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mack_back #201

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/14/2012 12:56:38Copy HTML

I've come to the conclusion recently woman don't care for thongs for themselves or on men. Once they see a man they are attracted to they are curious why a man would want to wear it and not feel ashamed or humiliated in it. 
My recent experience was with three woman at the beach who setup 15 feet on top of me as i lay on my back nude. Heard them chat to one another about me despite my earbuds listening to music.

I initially didn't see them but took in all the comments about me and knew they were not older mature ladies. Actually, about hours worth of chatter it became evident they were infatuated looking at me, to the point of me needing to cool off in the water. To funny to hear there comments about how awkward it maybe to ask me pose for a picture of a full body nude shot. Then making remarks describing me over in detail for there mental orgasmic thoughts being known for anyone to hear. Such as my eyes will never be the same looking at him, he has muscles everywhere, ow! Can't stay at my parents house tonight after seeing him, Doesn't he feel embarrassed looking that way (my shaved pubes)? Wow! Need to come to this beach every weekend from now on.
 Felt these girls were over doing it and they were not serious but someone put them up to it. Maybe me not having a high opinion of myself was reason i didn't believe them and held in my laughter about there thoughts were about me.
After leaving my towel for good hour i came back and they became to criticize me saying to one another he looked much better laying down. As i walked around them they were  laying on there backs nude and had there heads and eyes pivoting looking at my every move like a laser. 
Just like my experience woman hesitate and look at there group mentality typical or fun loving and embrace it. 

Another example is a young chinese couple who i often see at the pool for few years seeing me in various bikini swimwear. They initially began to wear bikini and speedo respectfully swimwear in the beginning. One day the female who seems to be attractive but has a low sexual libido probably having fun time with her hubby once a month. Looked at me one day wearing a low rise swimsuit in black and white perfectly fitted bikini that showed my bulge smoothly and very well. Her eyes and head which she never done before looked towards my bulge in shock and surprise. Thought she may have known the label and noticed it was expensive swimsuit i had on, so i didn't read anything about it. After seeing them both again they had on tankini with shorts and board shorts, coincidence maybe but my feeling was she didn't want her husband being looked upon as she did to me. My guess was woman don't like other females looking at there man's jewels as she was reminded when looking towards mine feelings of guilt towards her husband. When i'm at the pool earlier before the chinese couple arrive they notice me outside of the window, before you go into the lockers, smiling smirks to one another. My hunch is they find me looking to odd in speedo swimwear and makes the woman uncomfortable seeing me even though she tries best to ignore or not look upon me. Her shocked stare probably made her think about me when i wore that particular low rise perfectly fitted swimsuit, thus feeling guilty that she has thoughts about another man other then her husband. 

After a time she looked as she got passed it and now wears bikini bottoms with long tankini camisole. Then when i was in a sauna alone i noticed my bulge not looking perfectly straight. So seeing nobody was around the pool deck i began to adjust my bulge head on the outside layer of fabric. Then suddenly out of the corner comes the same chinese woman and first thing she notices is me. I barely seen her coming out on the pool locker room deck walking passed the sauna. Her hesitation walking and sudden stop gave me notice she may have seen me adjusting my bulge or in her view masturbating. Since then the couple tend to come in later or earlier then i finish or show up at the pool, coincidence, i don't think so..
Sometimes clothing freaks people out not knowing your intentions are. In my case i have been caught or misunderstood and now labeled freak someone to be repulsed and not share the same company with ease. Just like i was leaving the c/o beach seeing boyfriend/husband sitting up reading the newspaper while behind him the woman nude laying on her back stroking, petting a black male semi hard shaft laying on his side nude facing her feet. As i passed by them i didn't judge or stop in amazement or get uptight about it but left things alone. It only made sense to me now once i noticed the couple earlier together on the beach and later joined by black male who is rare to be seen on sunny day, suppose he didn't come to get a tan did he.

We can't change people's prudish reactions or thoughts of what i wear but accept them for being who they are while they may sometimes be facing or forced sharing the company of me from time to time in the pool or beach. While they maybe trying to run away from me or ignoring me if they are not vocal about there feelings i guess that is the best anyone in my position could ask for. 
mack_back #202

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/14/2012 01:24:49Copy HTML

Lindros sorry to hear your predicament of getting ridiculed but that is common and universal everywhere to get laughed upon even for me.
Yes, you should of worn a thong and gotten the same reaction from these childish teens. That is why i stay away from public outdoor pools even during adult evening sessions just as you described of the giggles and reactions. Often you hear behind your back teens squealing loudly, GROSS and laughter but your not 100% sure it's directed at you. Or these idiots are being childish around each other such as farting or grabbing each others fatty skin, spitting on one another etc...
Yes, woman have double standard wearing whatever they want but seeing man wear thong or rio makes them laugh thinking it is female fashion exclusively thus the photo taken. Wearing exact same rio as you had on couple kids 10- 14 said to one another in front of me, "men should not wear woman's swimwear".
 At least nobody photoed you like i was when on the beach. Group of woman noticed me while one decided to be bold enough to walk away from them and come 3 feet in front of me and hold up her phone to take a picture, after her friends warned her, "don't do it!" At first i thought she wanted to talk or say something but she only wanted a photo not caring what i thought or would do. Later as i had my back towards them purposely knowing she would take another photo of me from the back  as they walked passed. Hearing the giggles from older woman i knew she took some more and i stared back looking at her as the group laughed again. Noticed her looking back at me thinking does he know?  She smiled knowing i knew and didn't care at the least. Making her more intrigued about me and missing opportunity to ask for better photo together which i probably would oblige. In that particular photo op i believe she was attracted to me needing to take it not wanting to risk asking and getting rejected. That is fear and awkwardness in her character to not being able to chat. Believe the group she was with didn't particularly like me but she did without any of her group knowing it. Them thinking she is bold and making mockery of me trying to humiliate, while in truth she is liking what she done looking at the photo over and over before getting a nights rest. 

bmicro #203

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/14/2012 05:02:25Copy HTML

I have the same experience as JM. Groups of women without men or groups of married couples don't ordinarily have a negative reaction to me and frequently compliment me. Bachelorette groups, in particular, appreciate a confident man in a thong and have invited me for a drink around their hotel pool more than once. (I am happily married so it doesn't go any further than that).
mack_back, I don't know where you live, but it is an entirely different sub-culture than the one that JM and I experience. I am sorry that such sub-cultures exist in this country.
Ex_Member #204

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/15/2012 12:36:24Copy HTML

Lets remember too, actions speak louder than words, right?  I'm more interested in where the women choose to set up after they've seen my skimpy suit, and if and how often they check me out.  Those two things ought to mean something about whether or not they like seeing a man in a thong.
mack_back #205

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/15/2012 02:37:21Copy HTML

Another point i concluded laying out at the nude beach is woman want to humiliate the opposite sex in many circumstances. If a female feels powerless in life or her problems are weighing on her she will usually find outlet to release some pressure.
Going to baseball game yelling at athlete is sometimes a way to let off some steam from there daily job or predicaments there in.Same goes for going to a nude beach and laying out at the shoreline watching different type of males walking nude. Females know what they are going to see and want to laugh, humiliate men best way they can because of something missing in her life.  While seeing a male in a thong is not planned or rare on a beach or pool, whenever the situation arises females instincts usually is to mock or ridicule, laugh making sure they expressed there feelings. 
First hand i noticed a female showing up with her daughters at the beach wanting a front row seat, laughing at every male who walks by nude or not. Knowing this particular female all to well, gives me reflection on why she wants to subject herself and daughters in those surroundings.  While she doesn't participate in nudity and is the poster child for prudish behavior and attire makes me question her motives. Woman want to feel sense of power over men and need a way to feel superior. While seeing males nude at the beach isn't big deal to those who are nude but for this woman it is a sense of warped semblance of superiority looking down on others (nudist). 
So all the photo taking and smiles, giggles towards strangers is nothing more then having upper hand on the thonger or nudist. Only if the female takes to the surrounding participating in nudity or thonging is only way to predict there motives towards us.
beachlion #206

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/15/2012 10:08:56Copy HTML

I'm in Holland now to pack my stuff for the big move to the USA. A few weeks ago we had a few days of nice weather so I went to the beach. Normally I arrive there around 11:00 and leave around 16:00 but the last day I had an appointment so I left around 13:00. Halfway the beach I met two ladies of about my age (mid 60s), I had seen before on the beach during my beach walks. One of the ladies said to me:"It is a pity you leave so early. We liked your strings." I promised them to be back and show them some strings.
This was the first nice remark I had for years and in Holland we don't talk to strangers so easily.
b21 #207

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/17/2012 01:22:17Copy HTML

You're right, there is a lot of positive experiences on this board from people who have had good comments/looks while sporting a thong or g-string in public.

