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thongboy052000 #251

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:10/15/2012 02:27:25Copy HTML

 The problem is that our culture has changed drastically when it comes to male swimwear. Older people on this board can testify that 40-50 years ago, girls would be laughing at the poor schmuck who showed up at the pool or beach in boxer swimwear. They expect their guys to be in tight briefs and showing a package. Not Speedos or thongs, admittedly, but still showing a bulge. Now, of course, the pendulum has moved to the other extreme, and it will stay there as long as the majority of the Speedo and thonging fraternity confine themselves to the private pool or beach instead of having the courage to actually appear properly in public.
I only wear thongs on the beach, although I admit I'll reserve a Tendenze or extreme Koala for places which are really thong-friendly — i.e. Fort Lauderdale. But we have to start showing the flag.
mack_back #252

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:11/13/2012 11:47:59Copy HTML

Does anyone find people are less likely to complement the opposite sex thinking it may be misconstrued?
 Often wearing bikini's at a pool females never or ever said nice thing about me. Usually makes me re-think i'm not seen as i find myself as okay to wear what is called small swimwear. Gives me pause to rethink that not having the body to pull it off.....

While ago i just went to pool and felt many people may think i look horrible and best suited to cover up. Going against this notion regardless i adorned my skimpy one inch side bikini and seen not many people were in the pool facility. As i watched females walk to the locker room from the gym floor overlooking the pool bay windows as i sat in whirlpool. After few minutes i started to get ready to do some laps in the pool. As i walked along the bay windows overlooking the pool deck i seen corner of my eye two model like 20 something females tall and attractive. These women seen in my gym before are silly, laughing at one another for unknown reasons, thinking they are flakey hot females. 

Before entering the pool i needed to shower rinsing off the chlorine from being in the whirlpool. These two females began to walk out of the locker room outside the pool, one was trailing the other as they looked upon each other smiling oblivious of their surroundings etc.. Once they noticed me one of them stopped suddenly looking towards me in shock like if you see a bear in the woods in your line of sight. The other female caught up trailing her and both stood staring at me. Trying to look as normal as possible i began to prepare for entering the pool more so than i normally do. In my peripheral vision noticed the two females inching closer to the pool bay window exiting the gym. As they shuffled their feet very slowly side by side looking directly at me stopping at apex of their path out of the gym. There mouths were ajar in shock and had slight smile of disbelief or saying nothing to one another standing shoulder to shoulder. I began to adjust my flip flops taking them off turning around having them see me completely from front to back. Began to adjust my swim cap looking at it front to back seeing if there was something wrong with it etc.. all this time keeping a watchful eye on the two females viewing me through the pool deck window like an animal at a zoo. Seeing them standing still looking over me was humorous and i felt i should of stared back at them even though my peripheral vision had them in sight all the time but unknownced to them i looked oblivious from them  standing watching me.  There expression never changed so i began to climb down into the shallow end of the pool standing chest deep in water. As i put my swim cap on and the water clear but distorting their view of my swimwear they began to leave.
To my surprise i suppose i can say these attractive female likeness of models enjoyed the show looking at my body and skimpy speedo like brief swimwear. Even days before seeing the same two females on the gym floor working out together never gave me second look or expressed anything towards me, only laughing to one another seeing how weak they found themselves lifting 2lb dumbbells.. Even though i felt they may have ample cause seeing me in spandex gear raising eyebrow or two. Nothing no reaction nor attention given commentary made of me, while i observed watching them workout together subtly of course.... 

Whatever the reason i got these womens attention at the pool this is maybe the best non verbal compliment i've gotten so far. Even if the attention was them staring only at my bulge or swimsuit for all the wrong reasons, i still can't ignore the fact they found something enjoyable to spend time looking.

Confused why more women i meet chat or say hello to, don't approach me complimenting my swimwear or body...?... Although when i chat with some females they look upon me differently keeping their eyes on me while exiting the locker rooms together out the gym doors. Find some women maybe infatuated with me but don't have the confidence to express what they are thinking when they see me. Only times i notice women like what they see is by big silly smiles or grins and trance like stare turning into glares which creeps me out not knowing why...?.. Are they mad at me or laughing....

Found women who is slender at the gym time to time saying hello very polite. Suddenly seeing my bulge outline through my spandex tights while helping her on some gym equipment she began to ignore me becoming very cold or angry. Even when i passed by her being tanned and my skin looking smooth and fit i get her attention glaring looking at me. Later hear her talking with someone else about being frustrated about the way her skin looks and doing something about it. Felt she may be envious on way i looked and thus finds me someone she despises looking to well for a guy..... Just a thought! sounds crazy i know..

Or something i find so benign was at work wearing cargo shorts and loose T-shirt and completely tanned and smooth. This attractive female who never says word to me, watches me puckering her lips together as to be shocked as i lifted my T-shirt up slightly on one side exposing my abdominals to clip something on my shorts waistband. Seeing her in my peripheral vision i immediately looked towards her as to see why such overreaction i gotten from her. She immediately looked away, afraid to get caught as it was some sort of turn on. Just as like a woman lifting her mini skirt showing her bare ass having adolescent males reactions, she stared at me similarly. Maybe i'm reading to much into slight glares or facial reactions towards me but find some women are sheltered in what they perceive as tantalizing...

My only conclusion may sound arrogant but some females may find me very confident thus expressing any sort of compliment towards me may only be something i already know or believe thus futile to express it.Sort of like this, ..."He knows he is good looking, look what he is wearing, tells me everything i should know about him"....

Read article about men wearing speedo briefs and many think men have extreme confidence to wear one.. So do you suppose many females subscribe to that notion and that their body issues interfere reasoning, to approach men or comment positively towards men in bikini brief swimwear?
Microron #253

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:11/14/2012 12:50:35Copy HTML

Kudos to you for handling the situation and yoursrelf with confidence and aplomb.

"If You Doubt Yourself ~ Wear Something Else"  obviuosly you don't doubt yourself... BTW how is the lap swimming going? That's all that really matters from now on... right?
mack_back #254

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:11/15/2012 12:31:26Copy HTML

Microron thank you for your thoughts.
As for my swimming laps... Have been preoccupied by one woman that is infatuated with me chit chatting in the pool lane next to me, almost never seem to get a good swim in very frustrating..
Then today noticed my worst critic using the pool facility which never seen her do. Not being paranoid but find this MILF planning my downfall in some scheme she is to undertake. Hearing she may try to grope me in order to shame me, or humiliate me from wearing clothing  she doesn't approve of.
Found i cut my lap swimming short knowing she was in sauna and my curiosity about her got the better of me. Knowing full well she is bad news in every sense of the meaning but my body tells me differently. Seeing her in tiny string bikini open my eyes wider and interest about her while i watched her cooling off on the pool deck shower after her stay in the sauna. Of which she noticed me in the whirlpool deciding not to leave prematurely. While i missed opportunity to show off what she finds utterly disgusting my bulge,  i cut my lap time shorter then normal thinking i give her what she hates to look at.... She slipped out before i got my opportunity.. With this MILF many men have been brought down in peril with her manipulative schemes and paid dearly regretting it. Find it's like playing with fire and the outcome i will get severely burned by her web she spins.. Feels like i have no choice in the matter to somehow get involved with her. Even though my brain says stay away from her... any advice.?   
SlidingG #255

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:11/15/2012 02:23:59Copy HTML

Sure . . . stay away from her.
mack_back #256

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:11/15/2012 03:56:36Copy HTML

 Easier said then done. She is like a black hole or gravity, you can't fight it you get sucked in. Seeing her in surprising tiny string bikini made things worse for me. If next time I see her she wears a rio bikini or thong i'm goner. 
mack_back #257

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/25/2012 09:28:20Copy HTML

Nice to be able to know such small village or beach community you run through is at least tolerable towards you, JM_Runs...I'm with the mindset you will never have a deer walking up to a lion in the wild hoping to be friendly... Never going to happen and there are reasons for that. Deer being us in a thong them being the pleasant (don't get me started individual), intolerant angry lion or lioness...

Living in the locale, where you do, tourist expect to see oddity walking or in your case running about on the beaches in southern FLA... Anywhere in the world people have some "wild" stories being there seeing people in skimpy bikini wearing swimwear on the beach or just adjacent as being the normal ho...hum everyday don't bat an eye clothing.. While many who are from other parts of the world would find the bikini's hard to buy for them locally and not something they see or could ever wear at all if they have any sort of local beach at home..

Still to this day shaking my head, knowing you are running in a thong on a public beach is astonishing and puzzling for all the other reasons people may view you in unflattering light or laughter......... Trust me when i say i understand unusual dress attire in my life at the beach, gym, pool etc.. and the negativity commentary to go with, so i'm not judging you as many would........
Where your located, locals have to be cognisant that wearing less fabric on the beach is going to be seen and worn one point or another by others. If they are intolerant in the way you thong they move away to Gulf coast to get away from such sightings and laws against it.

Sometimes when you get other fish out there bowl, into your arena of life they have a hard time figuring out how to fit in. Some may join as they see others attire and think, ABIDE LIKE LOCALS DO. I see it in other places in life people being out of there element asking guidance for what to do or wear..... Thus they have no opinion why your wearing what you are but may contrue what they see as normal clothing at a given surroundings. Some will be uncomfortable wearing what you do and never will but have to be polite as outsiders who adorn the clothing.......

