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mack_back #151

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 02:48:37Copy HTML

T for 2 have to say not every woman is in shape or tight toned body that works out showing her genetic gifts. In reality i see many woman who never lifted more then there dogs poo or do more then yoga once a week with odd run on a weekend morning. Rather see the capri tights suck in the cellulite from these street walkers with pear like shapely bodies. 
You have to admit some clothes are meant to be worn for specific reasons. Agree with you seeing hot female with super toned body is apparent whatever she wears. So to when woman tries to wear tights thinking it may make her leaner, which it may but usually it isn't enough to drool over.
Was leaving from c/o beach other day and stopped at the park area to eat and drink. This hot super toned cigarette smoking tanned chick was wearing short mini dress with entire bare back only thing holding it on was her straps along the neck. Her tiny super tan toned muscular back and thighs made my jaw drop watching her as so many others did smiling. She was bit of a freak yelling to everyone in fun loving manner but very hot gym rat to be sure made lot guys and woman smile while i was in heaven looking her over. Only thing to say was WOW WOW wusby. Hot is hot no matter what you wear and showing skin is the best way. Just a image of watching her entire bare back with no straps is x-rayed in my mind just thinking about her.
Only point i want to make is there is more clothing for woman to wear for a provocative look then gym wear.  
Maxtlatl #152

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 02:53:56Copy HTML

Here's the thing - if everybody follows the norms, then things never change in a better direction. I don't mind enduring the chuckles, or even the slurs, if it means that it can slowly change the culture so that the "norms" include speedos, thongs, or short shorts on men.
armand_galleon #153

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 04:03:48Copy HTML

 Things change, they always do. Norms are like currents, they will be followed, by most, or you'll be swept away. They are cyclical too, they come and they go. But each new advent becomes less and less dramatic. Think of the mini skirt in the 1960's... the hip huggers... bell bottoms.... the bikini... no one thinks of these as they show up every now and then in fashion. Thongs have come through once or twice already. They'll come back again, strongly but will less shock value. They'll become yet another option for beach wear as they already are in many parts of the world. A few years behind the short boardshorts, speedos and thongs for men. It's coming. Just wait. In the meantime, let's be those fashion-forward thinking/role model/pioneers/trend setters (let's just be good role models and make healthy choices, let's make this type of beach wear and our general healthy living something others WANT to imitate/follow!)

Notice here how the hems are coming up, those are knees you're seeing there, even on the model with the shorts hanging low on the hips! (surfers will tell you that when the fabric hangs too low below the knee it gets caught up on the pop-up, just like loose shorts on the horn of the bike's saddle)http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-v06J2NbjT_Q/TzAf9twRl9I/AAAAAAAAAJg/tLtzAbi3zFs/s1600/385349_239523426106089_208796539178778_673765_2006868069_n.jpg
John Howard #154

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 10:16:56Copy HTML

 mack, I have enjoyed your comments along the time but this time it has been pretty ordinary, mate.....
I understand your frustration with people sometimes laughing or disapproving your style of clothing, but ironically you are applying the same harshness towards other people especially women.    Fat women don't look good wearing tights, but if that's their choice, so be it.  
People who wear tights other than at the gym do so because they feel comfortable and in the mood of moving, walking or being active.   If that's wrong according to your standards, we should say the same about people wearing runners (or sport shoes as they call them in the USA) or even track suits.  What is it about a person wearing gym tights outside the gym that makes him or her be a fashion accident?   And if a fat lady decides to wear tights walking her dog in the park and you find it too revolting, just look away and feel happy that you are not her.  Maybe wearing those tight pants gives her more enthusiasm to be active and lose some weight.
I do appreciate your posts along the time, but if this post wasn't from you but from another unknown poster, I would say that this guy is jealous of women who look sexy wearing tights.  
Your frustration about people laughing or criticising you should be treated in a more positive way:   work on yourself, learn to be more tolerant and accept criticism and disapproval without being defensive;  if it happens that you notice somebody being critical just because of what you are wearing, be assertive and say 'hello, how ya' going' and you will see that half the negativity towards you will disappear;  even better chat to the person and people will see that you are not a defensive creep who wants to flash around, but a nice normal person who happens to wear minimal swimwear or spandex at the gym.  

Finally I didn't like how you spoke about Bren,   people like her who are active all of the time are usually unbelievably tidy and clean.... unlike lots of  ordinary people out there in street clothing, who don't even bother to have daily showers because "I didn't sweat today"..... have you ever jumped in public transport and smelled the B.O?  give me a break....

Yep, you were a bit harsh with her and last thing we want is for people like Bren to go.     She is one of the fewest ladies who bothers to write on this board packed with middle aged men desperate for validation about just being themselves;  

Bren good on ya mate, keep wearing your Nike Swift tights with your Lululemon hoodie outside the gym, you look divine on them, and for most of guys who are lucky enough to see you on the street it will be probably one of the most beautiful things they saw on that day;  and for the ladies a definite rush of inspiration....... unless they are just jealous.
mack_back #155

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 03:00:17Copy HTML

JH your right who am i to be critical of fatties. Once i've seen obese woman working out wearing spandex leggings and everyone surrounding her watched biting there tongue to not laugh at her. Even the male trainer she was with noticed everyone and began to smerk. As i watched feeling disgust towards everyone that laughing at the womans weight or choice of clothing is completely wrong. Felt sorry for the woman because she knew or felt the reactions from everyone. People just know when others reject us or detest our appearance. Sometimes it's better off not knowing these type of idiots because no benefits come knowing them. 
Yes i maybe painting the same brush on others have on me. Sort of tit for tat, my sensitive reaction to my awful treatment from people. Just find gym instructors i've met fall in the same category as bren. They often are puzzled and want to know why i wear feminine clothing even though most of it is male gym wear. The looks and stares, expressions of new instructors trying to get answers why i wear what i do without saying hello to me is just to odd and disappointing. Suppose they don't want me to get upset or get the wrong idea on what they are thinking.

Yes, i do feel envious seeing woman wearing anything she wants and not getting a reaction from anyone feeling there attired normally in ther capri black tights, racer back singlet and thong flip flops. It annoys me to know end seeing woman walking the street in beach or shower flip flops and black capri tights. Again don't want to be a hipcrit but i recently wore long racer back compression tight tank bra outside the gym. Feels good on hot warm muggy day with my casual pocketed  five inch short shorts. 
So if i offended bren or you JH i appologize for what i really don't know. Yet sincerley i meant no harm to anyone. Just can't satisfy everyone with my opinions. 
Just as i got laughed upon by group of gay guys wearing dork shorts seeing my rear thong tanlines at the c/o beach, shouting at me i should put my thong back on, laughing.. Sometimes it's best to keep to yourself and shut up at least i should follow that advice here.

