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hotbunz1969 #51

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/31/2011 02:20:56Copy HTML

When you find yourself in a position where you can't wear your suit of choice the option I have chosen is to wear "tan thru" shorts with your thong on underneath. Depending on the make the tan thru material offers an SPF of between 15 to 25. Although not as good as straight tanning in a thong they do work, just watch out for the waist band, make sure it lines up with that of your thongs otherwise you'll get double lines! Apply the equivalent SPF to your exposed legs and you should tan equally. I was in Egypt a few years back (no place for a guy in a thong in public!!) and did this and they worked quite well, I came home with quite well defined lines and didn't upset the locals or other tourists for that matter! 
thong_jock and barelycovered, you have a great attitude to working out, staying healthy and in shape and looking good in what you choice to wear...... Long may it continue, I'm right behind you. 
Ex_Member #52

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/31/2011 02:36:52Copy HTML

To me it all depends on where I am. If its a family beach then Speedos or a JS bikini. If its a remote beach or a nudist beach then you can wear anything. TBH I'm not out to offend anyone so I choose my suits based on where I am going.
That said, I think you will get the same reaction to a skimpy bikini or thong wherever you go. If your wearing something sheer or bulging/contoured (dore etc) then you will always get an additional reaction! By skimpy bikini I mean something with tiny side straps.
thong_jock #53

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/31/2011 02:48:18Copy HTML

 This is one of the reasons I choose my travel partners carefully. It would drive me nuts to be somewhere hot and sunny and have to wear shorts. Even having to wear a speedo vs a thong would be frustrating. My rules for suits are: co-workers and my sister=above the knee surf shorts [I know, I know]; other family members, including my kids, nothing smaller than a posing bikinis, but usually a speedo solar; anyone else, it's a thong, depending on the beach and crowd of course. I prefer more secluded beaches so I can wear very skimpy thongs and walk around in them.
thong_jock #54

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/31/2011 02:52:09Copy HTML

 BarelyCovered, you could wear a freaking potato sack and look hot as hell. Keep up the great work!
kohler1977 #55

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/31/2011 12:42:33Copy HTML

Thongjock. Yes the most I want to wear on a beach is a speedo solar. I am a 52 year old male, from Michigan, who would like to find a women, who will accept this, and she also, would wear just enough to cover the privates. Even secluded beaches, it is better to have a traveling partner.
7423080 #56

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/31/2011 08:33:57Copy HTML

The way i figure it, if you wear a speedo, some people will snicker or possibily make a comment.  If you wear a thong, some people will snicker or make a comment.  If you wear string some people will snicker or make a comment.  If you wear dork shorts, I will snicke or make a comment.  So, who really cares as you can't please all the people all the time.  Wear what you are comfortable with and forget about others.
mack_back #57

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/01/2012 01:27:24Copy HTML

Can't understand how you can forget what others are commenting or laughing at you nearby?Even the people surrounding those laughing shameful people know exactly why they are commenting making a bigger scene then it is. Ignoring negative behavior towards you makes others feel pity onto you and more ridicule of meekness.

If people laugh at me wearing tights at the gym difficult for me to laugh back at them if they are wearing 99.9% what others are attired in as well. 
Tried to laugh at attractive blonde tall young women the other day for wearing tights that were little loose along the ankles and knees. As she walked in my direction, snickered with a slight chuckle noticing me, but i only stared at her reaction. She rarely or ever worn tights herself, and this was the second time i seen her wear such fitted tights, afterwards made me smile seeing her curves. At the same time felt bit ridiculed and dejected at her snubbing her nose on my choice of tights. Everytime i want to show her my fake laugh reaction of her putting on tights just to snub her as well, i'm hypnotized at her tight thighs and hips just wanting to stare more. Not being able to laugh making her feel uncomfortable so she can understand the self doubt of wearing such clothes when she does it to me.
stanpuppy #58

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/03/2012 10:02:28Copy HTML

mack_back....I gotta agree.  I actually think I get more looks from men than women whenever I wear anything skimpy on a public beach.  I think the percentage of women who prefer men in small suits vs bigger suits is pretty low.   Why do I think this ...you might ask?   If women thought men in small suits was sexy...more men would be wearing smaller suits
mack_back #59

