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JM_Runs #301

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/21/2014 01:26:07Copy HTML

If you use the internet standard [Ctrl] + [Enter] keyboard contamination it will force a new paragraph on most websites and editors.

This works on many websites and will helps a lot with formatting.  For example you can try using it for replies to posts on Facebook. What might have been a block of text by default can have paragraph breaks.

Hold down the Control key [Ctrl] and while still holding the [Ctrl] key press the [Enter] key.  Simple.
Camloser #302

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/21/2014 04:31:44Copy HTML

 Do you know what the purpose of ... Is? It's like you are missing parts of your sentences. 
Does that look double spaced?
Yes? No! But it's still separated. 
mack_back #303

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/16/2014 10:56:50Copy HTML

Find it hilarious at peoples shocked stares. Once at my gym pool i wore a AC thong and was about to enter the sauna walking along the pool deck. While i needed to rinse off using the pool deck shower before i entered. This women in her mid forties comes walking briskly pass me, holding on her wrapped towel around her chest. I was looking out the pool windows while making my way to the shower. Caught me off guard with her initial glance over my front not aware i was wearing a thong. Then as i finished my shower on the deck of the pool i turn around noticing the same female stood frozen at the end of the pool ready to take her towel off looking at me in total disbelief and shock, mouth ajar. I casually walked away showing my entire backside, trying to stop from laughing at her reaction. Entering into the sauna i watched over the pool as people swam but she just went on doing her thing, but from her reaction she was quite shaken or has never seen a man wear a thong in her life. 

After a few minutes the cavalry came to the pool deck, two gym male employees running around as their was a fire somewhere. Sitting watching this spectacle one of the gym employees opened the sauna door telling me, sorry but some women complained about a man wearing a thong at the pool. Before he finished i angrily told him i was leaving anyhow.  Finishing my conversation too a fascinated asian gay man who followed me in noticing i was wearing a thong earlier, asking me questions about my body. Telling me how women must fall to their knees in sheer delight wanting me. Explaining to him the contrary that women find me frightening or afraid or intimidated to even politely compliment me.   Suffice it to say that was my last time i wore my thong at the gym pool.
While wearing it previously without incident i felt a bit unnerved that some women i knew or seen me in other bikini swimwear never reacted to my AC thong when i was swimming in or walking along the pool deck.  Mentioned the incident to my female friend about me being chastised of a complaining women, about my swimwear. She asked why, was it an issue, what's wrong with it. I explained without using the word "thong" saying, i suppose the gym has a problem of me wearing what i do, you know! while emphatically, ROLLING MY EYES. Which she said, ohh with a big grin smile, knowing and seeing me wear a thong at the pool on many separate occasions. Yet it always perturbed me not getting an initial reaction from her. Of myself wearing a thong to the pool. Looked as it was a non issue with her but deep down i knew she loved it, hiding her true feelings of amazement and excitement.  While other women around the pool couldn't look upon me and uncomfortably acknowledging a greeting i gave them. Which i knew some women felt great desire for me with tiny bikini briefs but the thong made them literally ignore me not being able to handle the image of my backside, in a good desirable tempting way. 
mack_back #304

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/17/2014 12:35:16Copy HTML

Everyone loves being watched but peoples intentions should be positive rather then negative. When i see people laugh smiling i think it's negative intent thus i get frustrated they don't like my choice of attire. Usually that is followed with jokes of ridicule that i maybe able to overhear. Difficult for me to get around that not everyone will like or agree with my choice of clothing.
While positive stares of shock or disbelief i love or addicted to see. Whenever i see a females jaw drop or the phrase of OMG! and they stand frozen like being stuck by lightning is something i love to watch their response. Sometimes it is so funny seeing women stare or make specific path checking me out, while trying to be subtle but their eyes tell me another story.
Another thing i do is knowing a group of women are watching or interested in me i try not to stare back. Only because i want them to soak in my greatness, so they get as much information on the way i look as possible. Looking back at them makes them shy away, and leave not wanting to be caught embarrassed, so i prolong the viewers delight as much as possible trying to look oblvious. 

The best is when a woman at my gym was being shown around for a tour with a male employee. This cute woman maybe 20 years of age stood walking inside the pool deck listening to the information about the gym.  She noticed me swimming but didn't react overtly. Later as i stood at the end of the pool taking a break i noticed the same women run up to the pool window from the outside. Her nose was close to the glass as the gym employee followed her smiling knowing she found something that took her fancy in a very deliberate way. He wanted to move on but the cute female just stood fixated looking upon me as i was standing in the shallow end of the pool. Felt it was time to climb out of the pool but seeing how the women was watching me it might of been overwhelming seeing my entire body 10 feet in front of her on the pool deck. So stood waiting for her to leave while smiling at her obvious stare, with a determined facial expression watching over me.  Felt she had to register as new member sold of what she maybe seeing in the future body like mine. Without any prejudice she loved the view of me in aqua blue water standing alone in double lane hands on my hips huffing and puffing at my swim having a clear unobstructed view 20 feet away. If their is any word she had with her watching me was sheer infatuation,  face flushed, breathing deeply, eyes wide in shock, oblvious to anyone around tunnel vision towards me, gotta love it.. 
OS777 #305

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/17/2014 11:25:44Copy HTML

 Bored members long ago tired of the same overly repeated rants that contribute nothing of news or value to the readers.
johny_b #306

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/18/2014 11:31:58Copy HTML

i am the type that believes in the word karma, if they are laughing at me they are actually laughing at the thought of them selves it a thong, knowing they aren't in the greatest shape on in the right mind sense. i wear whats not going to weigh me down in the water. its alot better then almost drowning because my shorts are so heavy, this world is messed up in a way. plus if they are laughing at me, they are leaving someone else alone. i could care less what other people think because most of them have nothing better to do anyway then worry about what someone else is doing, thats common here.
hotbunz1969 #307

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/18/2014 01:37:45Copy HTML

 Every once in a while I'm in total agreement, 'mack_back' has it so right when he said;

"Another thing i do is knowing a group of women are watching or interested in me i try not to stare back. Only because i want them to soak in my greatness, so they get as much information on the way i look as possible. Looking back at them makes them shy away, and leave not wanting to be caught embarrassed, so i prolong the viewers delight as much as possible trying to look oblvious."

