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JM_Runs #451

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/27/2018 06:31:07Copy HTML

 Good question:  Sometimes it is easy to skip into a bit of Male Misogyny without realizing it.  
Sometimes what might make sense verbally comes out different in print without the nuance of inflection.

When directly replying to someone's comment you have to assume they will consider your reply directed at them.  I recently had a private email with a women from this board who was relaying conversations with other women about the level of misogyny on this board.  This is a good example: 

The discussion was about some men who were being pests on the beach. Men who think a women wearing a thong is a personal invitation to random men to come over and introduce themselves, and  about younger men being more thong tolerant than the 30 to  45.  

It was NOT about women introducing themselves. Nor about women being pests on the beach by not leaving the men alone, or not getting the hint to bugger off.   In this context she mentioned that some men in the 30 to 45 year range were  in their prime ass$ole years. 

" Oh, my, a women as said some men might be ass$holes on the beach, let me jump in and respond by pointing some women of a certain age group, (and possibly the same age as the women who posted), are ass$holes too  !!!  "  

See the discussion was NOT about if some women are pestering men in thongs on the beach. Nor was it about women drivers, or any other part of life where you think women might be inferior.  

As a man who wears thongs on the beach as much or more than anyone, I can say women pestering men in thongs is NOT a thing.  

There is not a stream of women walking over to try and make small talk with guys in thongs, or play close ball games where they repeatedly 'accidently' land their football by my towel. 

While a few women might find an excuse to walk by and check me out, 'while collecting shells', or casually be at the shower at the same time, this is not the same at all. There is NOT a problem with men in thongs being pestered by women. 

So in that context, how are the 45+ women being as$holes on the beach? 

Or was it just that your male ego saw a female saying some men, in that specific situation, are more likely to be as$holes: So you took this as an attack on all men in general? 
Then had to respond by pointing out some age groups of women are as$holes too.  What? Did they cut you off in line at the grocery store and you have been bitter ever since?  
Grabeach #452

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/27/2018 08:36:25Copy HTML

JM; Okay with your post up until the last paragraph which was somewhat inflammatory. The last line in particular was very personal and had zero to do with anything. Not something I would expect from the moderator. Indeed, if someone else had said it, you probably would have edited it out.
JM_Runs #453

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/27/2018 09:53:03Copy HTML

That is true, the last paragraph is a little inflammatory, for one with soft skin. I thought about that.

However, it maybe appropriate when discussing the casual, groundless and possibly thoughtless misogyny. 
mack_back #454

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/27/2018 09:57:22Copy HTML

jm makes a clear point not every woman only some can be nuisance. I’ve been harassed lot more then our lady thongers posting there reply of some football jocks. My analogy of a likeness to a school boys tugging at there hair of a girl, socially inept. 

While males never insulted the female in the group a lot can be said about woman who disagree with my choice of beach attire or appearance. Even my appearance was criticized on the beach by woman stemming from anger or jealousy. When I keep to myself on the beach some find it difficult to accept provoking me with insults.  Any type of female can make it horrible for a thonging male to be left alone or accepted on a beach. Remarks of assumed labels, insults, inflammatory chatter, even threats of assault, directed upon me once from a group of mid thirties females on the beach.  Not to mention the inherent picture, video taking of me yet denying doing so. 

When I read woman pose no threats or harm as stated earlier I have to respectfully disagree out of sheer experience. Woman, men are all the same they can be just as aggressive and stupid. In fact straight men like myself  have it worse. Attacks come from both females or advances from gay males.  

At least I can cope with it not ruining my day unlike some running away from the offenders. Real mature person can handle problems it’s on how you deal with it that matters. 

stringster #455

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/28/2018 03:42:46Copy HTML

Woah, to be honest I didn't expect this kind of reply JM_Runs. A small part of me thought you would've seen the hypocrisy in your editing but now I've received a reply that is up there with the level of censorship from a male feminist when challenged with a differing opinion.

The reason I say that is because I'm now shocked that you would label me as a misogynist, and having a 'male ego', completely oblivious to the misandristic comment that instigated my comment, which is just as valid (albeit ridiculous) as the one that preceded it.

I'll just clarify that I didn't take her comment into context with the rest of the thread, because it is a very general comment and didn't appear to be in the context of the discussion topic, but rather her experience with kids on Sunday (I'm honestly surprised she didn't at least have a few disrespectful teenagers, because they can be even worse than adults now due to virtual impunity). She also mentions in another thread that there was no issues on this day, so it had to be a general comment. If it was part of this thread, as I mentioned already, stereotyping is wrong and the general stereotype applied to a single gender age group is not entirely accurate either.

I honestly don't know what you have discussed in your private email, but it's obvious that the male to female ratio on this board is 1000:1, and with my experience on internet forums and social media people will always disagree, get into arguments and eventually get banned/kicked from groups or just blocked by individual users (I think it's the cowards way out). I've noticed that (as in society) there is always protection given (and far more complaints received) whenever a female is questioned or criticized. My thoughts on the reasoning behind this are way off-topic, but yes, there is a hypocrisy problem in the world with minorities and majorities to the point that there is even more hypocrisy in comparison with choice of swimsuit/underwear attire. If popular opinion had it's way, this board would be shutdown and thong swimwear would be made illegal. Oh wait, it already is, in so many places around the world. Even when it is legal, it's still shunned and people are ridiculed. Wait, let me correct that, males are ridiculed far more than females. FACT. Women definitely get sleazed on and that's unnacceptable, but it's something women have had to deal with for centuries, and sometimes males have to deal with it too.

"...The discussion was about some men who were being pests on the beach. Men who think a women wearing a thong is a personal invitation to random men to come over and introduce themselves, and  about younger men being more thong tolerant than the 30 to  45.  ...."
I can absolutely say with confidence, that 'younger men' are not necessarily more tolerant than the 30-45 age group (why is 45+ exempt then?). I regularly hang out with men and women from the 18-35 age group (specifically when I travel) and there's just as much intolerance and hypocrisy in that demographic (millenials) than many perhaps realise. Everyone is different though, and I find it's far better to look at the INDIVIDUAL rather than the age group.