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/04/2012 06:52:58Copy HTML

Reasons women don't accept men in skimpy swimwear are various, depending on the type of women, married status, family, friends associate's etc..Only opinions i observe why women don't like men in minimal swimwear generally are:
Most men 30% are fat and another 30% believe there average which is not true but out of shape. Results in the body not looking up to par for majority of males.
Looking at thongs or bikini's are clothing women believe is used to tantalize, tease others for sexual arousal (kinky fetish).Most women are not pleased or comfortable looking at male penis or outline wrapped in nylon spandex fabric. This can cause women to think naughty thoughts sexually on towards the male which they don't want, around there husband, or kids, family and friends.
Women prefer men to look or attire understated not flamboyantly. Whenever did you see a women like a male dressed in a neon green suit and tie and say he looks attractive and complimented on? Usually there laughed at and mocked thinking how ridiculous he looks, unless its St. Patricks day.

Women prefer men who are not vain rather humble and find it attractive trait, thus nothing about thong or bikini says to women believing your shy or humble male.

Women fear males in skimpy swimwear because it's not seen as normal mainstream attire and feel anyone wearing it has an sexual agenda. Perversion of some sort, thus unpredictable of male reactions which female are not sure what they may do next, take off there clothes flashing them, stroke there penis, get XXX, rape etc..

Uneducated women believe male skimpy swimwear is actually women swimwear crossdressed worn by men, thongs, rio bikini's, tangas. Overheard long time ago at public pool laying down with some young women saying to one another, what's the difference between female bikini and men's bikini? One of them answered, men's bikini have a center seam in the front and women's don't that's how you know the difference, both giggling as they watched some men in speedo's.

The idea of it's shameful to flaunt your body to strangers. Seen attractive fit young females wearing one piece conservative full bottom swimsuit with attached skirt hiding herself from people seeing her out of the water running quickly crawling on her bum in and out of the pool and whirlpool and sauna, locker room as if she was embarrassed the way her body looks. While other women cover themselves in towels walking along the pool deck so nobody  see's there heavy set shape.  

Some may disagree with what i observed women feel about men in skimpy swimsuits but i find the ideology of not flaunting your bulging genitals to be one that is universal among women and most men.Just shows you how prudish and conservative and uptight women are for what they wear and what men should wear in there opinion.Reminds me of a ultra conservative young women works at my gym. She attires herself like a grandmother, lately i seen her working out in what she calls racy shirt top. The kind that are short sleeved and short that tend to ride up showing little skin on the back. She always makes sure tucking her shirt down in case any exposed skin is shown. I chuckle at her attempt to look tad trendy what most women wear showing bare shoulders in singlet racerback tops which to her maybe to much skin exposure and provocative. 
Low and behold i seen this ultra conservative young virtuous attractive women in the gym pool for the first time wearing a one piece black swimsuit. Has to been the most skin she exposed in her entire life in public. Must say it was a delightful surprise to see her exposed thighs standing in the pool and tight wet fitted swimsuit showing her shape, bum, hips and thighs. Was looking through the gym pool bay windows seeing her in all her glory wished i had been in the pool seen by her wearing my skimpy bikini. Probably she would had fainted and drown seeing me exhibited my toned tight body. Got a feeling if she seen me attired in such swimwear and talked to her more then i do now her opinions of me attired would be expressed. If she ran the gym i'm sure she would post some sort of clothing mandate for males to wear. Whenever she talks to prospected new members her line is "If i were you". Tells me there is a vast differences between my life of a nudist and not afraid to show your body to her being such a prude that i never seen before in my life.

mack_back #60

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/05/2012 06:13:14Copy HTML

sailor250 all those photos taken of you but none in your profile picture folders, what gives?

The description of the women walking like a mummy with arms out holding onto your shoulders would be categorized as sexual harassment don't you think?

Can't even imagine trying to get a photo of hot women on the beach doing the same type of act these girls put on you.