If you don't want to put off your admirers try not to look at them to much if at all, act confident and as if what you are doing and wearing is perfectly normal. That way the chances are they look for a little longer. Yes I enjoy being watched! 

sol_y_mar #308

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/18/2014 08:11:43Copy HTML

         Very well put OS777
mack_back #309

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/24/2014 03:50:02Copy HTML

 Glad you had a good time no anxiety but pure enjoyment. Lucky you.Helps to  female beside you wearing the same. People can't assime your gay. They rule out that your a perv or someone blantley wants attention. Only other reason people want to explain your attire is a cop out but use it anyway, he must be born in a land far far away without understanding social norms.

While i always argue the he's european explaination of wearing smaller swimwear. Almost all euro/russian women find males in provactive clothing wrong. If you wear a thong or spoedo, tights you must be gay. All women i come across want a stereotypical male mate. Want his body to be brawny and tall. He doesn't shave his body hair and certainly never wears tight fitting clothes showing off his form. This is exactly what "euro" women often seek and finding pleasing or normal. If a man deviants to that, then they consider you less of a male or a  boy. Often hear women with that atitude laugh seeing anyone attempting to break out of the box. 

Only the ignorant or uniformed believe euro women find males wearing smaller swimwear normal and acceptable. Glad you found someone that enjoys thongs as much as we all do. Difficult to find tolerant woman who don't care what others say or beliefs are. All you wrote sounds like a perfect vacation. What i like is people had no assumptions of you two except to use the euro card. While that was corrected then the expressiions and shock of being living here totally confused their senses. Love that dumbfounded expression that are lost for words or explainations that make sense to them. Envy you!
lindros #310

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/25/2014 01:47:52Copy HTML

Mack ... I suggest you take a trip to Russian & Turkish Baths in Miami. There are plenty of Russian ladies who will like it if you wear a g-string. Trust me :-))
mack_back #311

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/25/2014 02:26:55Copy HTML

Lindros, yes their is a explaination why some women like to see a male wearing next to nothing. Has nothing to do with cultural, ethnic background. When i see women at my clothing optional beach they come not only to enjoy themselves but to watch nude males. Woman like that like to compare stare at male bodies for intrigue or fun.While male attiring a thong at a family beach the woman no matter their background disapprove being more  in her values. Often their disgusted seeing a male dressed with minamal clothes on or showing his shape in tight fitting spandex.Often i will hear the words yuk, no comment when someone poses the question on how i look. 
What i'm trying to say it doesn't matter what country your born. It's the values your raised with. Some find males in speedos funny and silly or disgusting. While some woman not at all offended but prefer seeing more of a man's shape or outline to see. Some woman are just born more sexualized then others and are not ashamed to hide their desires. It is easier to accept looking at a male body and desiring over it.
johny_b #312

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/26/2014 03:54:44Copy HTML

let them laugh, if your comfortable, go for it. i get laughs all the time and like sending smart ass rude comments back to the people that laugh. if you say the right thing, they will leave you alone, it works, trust me. i even had to knock some guys teeth out at the beach one day. he shut up quick and his girl friend was then laughing at him.
mack_back #313

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/29/2014 10:05:25Copy HTML

Bjbob1949 you seam to have better luck then me. Congratulations happy for you.
While i get sneared upon usually. Showing my obvious bulge is for spite and revenge. I see it like this, if women find my attire not to their liking showing through their visual body language, nothing  i can do or say will change that attitude.When i show an obvious banana hammock bulge women tend to focus on it while the clothes i wear are mute or ignored  not an issue. My way to get back at their judgemental views. Stops them from discussing my clothes rather attention is brought to light about my penis size.Certain circumstances i hear very few people say that modesty has crossed my mind. Usually my bulge silences peoples view of what i wear. They ignore me entirely or are more intrigued staring trying to make heads or tails on my appearance. 
While wearing a dance belt or padding cod piece to hide the bulge makes people ignore me leaving me be. While the imature tend to mock my attire not aware how i look entirely head to toe. While modesty makes people feel more comfortable me being around but doesn't stop the stupid saying bad things or disappoved opinions of the tight athletic clothes i like to wear.
Only compliment from a female gym member after countless minutes staring at my attire and obvious big bulge. She told me that's quite impressive looking down upon it, while her husband was nowhere to be seen. 
While i know I'm not everyones cup of tea. Although i do know seeing me in tight spandex uncovers a side underneath that people are amazed, intrigued with or envy. Whatever their beliefs or opinions of me most people can see i don't care what they say or think. Yet many can't help but express their negativity or silent contempt of me.
JM_Runs #314

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/29/2014 11:13:51Copy HTML

 mack_back - my 2 cents worth - I would not wear spandex and show a bulge at the gym.  Most people don't want to see that and you won't get a good reaction.  I don't think envious - just makes them uncomfortable.  Try choosing a different gym where they don't know you and wear something rather than spandex. See how people react to you.  If it's a different reaction then you need to ask yourself why it so important to show a big bulge at the gym and turn people off.  I say this because you seem to care very much about what people think so why make them uncomfortable?
mack_back #315

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/16/2014 02:16:56Copy HTML

Have to agree with everyone. To add you need to find a woman who constantly isn't looking for peoples opinions on what she wears. Constantly looking upon peoples reaction to what she is wearing is foolish. Same woman would  not like a man in a thong. 

For example was on a nude beach preparing to setup and take off my clothes. Had on my muscleskins poser 1/8 side thong. A young woman was walking with a man and she smiled noticing i had on a thong. She kept commenting to the male how it's such a turnoff seeing a guy in a thong. They both smiling upon me and began to laugh while i stared as they have a problem with me. All afternoon seen them fully clothed going in and out of the water with a couple of dogs. 

