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Sunson #101

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/26/2012 10:00:27Copy HTML

 My wife had few boyfirneds before me, and I am her first, who wore thongs. She said, she like my butt in thongs (am youngr than her previous BFs) and I am the only male, she wants to look in thongs at.I´ve spoken with two female friends about  thongs for men (as underwear). One - married, hot, thong wearer said, it´s OK for men to wear thongs. She even bought one for her husband, but he preffers boxer shorts.The other one - not hot, single, wears no thongs, said, men in thongs are creepy.Then, both asked me if I wear thongs. I made 5 second pause, and said "no"... I dont know why. It was 10 years ago, when I started wearing thongs so I was shy about that fact.Anyway, when I a going to the beach, I thing my butt looks better in short and tight shorts, than in any other bathwear, so I could propably understand women, who mosltly say, thongs aren´t cool.BUT, I will never understand the people, who say it is gross, vreepy, ugly etc, to see a man in thongs.When U see something that makes you puke, what´s discusting etc, you just stop looking at it, but most of the people, when see guy in thongs, who is "creepy and ugly and disgusting", they keep looking at him. That´s funny. Not the guy in thong.
navythong #102

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/26/2012 01:40:48Copy HTML

Well said Sunson! Especially your last statement.
I never heared a real reason why women do not like men in thongs. Just saying that's its creepy or disgusting sounds a bit generalizing.
I can imagine that liking or disliking men in thongs has a lot to do with the man's shape who is wearing them.
But that is the same for women. Not every woman who wears thong does look great in thongs. But others look fantastic in them.
Why don't most women  nuance their opinion a bit on men in thongs?
Is it kind of 'not done' saying a man looks good in a thong?
thong_jock #103

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/20/2012 01:23:31Copy HTML

 I think it's funny when people talk about you in your thongs and they're in ear shot. I have a thong buddy who said someone's face, 'just because I'm in a thong, doesn't make me deaf'. He said their draws dropped and they took off without saying a word. People can be really ignorant, judgmental asses. Why can't people just be accepting and stick to themselves?
mack_back #104

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/20/2012 02:22:26Copy HTML

Thong jock like your story wish I could of done that yesterday at my gym. As I was sitting on a bench there were two woman standing 15 feet to the side and behind me with there back facing me. I could see them in the mirror in front of me. One woman little fatty turned to her friend whispered something about me in her ear. The other one suddenly turned her head looking at me chuckling. They were talking and made light of my spandex attire. 
Do agree with you why can't people just let others be, instead pointed out how someone looks amusing to you. Doesn't the fatty wearing same type of black capri tights know she looks fat or chubby. While the other woman just needs to feed and agree with others objections even though she wears tights to.
People tend to bring up bad things they perceive and need to share them with others for reassurance. In my case I'd the other woman turned around and told her friend so what and didn't react with laughter they would not think alike, yet they did. Goes to show you people are similar then we think.
Ex_Member #105

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/21/2012 01:44:04Copy HTML

I have been asking myself that same question a lot lately over various issues. I think its has a lot to do with stereotyping, media, ignorance and of course self righteousness.
thong_jock #106

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/21/2012 01:27:52Copy HTML

Once I was out running in some racey spandex tights when a carload of young guys drive my me one of them leaned out the window and yelled 'NICE SPANDEX FAGGOT. I was facing them as they drove off and grabbed my bulge and yelled back, YOU WANT A PIECE OF THIS? I welcome the day some redneck decides he wants to mess with me. 4 years or martial arts should teach them a lesson.
thongboy052000 #107

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/22/2012 02:55:36Copy HTML

 Last month, my girlfriend and I had a couple of days at Fort Lauderdale, and spent all the daylight hours on the beach. She was in a Wicked Weasel. the one with two narrow strips on the bra, just enough to cover the nipples, and a postage stamp of fabric on the bottom. On the first day I wore a Koala Envy and on the second day, a Joe Snyder bulge thong which leaves nothing to the imagination. We were in a section where there were several female thongers and a couple of males, and no one laughed because we were in an essentially like-minded community. Still, when I went for a walk and hit a more conservative section of the beach there were jeers from some guys in board shorts, and giggles from several girls. But it didn't bother me because I like to show off my assets. I have a nice body and am well endowed, and I believe strongly that we should stop being so timid about appearing in a thong in public.
But we have to realize that we're dealing with a particular culture and that wives and girlfriends have a great deal of influence over how their guy dresses.
Back in the 1960s and 1970s, girls expected their guys to wear their jeans tight and show a package. Now they go — yuck. Years ago, a guy would be laughed off the beach if he showed up in board shorts, and a girl wouldn't want to be seen with him. I'm not suggesting that she preferred her boyfriend in a thong, but she did want him in form-fitting trunks or at the very least in trimly designed shorts which weren't baggy and which didn't descend to the knees.
Social pendulums do swing back and forth, and America today is awash in conservatism. After all, it's only a few years since a right-wing group wanted to boycott Disney for showing a guy in Speedos in a movie. So no wonder that we thongers can feel like an endangered species.
The other problem is that many gays, who were once pacesetters in fashion, seem to be more conservative than they used to be.
Ex_Member #108

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/22/2012 07:55:35Copy HTML

 The other day, I was at Sears shopping for some new clothes and underwear.  When I got to the men's underwear section, I saw two college girls going through the underwear racks. I didn't really pay attention to them until one of the girls said something like, "OMG, look what I just found." I tried not to eavesdrop on their conversation, but these girls started laughing really loudily. Because I was so curious, I turned around to see what they were laughing about. I saw one girl holding a men's thong in mid air, and the other girl was coughing because she had been laughing so hard. Then, the girl who was holding the thong said something like "What kind of guy would wear this". At that moment, I really wanted to grab that thong and tell her that I would wear it. But, my friends were with me, and I didn't want to embarrass them. So, I waited for the girls to leave, and then headed for the underwear racks that they had just been.  I hit the jackpot because I found several thongs that were kinda hidden at the back.
So, it wasn't really a pleasant encounter, but I still got some great thongs, like the JM Skinz thong, 2 X-ist Y-back thong, and the Calvin Klein Steel thong.
stanpuppy #109

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/23/2012 04:13:07Copy HTML

thongbody's comments above ring true

"Back in the 1960s and 1970s, girls expected their guys to wear their jeans tight and show a package. Now they go — yuck. Years ago, a guy would be laughed off the beach if he showed up in board shorts, and a girl wouldn't want to be seen with him. I'm not suggesting that she preferred her boyfriend in a thong, but she did want him in form-fitting trunks or at the very least in trimly designed shorts which weren't baggy and which didn't descend to the knees.
Social pendulums do swing back and forth, and America today is awash in conservatism. After all, it's only a few years since a right-wing group wanted to boycott Disney for showing a guy in Speedos in a movie. So no wonder that we thongers can feel like an endangered species.
The other problem is that many gays, who were once pacesetters in fashion, seem to be more conservative than they used to be."