Why is it young girls want photos of men in g-strings or thongs and loving it so much getting closeups etc..Normally women find men's bulge obscene and vulgar if exposed or flaunted in tiny swimwear. Don't understand seeing string bikini young girls wanting a photo with a guy up front in a thong? Just like people want autographs of famous people what's the point?

Seen on a beach guy in sling shot thong near me being asked from a group of young bikini clad girls, if they can take a picture with him which always the man says, yes.As the group of girls setup beside him giggling in disbelief he agreed to have his picture taken the one girl asking him and holding the camera preparing to shoot looked in my direction. Thought for second she was going to take a photo of me pointing the camera but she hesitated seeing me look at her. 

Why is it women such as we described here are afraid to ask for a photo of nude man the same way they do with a thonger? Only one women asked me for a photo nude was older mother of me alone from the backside, she told me she felt awkward asking, but i agreed knowing it might of been her daughters idea.
  Looks to me women are timid getting photo taken of man but usually no guy rejects it. While so many men would die to get photo taken with some lovely ladies nude but feel they would coverup or decline the request. 

sailor250 #61

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/06/2012 11:34:44Copy HTML

Sorry can't post photos because of my company and professional reasons.  They are on the web however on photosharing.

harassment?  well the chick who chased me down while topless in a G string- her ass meant more to me when she said "hey we match"
stanpuppy #62

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/09/2012 02:59:52Copy HTML

With regard to the subject line...I believe that MOST women do not prefer men in thongs.  While my wife does, and I am sure there are plenty of women who do, I believe that MOST (i.e a statistical sample which would total greater than 51%) prefer men in non-thong swimwear underwear.   Aside from my own experience that this is the case, IF thongs for men were preferred by women....MORE MEN WOULD WEAR THEM.   Yesterday I posted a pic on flickr of me in my brand new US4Men python thong.  This thing is tiny!!  Basically a penis pouch with 3 strings.  While I got tons of positive feedback from gay/bisexual men and lots of swingers/slutty women, etc.  the basic feedback I got from the "average female" (i.e women who I know fron the website who have corresponded with me for quite some time) is that ...quote "I prefer my men with a litte more coverage"
As avid thongers, we can argue the point until the cows come home.  Personally I think the answer is obvious.  Go to a Macys and look in the mens underwear section.  How many thongs do you see?  Exactly.....If women liked men in thongs....men would wear thongs!!
Ex_Member #63

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/09/2012 08:33:04Copy HTML

I haven't met a lot of women who like men in thongs, and I think some are not aware that thongs are also available for men. Most women think that thongs are women's underwear, so they kind of get the idea that a guy who wears thongs is a pervert.
mack_back #64

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/09/2012 10:27:58Copy HTML

Have to agree with  bootyfulasian women don't know or even men for that matter they make thongs for men. True some women believe man risks wearing a thong is some sort of freak or pervert or voyeuristic not caring what people think of him.While there are many young nieve teens or young single female adults that ask men in thongs for pictures at the beach. You don't see girls asking pictures of men in dork shorts even if they find them attractive. Women prefer the man there accompanied with to not look out of place or have undue attention directed towards him. Many women find it embarrassing and can't deal with the stares or people making sly remarks comments about your thong swimwear.Last thing women wants is to be looked upon be it themselves or friend there with having comments directed about them like OMG can't believe he or she is wearing that. Doesn't matter what the type of clothes your wearing dress or pants whatever it is women notice peoples stares looks making them feel uncomfortable to ever decide to wear it ever again. So women are  very much sensitive to others reactions be it verbal or body language on the clothes they wear and want to look pleasing to themselves and others around them. Question can be why don't women wear more thongs? They don't want to create fuss around people because many people can't deal with the look either staring to much or finding it not appropiate and uncaring towards other peoples feelings.
So when have you seen group of more then one single man in a thong at a beach alone? 
stanpuppy #65

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/09/2012 10:58:27Copy HTML

I would think that anyone (male or female) who is not aware that they make thongs for men is seriously out of touch.  I dont see how in the year 2012 that this would even be considered possible, unless you are living in the jungles of thailand where there has been no electricity for the last 30 years
mack_back #66