Later when i was leaving i put my thong on and old time nudist woman came walking back fetching her old friend. As they both walked directly behind me i was ready to pack up bending over etc.. The old nudist woman who i have a run in from the past about walking out in the park restroom in my thong. She didn't appreciate it and commented to her nudist click about negative characteristics about me. So the nudist just made a vocal laugh her friend less so but heard a chuckle. Almost wanted to confront her on why i look funny to her, joe pesci goodfellows sort of way. Think i look funny to you!
Couldn't understand her remark towards my thong wearing. Seen her earlier in the afternoon walking and talking with a member on this forum wearing his  thong. Seen the same woman summer after summer oil up her male nudist who wears a thong as well. Can't understand why she finds me such a joke. When her friends pointed me out year ago about my pubes were shaved she stared and laughed like a billy goat. Yet when i was new to the nude beach she was accompanied with some young woman. She often walked over my towel subtly pointing me out to her female guests. Just can't figure out some woman no matter how hard i try.

Thonging nude people will always have opinions and preferences. Lucky for me most woman i've seen thinking i look weird or are turned off ain't that hot. At the end of the day so what i wore what i like and most people said nothing and reacted normally. Did see a woman lurking when i wore my thong ready to leave. She was gleefully happy slowly moving away but had a watchful eye on me. Think she wanted to chat or stare longer and very happy to see me. Wanted to use the line, take a picture it last longer...Lol..
mack_back #316

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/18/2014 12:51:33Copy HTML

No matter how confident you portray yourself in a thong their is a vast majority woman that dislikes males in thongs.
For whatever reason some woman find males in thongs a turnoff or just silly. 
Yet to the life of me can't figure out why some woman feel that way. 
While i give many here benifit of the doubt  that some woman do like a male in a thong finding it sexy or a turnon.
With respects to that i've never heard woman say positive comment or spin about my thonging.In reality woman who do like what they see rarely say they do, weird right?
While true sometimes no comments mean they enjoy seeing me in tiny swimwear. Always have to go with body language seeing truly i look good.Yet, i know i do look fabulous and don't need compliments. Although be nice to talk with open minded woman who feels clothes are just that unisex and not issue as some make it.
mack_back #317

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/19/2014 07:51:14Copy HTML

For whatever reason some here said, of social conditioning maybe a factor that woman dislike seeing a male wearing a thong. Only by rare individual basis and circumstances have positive comments been made towards a thonger.
Often you will find feelings of laughter and amusement on how disgusting, classless individual wearing a thong looks, (woman's words not mine).
Wanted to go visit the outdoor public pool today. Knowing many kids are in school and will be very few attending. While considering what thong to wear AC in black, silver, muscleskins poser or micro g-strings or bikini briefs which will leave terrible tanlines. 

Thought about just going to a family beach wearing my g-string. Then rememoring last weekend response from two woman seeing me on the clothing optional beach wearing my muscleskins poser thong. The laughter and comments of being total turnoff for them makes me hesitate and 

Being on a clothing optional beach where freedom of being nude is tolerated and accepted, tolerated whatever your body looks like. Then receiving negative two responses puts doubt in my mind on how i look. Yet i know on a family textile beach the negativity intolerance maybe multiplied worse. Don't care to hear someone negativly disscussing on my choice of swimwear or location to soak up the sun. Sometimes i don't want to hear the same sheltered narrowmindedness of homophobic imature individuals. Almost always knowing what they are going to say to others, easily finishing their comments hearing it all before. Assuming i must be gay or mentioning they don't want to see what i'm showing, barebuns and bulge. Taking it all into account excluding myself to even try to atempt the inevitable circus and circumstances people feel about me or other male thongers at the beach or pool.

While my third option was to go to the gym indoor pool. Wearing a thong where a woman complained and cavariely arrive laughing upon me to wear something else or leave.Knowing their are more then a small percentage of woman who really enjoy seeing me climbing out of the pool in tiny swimwear. Noticed their stunned reactions ultamitely loving to see my entire body. Again making a decision to thong in face of being told to wear more for respect for others around me. Or just wear a tiny rio string fushia unlined bottom. 
Whatever my choice i still believe i look great in a muscleskins string thong. Most times difficult for people to accept a normal straight guy would be caught wearing such a skimpy daring suit. Will be parading around in my g-string at the c/o beach which gives me less stress from negativity. Yes, even after hearing couple negative feelings about me in the thong. 
So when i wear a thong and receive negative comments time after time expecting different results is insane. Asking us to condition others in the face of it to be more tolerant is ludicrious. Don't ever believe woman feelings will change for a male in a thong. Only few woman who adore my body may not care i wear a thong or seen nude. 

nospam_TN1 #318

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/21/2014 12:21:23Copy HTML

mack_back:  if those girls on the NUDE BEACH have a problem with you thong, then take it off and show them your schlong.  By that, I don't mean do any sex acts at all, just be nude and don't hide it or cover it up.  I find it bizarre that bystanders will be OK with a nude man, but not one with a thong, but if that is what it takes, then by all means take it all off and let the loud mouth females stare and take pictures if they want because you are not compromising by doing so.
mack_back #319

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/21/2014 06:17:48Copy HTML

Not that all women have issues but hearing reactions from two made me curious on why. Just shrug my shoulders finding it odd weird maybe someone can share spme light on it. Nude is not a problem with me but once i put the thong on changes women's response towards me for whatever reasons. Maybe some woman can't grasp the thought or ruins their fantasy of sorts. Maybe makes them conditioned of a female thonging and i look to close to feminine in their minds. Don't know and really don't like their assumptions or opinions. If indeed i see the woman again i just ignore her. 
tanlines2thin #320

