doesn't matter what part of opinions people label themselves conservative, liberal people are people and have opinions on how to attire oneself to a beach or pool.
Reading this post i understand some liberal thong wearing females find men in bulge thong to much and offensive as the ordinary conservative strong willed women do.
Men can't win wearing bikini swimsuit or thong. For example if a man decides to shave his body hair women dislike him for looking to feminine and not looking manly enough, gross or disgusting and laughed at. If a man keeps his body hair and wears a bikini brief women find him disgusting making fun of him not knowing where his pubic hair stops or his stomach, leg, hair start, calling him an ape, laughing.

When i wore a tight fitting knee high swimsuit, women at a pool pointed me out smiling, giggling look at that guy in his tight shorts, laugh..laugh.. Even some female lifeguards mumbled to themselves as i rested along inside the pool edge, saying something like "come on, come on, move would ja already".. in order to get a better view of me in my swimsuit. Sort of liking the view they never seen guy wear clothes like me before. So men wearing one inch side bikini swimsuits or smaller will get the stink eye from most women and all men. Usually female bikini's women tend to wear are much larger almost like a male 2" side speedo with full back bottom. Seeing a guy in tiny swimsuits at the gym pool like me gets women staring or ignoring me because they find it uncomfortable to look at or offensive, yet legal for me to wear. So complaining to staff at the gym would be ignored of my bikini swimsuit but slightly comparable to speedo 2 or 4 inch side briefs that rarely occasionally man may wear time to time. Although people leave me alone it does come with a price of ignoring me or laughing labeling me as gay or perv and not being friendly or cordial.

There is a big difference to a conservative speedo or TYR swimsuit and a posing bikini or 3/4 or 1 inch side bikini which i wear at the pool. People stare if they see me for the first time and do notice what my back coverage is mostly 3/4 cut back. As long as your bulge is showing people are going to stare some subtle then others but do look and the opinions vary to degree. Just like the girls seeing me in long tight swimsuit shorts or square cut  boxer briefs swimsuit and bikini everyone has opinion what is decent or out of ordinary and just perverse. Sometimes women don't have an opinion saying there not sure, if your scary or funny or both. 

thong_jock #36

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/27/2011 05:22:18Copy HTML

 I think it all comes down to the fact that most people are scared of dicks.
mack_back #37

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Thongjock very nice concise and poignant like that.In reality people fear men who dare to show there bulge. Either people think your insane or don't care how your perceived. So many people stay clear of guy in a thong or bikini just to be safe. Ever notice pictures on flickr guy laying on the beach and within 50 feet nobody is around him and everyone is crowded together but not around a guy in a thong.Being feared is better then being loved. I guess nobody will crowd around thong guy at a beach in this region of the world.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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let's face it......we're just like the suits we wear......we're extremists and minimalists......why in the world should we even care about social acceptance from a society that is all about off-the-rack, ask-no-questions conformity and gluttony.....ya think a thong gives the average jane and joes the shakes, try slipping into a slingshot and hitting the beach or the fitness pool / hot tub........remember, we're all about our own soulful gratification, and nowadays, who isn't?......screw the social validation garbage.......society is the real freak-show mess, anyway.......i go outta my way to be discreet and considerate of others, but when it comes to my own intimate preferences, what ya see is what ya get, and ya get to see everything but the money jewels........dems da breaks........others can live their hypocrasy.......not me....  
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Mack_back, your comments about Flickr pix showing thongguys on busy beaches surrounded by islands of sand reminds me of my experience on a busy city beach here along the Connecticut shore a few years back, an instance that shows it doesn't always work out that way.

One of my favorite triathlons is at this beach in mid-July every year, and I've been racing it for years.  After one race early on I screwed up the courage to ask a lifeguard if thongs were allowed there.  She replied, "sure, as long as the necessary parts are covered!"  So I donned a fairly moderate thong under my boardies and headed down toward the less populated end of the beach, passing a lovely young lady along the way face down on her towel wearing just a white g-string bottom, the top straps unhooked for better sunning.  'Wow, guess I'm in the right place!'  (Her boyfriend was in boardshorts, of course.)  

So I set up a bit beyond, close to a lifeguard tower, dropped my boardies, and settled in.  A few stares, but no comments and no hassling.  After a while I thought, 'Hmmm . . . . she had a g-string on; do you suppose . . . . ?'  So back to the change rooms to don my tan-thru sliding g.  Again no comments or hassling, though I did hear a loud "Ohmigod!" once when emerging from the water.  