" Oh, my, a women as said some men might be ass$holes on the beach, let me jump in and respond by pointing some women of a certain age group, (and possibly the same age as the women who posted), are ass$holes too  !!!  "In your misquoting you have deliberately left out the age group specifics and the fact that the user in question, appears to be born in 1978, making her 40 and not 45+. The same thing can be said for the user's original post "she jumped in and immediately branded all men in the under 30-45+ group as being a$$holes." Why ignore the venom from the original post?

"...As a man who wears thongs on the beach as much or more than anyone, I can say women pestering men in thongs is NOT a thing. ..."This really depends on where you are in the world and what your definition if pestering is. Whistles, cat calls, prolonged staring, photos without consent and general ridicule is not all that different. It is also a fairly blanket statement and I wouldn't say that pestering women in thongs is a 'thing' either, it's just a certain demographic of people that do it (and it's not necessarily related to age, but can be related to hormones and underlying mental illness). It's funny because when it is welcomed, or if the female finds the male attractive it's OK, and no longer defined as pestering, but if the woman is not interested then merely trying to start a conversation is pestering. Both men and women have different tolerance levels, which is where I was going with the comment you deleted. In my personal experience, and in general life situations, 45+ or 50+ seems to be the point where women tend to become far more neurotic than at a younger age. Anxiety and a sense of control seem to take over (whether this is related to hormones or not is another question). People tend to lose their nerve as they get older and it's all tied in with mental health. Men are far more direct in nature and women tend to manipulate and scheme in a less direct manner in order to get 'their way'. Again, going way off-topic, but the damage that can done by both genders is equally as destructive.

"...While a few women might find an excuse to walk by and check me out, 'while collecting shells', or casually be at the shower at the same time, this is not the same at all. There is NOT a problem with men in thongs being pestered by women...."I disagree, I've seen plenty of instagram and facebook posts where women get close to males sunbaking in a thong to get that selfie. They don't necessarily want their attention but they do want to ridicule someone for their swimsuit attire (and will do it in a less direct manner, later on perhaps over facebook and instagram). In the meantime, they are OK to wear cheeky bikinis or thong swimwear. It's hypocrisy plain and simple. But I do agree that obvious harassment is not ok from either gender. Throwing a frisbee repeatedly to attract attention is stupid, but there was definitely a time when women 'dealt with' this kind of behaviour differently. I think as a society in general (in most western countries) certain movements are trying to teach that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable but at the same time not teaching women 'how to deal with it' when it does happen. There is no overlap between the two and you end up sh!t creek because some people can't and don't know what to do, and just end up inccessantly complaining about every little thing that bothers them, and find comfort among others that also just like to complain about everything in life. This quickly escalates into stereotyping and as long as they can fit into some category age/gender/race - a new 'movement' is born.

"...So in that context, how are the 45+ women being as$holes on the beach? ..."My comment wasn't in the context of women at the beach, and as mentioned, some men are more direct in their approach whether good or bad. Women are typically less direct, and sometimes even shy and less confronting as a gender. This holds true in most aspects of life, and I've even been subject to this kind of abuse where I haven't been able to retaliate because of this same gender stereotype of men. I've had also had to accept strong advances, and in one case, physical abuse because I couldn't defend myself for fear of being perceived as the instigator and 'male abuser'.

The last paragraph, as noticed by others, is simply not accurate. I don't have an ego, I just have my opinions and beliefs and they often involve calling out hypocrisy more than the standard sheep mentality that women are the only ones that have it tough in life because they are generally perceived to be vulnerable and men are less so. This is not always accurate but sometimes it is. Just as saying that all men (in an age group) are abusive, narcissistic or aggressive - it's not always accurate, but sometimes it is. This is where the orignal comment was probably coming from and I just retorted with the same comment with a different age group based on my general personal experience in life (and not specifically at the beach) and I was CENSORED for it. It's not the first time I've been censored on an internet forum and I'm sure it won't be the last. I just ask that you consider whether this was the right thing to do, and whether you are abusing your moderator/site owner privileges because you disagreed with them, or saw it as an attack on females (when it was in response to a general attack on males).
Chris_P_Bacon #456

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/28/2018 04:38:12Copy HTML

 talk about a dumpster fire. 

We have very few active women on this forum.  Pretty sure such antics will take it to zero again.  I wish quite a few members didn't post with such illusions of grandeur that they come off as delusional a$$ hats.  This community doesn't need these people.  The public doesn't need these people.  They spoil both digital and real world for everyone.
mack_back #457

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/28/2018 07:53:44Copy HTML

People here have the tendency to jump to conclusions getting upset and fed up with some unfairly. Often they misunderstand a post calling it ridiculous. Yet when some members share  experiences in a post a happening and i compare it through my own experience, it is dismissed or ridiculed as per prosperous or delusional.  I laugh at the haters virtual sighs, rolling eyes, confused that a simple honest factual experience i wrote could of never happened, sounding unbelievable or strange to them even gradious. Replies sound odd to me as denying, "dogs don't drink water".  If i argue the point saying yes, i seen a dog drink water with my two eyes, they mock my reply as sounding odd or ridiculous. In effect leaving me confused of reading there misunderstood replies. If makes me come off as narrissis i don't feel that way about myself, i'm my own worst critic. 