Ex_Member #156

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 03:13:01Copy HTML

 No one likes to be laughed at.  It bother's some people more than others. If you are a guy and you wear short shorts or show your ass at the beach you will most likely get laughed sometimes.  Go to a clothing optional beach and you would never get laughed at for wearing a thong.  Picking the right venue is important if you do not want to experience rude comments.
2xist #157

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 03:35:35Copy HTML

 Mack back-From a guy's point of view, that muscleskin's suit looks incredible on you!!! Take it as a compliment!!! Lol
Ex_Member #158

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2012 03:42:17Copy HTML

 a lot of good comments on this thread
kohler1977 #159

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/19/2012 10:16:52Copy HTML

Clothing optional is a choice, but single men have to pay extra. I paid 48 dollars plus food and things , it ended up with gas 100 dollars for the day.
bbyrne78 #160

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/19/2012 12:37:26Copy HTML

I'm 184cm and 65kg. I have run a sub 3:30hr marathon, a personal best time of 10:47 hrs for an Ironman distance triathlon and a CAT1 Road Cyclist. My job is to teach 2 Yoga classes a day and 10 cardio classes a week. This is the first time in my life I've been called a fatty and that I smell. My mum must be so proud.
mack_back #161

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/19/2012 03:13:37Copy HTML

Wow let me do the math and translate 184cm is 6 feet tall and 65 kgs is 143lbs correct? Fat is not word to describe those numbers but if you give measurements hips, bust waist, thighs it would be helpful. 
As for your training regime i'm not much of a runner but i tried to make up some time the other day coming from entire afternoon laying in the hot sun at my c/o beach. I ran full 4 minutes thats 240 seconds in australian time for a distance of 1/2 kilometer. That's good right? I was running with my backpack loaded for entire day 35 liter size. Plus i had on some thong flip flops wearing my black cotton skirt like knee shorts. I'm sure i could of done better wearing your nike tights and lululemon hoodie still wearing my flip flops. Also wearing my muscleskins string side thong so no VPL would be seen that would be in bad taste, don't you think. How would i look bryne? Hope the hoodie you have would be red or watermelon in color rather then pasty white. Wouldn't i look terrific or cute...

Think i'm getting fat myself feel like i swallowed a beach ball, laying out smooth and nude oiled from my australian gold lotion. So no worries if you feel chubby bren. Nobody called you or elluded your pumpkin. I look up to you for all the hard work you do. Seriously would need to look up because i'm only 170 australian cm long....
JM_Runs #162

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/19/2012 05:09:42Copy HTML

bbyrne78 - nice times ! Keep up the good work !  I am sure you look just fine in a thong, better than 99% of us.

You don't need to translate the metric.  A CAT1 cyclist who can do a sub 3:30 marathon and does enough training to do a very respectable Ironman ain't a wale, not by a long short !!  For those of you who don't know what a CAT1 cyclist looks like, or what the race times mean, just read cycling elite and all round top athlete.

Only elite amateur cyclists can attain Cat 2, and the next level, CAT1, is even more elusive.  It is the top rank of US amateur and professional cycling.  A CAT1 is the amateur equivalent in ability to a sponsored pro, like Lance Armstrong. CAT1 and the professional cyclists you see on TV race together, against each other, and are equivalent. Unless it is a race restricted to sponsored teams, like the Tour De France, the front of the race is probably a mixture of pro and CAT1 cyclists. I understand the only difference being a pro is a CAT1 with a pro team contract.

mack_back - at 4 minutes for 1/2 a kilometer you are doing a pace of 40 minutes for 5k.  This is just a little faster than walking, I would not brag about it. I have seen people dressed as Christmas trees pushing baby strollers finish a faster 5K.  Switch out the flip flops for real running shoes, or better yet strip down to a thong and do 5K barefoot on the beach sand.  I suggest you join your local running or marathon club, they will not laugh at short running shorts and will help you run a little longer and stronger.
mack_back #163

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/19/2012 07:54:38Copy HTML

JmRuns thanks for the advice. Ran twice once on Siesta Key and i got a blister on my toe and bum leg. Running isn't my sport or something i love doing. My recent short run was short lived because my zipper on my backpack opened up and beach towel was about to fall out. That is why i stopped and knew i walk faster then i run for some strange reason. 
Weights, swimming, cycling, tanning are my sports  although not great enough to become competive in any of it.  Sort of average guy that isn't great at anything. For your information when in elementary school i ran 100 meters in 14 seconds not great but it beat my original time of 17 seconds. Guessing i'm not the strongest runner huh? Again my intention was not to brag but laugh a bit at my own expense. Being laughed upon isn't new to me if you read any of my posts.

So when i did my solo 100k ride or my two a day workouts at the pool and resistance training at the gym nobody is paying me to do it. I chose to do it for lifestyle leisure purposes and still do. Yes, bryne is great athlete and so are few i often see at the gym. See granny who lives at the gym teaching pilates and spinning classes not to mention yoga.  As well swim, seeing her not blinking an eye at my skimpy swimwear  i wear in the sauna or pool or hot tub is comforting. She is very lean, wrinkly but very fit short as me. Don't get a chance to chat with her but for some of us exercise is a lifestyle and to bryne it maybe both a job and competive human nature seeing how far she can stretch her body or goals set out. While i seek out not to do anyone any harm or frighten people.
JM_Runs #164

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/19/2012 08:19:13Copy HTML

In school I was not a runner, nor did I do any sort of sport. It was against every fiber of my geek principles.  However I did go sailing and hiking with my parents, and bicycle to school.  I was always skinny, but not an athlete of any type.  I was the most spastic runner and totally useless at any game involving a ball. I hated physical exercise classes.

However, when I first in the states the only transport I had for the first few years was a bicycle.  I did get fit for a while.

Unfortunately, by the time I was 33 I had become a sedentary computer person, and as a consequence experenced some very serious health incidents. This made me take notice. 

I decided I had to do something about my health and started to jog a little.  At first I could only manage from my house to the end of the street before I had to sit for 10 minutes to get my breath back, so I could jog back home.  I ran three times a week, and each week I added one lamp post to the distance.  It was over two years before I ran my first real 5k race, which to my surprise I finished in under 20 minutes.  

I suggest starting by going out and volunteering at some local running races.  Just go to watch and help.  See the fat people at the back. You will say to your self, if they can do it so can I.  This is where you start. - It is where we all started if we were not the jocks or athletes in school. 
tbck1000 #165

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/19/2012 11:14:53Copy HTML

Going back to the original question:

For me the keys are feeling comfortable and displaying confidence.

I would tell anyone who enjoys wearing minimal swimwear to find something to wear that you feel comfortable in.  Try on several styles and check yourself out in the mirror.  Ask a friend who will be honest with you how it looks.

When you find the right bathing suit, wear it with confidence.  (not cocky-ness)  When I go to the beach in a thong, I smile and say hello to everyone I make eye-contact with.  I walk down the middle of the beach.  I don't act embarrassed.  I don't act like I'm afraid of being seen or "caught." 

You would be surprised at the difference your attitude can make.  If someone snickers at you, laugh with them and smile.  Then, continue enjoying yourself.  After all that's what everyone is there for.  I have found that people sense my confidence (again, not arrogance or cockyness), and they respect the fact that I'm doing what I want to do without hurting anyone.  The people who like it are more encouraged to react positively, and the people who don't like it are less likely to react negatively.  Yes, most women I meet are not ready for all men to go around in things, but a lot of them tell me that they think it's nice to see a guy putting it out there for a change.

We all have a right to enjoy the freedom to wear what we want, and if wearing a thing makes you feel good (like it does for me) then go for it.

stanpuppy #166

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/20/2012 12:24:04Copy HTML

More support of my arguement that (for the most part)...they are laughing at you (and me)

Ex_Member #167

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/20/2012 02:06:37Copy HTML

 I really don't care what any woman thinks about me wearing a thong or g-string. I find it is sad that most women ( and men) have a heard mentallity and will wear whatever is the current fashion and thier opinion is strongly influenced by what is currently fashionable. And that goes for what men wear as well.
I went to Tybee Island beach this last weekend and wore my black Joe Synder thong. The tide was very high and there was very little beach, so people walking or running by were very close. I only stayed out for 2 hours. I stood up to watch the high tide when a guy in long shorts and a tee shirt ran by pretty close. He got a closeup view of my ass- I gave him a friendly hello- he grunted back. "You need to get some clothes on , brother" It didnt bother me. He quickly ran on down the beach.
stanpuppy #168

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/20/2012 10:16:21Copy HTML

Thanks for that perspective stringking.  While I have no doubt that it is true, it is...however...off topic.  The subject is not whether or not you are comfortable in thongs, or intimidated/not intimidated by others comments regarding such.   The topic is if women like men wearing thongs.  My reply speaks to that topic, yours does not.   Perhaps JM can reposition it to a more appropriate question
JM_Runs #169

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/20/2012 11:25:34Copy HTML

I am not sure stringkings comment that he does not care what a women thinks about his wearing a g-string is off topic, although his reported beach experience is about a man's comments not a women, but is not so offensive I feel I have to edit it out to prevent the thread being hijacked.
I am not sure stanpuppy's reliance on an 2006 opinion published on the internet is all that reliable either. In internet years, or dog years, 2006 is a long time ago. Public opinions shift. Also, opinions tend to be regional. What looks funny in Omaha or New York may look normal in Florida.

