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Tanian #351

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/22/2015 05:01:38Copy HTML

   A few years back I was swimming laps at a city indoor pool wearing only a brief string bikini. I used to very bold about this kind of thingand got away with it for several years.  I always had a moment of doubt before I committed, but always told myself WTF. Further, I would later rue myself for not having the guts to do it.  This was adult swim time,and most of the people were middle aged or better. People were polite, and ignored me, I got some admiring glances, mostly by the women.  One day, I was swimming next to an Asian lady, who stopped to compliment me, a lot!  She was in her mid-thirties, and by her dialect, I could tell that she was from Vietnam, and not her for very long. She kept saying that I was very beautiful. It was  sincere compliment, and not a come-on. In the same day, a white lady chewed me up and down, and belittled me, saying, the other women in the pool were laughing at me.  I just said, sorry and kept swimming. That day, the compliments outweighed the snark.
mack_back #352

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/22/2015 06:20:26Copy HTML

Tanian great story and your glad you did it rather thinking what if…
Interesting that a woman belittled you and told you other females were laughing rather then smiling enjoying the view. Looks to me woman who was negative preferred you to wear other then a string brief. 
Whatever the reason some woman seem to show their emotions with laughter either finding something silly, different or admirable. You wrote other females admired what you had on. Looks to me the lone white female had a problem with your swimwear but found a way to shame you, to change your ways. Rather then talking  about her negative impressions about your swimwear not to being up to her standards. Deflecting her opinions onto others that you should be embarrassed without outright saying so, only trying to pass a message what she is observing, wink, wink.

Not surprising asian females not domesticated to western culture or fashion standards or biases, stereotypes have often good things to say about our provocative attire. Have similar asian Philippine female who admires my body as well giving me incredible compliments.True that when someone gives you an over the top compliment unexpectedly, the negative is less likely to be pondered.

Difficult to gauge sometimes admiring stares or just females find you look different or silly. Seen a woman recently on my gym floor arriving with her husband mid 40's sly smirks as i was wearing my running tights. Although she seen me many times before she couldn't help but smirk noticing me. Later on i was sitting in the sauna overlooking the gym pool after my swim. She and her husband walked in noticing me again smirking with a sly smile. As others left the sauna leaving me and the couple alone while i sat further away from them and out of site. She began to talk about me with her husband.The woman had european accent but began to whisper to the husband about me. Didn't know what they were commenting exactly negative or positive about my appearance.  Yet i knew the topic was of me, hearing her saying, see that man sitting over their….. lot of muttering and whispering, commentary and husband agreeing i know, i know… The whispering must of been two minutes and the woman was talking quickly, infatically not taking a breath only hearing the hubby agree once in awhile.  After that they began to talk at a normal level about benign topics, then went silent as i left the sauna. Noticing the woman slyly smiling and eyes focused upon me outside the pool deck looking out the sauna bay windows. I'm sure she had more to say to her husband about me when i left. Seeing her expression it looked as if she was laughing upon me.

nospam_TN1 #353

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/24/2015 05:53:37Copy HTML

Unless one is actively seeking a female, the best postion towards females while wearing minimal swimwear in public is complete indifference towards those inclined to heckle and a limited degree of friendliness towards others.  In other words, don't make an effort to parade yourself in front of them.  Do not let the friendliness of some become an excuse to pursue them.  If they snicker, do not turn your head towards them or alter your movements in any way.  Ignore them and let them believe you are gay, blind, or deaf due to your lack of interest in them.  In a culture where men are encouraged to voice their every sexual thought towards women, nothing is more disarming than complete indifference towards them.  Ironically, if you are pursueing them, it often makes you seem more attractive towards them.  If you are just being heckled by them, it devalues their negative opinion of you.
JM_Runs #354

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/24/2015 02:36:30Copy HTML

You can't easily change how people treat you or what they say about you,
but you can change how you react to it.

Smile. Real smiles are infectious and help you make you feel happy.
Spend your time smiling like you were high on life.