Yet we can't be fooled by peoples leisurely outlooks on what we wear. In my experience if they see you often enough time after time they seem to get use to it. While many who seen me day after day can never get use to my attire but don't react upset or snicker negativity towards me. Knowing it will be to exhausting to laugh over and over again burning empty calories seeing no reaction or change.... That is the key not to let others get under are skin no matter what they say or feel about us wearing the clothes we want or in my case need to...

Don't kid yourself thinking infatuated young female is proof of what you wear is a sign of acceptance. As an example many strange females who i never talked to or know there names feel kingship towards me. Only reason is they seen or watched me wearing little clothing on not making things fall to there imagination if you all thong wearer's follow what i mean.......While young females briefly glancing seeing me often and don't need photo of me naked to describe the outline fully. Seeing what i look like find this very personal thus bond tying them to me is difficult to forget..... Sort of sharing something with a female but to me it is normal behavior and attire, which they don't agree but they find it something very personal...

 Sometimes infatuation occurs or gesture of friendship is given as a result towards me of more respect. While before seeing me with more clothing they just thought i was weird not worth knowing but better forgotten. After view of my entire body at the pool wearing what i do it shocks or surprises them seeing someone so bold...
 It is like a person views there favorite actor or actress in movies, interviews thinking they are tied in some personal way to them... While inexplicably we don't notice or no them at all that they exist around me....Some try to ask if they seen me at a certain location and truly was me there but wasn't sure.. Then go on saying she thought she lost her mind it really was me to her friends. Telling her friends she knows me.. Yet this is the first conversation or attention or eyes i given this stranger that i ever remember.. Yet afterwards wasn't interested or knowing her name or really disappoint, didn't want to embarrass her only smiling and nodding...yes we know each other, ya..sure we do.... What's your name again?.....  So much for social value towards people i may encounter..whatever minimal task or job they are doing... Yet people around her knew i wasn't clued in on her friendly gesture thinking she struck out getting to know me of sorts.. Can't help think what her comments were when she noticed me at the location probably mentioning my bodies psychic or something like that to people around her... Noticed afterwards at the locale i frequented seen different attitude or behavior among some females milling around me like swarm of bees as they were looking my way wanting to ask me something......Which never happens before this unbeknownst female encountered me there... Suppose females like to talk and talk to one another about certain things.....they overhear.... Gulp!....Keeping my head down i will be fine..... Women have short forgetful memory, i hope....
mack_back #258

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/14/2013 03:46:21Copy HTML

I don't understand it when someone describes another person "flaunting" themselves? 

Anytime we are in a public beach or pool we automatically have to get to point A to B and some people label that as flaunting or showing off.....Going to clothing optional beach in my city there is blog forum in which some women view issues to complain about specific men doing exactly what your female friend spoke of, flaunting...

 While some may mistaken me as a show off at the gym or pool and nude beach. If i choose to stand near my towel while almost 99.9% people are laying down i must be flaunting as well....... My opinion i prefer to eat standing or air drying from the water i was in, previously. Rather not get my towel wet nor grains of sand on my fingers eating some fruit while sitting or lying down...... People do notice me from either directions at least 200 or 300 yards away being sometimes only person standing away from the water on the middle of the beach.. Suppose others consider this flaunting while others are strolling along the shoreline looking my way as they come closer in my line of sight.... While yes there are people specifically males who enjoy obviously showing there bodies to unsuspecting females walking beside, in front, behind them so they can get a better look what they are sporting...While i prefer to keep to myself, not laying down all afternoon, because i'm worried someone may actually notice me nude.... If others have a problem seeing someone "flaunting" they have to get a grip on reality knowing we need to stretch are legs time to time. Do these people who believe walking around is provocative and distasteful what solution would they prefer to lay back and put a hat on or roll in a wheelchair with a towel draped around males bulge.....

Just don't understand females criticism walking around on a beach or pool or gym and whatever your wearing you are flaunting it in poor taste..... Females may think males are posing for there benefit either very envious watching and believe they can never attain such a male if they tried, thus scrutinizing them with insults....  While other females seeing male like myself who time to time may lay down all afternoon on a towel never getting up being to tired to walk or stand... There criticism maybe that i'm to embarrassed to go into the water or very shy guy thinking everyone is watching me.. So there is sometimes a no win situations your dammed if you do dammed if you don't. Only clear point of all of it is someone cares or is intrigued enough about you, to ridicule whatever you do or don't do at the beach.... 
tanlines2thin #259

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/15/2013 11:11:40Copy HTML

mack, if you are at everyday beach, surrounded by regular folks, and you're in a G, yeah, you might be flaunting......so what; i've done it........however, if you're at a clothing op, tolerant beach, probably everyone is flaunting.........it's all a matter of context........

as for what most women think, playing that head-game will turn ya into a marshmellow.......women think they own the - for lack of a better term - 'sex sells' catagory.......when ya wear a G, you're trespassing on their turf.......at least, that's how they view it....and the more out of shape the woman, the more judgemental they are.........bottom line, don't worry about it, but if ya stay in your element, you'll get alot more outta what you are doing......
Grabeach #260

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/15/2013 09:08:50Copy HTML

Agree with your "trespassing" comments up to a point.
I'd suggest the more judgemental women are more likely to be those with less confidence. Admittedly it can often be due to being "out of shape", but not always. I've met ladies who don't look good in a bikini and couldn't care less about it, but think it's great I wear a g-string.
I'd also add that most guys are happy to leave the "sex sells" to the women; it's easier to just cover everything with some clown pants and remain anonymous.
hotbunz1969 #261

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/16/2013 07:25:01Copy HTML


Having not met or seen this guy I'm not 100% sure of his activities, I can only go by what this young lady has told me about him and his over the top behaviour, from what she has told me  I do have a very good idea of what she is talking about, I've witnessed it myself elsewhere. 
If wearing an appropriate suit I'm not talking about walking from A to B or standing to adjusting your towel or even standing up to eat your picnic, I'm talking about overly showy behaviour, you know the sort of thing.......adjusting your package in front of people making sure something "accidentally"  slips out, adjusting the back strap of your thong as your bent over to adjust your towel..........rubbing suntan lotion in in a provocative way, ect, this, in my mind is flaunting. 
Yes, I am probably as bigger show off as they come, and given the correct  oppertunity will give a great show and yes I strive to be the guy in the smallest suit, but only if, and I do mean if, the surroundings are right. This means it's an adult environment, a real quiet spot in the park or beach, and then I'll only go for my more showy suits  if others are in minimal wear, that  or if someone has chosen to come out of there way to set up near me when the rest of the beach is clear.    It has taken me 4 years to realise I can strip to my smallest thongs in my preferred spot and this is only because of the positive comments I have had, in 4 years no one has negatively commented on my suits so this has lead me to go smaller and smaller, if I do need to adjust my towel I do so in an inconspicuous way, if I need to stretch my legs when others are about I slip on a more conservative thong as a cover up,  if someone comes out of there way to take a look at me then so be it, I feel my spot is secluded enough not to worry and  dont cover up but never have I heard a negative comment about my attire, as I said there is a time and a place for everything and knowing those times and places are what has bought me respect among my fellow park goers. 

Yes wear your thong with pride, yes wear your thong like you would any other beach wear, but be respectful,  not everybody else sees your choice of swimwear as the norm, don't push the boundarys in inappropriate areas and maybe, just maybe us thongers will become a little more accepted. 
mack_back #262

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/18/2013 06:14:12Copy HTML

hotbuns1969.... Agree with you to a point but many women can find just little flaunting or wrong time and circumstance and be labeled as a perv as well...
For example i was tanning on my nude local beach and decided to put on my Andrea Chaling t-back modest front thong to go get a drink and use the parks facilities. As i seen other female another time walk in a bikini thong in and out of the nude area beach to the park areas i thought why not me. 
As i walked with my water bottle out on the picnic park area to the restroom seen few groups of people maybe mother and six year old passing by etc... Then i noticed some female regular nudist who had on a cover up hugging clothed friends outside of the nude beach area.. So i began to walk the stretch of park area not all that crowded to get to the restrooms. These so called female nudist who i seen for years took notice of me walking in my shoes and thong while my back was towards them. Heard some comments from them talking about how unbelievable some people are in a bad way, thinking maybe it was about me...Then as i was walking back to the beach a mini-trolley tourist bus comes passing in front of me, they don't stop but they all could see my front thinking it was a small bikini brief and not a thong. Heard others as i walked saying, love to see the bus stop as he walked passed those tourist with cameras out.
Back at the beach i was at my towel taking off my thong seeing the female nudist i seen outside talking about me to there group explaining how wrong i was wearing a THONG in the park where children and mothers were playing. While overhearing  this female talk about me in a negative fashion even though i never talked to her all the years i seen them she makes assumptions of me. Trying to justify her opinion about me being not respecting others just as you said, "right time right place for everything". As she talked to older male in her clique who i seen wearing skinz bikini's and thongs as well leaving the beach grounds other times didn't defend me but nodding his head as she spoke badly about me. She began to bring up personal stuff about me saying, he always come to the beach alone, pity him, thus must be weird etc....