It also possible that public opinion evolves, like it has on the issue of legalizing grass or gay marriage.  When asked people tend to express the majority opinion, but that changes over time. 

In regard to fashion, most people think other people look stupid. This is reenforced by the fashion industry sponsored programs like "what not to wear", who tell people their entire wardrobe is wrong and to throw everything out and buy new.  They make money by selling you new cloths, in a new style, long before your old cloths wear out. 

Some women ARE laughing at some men in thongs, but no not every women laughs at every man in a thong.

Some women like the way a few men have the confidence and courage to wear a thong in public.  As a general rule, women find height, confidence and status (wealth and social respect) attractive. Conformity and reliability may be desirable attributes when a women is selecting a man to have children with, but is less of a factor before or after. 

Personally I find I won't win on height or wealth, but in a thong I can win on confidence and courage. Being friendly with everyone who works on the beach, or is a regular, helps for social respect points. I am not on the beach to attract women, but if they find me interesting and get to know me, that's good.

That I ignore or laugh off any negative comments, without getting perturbed, suggests to the women that I am confident and mentally strong. Some women find this attractive, even if my body is not that special.  

If only 5% of women like a man in a thong, and only 1% of men wear thong swimsuits, then there are 5 women who like the look for every man in a thong.  That's good odds.

A man who want's to sail the ocean is not worried that 90% of women say they get sea sick, he looks for one of the 10% who don't.
tbck1000 #170

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/20/2012 11:31:32Copy HTML

Amen JM

I think that advice column was written by a man - who makes up the questions and answers.
mack_back #171

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/21/2012 11:33:19Copy HTML

Don't know if this is off topic but found some observations and questions on female behavior at the clothing optional beach.
On a warm sunny day noticed couple setup nearby me and another asian man. The couple was a male wearing dork shorts and female in conservative bikini. They seamed like ordinary 30 or 40 something couple well behaved. Meanwhile this asian man who was camped out next to them earlier then they showed up, decided to go on a walk nude towards there direction. Observing this closely i seen the female being well behaved  not leering or staring at anyone in particular considering this couple being joined at the hip she or hubby never taken part going nude or topless all afternoon.

 As this well endowed asian nude male started heading towards there direction maybe 20 or 30 feet away the woman was sitting up and subtly i noticed she was preparing to view this nude man walking passed. She was looking straight ahead pretending not stare as he was approaching almost with serious expression and slight anxiety at what was to unfold in her vision of sight. Her peripheral vision was phenomenal and surely she and her hubby knew the male they setup camp near was nude and was going to walk by. As this woman looked upon the water as it seamed superficially for anyone's perspective she wasn't interested looking at male anatomy or curious. Usually when someone is curious will turn there head and stare at them with a smile as they approach. For whatever reason, she kept looking forward with slight gulp knowing he was approaching. As he passed by her vision of sight i noticed slight brows getting narrower from her expression and slight swallow and she didn't turn her head as he walked by only to be looking unfazed. Maybe 20 feet as he passed she took both her hands off the towel and separated them apart eight inches or so smiling, giggling to her husband estimating on how huge the penis must be erect even though the asian male was completely flaccid. Overheard her saying to her husband, and laughing, "he must be huge". Without slightest embarrassment of her demeanor or OMG shocked expression she subtly planned out to gawk or leer at male nudity while acting not interested or bored at the time.  

My point being is females tend to be very subtle viewing us in thongs or speedo's or nude whatever it maybe.  We think or i certainly do, that when i see no reaction from a female wearing what i have on or not on (nude beach), it's not that they are preoccupied or don't notice us in our unique attire. Woman are very much aware of us, be it single or married what someone looks like or is wearing. Woman are more fearful to express there opinions openly because of two reasons; being polite learning to never staring at someone is rude, other reason is fear of letting the person your leering at by known that you find him appealing or curious about them thus he gets the wrong idea. So sometimes a slight smile appears across woman's face of embarrassment knowing she finds something on an attractive man tantalizing even though she maybe married or in a relationship. Woman try to hide or be sly by laughing at us or pretending to ignore me not turning there heads as i walk by. While some young lady did turn her head looking at me recently, very well aware of my attire. She begins to laugh commenting to friends disguising her true desires. By using laughter it joins the peer group she is with, repelling males like myself believing it deters advances, keeping a safe distance from unknown stranger. Then the woman never admitting her true desires of what she views using laughter as a red herring argument. Woman don't have the strength to think for themselves when joined with a peer group and stand up going against the grain defending or applauding male choice of unique attire.
I've observed and take the same page out of these woman's playbook and caught many married woman look at me pretending to not notice, or to express my delight for there subtle stares. Almost a cat & mouse game not to be caught looking or be obvious at are desires, as we are adults not children. 

bmicro #172

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/22/2012 01:18:56Copy HTML

Stanpuppy,If you are supporting the comment that "women (note the lack of a modifier like 'some' or even 'most') don't like men thongs", you have an immediate logical fallacy when you add the observation that "my (and your) wife likes men (particularly their husbands) to wear thongs"
JM has it right. It doesn't matter what men and women think about thongs in general, but how individuals treat you as a person and that is not completely determined by what you happen to be wearing. I would hope that the statement "my wife likes to see me in a thong" would be the end of the story.
While I am fully aware that some people laugh at me behind my back, some barely notice, and some respect me for my confidence, only twice in all of my years of wearing minimal swimwear has anyone made a negative comment directly to my face, and one of those was an inebriated homeless man that wanted to use the shower that I was using at the time.  Over the years, a very large numer of women and men have come up to me and complimented me on my swimwear, some even asking to take a picture with me.
stanpuppy #173

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/23/2012 01:34:37Copy HTML

JM and bmicro...I think we are all saying the same thing.   My point is that the majority of women do not prefer men in thongs.  I know I am married to one of the rare women who does.  bmicro..I know you are too.   I did exactly as JM said....I found one of the small percentage of women who like men in thongs.  I still contend that the FOCUS of the article focuses on the majority of women.  I stand by my original contention...the majority of women do not like men to wear thong (or other extremenly skimpy) swimwear.   bmicro...to your last point, I would never categorize an entire gender in terms of absolutes.  I assumed it was implied that my lack of a modifier was because it was implicit based on my previous postings here.  Sorry for the confusion.
jn9195 #174

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/23/2012 06:51:29Copy HTML

Well, I'm not so sure about this...
When the guy is in shape, I think many more women appreciate seeing him in a thong/g-string.
I'm not in quite as good physical condition and I once was, and I'm working on that... trying, but not doing well.
Anyway, what I am meaning to say is that all of my compliments from women have been when they were alone.  I've had women stop me, smile really big, stick around just watching me, and compliment me... all when they were alone.  I've very rarely had a woman say anything positive when they were with a group of people.

mack_back #175

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/24/2012 12:55:34Copy HTML

Bareboy hear your pain and discomfort at trying to have nice day ruined by prudish folks. Had same thing happen to me on another beach. Feeling i was having seeing everyone attired so conservative is what on earth am i doing here. Shaking my head comparing my skinny side low rise  rio bikini among the ladies laughing at there grandma panties there wearing. Many also laughed at me or stared with disbelief at my choice of swimwear. At least your with the wife and some stares or comments and assumtions about you are curbed. While i was alone and looked upon as freak and comical appearance for there viewing pleasure. Some around me when i walked into the water sat up waiting or commenting that my bikini would fall off from the waves. It didn't to there surprise. 
Best advice to stay clear of beaches where people clothe themselves in such trendy swimwear. You will have better time at clothing optional beach then any textile one i have encountered. Life is to short to waste it watching people in pants or grandma's bikini swimwear. Let's face it how many woman at the prude beach looked decent in a bikini anyway?