Unless you are living under a rock, it is pretty clear that these days more women are like the girls bootyfulasian saw in the Sears store.  I happen to be very lucky.  My wife likes me in thongs.  Truth be told, she is pretty unique.  Even in conversations with her friends, most of them think that guys in thongs are "gross, icky, weird, insert whatever bad word works for you"

So basically, I adopt the philosophy of....I am going to wear what makes me and my wife happy.  I dont expect approval from the masses, and in this day and age...I most probably wont get it!!
JM_Runs #110

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/23/2012 06:33:49Copy HTML

I am finally back to being able to run on the beach a few days a week.  It is spring break so more young adults in packs.  Today I got the usual curious looks from tourists, a few good mornings and a few thumbs up.  When I was back and streaching one runner passed and said "Your body's looking good", which was encouraging since I feel slow, stiff and heavy, having not run for four months.  Other than that there were no negative comments at all. 

If I thought in my head that everyone had an unfavorable view I would probably be scowling and they would scowl back, but I don't:  I smile and just go about my business, and most people are very pleasant in return.

If I were to think they thought badly of me then everywhere I looked I could probably find people who were not looking at me, and assume they were looking away in disgust.  If I was convinced people were laughing at me I would see their smiles and nudges as snickering and disapproval, again I don't. I see smiles as smiles, nudges as "hay look, don't miss the man in a thong".  I have even had people tell me that seeing me in a thong was the highlight of their day so far.

I am not young, not riped, not hansom. Just comfortable in my body, not over weight, and confident.

It is normal that a few people will overtly or covertly sneak a few pictures.  When I was leaving and about to get on my bike I noticed a SUV had paused on the other side of the street.  The passenger shouted in a friendly way "I just had to get a picture of your bum, hope you don't mind!"  I did not.  I did not think, "he must be taking it to somehow laugh at me" I just took it gracefully as what he said he wanted, a picture of a man confident enough to wear a thong in public.

When I was younger I did worry that other people may think negatively, but I have gotten over that. (a) Over time I discovered most people were not concerned with me at all, they were living their own lives.  (b) I discovered people supported me wearing thongs, which went often unsaid until some stupid person made a comment and whereas I would have just walked away, they stood up and defended me, and my right to wear a thong. (c) I realized half the population have no sense at all, they vote for the wrong party at each election. Now that's a problem I should worry about.  That a few of them may not like what I wear on the beach, I ain't going to worry about that. I am not running for office, and even if I did it would be difficult to appeal to all the people all the time.  Even people running for office are happy if 51% of the people like them.

On adverage I find most people don't care, of those with a position many more people approve of thongs than disprove.  It is just that the people who disapprove are often religious, drunk rednecks or teenage boys. who tend to be more vocal, strident, rude and public about their opinions.  I don't run into such people very often, and when I do I find a smile and friendly wave goes a long way to terminating or tempering their vocal irritability.
thong_jock #111

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/24/2012 02:43:31Copy HTML

 What a great attitude. Imagine what a better world we'd have if everyone thought like this.

Peace and love, people.
John Howard #112

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/24/2012 06:31:48Copy HTML

 I know how you feel thong_jock about been harassed by young guys, I doubt you would ever have the chance to use your martial arts skills because they would never mess up with you at a close distance.  They are usually not very brave and get their courage from the safety of a moving vehicle or being surrounded by a bunch of other guys like them, they have the pack mentality.  
Don't know if responding as you did would work, perhaps it makes you feel better, but at the same time they can acknowledge that they were successful with their insults, because they pissed you off.   Anyway maybe you're right. 
I remember this summer being at the beach with my kids, I was wearing a purple Muscleskins poser.  There was a threesome (a girl and 2 guys) at the beach near me.  The girl's boyfriend was wearing a speedo, and the other guy board shorts.   When I saw them it looked funny to me, ironically I thought that guy in board shorts could be gay, what is he doing going to the beach playing the violin to a couple of boyfriend girlfriend.  But not my business anyway, there would be nothing wrong with a gay friend going to the beach with a couple.
I must have caught their eyes, they were staring at my side of the beach quite often.   About 3 hours later I was lying down sunbaking while my sons were bodyboarding, and the sun was blinding my eyes.   Going to the beach with children is sometimes exhausting and I needed a break.   I heard them  leaving walking past my towel, and one of them (the board shorts one I think) said loudly like if I was deaf "he must be gay" twice.   
It made me laugh, but angry at the same time.  I don't mind to be labelled something I'm not, but the annoying part is that the intention was to piss me off. 
Following day we went to the same spot of the beach and there they were again.   This time I spent most of the time in the water body boarding with the children, and I was wearing a royal Muscleskins Poser.  Waited for them until they came into the water for a swim.  I asked my son to stay and don't follow me as I approached them to see what happened.  Surprisingly the guy in the board shorts said hello to me, very respectfully.  
This time the sun glare wasn't on my face and I could make a full and direct eye contact with each of them.  Proved my point he wasn't very brave just a young guy jealous that I was much bigger than him and wearing a thong.

bbyrne78 #113

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/24/2012 08:25:54Copy HTML

I didn't even know men wore thongs until an experience with a male stripper for a hen's night when I was still a teen. After that, I equated thongs with men who were fit, confident and sexy. I didn't see any men wear thongs until years later when I saw an older gent very comfortable in his body. This changed my opinion of men wearing thongs from something male strippers wore to just another form of swimwear. 

Since then, I have seen and talked to a number of men wearing thongs in Australia and overseas, most of them could be any of the men in my life (friends, brothers, husbands, fathers and grandfathers). The only thing they have shared in common is a confidence to wear something different from the norm.

I have to say that some of my girlfriends - even though they are WW wearers - have often made comments in poor taste about men wearing Speedos and thongs. That said they are the same who will make snarky comments about women wearing at the beach too. It's a maturity thing, once you realise that men of all shapes and sizes can and do wear thongs and they are not limited to the male strippers, it's an easy transition.

As a woman, I love to see guys in thongs, same as most of you on this board would like to see your partners in thongs. My husband wears board shorts 70% of the time and a Speedo when swimming, I wish he wore thongs. The few times he has done so, he attracted more attention with our friends and fellow beach goers, that he was clearly shy about all the looks and smiles from all the women (ages 12 to 80) and a lot of the men. He now knows what I experience when I go to the beach! 
John Howard #114