Even in the water once i had grains of sand stuck on my penis and being in the water didn't wash them off by itself. So i faced away from the beach only seeing another women's back to me further off. I then began to quickly wipe or rub off bit of sand stuck on with suntan oil on my penis gland. Suddenly women turns around laughing saying to her husband, he just grabbed his penis...Circumstance i was caught in, made this women believe i masturbated looking upon her with her back to me, what luck i had or situation i put myself in. Worse part i made myself look guilty knowing she turned around letting go of my penis quickly. When i got back to my towel and air dried i seen more grains of sand still on my penis not wiped off, good grief.... Sometimes you got to leave things be...just for appearance purposes, even it means you feel uncomfortable... Learned the hard way...Worst of it is, seeing this regular nudist often and have a very attractive daughter that rarely joins them in nudist exposure. Funny feels like a scene out of Ben Stiller's movie Meet the Faukers....You can be in a situation or circumstance that you normally wouldn't do in public but seeing nobody is around saying to yourself, know one is watching me, then puff people are screaming perv pointing there finger towards me.Can't even defend myself saying it's not what you think i was doing honestly it wasn't.... Wouldn't want to even approach the couple to introduce myself trying to get to know there beautiful daughter.. Guess the mother would always think of me as sick perv masturbating while her back was turned to me..uhh.. ya ya.. Story of my life....

mack_back #263

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/25/2013 10:47:51Copy HTML

True that when people see me often enough in what they may consider silly clothes there use to it  with no reaction.... Today i seen couple newbie thick young females noticed me walking out of the locker room in my very tight clothes.. Took them by surprise as they were making there way to change and begin a workout. Seeing me once again on the gym floor they couldn't help not to look and stare as i walked passed them during my workout.. Couldn't help but overhear one another specifying where they were looking upon my body... Saying, "look...look...look at it! See what i'am talking about, giggles, then big smiles come across them both making no conscious effort to be at all subtle glaring upon tiny me.... This was while i was passing them both while they sat on the ground mesmerized while i walked by too and fro.    

Anyone else who seen me in the gym doesn't bat an eye what i wear.  After my workout i started to use the pool and while resting for a moment in the water these same two women stared upon me outside looking through glass ready to leave the gym.. There smiles and standing staring at my colorful bikini bottom which they couldn't believe i was wearing..  Felt as to give them a show by climbing out of the water getting a better look at my bikini bottom or whatever else there bulging eyes were interested in seeing... So i just went on swimming doing laps and they left smiling, giggling, laughing to one another about me.. 
Suppose there virgin eyes never seen a man bold enough to wear spandex showing his body shape so openly nor embarrassed about it, despite there admiration or amusement.. Whatever the reason they both left with a grin on there faces where everyone is happy..
mack_back #264

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/28/2013 02:33:05Copy HTML

Rarely do i hear any males get thumbs up at my gym pool i frequent. Noticed older male lean wearing a string bikini smaller then any i worn at this pool. As he kept to himself walking from the pool to the hot tub sitting next to old women. The female noticed him and several other females with there grown daughters also. They all ignored the man and women sitting beside him looked unhappy looking at me as well. Lot of sneers, sighs and what could be described as unpleasant vibe of her expressions, which she later left..While other females chose to ignore him as well as me.

Find anytime male wears something tiny or small to a pool women believe he is either going to cruise any or every female breathing no matter there age. Seeing this is such a falsehood statement it sort of true with regards to myself.Anytime i'm in the sauna wearing a small bikini, females always choose sitting away with males who wear dork shorts yet they are more perverts knowing them from past experiences. Staring at women sitting with them in lustful way while i try to ignore females giving them privacy to lay down without being watched.
Even when i sat next to a couple in the sauna, male was beside me reading while his wife laying down facing both of us turning her head looking over to me. As i didn't look over minding my business the female giggled tapping the hubby on the leg to look upon me. The husband nodded while wife kept staring upon me while i sat on the bench stretching my one leg. Whatever reason the women left looking annoyed as if i purposely was posing letting her watch me...Whatever the reason females feel threatened seeing male which they consider under dressed or showing off to much for there liking...As i went into the shower taking off my bikini i was wearing my muscleskins thong underneath and looked down at my bulge feeling females would faint seeing me in my thong unlined looking as i did. Even i was surprised saying Woe.. that's not a lot to leave to anyone's imagination being dripping wet.. 

JM_Runs #265

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/05/2013 04:58:47Copy HTML

 Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. - Dalai Lama.
bodimuscle #266

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/13/2013 04:00:31Copy HTML

I am so bummed at some of these experiences yall are telling. I've just never experienced such. I'm sure I've been laughed at and mocked at times, but I must be oblivious to it. I've had only two bad experiences that frustrated and/or angered me, and I haven't let either one effect me or my peace when I like to catch some sun.

A strange experience that turned out good for me was about 5 years ago. I was wearing a Skinz rio suit and on the way back from the water a really obnoxious, drunk idiot told his wife something like "look honey, there's one for you", and was pointing and laughing, apparently trying to make fun of me. I figured he hadn't noticed me over his immense sunburned beer gut until I went to the water. I immediately made direct eye contact with her, smiled and winked at her (I figured if he was gonna be that way, I could up the ante - sometimes a good butt kicking, giving or receiving, can help your day...or at least give you something to do...lol); she smiled at me and fired right back at him "damn sure you couldn't pull that off and look that good". She set her chair directly in front of me and plopped down. In a few minutes they erupted in a really big argument that was obviously a continuation from earlier in the day and had nothing to do with me but involved lots of alcohol. I went to the water to get away from them, and right after me, the semi-sober couple that was with them. They were so embarrassed at his behavior, and in the process both of them were very complimentary on my suit and asked some legit questions about the style, where I bought it, etc. etc., and that inane, must ask "Do you workout?"

Before I left the beach a couple hours later, I had at least three other people,who had heard that idiot carrying on, make a point of telling me they liked my suit, and how good I looked in it. What started out as potential for a real downer, turned into a great afternoon. If/when there are those, men or women, who are laughing at me, I guess I just haven't noticed them or don't pay them any attention. I get stared at alot, and I just interpret that as silent admiration or appreciation. I make a point of being friendly and speaking to people with whom I make eye contact, and I have always been surprised at how often a subtle or off-hand compliment is returned. All in all, to my face, I've had far more women in particular tell me they like my smaller suits than the baggy knee britches...and it doesn't seem to be seeing the package or the butt, their approval usually has to do with being able to see my legs.

Cheer up folks, life is short, and there's already enough people self-miserable for all of us!!!
SlidingG #267

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/14/2013 03:36:58Copy HTML

And those are nice legs, bodimuscle.  As an aspiring artist fond of figurative art, I like working with female models for their sensuous curves, and with the males for their robust musculature.  But don't give short shrift to your butt, I'll bet they were admiring that, too, for in general it's one of the most attractive muscle groups in the human body, and yours are very well formed, I'm not embarrassed to say.  Wish you'd been the model for the final session in the figure drawing class I just finished here in Naples, FL.  After females for the first four sessions, the instructor said he'd try to get a male model for the last, but warned us they were hard to come by, then joked he might have to corral one of us men in the class to volunteer.  I called his bluff and said I'd be happy to volunteer (and after class assured him I was serious).  

On the day, I was hoping he'd call on me, but he'd managed to line up a 77 year-old male model after all.  My figure beats his all hollow -- he definitely shows his age -- but to be fair, he was a very personable chap and an able model.  So I still hope my time will come.  But meanwhile, judging by your excellent profile pic, bodimuscle, I sure wish you'd been on deck that day!
mack_back #268

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/03/2013 03:12:37Copy HTML

Today was at my gym working out minding my business. Then there were two men who maybe 30 year old started to laugh as they approached in my direction. Heard one man say to the other can't look gayer then that.. Both began to laugh together as though i didn't hear them or the female beside me. Tried to finish up my workout and only heard these two men's laughter but couldn't see them ignoring such fools. When i got to the locker room i seen them both changed into squarecut boxer swimwear and they began to leave with a chuckle seeing me again. Then when i was in the steam room the same guys came in one started to chuckle seeing me and they stood for a little bit then left. Heard more laughter from them after they closed the door but inevitable most likely for me..

After my swim and these clowns leaving i had some conversations with other mature men. One of them asked if i was a model or millionaire. Either way looking the way i do it takes time... Laughed at his questions he was married man who had great personality sort of like Rodney Dangerfield making everyone feel relaxed and laughing at his take on life or situations. 

Just can't understand how one set of people can be so absurd while others can make everyone feel great and happy.. Personality has lot to do with way people treat you.. We had fun, frank conversation discussing on why women in our city treat men with distrust or are generally impolite... He relocated from Burbank, told me here in our city, saying simply hello to a women in a mall is almost considered an assault...  Guess he got everyone laughing even women overhearing our discussion..

Why can't people just be jolly and forget how others appear as he spoke about his young girlfriend he tried to take to the pool. Her saying to him she is ashamed of her lower body and can't handle having anyone look upon her fat ass. He can't understand why women are so effected upon how someone perceives you. Him saying, so what god gives everyone a body and flaws and all, we all should accept the way we look..