Smiling helps to make other people less grumpy.
It inoculates you against other peoples jibs and barbs.
mack_back #355

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/24/2015 08:29:17Copy HTML

 nospam_TN1 and JM_Runs have concisely written rules to live by and agree 100% with their points.

Difficult for me to accept people saying negative barbs or reactions  towards my appearance. Feel it's a personal attack and they should be put in their place or some sort of punishment set forth. Agree with the point of ignoring them helps because it doesn't add more fuel to the fire for argumentative  people who live for those occasions.Having following those points you gentlemen so correctly mentioned i sometimes can't help not letting others know i'm angry at them. Leaving myself with a scowl, lowered brow confused stare. Maybe i'm so jaded and comfortable with my attire that i don't realize some would find it outlandish or unique for a male to wear.

Have a few examples to share of my reactions:Went into a large retail outdoor camping store. When the automatic sliding doors opened i seen down the long aisle two males standing presumedly greeting customers as they walk into the store. While the younger one mid twenty's started to grin and laugh staring upon me and his colleague upon what i presume i had been wearing (skinny jean leggings with John Varvotos combat boots and high wool socks). I walked passed seeing that only one was laughing while other stood not acknowledging me hiding his emotions unlike the other. My reaction was scowling upon them as too what's your problem dudes. Then he turned from grinning at his colleague and said hello to me, kind of late but i smirked it off thinking to myself, ya right! hello asshole…

Later as i walked deeper in the ski jacket sections of the store couple girls early twenty's employees began to giggle and laugh. Them turning their head while we walked in the same direction near the change room area. Heard the two girls once entering the change room foyer say at the desk with another female standing behind. One giggling girl saying, you got too check out the guy out their, look what he's wearing, other saying he looks hilarious in those skinny pants.  Although the large warehouse store was completely empty with rarely anyone around. The one woman bent over the desk peering out with intrigued smile noticing me. Then saying, to her colleagues, yah, i've seen him here before, (i dropped by the store earlier in the week trying on a new jacket in the same area, wearing different colored jeggings). My only recourse was to ignore them as best i could like you noted in the earlier reply.

JM_runs replied, you can't change people treat you or say. 
To my surprise at the gym i've been wearing tight compression clothes for years while some found me unappealing negative, have reconsidered or been intrigued. One married woman gym trainer who i've seen for a few years laughed with her husband about seeing my thong outline working out in tights or lululemon brand logo on my waistband. In the past year she has transferred working from the one gym to one i frequent readily, as new employee  her seeing me much frequently. 
She began to workout with another female employee of which never has a problem with my clothes or participated in laughing with other colleagues. While i heard them chat in the gym floor for a couple days together, topic of me always came up, from the employee who laughed with her husband few times at another gym location months or years ago. The other younger woman who seemed to accept my workout gear being she wore or copied the same type of nike free 5.0 shoes, under armour tight crops, tank tops as i started, sort of copying my style. Yet she wears pinks and magenta, yellow colors often with black crop leggings always accept summer in some loose nylon running short shorts. We have a polite relationship calling me by name while the negative woman never says hello to me, often huffs or puffs at my attire or ignoring my presence. So the negative female employee began to ask her colleague what she knows about me.

 First day i heard she told her i was okay but sometimes can be a big D. Maybe she misunderstood me because i'm careful to whom i chat with. Knowing some people are negative and i prefer not to be friendly these groups having despicable beliefs or barbs against me.
Next day i heard partial discussion again with the same two woman employees working out. First i heard laughter once i stepped onto the gym floor from the negative new female married employee i mentioned earlier. About hour later as i walked towards the water fountain i seen the two female employees finishing there workout mid discussion again about me. Being i'm only guy wearing spandex in the entire gym with female crops tights and racerback tanks not difficult to figure it was me they were discussing. They were far apart  with each other putting weights away walking etc.. While suddenly shocked and silent once they noticed i was nearby (hint) while i stood waiting in line to drink water. They thought or presumed  with my oblivious reaction towards them, i knew nothing about their loud conversation that could be heard around the gym floor about me. 