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/25/2012 02:04:34Copy HTML

It sounds ironic that sometimes its women the ones more critical on men wearing speedos or thongs.  
what you say bbyrne is very interesting, that's exactly what happened to me.  12 years ago while enjoying Black Rock beach which is a non official clothing optional beach in Mel, where guys and girls skinny dip at the far end of the beach on hot summer evenings.    
There was this 20s or 30s woman, tall, long legs, tanned and very nice body, wearing a white thong bottom and white bikini top.  She looked great in a thong.  However she did as much as she could to make me feel uncomfortable wearing a thong.  She even moved my way with the guy and other girl who were with her, and then she started to rant about how disgusting was to see a man wearing a 'g'.....    This was one of the very few times I have been harassed by wearing a thong in public, but definitely she was gross and ironically she was young beautiful and wearing a white thong.
 Being 12 years younger and especially not expecting a reaction like that from a good looking woman, I decided to ignore her then.   Maybe that wouldn't be the case if it happened now.
You are spot on in your appreciation about some women, a few weeks ago there was a tv show in Melbourne where a young woman called Yumy Stymes (I think), made a rude remark about a Victorian war hero who came back from war and was showing wearing only his bathers at a swimming pool.  This guy obviously looks after himself and is quite muscular.... she said something like "he must be just about to dive in the pool to try to find where his brain is".....       If he was wearing a pair of speedos, she would probably have been even more rude.
It's great to have in this board honest and intelligent comments from ladies who also wear thongs.  This could be helpful to younger guys who don't have the confidence yet to do it in public.  Not much to older farts like me, I couldn't care less if I wear something different from the norm as long as I like how do I look wearing it.
An intelligent woman who likes to wear thongs, likes to see guys in thongs and encourages her hubby to wear them too......  well, some guys are very lucky aren't they.
Ex_Member #115

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/25/2012 02:12:16Copy HTML

 I wear thong swim wear im a  fit, confident and sexy so i feel great in them. I think if your fit a thong is the best choice. I think to that most women who see me in speedos or a thong speedo they enjoy it. I swim laps all the time and no one ever complains!
  The older i get i care less about what others think. Those who make a issue of skin are just stressing over something they cant control or have been brainwashed to belive its the norm.  Fully agree with JH  An intelligent woman who likes to wear thongs, likes to see guys in thongs and encourages her hubby to wear them too.
bbyrne78 #116

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/29/2012 08:15:51Copy HTML

Aww thanks guys!
Ex_Member #117

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/29/2012 09:12:47Copy HTML

 I hate to say "most women" but I agree "some" women prefer a man in a thong or G-string, if not male strippers would wear board shorts.....
My wife for one prefers me to wear G-string underwear over boxers, and she only wears G-strings herself
mack_back #118

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/27/2012 03:39:58Copy HTML

Being unique and liking something for your own is one thing. Showing it off to others maybe more what people want to see. 
In my situation wearing a woman's tailored one inch side bikini which worn reversed gave me a rio back coverage. Wearing it to the pool I frightened Asian woman waiting for her to finish showering on the pool deck. She looked panicked glancing at me two or three times noticing my big bulge. Think she thought I had hardon thus the anxiety it brought her. While I waited I turned around noticing she glanced shocked at my rio back coverage. She walked to her bench near the shower and I asked her if she finished. Very afraid without looking at me she said, yes trying to leave in a hurry with the water running.
Sometimes showing my bulge in tiny swimsuit may give others the impression I'm excited. Then people presume your  up to no good or Pervy. Do what you like or wear it in proper social setting nobody will say or bother you then. Just difficult sometimes to find the right place or timing to wear what we want. 

12 wheels #119

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/27/2012 08:50:36Copy HTML

Based on my experience, it seems as if there are a lot of women who deep down really enjoy seeing guys wearing thongs & Speedos. That is, if you ask them one-on-one. However, once women get in groups, the herd mentality seems to take over, and they do all the juvenile things like point, giggle & make catty remarks. Seems that a lot of women are afraid of what their friends will think of them if they voice their true feelings.

One other thing - it seems that the more approving women are in their 30's or older. Teens & 20-something women tend to be the ones that have the most negative reaction to guys wearing anything other than dork shorts.
mack_back #120

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/27/2012 09:35:41Copy HTML

12 wheel: Talking about speedos, i wore my Aqux new swimwear to my indoor gym pool for couple nights. Found three great looking woman taking a interest in me or my swim briefs not sure which. Two of the young woman 20 something came with there moms. The other single woman not as hot as the other was with similar string bikini wearing friend.
The best looking young woman wore burgundy bikini but had on skort covering her entire hips and bum. This girl had amazing long legs with narrow hips perfect symetry. Why on earth did this girl wear something to cover her bottom with great body like hers? I rate her 9.5 only because she was way to conservative wearing so called mini skirt fabric attached to her bikini. It was turn off knowing she was afraid to show bum cheek or hips. I can understand woman with dipples and fat bum needing to coverup but her such a prude. 
Next was another tall similar size blonde wearing a one inch side purple zebra colored bikini. She showed bit of bum cheek and looked good but compared to the orher prude she had bit wider thighs. Again she covered herself in a towel leaving the sauna knowing i was going to watch her leave. While all along sitting facing her mom chatting looking over seeing me next to them in the sauna in my watermelon colored swim briefs. 
Finally the next day the mom and her daughter seen me again wearing baby blue aqux swim brief, while she had on  wearing gold lepord bikini one inch side. As they left sauna the mom and daughter looked back at me taking a view of me in the swimsuit.
While sitting next to single girl in the string bikini she faced me reading a book in the sauna, very odd indeed. While she got front row seat looking at me with one leg down and other bent she got view of my bulge anytime she wanted. As she left putting on her flip flops turning leaning in front of me. She leaned low directly at my bulge, i pretended i didnt notice her stare. Then she muttured under her breath, "oh boy". Don't know if it was my bulge or she had trouble putting on her flip flops or strained her back. Although i did gather earlier she grinned smiling noticing me in the whirlpool earlier for the second straight day. 
Although i wore conservative briefs woman there were not fazed by it. Will see when i put on my skimpier swimwear and my bulge will look insanely large, then i will know if woman prefer me in tiny swimwaear or be frightened off. Have swimwear where the bulge is so pronounced it shows bit of testicle around the side. Some will think i look hard in the bikini i wear but after seeing me for hour in whirpool, sauna, pool they have to think i'm flaccid but very large. Guess its fun to show off to unsuspecting ladies seeing there reactions.
mack_back #121

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/11/2012 12:58:06Copy HTML

Woman that are horny like to look, guess they prefer to see what your packing before they sample the goods and they zero in for the kill. It doesn't mean they like to see it on everyone but only the one's they desire if they are single. While in a relationship they have no interest with another man and least of all seeing his goods displayed openly.

 Noticed at my gym pool married woman get upset seeing me display my package, oh so well, but frown because it's not decent in there view. Just the other night a young woman with her boyfriend sitting in the whirlpool noticed me leaving. Her reaction as i headed from the pool deck showers to the locker room noticing me in the corner of her eye, saying, "Oh woe". Don't know if it was my bulge that got her reacting or my entire body but after i changed and was leaving the gym she seen me again smiling looking me over, then she began to chase after me to catch up with her boyfriend trailing behind. 

Reminds me of a size queen i seen at the c/o beach. As i setup noticed and heard this stripper type woman with her girlfriend talking loudly for everyone to hear she wants a big one. Before i got undressed less then 5 minutes it was perfectly clear she wanted. It was getting on everyone's nerves, on how bluntly she expressed her desires to meet a man and ridicule everyone else. She may have been under the influence.  Within 1/2 hour she left with her girlfriend and well endowed black male. 