What a difference in having two ass$#@es making judgements upon what i was wearing earlier and the man who had a great personality within minutes of each other....  

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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Mack_back, I bet if the two "ass$#@es" were not together nothing would have been said. Some immature guys have trouble with other guys showing more than a 'normal' amount of skin. If with others they need to cover their immaturity by laughing, making comments etc. Some guys never grow out of it. That's life.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Grabeach that goes without saying...
Notice whatever i wear what some considers not masculine, or never seen a male wear ever is humorous to them. Doubt they ever seen a gay man wear tights before but suddenly label me as the first, even though i'm not gay...

 Wanted to say to them, your acting pretty gay. Meaning of the word originally, very happy and jovial. But knowing there immaturity would answer, it takes one to know one would set me up for them to  laugh once again...  Best to ignore them and there snorts around me. No point in arguing with guys like that bringing more anger or angst i already felt. Unless they start bothering me saying slurs or pestering me i can report them for discrimination. Just because they find my clothes funny doesn't make it right to snicker, laughingly or make unrealistic comments.

They won't be the last guys that will feel that way about me or the first.  Doubt everyone who seen me that day is cool what i wear, just they have a better etiquette on how to act and react. Not delusional thinking everyone likes the way i attire myself working out or in the pool. Some find it disturbing to be sure but are polite enough not to talk to me or comment surrounding myself. Most people think better things are best left unsaid, when they see what i wear says a lot to there beliefs..  If i don't bother them they won't need to reply or say a word towards me...

Other women who hear negative stuff like that about me can conclude it maybe true but they should act more subtly or tactful then that. Plus anyone who doesn't care what others think when they talk negatively, people can surmise they can do it to anyone, like a women being fat etc... Nobody will feel sorry for me hearing such immature laughter commentary saying i only bring it on myself, wear something like everyone else there will be no issues... 

There was a time i would be so furious with guys like that, would stare upon them like Joe Pesci in casino stabbing the guy at the bar with a pen.. If they ever said, what are you looking at it would be game on... Or i would just stare with a crazed look until they stopped laughing and thought this guy is sick better get out of here.  Yet i have mellowed throughout the years not bothering to even know what they look like.
It's exactly like someone is a racist and just laughs at the color of there skin or ethnic background but in my case it's the clothes and presumed labeled sexual orientation....
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Society has become attacking the weak looks as it's no different on this board. We live in a world of negativity and encouragement but lets not all believe our lives are smiles and happy faces 24/7.... Sometimes we need to express the truth on how we see it while others may disagree or get upset expressing there beliefs on this board labeling us one way or another...
There is no doubt in my mind being on the thong board or web in general is not a solid way to meet people...
Yet being out on the beach doesn't mean you will find like minded individuals with your own belief senerios. There are many individuals that hate our way of life or disagree with it and usually is futile to force someone to try to like you... To me is like a clown trying to entertain others juggling.  I'm always open for conversation but many females are afraid to approach or become friendly as though they are a mute or deaf... Usually females are taken aback either by my body language or clothing i'm wearing. Labels are then put on me unfairly being weird or gay thus many stay away, thinking i have no social skills or loser making it easier for them to forget me.... While in truth many females can't keep there eyes off me trying to giggle or laugh making there own uneasiness or akwardness to be forgotten while blaming me being odd...

Being a nudist and surrounding myself with like minded people isn't always utopia while we all get along, far from it.. If you can believe there are disputes amongst our group and disagreements on how we attire oneself to the general public or groom our bodies exposing it to other nudist. Not everyone gets along nor do we all like each other but we tend to coexsist amongst other nudist... Never have i put someone down or said negative things or hated them for who they are or there appearance. While others have labeled me into a convenient box, yet never said boo to me, all awhile talk trashing how i seam or what i do or don't do.. It's far from unfair and only one should get upset is me not them at there judgemental attitudes, while i just ignore them not fazing me...
As for your tips they are a no brainer, but it takes two for communication to commence. While if someone truly wants to get to know someone they can introduce themselves and chat, otherwise your just dancing alone for others amusement.. Last i checked females have mouth and know how to talk, yet saying something nice or chatting is out of the question. Yet i hear negative criticim or laughter and giggles without any shyness to speak of or caring being heard... Whatever your personality is having Garbage thrown your way isn't a way to live life fighting or argueing  at someones taste in swimwear or clothing they must attire... We have freedom to wear what we want and some conscquences are that people don't want anything to do with you, at least that's my experience...

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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Tfor2 i can't understand it either.. Sometimes people get bored and want to discuss what the observe. Seen couples and particular females lay near some single well endowed male and when he leaves for a walk i see the women take her hands apart as describing how large he maybe arroused, then giggling to the hubby..So seeing me bald no pubes makes people laugh. Sometimes they make comments comparing me to a family who brings there children.. While if you look at me tanned and toned, smooth it brings peoples admiration towards me... Don't want to boast but i get attention from some at the beach on the way i'm built.. Love it when sitting on my towel seeing married women peaking all afternoon towards me while the hubby is  not aware... Then hubby leaves ahead while the wife trails behind taking another long stare and route towards me looking upon me with great interest and intrigue... While others point me out saying take a look at his pubes. While women stare trying to look they laugh loudly.. While in the past i was trimmed with two or three days growth and nobody said a word and this comes from older female regular nudist. Even same women who trim there pubes to a narrow strip...Only young couples lurking say he shaves down there, giggling to their boyfriend, with a shocked expression as if it was taboo...
While some women discuss it saying to there hubby, there are few females who like it smooth.... Yet never had one tell me they like me smooth... While others don't care but admire me as i'am...
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Being photographed is harmless from a stranger. The problems arise when someone you know of or see's you at work then snaps away. This can cause harm because they maybe using it for amusement and embarrassment purposes to have you marginalized in the community you work or frequent..For example if someone you seen but never known personally takes a photo it maybe more intriguing for it to be passed along to collegues to be seen..Encountered  a photo of a nude female co- worker online.. Somehow those photos were seen in the work place and her job was done... She knows better to have nudes out for everyone to see and broke a rule in the job description of morality...So to someone can easily photo someone spread it around and be mocked or fired or nor hired to work...
While strangers seeing another stranger nude or in thong doesn't have enough interest then someone we seen or talked with on a regular basis. That is why celebrity nudes are more interesting to look upon then unknown female. Lets face it what actress has better body then a real pornstar stripper which needs to look like  everything is perfect..
Show me nudes of unknown females with average body i won't care or look at them again. Yet show me a female co- worker or aquaintance then my eyes will stare upon the picture hundreds of times doing you no what with it, yet her body maybe only average at best...
Seeing a female trainer having her boyfriend video me on the beach. This trainer no longer works at my gym i frequent but if someone was lusting after me wandering how my package looks she could easily give them a copy of me from the nude beach.. So then you can see parts of my life at the nude beach isn't separated with my gym life.. People don't understand both lifestyles and thus keep away. So the type of people you meet will have impact on the way they treat you in both environments. Either fairly or unfairly you will be judged for your choices you make...
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Bbrny78 is correct but you can't forget those people who hate you but also are friendly at the same time.. Disagenuine people are difficult to be polite to  and forget their backstabbing ways..
Older Women neighbor seen me in 5" old navy shorts watering the lawn. She began to talk to her guests about my shorts while standing on the driveway leaving.. As i overheard her hatred of me that she can't look upon the way i was attired, best to not look or talk to me... Yet seeing me at her store where she works i get a greeting as nothing bothers her or we are friendly... Yet i know she has big problem what i wear.. 
Difficult to be polite to a person that behind my back utterly despises me because of the clothes i wear... Almost want to tell her off, yet i believe that would be inpolite and stupid... Let her believe i'm oblivious to her lying ways...In my books better not knowing someone like that...to begin with.. Only makes me dilusional pretending to be polite...
Their is a tell by peoples reactions knowing their displeasure of wearing something unconventional..
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 you might be right mack back, but it's your negative attitude that perhaps makes things worse..... 

I've noticed a few macho guys at my gym who befriend me knowing that I stand out from the rest cause I wear compression tops and bottoms;  initially my instinct told me that it could be what you say, not necessarily that they 'hate' me but they were amused by what I wear and they could be disapproving and laughing about my workout attire on my back;  but I respond with the same or more friendliness towards them whenever I see them, I look them directly in the eye and talk to them and behave as anyone else at the gym;    besides they see that I'm fair dinkum and I train hard and lift decent weights;   

I tell you what, in the end that initial distrust disappears, and a genuine like for the person starts to show.    And they get so used to see me every day, saying hello and chatting as any normal dude does, that I reckon that what I wear becomes irrelevant. 
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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John Howard i believe in the phrase do unto others as they do to you.... Not as Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you..  Sort of who leads them or me... Rather be a follower then a leader... Goes opposite of what we all like to wear but call me hypocrite...