Was at my clothing optional beach today. Setup away from the water and behind mother daughter combo. Was stripping down with my back towards the ladies which i rembered ask to take a photo of me last year. As my shorts came off exposing my muscleskins thong i heard the mother yell out uhh! Then they both began to discuss me as i took everything off and spraying lotion on my entire body. The mother which i overheard mostly said something about thong must rub his anus. Then she asked her daughter why she didn't like him meaning me. The mother asked again is it because he doesn't have huge penis. The daughter saying something about me being not her type or no not because of the penis. This discussion about me began to be annoying with the size queen and her mother. I dropped the bottle of lotion and turned around heading to the water to cool off.  As i soaked in the cool water i began my trip back towards my towel and towards the mother and daughter. As i approached i noticed the daughter off her back sitting up shocked staring with great interest at me, i tried not to laugh at her. I suppose my size was larger then she once remembered or that i was completely shaven. 
If not all afternoon or most of it this size queen who is tiny maybe 5 feet tall was chatting with most enormous endowed men on the beach which she knows from previous visits. Guess the mother and daughter won't ask to take another picture of me this summer. That is some unique relationship that mother has with her 20 or 30 something daughter. Just thinking amount or type of guys she brings home for mom to see. Again they see everything at the nude beach even taking photo or two or three in my case. Guessing the photo taken of me wasn't for there artistic purposes as they initially told me last summer. Wow, guess the daughter got bored looking at me in the photos not being her type.
mack_back #176

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/24/2012 07:51:48Copy HTML

Reasons why thongs don't fly at public pools are: One woman don't wear them anymore to lounge around at an outdoor pool facility. Second being many department stores don't sell thong swimwear for woman, such as target or sears. 
If it is so rare to see woman attire in a thong at a pool at least in my neighborhood men wearing one is X-times more rare to be ever seen. In my experience seeing only two woman wear a thong or g-string to a family public outdoor pool in my life. One time this young cute woman was paraded from the showers by a male lifeguard along the entire pool deck into the pool office for confirmation that indeed her swimwear is okay. The other time was a very lean tan cougar  who looked like a coppertone  model, wearing a brown thong, laying out on her towel beside the pool deck.  
At least in my experiences at pools and beaches that once we notice the dress code or trend of what people wear at certain places we never are accepted in speedos or a thong without some resistance or ridicule.

Depending on the supervisor at a pool being female your most likely not have a choice to wear what you sought out initially because of mothers complaints about children asking uncomfortable questions or attentions directed upon your thong. While many females feel sympathy and understand the maternal over protection component that many woman have breed in them. 
If it is a straight male pool supervisor who is fair minded he will look on mob mentality using his belief system on different decisions he must keep in mind. For example will his summer part-time student female lifeguards threaten to leave not wanting to be subjected staring at a male in a thong at her job leaving the pool unguarded and him liable to operate if something would happen. Thus not managing his employees with a safe unoffensive environment to work in (sexual harrassment suit may arise because of one male thonger). If it was gay male supervisor he maybe more intrigued at your thong swimwear and his employees may laugh knowing he is allowing maybe a boyfriend or potential friend to use the pool in a thong being observed with greater scrutiny then any other pool patron. This happened to me when i first started to wear spandex swimwear had many student lifeguards smiling at me knowing there boss is gay and i unknowingly getting his attention unattentionaly in my view which didn't make me very comfortable at the pool.
Sometimes wearing a thong maybe allowed or gone without any scrutiny be it lack of caring or one time instance without someone complaining you to leave or wear something to cover-up finding you passed inspection from people not doing there job and it's to late to make it an issue during your swim once you slipped in the pool.
Notice in larger outdoor pool i ride my bike during my trip to the beach on the weekend. Noticed people through the chain link fence some male wearing one inch side bikini speedo laying out on a towel in the deep end while some woman wearing  string bikini's. At that public pool they have lifeguards inspecting people walking out from the changing areas to see what you are wearing, either proper swimwear and that you walk through the sprinkler showers before entering the pool deck. So if you wear something considered obscene they may not allow you to enter the pool area. For example if i wore a one inch side full back white speedo bikini but my bulge outline is sheer when wet  or very very large it maybe a concern for them to police me while at the pool seeing what my behavior is like.
If i wore muscleskins string thong with my narrow low front with same huge bulge they may use the lack of coverage in the back is not proper swimwear attire not allowing me to enter the pool. While the reasoning maybe that a thong maybe disallowed but the way i show my bulge so blatantly be cause for concern. While if you have small or no noticable bulge you maybe allowed in but with watchful eye seeing what your motivation is, to swim or to walk around flaunting yourself to mothers and children. That is why it is better to be with accompanied with a female by your side, so no chance of you being mistaken for predator. 

Although i do imagine going to my gym pool wearing a thong see what would happen. Depending on the patrons there being older conservative woman or people who believe or misunderstand i'm wearing woman's underwear with the grief that i know  sooner or later will encounter is not worth the risk of some disciplinary actions towards me. From what i gather with my time wearing speedo bikini's  that management must of heard many complaints about my wearing or skimpy disgusting stripperwear. Thought the other day going to the pool to wear my dore narrow pouch bikini. I put it on looking at myself thinking it is something for the bedroom or what a stripper would wear, not something to be seen wearing around prude dork wearing pool members. So wearing or seeing a thong on either female or male is extinct at a public pool be it outdoor or indoor, just not going to happen. For whatever reason people think being in a thong is nudity, look at network television seeing someone shown wearing a thong such as shows as CSI Miami. Always but always woman are shown in string bikini's never in rio or thong just because they would disclaim before the show it contains nudity and violence viewer discretion is advised. We all know some mom would enter the room while opening start of CSI showing girls in bikini's walking around a pool or the beach in Miami in a thong while her teenage son is on the couch smiling. Don't you think the mom will get on her PC and email to CBS executives that they should stop showing tramps naked on TV because of her aroused teenage boy?
So how realistic is watching tv when they depict Miami and women in conservative bikini's to real life. Never seen fat actress in tankini covered as an extra in the background but hot model with no less then grandma panties trying to look sexy. Lol... 
bmicro #177

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/25/2012 12:49:58Copy HTML


I was reacting to the title of the thread when I railed about an inappropriate generalization.
I am also with jn9195 when I disagree with your statement that "most women do not like men to wear thong or other extremely skimpy swimwear".
I do not know of any well done, national surveys on this topic, so we all must be attempting to generalize based on our personal observations and experiences. This is probably where the problem lies. I am quite sure that the answer to this question varies by country, and among sub-cultures, and locations within countries.
Based on my experience over a large number of years in South Florida and the number of women who have come up to me with a compliment, the side conversations that I have overheard, and the facial expressions that I have observed, I am convinced that most women on the beaches here would chose the "neither like nor dislike" response and many more of the remainder would choose the "like" response over the "don't like" response.
JM_Runs #178

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/25/2012 05:59:07Copy HTML

When running down the beach today I was stopped by a good looking women who wanted her friend to take a picture her with me, no problem, I stopped and pictures were taken.  Along the way there were lots of smiles and positive comments from other women.  The only negitive comment was "put some cloths on" shouted by a guy riding as a passenger in a builders truck.  Like bmicro I get more positive feedback from women than negative. What negative comments I get tend to be from the under-educated redneck or religious guys. That said, most of the time I am NOT looking around furtively to see how other people are reacting.
mack_back #179

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/25/2012 09:27:25Copy HTML

JmRuns good story but don't you think some ladies smiling are actually laughing? Meaning that all can't  possibly like what they see, no offence,  only they like to amuse themselves from a boring day using you. May look like some may fancy you, but they tend to try to be civil not expressing there true feelings. 