My point however, was not to blame or point fingers, I admire every single person on here for having the guts to wear thongs, even if it is a totally private taboo experience for you. The title of this thread is, and I maintain, summing up everything that is wrong with us, not as individuals but as a demographic. Some of you have this down, but what loads of you need is an attitude change for when you are wearing your thong in public! It's only by changing our attitudes here at home that we can expect the rest of the world to catch on!

The real killer to what we are trying to achieve is not the pre-conceived thoughts of the population, who, until you walked in wearing a thong, had probably never given a man in a thong a seconds thought. It's how you, as the thong wearer, carry yourself. Like I said before, no woman in the world wants a weak, pathetic man who craves acceptance. Women want strong leader type men who answer to no-one. Now, you may be that guy on the outside, you may be the CEO, the team captain, the 'big daddy' when you're hiding behind your usual clothing. Lets face it, that's pretty easy to do, clothing is like a shield to the outside world and you can be anyone you want. When you are standing alone at the beach bar in just a thong, it's like the whole world suddenly gets x-ray vision that is so powerful, they can see all the way through you, to the real person, no frontin' just you - like it or not.

They say change starts with the 'man in the mirror' so if you crave acceptance of your thong wearing, (which is a whole other issue I could talk volumes about), you have to believe with every fibre of your being that you are doing the right thing! I don't mean, convince yourself you're doing the right thing, I mean KNOW you are doing the right thing through and through. If you can't at least believe yourself that there is nothing wrong with men wearing thongs, how do you expect a stranger to react? Is their acceptance of your thongs all you need to feel comfortable?

A little bit about me, I'm 27, I'm a company director and I'm a people watcher! It constantly amazes me how much like sheep people are. Let me tell you a story. I was in Punta Cana 2 years ago with my fantastic Mrs staying for 2 weeks at Majestic Colonial. For some reason, our room wasn't ready so they sent us to the pool bar - no complaints from me!! Now, we are from England, this was December and Punta Cana is about 100 million degrees warmer than England. We were wearing heavy jeans and wintery clothes having not changed on the plane. I got the coldest drink I could find, took off my jeans and shirt and sat on a lounger in the shade by the pool. I know you're dying to know - yes I was wearing a thong, we only have thongs! Swimwear and underwear. This particular thong was a HOM Plume if I remember correctly. 

Anyway, as I was sitting there sipping my exotic cocktail and unwinding from my 10 hour flight, I saw a guy across the pool attempting 'stealth-thonging', sneaking off his lounger towards a dark corner of the pool via a stone statue and a small potted palm. He was being extremely careful not to let anyone see his thong, keeping his back to the wall, looking around with darting eyes like a villain from Scooby Doo. It was funny because this guy looked so guilty and he didn't look like he was enjoying himself at all! The young couple next to me were looking and talking about him in a negative way, I joined in the conversation, (bare in mind that I was sitting next to them, wearing the thinnest silkiest little thong UNDERWEAR)! They were a nice couple and we ended up having drinks with them that night. The girl said later, 'do you always wear thongs in public?' I said, 'yeah' and we got on with our evening.

I thought it such a shame that this guy has gone through the effort of buying thong swimwear and booking a few weeks away, only to have, what seemed like, the most nerve racking holiday of his whole life. The following day, once we'd got our cases and room, we hit the pool, Gemali thongs this time. After a few hours of chatting with staff, hanging at the pool bar and swimming, I noticed our shifty-eyed friend getting more confident, until by the end of his holiday, and after I'd had a chat with him, he seemed much more confident and was getting a lot less negativity. It's one thing to wear a thong, it's a whole other ballgame to OWN a thong!

He needed a good old fashioned talking-to about his attitude, and so do a lot of you! I'd love to come and hang on the beach with you guys! We can change the world but we have to start with ourselves! Wouldn't it have been nice if the guy in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' wore thongs? Or would that have taken all the fun out of our mission? 

It's a thong for f**k sake, what are you frightened of really? Are you worried that you will get unwillingly 'outed', turned from straight to gay by people calling you 'gay' so much that you can't fight it any longer? And so what if you are gay? I don't care if someone thinks I'm gay for wearing a thong, would it be more accepted if I WAS gay? Course it wouldn't - fool! Are you worried that the ignorant giggles of peer-pressured girls will somehow turn lethal and you'll get giggled to death? HA! Are you worried that your thong has ruined your chances of getting picked up by that pack of hot girls on the beach? HAHA, with an attitude like yours, you wouldn't get picked up on the beach if you were wearing 'dork shorts' either.

Stop blaming everyone around you for feeling uncomfortable in a thong, it's you, it's in your head! Like our meerkat friend from Punta Cana discovered, he WAS getting insults but they were because he was acting like a douche and the thong he was wearing is the easiest ammo. I walked around for 2 weeks in thongs half that size and only made friends, you want to know how? Because I don't have time for anybodies c**p! I don't look for attention, I don't need opinions, I don't look self concious, I don't thrust my choice of swimwear on anybody else, they had a game of volleyball on the beach, who was the captain? Got that right! Me and my dork-short army were so good at volleyball that by the end we were getting so many high 5's that I swear I had at least 5 chicks wanting to write their numbers on my ass. But hey - I'm taken. Bad luck girls!
thong_jock #208

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/17/2012 02:07:47Copy HTML

 b21 - now THAT's what it takes to rock a thong! What a killer attitude! :-)
2xist #209

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/17/2012 02:15:47Copy HTML

You are awesome my friend!
mack_back #210

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/17/2012 02:47:23Copy HTML

B21 you make it sound so simple. Agree with you about not hiding or shying away when wearing a thong or other swimwear. People do throw out there opinions  verbally or physically and some thongers notice it others ignore it. In my case i'm super hyper sensitive observing everyone that might slightly sneer be it they don't approve of my clothing, my tan, or physical appearance. This depresses me and makes me bitter towards the demographic group type which i have already developed of what kind of personalities they own.

Environment is important aspect to be brazen to wear a thong or other skimpy swimwear. You can't expect people with prudish attitudes to smile and welcome your presence wearing something they themselves never seen on a male or want to.
If i want conflict or like to start fights about there attitudes towards me for wearing skimpy swimwear, in order to convince people that i'm not doing anything wrong or indecent. This wouldn't make for enjoyable stay be it pool or beach. Sometimes you got to stay clear and not be able to participate in what others are doing. If 99.9% are clothed certain way (dork shorts) at the pool you i need to either stay away or join there attire and not give people chance to mock me. 

B21 you say you don't shield yourself when wearing a thong but i think not. Your wife is your shield for all sorts of wrong assumptions that others would have had if you are single like me or others (perv, predator, creep, gay etc..) It's lot easier when coupled up people suddenly feel more comfortable around you and if you have kids even better. People are more prone to start chatting with you when having a wife or children then being alone. 

If you have great personality and humorous then people naturally want to talk and spend time with you. If your private guarded person they may think your angry or not fun to be around. Sometimes i just want to relax and be left alone without ridicule or being mocked and laughed about. It gets to be very tiresome hearing the same criticism over and over no matter where you go in the world, people are the same.

So i can't enjoy going to my public local outdoor pool wearing a speedo or heaven forbid a thong on a sunny 100 degree summer day. Lot reasons why i choose not to.  Won't go wearing dork shorts and feel miserable, bitter and angry at everyone i see, knowing they would be mocking me if i wore my skimpy swimwear. 

It's not in my head but experiences in the past making me more guarded and resenting others for at least not accepting or respecting my choice of swimwear.

b21 #211

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/17/2012 03:47:28Copy HTML

mack_back - was it you in Punta Cana 2 years ago?

Dude I make it sound simple because it is simple, your battle is entirely with yourself and you illustrate my point better than anything I could say! I feel for you, you say yourself that you are, "super hyper sensitive" to what people think and then you go on to put words into their mouths, "perv, predator, creep, gay etc."

Don't make excuses, she is not my shield, I picked her up on our first date years ago in a suit with a thong underneath. On holiday, she likes to sit in the shade reading and I like to have a laugh with the people around or stand at the bar. For all I know, they don't know I'm with anyone.

Yes it is about having a great personality, and I'm sure you do, but it's also more about not letting people get to you! You need a long cold look in the mirror at who you actually are, really deep down, once you can accept yourself for who you are, it won't matter what anyone else says or thinks about you. Once that happens, as if by magic, people will also start accepting you for who you are, and they'll respect you a whole lot more. It's like you're trying to trick people into treating you in a way that you don't even believe you should be treated yourself!