As for the woman that don't like bulges they are 100% heterosexual married with kids but they prefer to be monogamous in there sexual recreation. Keeping there desires hidden and not for public consumption almost virtuous in nature and woman that seldom thinks about sex or displays her sex appeal. They find any female who doesn't follow there path is considered a slut, or whore and very least misguided. I prefer label these ladies horny rather then sluts with a healthy appetite for sexual pleasure, nothing wrong with that.  
mack_back #122

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/12/2012 07:39:43Copy HTML

Tanlines2thin:I get very upset with woman that believe what i said earlier about being disgusted looking at men in speedos. Especially when woman don't find it appealing organizing petition to ban this type of swimwear for men in the pool areas they frequent. How would these woman  feel  if i treated them with the same disrespect with sour puss expression commenting  at there ugly fat bodies. Having my own petition of woman  banning them  to wear any swimwear like tankinis or skorts but must wear dork shorts to there knees covering there thighs with pot marked cellulite, spider vein fat legs and wearing nylon water shirts covering there flabby arms? Who are these woman kidding thinking being covered in tight spandex one piece swimsuits or tankinis that they look decent, fat is fat no matter how you attire yourself you can't hide it.   

In order to get back at them for there hatred of guys in speedo-esk swimwear i turn up the volume on a lot louder. Wear three c-rings that make my bulge pop like a pimple through my thin spandex fabric. Have swimwear that is colorful watermelon red, orange or white with blatant logo designs on the specific regions. Fitted like i'm covered in bubble wrap plastic, bulging in all the right places begging to be squeezed. Cutting out all my lining showing my outlined bulge off, flaunting it so blatantly leaving no detail unnoticed when wet. Wearing my swim bikini so low that i need to shave everything off.

 Heard male comment at the pool recently after his cute string bikini single young female friend diverted her eyes at me twice as i got out of the pool and whirlpool. His responses were,"sick can't believe he is wearing it" only seeing my backside with center seam separating my ass cheeks. Second time coming out of the pool  " Doesn't he know we are in public place, looking like that? Geez...", as the woman started to laugh saying " I know..", she being gleeful at his remark of me, that he maybe jealous or i was being so non sol-aunt with my display.

So the best revenge is to ignore these haters and stick it down everyones throat. Yet be cautious because just being polite to someone  saying hello maybe enough for to constitute being kicked out of the gym pool for sexual harassment. Best for me is keep my head down and walk like a peacock having those ladies hating me for wearing modest speedo. While i rub there noses in it despising me getting under there skin, for wearing skimpy bikini swimwear a lot louder then it should in there eyes. Am i wrong? Or is this the best quite revenge some of us can do? 
Ex_Member #123

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/13/2012 05:05:20Copy HTML

Mack_back:  the other alternative is do as I sometimes do at night in hotel pools and wear unlined, baggy shorts, like NBA type shorts with nothing underneath.  The thinner and more worn and loose they are, the better.  When they get wet, they're quite a bit more revealing in the front than spandex/lycra swimwear, yet somehow don't draw as much overt attention.  Guys will leave you alone because not doing so will mean they have been checking out your package, which would make them appear gay if they admitted it.  And they don't retain quite as much water as board shorts intended to be used as swimwear.  It looks more accidental, yet gradually tarnishes the idea of long, baggy shorts as some sort of golden standard, so it works for me.
mack_back #124

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/13/2012 07:35:48Copy HTML

Nospam: Appreciate your alternative, happy it works for you. Many woman tend to like looking taking a peek when shorts are wet coming out of the water. Guess when a man is accidentally showing off woman understand and lust afterward having a mental picture of that split second view of wet shorts clinging to your bulge. If your like me and display it 24/7 sort of speak they may smile initially but to them it gets very old quickly, afterwards they feel uncomfortable or find it silly looking at me such as a perv leering at a woman.
 Often times when woman stares at me or the bulge she is shamed by herself, mumbling quitely saying, "dear lord ahh, her name.. What are you doing, oih" shaking her head trying to look away red faced - laughing - embarrassed thinking naughty thoughts from her long hypnotizing stare. Then the woman often blames me for initially wearing such provocative  swim attire. Only to get upset that she had no choice but to look and her mind wandered into the gutter being soley my fault. Then she may get nightmares or naughty thoughts at night in bed thus resenting me other times we cross paths again.

I have gotten over peoples stares quite frankly expect it and don't care how they view me. If woman like seeing me as some sort of circus animal so be it. If they detest me in skimpy swim attire i rather not like to get to know them. If there prudes, well it's my way showing them there is alternative and correct swimwear then dork shorts to wear at the pool with there lame trendy fashion be-attitudes. Whatever i wear at the gym pool is far cry what i wear at c/o beach which is nothing. Even at beach nude i'm looked upon for whatever reasons.

Even some woman may find it unusual but if i own it, by looking confident they find me less upsetting. Had couple big woman stare while i  was showering on the pool deck and walking away to the change room. They commented to another shrugging saying, "at least he looks confident wearing it". While these big woman covered up with towels entire time until they tumbled  themselves into the pool raising the water level.

abczyxabczyx #125

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/15/2012 03:58:22Copy HTML

Who cares.  Wear it for yourself, not for what others think.
I guarantee. you'll be happier.
mrhb2008 #126

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/15/2012 05:15:56Copy HTML

     I agree.
mack_back #127

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/15/2012 07:20:43Copy HTML

Difficult to wear what you want when you see the same people all the time and they giggle or laugh to one another about my swimwear. Noticed this asian couple male wore speedos and cute female conservative bikini. After many times seeing them and me in different swimwear got 24 different types to wear. Noticed the asian female shockingly looked at my bulge wearing my japanese low rise bikini bottoms. After that, noticed, she and the husband attire changed to modest swimwear. She wears shorts and some sort of tankini and him dork shorts. 

We don't talk to one another and believe the asian couple want to be left alone. Sometimes just her glancing subtle stare when i initially show up on the pool deck is enough for me to feel bad at what i'm wearing. I try best to ignore them both but sometimes there comments in there native tongue might be expressed about my swimwear. Even though there laughs might be short and they move onto other things. Sometimes do notice the asian female stare at me while i do laps in the pool. While if i stare at her and she notices me, often she gives her husband a chat and makes me feel like a creep with her actions. Be it her body language or chats with her husband about me. 
Only time i can ignore people is when i maybe the only person left at the pool.