Notice with myself at the beach or pool females try to act polite or civil towards me but they maybe thinking entirely differently how they express there reactions or no reactions. Got to give you credit you have the mojo working for you. Suppose it doesn't matter what they are thinking but couragous to ask you or make interesting comments. Lot guys wouldn't mind the attention you are so positive to describe.

Notice another  man at my gym pool wears skimpy swimwear described less then a speedo but more of a bikini that is not lined. Looking at him i understand why some females see him laugh or smile. He just enjoys being noticed and runs for the changing room in sheer white or dark swimwear. Find it foolish but not what he wears  but his attitude on smiling thinking everyone is watching and he got away of some sort of devious plan. Not that he struts or flaunts himself  but in his actions of not seriously swimming or looking shy being seen in his panty swimwear.At least i show up to actually swim, relax and not react overly concerned who or why someone is staring or commenting. Being very subtle on noticing others surrounding me and only concerened if everything i'm wearing is fitted correctly or perfectly as it can be. Such as is my bulge in correct position or my swim fabric to loose in the back is my drawstring showing etc... Maybe more preoccupied how i look then noticing others. 
Sometimes i stare down at my bulge to see if i'm projecting to much when wet or not enough depending on the color swimwear or style i wear that particular day. Often i try to get a look in a glass reflection seeing if i look foolish and odd. Mostly i focus my energy thinking that my bulge is way to obvious and people smile noticing or ignore me finding it in poor taste. Depending on the demograhic i'm surrounded around feeling i'm angry at myself picking out the wrong style swimwear for that particular group of individuals. Be it my bulge in particular style is understated  being watched by few young attractive ladies trying to get a good look of my bulge. While other times feeling my bulge is to big and people are creeped out thinking i'm perv that is hard.
DoreFan #180

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/25/2012 09:45:07Copy HTML

I'm not a very good mind reader as some others here, so I don't portend to know what people are thinking when I'm wearing my thong. Frankly, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it and just wear what pleases me and use my time to relax in the manner I like. I'd rather take people's smiles as genuine and not try and double guess their interior motives. I'd rather make friends than constantly think what they're "really" thinking about me.

JM_Runs #181

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/25/2012 10:12:19Copy HTML

No, I don't think the ladies who were smiling were laughing at me. (a) I know some of them, they are regulars, they greet me with a smile and sometimes a good morning.  (b)  The family very nice Spanish speaking visitors were polite, friendly and sociable. (c) Most of the life guards give me a friendly wave.  Some of them know my name and I know them. (d) Two of the life guards gave me a cheer as I ran by and waved. (e) When I was showering two teen girls, from what looked like a big teen youth group, left their group and came over to the same shower I was at, when there was a free one another 100 feet away.

I am not suggesting that every women likes to see me in a thong.  I am not trying to impress all the women, for that matter I am not trying to impress any of the women on the beach.

Your assumption that people are just being polite and not expressing their true feelings of utter revulsion, seems to be based on a deep psychological misogynistic fear.  You think people may be thinking differently, and their for must be thinking differently, thinking terrible things about you. 

After many years of practice I am not constantly worrying about what other people think, and if anyone at all thinks anything negative of me.  I am not that insecure.  I am sure some people don't like what I wear, and I am just as sure I probably don't like who they vote for or their choice of church.

I do make a mental point to count the positive feedback, positive comments and positive friends I make.  I also make it a point to brush off the idiot comments from rude, aggressive or idiot people.  This is not always easy, as some times a rude comment can be made in an 'in your face' aggressive way which can trigger an irrational response. 

For help reacting calmly to rude remarks aimed at getting your heckles up read a book called "Dinosaur Brains: dealing with all those impossible people at work."  This is not an easy book to finish.  I think you will agitated and put it down several times before you can go back and calmly read it to the end. (Lots of used copies out on ebay or bestbookbuys.)

Yes today was positive. Lots of positive feedback, ending with sitting at the coffee shop talking with a couple about banking network security and programing. Later went out in short square cut shorts to post office and bank where the staff were just as friendly, with the post office staff greeting me by name and two girls in the bank competing to be my teller (The first is normal, the latter is not).  

You seem very preoccupied with your bulge, how it looks to others and how they are reacting to it.   This is not an issue for me for I am not well endowed, not waving it around as I run, (the blood is all in the legs and lungs). I don't check my self out, and I try not to even look down at my swim suit, ever.  Which means sometimes when someone does stare at my suit, I realize I don't even remember which swimsuit I put on that morning, but I am not going to look down to see, because I am not going to make my suit the issue.

I do notice people and greet them.  I look them in the eyes, not out of the side of my eyes to see if they are noticing me. Furtively glancing around to see who is noticing you is the first indication that you are up to no good, and women are VERY good at picking up on this. 

You say you are "Being very subtle on noticing others surrounding me".  Without mirrored sun glasses this is almost impossible. People and animals are very attuned to other eyes watching them, even if it is only for a moment.  Women are MUCH better at this than men. Some even 'feel' when someone is watching them from behind.

A better tactic is to just get on with your day.  Ignore all the people who might be watching you.  Don't look.  People who don't like the look will probably just go on about their business, but the women who do, or who want you to notice or recognize their presence, will alter course to cut through your field of vision, arrange to use the same bit of equipment at the same time or outright call out and flag you down, like the women on the beach this morning.

mack_back #182

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/26/2012 12:07:22Copy HTML

JM-runs makes some valid points and sorry didn't understand the people who make comments know you well.
Agree with your point about Spanish folks, had family show up behind me looking for a place to setup from parking area at the beach. Thought to myself oh boy, here we go again, gonna get some laughs, or commentary from that family of six or so. Couldn't be so wrong they were pleasant and actually not surprised at my thong muscleskins tiny swimsuit. Actually they setup beside me leaving me alone and not glancing or thinking anything out of the ordinary was beside them almost felt ignored to be honest and shocked.Can't say that for the cakers. Lol...

As for any furtive glances or subtle looks i'm self proclaimed Freakn master. Except on a beach which is difficult to do but a indoor pool easy and so subtle watching females do it often i learned from them. Many females believe or have thought i ignore them or must not be interested in them. In reality there on my radar pinging away and they don't or can't realize it.

 Usually when i initially step out on a pool deck for the first time all eyes are on me for various time seeing what i'm wearing or not wearing, Lol... That is expected when anyone new comes in not only me to be looked upon and judged. After that i slowly try to get my bearings and quickly locate track females around or in the whirlpool still staring laughing, smiling upon me while others have stopped. This gives me a reading of interest towards me or any negativity that will commence. Usually woman who are offended leave the whirlpool quickly not waiting for me to hit on them or chit chat. My strategy is to completely ignore and block out any laughter or subtle glances or peeks in there direction looking stoic or cold blooded. Even if bunch of females pass in front of me i tend to look away not concerned at there juvenile attitude towards me earlier. This sends a message that they are of no interest or not attractive enough in my opinion. Notice there laughing smiles turn to frowns and deal with there behavior earlier upon me. Then i get to see there bodies backside stepping out of the water judging them and easily can laugh at there thick thighs or wide pale ass or grandma swimwear

Yes, i do get on with my day usually because i see the same pool regulars often and not pay attention of there reactions. Unless someone new shows up reacting in uncivil manner because of my swimwear or bulge. Usually i think of my bulge a separate entity that i got to live with getting looked upon in that specific region of my entire body. Sort of a way men behave looking at very big breasted woman treating her differently then a average female. Maybe i 'm not only preoccupied with the look my bulge has on people who see it but obsessed is a better word. It is really weird i know and feel embarrassed to even write about it. When i send out nude pictures of me to females who request on how i look like they often describe me of being well endowed. Females tend to remember me or perks there interest seeing my bulge. Sort of like the analogy of big breasted females. Almost always woman say size of male doesn't matter to them or they don't care or prefer smaller endowed men. In truth they seem much eager to chat or put up with nonsense then if i looked ordinary. Usually they are much more excited learning more about me then if they never knew i had bigger bulge then they seen before. 