I'm so sad when you say it makes you miserable, but it is only in your own mind dude! Maybe you should wear dork shorts and be miserable, at least then strangers will respect your choice of swimwear! They won't come over and tell you that but you'll ;sense their approval, again proving that it is, in fact, all in your head! The operative words here are, "approval", "accepting", "respecting"! You keep saying them but why do you need them?  I want to go to the beach with you man!

If it helps, I accept and respect your choice of swimwear. :-P
sundog516 #212

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/17/2012 05:12:10Copy HTML

 Again, who cares what people think?
 Wear what you want, enjoy the sun, work on the tan, eat healthy, do your butt exercises so you look good in your strings. :)
swoontogo #213

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/17/2012 05:22:47Copy HTML

 Amen b21. Attitude is everything and a little confidence goes a long way. At the end of the day, thongs are just another form of swimwear.
JM_Runs #214

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/17/2012 05:38:41Copy HTML

mackback - b21 is right, you don't need a women as a shield.  I have been single a lot and met women on the beach when wearing a thong.  I have also met families, neighbors, runners, swimmers and coffee shop friends. 

You could have come to this weekends sun splash where there will be 20 or more in thongs who think thongs are fine.  You could book two weeks at Haulover Beach where you can wear a thong every day and get accustomed to people thinking you are over dressed and no one giving a thong a second thought.  Or even better, book two weeks at Cap d'Agde in France and get beyond body image issues.

Three or more days a week I go to the beach in a thong, run a few miles, then hang out for a while.  This is not an out of the way beach, but the main city beach with hotels, shops, bars and a highway.  Not everyone approves of thongs, but some do, some don't and most don't care.

I would be untruthful if I told you negative comments don't occasionally rile me, but I have learned to discount the negative, enjoy the positive and be open, friendly and smiling at everyone. It helps. 

I do suggest you DO something on the beach, run, swim seriously, fly a kite, DO something that involves your mind and body so you are not continually obesssing about what other people might be thinking about you.  If nothing else, take a shovel and build the worlds grandest sand castle.

mack_back #215

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/19/2012 07:22:07Copy HTML

B21 I know few things about body language and bad experiences with individuals. Can give you many examples to make you laugh and feel pity for me. Just to say i read people very well and cannot stop from observing there displeasure or attitude towards me. It's not in my mind but only the clothing i wear people attitudes shift so they can distance themselves far away like if i had a disease.

No don't think i would want to go to Punta Cana to touristy for me and people there are typical in there prudish guarded attitudes of fashion, style. To me why would i pay for a vacation and see the same people from my city visiting the Dominican where i see at the local pool here in summer months, dork wearing shorts.. only difference is people getting more drunk at the resorts pool and evenings. Not what i call a ideal vacation....

My personality is dull and quite but how i look to others resembles the opposite spectrum. While i have built firewall around me to shield from the repetitive questions why i wear or don't wear what i do. Not that i don't want to chat but hearing complaints about me or about others is a waste of time or effort to want too listen. 

JM Runs Yes Haulover is great place being nude would be very comfortable, do it at my local beach thank you very much. 
Not preoccupied at people but annoys me often seeing others looking at me with there smug attitudes. Usually i put on the earbuds and close my eyes enjoying the sun.

Maybe i'm so conditioned that people are staring at me i feel everyone is finding my appearance humorous or odd. Often i know it's not the case but people are shocked and find me unusual with sly smirk thinking i want there attention. Sometimes i feel it's my fault looking the way i do and not be embarrassed while they look at  me sort of feeling there seeing me flash them with my bulge enjoying there stares. Then they question my motives and tend to ignore me or feel i'm getting off wearing what i do for my sick perverted pleasure. 

Trying to be humble and not full of myself often not giving myself enough credit on the way i look. While ordinary folk are just shocked seeing me and chuckling to themselves saying, "you look like your tad bit in shape", trying to be sarcastic in there tone with understating what they view as obvious.
Not saying i'm in body builder shape but for some ordinary people they may disagree laughing at my body tone, You see it when someone like a female has big muscles and many people comment she looks like a male and laugh. Seen i very fit female pumping gas at the costco station while i waited waiting in line. I stared at her and she probably thought i was disgusted looking at her incredibly toned body. She gave me i stare back while i froze looking over her entire body. Even with her baggy pants and muscle top i noticed her shoulders developed and arms toned unlike many regular people. Kind of felt, maybe not, she was fitter then me. Lol... 
OS777 #216

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/19/2012 07:41:53Copy HTML

I can not understand why every time you post on this board that you say people are laughing at you.  That is beyond reason that it happens to you every time you wear a thong in public.  Unless you are wearing a clown mask or costume this should not happen to you.  You need to have a check up from the neck up and quit seeing into other's actions that they are looking down on you in an unapproving manner.  Are you purposely displaying weird behavior when people see you or as you pass them???  In the many many years that I have visited public as well as clothing optional beaches I have never had anyone laugh at me, they have stared in a disapproving manner but never have they laughed or scorned me.
I think you wear your feelings on your sleeve and see way too much into other's actions and mistake these actions as disapproving of your appearance.
Do you feel inferior to others???  Your fear of rejection is unfounded and extreme, not in balance with reality. Quit trying to please others and avoid people until you establish a substantial sense of self worth.  I assure you that people are not laughing at you each and every time you visit a beach in a thong.  Yet you see it as a shameful experience each and every time and must share it with your fellow thongers on this forum endlessly to our boredom.  Quit feeling sorry for yourself and embrace the experience of being able to visit a beach in the attire that you feel in need of wearing.  Forget others!  If you must wear a dark pair of sunglasses the do it!!!  Actors in theater wear masks.  When they dawn their masks their identities are concealed for the duration of the performance, you should do likewise.
mack_back #217

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/19/2012 08:06:01Copy HTML

Os777: Don't feel i'm laughed upon every single time. If i'm nude and many others at the beach are as well i blend in sort of, and feel quite comfortable. When i'm only guy in a bikini at a pool that is another thing. Lot of other issues come into play. Bulge size, wearing smaller swimwear then anyone there female or male by a long shot. All these issues come to play and people watch. Got over most of it at my gym pool because i tend to be a regular and many single females don't use the facility feeling it maybe unsanitary. With older people using it i don't get the attention or seldom do but once in awhile it can happen with negative stares or unhappy looks.
I'm not the only person to get negative attention observed others which are some-what comparable to me will gather snarled upper lips with looking at there attire. 

Sometimes people looking at another man's body creates overwhelming feelings of any sort thus people laugh using it as coping mechanism to release there uneasiness. Sometimes laughter is a way to express there nervous feelings towards me and actual surprised and astonished seeing someone so bold or without shame.
Some may look at me then see i have confidence not looking for anyone's approval. Then they smile chuckle looking me over thinking i'm not adonis to have a body to flaunt feeling i'm being silly. Or at least most woman feel that i have no reason to show off or have ideal body to do it. In many female minds they prefer males taller and brawnier then me, thus making me look comical in there opinions being i'm not. Many believe i look more feminite then masculine thus only laughing at my belief i look studly.  
While there are instances that some female may go overboard with comments about me lusting thinking i do look perfect, but those are few and far between to daily reality. Sometimes it can be that woman won't express there feelings or thoughts thinking it maybe awkward for me to know. Same way i see a perfect pretty, attractive woman and she knows how attractive she looks, so no point in me saying it to her you look unbelievable, with drool dripping out of my mouth. 

"I think you wear your feelings on your sleeve and see way too much into other's actions and mistake these actions as disapproving of your appearance."
Don't believe i do. Just can't help notice if group of woman notice me in a skinny side low rise rio bikini and interrupt whatever they are doing to peek and look as if  a tragedy occurred. Calling on management to see if what i'm wearing is appropriate around the pool or they could do something to persuade me to wear something other then a Rio.
Or just straight out laughter towards me having difficulty understanding why a male would want to wear such provocative swim attire that a female might find wearing herself as to slutty or racy for this particular venue. 

When you see these pictures what comes obvious into your mind. She is trying to hard looking the way she is or overly to dressed up for a walk for a casual ice cream. It screams i know your going to photograph me so i will look perfect and pose but pretend not to notice your camera. Kind of teasing us in sexual way but when confronted i will deny i want attention or doing anything out of the ordinary. Only crime she could be called on is looking perfect. What we all know which is the truth is she wants people to notice her and bring attention in whore like fashion, no pun intended. Ya, i know the context of the photos isn't indicative what she was doing earlier, she probably just got out of church on sunday's mass.

bbyrne78 #218

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/21/2012 11:38:37Copy HTML

Yesterday morning as I was walking through shower area after a beach yoga class - some of the class and I passed a bunch of younger surfers getting changed after their session. Two of them were wearing Aussie Bum speedo suits and one wore a thong under their steamer wetsuit (it's winter here and the water is really cold now).