John Howard #128

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/19/2012 02:38:52Copy HTML

 the other day went for a swim for recovery after 2 weeks of training,  just for a bit of pool walking, steam room sauna and jacuzzi....Wore a Muscleskins lean, micro front in maroon.   When I finished and walked up the changing rooms a couple male and female in their thirties saw me and she started to laugh nervously.
I think most of these cases are not direct laughter but nervous reaction of seeing a guy wearing something very brief.  It shouldn't be taken personal in any way or form.
Board shorts have become so mainstream that even a guy wearing a speedo would stand out.
I didn't parade or show off, but also didn't cover myself up with a towel like if I was ashamed of my body in the swimming pool area.
The best reaction to this situation is to laugh back or smile, and say 'hello'.   The worst reaction is to become upset and take it personally.I don't think wearing a suit that outlines the bulge should be a matter of concern.  It's just the shape of a male's human form.   Wearing a suit that outlines it too much like a missile or torpedo,  is a different story.
mack_back #129

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/19/2012 04:18:11Copy HTML

 JH i hear you and agree most of what you wrote. Only i feel my reaction is to get angry or upset at others as you just described giving them the death stare, so to speak. 
Had unusual reaction other day at the pool. This woman who i knew little bit, which we chatted somewhat in the past and definitely told me i had great body. We haven't seen each other for over half year. She ignores me and tries to avoid any eye contact what so ever. So i decided to go into the sauna after my swim to rest. She was laying in the sauna as i didn't want to to do the same crowding her so i just sat normally on second tier bench, same level as she was. Then she sat up after awhile and must of checked me out and my bulge which looked normal to me in skimpy 1" swimsuit. She left the sauna leaving me alone. So i then laid myself down and relaxed. Noticed her walking on the pool deck looking in seeing me laying down same as she done earlier. Then as left the sauna i noticed her rushing out of the whirlpool almost angry keeping her head down not acknowledging me at all and walking into the sauna. 

My belief is could she be angry of me wearing such small swimwear and showing my bulge, because i'm flaunting it? Another thought occurred  to me is that she is bit full figured big woman and is angry at herself looking as she does. Thinking man like me couldn't possibly be interested in her. Meanwhile she may need to ignore me because just looking may bring up desires that she maybe to shy to act on. 
kawasaki #130

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/19/2012 11:24:25Copy HTML

@mack_back: taking a sauna in a swimsuit???? That is blasfemy against the rules of taking a sauna ;-)
mack_back #131

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/19/2012 01:19:38Copy HTML

Kawasaki: The dry sauna is located within the pool and both male and females have use of it. Never has anyone been naked in it, if  management seen anyone without clothes they would tell them to put on a towel at least. Swimwear is often and mostly worn in the sauna, esspecially with windows overlooking the pool. As for the wet sauna it is located in the mens showers so i can understand being nude in it. Again the gym has a rule on the door entering that men should wear swimsuit in it. Guess, many other males had complained of seeing nude guys in it and sometimes myself have known to take it all off. Personaly i don't use it now because of the rules, while some men ignore the regulations, unless someone complains who cares, right. Plus the wet sauna stinks from bad smell of unwashed sweaty guys and unclean fabric.

Why do most men think by wearing dork shorts that the whirlpool and saline pool will kill any sweat or bacteria in there shorts from prior use? They need to wash them thoroughly before the show up again in the same shorts.  I know after i take my twenty something, swim bikini, home from the pool i can smell the funk from the water i've been in. Always put my swimsuits in gentle cycle machine wash with soft fabric soap and splash of vinegar, even that doesn't totally get rid of the smell. 

Had conversation with older lady about my complaint of every men wearing dork shorts in the whirlpool and sauna. The same shorts they workout in while in the gym. This causes lot of smells and bacteria released into the water or smell in the air in the sauna. She agreed, that many should wear proper swimwear when using the aquatic facilities. Many who overheard our conversation in the sauna got earfull them wearing such dork shorts fabric. 

Have to agree with you, it shouldn't be allowed for anyone entering pools in baggy fabric, or sauna, just for the only reason, hygiene purposes. Woman told me she seen men even enter the pool in there underwear. Nobody says, anything or are afraid to argue with men with no sense as she put it. 

Again if men can walk in underwear trying to hide it knowing there wrong or embarrassed i shouldn't worry what others think of me in my swimwear. Also because of the hygiene aspect of what i mentioned many women are afraid to use the pool or whirpool because they may get sick. Search dangers in public whirpool water safety. Just knowing what bacteria lives there makes me not want to showup at the pool area. Seeing the scum of everyones skin rimming the whirpool makes me sick just being in it.For heaven sake who can police every man wearing dork shorts entering and exiting the aquatic facilities? Some female receptionist won't get tough enforcing something that 95% of what men wear to the pool. Who wants to bother being policeman of the pool definitely not woman. Only vote i see is there attendance using such a facility. 
kawasaki #132

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/19/2012 01:38:39Copy HTML

Mack_back: you said it all ;-) It is all about hygiene in a sauna. Therefore no clothes and of course shower before entering! In Europe it is strictly forbidden to enter a public swimming pool in dork shorts. It must be a bikini brief. Nice weekend Mack ;-)
thong_jock #133

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/20/2012 03:48:30Copy HTML

 I went to the beach yesterday with a buddy. There was a bunch of kayaks a few yards off shore filled with young people - maybe 10 or so. I dropped my shorts revealing my skimpy thongbiker thong and all the girls in the boats started whooping and whistling. I didn't hear any negative jibes or laughter...then my hot young buddy dropped his shorts, revealing his bikini speedo and they did it again. I would say it was a positive reaction. :-)

Nice thing is my buddy ended up wearing one of my thongs and we laid out together in thongs all afternoon. Was awesome!
mack_back #134

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/21/2012 10:24:19Copy HTML

Went to my gym pool had nice chat with this older lady 70 something. As we walked along the pool deck and stopped to chat i noticed she glanced down towards my bulge at my white low rise swim briefs. While for a second i looked away she took a quick peek thinking she wasn't going to be caught by me. Funny that woman with no libido are curious at man's bulge no matter there age. Only very few woman check my bulge out by zeroing in on it specifically. 
Notice whenever i see woman in one piece swimsuit with big boobs somehow by subtly looking at her entire body you automatically notice if she is big or small without actually focusing on them specifically. It's probably true as well when women see me in tiny swimsuit and notice the bulge. Find myself enjoying it when  women notice me initially and then takes notice again focusing her eyes on my bulge, once, then twice and three times. Almost always i try not to look at the woman when she is focusing her eyes on my bulge. Find it gives the woman longer opportunity to stare while i pretend i didn't notice there stare. Try not to make them embarrassed by looking at me below, figure most are curious for the most part. While others ignore me and don't dare to look because fear of me catching them looking.
While some woman was sitting on sauna bench looking my way and was passing in front of me. My eyes were focused at her large breasts and errect nipples. My thought was while she was looking at me and probably my bulge she began to get excited thus her nipples sticking out through her wet one piece swimsuit. Guess she had no padding or lining for her giant breasts, while i to had no lining covering my bulge in white swimsuit. Suppose we gave each other quite a show..
mack_back #135

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/22/2012 07:33:13Copy HTML

 Often i shave completely and when i get commented on by others. They giggle seeing i'm shaven then when i lift my arms up they notice my armpits shaved. Usually i hear more laughter after there intial giggles.  There is no win situation woman tend to laugh, no matter being hairy or smooth. Just don't get it but i sigh for at there childish attitudes and reactions towards me.

Also body composition matters as well. Sometimes others just don't care for toned thin look. Again everyone is different and opinions vary what they find that can pull it off.
JackValentine #136

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/22/2012 08:02:20Copy HTML

 mack_back, have you ever received the kind of attention you want?