Often i understand my post aren't clear enough or disjointed and blame myself for it. It does show attitude amongst members who uncaring or inpatient which carries over to their own lives bringing them problems they created. People on this board enjoy marginalizing some only because they don't respect their opinions. 
They be the first ones to push me off a imaginary dock, in imaginary water, into imaginary sharks.  If they can find agreement to my last statement then it goes to show they are have a problem with love, understanding, patience, with people amongst me being included. Members love to throw stones at marginalized people, don't they?
John Howard #458

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/31/2018 03:37:56Copy HTML

 Once I read a book about assertiveness, from an author called Manuel J Smith;   he mentioned a technique called 'fogging' where you, rather than react to some negative comment about yourself, respond with something like 'yep, you could be right, a pink thong on a guy might look ridiculous and feminine'......You simply accept the criticism, even if its' untrue, and repeat it back to the person who criticised you.      The person who threw the stones will run out of stones to throw at you.

I haven't been exposed to criticism from anyone for wearing a thong in public, maybe 3 times in my whole life?,  but I believe that if guys are able to handle that situation they can strengthen their character.   I know it requires practice and mental strength, but same as with a mad dog running barking at you;  if you have gone through that experience in the past, you know that to run away will not help;  just stand still until the animal will go away or the owner will show up.   If they laugh at me because I'm wearing a thong, don't know, perhaps laugh with them....  The hardest thing is not to allow them to upset you,  if you don't get upset, then you win.  And you are still wearing a thong.
wackymac #459

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/31/2018 04:13:58Copy HTML

Well said, John H.  It's always bugged me that you see ads for beach wear and sunscreen and the woman is wearing a tiny tie-side bikini and the man is wearing dork shorts.  I live in an "over 55" community and I wear women's bikini bottoms. I buy them from venus.com.  Everyone calls them "Speedos".
RapidBlue #460

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/31/2018 05:38:17Copy HTML

 Last summer one of my friends finally saw me wearing one of my thongs at the pool. Both he and his girlfriend were quite taken with my comfort and confidence in wearing a thong in public. Later that day he referred to my swimwear as a speedo. 
Now every so often he will ask if I am wearing my “speedo” or if I am bringing my “speedo” to the next pool event. I’m always laughing with him and telling him I never leave Home without it. So instead of him and his girlfriend laughing at me, I laugh with them. :)
mack_back #461

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/21/2018 04:44:29Copy HTML

Agree with previous post about females in general not feeling comfortable observing an average dude or boyfriend in a speedo, revealing his jewels for anyone to see. When I wear a speedo it shows that I’m not afraid. I am very secure and confident about how my body appears. 

Many married woman would laugh at their husbands discussing how there bodies can’t compare to mine not being able to wear such speedos. The males arguing they can wear bikini speedos like me to the laughter of their wife and female friends.  

Had experience at the pool when some young Asian woman in bikinis insisted for me to climb out of the pool using the ladder first. Thought these Asian beauties were observing my backside as I climbed out of the pool. Later after we were on the deck of the pool drying off heard the two young Asian bikini clad woman next to me expressing to one another, enjoying the view. Believe they thought my backside looked better then most bikini bottom woman or themselves, with expressive giggles and smiles.  

Or at least I thought, either way I enjoyed the attention making the pool visits fun. Whatever people think of me in wearing speedo at the pool finding it offensive or total exhibitionist show off it doesn’t bother me. In fact I believe when I go to the pool in brief speedo woman notice intially but go about there business as normal. Unless they look with prying eyes subtly upon me often reacting surprised with a smile or big gulp. Yet we both know why woman stare upon me subtly in speedo reacting the way they do. It’s not the speedo or color i’m wearing, but what’s inside them front to back and entire body curves and bulges.  Great ego boast when feeling down, lifts my spirits all awhile wearing tiny briefs. 

Proof woman woman enjoy seeing male in speedo. Seen little boy in speedo with his parents at the pool. The other moms came up to mother of the boy complimenting her about how cute he looks in those bikini briefs. Some asked where she bought them so they can attire there young sons. Observing the boy play with others on the pool deck in speedos clearly shows he appeared better and more comfortable and less awkward even safer then boys his age wearing long dork shorts almost touching the ground.
mack_back #462

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/31/2018 06:11:07Copy HTML

 Couple times, not that I wanted to show off. When in the gym wearing some leggings  after finishing  long cardio workout I went over to get paper towel from the dispenser. While my tank top was short it was hiked higher then normal from the cardio. When my back was turned directly behind me was a older mature sexy female on elliptacal cardio equipment. I heard from her oops, chuckle laughter, giggle at the time suspected my thong outlines were showing. I thought so what, many females have the same problem after sweaty workout. Little did I know perspiration on my backside made outline of my thong through the leggings I was wearing. I suppose it was novelty for sexy female who wears thongs to notice I also wear them. What did she believe I was wearing all this time?  Sad thing about her reaction showed that some woman can’t believe a man wearing a thong masculine or normal part of his undergarment. In fact amused noticing a thong outline was irritating standing by listening to her laughter. Wanted to say what’s so funny? Then tell her thongs aren’t exclusive to females males wear them also.
RapidBlue #463

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/31/2018 09:37:44Copy HTML

 Maybe I read people differently or it is that I am not there, but when I read a woman was laughing or giggling at the discovery of a man in a thong I don’t go to the defensive. I see it as her being surprised and pleasantly surprised. Yes it is unexpected by many women. Yes they may not know how to respond. Yes they may be shocked. At the same time I have most often found that women are pretty happy and interested. She if approached with a smile and a friendly voice, may say something positive and admiring or not mention your thong at all. At least that has been my experience. Confidence and a smile go a long way. Yes I wear yoga pants and leggings to the gym as well as second skin yoga and volleyball shorts. I get a few looks, lots of smiles and occasionally a complement or two. Always I wear a thong under what ever I am wearing. I know the outline is sometimes more visible than others. More often than not when I hear a giggle I will smile give a nod and or say hello.  If the conversation turns to the thong I am wearing I more often get a comment about being confound comfortable with my body and how much she appreciates a man who is secure within himself. 
mack_back #464