One of the female members of the class (one who is also single, much younger than the rest and very fit and attractive) was very enthusiastically supportive of the scene and smiled, waved and wooped it up a little bit too loudly. The rest of the girls in our group waved back and smiled.

The result was that the guys (who couldn't be more than 22) smiled and waved back. The two who were wearing speedo style suits had pulled their suits into something like a thong, while the lone guy who was wearing wet underwear waved back.

As we were getting into our cars the girl who started it all - asked the couple two guys in the class whether they would wear something like that (a thong swimsuit)- the response was only if their wives asked for it and no.

Based on some of the responses/experiences on this thread the surfers must have been humiliated and distraught because a group of women clearly found their appearance pleasing. Somehow I don't think that is what happened... 
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Had similiar response today at the clothing optional beach. As i started to get dressed knowing i was being watched by dozen females. Group of 9 setup literally arms length on top of me and other 4 or so about 30 feet behind me. So as i unraveled my twisted muscleskins 1/4 sides string thong i slipped into it with my back towards everyone. Then i began to pull on my shorts quickly and heard one female try to mock me with a over the top slow deleberate laugh. I knew it wasn't a real laugh only she thought i looked funny quickly putting on my shorts giving the vibe i was afraid of what others thought. Mock laughing at me with the fear of what others thought of me in a thong. Nobody said a word or cared as i was leaving the beach passing through the crowd that i just mooned with my thong moments ago.
This beach has crazier people on it then focusing on me thus no worries. One guy earlier told me he hated the weekend crowds with freaks on the beach. He said he didn't want to offend or make uncomfortable any females seeing him being nude. I told him "well they picked the wrong beach to come to if there offended and most know what to expect". He said, "true, i personly don't care one way or the other".

So i thought after the beach on my way home to stop at my local public pool for a quick dip. Noticed 8 of the lifeguards were female patroling the big pool. Thought to go with my muscleskins thong knowing that there wasn't many kids being earlier evening. Would be good experiment seeing the pool will close in less then hour at 8 pm. I hesitated thinking with risk of rain and cloud over top to cycle home instead. My motivation would only be to flash my big bulge to these female lifeguards seeing what reactions i would encounter. Being hungry and tired spending the afternoon nude on the beach i decided against it today. Also brought a smaller bikini swimsuit not knowing to wear it or thong at the pool, which was mute because i didn't attempt to go...

As for remarks of women laughing at a male wearing a thong. It is expected knowing many females are juvenile with howling cat calls or giggles if they like it or not. Looks to me the same laughter reactory inflection is used for good or bad intent, weird but it's true.
Seen on the beach today hottest female topless with a string thong with nasty ass and even better legs. Did anyone yell at her or laugh, no they didn't, some tried to pick her up even while holding hands with her lesbein girlfriend. I just was admiring her great ass and legs all afternoon, she knowingly knew i was watching her making no apologies. Loving every minute staring at her body. Guess the girls who setup near me knew what i prefered in a woman.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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If I came away from every thong wearing or nude experience on the beach with such discomfort or thoughts like yours, I would give up and start wearing something much more conservative.

Perhaps it's time for some therapy to help you with these thoughts?
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Maybe i'm more hyper-vigilant then most people. Noticing others and there dispositions is either a curse or blessing. Many people here maybe oblivious on how they are perceived. Many people have bad instincts on understanding human behavior thus not grasping the reality of the situation there in. 
Lets face it seeing anyone in a thong will being attention and most people try to keep a decent behavioral attitude. Wearing a thong clashes in that prudish personality most people have. If its not true why aren't there more women wearing thongs  at pools and beaches never mind men just men wearing them. It can't be because people will laugh at them could it. Any small swimwear will get a raised eyebrow or chuckle from people. 
While some just want to keep there distance pretending not to notice or look. 

Seen eight people at the pool recently while i walked into a whirlpool wearing my lime green skimpy bikini bottoms. Seen two people notice and laugh towards me in the pool. One black male who was helping his girlfriend swim. Another 60 old lady laughing at me while swimming with her head out of the water. As i came out walking on the pool deck seen her laugh again at me. So i stared at this old hag until her grin stopped suddenly, as she knew i didn't appreciate her unwelcomed demeanor. 
Two of the eight people had a problem with the type of swimwear i had on at the pool. Think those people are sheltered and bad attitudes when any male wears anything skimpy. 

As for therapy those thoughts are based on real reactions towards me. Not something i thought up. Do you believe there laughs are based suddenly on other factors. If you truly believe that your more dilusional then thought.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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b21 - You have the right attitude about it. I will follow your example!
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Went to a outdoor public pool from many years staying away for many reasons. I wore black modest bikini briefs which in my mind are conservative. 1 1/2 inch sides briefs...
Didn't know what reactions i would get being early evening thought many kids and families would be gone for the most part. As i was in the locker room putting away my clothes wearing only my brief swimwear couple black teens in dork shorts looked over noticing me what i had on staring at me often. Thought here we go again prudish teens and attitude that is included, thinking i will have a miserable time being mocked once i step on the pool deck.Shortly before leaving the locker area i noticed another man returning to his locker near me in speedo swimwear, then another man in boxer speedos. Once i went into the shower area again another guy in conservative brief swimwear. Suddenly didn't feel i would be looked upon as alien or oddity anymore. Yes my swimwear was smaller compared to the others i saw but gave me confidence thinking i won't stick out (pardon the pun) from the crowd.

Once i exited the locker area i walked along towards the pool deck seeing others returning in the opposite direction towards me. Some people smiled to one another not noticing me suddenly when they looked there smiles or laughs became shocked looks dropping there heads as i passed by. 
As i entered the pool deck i started my way towards the middle passing the shallow end and kids. Noticed female young lifeguard turning her head 90 degrees leaning forward away from the water she was to watch, with her mouth ajar, staring at me in shock, as i walked passed. Didn't feel that my swim briefs were the reason the female lifeguards were looking at me. Maybe they never seen someone so tanned wearing smaller swim briefs the way i did.  Rethinking this in my mind over and over, why these lifeguards sudden shock stares, surprisingly may have thought how i got away passing security wearing what i had on. Having self doubt i may have been inappropriately attired in a family pool surroundings. 

 So i swam my laps and took breaks sitting on the side of the pool noticing other female lifeguards taking a interest in me from the other side of the pool walking directly across zooming there eyes at me not other people in the pool. Again i began to think it was my swimwear that was making these lifeguards lifting there heads up looking across the pool to where i sat, looking over my shoulder seeing nothing of interest behind me. So i began to jump in and swim more laps thinking the lifeguards won't ask me to wear something less revealing while i was in the pool (hiding as it were). While swimming on my back an older female accidentally brushed her hand across my bulge as she didn't notice me. After her swipe she kept looking at me never taking her eyes off from the other lane as i rested sitting on the side of the pool once again. 
So i began to think it wasn't an accidental collision by this older female in the pool or she felt something that brought her attention focused on me more then ordinary.As i began to get my towel and leave, a woman was bent over in shock on the pool deck talking to her son to leave to go home. She quickly panicked asking her son to get closer to her with the entire time staring at me in shock while i began to walk to my towel.  Heard i young kid sing "sexy and you know it" right next to me. Looking at him thinking it wasn't funny thing to mock me with a angry stare as he stopped. Then as i walked away he said noticing i stared him down, "your so big". Didn't feel i was at all taller or heavier then him by long shot so a gathered he meant my bulge.

Next day i came to the pool again and noticed same female lifeguards smiling suddenly to one another across the pool when i arrived and jumped into the water. Didn't notice there smiles or grins entire time afterwards but could it be they remembered me from the the day. This pool holds about 500 people at any given time so lots of people enter exit all day. Could i be bold enough to say they remembered me and found my swimwear unique or dare i say my body? 
When i started to exit i noticed a latin family with couple woman and men with kids. The one woman said something about my swimsuit i had on and the men started to stick there tongue out spit laughing to her suggestion.   Believe she asked why other men like her husband don't wear swimsuits like mine. Then as the men laughed the woman told the other they need to be better equipped to wear it like him (meaning me) then everyone started to laugh while the men laughed, saying ya, ya very funny...


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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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It's hard wired in all humans to have sexual attraction beyond ones self.  It seems
inconceivable that women aren't attracted  to nearly naked men.  I think that women
have been fooling themselves.  The human body, properly taken care of, is  a
thing of beauty, regardless of gender.  I find the image of unclothed bodies, both male and female
extremely compelling.  Do we not all have this appreciation for the "body beautiful"?  This attraction
on a sexual level is preordained.