So after races now I string there for the rest of the day, though right after the race finishes and before awards, I wear a thong at the end of the beach that will become crowded later in the day, among the other athletes cooling off and stretching.  Only good comments and friendly conversations.

One year I decided to stay there in my thong at the busy end of the beach as the crowds grew thru the day.  Did they ever.  Groups were 5-10 feet apart.  And I was in no island of sand, but just as cheek-by-jowl as everybody else.  A few pictures were snuck, and I had some friendly chatting, like when a kid returned with an ice-cream cone.  I inquired where he got it, "back at the concession stand", so I headed back, wending my way thru the crowd, in my thong with cash in hand, went inside, waited my turn, and got my ice cream cone.

Okay, I proved to myself I could do it, and the public's reaction was very civilized.  But I wouldn't dream of trying the same thing in just the g-string.  Too exposed in close quarters.  

And I probably won't do the thong trick again since I'm growing more conservative and prefer to keep a lower profile, not get in people's faces.  I don't hide away, but choose a stretch of beach where folks are more spread out, then spend my day like everyone else, acting with self-confidence and an air of casual non-chalance.  This is whether in a string or a thong, though if I've decided a thong is more appropriate, I'm comfortable closer to other folks.  I always say with a string your starting point is naked, then adding just enough coverage to be legal and decent, while a thong is more like a regular speedo, but cut down somewhat making it mildly risque.

Oh, skimpy bikinis, the other subject of this thread.  I don't do rios, but like low-rise, full-coverage suits that are just 1" over the hip.  I wear them anywhere and get no negative reactions, at least not overt.  Even raced triathlons thusly clad.  Thongs get a more negative reaction than bikinis, but good judgment should be exercised with both.  I must be calling the shots right, for I rarely suffer any catcalls or hassles.  But to answer the question, no, we don't get the same reaction wearing a thong vs. a skimpy bikini, though I can see how rios might be closer to a thong's reaction than my full-coverage low-rise bikinis.  To each his own.      
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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SlidingG funny comments made to guy in a thong with island of sand to himself on flickr. Women responded that a man changed to a different thong twice. 
Obviously you tend to get less remarks in your thong then a younger guy. Sometimes people who don't know me think I'm European and don't know the etiquette or fashion sense most guys wear. Had older lady on nude beach having discussions about me then asking if I was from here or can I understand English. When people see a younger man in bikini or tights and thong they think I'm immigrant or odd and weird. No western young  man dares to wear what I do. Some guys who I blog to are perplexed that I wear such euro style tight skimpy clothing bikini's. Even had a sales guy in a store start to tell me running tights isn't what you wear to a gym in the western world. He then stopped himself trying to explain why then left me be shaking his head I bought the tights anyway.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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I try to wear a thing to the beach / pool as often as I can.   Some days and places a thong isn't the best choice and that's when I'll wear a rio style suit.  The cut of a rio suit is skimpier than a regular bikini and more coverage than a thong.  Like some of the other posters have said you do still get a reaction from other people but as long as you're comfortable with what you are wearing then it's no big deal. 
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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with 80 percent of the population running around in public in dirty, oversized sweat clothes and t-shirts with dime-store comments on them, no member of society has any right to wise-crack or throw a stink eye to a fit or semi-fit guy in a thong or tights......give 'em the look that tell 'em to go suck an egg
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 I disagree. I think everyone should be able to express their opinions. It shouldn't matter what they are wearing.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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I dont know if this is related, or should be placed in another thread, but environmental/cultural factors do seem to matter.  One time last summer wife and I were with her parents at Ventnor beach in atlantic city.  The beach is nothing but old (and I mean old) tenents of the local summer homes, most of whom have been coming there for decades.  There is never any "scenery" there, so I never even bother to look.  One day, out of nowhere I saw these two very attractive (obviously south american) girls in the water.   The one was wearing the skimpiest suit I had ever seen at Ventnor (not a thong, but a small rio suit).  Her friend had an equally skimpy top and booty shorts on.  When they got out of the water and went back to there towels, booty shorts girl took off her shorts to reveal a tiny RED G-STRING bottom (that matched her top).  She layed out on her stomach with her G exposed to everyone.  I would have thought this would have caused a major shock, and I think it would have had the party been a local or otherwise indigenous species. However, since these girls looked straight out of a south american fashion magazine, nobody really even stirred.  I think the prevaliing thought was ....OH, they are from some exotic locale where these types of suits are normal.  No big deal.  It is why I have heard stories (and seen photos) of south american girls walking around the disney water parks  in fla in g-strings and thongs.  I think people accept the cultural aspects when evaluating the situation.  Certain cultures (mostly European) are associated with toplessness (for women) and speedo wearing (for men).  They seem to be given a little more leeway by Americans than a native american who is doing/wearing precisely the same.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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As far as people wearing baggy clothes and a commercial T-shirt not all of them comment or stare at me wearing thongs or tights there are people who wear tights that snub there noses as well. 