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/10/2012 03:03:43Copy HTML

Well stanpuppy i knew a european women who i seen frequent the pool often and we talked a lot. Seen her wear big tight grandma shorts and underneath she had on g-strings on. I could tell when her shorts were wet the tiny v-string along the front and sides.
Well she asked me if i bought my tiny swimsuits at stores. Told her online is only place i can buy bikini swimsuits for men. Then she tried to approach the subject of thongs. In a retarded way she wanted to know if thongs for women were acceptable. The way she put it or sounded was thong strings are meant and made for women only. Kind of trying to see if i agree with her statement.When i understood what she was trying to say because i was tanned so well and had no tan lines maybe i own one or two g-strings that are made for women. Felt she was embarrassed to ask me or it was to personal of question. Did notice she wore strings under her grandma  style swimwear. 

So at least this 30 something euro women didn't have a clue if they made thongs or strings like she puts it for men. Thought to tell her they do make thongs for men but didn't want to argue with her. She believed men wore thongs but they were women strings or thongs. Her belief men are wearing women type clothes or thongs isn't right and cross-dressing as she chuckles to herself. Don't believe she is the only women to think that way. Lot of people believe thongs aren't serious swimwear or underwear for men just a guise to sell female thongs to unsuspecting dumb males who don't know better.
steampowered #67

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/10/2012 03:15:05Copy HTML

I think it's pretty understandable that people don't know they exist. At least as a comfortable, practical option for underwear/swimwear. Pretty much all of my friends (and I'm extending this to most people i know) only know of the "borat suit", sequinned g-strings and leopard print thongs. But thats only due to the novelty/gimmicky value of them from movies or male strippers.

So if people were to see someone in public wearing one, the only association, or at least the most common association with thongs is strippers or borat. So naturally laughing ensues. because both of those things tend to be funny to most.

The male thong market is a pretty small niche market. and the only mass exposure available is generally the internet. the internet is a pretty big place.
mack_back #68

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/10/2012 03:56:34Copy HTML

Think the association of women wearing a thong be it lingerie and brazilian women in tangas or to them thongs people believe it's female bottoms end of story. No amount of convincing will change these peoples minds. So if i scream and yell trying to convince lady or man that my muscleskins thong is strictly male they find me so amusing and laugh at my blindness to what i'm wearing. Many will believe i'm nieve and coned in thinking thong i bought is marketed to men strictly but in reality the tags been changed and nothing else of the style has been altered from women's original garmet.
So to when i wear tiny bikini bottom swimwear many of the same thinking believe i'm wearing women bikini bottoms may have been sold separately in a men's clothing section. If i get weird looks at my tiny swimwear or laughs it's not because of my body or penis bulge but the notion i'm wearing women clothes. Although these people are not into fashion or styles and shopping a lot they believe there instincts to be correct trying to get someone else to believe there premise of men wearing women bikini's and thongs is usually easy with light hearted chuckling and jokes of my denial. 
stanpuppy #69

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/10/2012 11:19:16Copy HTML

In a ideal world, I would have never entered into this discussion
John Howard #70

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/11/2012 09:11:09Copy HTML

 who cares what women like or don't like.All it matters is that you like it.
Let them solve their own problems, obviously some women seem to have a lot.

Ex_Member #71

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/11/2012 11:52:26Copy HTML

My personal opinion is that most women do not like to see men in thongs and/or small bikini.  Most women want to see men in the dork shorts.  That's why most men wear the dork shorts.  Yes I think many women will laugh at a man with his ass showing at the beach.  They will think gay.  The exception would be a clothing optional beach.  Even Miami Beach has been overrun by dork shorts.  95% or more of the men will wear dork shorts even at Miami Beach.  I love wearing small bikinis and/or thongs to the beach.  But I also don't like the some of the looks I get.  Women can pretty much wear what they want and be accepted.  I wish it were the same for men.  Do an internet search on the speedo debate.  Women in vast numbers think a speedo on a guy is gross. 
thong_jock #72

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/11/2012 05:58:14Copy HTML

 I think this was one of the reasons I switched from women to men...women are generally uptight about men's junk and having it show. LOL! Maybe they should all just start munching rug if they think are anatomy is that disgusting. I for one think there's nothing hotter than a man's junk stuffed into a tiny skimpy shiny thong...better than nude any day.
RomeoBoy #73