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/01/2018 05:01:25Copy HTML

Rapidblue your correct in reading my reply no loss in translation needed. Got to give you compliment that your so optimistic when it comes to woman seeing your thong outline. I'm more jaded in my approach styling a thong or clothes in general. Have no respect or bitter with woman that have a conservative belief or fashion sense sometimes translates to expressing negative comments whomever they observe that don't share there core modest values. This causes me to be hyper sensitive and pessimistic to anyone voicing an opinion good or bad. 
In my experiences find some just don't like a male like myself  pushing the limits being more a provocative in the style of clothes worn. So when i observe someone laughing chuckling what comes to mind is there mocking my style or deeming it odd silly to be wearing. This causing me to sneer about there backlash reflecting a smug belief system is better then my common sense.
When showing a thong picture on my phone to female friend she laughs bending over even after fully aware i wear thongs to tan, swim walk the beach. She can't believe it that i wear such tiny, string like beachwear or swimwear often making her laugh. Yet she stops laughing after looking at my pictures of me in a thong. Some other woman who see me in a thong before comment to me about being reprimanded wearing one. They express asking why would they stop you from wearing it. You be last one that needs to be told to wear more observing others that need more attention what they are wearing.
mack_back #465

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/01/2018 06:49:25Copy HTML

On the c\o beach i came back from a walk to my towel. Two bikini clad females were laying out 15 feet away. As I stood in my new sling string from Herron. Heard the one female comment to the other after there initial shock seeing me. Standing with my backside towards them one said, “ if I had a butt like his I to would wear a thong”. 

Funny to hear such comment yet sad at the same time. That the two woman with decent bodies are so negative on the way there body looks that they can’t  wear a thong. 
NudeNArizona #466

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/01/2018 12:50:44Copy HTML

 Mack, I totally agree with you, and have heard similar comments, but I have also gone over to ladies, before or after hearing these comments, and have reassured them. You should try it some time.
JM_Runs #467

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/01/2018 02:44:22Copy HTML

Mack_back,  It does not sound like the two women were shocked.  It sounds to me like one paid you an honest compliment. 

It is true that many women feel unnecessarily embarrassed about their bums. Yet other than coming here to lament the fact, you did nothing. 

Next time someone compliments you start by saying Thank You. Then find a way to return the compliment without sounding patronizing. This can lead to something called conversation. 

I like to find something to compliment in return: Their choice of large beach blanket that keeps sand at bay, there sensible choice of umbrella, or the color of their swimsuit.  You may not like the style of the swimsuit but you can say that color blue looks good on you.

At least say Thank You, even if you just overheard the complement.

Remember the golden rule, if you can't say something nice, don't say it. So if in doubt mention the Weather.  

Sometimes it is difficult to think of the right thing to say, without sounding defensive, so practice "Thankyou for the compliment. It is a good day to tan."  This leaves the door open for them to follow up.  

While it might come naturally to some, I have found learning how to comfortably take and return unexpected compliments takes practice. 
mack_back #468

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/02/2018 05:39:01Copy HTML

Went again to the c/o beach making in two days in a row. Didn't have any hope the day at the beach will be better then previous visit, fact it was lot worse. 

Kept mindset of wanting to be alone through the overcrowded  loud party atmosphere where i settled upon. So i kept walking over to more secluded area of the beach from where i left my towel and gear in the middle hub of action.

Walked the beach for four or five times over the course of the afternoon, not caring or looking at anyone particular in fact minding my business. Suppose a group of young lean bikini clad adults females one naive beauty  decided to run after me through the maze of towels laying on the sand. She finally caught up to me, "Hope you don't mind me  asking, or i apologize for offending you in any way. So i stopped felt like honestly crying for personal issues i dealt with for better part of the previous week. Ready for her serious question thinking to myself here it comes load of bricks onto my back... She stands close to me so only making eye contact. "What's the purpose of what your wearing?, is it for something many of us don't know about? My closed mouth smirked knowing she was talking about my dubio extreme g-string comet and glan ring, c-ring. Felt like telling her in sneering manner yah, i use it to fish using it as a lure and the string to tie everything together, decided it's much easier to wear it then carrying it around with me. 
Instead i told her it's like earrings or accessory then she nodded saying oh! thought it was for something different. Yah it's like your nose ring you have on. She repeated in childish manner Yah! like my nose ring Yah! uh huh.. She and i parted way almost wanted to sigh out loud why the intrigue or the stupid child like questions.  Although i knew she and her friends talked about c-rings are for sex she probably wanted me to tell her that and in detail how it's used. Only she got the PG answer no reason then decorative purposes unlike JM you may differ. 
Doubt the friendly young female had her head in the gutter wanting me to spill those juicy details. 
As i walked down the beach i began to ponder hitting me what i kept denying to myself today, i'm to old for these ladies. They see me as some old fart gezer, no guy they would seriously be interested in. Everyone is young looking at the many bodies i observed near the waters edge. Observing some thong attractive females smirking upon me in groups assuming i was out to lunch wearing what i do.

 As i stood observing the yachts chained together about eight while some were spraying soap foam bubble through a red cannon onto the people in the water, music loud  bass thumping girls in thongs dancing on the various boats and larger then average unicorn floats people getting on and flipping over of the hull of the yachts. So many bodies in the water in and out was crowded scene. Then a young female with her boyfriend making her way out of the water in passing told me i had nice dark tan, i said what? you have even tan looks nice. I said thanks. Spent better part of 7 hours on the beach thought it best to leave before i can cycle home with some visible daylight.
Before i left i seen a woman had sign holding it up selling weed. I chuckled upon her as she walked through maze of many empty spots and towels on the beach. She came around behind me up close telling me she loved my clean shaven body. While inadvertently grazed her breast with my arms she told me being a lesbian that's why she like clean shaved bodies, walking away. 
As i was at the bike racks preparing to leave getting dressed i took off my dubio extreme comet g-string wiping the sand of my body. Seen couple young females enter the the beach. They look twenty but you could tell there teens with the giggling coming to c/o beach enjoying the viewing pleasure to watch males nude. Well the first one they seen was my butt cheeks which i didn't realize had impressive tan line from the dubio string i was wearing all afternoon. They made there way around towards the front of me giggling ha hey hey giggling like school girls. Didn't take my glan or c-rings off yet but knew these young woman were willing to take a look, and yes they did, to my shaking head exhibitionism does it get tiring or old but today it certainly felt that way.