Had this past week couples coming into the gym usually a sexy women in tights stare with her chin up, jaw slightly ajar, with a slight smirk staring at me what on earth am i wearing in disbelief. Being only guy wearing tights looks odd, to many women laughing with her boyfriend or husband, comments being made about me wearing running tights similar to her. As i give the women the evil eye stare back, looking at her smiling face towards me perceiving i look funny or to feminine in wearing tights. She then begins to almost think i'm going to ask her out or propose marriage, making her laugh even more, then she kisses her hubby or boyfriend in front of me thinking i will get the message. Seams to me odd behavior, with women thinking there the only exclusive license of having rights allowing them to wear tights or tiny bikini bottoms. While few women beside me working out wear tights as well and the couple don't bat an eye or comment upon them but focusing there attention to my clothes.

Find people kinda prejudice on what clothing males can wear on the beach, gym, pool and street. If i wear tight jeans comments are being made and opinions almost always negative same as in tights, bikini bottoms and thongs. While women wear leggings without a tunic or long shirt on the street, nobody bats an eye or laughs comments why she wears them. Only time i notice women get stares or smirks from others is when she is overweight and they tend to be polite not looking her direction. As people pass by each other or others accidentally see them in tights they tend to smirk to a friend in laughter at the fat female. So the same reaction happens to men in clothes i describe earlier no matter how buff a man looks many dislike the attire showing emotion of laughter or pity. People can't help it not expressing there opinions and laying judgments towards others. If only people can simply live with one commandment in life is not judge others so they maybe judged also.

As it makes me angry knowing others are laughing at me wearing what i choose i never seem to find anything funny to laugh at them being they wear lot of loose clothes covering themselves for a reason.It's easy to ridicule others about there bodies today laughing and snicker when you know your in shape and there not. So it's easier to take peoples negative comments in stride knowing they have issues with there bodies. Just today i was at the gym seen a very cute younger women with a french accent attired in conservative loose clothing working out with her boyfriend (looked as old as her dad) seen her regularly, as she was walking behind me putting away weights. As i seen the mirror reflections of her reaction to me was of a smirk holding back a louder laugh thinking i may look funny even though she seen me many times before. It boggles my mind knowing this cute women has to react outwardly looking at my backside thinking it was so amusing to her. Find this behavior ranks the same as if she laughed at or smirked at a midget or disabled person, very shameful behavior. Even sexually charged males wouldn't react outwardly what she did if they walked behind a female with a tight body very immature behavior and impolite. Hard for me to ignore and feel comfortable around strangers knowing i bring them amusement in my attire.