My god. At every turn you are posting about people laughing at you and not respecting you. Then you post about people looking at your bulge all the time. Then you post about what you assume people are thinking about you  It seems like such a hard way to go through life...
mack_back #137

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/22/2012 08:42:42Copy HTML

My reactions from people of what i wear pertaining to skimpy swimwear is what i chose to write about. Good or bad is what peoples opinions are of me or others i see. Getting laughed at is sometimes not negative reaction from people but a nervous habbit some have. Try to get group of asian female teens together and they will laugh and giggle about anything spoken. 
It's unusual swimwear what we wear and people reactions or comments are going to happen. In reality most times nobody says anything and leaves me alone. So just saying that doesn't make it interesting  does it?
Choosing to head to the pool tonight and can't make up my mind to what to wear. Should i put on my black rio who some say it looks as if i got it on backwards. Should i wear my shinny skinz 3/4 cut narrow side turquoise swimsuit? Or my white 2" inch side swim briefs with seam in the back not lined? Or my navy blue low rise narrow suit with no drawstring that is worn out and sits so low it shows base of my penis? Leaning towards my white swim briefs to wear at rhe pool.. Who cares, right? Just as boring hearing complaints about swimwear i wear.

As for anyone complimenting me on my swimwear sure there was. Often no woman dares to speak thinking i may get the wrong impression of them. Usually people stay to themselves and don't say, nice suit unless they really are horny and want to have some fun. In most cases i have to go with body language and second hand information from other people curious knowing me. Usually females are to shy to chat or feel my look is not appropiate so i tend not forcing the issu with them. 
mack_back #138

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/23/2012 12:19:22Copy HTML

Had to do some emergency landscaping early this evening. Was about to rain and temperature and humidy was high. So i came to this house that sometimes i work on. Knowing the neighbor we tend to get along chatting or what not. So i was hurry not attired normally for landscape work but thought the job at hand was quick and easy. So i wore my 51/2 inch shorts, that is five inch inseam, which i attire casual wear with a cotton T during warmer temperatures. 

So while on front yard tossing dirt around tiding up the yard there was a female 50 year old neighbor talking with a same age couple who were leaving, standing on the driveway. Heard the female woman mention something about my shorts. Then the neighbor which i knew said, "i don't want to look at it". The man said, "he looks like some sort of girl". Then uh-huh, from the women response. 
While i stood nearbye thinking i can hear them plain as day. Then i stood up staring at them. Then i began to go back to work but thought to ask the neighbor that her friends and her are not to fond of my shorts. She avoided to run into me so, i'm now thinking what bitch. Often times i say, hello to her, trying to be friendly, yes wearing longer shorts then ones i had on. 
The homeowners of the property i work on don't like her much either for other reasons and tell me not to allow her into the backyard to look at the plants etc... Also the neighbors next to her two houses from me hate my property owners for some reason and talk trash with the bitchy neighbor i described, feelings of jealousy they presume, newer house, better constructed etc... 
Usually i don't wear shorts when landscaping but sometimes i come around in the short shorts to look after the property for small jobs and seen by neighbor and many others. Reaction i gotten from these older 50 something folks made me confused why would they have problem with me. I'm shocked that someone has issues with my wearing little shorter then mid thigh shorts. Color was army green and shirt was dark faded black. Can't understand her problem or the couple either about my attire.

Have running shorts that are much shorter but never wear them to do work in, only to lounge or go to the beach on my bike. I'm lost for words that these three people found my shorts odd. Not to long ago shorts on men this short was the norm. Anyone watch Magnum P.I? I was wearing almost exactly same length of shorts. Just goes to show you if you don't conform to societies styles dork shorts or cargo shorts you are troubled individual or labeled looking like a girl. Now that i know where the neighbor opinion on male attire that must be worn or of me. Don't know if i should give her the stink eye everytime i see her or forget it and move on with my life pretending i didn't hear her remarks about me or her friends.
 Anyone have any suggestions of sarcastic remarks i can use when i talk to her next time? Believe me we will talk.. Just don't know what to say. Had feeling about her about me, the old female neighbor, that something sometimes was off when i came by in short shorts or other times, with her ignoring me. Some here say i maybe making up, what people think of me, but it's not my imagination or dilution of people keeping there distance or thoughts are about me.In one hand it angers me that folks have problem and regret not speaking out to the old folks saying you got problem with the way i dress? Then again most people  can either be embarrassed knowing i overheard them and fight usually takes place when confronted. A no win situation, but bad feelings goes all away around for both of us doesn't do any good, if you ask me, that is why i keep my mouth shut and take shit thrown at me and i shoveled it more times then i wanted today.   
OS777 #139

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/23/2012 06:05:05Copy HTML

 Mack_back,  Come on. You should have had a response to those old folks well before you went into the yard.  You should have asked who let them escape from the Alzheimer's lock-down ward.  You should have volunteered to get their wheelchair for them so you could wheel them back to that safe spot were they can babble to themselves and the wall for the remainder of the day.  I give you permission to be rude to rude people. First you should should have asked if they had a bib to wear so they would be appropriately dressed out in public.  You should have asked if you could call the police so that they could be taken back to their "memory unit."  Better yet you should remind them that they were taught proper manners as youth yet they are rude disgusting old has-beens. Those suggestions should have shocked them back into 2012 not 1947.  I am 60 and would never take one second of lip from anyone any age!  You should do likewise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Be prepared!  Ask them how they have managed to get by without a brain for all of these years.  You can never be too rude to a rude prude.
OS777 #140

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/23/2012 06:19:58Copy HTML

Should anyone laugh at you for shaving your pits.  Think about this.  I went to Russia during summer of 1999.  Women as well as men shave their pits. It is a matter of personal hygiene. In hot humid environments bacteria breeds and smells.  When anyone rails on you inform them that you can smell their rip pits and that they need to start taking a bath on a regular basis and use soap.  They will shut them up in a second.  I have shaved my pits for years and have no shame in being smooth.  Mention that if they shaved down below they would not have the yeast infection that you detected the minute you encountered them...  :) 
mack_back #141

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/23/2012 08:00:37Copy HTML

Os777 thanks for the funny material maybe i'll use it next time. Often i give people benefit of the doubt. They had private conversation and i was eaves dropping, can't help it that my hearing is like ab owl.Another thing is i disbelieved what i heard thinking i may have misunderstood them. After thinking it over in my mind rndless times there's no doubt how the female neighbor feels about me not wanting to look my way, even to wave or be corjole. 