What i gathered hearing was the negative woman being inquistive about me trying to get as much information from her gym female colleague. She finished the discussion about me by saying, "he looks a lot like you, what he wears, how he walks, posture, your face, clones of one another only difference i say is, less the hair (she having red long hair). The friendly female employee agreeing, "ya, ya,  i know", while staring upon me while caring her dumbbell weights away. Seeing that i'm ignoring their discussion or pretending that they couldn't possibly talking about me she replied courageously (friendly red headed female) saying," oh, i'm sort of jealous of him in some ways.." with slight sigh..  While the other negative woman replied in conclusion, "yup! bet we all should be to some degree". 

Don't know if the negative woman was unintentionally giving a barb to the sweet attractive female employee comparing her to me. Or was giving me another jab thinking unknowingly i didn't clue in with their loud discussion. While comparison towards me and sweet red hair woman wasn't accurate being her body is bigger then mine taller, larger hips 40 inches, thick untoned  partial cellous thighs not to mention, the amount of body tattoos on her and pasty skin. Yet i still believe her negative spots won't change in regards to my attire being she has beliefs of what i man should or shouldn't wear. Do believe seeing my actions and observing my behaviour i'm not so bad at all. Someone she one day maybe polite too saying hello respecting me rather having a problem with my attire.While the tall red head cute female employee maybe polite and admire my clothes but overhearing her comments to the female colleague she to has a problem with my workout attire. Reading between the lines gives me insight to her true feelings about me only better covering up her emotions of detest or right from wrong what a man is wearing.

My point of all this is even negative people can readjust their assumptions when gathering more information about you. People observe for most my appearance that goes without saying. While the other aspects of my behaviour does matter.
 Find more and more people beginning to warm up to me seeing i'm polite helpful giving advice when asked and called a nice gentleman having no hidden agenda with regard to single woman.Often i get asked by outspoken friendly strangers in the gym what's my deal. Asking them why they tell me often woman confide and intrigued what i do for a living. Many instances woman assume i'm some sort of stripper or prostitute while the men have no answer not knowing me at all. This works well because once the male gets talking with me they tell me what woman are curious or said.Most of the males i talked to didn't care if i was a hooker or a stripper they were very liberal for what i wear or did for a living. In some cases if i told some guys at my gym if i was a hit man they probably wouldn't faze them at all.   

ukessexbob #356

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/24/2015 08:42:05Copy HTML

mack_back, after reading (most) of your postings, I'm begining to think you have a problem. I've worn a thong and g-string for swimming and sauna spa's, Lycra leggings for running and cycling, and lycra shorts for gym wear, in many public places over many years. Had  the odd negative remark, probably more in support, but 99% of the time it's ignored, and that's it. The amount of anti-thong and other anti-clothing choice remarks you seem to have attracted just seems excessive to me.
pkthong #357

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/25/2015 01:02:26Copy HTML

@Mack, I do sympathize with you to the extent that I wish people were more accepting of thongs,tights,"speedos",etc.;however I do think you are "living in your head". I believe that your perceived or real delusions of persecution are robbing you of any actual pleasantness in trying to be yourself.
I wish that I had more innate self confidence, I have always admired those with a lot of natural charisma and enthusiasm. I am by nature a "brooder". I have gotten better over the years and through life experience am less self critical, but nowhere near where I wish to be. Alas I may never get there but I will keep trying and keep living.
I persist in wearing minimal swimwear to the dismay of my now teenage daughters. When we are on our beach vacations I act as if I am wearing board shorts and for the most part people don't care. I do get the occasional ribbing from others but I have not had a severe adverse reaction, and if there is someone who doesn't approve of my attire:F them!!
On a different note you must be really good at typing, given the length of your posts. I on the other hand am not and it has taken an inordinate amount of time to type this. Yeah yeah I will take one of those online typing classes.
 Peace out
John Howard #358