I'm convinced that the decades long, women against speedos, movement
is a hoax.

Am I wrong?

Is there a gap in my reasoning?

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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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I agree with you. Women are always checking me out when I wear my thong at lake. Just today a woman had her husband dock their boat 2 feet beside me so she could take a picture.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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There is two rules of thought that females have about it. One they find if a male is showing his outline bulge  with his swimwear on, isn't a mistake but calculated for attention. Secondly woman feel men should need to exercise humility by covering up and not tempting them to look which almost always happens. Sort of males policing themselves to cover up because woman can't have the self control not to look at males manhood on display. By males showing there intimate package outline for everyone to look at is not appealing to woman because there mind wanders thinking how big aroused or how small it maybe. Last thing married woman with children want is looking at a stranger at his penis outline, which they find to intimate body part to display, in public and more so if they have any relationship with him for other females to see.

Woman can accept males in speedo's at a pool because your in the water for majority of the time so nobody really notices except when you enter and exit the pool area. While on the beach females tend to dislike seeing males in speedo's because there mostly out of the water and sitting or walking on the sand. So any merit to wear smaller tight swimwear like the pool for swimming is permitted and makes sense in women's eyes but at the beach they find your posing for there attention making it overtly obvious what your intentions are.
Every time i wear speedo swimwear at the pool woman can't help but look at my swimsuit especially from the front. If i'm walking towards a female directions and she is coming towards me her eyes automatically turn looking at my bulge checking me out trying to be subtle making it look not obvious when we get closer passing by.Recently a female with her little toddlers walking in the same direction to the pool locker room looked behind as i approached her. She took a second glance at me with disbelief then stared downwards at my profile as we came side by side with curious intention exactly what she was looking for. 

Woman can't help themselves and some want us males to wear more clothing for them not to look or think naughty thoughts about our manhood. Woman can't stop from eating one potato chip or one chocolate candy or small taste of ice cream but indulge until it is all gone hating themselves for it or blaming someone leaving the container in front of them to eat it all.So it's the same when fit male wears any small swimwear around them forces them not only to look at us but fantasize or assume what the male in the particular clothing is all about. This is annoying to many females because last thing they want is thinking sexual thoughts around there family seeing a male contoured bum or well endowed package outline to be seen. 
It's love hate relationship but something they soon can't forget. Some woman i see viewing me can't ignore what they seen and remember me as that guy outside the pool. Often woman feel uncomfortable or are shocked what they have seen feelings of being mentally raped that a fit male they maybe attracted to is brazen and bold to wear speedo's leaving little to the imagination yet accepted in the environment of the pool. Young female lifeguard was talking to male lifeguard about me, saying it is embarrassing seeing me wearing speedo's. This tiny lean string bikini wearing lifeguard felt nothing but disapproval. Seeing me trying to ignore my exsistance while other majority female lifeguards are intrigued hoping for me to chat with them. It's all about what female parameters are some feel wearing speedo swimwear over the top with little humility of the male wearing it so boldly, thus he should be ashamed or embarrassed to wear it. While females can wear whatever the like without ridicule because it is accepted. 
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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if they didn't like, why do they continue to check me out?  are you going to sneak stares at a woman you don't like looking at?  or sneak stares at the more interesting closer to naked bodies?  Hell, I'm straight as an arrow but I think maybe I watch tan old dudes in thongs more than boring pale girls in diaper bikinis. 

I think the key is a pleasing to the eye body though.  I've been exercising my legs and butt more this summer since I started thonging.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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the girls i asked in the water at a beach i was visiting if it was OK to change into a thong (I was wearing a clingy unlined boxcut) said yes very happily - and stayed nearby for quite a while when i rejoined them in the water.
and a couple other girls seemd to snap my photo when \i walked by (though they were embarrassed to admit it when I asked them to please give me a copy if they had photographed me........)
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Sprockett, I agree, I think the whole argument that women are put off by men in minimal swimwear is a hoax. It was probably created by someone like mack_back. A person who feels compelled to be a victim of his thonging and longs for an excuse as to why he feels bad about his 'taboo fetish'.

Actually, while I'm on the subject, mack_back, can I ask you a few questions about your post above? Where to start...?

"There is two rules of thought that females have about it" - How do you know and why do you care?"Women feel men should exercise humility by covering up" - How do you know and why do you care?"Men showing their intimate package outline...is not appealing to women as their mind wonders to how big or small it may be" - WTF?! How could you possibly know that and why would you even come to that conclusion, you're such a fool!

I could go on forever quoting your ridiculous comments from the post above, the likes of which I have never seen before! I can't even believe what goes on in your head. I'm sorry though, I don't come on here to argue with you in every post, but I can't help it, I can't sit back and let you continue to write your defeatist c**p. All you do all day is IMAGINE what people are thinking, from what I've seen, you certainly wouldn't have the balls to actually speak to any of these people. You claim that you're good at reading people, but that is really just an excuse to distance yourself from these people and to be honest, you must be pretty rubbish at reading people too. Don't even get me started on your idiotic comments on that photo of the thong wearing mother on the beach. Were you serious with that??? You're right, you don't need therapy, you need to wear a full coverage wetsuit with a hat and long baggy shorts that cover your ankles, and you should certainly cover your feet at all times, (feet is one of the biggest sexual fetishes in the world) I can't believe you would go to the beach with your ankles and feet on show you pervo! Maybe you won't get my sarcasm in that - but it's there.

There is something you should try, in fact everyone should try this as it's quite fun actually - I haven't really thought about it until now but whenever I'm in a hotel, either on holiday or for business, I tend to just walk around my room in my underwear. for those of you who don't know, I only have thong and string underwear and swimwear. In fact 90% of my underwear these days is silky and/or lacy. Some of you may agree that the Joe Snyders and Muscleskins are very much swimwear and I like my underwear to differentiate between the two.

Anyway, when I order room service or the maid comes round I make no effort to cover up. I answer the door and show them in, maybe have a quick chat and then they go. Last time we were in Mexico, one particular time, room service arrived, I answered the door in a small white lace thong with ribbon tie-sides drying my hair with a small towel. The girls eyes nearly popped out when she came in, I went and got her tip and she said, "I be back tomorrow" and gave me a sly smile. True to her word, she brought our room service every single time from then onwards! 

You should all give that a go, even if it's your last breakfast in bed at a hotel an hour before you leave forever. It's the ultimate test in close quarters thonging and also a test in indifference. You should have no reason in the world to care what this person thinks of you and your underwear. You'll be leaving forever in an hour and even if you do return at a later date, how on earth will she recognise you? 

What all my posts boil down to in my long-winded way of speaking, is that we as thong wearing men, should not care in the slightest about approval by women, or indeed anyone! As I've said before, women, as much as they may protest, do not like men to be dominated or give women higher value by asking or caring about their opinions. I love my Mrs more than you can ever imagine, but not once have I asked for her opinion on my underwear. 

mack_back, the idea behind this thread sucks. It, like you, is craving opinions and approval from people who don't matter. The only one who needs to approve your thonging is YOU - and I think you are a long way off of that! Having said that, it does make me smile when I read all the positive comments, but I'd better knock that off or mack_back will think I'm laughing at him in his thong. ;-)
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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B21 thank you for your comments and truthful remarks. I'm only expressing general thoughts what i read on blogs or women forums where they mutually agree they don't particularly want to see male anatomy in public. There are times and places for that and some gals like it only in certain circumstances not every time they see me in swimwear or tights. I apologize if i offended anyone with my commentary..
Still stand by my comments as being truthful and honest no need to exaggerate or embellish the truth of many posts or replies i written. If you believe me or not is your problem not mine.
As for answering your question of ever chatting with woman's point of view yes i have and i don't need to get into there prudish opinions or morals. I could tell you specific story recently what happened but i will keep that private.
Maybe i have wrong way to communicate to others here on these replies but i try the best i can to be open and honest as possible.
"There is two rules of thought that females have about it" - How do you know and why do you care?"Women feel men should exercise humility by covering up" - How do you know and why do you care?"Men showing their intimate package outline...is not appealing to women as their mind wonders to how big or small it may be" - WTF?! How could you possibly know that and why would you even come to that conclusion, you're such a fool! 
Suppose you seen a shapely lean female in a string bikini top with her areolas covered only with protruding nipples clearly seen outwards with 40 DD breasts, what would your reaction be?Just as a lean toned male i show off my bulge with the tiny low rise speedo at the pool and woman always look at it with shock or subtly ignoring me but peek when they believe i'm not aware of them.Ever hear a woman describe a small speedo knuckle bulge as "nice one"? While that never happens only when they see something much larger they describe the bulge a "Nice one or Nice package" even Janet Jackson sings about it.