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/21/2014 10:01:55Copy HTML

 I've said this before, but i'll say it again: any guy who thinks decking himself out in a thong or G is gonna win him over a gal needs his head examined..........in general, the same rules that women use for showing skin to attract a man simply do not apply to guys showing skin to attract a babe......women want the franchise of showing skin to attract the opposite sex to be their exclusive right.........there are exceptions, but of course, any exceptions are going to be exceptional and sexy women.......needless to say, I wish this weren't true, but experience has taught me otherwise.......basically, the only times that women have allowed themselves to be attracted to me in a G have been at clothing op beaches and resorts, and by attracted I mean where we've actually engage in a lengthy get-acquainted, pick-up conversation and made a date.........whenever I sport myself out in only a G at a public consumption beach or resort, I can count on one hand the number of times that I've hit it off with a babe......lucky for me, I've never encountered the negative backlash that others have reported, and I could care less about an occasional gratuitous thumbs up from a babe.....as I've said before, I deck myself out in a G for my own personal gratification........social validation means nothing to me........
mack_back #321

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/22/2014 02:49:37Copy HTML

Tanlines2thin said it bang on, again agree with you, but does sound a bit self serving or arrogant. 
Today i still got a chucke  huh! From veteran nudist regular woman when i walked out of the water at the beach nude. Later on, standing by my towel seen woman turn their heads who weren't looking liking what they seen me totally nude. 
Talked to a member of this forum to give me some appreciation and  pointing out  woman on the beach just loving, lusting after how i looked. Waving back at me smiling hoping for more then a wave back from me. 

mack_back #322

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/28/2014 01:58:23Copy HTML

Suppose it's natural for people to watch or amuse themselves from others.
Had episode at my gym pool with a couple teen girls. They noticed my bikini swim bottoms beginning to giggle. It didn't bother me just ignored them but they were persistant. When the entered into the whirlpool beginning to make comments about me and giggling. I tried my best to ignore them but very difficult not to break a smile. These teens kept so much focus on me it was ridiculous. Was very close not to belly laugh at the attention they certainly was of me or my swimwear, or bulge.
When someone has incessant laughter difficult for anyone not to join in including myself. Yet  none did except the two teens and almost me.
Just wanted to be left alone and not have immature teens assume or laugh at someone they never seen before at the body i have. 

Goes to show that some people can't handle seeing i guy like me in minimal swimwear. Think it's a testament that i look so incredible that i can't be ignored. Take it as a positive, but the attention is overwhelming at times even though i've experienced it before.
If i had any doubt to visit my textile family beach with similar teens i got my answer. Stay away from sheltered imature teens who just don't know how to behave. Best to hit the nude beach where their is most likely people who can supress their feeling once seeing me.
Once these teens entered into a large whirlpool with me i heard one joke they made of me. Think the assumed i was erect, one mentioned to the other if he gets any bigger his speedo will pop like a ballon. After leaving the whirlpool and the teens looking upon me closely walkin on the deck. They stopped their giggling and noticed i couldn't possibly me arroused and probably a competive swimmer putting on the swim cap etc..
Although i thought to sit on the lip of the whirlpool over looking the pool. Giving the two teens a view they must of loved to watch. Also another female who had interest  following me from my workout on the gym floor earlier. If i sat up knowing their interest in me and focus towards my bulge i couldn't to it without cracking a big smile knowing what the interest was about.
itanng #323

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/29/2014 12:45:26Copy HTML


What possible harm could have been come from you returning a smile and saying "Hi" to the girls?  Communication 101.  If you will be friendly with the people you encounter, you will discover that in your past encounters, it is not them who are the negative ones!

Thong- and speedo-wearers have a different "uniform" than other people.  Unfortunately, some people have been conditioned to make fun of people who do not conform to their "normal".  Some adults yell "put some clothes on".  Most teens giggle.  I wish I had a dollar for every trite comment (like the "pop" comment) that I've heard!

Get over the "people watching your bulge" thing.  Enjoy wearing your thong or speedo.  Enjoy MEETING people and having CONVERSATION with them.

mrhb2008 #324

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/29/2014 01:07:26Copy HTML

How do you fit thru doorways?
John Howard #325

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/29/2014 01:35:26Copy HTML

Spot on itanng!!

mack_back #326

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/19/2014 03:18:25Copy HTML

Doesn't seem very thong friendly despite the few woman in thongs. With your description the beach resorts look the same as north eastern habitatal dork wearing family oriented tourists.
Went to Clearwater wearing  tan thru  boxer briefs. The stares of me wearing it was similar to your story. I can relate to all your examples of fingers pointing and laughter. In all what you described doesn't look thong friendly. 
Whenever i feel at ease or comfortable in a thong when others just don't react. Be it they are afraid or just too polite to make a scene because what i wear. Rather have no compliments or laughter just indifference while making my stay normal as possible. 

Suppose hanging out near other woman thongers in groups helps even though they to may think we are weird to wear it. 
Was at my C/O beach one of two wearing a thong. The other guy (member of this forum) has a fun carefree attitude about himself letting young bikini clad females take a photo of his backside posing for them. While i'm more reserved observing every detail nuance from my thonging. Understand i need to laugh at oneself because what i wear is unique. Yet i'm serious because i feel just wearing a thong isn't that special. Woman don't laugh at oneself wearing a thong nor do they get laughed upon.  Just like you many feel they need to address the elephant in the room. Sometimes i feel exhausted repeating myself or hearing same comments over and over again. I try to hide my frustration by rolling my eyes and nodding my head saying yup! Only thinking to myself why don't these people get a life and not concern themselves so much about me, getting over it already.
mack_back #327