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/25/2015 08:47:56Copy HTML

 Mack I wear compression pants and tops at the gym and thongs on the beach, and never experienced a fraction of the negative experiences that you have.....
I feel sorry for the negative perception you get,  but also believe that you might be provoking it by the combination of wearing gym clothes that belong to the ladies, and your attitude of permanently checking out what reactions do you obtain.
If you kept wearing what you do, and didn't give a fat rat ass about any reaction, good or bad,  perhaps the outcome would be different.On the other hand, if you wore more conventional male gym attire (yes there are plenty of brands of men's tights and tops that are super functional and still look very sexy but masculine) you could maybe get away with checking out the reactions because you would not stand out as weird.
I believe you should stop being so concerned on the reactions you get and concentrate more on your workouts, to increase the poundages and the form of execution, to develop even more your already fit body.  
I work out at a very rough gym full of professional and hardcore bodybuilders;  and always wear male compression pants and tops, winter and summer.   I have never had any negative reaction of anyone,  because they realise that I am fair dinkum and train as hard as I can to achieve my full potential;  they see me lifting heavy squats and deadlifts and wetting even my pants completely of sweat.     They can see that the clothes I wear at the gym are not a fashion statement to stand out and compete with the ladies to see who has the tightest bum;  instead my compression pants and tops are equipment that I use to make my lifts safer and my recovery faster.   Probably exactly to what happens with lifting belts,  wrist wraps, or long knee wraps for heavy squats, or even chalk to obtain a better grip of the bar.
I mean keep wearing what you like to wear;  it is very bold for a guy to wear lululemon pink crops that are obviously girls';  however I think that your attitude should concentrate more on your performance and not so much on people's reactions.  
mack_back #359

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/25/2015 05:26:09Copy HTML

Thanks for the support and yes my reactions are analysis of what woman honest perceptions are. I'm definitely tolerated as a fit guy at the gym or beach. 
 Sometimes people laugh just because they find a disbelief on how i appear not what i wear. Even those who told me i have a great body sometimes smile laughing checking me out in stocking crop leggings and painted on compression shirt. Yet without wearing such fitted clothes they never would notice me or tell me i have a nice body.Kind of glad some people laugh upon me because it's an honest emotion or opinion about me. People laugh at Mr. Olympia seeing he is overly muscular almost to disbelief. Yet some niche group finds him great and nothing to laugh about, while others think he is gross and a joke. So to i'm aware my goal is to workout and leave others alone or not pay them any heed. While putting my head down avoiding others makes me look strange and anti social done that before. Now i stop, chat, smile in a relaxed way and if someone finds me approachable no negative words are exchanged only compliments. Or jokes thrown my way as i live in the gym looking like that, you must have a strict diet it shows, dear god look at him he's unbelievable ( big grinning smile), never seen a fitter guy like that, yah i bet he doesn't drink alcohol looking like that, do you think all that is real, come on…, Jesus, OMG look at him,  etc...
While some compliments of me are hard to accept seeing my hesitant or disbelieving expressions they often have to tell me over and over and explaining differently thinking i'm offended in some way. When a woman compliments me saying i'm so thin. Seeing my reaction she explains, no in a good way, not ugly thin but fit muscular way, really nice.  
ukessexbob #360

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/25/2015 06:07:11Copy HTML

Yea, well, ok. Then just carry on, and kill the need to come on here and procrastinate about it. And  loose your need to justify it, even to yourself.
OS777 #361

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 05:53:35Copy HTML

luvnmythong #362

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 06:01:27Copy HTML

I agree with you OS777.   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!   Mack has been asked to quit his ranting and raving, but he continues to hi-jack this board for his own pleasure and enjoyment.   I vote with you that we have heard enough from him.  It's time for ALL of us to express our feelings of disgust over his postings.   Are there others who will join this movement to put a stop to all this insanity by Mack?   If so.....speak up!
JM_Runs #363