JM as for the two gals yesterday i seen them settling down nearby me with slight grin on one of the females mouth looking over towards me. While i sat in my short shorts for the better part of 45 minutes for unknown reason on my towel, refusing to take my clothes off as i always do. Overhead the one lady making comments to her friend once they settled her asking if she should ask me to use the suntan oil i had laid out on my towel. She wanted to start up conversion with me by using the oil as an excuse. But her friend told her not to it may look desperate.  Only when gay group laid down inches from my towel one of them complimented on my tan asking what lotion i use. When i told him he can try it him refusing the girl eyeballing me sighed while her friend said i told you he's probably gay.
Later as i decided to bolt from the stupid assumptions and the gay males walking over me with there cell phones pointed down as i lay on my stomach. Enough is enough i got up nude into the water and arriving later wearing my sling back string from herrods knowing it will get wide eyed attention from anyone on the beach while i stood having people stare while i ate in relaxed manner unaware people are gawking and discussing me. Not to sound arrogant but regulars expect my string glan c-rings to be worn for entertainment purposes sort of your new here check out that guy.

itanng #469

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/02/2018 12:27:12Copy HTML

Gee, Mack.  PLEASE learn how to take a compliment and engage in conversation.  You'll find that your beach visits are more pleasant and satisfying.  Even though  nothing changes except your perspective.
mack_back #470

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/13/2018 07:10:42Copy HTML

 Thought about posting reply here saving JM deciding to move it eventually.
My topic was experience  at the beach "not the reaction of amusement" i got but observing another thonger fix her thong immediately after seeing me.

Yes i was at my favourite C/O beach seen this 50's couple walking the shoreline earlier she was wearing triangle v-string string printed thong. Wide hips few tattoo's on her but overall liked her in the thong. While the husband in dork shorts.
As i was leaving at the entrance ramp of the beach where the bike racks are located. I was in my sling back v-string and c-g-rings posted couple pics in my picture albums, nude beach - sling v-string.  While unlocking my bike lock i overheard someone coming down the wooden ramp onto the beach. Heard slight chuckle from the same  thong woman i described earlier seeing on the beach. Suppose she noticed my string funny to see a male wear, from the backside facing her. As she got to the bottom of the ramp she and her man were side by side walking away down the beach, opposite direction from me, as i looked who reacted. Just as i looked upon her backside she began to adjust her triangle back string to my amusement, no need it looked fine. Maybe she noticed my v-string looking perfect, thinking hers maybe off center paranoia creeped in i assume, or i just maybe my projecting. 
Either way nice to see someone wear a thong very well like her and bold enough to walk out in the park area off the beach in one even though she was accompanied with her dork short wearing man.
John Howard #471

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/16/2018 05:10:10Copy HTML

 In circumstances like that I can't help to ask myself 'what is she doing with a dork short guy'.... they don't look that good together;  if at least he was wearing a pair of speedos they would look more harmonious.    Anyway, maybe she enjoys the contrast of being the one who shows more skin;   some ladies don't like competition.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 JH think woman see men differently and don't share the beliefs like we do. As there "man" brawny  individual can't pull it off like a shapely females could wearing a thong. It's not competition but how they believe other like minded woman would see it also. Often woman prefer a burly male shape built like a brick waist and chest same size rather then someone that has more slender curvy female physique. 

Lot of songs have been written about your boyfriend looks like a girlfriend, or dude looks like a lady.  Last thing woman wants to be walking along side a male that has similar body features or better as them, narrow hips, tight core, shapely buttocks, lean appearance it's often a turn off for them.
 While bigger taller brawny male and hairy is someone that clearly looks different and never could look good in a thong thus dork shorts are required.
 Which many woman choose to date and find any male body that is fitting to wear a thong like myself is way to feminine to be seen with. Maybe in the back of there female minds the laughter it would cause walking alongside on the beach with male like myself is to nerve racking for most females to feel comfortable around. They don't know if there the ones being laughed upon or the lean thong wearing male. Sometimes woman feel there body doesn't look as good in a thong as first impressions and comparison with a male like myself is off putting which they stay clear of.

Had another Sunday visit to my favourite clothing optional beach. For couple hours i laid down eating my lunch observed the many cheeky bikinis and HOT thonging ladies surroundings. Little did i know a cute lean red bikini wearing female setup over top of me, earlier male was in that spot but left the area open.  At first didn't think she was wearing a thong the red bikini looked conservative from the matching top until she walked passed me into the water. 

While i couldn't keep my eyes off Kendal Jenner fitness trainer look alike shown in my albums labeled "Edith"you be the judge of the resemblance. She had the amazing one inch side T-back black thong on with little tight body to die for, you be the judge. Topless little flat tiny breasts but every hetro guy was eyeballing a chance to talk with her, see more pics in my tights album named Edith . While many guys lingered tried to get her attention little or no success she was focused on her live in boyfriend and ignored anyone in her way. Only time i noticed her looking upon me god i tried walking in her way coming out of the water couple times or beach strolling opposite directions. Only time was seeing her laying out about 100 feet next to my blanket while i stood sipping water. She walked towards the garbage bin and looked surprised onto me but went doing her regular thing.

Seen the frustrated reactions with peripheral vision of the red thong bikini wearing woman laying behind me reading a book alone. Later couple friends joined her and she changed into one piece red polka dot swimsuit for whatever reason. Maybe she felt awkward not looking good in her red thong bikini seeing the nude lean couple next to her or the other plump booties surrounding us least not forget the Kendall Jenner clone topless in a black thong. 