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/11/2012 09:35:20Copy HTML

 Women are wired so differently than guys.  I have girlfriends who tell me that the thought of men stripping disgusts them and that thats only for gay guys.  This is difficult to imagine that straight women, at least the many ive discussed this with, think that a mans body is gross.  Dont get me wrong, they like a niec guys body, they just dont want to see his package.  Go figure?!?!
modelnude4u #74

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/11/2012 09:40:16Copy HTML

 My wife oogles all over MY body, but generally seems to find little to look at on others.  We've been together 30 years in July, so we're pretty honest with each other on such things.  If you get some shirtless guy with a nice body, she'll certainly appreciate it, but doesn't seem to need to see any more.  Again, she likes MY butt in a thong, but isn't convinced that anyone else would, so isn't comfortable in any public setting and me in a thong.  She finally gave in for Miami Beach, as I told her that was all I was bringing!
John Howard #75

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/11/2012 11:25:44Copy HTML

"She finally gave in for Miami Beach, as I told her that was all I was bringing!"
spot on, that's the way to deal with it.
Some women might dislike men in thongs, but they also dislike non-assertive men who always ask for permission and are not in charge of the situation.
BorisVI #76

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/12/2012 04:37:19Copy HTML

Today is a snapshot in time. What people, male and female, prefer changes with time based on socialization and conditioning. There is no innate sense of style.  In 1960 brief swimwear was considered the norm. In the late 1950's Lloyd Bridges was on Sea Hunt every week in his brief swimwear as were the other actors. http://www.flickr.com/photos/22545148@N08/  Women haven't suddenly become terrified of form fitting swimwear.  Today fashion draws heavily from contemporary rock and rap.  It trends toward younger, urban, more ethnic, less affluent and sadly "baggy". These urban youth didn't grow up swimming competitively at the country club. Speedos are completely foreign to them which is understandable.

This too shall pass. As ad agencies on Madison Avenue claim, people don't know what they think until we tell them.  Tastes ebb and flow and will continue to change. I liken it to the tattoo craze. At one time associated with prisoners and stevedores, it is now mainstream, like it or not. So take heart, overall over the last 90 years the trend has been less coverage in swimwear not more.

Ex_Member #77

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/12/2012 01:11:29Copy HTML

It all depends on the individual (and in case of a group of girls on the beach) and collective values. Most women think a thong is ok and sexy on a guy in the bedroom, but find it funny if he wears it in public.
It does come down to body image though. Find me a lady who didn't get a bit hot under the collar when watching Daniel Craig in his fitted trunks in Casino Royale or an Olympic swimmer in their speedos, even though these were both against the conventional norms of baggy shorts. If you are in great shape then obviously women will find you attractive whatever you wear! Although I think at the mo most women think the fitted shorts that DC wore are the sexiest swimwear for a guy.
Chances are though that girls who wear thongs to the beach will be a lot more accepting of guys in thong swimwear and older women who aren't interested in fashions and teen idols of today and remember when brief swimwear was the norm.
I've only had women come and talk to me on the beach when they themselves have been thong wearers and I was with my partner and they were with theirs (so two couples). Both the ladies were wearing WW and I had a JS bulge thong. The other couple definitely approved.That would be socially acceptable. Equally I have heard people laugh at my thongs.
matt476 #78

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/12/2012 01:26:05Copy HTML

 they are most definately laughing ! a great turn on for me is parking next to a bunch of chicks wearing almost nothing - tits out and little g-strings is the best - and trying to out-do them ... hearing them say 'look, its see thru' ...and  'not much to see anyway' ... and 'should take a photo and post it' ... is rather fun ...then they start spurting out the sun lotion on their brown bodies and rubbing cream all over their tasty looking boobies and i go into a state of catatonic bliss almost !
mack_back #79