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 06:41:36Copy HTML

The title of the thread is, "Are they laughing at me?"  In this case, the better question might be, "Are we laughing at Mack?"  Some people on this board apparently are, and I don't think that is right.  I agree that Mack does seem to constantly read hidden meanings into everything, that he seems to get all worked up about everything, that he posts quite a lot, and that he also seems to put himself into situations that cause him problems.  Yep, he's not perfect.  But you know what, in spite of that, I'm going to disagree that his posts are "hijacking" the board.  We are supposed to be supportive of one another here and Mack apparently feels the need for support more than the rest of us.  Maybe Mack just needs a friend, and a lot of people here are offering him advice that IMHO he ought to take, but maybe he has different needs or maybe he is hardheaded or maybe he is just insecure, WHO CARES?  The point is that he shouldn't be banned just because he doesn't follow advice and doesn't post stuff you like.  It's called "tolerance" and of all places, I would expect this board to be "tolerant."  A major complaint on this board is often "judgmental people" and here we are, being reaaallly judgmental.  That strikes me as hypocritical.  The internet is a cruel place and I don't see the need to make it even less hospitable.  There is also an element of "free speech" involved here.  Let the man express himself.  If his posts are bothering you, don't read them and don't respond to them.  I just don't think capital punishment is warranted.
Kelmu #364

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 07:33:51Copy HTML

I wouldn't vote to remove Mack from this board. I say live and let live. I don't follow his stories that closely but it seems what he is writing is not offensive. People should be able to read his submittals if they want and those who don't can just scroll over when it appears. But it would be a shame to deny him the right to express his views.
Happy_Thonger #365

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 08:37:59Copy HTML

I agree with the previous two post.Mack has issues and he vents a fair bit of it here. Some would say he rants on a bit (or a lot!), but I say no harm, no foul so live and let live. Let everyone express what they want. If you don't want to read his stuff - don't! Its that simple. Peace out hombres.
Grabeach #366

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 11:26:35Copy HTML

This topic reminds me of a long running daily soap opera. You can go away for a couple of weeks and when you return you’re right up to date because nothing has changed.

Mack’s still doing what Mack does and OS’s still wishing he’d disappear. Gives one a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that no matter how much the world changes, some things still stay the same.
OS777 #367

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 12:14:55Copy HTML

tiggerix #368

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 12:40:32Copy HTML

free speech is important - none of us has to read posts that we don't want to - you kinda give up if you see a long post anyway.  

As I don't go to the gym, nor run, I don't have any need for compression pants in pink or white.  When I did go to the gym, people would stare at the guy wearing 1980s lycra shorts with different coloured socks - man that was weird - two types of sock. 

Last time I was laughed at wearing a string was in Italy - young guy and his girlfriend - he was almost crying with laughter.  I didn't find it intimidating, just funny.  I smiled and nodded to him.  My Mrs had warned me that the string looked a little out of place and it was strongly suggested that I put a speedo on instead.  Pity really as I was planning to walk 300m along the walkway to the beach shower.
We play the game of me wearing as little as possible and see how long before the Mrs 'suggests' an alternative.  The old joke: 'what's the difference between my wife and a terrorist'   

In Portugal I had what can only be described as a 'Paddington Hard Stare' from a 30ish Portuguese lady whilst wearing a JS bulge thong (white sheer that was probably a little too far).  And a 'what on earth is he wearing' look from a younger 20ish girl when I passed by in a micro tan thru.

AS to the question 'are they laughing at me' - yes, sometimes, and sometimes I look more out of place than others - go figure...
b21 #369

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 01:36:17Copy HTML

I admit, Mack's posts have annoyed me in the past and I've bitten once or twice but I don't think excluding people just because they're a little bit irritating is the way forward. Especially for a group of people who spend their lives trying to not be excluded because of our swim/underwear choices.

He used to annoy me with his super long rants... but now he doesn't.... because I don't read them. Problem solved haha!
John Howard #370

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 01:43:55Copy HTML

 In my opinion Mack should not be banned from the board, its all about free speech in a tolerant society.

if his posts become repetitive and annoying we all have the option of ignoring his post and go to the next contributor.