As i felt standing near my towel was maybe blocking other peoples view of the surrounding i decided to stand close to shore in ankle deep water drinking my water listening to music. Pierced guy came up to me apologized for asking me few questions about my background. Then as we chatted he told me how dark tanned i appeared standing here with great booty to match while many just observing you when walking by.  Wearing my C-G-rings and comet extreme Dubio g-string with a better then average  displayed  shaft hanging was definitely getting attention while walking along the shoreline from many unsuspecting  ladies. Even seen three young ladies laying close to shore on there back each elbowing each other to take a look upon me strolling by.

As i packed away my blanket heading to the bike racks on the beach. Had one male from group sitting beside step up asking where i bought the amazing looking g-string i was wearing? 
After unlocking my bike lock at the beach entrance still nude i noticed the female who laid over top of me with her two friends during the afternoon started making her way off the beach.  They could clearly see me from about 100 feet unobstructed along the volleyball net.  The one male friend of her pushed her away in fun kind of manner. While didn't know why couldn't hear anything she shyly began to wave towards me suppose it was his way to push her to chat with me. While i was looking down at the time didn't see her wave initially only noticed her meagre soft wave with laugh towards her friend to appease him. Thought i could later catch up to them in the park waiting in a line but they soon left in different direction. 

Before i left the beach clothed with my bicycle on wooden ramp entrance to the beach i got hit in the back of the shoulder arm by regular nudist beach walker. He seemed angry all afternoon not getting the attention he thought deserved at the beach.  I thought his accidental bumping me was accident both our faults only thought it bit weird. Then this blondie was standing in front noticed it and me and stared like she knew my dirty little secret. Smiling at first i thought OMG! its the female co-worker and gym member which has one track mind with the likes of me.  As my wide eyed expression mouth open in total shock as i was busted. She kept staring in in exact dirty smile my female co-worker does. While i looked over her body thinking please not her, i began to notice she looked a bit different maybe a younger sister but she said nothing. So i sighed with relief that we didn't know each other only that she noticed me nude walking along the beach and given her smile loved it. Only she was with a boyfriend i didn't feel the need to chat trying to catch up the group leaving earlier.

While in the park a group of females were heading to the facilities and concession stand the male who bumped me earlier started yelling angrily to them. He had euro accent but the woman began to laugh at what he was saying about dropping f-bombs and that they have skin cancer not him, blah blah thought he was crazy... Later as i left the facilities seen the male in question talking to older nudist beach regular telling him to calm down. Him explaining that the girls were provoking him mocking his tan etc... Then i pieced it together that he looked angry walking the beach that afternoon suppose he didn't get the reactions he was looking for from the ladies. Then when he tried to have conversation they mocked him looking to dark and developing skin cancer etc.. His response was to stop taking  enough crap from these pale looking woman and dish it out in poorly done manner comparing himself being out in the sun as long as they were today on the beach... 

Goes to show you sometimes woman have perspective of just criticizing males on c/o beach as having fun day at the beach. Yet when one guy takes exception he is looked upon as more crazy yet when ladies are in a large group  they find less threatening then alone.

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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Woman absolutely feel differently about it than we do. My fiancee is embarrassed to be seen with me wearing anything less than short trunks. She thinks people will laugh. I'm not sure what makes me sadder - that's she's so beholden to others' opinions, or that she would find me unattractive in, say, a speedo (I think I look pretty good!). But I'll trade wearing the shorts (for now, anyway) for her to wear cheeky or sheer swimwear.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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wow I never realised guys felt this way. To be honest there are times where I would prefer my hubby to wear something briefer and sleeker, but I know that he is more comfortable in board shorts or trunks. I know that he wears briefs when competing in surf lifesaving as it is part of the uniform, but it is clearly not his favorite. The only time he likes wearing briefs is when lap swimming. 
In the end, I want him to be comfortable and to have fun.
I know that he has rarely asked me to tone down my beach attire and wants me to be myself. The only time he has asked me to wear something more conservative was when we went to a work thing and I wore a WW 211 sailor stripe. No one cared and no one laughed.

@JH point is an interesting one. Not sure whether girls are competitive, more like they are insecure. No one likes to be "shown up" even if it is unintentional. Best thing to smile, wave and be nice. Luckily that has always worked for me. 
Love Bren
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 My experience is somewhat different. The women in my life ALL encourage me to wear thongs or less to the beach. They are disappointed if I wear short shorts or a speedo type suit. More often than not they will go through my collection and choose what they want me to wear.

They will wear cheeky bikinis at the most with me on the beach. I get told how sexy I am, how brave I am, and how confident I am. They tell me how much they like being seen with me.

I see many other women on the beach looking or snapping photos. Several women come up to talk to me and complement my choice of swimwear. Most recently I got, “We like everything about you!” I find that by being friendly, smiling and giving people time the friendliness goes up.

I know there will be those who laugh or not like seeing someone in a thing. I don’t let those people interfere with my enjoyment. Rarely do they come up to me and say anything. It has happened in the past, but these days everywhere I go, from Australia to Toronto, CA, to all of the USA and beyond I get smiles, some nervous giggles and friendly waves and conversations.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 Sometimes bold confident stranger seen such as a male wearing a thong can influence woman not to be shy but wear a thong also. Time after time read stories of males in thongs at a vacation resorts and next day few woman decided to wear there thongs  following suit.  Or like me being only one in a thong at a FLA beach, and later noticed bikini clad young lean female laying on her stomach scrunching her bottoms into a thong. 

I find it is opposite gender thong wearing examples that has influence to begin wearing thongs to the beach or pool, rather than celebrities like Kim Kard, SI magazine styles or trending social media pics. It's about people feeling comfortable in there own skin, or in this case how you determine your buttocks appears comparably to your peers.  