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/13/2012 04:27:53Copy HTML

Agree with bukaj if you find young teens or sheltered young adult females they will fuss and watch smile laugh take pictures all the reactions what most do but in an over the top way.While older mature women will look and try to control the situation of the disturbance of male in a thong from younger women and either voice there displeasure and join forces to stop you from wearing thongs at the beach. As so many beaches have ordinance of not allowing thongs be worn.
It's something of a double whammy if women look at your bum they laugh seeing and not believing it. Looking at your bulge is disturbing when it looks average but as soon as your well endowed they like it going over board. While the same time they feel your flaunting and teasing which brings them you got a lot of nerve or your just a perv.
foswat29 #80

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/13/2012 08:33:14Copy HTML

 I've have all sorts of reactions - from total ignore, to "a smile and a hand wave" - which was pretty cool. Recently some women have chosen to sun bath close (from about 15 to 30 ft) from me - when there was all the rest of the beach to chose from. I took that as a nod of acceptance..which is nice. Had a wee chat to one.
 Actually some men have the longest looks - maybe they cant believe what they're seeing..?? don't care for that though..

mack_back #81

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/13/2012 03:22:31Copy HTML

At the nude beach I find people who lay near me and leave early I become island in the sand.At very family oriented beach I find the scale of odd looks overwhelm any positive I get. As I found a spot on this small strip piece of beach two women setup 30 feet away. As they were undressing to there bikini's facing me saying, "oh good, glad we have a nice company, with a view today". As there wasn't much people at the beach they setup for awhile and left as I ignored them leaving them be.
SlidingG #82

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/13/2012 08:50:55Copy HTML

One day on the beach in Naples, FL last month I was zonked out, sunning face down.  When I woke up, a couple cute young girls in cute bikinis had set up less than 20 feet away, one about 16, her sister about 11, I'd guess.  No need to get so close except they must have been intrigued by the old guy with bare buns.  I did notice them sneaking photos.  

It's a family beach, plenty of folks around, everyone well behaved, and I was very comfortable all month in never more than a thong, but this episode was especially fun for me in that they chose to set up so close by.  Wonder if they told their parents later what they'd seen. 
bmicro #83

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/13/2012 10:03:31Copy HTML

The whole topic of this thread is like asking "Do men like the NY Giants?" Some men are passionate fans and some are passionate non-fans. While the degree of passion regarding men in thongs among women does not approach that of men toward the Giants, the amount of variation does.
Some women love to see men in thongs and some do not. The only woman whose opinion I care much about is that of my wife. She likes them. I am also glad that there are many women that I meet on the beach who appreciate seeing me in a thong and make the effort to tell me so. That makes my day. The rest don't matter to me. The positive comments, looks, etc. far outway any negativity that might come my way.
The only time I have been criticized or laughed at directly was by an semi-crazy homeless man who got off on that fact that I wasn't following God's word dressing like I was.   
pkthong #84

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/15/2012 07:56:09Copy HTML

 Mack_back: Reading your posts in general conjures up the image of Charlie Brown during Halloween. He would always get a rock while all the other kids get candy. It's not like his costume totally sucked compared to the others, just his luck I guess.
I get giggles and OMG looks and stares but also a few looks of approval and affirmation. I haven't had a totally humiliating experience(yet ?).
At the end of the day if I didn't want to deal with any of the negative vibes I would just wear boardies and be like everyone else. However I do enjoy minimal swimwear and if the majority of women don't care for it then that's their problem. The few women who do appreciate it do indeed make my day.
 Mack, you must have had at least one semi-good experience or compliment while wearing a bikini or thong, maybe you even mentioned it on this board, but your recent posts tend to be depressing.
Ex_Member #85

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/15/2012 03:43:02Copy HTML

 Mack_back: after reading your post I really believe the problem is yours and that no one else can help you fix it.  Like others have said most of us have had positive and negative comments, but the only ones that count are the ones from who you are with.  I personally have had negative comments from strangers, and have had positive comments come from the negative comments, something like "did you see his suit he should be ashamed to wear something that small" and then immediately after usually from a woman who over hears the comment "don't worry about what that person said, you look great in that G-string and I wish more people had the guts to wear them" I have even had women who were with their husbands come up and ask where I buy my suits because they want their husbands to wear one, and on more than one occasion I have later seen them with their husbands wearing G-strings the next time on the beach.  Many people really want to wear thongs and smaller G-string, but they are afraid of negative comments.
mack_back #86

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/15/2012 03:45:57Copy HTML

Pkthong: Sorry for the depressing posts. Just calling it like I see it. Call me a pessimist or realist but find negative comments stick out louder and unforgettable then maybe a postive one.