Just find myself trying to be humble, maybe to much, for anyone wanting to read what i write. Sort of not trying to act like a douche or full of myself, which many people misconstrue when seeing me.When i see another guy better built walking the beach with dork shorts people laugh at him just as they did or doing to me. So me mistaking peoples expressions as laughter may have been wrong. Actually they are impressed with my body to the point of feeling i'm over doing it in every manner that they can see. First off the toned ripped body compared to others is no contest for the most part, secondly my bodybuilder super bronzed tan skin, thirdly my shaven clear smooth skin without any sunspots, and lastly my bulge that many have difficulty believing is me erect not flaccid. When you combine everything with full set of hair with white teeth and tiny speedo or thong or better yet nude i get few stares, grins, maybe laughter along the way too...

Sorry that my post are of me being humble in every manner i speak of but i know somewhere out there some other guy is bigger, stronger, faster, more tanned and better built then me. So i try not to be full of myself thinking i'm such a Adonis at least at the beach i frequent.
If you thought about my post you clearly know i tan on a nude beach without a thong or speedo... So it takes confidence to take it off knowing crowd of people lurkers or otherwise are watching me passing by like in a shopping mall.  Do i have anything to be ashamed of no. Do i need to tone it down and not be so in your face towards unsuspecting prudes, ya for sure. Just for your information, no guy like me walks around in a tiny speedo displaying his bulge the way i do (sometimes in celebratory way knowing full well what they are looking at). Some old grandpa's may frequent a pool  seeing his oversizes testicles pushing his bulge outwards like a banana hammock wearing oversized 3 inch side speedos which is only time someone comparably showed that much manhood i've seen or done.

So when i walk on the pool deck seeing pretty lifeguards they automatically know it's me in the corner of there eyes. Noticed after few visits these female lifeguards wore skimpier bottoms then before. Maybe it's just trend or coincidence that when i began to show up in tiny colorful speedo's these females started wearing rio cut bottoms walking along the pool deck hoping for them to be noticed as i surely am. Even when the ugly lifeguards walking along the pool deck side by side coming closer to where i sit looking over the pool say to themselves staring me directly, "here we go let see what he's all about" as they pass while looking the entire time, as i watched them also waiting for a response through there dark sunglasses.. Nothing.. not a smile but a stare down among us all.
Do i know what there thinking? My hunch is they want to get to know me but maybe afraid to chat thinking i didn't initiate small talk because i'm not single or flaming gay. In there pea young minds one of them must be appealing to me because there so freak'n sexy that no man could resist there vulva. My sarcastic remarks hoping b21 can understand or probably not knowing my 6th sense.  


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Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/01/2012 11:24:05Copy HTML

You are a very bright young man. I wish all young men your age had your wisdom and attitude. I agree with what you say about not hiding. I have been wearing thongs at public beaches for over 25 years. The first few years I was alway afraid of what others thought and if I was legal. Knowing that you are legal puts you at ease legally, not caring what others think is something you have to learn and can take some people time. As for me whenever I relaxed and started going to more public areas and not trying to hide, I realized that most people find a man in a small thong to be out of the normal, they might stare and smile and even make a few comments, but after the shock of seeing me in my tiny thong or g-string, they could care less. If I was there first and they didn't see me before setting up nearby, they usually leave. I will never set up in my thong around a group having a child's birthday party, or having a beach wedding. 2 weeks ago, I set up at one of my usual spots at Lake Lanier, Ga - A spanish church was holding services across the cove ( 75 yards away). They were very loud. The park ranger went over and talked to a woman, I assume about them being too loud and disturbing others. They began baptising their members while I was standing on the beach accross from them and I could be clearly seen. There wasn't a problem. The week before 5 park rangers were only 30 feet way from where I was floating on my raft. 2 came over to see if I was nude. When they saw I was wearing a thong they turned and walked off. A woman stopped them and talked to them - all I could hear was thong and she laughed. She then proceeded to walk over to 5 feet from me and watched me - then took out her phone and took several pictures. This week I was in the water - my ass was exposed and a boat with 2 couples pulled up within 2 feet of me. I said hello and the woman began taking pictures. They smiled and waved then took off.
I know I am rambling, but I have found if you have confidence and smile and have a good attitude and not trying to exposed yourself or make lude gestures, 95 % of people really don't care what you are wearing. The others will leave if you were there first; and I am in the heart of the Bible Belt.

One thing very positive, in the last few years teenagers I have come accross have smiled and been very friendly, some even asking if they can lay out beside me.
I know every area could be different, but your attitude and confidence makes a huge difference in how others perceive you, and the differenc in wether you have a good time.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/01/2012 11:45:55Copy HTML

Stringking, you describe people laughing at you and taking pictures.  Park rangers coming over to take a look. These things would make me very uncomfortable.  Sounds like very good reasons not to wear a thong.  If I was getting these reactions I would either cover up or leave.  I do not want people taking pictures of me and laughing.  mack back does carry on a bit too much about what everyone thinks but your post shows he is not imagining it all.

Anyway I admire your confidence but for me if people are laughing and taking pictures it's no fun for me
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/03/2012 12:35:30Copy HTML

I agree with b21's attitude about not giving women the control.  I can remember so many times in my life where a female would make a comment that makes it obvious that they like to see things like.....oh I don't know, maybe a guys bare, hard, tan ass!  Come on guys!  You have to KNOW they like to see us in thongs.  Not hope they are going to give you a compliment!
My girlfriend went with a huge herd of women to see that magic mike stripper movie, but yesterday i was wearing a pair of soccer shorts that were only 2inches above my knee and my girlfriend and her daughter laughed and made fun of me so bad......F**k them all.  Justifies me on this website.  Men can't even wear f***ken shorts!!!    

Sometimes I think some people on here are total freaks w. their posts, and then I remember, my family and friends all think I'm a weirdo, and they don't know the details of my thong, tan ass fetish.
mack_back #234

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/03/2012 08:10:00Copy HTML

There are times when wearing daring swimwear gets females afraid of me. They believe i'm indecent and brought to the attention of pool management. 
There was a nice woman seen me recently at gym pool and talks to her friend about me couple days ago about my bulge. I literally was behind her back working out hearing mid conversation about me being hard or flacid. She noticed i heard partial chatter amongst them and when she realized i was behind her she started to laugh then thinking i wasn't aware of there conversation both running off asking her friend if he understood what she was saying, both getting distance away from me smiling. 

Couple days later she was at the pool and had a small camera with her pool side. Believe she was inticipating me being there at my usual day and time. Believe with more security cameras being installed at the gym females request it feeling safer from males like me who tend to show or flash themselves in provacative attire. Being paranoid and hearing suspisious chatter and gym management keeping eyes on males who may make woman feel uncomfortable in what they wear i stopped using the pool facility.Only because i noticed chatter on my recent visit at the gym pool and some prudish  fitness insteuctor expressed her concern about unsavoury charecters that wear sheer like swimsuits in white no less. Feel i'm being kept an eye on or looked upon more so then usual with a smirk or shaming attitude. 
As for the female with a mini camera at the pool believe she may have wanted to prove to others whoever they are about my indecent speedo swim briefs. Glad i didn't show up at the pool to be monitored and complaint being issued  with visual proof of me being a freak and someone who flashes woman with his big bulge in a speedo. Guess its harder to prove when woman complains about me but uses description to point out her intolerance management may think its hysteria from a woman and leave me be. If i was caught on camera female may ask management to talk to me wearing something more discrete. Don't know for sure but getting bad vibe and undue attention unlike before.
mack_back #235

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/09/2012 05:49:45Copy HTML

Grabeach Ya! woman tend to be horny and like to see fit guys in whatever they wear as long nobody complains.
Had a head lifeguard manager on the beach talking to a man who asked her about they yachts being to close to the beach for anyone to swim. As i was heading to the water nude the young chief lifeguard kept looking over the man's shoulder at me as i approached passing them both. Females  lifeguards often look for fit guys no matter what they wear or don't part of there benefits of there job.  
Today as i came out of the locker changing room of the pool facility i seen pretty female lifeguard noticing me. As i tossed my towel on a counter so it wouldn't get it wet walking through sprinkler showers which everyone must before entering the pool deck. The young lifeguard leaned over the counter looking at my front side swimsuit with gleeful delighted smile as i wiped the water from my eyes standing over sprinkler head soaked and dripping wet. Almost or should of asked if my colorful speedo swimwear was appropriate. By looking at her expression and her eyes at where she was looking at i knew it was okay. Almost felt she was enjoying the show little to much, creep me out a little bit, been looked upon with lustful eyes of hers. Again could be worse didn't mean to complain...
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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mac_back's last post was a response in another thread to my observation that the three thong friendly pool managers were women, and the only non-friendly pool boss was male. Although it would be ego building to attribute this to my appearance, I don't really think this is the case.