In the fitness world many are proud showing there buttocks off because of the physical work they accomplished with there physique, yet sometimes best of us are at times too self conscious about our appearance. I am never satisfied on the way I appear. At times proud and confident yet body hasn't changed that much from one day to the next. It's our perspective and tastes change from one day to other. 

A fit athletic woman may look in the mirror before going to the beach and decide to wear full bottom bikini, afraid to show her booty, not feeling confident and playing it safe. While next day in the gym same female wearing leggings wedged up doing leg exercises is proud looking upon her buttocks taking selfies while many compliment her assets. 

So what's with this Jekyll and Hyde mentality we as humans feel from day to day or hour by hour?

When we get compliments how wonderful our behinds appear we tend to celebrate wearing thongs showing off.  Once we hear silence rather then voiced compliments about our appearance we retreat reassessing to more conservative clothes. 

Over dozen years on this forum wearing thongs or variation of that sort I noticed increase and confidence of thongs randomly seen at pools and beach's. Before 2005 I seen rare occurrence of brave woman in a thong seen as provocative.  Now it's almost a norm, with cheeky bikini bottoms or thongs. Some credit has to do with easy availability of conservative thong swimwear today or changes of online shopping habits rather the tractional brick and mortar department stores and little selection or availability of thongs and sizings.

Have I seen increase of the number of thong males since early 2000's not really. Yet i do see some males and females wear them to impress other thongers? Sort of hey! i like wearing thongs too, take  a look at mine... mentality.  Yet not a word spoken but the smiling stares tells it all. Do find when i walk around in a open front sling back g-string few people take notice may i humbly say. After few visits i see maybe one or two ladies smiling showing off themselves in g-strings after looking at me... Gather they feel i'm not the only one rocking a g-string back at the beach.  Coincidence or just being seen as a regular on the beach scene some people get idea i to want to try wearing one.
mack_back #477

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Depending where i wear it, reactions vary and type of people. On the beach i get stares even smiles from some that are not use to seeing a male in a thong both male and female. Sometimes very attractive self absorbed thonging female stares upon me in shock open mouth disbelief from the help of her friends pointing me out. Noticing i rock a thong on the beach well as she to the bemusement of her group of friends. Wearing Y back black string thong, have certainly gotten envious stares from very attractive married woman checking out my straps in the back. As they do a slow calculated stare upon me in passing reaction to me looks like envy. She usually sees me nude on the the beach without caring but once i put the thong on she definitely notices it. Wearing muscleskins skinny side thong have been told from macho males i wear it well such feminine attire. While couples surprised of me walking from the beach showers in my orange poser thong the woman often smile enjoying the view. Wearing sling string thong from Jovana had a comment from a married late forties female walking along the crowded beach. She with a group of people noticed me, while i was  standing talking to someone. As  i turned  away from my conversation unaware of her walking passed, she faced me about few inches pausing looking at my string pointing her finger down, in honest manner saying, oh i love your bikini it's so neat. Suppose she never seen a open front sling string g-string before being very new to her. At the pool i get smiles from the female associates noticing my Desmitt thong. Asian mom with her young adult teenage daughter in the whirlpool ignored me in principle. Wearing my camo t-back thong. The mom stared little shocked at my large bulge size  when i stepped into the water beside her by the steps yet the daughter appeared unfazed staring ahead not even noticing. While showing my back towards them in the whirlpool the mom stared mostly looking over was surprised i had on a thong. After they left the daughter wearing a one piece thong black swimsuit was drying off on the deck of the pool lingering, maybe she wanted me to notice while i didn't care to look only in my peripheral vision. After they both began the walk backside  facing me i was able to see shocked at the asian daughter was wearing a thong black one piece. While i was stereotyping earlier when entering the whirlpool the asian mom and daughter thinking they are often way too conservative of a race to wear thong swimwear to my shock. Other asian males with wives at the pool seem to ignore me while making light harded comments of me in there native tongue  to there wives as a joke. Yet the attractive mid forties woman  seem intrigued that i wear a thong seeing they are wearing full covered one piece bottoms very conservative and proper not to stare. Yet when elder asian woman discussed me to younger mid forties woman about me she shunned her not to discuss such things a man is equiped and flaunting in minimal swimwear.  While that discussion was a long time ago the conservative asian married woman can't help herself but stare upon me with the thong since her friend made it to her attention to my body. While Philipian attractive female wearing cheeky bikini bottom alone was very self-conscious taking her towel off exposing her bikini. After i showered on the pool deck in my thong she watched intently. When she finished with her whirlpool soak she felt confident to walk back to the change room with her towel in hand, showing her cheeky bottoms for me to watch and others at the pool. Yet i seem to be looked upon as oddity and ice breaker for some to feel relaxed wearing minimal swimwear. Woman who walk passed the pool facility large  bay windows looking inside. Often notice me in the pool and have big grins on there face either noticing me in my thong as i stand in the shallow end. Or assume my swimsuit looks to be tiny with the side straps when i swim on my back  and maybe had a glimpsed  from some other occasion of me in  a thong. Either they are entertained or find my thong swimwear amusing for male to be wearing in public pool for anyone to observe.

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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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mack_back - thank you for responding to my post, the thread was deleted for some reason but I appreciate your feedback. :D For me if the pool was surrounded by ladies, I dare to thong / g-string. If the pool has guys around, I shy. So far the impression I got was ladies were generally fine, guys tend to find it otherwise, however it depends also on where these people are from. All in all I've recently tried to be more natural when it comes to exposing my cheeks and I've not have any adverse reactions, been doing that for the past year across various hotels in various countries.
mack_back #479

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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As some hear state i have yet to categorize my thonging experience as bold. Have ideas to visit the local and largest open outdoor pool in my city. Yet never felt the opportunity to visit only because i drive by on  my way to the c/o beach during summer months. Always feel the c/o beach i be more bold nude rather go to public pool where people find a speedo very racy swimwear for man to wear. 