Just the other day i had bra wearing tight short shorts lean young female maybe 18 years of age working out and her friend between us. The young female was being asked by her friend, what she thought of me wearing running Capri tights and a racer-back tank top.... Her reply was quite then loudly exclaimed, "Gross"... for everyone to hear surrounding us in the gym... I didn't acknowledge or look in their direction only pretending not to hear them or reacting as many others turned to her direction.. So to pretend that she is cool with my clothing i wear, i should smile, say hello and try to make some conversation, what reaction would i expect to get? With my past experiences she would find me creepy and someone that is harassing her then getting someone to set me straight, be it a stranger who finds sticking up for a very young cute girl in  a noble cause or being reported to management which she feels uncomfortable being around me as a nuisance. Easily i would be a target from non-supportive female instructors to get me to stop coming to their gym using any excuse to lay blame on me as trouble maker and outcast as perv which i very well know they feel already towards me, only because what i wear... Believe me when i tell you female instructors have issues with males in running tights not only with me. Observations from other male wearing tights in the gym trying to be friendly and polite talking to instructors becomes very apparent they don't agree with the attire worn ie.. (one word responses, being very curt etc...).

My best response is no response if that makes sense... If i stay quite nobody can point fingers, misunderstandings or say this guy is creepy or on the make to seduce unsuspecting females..... While i blankly ignore their unsupported commentary of me all the while being courteous responding to gym etiquette and behaviours...  Just by observing others chats, gauges my response on how they are like, then i can appropriately measure a correct response to their ideals and beliefs or narrow-mindedness.  

With all that being said i know i need to appear hospitable for others to approach without fearing some sort of anti-social behaviour.
Example other day at my gym, female receptionist came into the yoga studio asking her friend how long she will be and that her shift will be soon over and wait for her. She added some info that a cute guy is in the gym which she talked to her before reminding giving away his phone number. Her response was, "So what! It is obvious he isn't into me, so why would i want to know him, i don't care..." 
Just goes to show me that just ignoring others turns them off towards you and not what your wearing or look like. Sort of protection mechanism not getting involved emotionally towards a stranger that may or may not have feeling for you...So yes i need to learn not everyone is out to skin my hide and painting with a big brush that everyone is out to get on my case is not correct way to handle the nay sayers.
Great example how badly i treat  others is a young fit spandex wearing plump female was staring me over head to toe as we walked towards each other. My initial reaction or defence mechanism was directly focusing at her thick thighs in those shiny spandex tights and look confused or my brow down. As to signal she can't criticise or judge me wearing tights while her big thighs looked like that, or in her interpretation that i didn't approve or like the shape of her legs being to fat. Then she had a chat with a female shortly afterwards, the friend complimenting her how wonderfully her fit body looks. Her response was uneasy smile then looking in my direction trying to see my response explaining to her friend, "i know i have muscular legs and body, it makes me look bulky". Her friend reassured her she gladly change places and she looked fantastic... While my reaction was stoic not laughing or smiling while she explained and thanked her friend for the compliment.

Few months later a female friend and me were talking and the topic of that same women exercising was posed to me. She asked that girl is in good shape, don't you think?  As the female was working out 50 feet from us i knew from experience being in her position she could hear my female friend question. I opened my mouth ready to say something then decided to just scowl in disbelief knowing she wasn't that good shape but my friends reaction was surprise i didn't think so, reacting to me saying, Really? While i sat silently....  Ever since seeing that spandex muscular fit women she ignores me not looking my way same way i do when i hear others criticise me. Even though i don't agree how her body looks ideal towards my taste, she should get compliments and pat on her back working out so hard...So i understand tables have turned knowing how others feel about me or i turning into judgemental fool which i so much hate....

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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Jfish being imasulated called muy benito is no wonder why women laugh upon males wearing a thong or rio.. Not that they laugh seeing you in it but the reply from it.. Don't believe a male being called very pretty was a compliment.. Yet better then women calling you disgusting or gross.. 

Always joked with friends i know when trying to be funny comparing myself to unknown female asking if i looked prettier then her.. Usually gets a laugh while the females don't get the humor.The females always correcting me saying men are not categorized as pretty but handsome.  While everyone is laughing except the female i tried to compare myself to all awhile trying to act if i was serious.. Sometimes the female being compared to feels akward and finds its a knock towards her.. Aspecially when the female trys really hard to look attractive and ponders the thought a male can look better then her.. Then becomes afraid to hear the answer to the question i pose. Hearing laughter as the reply from the group she becomes unnerved... It's my weird way to rattle a very attractive female who has big ego, shallow personality and no interest with me or friends i'm with.

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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Recently been thonging at my local gym pool.. They are very prudish crowd dork shorts wearing... Women wearing conservative one piece bathing suits or rarely a bikini bottom that covers more then my small briefs i usually wear...
Felt people will get uptight seeing me  and begin to shun me or ask management to do something.. Few times i was their mostly regular males looked but never made comments to others that i heard.. While very few females seen me those that did almost knew i had on a thong without turning my back to them.. How on earth they can tell is a mystery to me.Even though i swim on my back one female associate showing a potential member the pool laughed while i swam... Recently a woman i see at the pool knew i had a thong while i stood talking to a another female friend in the shallow end.. Tried to say hello to her in the pool while she walked along the deck buy her demeanor was to not be as friendly as normal. So i later got out of the pool showered to rinse off while the women stood looking away at me.. She didn't want to do with me at all.. Even after a stay in the sauna leaving the women marched back into tbe sauna after i began to leave.. Giving her good peak at my backside in a AC black thong.. Surprisingly this women always told me i look great looking like a model.. Yet she makes sure we are not friendly at least towards me, while i try to smile saying hello.. 
While other female noticed me wearing a thong they only stared not saying a word.. Even after leaving the pool dressed i seen the same couple stare upon me through the window as i did something wrong...
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Sometimes their is a blured area what to wear or when.. Usually i'm good at reading others on what there wearing and attitudes that come with... Being on the conservative side i try not to push when people are uptight personalities about any sort of minimal swimwear i wear be it speedo bulge bikini bottoms, rio, or even a conservative t-back thong... Being a nudist i feel any of those swimsuits is to much fabric too wear..You can always learn the hard way to fight the current that despises your choice of swimwear.. Or you give up the fight surrounding yourself with certain people you see attired conservatively. For example i look at how females wear their bikini's what bottoms they have on  or coverups hiding their bodies.. Usually this is a tell, that women are shy or afraid to flaunt their bodies wearing conservative clothes. This gives a good indication they will mock you trying to wear a thong or amything skimpy...
Their are times you feel comfortable  in your surroundings wearing a thong regularly but the wrong people suddenly show up and trouble comes looking for you..So no matter how comfortable we feel wearing a thong at a pool on numurous visits without incident we have to expect being asked to coverup.. It's what i call managements  awareness of my thong swimwear at the pool, but don't or afraid to ask for me to attire alternative swimwear. Until they get cumultive complaints over time to apease other pool patrans.. Sort of a complaining mom who is dissatified whatever skimpy swimwear i adorn is vocal to anyone who listens. Then other elderly people who aren't so vocal join in at there displeasure of my choice of a thong.. This gang mentality is brought to managements awareness and thongers are usually dealt with because your the minority or the only one... Which is easily swept away regardless of our feelings or disagreement of correct swim attire... 

That is why i always have anxiety and look over my shoulder when wearing a thong at the gym indoor pool.. Looking upon reactions from others initially to figure out is this person going to complain to me or go to management... While seeing management associates walking about thinking is today the day they will bring down the hammer on my thong wearing at the pool facility..? Always in fear, not comfortable way to enjoy my time at the pool...
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Not always people laugh upon me. I realize the difference between a women's giggle because she doesn't know how to behave or react maturely.I'm talking about malicious laughter and they don't stop using me as a joke. This deserves some sort of vengeance...
 Take an example of a blue collar male who see's his first male with long hair in the 1960's.  He may make jokes references to others, that the long haired male, should wear a dress to go along with that long hair looking like a woman.  While he maybe narrow minded or a bigot until years later they reference seeing them more as hippies or hobos. Still disrespecting the individual as beneath him or someone that should be mocked for looking different to their beliefs or ideas of how a male should present himself...

Suppose the laughter directed towards me is that i look not pro-typical male, hairy back, hairy legs, beer belly which many females see most guys appear as such. While i look more refined cared after, almost unbelievably to much, thus the stare.
Just to say all of my reactions towards me are negative, that isn't true.  Just the beginning of summer i seen a 50 year old women at the c/o beach which she sometimes gathered by a group of friendly people. Seen her a few times looking upon me biting her lower lip staring as i walk nude to throw away garbage in the bin. Following week she joined the group gathered in front of me at the beach. So close they shaded some sun while standing in front of my towel. While i knew some of them talked to me before, saying complimentary things such as, join us for a drink, or you look a few shades darker then earlier, nice work etc... While i lay back listening to my podcasts and relaxing on my stomach.  I felt a tap on my shoulder and that 50 year attractive euro type who was in the group of people in front of me saying hello. She started to talk kneeling down in her string bikini with a note pad and pencil.  Saying to me in an accent, "it is wonderful to see such a remarkable, good looking, human being, as yourself on the beach". I replied with a smile, thank you. She showed me a sketch of me drawn of my backside laying out nude, balls and shaft included. I was shocked she drew my likeness so well asking if she was a artist, chuckling to myself that i was unaware what she was up to.  I smiled saying nice to meet you, then she left joining the group. Her towel was touching mine at how close she was earlier sketching my likeness, very unnerving but again flattering and funny on the detailed anatomy she drew in.. It gave me another meaning of the saying, up my ass, with her laying out so close by, if you know what i mean. After awhile she spent time with her group but hid behind them not close to me but noticed she and her friends were looking over as i was laying on my back. Later i left and ever since never seen the woman again but the group she joined comes to the beach often.. Feel the women can't bare knowing that she finds me attractive and decides not to show up any more of sheer humiliation probably. 