As far as cultural differences i can't see how someone can tell if people are from Germany or your neighbor? Unless you get to talk to them or notice them chatting with others in another language you can make assumptions but usually are wrong. While stanpuppy story about the women in the booty shorts wearing it in the water but later taking it off to tan shows there is a bit hesitation on the women's part wearing g-string openly and nothing to do with cultural beliefs. People can't tell difference if your wearing a conservative bikini laying on your back or g-string unless you stand up walk around so people tend to notice you more. If she wore her g-string flaunting herself you can be sure people would give the same reaction if there born here or live in Brazil.You can assume two things people seen wearing thongs bikini's, tights will always be criticized and if people leave you alone or don't react to your wardrobe they envy you and how you look.  
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 Check this out.  This past summer at Barton Springs in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas...  I came at mid-day and found a parking space nearly in front of the entrance.  I payed my $3 and strolled into the men's dressing room.  A huge open uncovered area that has kiosk type public showers (much like a high school or college locker room) and changed out of my walking shorts into a new Dore 3D G-string with an open (delta) triangle thong back.  Then I put on a Waveline speedo over it.  I walked around the huge east end of the damned up river that constitutes the Barton Springs swimming pool  The pool is 1000 ft long (that is right 1000 ft (aprox. 320 m) long!!! and 75 feet wide)) and up the concrete stairs to the southeast corner of the (6 ft. tall fence enclosed) grassy lawn under huge pecan trees.  I chilled for a while reading a book then slipped out of my Waveline speedo suit.  It must have got a reaction from the people behind where I had laid my huge beach towel that I chilled out on that hot summer afternoon.  That Dore 3D G-string is legal to wear at Barton Springs pool!  In fact it is legal in Austin, TX at Barton Springs pool for women to enjoy their time there topless.  There are usually a lot of young University of Texas students, local mothers with their kids and single visitors.  There was a +65 year old man who wears a black G-string in a very open sunny area of the huge lawn/sloped hillside that never covers his bum and no one ever says a thing to him  He has been a local fixture there since the beginning of time.  I did not venture down to the pool until later in the evening.  By the way Barton Springs Pool is open until 10 p.m. year around.  For $3 per person that is a great alternative for people who do not have access to a swimming pool and who want to socialize in whatever thongs they can squeeze themselves into.  Next year I will push the limit and wear a variety of small G-strings there as well as strolling down the hillside and driving into the pool.  I hope to have a great year at Barton Springs this next spring and summer seasons!
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 I've been fortunate to not ever hear anything negative but I'm sure there has been plenty said behind my back. I don't know nor do I care. I bust my ass 5-6 days a week in the gym and am really fit, so the only things I've heard are whistles and shout outs in the positive. :-) I have heard kids say dumb stuff like "speedo man" when I go to swim laps...I wear a solar speedo usually. I just ignore it. Negative comments stem from the commentor's own insecurities. Everything you read on beach fashion for men rants about how horrible speedos are on men, let alone thongs and I say everyone is entitled to their opinion. My outlook is to wear thongs and brief swimwear, I personally need to be in top shape. Nothing against overweight dudes in skimpy suits, but I personally don't want to be known as the 'fat guy in the thong", nor do I find the look particularly attractive or sexy, but everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions and freedoms.  :-)
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 Yes I would agree that in a speedo solor like i wear to swim there may be some remarks i even swim in a thong every sunday for 2 years. Im in very excellent shape to.  I find my dressing this way maybe could change peoples sterotyps and insecurites that are very obvious to us self aware confident people.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 This summer I went with a friend his gf and his mother to the beach. He wore very short shorts and I wore my red MS briefs, I wore less fabric than his gf (see picture in my gallery). On our way to the beach they didn´t know that I had my MS underneath. This was the first time we went to this beach here in Sweden. The weather was perfect and the beach is one of the bests in Sweden, it was like being abroad. So I thought to myself what the heck and I decided to take my board shorts off and enjoy my time on the beach. I friend laughed a bit and made a comment about my "speedos", but its all about psychology. So if I show them that I don´t care about their opinion they well feel that and stop acting and making comments. So I went on wearing my MS´s and we build sand castles and had fun at the beach. I even got them to take some photos so I could post it here!
During the day at the beach some people passed by and they did probably comment my choice of swimwear but nothing I heard. A man in a thong passed by and I couldn´t stop myself. I took a photo of him without asking. The result you can see in my gallery. Was this right of me?
But the most interesting thing about this trip to the beach is the fact that my friend and his mother still comment on my muscleskins, which I think is funny. My friend even told two of my other friends about my swimwear and they laughed. But I told them that I have no reason to hide my body behind some board shorts. 
Like thong_jock I do also work out a lot (CrossFit 5x week) and try to eat proper food. And one reason I started to work out for about 3 years ago was because I wanted to look good naked, you can judge me by my pictures.
mack_back #50

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Barelycovered glad you had the guts to wear red MS bikini and you look similar to me maybe taller and better body semetry then me. Nothing you should feel embarrassed about wearing what I call a conservative bikini. Know the feeling about wearing a bikini smaller then your friends girlfriend. Kind of shows me women tend to be prudish in there beach wear. Couple questions, what was the girlfriends mother reaction when you took the dork shorts off, you must of looked for there approval or stares? What does the women say or commenting after the fact, will they invite you ever again knowing what you wear.I'm in the same boat as you going on vacation and want to wear a thong but at the beach they don't allow it. Wearing my skimpy bikini around family they freak out when I wear short shorts calling me odd or gay to wear it giving me rolling eyes glare that am I normal or insane. So for me to wear bikini like yours will get comments and embarrassment people I'm with, despite my attitude of what's wrong with it! So I decided not to go with the group similar to yours on vacation knowing I will be nagged endlessly to wear dork shorts.Last thing I want is large bikini tan lines that will look stupid on the nude beach when i go to, in the summer months alone.
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