One summer i did try to visit the said pool during early evening only because the c/o beach was closed off for period of time. Felt the need to exhibitionize myself if that's word, at the pool. Felt anxious when in the locker room pool while i wore very low AQUX swimsuit brief. Didn't have the guts to thong remembering years ago young cute female being dragged to to the lifeguard office wearing blue g-string and tiny top with sandal wedges. The boss staff lifeguard told her she was allowed to wear it, conditionally. Yet she was being escorted along the large pool deck on opposite end where the offices were located from the entrance of the pool. Everyone with eyes could clearly observe she was being sought out and in some trouble for her g-string. Through the humiliation she stayed with her boyfriend then left just as quickly unknown if the g-string was allowed from the staff members or not. 

 So when i visited years later having doubts thongs were acdepted while an all female staffed lifeguards were working maybe ten or so being a very large outdoor pool. Glad i didn't decide to thong only because the eyeballs and deep stares and over reactions from the staff upon me as i entered the pool deck. Even leaving the pool after it closed waking in the parking lot near the beach, seen couple female lifeguards recognizing me earlier from the pool pausing staring upon me in there VW golf, while closed my trunk and gotten into my car.  Felt that my modest swimsuit was enough to cause a stir for some female lifeguards at the pool. Now i'm regretting not making the time to use the pool wearing only a thong. 

Only reasons i talk myself out of wearing a thong  knowing male co-worker frequents the pool as well a older voluptous married woman my family knows for years. Was warned by my mom, "son never have that woman, ever see you tanning in the bikini. Only thing was she walked into the yard one day unannounced  seeing me in my tiny swim briefs leaving little to the imagination. Let it be said she gotten eyeful and abruptly left red faced and visibly shaken. Causing quite the reaction and treatment of me from then on. Even lied to my mother why she left instead of telling the truth of observing me in small swimwear in the yard stired  feelings she couldn't control promptly leaving quickly. 

The older married female family friend  seeing me in such swimsuit which i find conservative, makes her assume i'm clearly interested in her romantically if you can believe that. Not like i was walking around in lingerie or trying to seduce her.  She even made attempts casually sexaully assulting, and flashing  as though we both are flirting with one another playfully.  Yet i ignored her clever accidental devised gropes and flashing exclusively for my eyes only with surrounding people. With her large open cleavage and open slit dress  showing me clearly she is not wearing any underwear. 

As this long time female friend visited she clearly was relentless observing me scanning my body from head to toe being excited meeting me much more then ever before. Clearly the woman is infatuted with me so i decided to get her over the process of any emotionally fantasies she had about me. So one day i seen her looking inside the doorway sitting comfortably on patio chair postioned only she could observe me. As we made eye contact my nudist tendacies became evident next walk i would be making indoors will be entirely naked walking into the bathroom. Although i never made eye contact as earlier she had to notice me naked walking from room to room. Later as i gotten dressed i seen her stare upon me unusually as though school teacher will be displining a student. She had wry amazed astonished smile focusing upon me then chucklling in disbelief which i assumed was she did notice me naked inside. From then on she has smile and chuckle upon me as no time i ever seen her. Her advances have clearly stopped even her visits clearly she was frightened what she seen and uninterested in me in any sexaul context.  

So my fear if wearing a thong at the public pool and seen by the co-worker or female excited family friend things would develop serious consequences in my work life and family life.

Yet contemplating it would be very bold to risk the attempt wearing a thong which would be very bold if family friend so happens to visit the pool at the same time and day as me. Who knows what would transpire. Worth the risk? Wait until summer to find out.

mack_back #480

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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I have being on textile beach with kind minded female companion. Unfortunately all my beach visits are always nude, so the shock factor or modesty many woman feel would not apply in a same experience.

Did have chat with vacationing married female friend she went to Carribean island, Cuba, i believe. So when i was talking at my local gym about her experience she reacts exactly like your female co-worker friend smiling laughing with disbelief at my outfit and bulge. First reaction i get when saying hello is OMG! to herself or woe! as i caught her surprised  standing besid  her, without realizing i was closebye. Notable she does often enjoy looking my body over sometimes when i talk moving subttly behind me, to the other side getting glance or peak upon my booty and bulge. Yet says nothing about it, only smiles laughs, sighs. While i closely  notice other woman grinning upon how clever this married woman is scanning my body closely, yet subtly all over when i talk with her about nothing. 

Later as i chatted about her vaction she told me truthfully  the time she was laying on the beach, she couldn't stop thinking about me, was picturing to see me walking along the beach. Telling me no doubt others surrounding her would go crazy to view me as much as her. Shared with her summer time beach string thong pictures off my phone, with her months ago. She can't get the picture of me in tiny dental floss g-string  out of her mind. Funny how she doesn't use the word g-string or thong but says, "you know what i'm talking about your tiny string suits" with her laugh and giggle. All awhile few females were nearby suppose they could of listened in with our chat, yet looking around seen few keeing there eyes on me closely. Later on was interrupted with very voluptous woman i always seen in the gym pool but didn't know to well. My female friend introduced us saying, you know my friend she  likes to wear sexy swimsuits like you in the pool here. I laughed as the woman had been absent for years wanting to talk seriously to my friend so i left them alone to chat. 

Just like i often fantasize wanting to take the leap to ask or have some female i know to the beach as companion. Do understand nudity is often makes woman uncomfortable being  closet nudist, hiding  the fact to many i see, off the beach. Yet always dremed of having a female colleague or friend join me on textile beach wearing very tiny poser thong adorned with c-g-rings. Although quite sure that would be novel time for most modest woman i meet seeing me in my splendor. Only problem i have is i prefer being nude rather wearing a thong on textile beach. Guess i have to wait for limited options of nude beach readily available nearby and take textile beach as default accampanied by perfect kind loving lady as you did.

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