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/06/2014 07:22:08Copy HTML

Often i tuck but it draws attention anyways. Either woman are amused because i draw attention to my package or just the clothes i wear showing it off, don't know which. Either way i will enjoy the attention negative or positive.
 Only twice i've gotten negative comment about my bulge. One soccer mom looking upon me saying disgusting while other females smiled gleefully aware what she was refering towards. While another soccer mom at the pool other saying to someone,  i wasn't wearing enough and should cover up. While another woman gleefully said, he has alot to coverup to the laughter of group of soccer moms enjoying the remark and what they were noticing.
Looks to me many woman enjoy seeing a male bulge or at least mine intrigued enough not to get upset. Seen a guy try to show off all his bits and pieces and heard a woman beside me looking upon him saying, that's gross, to the dismay of the man. While seeing me earlier nothing was said or commented on. Suppose it's the way you wear it matters to woman, not all bulges are desired to view and depending on who they are looking upon. 
Suppose many females don't mind seeing someone like myself advertise either being amused or desiring it. Won't stop to much fun from subtle female reactions noticing it.  We all know the saying, if you got it flaunt it best way you can. I will stick towards that moto wearing anything to show my shape that woman don't mind gazing upon. 
mack_back #328

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/07/2014 03:16:13Copy HTML

Walking from the restroom and park area onto the alley towards the C/O beach. As i wore my neon bulge 3/8 inch thong. 
Seen three clothed people (lurkers) one older male and two older woman mid 50's. The one woman separated behind the two, she noticed me first. Her quick shocking tone called out to warn the other two ahead not paying attention. Her saying, oh my god! Look! Theirs one with a banana hammock!  With a rapid quick statement thinking i wouldn't hear her. 

Found it funny that the couple ahead only glanced and didn't care going back to their interrupted conversation. 

While all of them just came off seeing many nude people 20 yards away. Funny that the woman found it necessary to point me out in a thong while seeing nude people seconds ago. 
Was a bit shocked that the termology used was banana hammock. While we walked passed each other i stared at the woman who spoke alwhile she couldn't keep her eyes off me. If she had stood frozen as i passed on by i would have fallen on the sand rolling and laughing. Very funny to see someone who dispises the whole notion of nudity and skimpy swimwear yet walks deliberatly onto a clothing optional nude beach. 
Sybok #329

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/07/2014 03:53:54Copy HTML

 Yeah she was definitely setting herself up for that one mack! 
tanlines2thin #330

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/07/2014 10:23:20Copy HTML

 I've been showing 'bulge' for many moons on the beach in a G, at the gym in either leggings or tight yoga pants, and in other assorted daily walks of life......beneath my work & socializing trousers, I wear nothing other than the ole bodyaware spandex/elastic jocks which - dare I say - provide both a semi-discreet eye-catching lift and bulge......essentially, you can peg me as a guy who likes to show he is 'manned-up'........I am not a flashy billboard color guy, though........I show my manned-up bulge pretty much wearing just the drab, mono-earth-tone colors, and at square-peg public consumption beaches I wear as-low-as-you-can-go-pouch, rio-back, suits......nevertheless, not once has someone made a critical remark either to my face, behind my back, or within ear-shot........on balance, the unspoken, complimentary glances are pitching a shutout since I have never seen even one disapproving reaction........in summation, nobody - but, nobody - is gonna crap my style.......
Maxtlatl #331

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 "Her saying, oh my god! Look! Theirs one with a banana hammock!"

That really shows the sexism and double standards involved. What would happen if men started pointing out every woman wearing a bikini top and remarking: "There's one with a titsling!"
32189 #332

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 Good point maxtlatl.  Men would be frowned upon for making a remark like that while women can just scream out whatever.  
John Howard #333

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 hey mack if she obviously admires your banana hammock why not chat to her and see what happens maybe your story can have a happier ending than just an expression of admiration.
mack_back #334

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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John Howard i really doubt she was admiring me. My definition of her;

The vibe i gotten was she anchored offshore trailed the other two blocking her view to go use the restrooms in the park. Seeing that many people on the beach are of the alternative colorful lifestyle, aussiebum wearers . She appeared  to me as a pro-typical suburban soccer mom. She complains and rejects all of us in skimpy swimwear, with an opinionated big mouth etc.. Have female cousins exactly like her type knowing exactly what she is feeling, saying and closed mindset towards males swimwear or in general. 

So the only consolation was she was on my turf. Anything more she wanted (negative) too say, into my face, as we passed along beside, it wouldn't be justified or rallied upon helping her joined by others. As though we had been on a crowded, conservative, family, textile beach wearing my thong or speedo bikini, surrounded with male dork shorts and conservative boy shorts wearing females. 
Makes me sad that wearing a thong is made out as a big deal no matter what type of beach i visit. Just want to be treated as average. Just as females in a bikini or thong walking to and from the restroom, concession stand or park area away from the beach, without anyone treating it as unusual needing to comment. 

While that story considered a bummer i had one recently happened to me. 
At the gym seen this hot sixty year old married fit gym rat female. She occasionally teases me in fun about how impressive i look. Well she finished her workout with the husband but had a younger female friend showing her the ropes in the gym as much as she could. Yet conversation took place and my presence was noticed. While the old sixty year hottie was careful not discuss me in earshot she made one comment to her friend i could not forget and hear. 
As they both slowly walked behind me and out of sight past a mirrored partition. The old married hottie said, "if i look at him too long, i feel as i'm getting a orgasm". As my head looked up instantly noticing their gone and another woman walks towards me from their direction hearing her last word orgasm. 
I just ended up shocked thinking was she just being naughty and overly descriptive to the point of sarcasm. Will see in the future but it's not the first time she had her mindset full of sex or elluded to that effect. Just find it funny she acts so care free and relaxed when her husband leaves. Often her comments are sexual in nature while the husband is close by she becomes frigid and all attention focused on him. Earlier in the past she had been caught staring at me by her hubby. 
tanlines2thin #335

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 just keep doing what you are doing, mack.........I gotta feeling that pretty soon your way of presenting yourself in society is gonna catch fire, and all of this negative reinforcement that you feed on is gonna make a turn all for the better........you'll be a star before ya know it.......signing autographs, posing on beach & gym magazine covers, and making tv talk-show appearances........you know what they say, 'timing is everything'
tiggerix #336

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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@tanlines2thin - we need to add a like button to comments - yours made my day!
mack_back #337