More likely it's that Aussie women are just more tolerant to what guys wear than are fellow males. I would also suggest that women managers are more likely to have faced discrimination in their careers, so make their decision on whether g-strings are appropriate, regardless of the wearers gender. Unfortunately many males have a residual homophobic attitude, so their decisions may be based on a personal feeling of whether guys should wear brief swimwear.
mack_back #237

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Lifeguard occupation or managers of a pool have high tolerance of watching male and female bodies everyday. It can be nauseating looking at different body types day in day out year after year, when most are unfit or fat. If they didn't love there job they wouldn't become a lifeguard. Most lifeguards just accept people the way they look or wear and not feel a sense of disgust as some others do. While just because a male lifeguard rebuffed your swimwear it could be because families don't appreciate male in tiny swimsuits and complain once or twice to him in the past, maybe lesson he learned years ago, with no thong policy, letting it be bent for young attractive females only..

Just as i was finishing my laps at my gym pool they began classes for kids unbeknownst to me. Before i got out of the pool a woman with her young girl were sitting on a bench overlooking the pool beside the shower head. As i climbed out of the pool as she knew what color or type of minimal swimsuit i had on watching me do laps earlier over looking the pool. She became shocked once i was dripping wet and my outlined bulge was displayed showering beside her. She covered her side of her face with her hand probably not enjoying the splash back or seeing me in such tiny swimwear. As i finished i walked in front of them and she grabbed her daughter turning her head  pretending to fix her hair away from my direction, coincidence, i doubt that..... very much.  Just the look at me in my minimal swimwear makes people uncomfortable and uneasy what they are seeing. She didn't say a word but i knew with her stare as i was doing laps she wasn't to pleased of what i had on. Even her quick glance once i came out of the water was not happy. If there was a way to complain or if i stayed swimming longer or lounging on a bench like her i might of gotten a tap on the shoulder by management.

Grabeach: True males do feel homophobic when a guy like me enters the pool facility wearing what i do. Kind of like when i was at the pool and another tall lean older male in conservative navy blue speedo was showering in front of me as we had to walk through towards the pool deck. He goes on not having any attention directed towards his pasty white lean untoned, hairy body, sort of looking at him like a black and white 19" Tv. Meanwhile i come across noticing people tend to see me like watching a new LED Hi-Definition 60" Tv in full color that people marvel at and can't seem to take there eyes off. Smiling or having big grins or shocked startled expressions with laughter added in for good measure. Makes me bit uneasy and i try to best ignore things but it is difficult when everyone in a pool stares at me with grins on there faces looking at me as i pick a spot to jump in. Sort of unnerving knowing all eyes are on me while i'm attired unlike anyone there. I should feel better about it but anxiety of it makes me queasy until i'm in the pool, thus nobody see's my swimwear. 

Now i know why woman tend to coverup walking the pool deck because they feel uncomfortable letting someone watch them in minimal swimwear. Sounds weird i know but can't explain the feeling but it is real and uncomfortable. Sort of having people picking your body parts and commentating about this or that. 

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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 mack_back, I'm starting to think that  you should do the same as the women who tend to cover up walking the pool deck.

Wearing a thong obviously makes you anxious about reactions of people, and in the end you feel uncomfortable, unhappy.  This topic about women laughing at men in thongs  has been responded by plenty of honest contributions of other thong wearers on this board who unlike you, do feel confident about their choice of swimwear.
It's a pity that you can't see that you are obsessed about people's reactions,  insisting on guessing that people are always laughing at you.
If I was you I would stop focusing on wearing suits that say "look at my bulge", especially at public swimming pools, and instead try to be friendly and talk to people.      some of them are regulars, I think you said...... I'm sure these people wouldn't be negative if they saw that you are just a normal guy who wears minimal swimwear.      Your body language, checking constantly on other people's reactions, combined with your decision of wearing suits that outline your bulge, could be giving the wrong message that you could be a creep.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Mack_back no offense but I think you are thinking too much into peoples reactions. It is like people who get a reaction out of a text message. You can't perceive what people are thinking unless they verbally come out and say it. It also seems that when you talk about what women are thinking it is all negative or that they are infatuated. I find women don't think anything like men. Men are very visual. I can get excited seeing a naked body on just about anyone. I don't think women are that way. They may appreciate a naked body but it doesn't excite them like it does with men. Sorry if this offends you it wasn't meant to. All I'm saying is CHILL OUT. ( P.S. just cause this is in capitals, it has no meaning)
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Thank you for your responses and concern ThongJockey and JohnHoward.
I'm not obsessed  about peoples reaction towards me but feel awkward being watched or scrutinized at public pools, mostly positively. As i first enter the pool deck seeing young kids in the shallow end with there moms and nanny's. Suddenly i feel at odds, hearing females saying, take a look, or turn around, get a load of him, all noticing me or getting attention from others who may not be seeing me walking by. Think about it like if you had to go on stage in front of 20 000 people and someone introduced you and all eyes were on you, how would you feel? My nature is being shy so wearing what i do is surprise to anyone who knows what i'm like.

As for "look at my bulge" swimwear i attire has a purpose for the madness i create for myself. Many months ago i wrote females laughed or chuckled and called me girly making jokes wearing capri tights and other spandex clothing at the gym. Many females didn't realize that i have well toned body underneath wearing all that spandex that may distort my physique looking lean and not muscular in there eyes. So instead of being angry at them or slapping there smirks of there faces i waited for this summer to show off my body at the pool for the regular female gym members to see my splendor, coincidentally Lol... Anytime in the men's locker room i can take my shirt off and no guy would ever dare to laugh seeing me in spandex again on the gym floor. While females didn't see this side of me because i couldn't take my shirt off on the gym floor.  You may say this is my perception being skewed and delusional on my part. Wrong, the attitudes changed after seeing me in tiny swimwear where females can see through window over looking the pool from exiting the locker rooms. Suddenly seeing me on the gym floor wearing spandex these females are stoic and proved wrong about how my body really looks, no more giggling, no more jokes. Some woman even have gazed distracted as i worked out looking me over fully aware what my body looks with almost nothing on, seeing me in the pool. It's the best payback i could ever think of by looking great and them noticing every bit of me and not easily forgotten about in there minds.  You may say i'm imagining this perception but it is fully real and noticeable difference as before. Sure there are other newbies that chat and find me odd saying, "it took me long time to not laugh at him what he wears, but i got over it", giggling to one another.

As for public pools wearing my bulge for everyone to see it can be unnerving but pleasurable at the same time. As i sat on the pool deck with my elbows on my knees couple female lifeguards hand in hand started to walk by. Before they came directly in front of me one spoke saying, "i just want to see his balls". The other one giggled, i started to stare at them both none of them looked in my direction until they were directly in front of me. Then one turned her head staring at me the other glanced and both started to giggle laughing as the walked away. Yes, sometimes it's fun to wear what i do and get the attention, positive as it seems or just curiosity for some.
As for chatting with regulars at my gym pool. Some females tend to look at me as a creep already leaving the sauna as i enter, going into the pool when i leave, keeping there eyes on me while swimming etc.. Some just find me to be to much or a poser to be civil or chat with trying best to avoid me, talking to them maybe futile thinking i'm trying to hit on them or better yet ready to rape them.Usually when i chat with older senior and we gather a group of others in a conversation females seam little bit at ease with me rather chatting one on one. Maybe i have a stigma of gigolo or ladies man because of the provocative swim attire. Only time i see females not bothered or ignoring me is young teens they seem to be oblivious or A-sexual towards me or my bulge, not complaining actually relieved.


Grabeach #241

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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From decades of experience, I've found the following general reactions from female beach and pool users to brief swimwear. Obviously there will be exceptions.

sub-teens - Rarely have any reaction at all. They're not interested in what people wear, they're there to have fun.

teens - Singularly will ignore me. If in a group, will sometimes react as such groups do to anything 'different', ie. point, giggle, feign shock and then quickly lose interest.

20s & 30s moms with kids - Will usually have a bit of a look, but obviously have other things on there mind (is  little Johnny drowning?).

20s & 30s no kids - Tend to not interact with me at all. More interested in their boyfriends, mobile phone, magazine etc.

40s & 50s - Probably due to having grown up through the 'less is best' era of swimwear in the 70s, 80s and 90s, they are the most supportive age group. Are the ones most likely to compliment me or stop for a chat.