As for your point woman will flag you down when you don't expect it. Yes that maybe true but the great looking ones never ever need to ever attempt that. They expect men to flag them down which is 100% of the time it happens because there to beautiful to be left alone.  

    Never seen pretty woman without male companion have you? If a male doesn't target a woman he will have little or no luck in bringing in his stable of females. Woman often say or hold there hands up when asked why she doesn't chat up someone she finds attractive. The response is always he never said a word to me!

John Howard #183

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/26/2012 01:15:54Copy HTML

to send nude pictures of yourself to women online who request your pictures naked,  and then come back saying how well endowed you are.....don't know, the internet can be a paradise for people who hide or misguide their own identities.....
I would find it strange that many women would request pictures of nude stranger men via internet,,  
Unless they are actually men who pretend to be women.....  I reckon there could be plenty of them

mack_back #184

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/26/2012 01:38:17Copy HTML

JH it was nothing like you described. Woman i sent out the picture didn't ask for nude one it was my choice. Knew her well enough to be able to feel comfortable in doing so. You can imagine her shock when receiving such a photo and her nervous response. Well i couldn't or believe her replies describing seeing me nothing like she ever expected and didn't only state the obvious but other things as well. She told me if i've seen her reaction looking at my picture i would truly feel complimented.
 She also could understand me better and was dumbfounded of my ridicule from other woman i came across daily. Yes, it did occur it maybe a male posing as female but after many many talks you tend to weed out or tell if it is a man or woman on the other side of the world.

mack_back #185

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/27/2012 08:19:10Copy HTML

Azcraig jealous of your stories of strange females chit chat. Although i wear slightly longer shorts then you do never had i gotten positive comments as you have. Only when i wear similar short or shorter athletic split shorts on my trip to the beach i often looked upon and woman tend to laugh commenting to one another about my shorts mumbling saying, i know can't believe he is wearing that, often there conversation then turns to what shorts or clothing they recently bought and how cute the item is.  While the same time standing in line behind me all girls holding there breath not wanting to belly laugh near me. After i leave or seem out of range the group of girls start to laugh bending forward as suddenly there conversation turned funny from before when few words were spoken when i was around.
Often i get stare from lady walking in the parking lot going into a store with a stunned confused look towards me as a foul smell suddenly emerged. 
While your older gentleman many woman may feel it maybe easier to start a conversation rather with a punk like me who they assume will possibly cause some trouble in there life. Whatever the reason is woman feeling disgusted with me being tan or my polite smile towards them you should feel proud of yourself. Lucky you.  

jmRuns, yes thrift stores are sometimes easy way to get some rare clothing someone doesn't wear anymore. Be it females gotten fatter snd need to size up leaving the spoils for us to browse through. Sometimes you can find gems that regular stores never stock anymore because styles change.Believe it i once bought denim jeans never tried shorts. 
If someone is interested look at old navy perfect shorts 5". They have side pockets like normal shorts and two rear pockets with no flap nice finish with belt loops. The inseam is 5" and entire length is 12" with 3% spandex with good stretch. Own two in dark brown, olive green. Very comfortable pair light cotton material that feel alot better then cargo shorts i own. Very uncomfortable when weather heats up wearing long shorts.
mack_back #186

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/01/2012 01:47:07Copy HTML

Rode home with my bicycle from the hot nude beach. Seen that my sis abandoned her dog out on my patio. Soon as i got something to eat i decided to give the little lap dog a run with my bicycle. Didn't change wearing my short black split running shorts and a sleeveless tight rash guard or compression black top. As i ran the dog on my bike towards the neighborhood park on the street i slowed down for him to pee and slowly walk along the grass on a paved walkway. 
Noticed a man turn back catching up with two 30 or 40 something yoga capri pant wearing, coffee holding prudes. Suddenly i thought the way they looked at me and the dog something was up. Noticed there demeanor staring talking to one another. Thought it would be too paranoid to think it was because of my clothing. Thought they might think the dog is cute and smile had that happen often. Then as we got closer and noticing there look were blank stares at me i knew something was up. Then the dog suddenly wanted to get aggressive upon these yentas while i held him back with the leash. As they walked by i heard one lady say, that's just looks strange, while others nodded saying yup! looking at me not the dog.These people had to be talking about  my attire i had on and were shocked, seeing someone fit wearing such tight top and loose short shorts. Doubt they cared about the dog just me with him. 

Felt my paranoia earlier was justified and i believe the dog heard them further away talking negative about me and got defensive to protect me thus he began to mush towards them agressively. Believe that when a dog senses a threat of some kind he will attack to protect his master or at least people up to no good. Doubt these people were up to know good because the dog didn't bark but would of jumped both woman aggressively, probably scaring them thinking he may bite them showing his fangs. After hearing this prude saying she found me looking strange i should of dropped the leash and the dog would of had at these asses, that could use to lose a few pounds by the way.
Is this coincidence or have some fact when others talk about you or ridicule your clothing out of ear shot dogs have super sensitive smell and hearing. Not that dogs can understand what people are saying but sense there disgusted with me or angry for wearing what i'am. Can this be true?

Ex_Member #187

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/02/2012 03:27:45Copy HTML

The dog thing about them sensing hostility is probably true.  However, if all anyone does is run their mouthes, it is the dog owners responsibility to restrian the animal.  But, sometimes dogs also heckle completely innocent people.  I've had it happen to me plenty of times while running.  I don't say or think anything bad about the dog or its owner, but still get harrassed by it.  If it's a very large menacing dog, I stop running, pick up a stick, rock, etc., face the dog and slowly back away because dogs see running away from them as weakness, which is an invitation to attack.
mack_back #188

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/03/2012 03:13:14Copy HTML

No_SpamTN maybe reason the dog gets aggressive towards you even though you mean no harm the owner may feel anxiety towards you. Noticed when i react to peoples stares or my paranoia beliefs someone is laughing at me, be it the clothing i'm wearing or whatever, it is the dog i'm with senses my body language.