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Tic - great story like to read that most thongers having enjoyable time at the beach. As you i like reactions from the ladies. Just reading it reminds me how woman want to be entertained by our attire.
Reminds me of a fellow this weekend wearing a suspender thong. An asian couple sitting on the beach clothed. The man laying back sleeping while the woman sat up watching the waves. Suddenly the thonger passes by stops in front of her at the shoreline tugs at his thong strap in good humour. As he knew the reaction from her would be shock and laughter. She nudged her man saying, see what that man in a thong just did. She smiled while her man just laid back down ignoring her realization of some playfull thonger. Wish i could be so relaxed and have sense of humour about my thonging at the beach. 
Just as you i revel in the attention and the oh my god! comments to regard of thonging or nudity. 
Most recent comment i overheard, three woman in tow with a couple guys. The first woman passes me by while turning around stopping to the others catching up saying, "should i say more" with slight smile and stare towards me. All awhile making reference before aproaching me as everyone tight lipped smirking looked straight ahead. While i stood nude with my gland chrome ring looking at each passing by about six feet away. They were all clothed maybe newbies while the one leader brought them to lurk from her past visits to the beach. Don't know if it was positive or negative reactions but either way got attention brought my way, i'll take it regardless.
While earlier time i got off my towel nude walking towards the water. Was in awkward position where couple woman were paired up side by side aproaching at exact distance which were about to collide at the apex. Them walking along the shoreline while i was directly approaching the water. Felt i needed to stop letting them pass first or keep walking making them slow down. Well i made sure they got a good look watching me pass on by their eyes. As i approached heard one say to the other, he has a nice butt. This was before i made my buns seen. Curious that she only commented on my ass rather then my bulge. Yes, i can take a positive comment into a negative.
mack_back #338

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:10/01/2014 01:31:53Copy HTML

Wore my thong regularly doing laps in the gym pool. Seen a very hot fit married woman i often chat with. She was looking in from the outside windows as i climbed in from the pool deck while she making her way to the changing room. 

Seen her since smiling, grinning saying hello but no mention of my swimming attire. Until now (couple weeks later) she timidly mentioned seeing me swim. 
Asking me didn't know you swim? While i smiled not making a big deal i knew the way she was looking at me.
Later as i walked by her she checked me out in my crop tights from profile angle. Must of noticed my smooth spandex butt without any VPL. 
She now knows i'm no stranger wearing a thong either in the pool or under my gym crop tights.

Find it very funny that she wants to talk about my thonging at the pool but is so timid. Surprising that she is very outspoken and all chatty smiles.. 
Suppose she is trying to be respectful around others not embarrassing me asking why i wear thongs swimming or under my leggings. Although i know she is very intrigued and curious seeing a male like me attire in unique clothing like no other male does at the gym. Suppose the elephant in the room will continue to grow until she brings up the thong topic..

At least she let me know that she spotted me wearing a thong in the pool without being specific. Saying seeing me swim was enough for me to know i was thong busted. Although i'm waiting for her to mention it by name yet she is very careful to be krass or rude. She is picking her spots carefully but i pretend to be oblivious to what she is getting at or curious about.

That's one reason for wearing a thong making others who aren't shy originally hiding their opinions or comments about me. Fun we all have wearing a thong.
mack_back #339

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Before the summer started i noticed positive smiles, reactions towards me from woman. After long vacation break in the summer months, returning back to work. Woman have become more distant, rude avoiding saying hello. Know for a fact that i've been seen by female co-worker nude at the beach. Also know their maybe more then one woman at work that sees me swimming in a thong at the gym pool during the summer. 

Just putting the pieces of the puzzle together getting not one polite aknowledgement from female co-workers. Was standing with a male co-worker which many hate at work. A female we both knew walked by intentionally saying hello to him by name which she never works with but entirely avoids me, where i need to work closer with her in various tasks. 
Before the summer their was a frenzy from woman trying to figure me out at work. Overhearing woman chat telling others what gym i frequent etc.. Always kept a low profile not offending anyone. Now i feel gossip has spread of my nudist lifestyle or thonging wearing at the beach or pool. For whatever reason woman are put off my choice of attire or lack of. 

Did hear my first visit to the beach this summer woman discussing to her boyfriend being extremely turned off seeing a male wearing a thong. 
Although wearing a thong to the pool and beach had positive reactions this summer. Yet at work woman are looking the other way when they see me appproach from a distance. Educated guess that most woman have knowlege of my attire at the beach finding it offensive thus the negative hostile rejection of a friendly greeting. No other explaination for their behavior towards me.  Once in awhile if i'm together with another person at work we greet a woman she reluctantly says hello, looking in another direction. 
Suppose their is a fine line which is blurred seeing a thonger/nudist as exhibitionist, creep, and a pervert. By the way wearing conservative thongs to the pool doing laps and muscleskins poser thong to the beach. Some woman just can't tolerate seeing a male in a thong.
While on a positive note or what i believe is good. Talked to hot fit female in the gym who seems very intrigued with me. She seen me climbing into the pool looking in making her way to changing room. She decided to mention to me with smile, didn't know you use the pool seeing you swim the other day. She abruptly didn't want to get into any details but put it out their for me to know. Suppose she wanted to know what my reaction would be seen wearing only what i wear to the pool, conservative thong swimwear. To be continued with her subtle questioning and interest of me at the gym. Although i do know she likes what she sees telling me so, i look good. Yet I'm not sure if that same compliment applies with wearing a thong at the gym pool, wait and see. 
mack_back #340

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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Really it's about the attention we want to receive at least in my case.
Always have trouble choosing my gym attire for my workout. Once i hesitated to wear my matching royal blue heathered crop tights and nike volt yellow razorback tank. I opted to wear my seamless heathered navy crop tights and matching tank with my nike frees. 
As i was using a piece of gym equipment, noticed a couple overweight 30 something woman beside me. One was commenting to her friend about me. Saying she is speechless and giggling, adding that she loves her. Her friend asks why are you saying that? Her friend constantly giggles louder and exhalling when i stand up stretching between my exercise sets. 
Finally after awhile the one woman sitting beside me silently commented saying, she loves my shoes. Telling me they look so much nicer then hers. She was dressed almost exactly what my first intincts were when packing ready to go to the gym, tights, tank colors and are same nike shoes. 