Have to look at her side of it. Was she saying, i can't look at him because i'm to funny looking and she will laugh outloud histerically? Or that i remind her of her adult daughter but with tanned and toned legs? Or is she such religously devoted married woman that doesn't want unclean thoughts enter her mind? I can surely answer knowing her she is definetly not lusting after me or vice versa. Always curious about her. Her face looks familiar on some amatuer porn sites. Thought she had some sort of kinky stuff going on secretly. I never mentioned it or looked at her unusually have a great poker face for that sort of thing.
As i had to cut down a tree before this event happened earlier in the week. She came over saying it's not your fault that the tree died. Weird thing to say to me, but i let it go. She explained it was because the tree was planted in direct sun. 
Don't know whats happening to me but just the other day this older gent with his wife in a car called me asshole. My car was parked at end of a quiet one way street. So i began to back up just as coming out from a driveway to another quiet two way street. So i waited for this car to turn before i backed up. This old man stopped blocking me at the intersection from backing out. I tried to wave him to keep going thinking he is afraid i may back into him. So i got out of the car saying are you waiting for my parking space? He answered no, he pointed few homes away where he lives. He told me its a one way street and i must go forward. I wasn't blocking him and there was no traffic very quite side street. I explained that going to main road takes to long and traffic was going to keep me longer then i wanted. I told i'm just going to back up and going the opposite direction of the street anyway. He held his ground telling me infactically, No i'm not. I was confused that this old man with his wife are blocking me from backing up, almost comical.  Thinking why waste your time policing me for what doesn't matter. I was puzzled and shocked that old guy held hos ground with me having a stand off. As i paused thinking many bad things to say so i soghed then he drove off calling me asshole. Then backing into his own driveway noles
abczyxabczyx #142

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/23/2012 06:49:57Copy HTML

When you are confident, no one will laugh at you.
mack_back #143

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/23/2012 11:47:15Copy HTML

Your right they only giggle and state there opinions towards me. Unless your in nude beach environment then they speak there mind. Whistling calling out sexy for fun,  and saying interesting undies. 
Whatever confidence you have it goes out the window when people act childish, restless and aggressive trying to have fun. 
mack_back #144

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/30/2012 10:07:24Copy HTML

At the gym I've seen and heard people complain to management of what i wear or wore at the gym. Heard recent comments of me from members to there trainer. Saying, " he has more confidence wearing that then his skinny body to show off", trainer, agreeing saying uhuh, smiling. Even today heard couple guys, working out and chatting  looking at me as i came closer walking by, one said, "no, that's a dude, seeing what he's wearing ya!" 
While i write the negative in how some resist and dislike my training attire there are sometimes people are surprised at my look in good way of sorts but still are my worst critics. Older married woman,  40ish, terribly disliking my attire at the gym to point of being my very worst critic ever. She seen me wear adidas white tech top which was sort of sheer and very compressed which showed every bulge in my upper torso. She mentioned to her personal trainer that i must of gotten in better shape, which the trainer denied. The female came closer towards me for an inspection of my abdominal muscles showing through my shirt. She leaned over a gym machine, as i worked out in middle my exercise, seeing her mouth ajar and smile. Her being pleasantly surprised or turned on, don't know which but i had effect that was totally opposite of any other time i was ever seen before.So sometimes showing off is way for people to notice any progress in your body while people notice and want results as they perceived on me. So showing off isn't always a bad thing.. 

What's weird having compression gear from tip to top, it helps relieve muscle fatigue and it works well. If your serious about working out at least i'am and compression wear is only thing that is comfortable and non binding helps you do resistance training better for the most part. Just like wearing a thong under your tights or shorts, wouldn't you agree.

Only regulation i'm aware at the gym for proper clothing attire is to wear some sort of footwear and not flip flops or sandals. While swimwear is allowed in the pool area it isn't allowed to be worn on the gym floor. Seen people do exactly that but the P.A announcement immediately told the two woman to get off the floor and put on some workout wear not swimwear for everyone to hear. Also men wearing no shirts is disallowed, one trainer did it once and the management said to make sure you wear a shirt only because there maybe a complaint from older woman who doesn't like it. Although i seen guys practice posing for bodybuilding shows in a corner of the gym in a mirror shirtless, but if nobody catches you no harm in it. Yes, management isn't johnny law everyday to enforce all sorts of complaints from members and they do get complaints incessantly at my gym.

Whatever we wear obvious ladies wear? Or not. We have people constantly hating on others be it looks or clothing whatever the reasons you can't satisfy everyone but only yourself. Sort of mind your own business and keep your nose out of everyone else's, real or perceived quirks you judge them to have or do.

Just taking off my shirt to mow the lawn on hot day had a certain older woman become disgruntled because of my lack of taste or respect for others. Kills me to say it but find it taboo to go shirtless on the front lawn doing yard work on hot day. There use to be a time on hot sunny day a man took his shirt off in the neighborhood and nobody squatted a word except how hairy his chest was or his fat belly. Now even if your totally smooth with a good tan and six pack abs your looked upon laughed at as distastefully crude not respecting other females feeling, even though they can legally walk topless if they chose.   

mack_back #145

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/31/2012 04:53:49Copy HTML

I've been wearing larger swimsuits 2" sides briefs with full back coverage. With no lining and wet getting out of the pool or sauna they are very transparent.  My colors are mix of white, watermelon,  light blue, orange. When i wear 1" side bikini briefs in red they are completely transparent up front. Just being at the pool in my sky blue and white swim briefs couple Korean girls one wearing string bikini laughed as i headed out after my lap swim. Looks to me the girls like my body but find it amusing  seeing me in small swim briefs that they can see my outline up front or back being so transparent. Other then that many people don't react or say anything but few notice with slight smile. 
Sometimes i feel i'm pushing the limits at the pool to far or just me not caring anymore.
mack_back #146

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/01/2012 08:43:59Copy HTML

Don't think its turn on for me when i get out of the pool when my bulge is detailed through the wet thin fabric. Although i do get reactions from others looking at my bulge. Feel bit self concious about the way my bulge looks, feel it may look to small or to big and many may laugh,  me not knowing if it's my size or feel that i'm arroused. It's always something i'm always critical on the way my is perceived to others. That is why i have so many suits thinking this one or that better emhances my profile front or back.  Some people react with disbelief others stare at my manhood. Notice some single woman will turn there heads after they walked by to take another peek of me smiling. Them thinking i'm oblivious to notice that my white swimsuit is sheer in the back or front.
Don't know if it's vulgar or indecent to show my wet skimpy bikini clinging to my body like plastic wrap. People think what they like, sheer or not if they find me offensive doesn't really matter. It's the size of my swimwear that people notice but the sheerness shown esspecially in white is sometimes fun to see other adults expressions.

The way people attire themselves with large swimwear covering up either by shyness or physical inadequac, by showing my entire body leaving nothing to imagination is way to deal with prudish peoples attitudes. Like the saying goes, if you got it flaunt it! While everyone looking is an adult no harm showing others what you got. Many men can't complain if they see me showering nude or changing in the locker room. Only leaves few married woman who seen a man's bulge before, which they can't feel to uptight looking at me.
mack_back #147

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/17/2012 07:00:13Copy HTML

Went on my weekend warrior, bicycle, beach, voyage, which takes under hour to arrive at my destination. Along my trip near the water/boardwalk and city street i encountered some shocked expressions on my choice of attire. My shorts were short compared to dork knee length ones ALL males wear. They were short enough showing my hip pocket hanging below the hem along my leg but not so short as other running shorts i wear with inseams of one inch, which i wear time to time for my trip to the beach also.
  Didn't see any males wear short shorts as me for entire day except when i arrived at c/o beach. 