There may have been girl who stared at me through pool window deck into a dry sauna where I was sitting. She stood in front of me looking probably in disbelief at my bulge but only when I looked back at her she then moved away. She made a comment later when I was leaving to her boyfriend. Wow, they make different speedo's these days.Wearing my camouflage posing AC suit made an impression to her or not, you be the judge?
Ex_Member #87

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/15/2012 07:12:44Copy HTML

I agree with Mako_Hawaii's comment about more people actually want to wear thong swimwear, but are worried about the reaction from other people.
I'm afraid we are all body conscious at some point about something. Why else would many of us shave or go through the cost and pain of waxing, if not to make ourselves look more attractive (or indeed get a haircut or shave your face).
I did a poll about choice of swimwear. The vast majority said that they wore minimal thongs with pouches, g-strings, sheer material of liked to go fully nude, even with a C ring. So therefore most of us aren't conservative thongers. We like to wear exhibitionist swimwear and be seen in appropriate locations. And fair play I say...
Most girls who wear thong swimwear also get a kick out of it.Why else would WW make sheer, cameltoe or minimal suits that show off your waxed lady zone and nipples or piercings.
To conclude, if you can go to beach that extreme thonging is acceptable go for it! Wear a C ring, wear a sheer or bulge suit. Chances are the other beach users actually like it and for women it shows your a confidant extrovert.
Ex_Member #88

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 bukaj: when I lived on Oahu nudity was illegal on the beach, but there was a beach near Dillingham Airfield where people would nude sunbath because no one would call the police because it was out of the way.  After a few years when the beach got more known for nude sunbathers HPD (Honolulu Police Department) started to regularly patrol this beach on foot, ATV, and even Helicopter. After a few people were arrested for nudity many of the beach goer's would still visit the beach but most would wear regular swimwear. This is when I found out how many people who could no longer sunbathe nude were willing to convert to a thong or G-string.  I personally have worn some very micro G-strings and baggies on this beach I have even had HPD doing a beach patrol make a special effort to see that I was covered and walked right up to me with a fishnet G-string on and comment that it was legal because technically I was covered and sheerness is an opinion and was not worth trying to enforce.
I cannot tell you how many people still visit that beach or how many wear thongs, but when I was there most of the weekend regulars were wearing thongs (most less) and few in board shorts unless they were not familiar with the beach or were fishing
arogers1031 #89

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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I hate to say this, but at least in the USA, the answer is yes, they (both men and women) are laughing at you. Even a speedo is likely to raise eyebrows versus the accepted norm of board shorts.

Now, I do think that some women probably secretly enjoy the sight of a man in a thong, but social norms are such that they can never admit it.
Now, the real question is whether or not it bothers you if they laugh. Certainly for a lot of people (myself included) it does bother me and it's definitely not something I can deal with at this point. However, if the comments don't bother you or you live in a place where a man wearing a thong to the beach is more accepted, go for it! You're only helping our cause.
ukessexbob #90

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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A lot of babble is on this topic. For the amount of 'knowledge' that some has re womens attitude to thongs, they must spend all their day on the beach doing a survey. When I'm on a beach, I have virtually no idea what the reaction is 99% of the time. I've virtually only get positive remarks if I happen to be near enough to a lady to converse with her. I reckon 95% of the American ladies who are apparently anti, are jealous, because they posses a fat bellied, overweight husband, and they're jealous of a fit , trimmed guy who is unobtainable for them!!
matt476 #91

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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... personally i find the sight of a massive fat chick trying to squeeze into a little brazillian bikini far more revolting and amusing and laughable than having a simple bit of string wedged between my firm taut brown bum cheeks ... they can laugh all they like ...
thong_jock #92