As for the people i mentioned setting up near me maybe seven clothed females in various groups decided to camp out above or beside me without incident or laughter. Yes some clothed bikini wearing college girls like the view. For example hearing chatter all afternoon certain female voices talking are apparent while i laid down overhearing about school life in general etc.... As soon as i stood up resetting my towel or taking off the sand accumulated on my towel suddenly the female voices became quite. As soon as i laid back down some giggles amongst different females ensued then their normal chatter or discussions continued.  
When females are with their boyfriends and they decide to move from further spot to get closer to me when space is available is odd. Some women laid on her boyfriends stomach as a pillow and had her phone out pointed in my direction as though i didn't see it. Then she goes to the water to take pictures with a professional lens camera and points the lens as she walks towards the towels taking rapid shots of me blindly....
It is very odd that a asian attractive female with her boyfriend is looking for a spot to lay down and she is grinning ear to ear suddenly seeing me and tells the boyfriend right here twenty feet on my right side. Even though they are crowding others to the back or front she obviously finds that particular spot ideal. Sitting their with no towels very odd in a red tanga lingerie bottom topless taking numerous glances at me while having a bigger smile as before. 
Yet i know the reasons some or all women come to the c/o beach had talks with my friends a swinger nude couple and we all agree.  Many younger exhibitionist nude males try to talk to these textile wearing  females but get shot down time after time funny to watch... These women just want to look at a male nude saving there money to go to a stripper. While the old grandfathers hairy men with shaved pubes get ignored while a male like me gets adored or laughed upon looking not masculine or how a male should look in their eyes, thus the yak laughs for everyone to hear... Their is angst in my crowd of friends seeing us males nude and females come to watch clothed. Hear the argument that if you come to c/o beach you should take it off like the rest of us do, if not lay out in the textile only area adjacent to the clothing optional beach.. Yet none does, that certainly is not the clothed couples, nor the college girl or the immature narrow-minded clothed pregnant female with her friends laughing at me...    

Yes i can imagine the silly commentary females have about seeing me nude. Asking each other to go up to him and ask if you can feel how smooth his pubes feel, ha ha... He looks older, maybe he is losing his hair, Really! ya it's starts at man's pubes, you didn't know that.. ha, ha... Can you imagine having sex with him, oh wait he hasn't gotten through puberty yet, ha, ha.... He probably can't get erect yet, ha. ha..... We girls say our guys are so  immature acting like twelve years old all the time, but he is taking the look way to far ha, ha......  Did you hear someone had sex with him, Really who? (Your name here) she got arrested for being a sex offender, ha ha...

Do i believe every female is like the comments i mentioned above, no. Do i believe every women that decides to lay near me on the beach is euphoric about the way i look of coarse not. Just feel women like to have fun at my expense while others are more vocal while others are subtly discreet... So i choose to not bother people even though jerks and bitches bother or humiliate me around others because i look a certain way..Best to quietly stare a group of mindless fools knowing they are upsetting me and try to enjoy the day not making small talk or befriending someone who will take it the wrong way... Just keeping to myself and not someone judge me further what i say...
As for confidence goes how much more confident can i be laying out or standing nude for anyone to stare... Usually women can't believe i'm nude and not embarrassed showing everything off.. 
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Sounds like many guys secret fantasy - nude on the beach with all your body hair shaved off exposed to a group of clothed girls.  lol You never know - some of those girls may have loved seeing you like that
mack_back #282

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 None for me, that i can remember ever. Only see women staring or walking up taking my picture without asking... Or want to ask but are hesitant pretending to take scenic shots while truth snapping photos of me...
Usually thonging brings more upset people thus anxiety levels for both sides... Looks to me a no win situation getting others talking on how crazy i am or they ignore you as foolish.... While i always look over my shoulder seeing if security or management ask me do wear something different from complaints...  For whatever reason people find a person in a thong unappropiate to wear as swimwear, thus the attention...
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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again, and not to repeat myself, there's something wrong when you have those types of responses and feelings toward thonging. i dont want to start another tangent on this board, but i find people pushing things too far, in the wrong situation get that type of attention.
i'm not saying anymore about this subject.
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Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Find it very funny seeing group of females leaving the beach while sitting not far away all afternoon but strategically walk along towards my direction getting an up close view of me. Almost always i see these women talking moments before looking over towards my direction smiling what they all are about to do. Yet they feel their being very subtle walking by me, one by one, sometimes standing waiting near my towel for the last girl to catch up... My reaction is to ignore them as they did all afternoon to me but sometimes it surprises seeing them laying out on the beach not far from me oblivious i'm around..... While the way they leave shows that they did take notice and may like what they see, which is shocking to comprehend that they were so shy and quiet all day watching me....

The best is when one women in a group decides to get ahead stops at the foot of my towel acting as though she is looking on her phone all awhile never facing me, waiting for her friends to catch up.... Then as soon as the group of women  walk in front of my towel the waiting female points her phone towards me as to take a photo while her friends camouflage the obvious picture attempt. Then she runs catching up to her girlfriends asking her, "is he too big for you", while all start giggling... while i was laying on my back nude...  My reaction is to laugh at the obvious failed attempt and shock that i was targeted from passing females like an eagle looking for a mouse far away... Just shaking my head that i can be picked out, targeted from the beach of the sea of people laying on their towels from random lurking females walking the beach....
While myself walking along the beach seeing others seeing me can be problematic or euphoric depending on who stares and their expression.Noticed two twin asian young females instantly stop while i walked passed we all made eye contact and shocked what we were seeing. From my perspective looking at two young asian and twins completely nude was shocking and very rare. While their perspective they were attracted to me one whispering in the ear of the other, "if he talks towards us making a return back again, who will have first dibs on him"...  Noticed their disappointment as i walked back not saying a word to them....Other times just walking passed while people are playing freesbie and one women gets distracted catching it watches my shaved pubes with tunnel vision shock or slight smile looking at me nude.... Everyone around her jokes, laughing knowing i was the cause of her distraction all awhile she couldn't keep her eyes off me even when reaching for the freesbie on the water....
mrever_ready #285

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:11/23/2013 05:20:58Copy HTML

Too bad they weren't honest with their feelings and just came up to you and asked if they could take a pic or two.    I'd be more thrilled with that, than them taking hiden pictures.   I might even be more thrilled if a guy wanted pics.
mack_back #286

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:11/27/2013 03:37:23Copy HTML

Not to hijack the topic of this post, like to know how females reacted towards showing off big outlined bulge be it wearing a thong, speedos or running tights...?
In my experience i see female reactions of laughter and big grins or shocked looks.... Once in a rare occasion i get someone a soccer mom notice and loudly express nearby, "that's gross".... While others hearing it smile knowing exactly what she is reffering to or who...

Often i get women more interested with long stares upon me when a distinct outline is seen... One older women seen me staring for awhile said without hesitation, "that's very impressive", staring down towards my bulge.. Just so i knew unmistakable what she was reffering too, felt awkward that her boyfriend was not in sight when she expressed her opinion...More so then not i find women tolerate seeing an outline or big bulge and comment to others about the size... Almost always it's positive commentary, something women enjoy to stare upon... For whatever reason they can't keep yheir eyes off it, no matter how many occasions they seen me.. Fun thing is when a newbie sees me for the first time they have to say something to a female friend. Commenting, that guy looks huge, often the other women stares nodding, grinning seeing me before knowing exactly what is being referred upon.. Brings a smile to them and me...
mack_back #287

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/02/2013 11:38:33Copy HTML

My attitude is if you have something like a bulge show it off proudly for the ladies to enjoy... Often i do it and know women stop, stare or freeze looking at it... Only compliment i had was from older 60's old women who after days of focusing on my bulge at the gym said, "that's impressive", tilting  her head and eyes downward, hoping for a response....
Often women will smile or have big grinning laughs intrigued at the sight of my big bulge clearly outlined.. Yes their are some occasions or people who will loudly exclaim to me or others, "that's gross"...... Yet women don't seek out looking at a bulge only when one like myself comes along they just can't stop from staring at it..... Yes, women clearly are very subtle about looking at me sometimes i find them not noticing at all, which is not entirely true to my surprise on many occasions i figured out..

Just today i was sitting in the sauna overlooking the pool deck through the large bay windows... Suddenly i heard  a voice of a women taking a tour  for a prospective client to join the gym facility. While the young cute employee was making her pitch to the other women she suddenly paused interrupted herself while looking over into the sauna seeing me sitting on the bench in my tiny speedo bikini, bulge prominently displayed, thank you very much... It seemed the cute employee lost her train of thought for a moment  and the women she was with decided to look on what got her so startled..... The cute employee continued with her pitch while turning her back to me, while the women took a peek inside the sauna, with a  relaxed, calm demeanour suddenly turned to surprised outlook, then turning away leaving the pool deck....So be careful showing off your bulge because sometimes it is to much or in my case to big for anyone to ignore....  So many times i scare off a lot of women at the pool because their afraid of what they will see.... Women know fully well when a guy like myself isn't shy showing his big bulge outline he might not hesitate taking advantage of a women or make a play for her.... So most times women keep their distance only seeing me from a safer advantage point either leaving the pool or with a group of people....