Knew the woman just wanted to make conversation to break the ice. Yet i answered her questions only knowing the true reason is to lear checking my body out closer. Believe they really enjoyed what they saw. My entire body wraped in tight spandex with enough skin exposed of my upper oiled body. Doubt any woman care about my face, only the contours and outline shown front to back. 
Whatever the reasoning woman often look and seam to have no problems taking glances. If the clothes i wear makes me happy most woman don't mind seeing me in it.  If they laugh or subtly stare i don't care as long we all have smiles on our faces, at my silliness appearance. Although i do know exactly what woman are looking upon me. Yet i don't hide it with little objection from any woman. Only have three objection of my entire length of wearing my tights swimwear to the gym. Almost always after a single woman negative objection heard immediate defence towards my appearance from other woman. Never has a group of woman agreed and voiced their displeasure of my appearance. 
Best2thong44 #341

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 Yes, they are laughing at you. 
ukessexbob #342

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 That's a very thoughtful and  profound comment. Bet that took some effort.
ukessexbob #343

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 mack_back, lots  of posts. Any chance you can polish up the grammar and punctuation so we can understand what you're saying ?
JM_Runs #344

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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 Here is video where the discrimination against male thong wearer is evident.This is in Chile, Spanish, sorry.The laughing is evident, and the lifeguards say "go to the other side of the beach" (the gay side).This was a social experiment for a TV show.
JM_Runs #345

Re:Are they laughing at me?

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@chichornio I know Spanish and that is horrible, if by law thongs aren't prohibited (saying that they aren't prohibited neither to women or men), the guards shouldn't have done that. That is wrong. And again because he wears thongs people assume he's gay, which is one of the dumbest stereotypes I've seen, I mean a garment doesn't define your sexual orientation. And to thing must of us thongers are straight.Chile you're not doing well.
mack_back #346

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/26/2014 07:43:31Copy HTML

Reason why majority woman can't enjoy seeing male in provocative swimwear.  They feel seeing any male despite their body type showing off so blatenly a turn off. Often i heard these words " turn off" from my appearance in skimpy or thong swimwear, despite enjoying or believing my body looks nice. Results in feelings of not being welcomed or tolerated because the choice of swimwear. 
Feel those feelings of critism stems from tolerance of what is acceptable clothing. Many on this forum may find wearing a fitted boxer brief swimsuit not a big deal or very conservative swimwear. While some females may find the swimwear very provocative and unusual. Same line of thinking can be traced to going fully nude on a beach. Some people can tolerate it while others find it disgusting. So to many styles of thongs we wear maybe not appropiate to wear at certain venues or locations, ie.. Jovanna 3d or muscleskins poser g-string are they undies or swimsuits it's up to our personal degree of what we find acceptable. Ask a nudist like myself what a male can wear on  ultra conservative textile family Beach and a dork short red neck god fearing male you will see dramatic differences in what is appropiate swimwear.
In my experience find the  33% of females who tolerate a male in minimal swimwear are mostly heavy set single woman who really enjoy looking at the male form. While top 10% elite atttactive woman never tolerate or believe a male should ever be wearing skimpy swimwear unless she is a nudist. Even then i've heard laughter from nudist woman seeing me wear thongs at the beach. For whatever reason woman find it looks odd seeing a male attire minimal swimwear. Suppose it has to do with conditioning your eyes and getting use to the effect men can fit into thongs looking great. In my situation pair of nudist woman who initially laughed seeing me thong later came around starring and their reactions found i look not bad at all in a thong after all. Although i didn't receive an apology from their initial cackle but learned to tolerate me and accept the thong. Suppose woman need to see males more in minimal swimwear to appreciate it that their initial reactions are overblown.
mack_back #347

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:12/30/2014 06:26:36Copy HTML

Maybe not ideal place to post this but will do it anyway.
Has anyone known people who critque others for the simplist things. Such as observing someone and finding an affliction of sorts or mocking someone just because they want to laugh upon them? For example mocking someone because they don't like  color of their hair, shaming them with unreasonable expectations. Why do these people feel the need to control and make opinions at every observation upon someone they know nothing about.. Rightly or wrongly these people always find fault with someone. Either commenting to others who listen ( which i define as mocking)  their observation of individual wears white sneakers with black denim jeans, while next time doing the same observation seeing someone wear black shoes with black denim. Always finding fault with their attire or food they eat etc....
Have known two woman such as i described one being a gym instructor other a co-worker. They rely on using others as a sounding board of their dislikes or observations of individual appearance, actions or behavior. They are ultra critical often times negative towards others. This flawed character trait wears thin, and some people, distance themselves from them such the gym instructor. She often hated my gym attire talking to others about her opinions without anyone asking alwhile making sure i overheard loud and clear, sort of a shaming. 
So is the same with  my co-worker comments harsh opinions that are unfair or untrue only for me to overhear. While others stand by partially listening hoping  to find someone agrees with their opinion or negative comments. 
This all may sound familiar to some on this board including me as those people i described. Want to say, never have i openly talked to friends i was with mocking talking trash of individuals i observed in my entire life. Whatever extreme appearance anyone showed i never talked or discussed it with anyone privately or publicly.. For example if a person was obese i never nudged a friend i'm beside for attention, hey take a look at her fat ass! Always i kept my thoughts expressions or opinions of someone else quite, even when someone wants to know. I've shruged my shoulders saying, i don't have an opinion or don't care or know. 
So my question is why do some have to react upon someone else negatively even a stranger they know nothing about? Are these people feel better of themselves after gotten something off their chest nagging them? Do they find themselves perfect while seeing flaws of someone else all the time. When these people do see someone that appears perfect or care for do they get angry and bitter towards them and comments become unreasonable and over the top. In my situation the two woman  ay found me attractive and used other qualities to get back upon me. Only because i never noticed them or responded back with kind friendly words. Sort of school boy pullin girls hair ..