60 plus - Bit hard to tell as those with a conservative upbringing who might be offended would also consider it impolite to comment. I expect tolerance increases with age.
tanlines2thin #242

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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enough is enough.....either seek professional help, or grow a backbone........
mack_back #243

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Tanlinestothin: Thanks for the advice but sometimes its more then my tailbone that grows..lol...
20897 #244

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Wow I am glad not to have your problem mack_back at my gym. I usually swim laps and use the jacuzzi 3 times a week wearing a thong or g-string. Yes there are some women that will giggle seeing me in my suit, but they continue to look and just smile. The people that don't like what they see just stop looking. The last 6 months I have been wearing g-string with a rhinestone connector at the back. I have a bunch of them posted in my profile.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Okay this is probably the reason why women are laughing at you. There is nothing more threatening to me than seeing someone I don't know walking around fully aroused. Not only is that really bad form, in public my only reaction is fear then probably disgust.
It isn't the package which is what I don't like, it is the lack of control or manners for some random guy with his junk out.
It's my understanding that it sometimes happens without warning but in those cases you need to be diplomatic about it. Otherwise the female reaction you have been getting is a fair one.
John Howard #246

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 mack.....   this came from a young lady who doesn't have hang ups about men wearing minimal swimwear, and who stands out for her intelligent and friendly  postings all the way.....

yep, she said it......   there you go mate, take her advice as gold, not even a therapist would say it so clearly.

up to you my friend , take it or leave it.
mack_back #247

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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bbyrne78 Thank you for your concern and polite manner in which you commented, bet it would be easy for you or anyone to be, let say, put off.
First off my knee reaction is to bring some semblance of humor into the discussion but failed to do so, my fault. With regards to say i get aroused in my swimwear. To be clear never ever has it happened to me to this day or even on nude beach where sometimes males do get them in plain site. Doesn't mean females don't believe i'm actually aroused and before you say or think i'm imagining things heard many times recently and in the past woman commenting it can't be soft. Overheard women talking about me clear as day that i'm so large, "how on earth can he keep it aroused for such long time in the water, shouldn't he have some shrinkage, especially in the whirlpool and pool combined? They answered, "some guys get off on showing it and stay that way".

So you see my dilemma that females mistake my size for arousal because they can't fathom something so big. Which i don't consider myself that huge, but for average joe it maybe bulging more then normal. Have the attitude if you got it flaunt it. In which many females see me and believe it is soft but above average thus the smiles, giggles or shocked looks ask any female lifeguards at the public pool i go to they love looking at me or it. While others have fear usually asian older women who never seen something like that and believe i'm turned on by them. Happened once while i waited for the pool deck shower to clear away from this asian attractive married women. She seen my bulge being well endowed not hard mind you but had a good profile going on in my black rio swimsuit. As she noticed me as i approached waiting for her to finish showering her eyes and level of anxiety grew larger. So in order to not make her uncomfortable i turned my back to her, but seeing my have covered ass in my rio made things worse. She began to hurry and not turn off the shower, scattered looking for her toiletries and such. I asked are you done she nervously, nodded saying, ya! Quickly she then jumped into the pool discussing her traumatic encounter with me to her husband. The husband laughed she began saying i had on my swimsuit on wrong, back to the front, front to the back, which is not true. Also saying i was naked man standing looking at her showering what she thought was me aroused.

So all of you think i'm imagining it or need help, nice to know you, in my sincere apology wasting your time reading my post. Just as a side note. When on a nude beach there are males larger then me and when they try to be friendly often woman feel uncomfortable talking to naked guy. Seen one woman recently rebuff a male and become none responsive after he left she said to her friend, "What should i talk to his big @@@@@@ laying here". Often times woman just like to look and not be approached by strange males no matter how attractive they look. So to they may see me take a photo use me as some sort of toy they can use to get off alone at home. Never seriously considering me as nice guy they want to get to know but freak that gets hard or is deformed in some weird way and enjoys displaying it for all to see. Turn off for the ladies for sure...  By the way had gym friend caught up to me basically seen me in my spandex, saying what stuff have i been taking you look blistering amazing, which i laughed off being humble guy i am. Even some gay dudes on the nude beach watched me walking and commented to one another, "he must be using something to look that way". Almost backhanded comment eluding the fact i'm steroids abuser, which is complimentary to me  because i never touched the stuff. Or just get a nice comment exiting outside the beach noticing me asking "how's the sexiest man on the beach doing". Being humble i just took it in in jest and looked past it.Or when i tell women who seen  nude i tell her what brand of low rise swimwear i buy and she laughs saying "Noway! how on earth can you fit in them, laughing more.. I gotta see this"...giggling. You know what she is right it sometimes is a tight fit to get everything in. Recently wearing pair at the public pool i believe the strings gotten loose and being so low rise my base of my shaft might of been seen while swimming on my back shouldn't matter because i'm fully tanned and shaven, yet seen some people in the pool smile or chuckle looking at me swim...

Sydmixwrstlr #248

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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  Well said mate  as always J.H your make sense and your fair dinkum ;)............ I have had giggles and stares but as one of the recent post said on here... Be who you are and dont care what others think... Besides my Gstring butt has influenced quite a few fem friends of mine....
BiLarry #249

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Grabeach, I like your reply – I think you hit the nail on the head
mack_back #250

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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[Originally posted in response to the issue of how to react calmly to negative comments]
My best advice is not comment or give people any response to there query about you or what your wearing.  Just go about it as you haven't heard them or make any sort of eye contact.  This maybe rude but people get the message once you stay unresponsive to there requests. Have a smile on your face and leave things be, just as if they gave you a compliment. Best revenge is to keep in shape and tone your body as much as you can. In my situation people will look shaking there heads with disapproval. I can always can retort back to them covering my bod would be a sin....LoL.. Giving a sense to them i'm in love with myself to much to take there advice. Usually it annoys them wanting to tell me i'm not so dreamy as i think i'am or have big ego. Once they look my body over they stop prolonging the conversation knowing i won't listen or they can't critique on certain body parts.

Often i see people at my gym pool in conservative swimwear and i'm the only oddity surrounded with lot of textile materials people adorn. Usually i pick up a vibe that women sort of feel uncomfortable (evil eye stare) being around me seeing brief swimwear.  So one day i showed up at the gym pool seeing  to my surprise a family with the dad wearing skimpier 1/4 side black briefs, mother a orange rio bikini, while the 20 year old son had tight boxer briefs. They all looked at me initially once i entered the pool deck. While my response was glee to see someone other then me wear skimpier swimwear and have a tan. Even though i didn't stare at the family or mother while she joined me in the whirlpool after her family left. The attitude the women had of me was tolerant and didn't think much of me or felt uncomfortable being alone sharing the whirlpool. 

Usually females look at me with wide eyed as if i'm about to rape them. Goes to show you people who attire themselves conservatively usually don't partake or are tolerant with people in skimpier swimwear. You can usually see by looking at others what there inclinations will be or opinions about our attire or lack of. If you see female pale like death in middle of the summer that usually means they are not a fan of tanning or seeing anyone tanned like myself, often they will comment there disgust. Same goes with swimwear or other clothing that shows off the body, people are offended by just seeing another man's bulge or exposed flesh no matter how toned and developed.

Recently i felt most females stayed away from me because of there disgust or find looking at me disturbing which is sometimes has to be true to this day. In reality i found out second hand that some women at my gym pool are actually intimidated talking to me. Not to toot my own horn but notice some women when talking to them have difficult time looking me in the eye but stare at the wall or ceiling, with slight smirk, clenched lips with a vocal reply, nod or no response at all. Felt women tried to avoid me and not getting into conversation because they were upset what i had on. Through others, commentary second hand, i heard women get nervous chatting with me because they can't help themselves looking at certain part of my body. This maybe because staring and being embarrassed of me noticing there stray eyes. Often i felt when i asked a  legitimate question at the pool to a single women in the sauna they often looked away murmuring, "Oh god" or "Jesus" with a giggle or laugh then responded verbally looking away from me or nodding with agreement with cold attitude then bolting to leave wherever i'm situated. 

No matter what your response is towards people it won't effect the way they perceive you or the lack of clothes you have on. People tend to be narcissist when dealing with something the dislike. Riding the bus listening to my ipod. Women sat down next to me fully aware i had earbuds listening to music. She began to read a book (bookworm) looked as she wasn't bothered by the music. Then a song came up or specific lyric that she overheard P!nk..Blow Me.... Whiskey Dick....etc got her attention and looked perturbed glancing over to me dropping her book and exhaling...  Even some sort of vulgarity upsets females be it in life or music, television they are sensitive to it. So don't fret about negative comments,but nice to know it happens to everyone not only to me, Thanks for sharing...
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