Often times or not women in groups notice my bulge outline almost immediately and begin to laugh bringing others to join without saying a word on why their amused... For whatever reason women feel seeing a bulge outline unexpected and funny, which is insulting to me...... Yet if i or other men laugh at a big breasted women walk into a room we are all childish immature perverts..... Double standards do exists... Until a women's nipples are shown through from a lack of wearing a bra, then females are treated with little respect or vulgar as men showing their bulges...
mack_back #288

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/31/2013 04:51:55Copy HTML

I wear a Size 4 if your asking in lulu crop tights. Have dozens of crop tights to choose from and sticking to only men's styles has it's limitations.. As for lulu not fitting well for muscular legs it maybe true read some people have a hard time with the waistband being to loose because their legs are so large or fat having pineapple calfs or potato thighs.  
Although i do like low rise tights as well, fits a lot better then many UA tights with too long of a rise 10" which for me is way up on my abs not at all comfortable..To me all tights are unisex in fit for my body and i never had a problem. Actually women crops depending the brand or style shows off my assets perfectly well to the pleasure of many, maybe to a point of over doing it, having fitted like a latex glove comes to mind.... Been complimented  by a married female personal trainer of having great legs..

 My body is looked upon with desire by women who recently chatted with me her first words spoken, "you have an excellent body!"... While a couple married women recently working out together in a yoga studio, one spoke out to the other telling her that, "the work out isn't intense because your lucky your training with me rather then Mr. Olympia over their"..( which she was referring to me) ... Which got attention of the other two people working out beside me, instantly looking in my direction for a reaction... Believe this or not in the same yoga room alone with three people once i had a young female laying beside me on a yoga matt masterbate while looking in the mirrors watching me doing stretches and ab routine.. So i must be doing something right or looking nicely fit to get this type of attention....  

Sometimes women who see me wearing tights and tight tops or tanks just stare suddenly interrupting their workout... Gazing upon me as euphoric moment that they stare with dream like disbelief....  Even a women seeing me in crop lulu leggings noticed the logo on my waistband as i was doing bent over rows. Recently she and her tall boyfriend worked out behind me she whispered, giggling to him something about me wearing a thong as i was bent over...without VPL suppose she noticed me before...My opinion is if you have a toned body everything i put on should fit without bunching or dropping down it's of course lycra spandex fabric that stretches all areas that need it.  Have some crops that just sit below my knee while others cover my calves so no worries of ankle fabric bunching up. My fit of all tights are essentially fitted with no issues, unless the fabric loses it's stretch from wear and tear. Maybe i'm not totally proportional  men you seem to see, but when women see me they smile with intrigue at my body asking their boyfriend is it real... Maybe it's my exhibitionist tendency which i like to show off every shape of my body and women tend to notice, i bet bbyrne78 you would notice with a sly smile upon my body... Lol..... 

mack_back #289

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2014 08:55:04Copy HTML

Happened to me at work recently. People or guys suspect i wear a thong seeing that i wear tight fitted jeans and only a thong works or going natural. So one day i began to pick up something bending squatting down and a group or gang of them suspected, waiting and started to look.. Although i didn't show off the whale tail you could see through my shirt and jeans outline of a thong showing through... How did i know i was spotted was the reaction from the group of males... They all went loudly Awhhh! crawling out of their skin with a very discernible negative vibe voyeuristic and childish behaviour...... 

Suppose it doesn't matter but they never talk to me finding what i wear to weird for their sensibilities. Maybe their young invisible egos or macho immature behaviour scare them off being polite... Even my so called boss doesn't approve of my choice of clothing i wear finding it upsetting or disgusting thus he never says hello ignoring me... This maybe not the place to post this but clothing i wear a thong is a necessity. Once i wore something really bold to work noticed many people take notice of me, being an understatement. My higher ups management noticed giving me the sour puss stare while females were in shock some saying i looked sexy showing off so much skin... While other colleagues said i was the best dressed at work, smiling, maybe fa shiest...

 Next day i wore something very bland and fashionable but sensible maybe going over the top with it.. Suddenly i seen the same management people chatter about me smiling to one another, did you talk to his boss about the clothes he was wearing last time? While nobody did, they shook their heads, saying can't understand him or his sensibilities... While the females who said nothing to me the day before only looking shocked stood watching me stunned once again. The females couldn't believe the transformation from yesterday to today and believed i was reprimanded in wearing something less attention grabbing... I felt the women felt sorry for me seeing that i wore something so bland unlike i ever had  before at least from yesterday... 

Yet it is fun to get attention wearing something different that people can see we all don't have too conform towards  "uniform"garments,  boxing us males into societal norms constructs just like swimwear ie, dork shorts- speedos- thongs....
Whatever people think of me or hear others say, either i'm terribly attired person who is pitied or intriguing fashion guru with interesting taste and style for himself. Doesn't have to be a democracy to wear what we like no matter how far you stretch the boundaries of the fashion curve or make your own. Wearing what i enjoy or makes me happy is what's it's about but sometimes it leads to criticism that i have to listen too....Notice some women stare upon me thinking to themselves, "he must really like what he wears", even though they believe i don't look good in it or not appropriate for a male to attire such clothing.... That is expressed with opinion on what women should wear and men only wear and never cross the line in fashion...

So i live out at work seeing females having a fashion blog on how women are dressed at work complementing particular chick on a style they envy. While working with that women they envy, has fashion wars with me trying to upstage in the attire i wear, which never has she won in all the years i seen her... Yet i go unknown or ignored in blogs but females who they know get complimented on silly or bad looking attire... Goes to show you women are only interested in what other women wear not what males wear. So if a male wears a thong they presume or find it disgusting rather then seeing it on a female saying the color is cute something they may want to try etc.... 

XChip #290

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/27/2014 02:26:34Copy HTML

 Right on, Mack-Back!
mack_back #291

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/11/2014 08:40:36Copy HTML

Printed leggings or capri tights for working out really is eye catching... Seen a female wearing printed capri tights and it looked as though she had it painted on her legs, flawless... Or looks like some heavy tattoos with many women getting it you can't see where the capri leggings stop and tattoos start...Abstract patterns close to skin tones really sharpens the eye towards someone wearing pattern tights, not pantyhose but thicker denier workout capri leggings..Own a pair tri-colored space patterned capri tights and it gets womens heads turning, even when they seen me hundreds of times in various colored tights... Maybe envy or that i'm not afraid to choose other styles rather then boring black.... At least i get a smile from some stone cold frigid females looking upon my workout capri tights... Suppose women wanting to be noticed more with me walking around in tights they need to go with funky pattern tights to get attention....  Always looking for new styles and colors...

Although i don't compliment the women in pattern capri tights in the gym for looking so good.. Afraid they may think i have some fetish towards tights... Weird enough while doing my cardio starring at the women while her friend stared back seeing i noticed them both, opps, caught in the act, red face, guess now they know i'm some freak loving leggings and how well they fit her...
mack_back #292

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/14/2014 12:35:45Copy HTML

Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter if we want to hear it or not.Just to be popular or to fit in usually is the part for younger people and clothing has some bearing on that....Don't expect a young person suddenly revell in thongs or impactful clothes that set you apart from the crowd...
We all try to find our voice like politicians always say, but we also strive to find a style that suits us and makes us happy...Their are a lot of clothes i like to wear but society or females opinions to a single guy like me sometimes matter and stop us to go on a path we want....
Yet i get mocked politely for my clothing, pushing from societies norms. Yet people say that i never met i have "issues" (their words no mine) only because i wear clothes people find unappropiate, weird for a male to wear. Given that living on an island by-myself with the choice of my attired, difficult to be treated with polite respect or without judgement in their beliefs.... 

So i lash out giving them a show they soon never forget, pretending to not care..... Wallowing while in truth hiding the angst i feel and frustration of being outsider only for my choice of clothes..
mack_back #293

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/15/2014 04:28:10Copy HTML

Wearing something not appropiate to a venue is one thing... Being dispised because they disagree with my attire with a thong to a gym pool only person to wear it... Wearing tight clothes having fashionista's critique my style as disgusting for a male to even attempt attire..
Talking about peoples prejudice what others wear that they don't agree with... Women i overhear often are puzzeled what i wear no matter how many times they see me various same clothing.. Often they conclude staring upon me that i must really love to wear such clothes, deciding i'm a freak or troubled and feminized.....