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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I think arogers is dead on. Being gay I don't care what women think of me in my thong swimwear. But I have never heard negative comments, only wolf whistles and cat calls. Maybe they're doing it tongue in cheek [no pun intended] but honestly I don't wear thongs for them, I wear them for me and how they make me feel. On the male side, I think a lot of the guys I'm really attracted to might initially think I'm a queen since I wear such tiny swim suits and many in our culture tend to immediately equate this with femininity. However if they look past this and talk to me, they realize I'm 100% man. I've had dozens of occasions where guys have commented on my thongs and it's all been positive. My own personal view is [and this is just MY view] if you're going to wear thongs, take care of your body and give those tiny straps of spandex a good name! They are super fun to wear out on the beach and I'm going to do so until gravity takes hold of my ass and drags it down to my knees!
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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I agree with thong jock on this. If you are confident in yourself (without appearing like an arrogant ****) and can wear a thong, men and women will find that attractive.
If all the fit guys and girls out there wore thongs on the beach, their wouldn't be a problem with wearing them! The closest you will get to this at the mo is Brazil, where the majority of women wear thongs and guys were squarecut shorts. 
hotbunz1969 #94

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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I think I must have been lucky in this respect........ Yes I've dated a couple of woman that are not keen on my thong wearing but to my knowledge they've not laughed at me, and when I've been out tanning my buns I've had nothing but (pun intended) complements, I'm sure I've had negative comments and been laughed at but I've not heard it. 

I think more woman than like to admit enjoy seeing a guy in a small suit, I've been in some quiet parks and on quiet beaches in not much, set up early so I'm the first one there, and on a good few occasions had girls set up not 20 ft away, with no adverse reactions, we always seem to end up chatting and having a good day, I don't know if the same would have happened if I was wearing shorts, it may be just that beach mentality where people like to be around others, but I'm sure if they didn't like seeing a guy in a really quite small suit they would have found a more distant spot, they had the whole beach/park to choose from! 

I know from past GF's, if one or two girls in a group show dislike for a guys choice of suit most of the others will follow, this has worked both ways for me, my last GF had a dislike for my thonging and passed it around among her friends, hence I never wore thongs around her, my GF before that loved me in a thong and would have me wear them all the time, she took pleasure in letting her friends know I wore them and that she bought them for me.

Hear in England and I think throughout most of Europe thongs are far more acceptable on guys and woman seem to have a more relaxed attitude to guys that wear them. 

But, hey what do I know, I'm a guy that wears them and am not quite sure what the fairer sex think!! Hehe 
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Indeed I think most women would say that the question of thongs and speedos "depends on the guy". If he is ripped and handsome, they would find it a turn on. Which is why so many strippers wear them.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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In my experience's as a thonger at beaches, as well as our local offical nude beach, I really don't think women get much of a rush when seeing guys in thongs.  I've never had any negative comments from women (that I am aware of) although I've had a bunch of positives remarks and admiring glances, and those have always been from younger chicks.  Younger chicks seeme to just more carefree and open with how they feel, maybe ? 

To summarize, I don't think women really get-off on seeing guys in thongs or even tiny rio-style suits.  Most of them wanna see guys in the routine baggy surfer shorts,etc., much like the boxer underwear their father's always wore. 

I'm one of a number of guys who like to wear our thongs at our local nude beach instead of being nude all day.  Go figure.
ukessexbob #97

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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mack_back #98

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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I get it, done same at my gym. So I know the feeling more then most. Many women tend to look at me and laugh but I try to ignore there looks. People can't even look at me because they laugh. Forget about the pool people tend to chat to people they know not bikini wearing guy like me. Feel some women looking at me want to report that my swimsuit isn't suitable and glare at me as I'm doing something wrong. Not nice feeling. Oh ya no compliments people tend to fear me.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Why what ?  Please elaborate. 

ukessexbob #100

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 To summarize, I don't think women really get-off on seeing guys in thongs or even tiny rio-style suits.  Most of them wanna see guys in the routine baggy surfer shorts,etc., much like the boxer underwear their father's always wore.

Why? Any evidence of this?

And older guys in the UK never wore boxers either. That many year ago in the UK, it was Y fronts for everyone. Boxers is one of the more awful things we imported from the USA
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