 While human being can't notice walking passed me i'm irritated from them but the dog can sense it instantly. Unless your Simon Baker (Patrick Jane) your not going to notice persons dislike towards someone else or anxiety they potentially can pose towards someone walking by. Just like when i get off the bus stop to my home, late at night, this same woman often i see does as well and is scared running away from me while on her cell phone thinking i'm some perv. She seen me months and months but feels fear once the bus drives away and we are alone on dark street walking to our respected homes. She irritates me thinking she believes i'm going to jump her and makes me feel sad that i'm treated like a rapist even though i just want to go home.
So when a dog senses my anxiety or my irritation for others he responds getting low to the ground like he is about to jump and sneak up to unsuspecting prey like a lion ready for a kill. Sometimes dogs feel my pain of others insensitivity of ridicule, critique or verbal observance commentary towards my appearance. Who says man's best friend isn't a dog, they understand us better then we do others. 
Seen a little lap dog on the beach walking unleashed and i was laying on my towel stared at it. The dog stopped noticed my eye contact and decided wanting to come closer walking directly towards me as if i called him to come over. Just human eyes can make big deal on how animals react even though we don't realize it from others or ourselves. Take a page from Cesar Milan the dog whisperer it's not the dogs fault on how it reacts but our body language and dispositions.Truly believe when others are looking at me the dog i'm with notices there body language of not being to pleased with me or my appearance, thus he calls it out best way it can. While i maybe far less sophisticated in gathering the information observing other people as fast as the dog can that are hostile towards me.  

mack_back #189

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/04/2012 01:00:32Copy HTML

I shaved everything off and regret it of all the feedback i have received. One it gets me noticed more and people tend to laugh or grin when seeing me as of before being only well  groomed. Somehow or someway people find shaving your pubes is funny for whatever reason. While if a woman does it nobody notices or cares can't understand on why that is. Visited a nude beach seen lot of lurkers notice and laugh directly at my face. Or nude lesbians who look almost shaven smile trying to not laugh pressing there lips together. Very weird and frankly adolescent reaction from adults who i believe seam liberal and accepting in other people's ways.  
Bottom line shave if it makes you happy but if you decide to show it to the world on a beach expect lot of attention and not the type anyone wants. 
b21 #190

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/04/2012 02:01:40Copy HTML

Over the last few months, I have seen this topic being discussed on almost a daily basis and I've finally had enough and I must chime in!

I've been a long standing member of 'thongboard' over the years under numerous screen names and I, like most of you, log in daily to see the latest developments on our war against the mainstream.

Every time I read the title of this thread and the subsequent comments, it annoys me to a ridiculous level. The very name of the thread sums up every single thing wrong with us as a group. I find myself reading about men desperately seeking approval from society and mainly women on their choices of underwear and swimwear, posting links to awful websites where some self-appointed old witch goes on about how ugly men who wear thongs are and that 'women in general hate men in thongs and get turned on by real men'.

Lets face it, you read things like that all over the internet all day long. Questions posted by a 'worried' wife that her husband has started wearing thongs, or thousands of questions from guys asking opinions on their thong wearing, hoping to get some kind of approval. These guys are then battered with half-assed comments about their sexuality or that 'ewww, thongs on guys is gross' and 'if my guy wore a thong I'f laugh my a** off'! You then slink back down to the reality that, 'you are a freak' and come on here and moan about it, which then turns this messageboard into a sad room of men thinking they are social outcasts and revelling in the acceptance of their thong preferences by people who are EXACTLY THE SAME as them.

Let me clear something up, who the f**k are these people posting their childish opinions on men wearing thongs? You guessed it, kids. Who is the self-appointed b***h that writes a column on her website? You guessed it, an opinionated old bag that would go weak at the knees if she was lucky enough to be in the presence of a thong wearing guy. And what have these people googled in order to be in a position to write their comments?... you guessed it...

Let me tell you all something, the biggest stigma attached to men wearing thongs is not that they are 'girly', its not that 'fat ugly men wear them and let us down', it's all of us letting ourselves down, handing over the control to the women to dictate whether or not they like thongs on men. Whatever they may say, in the end, women like men to be in control and alpha. If you start sneaking around and sitting them down to ask if they mind you wearing thongs, you put them in charge and its game over. Come on guys.

I'm 27, I've been wearing thong underwear exclusively for 10 years, I have experienced every part of a guy growing up and dating in a thong. Firstly, your mates, as a guy growing up, your underwear will be seen by your mates. Make it quick and painless, whip your shorts off before jumping in a lake or something, when they say, 'dude you're wearing a thong', just say 'yeah', shrug it off and get on with your life. Its done then!

I have had lots of girlfriends before the angel I'm with now. One night on like a second date, one girl saw my electric blue g-string poke out the back and side of my jeans when I sat down, she ran her finger along the side strap and said, 'is this a thong?', I said, 'yeah'. I didn't ask for or need her opinion and she respected that.

Another time, it was my first time with a particular girl and she was undressing me in the bedroom, I guess for a lot of you, your heart would be beating hard as she reaches your jeans? I forget to care to be honest with you and she saw the front of my small silky deep red thong, ran her hands around the back to see if it was in fact a thong, and said, 'I've never seen a man in a thong', and I said, 'no?' and then jumped on her and had a good night.

I hope you see my point guys, you're all worried about the public opinion of wearing a thong but that opinion is self-perpetuated by all the backwards negativity you seep through your pores and write on sites like this. Ignore the bad comments in public, (if any in reality), and certainly ignore the ignorant opinions by women on those question sites. Have you ever noticed how most of the women on these sites that hate thongs on men, also hate thongs on women? Try this, google womens opinions on women wearing thongs, the results are the same guys. 

The idiots that write on opinion sites are the same idiots that comment on you at the beach, half of the rest of the world doesn't care you wear thongs and the other half quite like it! If that doesn't give you the confidence to wear thongs without worrying, I don't know what will.

car57 #191

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/04/2012 02:26:24Copy HTML

 B21....well said!
2xist #192

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/04/2012 04:19:43Copy HTML

 B21-You are awesome my friend!!!! Well states!!!
mack_back #193

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/04/2012 04:41:40Copy HTML

B21 the topic i started was not asking if its okay to wear a thong but reactions men get from the ladies. In most cases woman are surprised seeing any man in a thong and most of all at a pool or beach. 
In my experience many kerry underwood look a likes, in there big frame gucci- prada sunglasses and ankle length summer striped dress, lurk walking the beach with there hubby. They are laughing at men with disregard how it may feel to who she is looking at hearing her cakles. Or group of katie perry look a likes in colorful string bikini's and sunglasses looking white like milk laughing at men at the beach commenting for anyone to hear there amusement of the way i appear. To the point of hours later discussing if they should ask me why i look the way i do. While in group environment they feel more powerful while individually they tend to be shy or fearful walking up to me asking why.
With all these commentaries laughter shocked expressions constantly is annoying. While we try to ignore the negativity we feel an environment of not being happy enjoying our day. People like to throw darts at us ever so often that it makes relaxing uncomfortable in your surroundings. That is why certain places we know from experience we keep our distance. Public swimming pools is one example i can never able to thong without feeling i'm unwelcomed or uneasy with the voiced ridicule at me. Last thing i want is to argue with teenage boy or mother and lifeguard about my swimwear. 
All we want is respect from others our decision to wear what ever we happen to choose. Be able to be comfortable around others not mocked or considered a freak. Most of all have peacefully happy time and possibly have others look upon us smiling enjoying the view.
OS777 #194

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/04/2012 07:16:35Copy HTML

I agree with you that far to many young of children make comments here when they should be wearing their boardshorts back in the sandbox on elementary school yard where there somehow wondered off without supervision.  Any old hag who is proclaims to be the the world authority on acceptable swim attire needs to have her ass sent back in a time machine to previous eras when wearing swimwear was designed for just that reason, for swimming (most often for competition).  I began wearing speedos +50 years ago when I was a kid on a swim team in Hawaii.  Boardshorts were designed for the purpose of surfers not to rub the skin of the front of their upper legs as they layed down and paddled their surfboards through waves to line up "to catch a wave."  Boardshorts are great if you have a death wish and desire to drown.  If you have to swim for your life in an unforgiving rough sea, a place were you might well be confronted by tempestuous anger inspired waves. On many occasions had to put my everything into not getting drowned in waves in excess of 3.3m.  If I had to worry about having to deal with the hydrodynamic drag of excessive material (which my tight fitting Speedo were the only logical, practical, and never failed me) and the exhausting rigors of fighting large waves, strong rip currents, cold sea water, and fatigue.  For all of those uninitiated morons who have never been challenged by struggled against large cold sea waves or strong river currents, they do well displaying their never ending ignorance by applying their infinitesimally small gift of grey matter nested between their ears!  Would you tolerate anyone publicly declaring how fat your parents or siblings are?  Would it be proper to scream your bigoted racial beliefs?  Yet many board members seem to have been born with exoskeletons as opposed to "the Free" who do not bow to "Groupthink" or so perceived contrarian societal closed minded views of what is proper moral approved attire.  IF you don't have the spine to defend your beliefs than you deserve the abuse others will heap on you! For well over 50 years of my 60 years I have lived outside of "Groupthink" constraints.  It takes a heightened of self worth to see beyond to foolishness of conforming to what others (governed by fear of disapproval) dictate to others within their sphere of influence (be that proximity physical or through electronic communications).  When I dawn my swimwear I am not wearing spun wool, the material that sheep wrap around themselves!  Live Free, Be Free, Think Free! OS ("oceanswimmer" - for I am an open water (ocean) swimmer).   Let the sheep drown in their boardshorts or "Cholo", Rapper "Ben Johnson" mid-calf circus tents sized short pants!
sundog516 #195