Suppose it gives others a topic of discussion to critique my attire making light of it while never wanting to do with me, chat, polite hello,etc.... Anyway you analyse it they are biggots about the clothes i choose to wear, which they rather not know someone like me keeping their distance..
Today i went to the gym wearing nike black male running capri tights with adidas compression shirt... Nobody gave me any flak although none was polite...After finishing my workout walking out from a yoga studio doing my stretching i had to walk through the gym floor to get into the locker room.. While the gym was crowded some people staring upon me. Then i was approaching a couple, the women attired in black wearing capri tights suddenly noticed me and said OMG! In a very frightened tone.. Then she instantly looked away to her husband not saying a word, waiting for me to pass on by... Find it strange for an adult women plump as she looked in her early 50's or late 40's can overreact seeing me attired in fitness clothes at the gym noless similiar to what she was wearing... My reaction was stoic almost routine hearing the same sort of critism from people that can't get over what i wear or how i wear it... Even though i walk with complete confidence and ease certain that my body is flawless to wear what i like and look good in.. If anyone should have a reason  being vocal or mock someone i should have a license to instantly notice her pudgy legs and shake my head at her untoned body... Only way i can feel calm and justified wearing what i want to the gym comparing my toned body to hers is a complete joke and farce..... At least when i think exactly that, i calm down not reacting to everyones utter shock, what i wear... It does feel annoying that someone could blurt out something outloud for me to hear not keeping whatever feelings or opinions  to herself and others around, basically shaming me in a crowded gym for people to laugh soon as my back is turned... So you get where  my problem is coming from...
mack_back #294

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/17/2014 01:13:31Copy HTML

Dissonence hardly....What these women felt was a guy who has some sort of fetish wearing tights also is a creep...The printed tight wearing trainer is the boss for all employees working at the gym. She may have her opinions of me but can't share it with others as to judge me making an example to leave people alone however they look... While she did wear those tights like they are painted on who could blame me watching her while walking away with her backside facing me... Only to my surprise a married attractive female i attempted to give advice before, stood watching me drool on the trainers body and tights, who could blame me, really.....? Then actually being friends with the trainer to my surprise thus busted, her telling all at my horney, lustfull stare... So what i'm a man that likes to watch something that turns my crank....
Yet both had on tights and the married women is friendly with people except me.. When i spoke to her she initiated the conversation but my  advice that i given didn't compute with her maybe she was distracted looking at how i wear my fitness  clothes... Yet i feel she may not have super model body but attractive 40 something wife and easy on the eyes... So i try not to creep on her, trying to be clever taking glances whenever she's not looking or paying attention... Knowing stupidly it doesn't work because i to sense when some women try to be clever not staring upon me only when my back is turned or busy working out seemingly as being oblivious to others eyes on me...

So i feel these women find me a bit of a pervert or a creep with mental instabilities regarding appropiate clothing a male should wear, not an exhibitionist..... Starving for attention in all the wrong ways maybe even pitied.. 
While i believe i'm gun shy letting women know i find what they wear pretty.. Reason being women at work i overheard when i stare at another women dressed sexy they believe i'm interested in her clothes for idea of me to wear not the women herself... So maybe their is some truth to it when it comes to running tights for that matter this post... Look at how many replies i given about the subject. Shows a tiny obession don't you think?So my worry is transparence that others will see me as a silly obsessed tight wearing fool.... My insticts they already know that...Just looking at my fitness clothes not knowing what to wear shows the struggle i have with the abundance of tights, tanks, compression tops... Know one not a single women i see at the gym has so many clothes to attire at the gym, seriously with with the atmost honesty... Where did i get all this shit to wear? Don't get me wrong i love it....

JM_Runs #295

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/19/2014 04:12:09Copy HTML

It is frightening, in a Monty Python sort of way, to consider that an entire spiral arm of spinning consternation rotates around the looks and glances people give one man in particular free flow of glancing colliding flagitious looks.... words in a brain bumbling around like atoms in a cloud chamber ricocheting at the speed of spandex ..... random looks cast maleficent meaning of malicious maladjustment too ..... make a persecutory perspective.

While spandex squished subjects seek adverbial torture running on.... unsupported objects the gym machines of mans perception.... ever there are eyes in your back.
mack_back #296

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/19/2014 06:16:54Copy HTML

Laugh all you want but some people can figure out  body language, careful observation on how they appear, clothes they wear... These features makes it easier for someone to understand others if their hostile towards you or kind....
Whatever you may think of it many find character personalities can be put in a box describing individuals very accurately... 
Ever hear not what you say but the how you say it.....
You may not believe people have abilities that read others very quickly and accurately with simple observance....
Don't need eyes in the back of your head to sense others are observing how you stand, your overall body language.... 
Take for example act like a scared little mouse hiding being afraid to be seen more eyeballs are on you... While standing bold not caring if someone is "eye groping" me or not through experience you tend to filter out garbage and focus on what really goes on....
If you want to deny it so be it.....
Have numerous accounts on peoples feeling towards me not paranoia.... So to actually try to stop any negative posts as you so much love to read them. Just as i believe you hate the beach with toes in the sand, head in the clouds, with holes in your sweater trying to be better.... I doubt you will ever understand....    
pkthong #297

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/20/2014 08:20:15Copy HTML

 @mackback: I have been trying to read your posts for years on this board, and I would have to agree with JM that it is the rambling nature of your posts that is most off-putting. I often cannot finish reading them because I don't know what it is that you are trying to convey other than merely complaining, and nobody likes a whiner. 
  I understand that you do not have many pleasant experiences but your persistence is admirable. If you could find a way to express yourself succinctly I think others may be less critical of you.
 I am not perfect; for example I can't type to save my life. It took about 15 min. to type this, I suppose I could take a typing class.....
mack_back #298

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/20/2014 10:23:38Copy HTML

Thank you, PKthong.....
I try to be honest with all my posts sometimes looking for details of why people treat me the way they do and yes my sentences run-on.....

Whining isn't in my nature i stay quite and not bother others. Only that they may think i'm hitting on them, females in particular being bitch slapped....
 Noticed from some time at the gym, some male employees watching over me, for security reasons. All for a ruse  to check equipment or use it in manner that is not in suitable while keeping a watchful eye if i should do something inappropriate...... Yes, gym trainers and associates find me a step away in calling the police before i attempt to di%k - flash someone or rape them in room full of people..... As though they have history with my hostile behaviour before, acting more like a church mouse to be more accurate....  Not my paranoia but the way i'm treated with constant contempt for my clothing.... Save you any more details, but my attire is only manner they can justify observing me oh so subtly.......

While many here suggest i be more social i prefer to stay quite which is my nature.... If someone talks with me i'm gladly obliged to stand and listen giving advice or be polite not to upset anyone.... While i do know many who despise me for my attire... How do i know this is a long story but suffice to say i know, take my word for it... So i rather not start to be friendly with sheep that follow the herd so to speak and get bit*h slapped from others who don't want anything to do with me......... 
Maybe Jesus said, turn the other cheek, but Muslims got it right saying he, wasn't so foolish to do it..... For anything i'm not holier then thou, but i can't tolerate others despising treating me as second rate person.... 

Maybe you can understand or shake your head not understanding what i wrote or feel... 
Only analogy i can come up with is gays may know the discrimination people treat them with... Once some average person has knowledge someone is gay they turn their perceptions around treating them differently in what can be described in a hateful way....So too when people see how i attire be it what i wear to the beach, gym, street and they have contempt.... 
Particularly of their fashion prejudice why would i want continue a charade acting as he or she enjoy my company or friendship when it's a delusion.....

While many would like to talk to me discussing why i wear what i do they already have preconceived opinions that won't change no matter what i say... 
For example a female trainer was asking why her male friend wanted to move to Thailand.. He kept explaining giving valid reasons, retiring, weather, atmosphere appealed to him... While she pestered him over and over asking really their is more to what your saying.... She believed the negative underlying reason to go live in Thailand, while never saying what her preconceived assumption what he will be doing...  Sometimes people believe their is a motivation for everything why people do what they do or wear what i do.... Seeing is believing and no matter how you speak or charming you are won't change others opinions of you or for that matter me..... 
killamozilla #299

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/21/2014 12:33:43Copy HTML

Very funny parody JM_RUNS! Spot on!
I like how no sentence makes any sense and how they all end in ellipsis rather than a single period/question mark/exclamation point.
Very disjointed and difficult to parse!
Excellent creative writing exercise!
I wonder what it must be like to think disjointed thoughts that always end in ellipses.
mack_back #300

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/21/2014 12:56:47Copy HTML

killamozilla the professor of grammar. Only reason i use ellipsis is using the space bar often doesn't work and letters run into each other...... 
Same goes with the space between paragraphs. When i finally post reply often always my words or post becomes one large blob.. 
Have to go back edit it while it takes some time i really just leave it alone...
If you believe my mish mash of words don't make sense possibly others feel the same you do understand what i'm trying to convey.... 
See if this reply comes out same as i written or becomes one whole statement.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

See what i mean what the Fu#K not how i written it when post. Without ellipsis the words become joinedwithothers. even with editing periods exclamation marks etc....... Bit difficult to post the way i do without editing after post is up. Do others have this trouble on the board. Not asking how i phrase a sentence but the way the post is shown.. I'm sure not the only one?
Please cutback on starting new threads and try to post messages as a reply to existing threads.
If you want to cut and paste from your word processor do not do it directly.
First paste it into notepad or other basic ascii editor so that the formatting codes are removed, then cut again. This will give you clean posts.
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