mack_back #348

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/11/2015 08:48:22Copy HTML

Can't always think what others will likely say making you uncomfortable wearing a thong. Anyone who does is not worth knowing in my opinion.
Usually i get comments about what i wear. Was in a very crowded locker room and heard some young punk talk to his buddy. He mentioned without looking towards me (afraid in making a scene) that they allow girl in the male locker room, smugly smiling. 
Often i get a crowd of guys lingering way too long, waiting to see or intrigued what i wear under my workout clothes. Once i take off my tights they stare but usually i give most of them a front view. Oddly enough they quickly scatter and leave but i usually cover up in a towel immediately. 
Only once i got a comment sitting on the bench with only a towel on, drinking my post workout beverage. It was crowded around me so one guy behind me muttered while staring, your so gorgeous. At first i didn't know whom it was intended while looking around but i ignored it, while afterwards feeling bit creeped out. After thinking about it later maybe considered a bit of a compliment, even though i'm not into guys unlike him. 
Although i wear a thong i try not to parade around having everyone notice me. Get to many stares from guys either admiring my body with my shirt off or wanting to see more of my clothes off. Just don't want to show off around guys that maybe misconstrued as cruising leaving the wrong impression. Leave all that to the woman seeing me in my swim thong around the pool. They can think whatever they want usually it's shock disbelief or a shy compliment of sorts.
mack_back #349

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/21/2015 02:18:19Copy HTML

Fine line having confidence or being exhibitionist or arrogant.

Have been wearing crop tights with compression shirts for a long time at the gym. Noticed a new group of african american young females never seen a guy like me at the gym. Their first reactions was shock and smirks seeing me in tights. Nothing was being said in my presence but the way they stared upon me they took notice.
Seeing me several times before these young heavy set african american woman were working out sitting on some gym equipment resting, chatting to one another etc. Their were five of them, i entered their space seeing one piece of gym equipment was available which of course surrounded in the middle by all of them. Once i adjusted the equipment to my liking and began my exercise routine, noticed  all of them eyeballing me while suddenly being silent. One of the ladies began to comment to another saying, "I wish i had the confidence as him". They all began to leave not commenting back to the other but kept staring upon me. All these woman had on either short shorts or white printed leggings, which didn't compliment their shapely bodies.

So i didn't get why the one female said what she did about me. Being they weren't shy showing of their chunky thighs and large bodies in what they had on.

Felt i passed the confidence test we here discussed. Yet i felt so relaxed, seeing that i entered the lioness den, which many in my situation might feel intimidated by these woman leering upon every aspect of my actions or demeanour. 
Guess it was easy for me to be relaxed because  no woman began to smirk or laugh, giggle to one another about my appearance when i approached their space. They all were quite mature and polite not derogatory upon my appearance of what i was wearing or been wearing at the gym for several encounters with these particular woman. Yet i never made eye contact with any of these woman but went onto my exercise without thinking about how exposed my body appeared to them. Like me or hate me these woman never showed emotions as to be derogatory towards my choice of fitness attire. 

 Even if they did laugh or spew hateful words or negative opinions about me, i still would have the same demeanour and not avoid them. If hypothetically their were five fit models who never seen me before surrounding the equipment i would be using. I very much doubt they would comment the same words as the black heavy set young female did to me.  Or the five models would be as polite without laughing, or being disgusted with my appearance even if they thought i looked confident and relaxed.

Whatever your fears, hangups wearing a thong on the beach or pool, people aren't ready to attack your appearance that quickly. Most of the time people tend to look for the good side of a individual or trying to figure them out then the negative. Even if someone doesn't approve of your attire they won't condemn you on the spot some yes, but many no. If someone does react to your thong or in my case a skimpy swimsuit at the pool i get sliver of positive feedback. Such as two woman shocked seeing me in a red bikini brief, showering upon the pool deck. They watched intently from the shallow end of the pool, then commented to one another, as i walked away. One saying to the other, "at least he looks confident wearing that". 

So lesson to be learned act as your not wearing a thong but dork shorts at the pool or beach. If your mind isn't preoccupied what you have on but other things people begin to see your relaxed about it.Last thing you want is to be tip toeing along the pool deck as though your some sort of thief bank robber and slipping away without anyone noticing with a sack of money in hand with the dollar sign printed on the bag.You got to realize it, people will notice you sooner or later, it's up to you too make them keep looking and observing your behaviour or ignore you. Stop taking selfie pictures of your butt in a thong or ask people what they think of your attire. If you keep your attire a known issue bringing up the topic then people have something to pick on or brings new life to your attire constantly. 
Maybe it's my occupation that trains me to be less doubtful or handle peoples stares better of what i'm wearing. Noticed well dressed female at work when the lights are on her and people stare upon her movements as i lear as well makes her even more uncomfortable.  It is obvious she doesn't enjoy being stared upon or attention given to her making her less confident. Just amusing that a woman who tries to dress as best as she can and takes great pains on her appearance finds herself lacking confidence. At times she looks that though she may faint or fall over in her high heels. Makes it much more amusing to watch someone going through self doubt about her appearance or having the attention turned on. Like Taylor Swift sings, "the bright lights don't blind me. So whenever the heat is turned up on you remember not to melt like a cube of ice. Love yourself first because who else will.

gocal #350

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/21/2015 06:43:57Copy HTML

 I was just at South Beach and noticed that several women were in thongs and acted completely natural in them.  They didn't seem to hesitate to walk about among lots of people and were acting completely comfortable.  I get the sense that many of the men are not that comfortable in thongs.  I know I am not when I am wearing them at the beach.  I consciously try and be as inconspicuous as possible and not draw attention to myself.  When I noticed these women I was impressed with how comfortable they were with who they are and what they are wearing and will see if that will work for me as well then next time I am at the beach.  I do believe that if one acts confident and self assured people will be perfectly okay with what we are wearing.
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