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/05/2012 04:53:24Copy HTML

 really now, who gives a flying f***k what anyone thinks. I wear g strings with 1/8 inch string to the beach all the time. Most of the time people are friendly, occassionally I have to remind people that I defended their right to bitch and that they should be kissing my bare ass instead of bitching about it. The ones that do the bitching are more than likely socialists and has never read the constitution much less defended its principles. So, in a word, f***k em. 
sundog516 #196

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/05/2012 04:55:54Copy HTML

 and they can put the extra asterisk were the sun dont shine. :)
bmicro #197

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/05/2012 05:36:02Copy HTML

While I agree stronngly with your sentiments, I am bothered by your generalization "The very name of the thread sums up every single thing wrong with us as a group."
We are not a "group" that agrees with the title of this thread, as you have probably discovered by reading the comments. The name represents a few eho over-generalize from their own experiences and are too sensitive to wear thongs boldly. That is not all (or even most) of us. We realize that wearing anything but dork shorts puts us in a minority and choose to deal with it. Most of us have expressed that the feedback that we get is more positive than negative and that we are strong enough to deal with the occasional negative vibe.
Ex_Member #198

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/12/2012 03:58:40Copy HTML

b21 well said.  I think, because of the way humans are, women like men in thongs....DA!  On the other hand, because of the way mainstream/society/fashion designers/americans influences are, yes women (and guys) laugh at us.  People are taught to think thongs are for gays, strippers, weirdos, etc. etc.  Women will laugh out loud to fit in, but down deep they like it, and they're looking discreetly.  Shoot, I've had many ogle me!  Following the natural laws of attraction of course!!!  For example, I'm attracted to darker skin female azzes.  So as long as its not a disgustingly fat pale girl, and she's confident, I'm gonna stare a bit to compliment her, which will let her know I wish more women would be bold with their bodies, like the brazilians are portrayed to be.  I'm married to a mexican girl w. a brown body all over.  I've wished my butt was brown since i was a little kid.  I've only recently started doing something about it.

Like b21 said,  don't give them the control.  Don't even ask the question.  you know what the mainstream "correct answer is.
ithongit #199

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/13/2012 01:30:40Copy HTML

I have said it elsewhere on this board -- in a group of three or more, most women will laugh, snicker, or otherwise make negative comments about men in thongs that are "appropriate" for the image they want to present to their friends.  This image is that they are "normal" women and that since "normal" woman are not supposed to "like" a nearly nude man, the image they want to present is some form of unhappiness about seeing a male thonger.  They don't want their friends -- or worse yet the public -- to know they like looking a a man's behind.  In a theater or strip show, it is okay since other women there are probably not going to be offended, so they feel more at ease and do not try to project a politically correct image.

In a group of two women or better a single woman and on a quite beach, the same woman will act totally different.  She will look, sometimes quite openly, and perhaps even set up nearby so she can sneak glances all day long.  If she is young and has a few little kids in tow, that doesn't matter.  She might even start up small talk or give a compliment or two.  On the other hand, the group of women will probably try to find a place away from the man in the thong. 

I have never heard of a group of women where serious compliments are heard from the group of more than two women.  It was different 15 to 20 years ago when thonging men were seen more often and when men's thong swimwear was available at brick and mortar stores.  Back then you would see between 5-15 percent of people -- men and women -- in thongs at many beaches where they were legal. 

I don't know if people accepted thongs because they saw them more, or if people wore them more because more people accepted them.  I am sure that going into a sporting goods store or major department store or even a beachwear store and seeing thong swimwear made people think they were more mainstream.  (As a footnote, I was at OBX in June and didn't see a single men's or women's thong swimsuit in any store.  I didn't go into every store obviously, but even as recently as five years ago, most beach stores sold at least some men's and some women's thongs.  The skimpiest men's swimwear I saw this year was at Wings who sold a single style of men's bikini with about 4 inch sides -- pretty conservative as mens bikinis go.)

When I read reports in other threads from men, I see the same reactions.  Most when reporting a positive encounter where a women makes positive compliments will mention that it was a single woman or perhaps two who came along and gave their opinions. 

As far as men go -- well we all know men like women in thongs and very few are going to make a complaint.  Men seeing other men in thongs are a totally different story.  Some of course don't really care and are not likely to make any comments -- one way or another.  They won't say "Gee, I see you are wearing a thong and I don't have an issue with that."  On the other hand, men who for whatever reason don't like to see other men in thongs will be quite opened about sharing their opinions with anyone in earshot.  If nobody is really close, then they  might even sort of shout their comment to be sure other hear it.  The thing is that men say something to get a reaction.  It is not too important to most who they get the reaction from, so if they are in a group they might direct their comments to others in the group. looking for the reaction.  They say what they say to "prove" they are the type of guy they want to appear to be.  What is interesting is that on a very crowded beach, men tend to keep their opinions to themselves more about the thonging men they might see.  They might mutter something under their breath that nobody can hear, but rarely make a big fuss, unless they have heard other comments and chime in with those, or have their buddies along to prop up and support their opinions.  So on an open beach without another soul to talk to, they will often just walk by, perhaps mumbling to themselves or even just keeping quite.
JM_Runs #200

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/13/2012 06:22:11Copy HTML

 Ran down the beach today.  Lots of people out, lots of large groups of girls and women.  I got lots of smiles and waves and a few good mornings from the women, even the women in larger groups.  My experence is women in larger groups, with or without guys, is they don't feel threatened and just as likley, or more likley, to respond positively or flag me down for pictures. 

Today, when I was stretching after my run,  two cute young girls ran over with two boys in tow.  They asked for me to pose for pictures with them, and afterward complemented me on the colors of my thong, and asked where they could find thongs locally.  They were wearing small Brazil back suits but not true thongs.

The only time I notice that women in larger groups are less responsive is when the group is young single adults or teens, of similar age, and the group has more men than women.  In such a case the women are quietly competing for the attention of the men in their group.  When this happens they will be mirroring the guys reaction as they work on currying favor with the guys. This is normal group youth group dynamics. In such a case if one of the leading guys says "Way to go!" then the women will respond positively, if he reacts negatively the women may echo that, or as has happened some times, they will tell the guy not to be so childish.

Last Monday there was a very large group of very attractive teenage girls in swimsuits, with a couple of older guys in shorts and shirts.  I am guessing the girls were in town for some program and the few guys were group leaders or handlers. There were about 50 of the girls sitting on towels in a big group.  Lot's of smiles and waves when I ran past.  They were not speaking English so I am guessing South American, probably a large Argentinian group or a group assembled from various South American nations, in town for a pageant or cheer camp. 

At the same time, this week, we have a large swim meet. I have seen some of the teams of collage age athletes out on the beach.  Mostly positive reactions from the various teams,  although one or two teams with all or mostly guys resulted in louder comments or joshing but nothing rude. Today a group of the female swimmers complemented me on my thong as I was getting ready to leave.
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