Although i did see for the first time a guy wear black running tights and black compression top that didn't cover his hips. Usually see time to time male in running tights but with baggy shirt covering there hips like a dress or tunic but never someone wear it tight on warm sunny 80 degree day. It was like looking in the mirror of myself at the gym but this guy had larger thighs and looked better then me to be honest.
The stares and expressions i got along my bicycle trip was mostly woman looking at me commenting to there boyfriend in disbelief with a smiley smirk and then giggle-chuckle after her comments of how i appeared, meanwhile the boyfriend rolling his eyes of not caring or any interest in the subject. Seen many girls running in short shorts and some walking along in casual daisy dukes denim with there pockets lining showing along there thighs. Nobody bats an eye but when male like me does it suddenly i look funny to them and needs to be pointed out for others to stare while i wait for the street intersection light to turn green. Other woman who are alone waiting to cross the road stare in puzzlement winching there brow confused watching me directly as i ride passed. You don't need to hear comments from these ladies but inflexion of many expressions shows me there basic opinions.
Suddenly, short shorts are taboo for any man to wear while years ago they were common place for any recreational purposes, does that make any sense? Being labeled as undesirable because of your attire is preposterous.  Exclusively i wear old navy five inch short shorts when it's warm and feels lot more comfortable then big baggy skirt-like knee shorts, when temperatures drop to borderline pant weather. Understand why so many girls wear short shorts in summer months for comfort reasons. So why do woman have this MORAL compass to conform every male to act in certain manner and behave wearing something other then what many females do even though shorts are not a gender specific garmet, in reality it is more male then female. 

Noticed when i was leaving the c/o beach with my bike and this young teenage or college girl was waiting for her friends in short dress. She and her two friends setup in front of me at the beach earlier and got good view and eyeful of my entire nude body most of the afternoon. Think they all could pick out my penis out of a police-lineup if it ever did as crime. Didn't hear any negative comments from any of them entire time on the beach. Once i got dressed and rode off in my short shorts or what i consider mid-high-thighs, from the beach the girl gave me a sour puss reaction of, "Uhh!" with little disappointment in her face. Don't know why so many woman react with such high moral attitudes while many females wear same or shorter shorts then i do without anything being said or stared upon. Even though many or at least some have fat short milky thighs thinking there looking good smiling believing guy like me is admiring her sexy body in short shorts. In reality i'm comparing her thighs to mine and skin tone feeling she hasn't past mustard in my opinion to wear what she is. If there should be anyone who should wear dork shorts these plump woman should consider wearing them.

The same type of stare or behavior happens to me even when i wear cargo shorts from old navy. Was at a store picking out some shirts and this young female presuming she was single eyeing me almost panting. As she looked me over more and more and the store clothing islands didn't block her view of my shaven tan legs. Her expression changed to likable attitude to a subtle snearing shock of disgust or disappointment, then no desired interest in watching me any longer. What i assumed was similar stringking had experienced at the store but that i thought, she felt i was weird, or even gay to have shaven legs or the very least a total turnoff for her.
mack_back #148

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 12:39:39Copy HTML

My stance is there shouldn't be issue about speedo-esk swimwear period. We all know the roots of why you wear speedo trunks briefs etc.. Why the debate and question?
 Speedo fitted swimwear should be worn by every male no matter how out of shape or age. Way before speedo spandex was invented swimwear was brought to the masses for common sense reasons males wore cotton wrestling type singlet body suits to the beach or pool. Even though males are fat doesn't mean they should wear a skimpy tiny rio. There are plenty of style or cuts for males to wear that are tight fitting and look okay. While wearing knee high skirt (board shorts) don't hide a male looking 6 months pregnant either.
As you may have guessed i'm proponent for such attire being on this board makes most if not all bias to the argument. While i disagree woman will have the same reaction of dislike wearing garbage bag hanging from your waistline many will feel it is something guys wear and leave it at that.

While many in competition diving or swimming do wear speedo type attire many woman see males who wear it on beach or pool as being in gay a demographic. At least when i show up to c/o beach many guys if not all are wearing speedo trunks or briefs and they tend to lean to  the side of being gay. While this assumption is accurate and general most people believe wearing snug fitting clothing is a way to show your bulge to the world. So no woman likes a show off, no matter how well built to much of a turnoff for her. Yes, some woman are intrigued by male bulge displayed so openly but seeing it change size or shape can make others uncomfortable. Only reasoning young gay males wear them is display there bulges to other men and see if there reactions get others interested in them.

Never had i gotten a complimentary reaction from woman at the pool saying i like your speedo or it suits your body. Only been ridiculed that i'm showing off my obvious large bulge or i must be gay been laughed upon looking ridiculous. So the label stigma exists for any male wearing speedo swimwear from woman and men who don't take part in the attire or just observing others behaviors, sad to say. 
mack_back #149

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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bbyrne78 : 
Agree with comment you got from a woman that tights aren't pants. As workout gear i believe they are useful and really beneficial to wear by themselves. Draw the line once you leave your place of business you need to change into streetwear. See way to many woman wear capri tights in flip flops as casual wear to walk the dog on the street or stop at grocery store to shop. Feel leave your workout wear for what it is designed for, to workout in or in your case instruct others not as casual lounge wear.  
This is height of laziness of seeing woman not changing from there workout wear and doing errands staying clothed hours after there trip to the gym.  Yes, i hear the comments of being dirty and smelly not wanting to change to ordinary clean street clothing only to be going home directly. 
It has become a fashion accident  that wasn't intended but woman wearing leggings or capri tights as streetwear and never having a gym membership thinking that's how females style themselves. Find your working in uniform tights tank top you should feel obliged to attire into ordinary clothing shoes, blouse, skirt, pants, dress etc.. How would you like seeing a mechanic in overalls walking in with steel toe greasy boots or painter in smelly drywall covered stained dirty jeans at the supermarket.
Please wear your ordinary casual street wear when not training or instructing. Yes, i know how comfortable it feels wearing them alone and i bet you look fantastic in them as well. If you make it fashion style which is already the case now, it is slap in the face for everyone else in society who attire differently then you do. 
If you don't care and feel there is nothing wrong with it. You will entice me to do the same as many others gym rat females flaunting there body outside the gym confines. 
Wearing my Nike men capri tights feels wonderful as well might as wear them alone for my bike ride to the gym and stop afterwards to buy bread. What reaction would you say i would get wearing my tight fitted polo hoodie and capri tights outside the gym or your reaction be seeing guy like me?So that is why i show up in cargo shorts and cotton T and leave wearing the same. While at the gym wear  nike capri tights and base layer dri fit compression shirt working a good sweat wicking away. That is why gym wear is gym wear not casual wear. It's not like you have no other clothes to wear then spandex gym gear, do you? Or a washing machine to clean your clothes.  
T_for_2 #150

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 02:04:59Copy HTML

Sorry Mac, but we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I think it is great seeing a fit woman outside the gym wearing workout gear that shows off the results of her hard work at staying in shape. I am not suggesting that I particularly want to encounter anyone being "dirty and smelly," but short of this condition, seeing a fit attractive woman is, for me at least, always a pleasure.

Admittedly there clearly is a double standard here where men in a similar situation almost always would be viewed negatively. I may not like it, but that's the way it is in today's society.
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