Sometimes i wonder if Mack is a troll who is having fun at our angry reactions to his laughing at me posts.......lol
JM_Runs #371

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 02:38:51Copy HTML

I'd like to add my opinion in on the demand to ban Mackback from the board. 
Absolutely not. Where does it stop? If another person starts commenting in a negative fashion or posting less than flattering replies do we take them off the roster as well? Before you know it, all you have left is people who think, act, dress, etc. exactly as everybody else. 
Not to get all political but this is exactly the technique of modern Progressives. Shut down the opposition. Call them names and ban them from speaking. Make fun of them, question their intelligence and ostracize them so that they are a pariah. I love a group that declares it is for open and honest debate but the first time you disagree, BAN HIM! 
Now, Mackback's posts are rambling and disjointed. I do think he creates far more drama in the world than actually exists. For the most part, people truly don't give the other guy much thought. If you receive 2 or 3 seconds of somebody else's thought process, you're lucky. 
Anyone can read my posts and know that I was given an ultimatum at my local gym. Stop wearing unconventional workout gear or I will be asked to leave. We're talking compression tops, tights, shorts with very minimal inseams. It's not like I was wearing a Borat Slingshot thong around the gym. But...after laughing at the manager's request I decided to leave. Why stay  in that environment? It's the same thing. I didn't conform to their "standards" so I had to be banned. No difference between that and asking Mackback to be banned from here. 
I've corresponded with MB personally and have voiced my support for him and his choice in workout kit. Wear what you want and to hell with everyone else. As long as you're not being obscene (obviously showing nudity or close to it) than I'm sorry but it's nobody's damn business. We're there to workout, not make friends or join some damn social club like we're back in high school.
Fortunately, we can see who posts. Next time you see Mackback's post, skip it. I, personally, will continue to read them for the entertainment value.
koenig3456 #372

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 02:40:09Copy HTML

 I feel that everyone should feel free to express themselves without fear of being banished from the community. No one is forced to read every post.
J_R_365 #373

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 03:16:48Copy HTML

 I agree with the support for Mack. I wish his post were a bit more concise, and he does seem to love drama, but he's not inflammatory or abusive. 
OS777 #374

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 06:02:58Copy HTML

RapidBlue #375

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 07:14:38Copy HTML

 I honestly don't care one way or the other. Let him speak if he wishes. I don't have to read (although I do find the posts entertaining). I believe we all have the right to speak. And after all, like it or not, we who wear thongs are a fringe group in the larger society.
nadathing #376

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 08:41:21Copy HTML

 OS777 seems to be really over the top.  While several of us have defended Mack's right to post what he wants (and I agree with that), OS has suggested that either Mack be banned or we delete the thread.  Well, if OS is so bothered by Mack's comments, he can choose to not read the thread, and let the rest of us alone.  That accomplishes OS's needs, I would think.  I'm sure he feels (as do most of us) that if somebody doesn't like what we are wearing, they don't have to look.  Same deal here.
Best2thong44 #377

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 09:04:37Copy HTML

 People!  Thong wearers (us) are but a section of the public. Of course some are irritating, misguided, and opinionated. I don't care if you agree with MB or OS-- get over it. If you don't like/appreciate/agree with someone's opinion or story, then walk away. All thong wearers aren't enlightened, informed, competent people, no matter how much you wish we were. 
JM_Runs #378

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/26/2015 09:41:39Copy HTML

I may be mistaken here, but I don't recall Mack posting comments about his fellow members like calling them "overly understanding  dogooders who love to wollow in misery and are endlessly charmed by the rantings of an imbalanced individual."  I also don't remember Mack questioning the intelligence of other members of the board.  Yes, there IS an apparent unbalanced individual who is posting rants on this board right now, but it isn't Mack.
T_for_2 #379

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/27/2015 01:29:47Copy HTML

 Apparently I am one of those wallowing in misery "dogooders" and frankly I am offended by that comment. I would never, however, suggest that the author of that comment should be banned. Unless there is an utterly egregious situation, the banning of people is an extremely slippery slope. I often do not agree with Mack's approach to things, but I will absolutely defend his right to express his opinion.
Let's face it guys, in the eyes of most of society all of us are a little weird because of our interest in wearing thongs and other minimal swimwear. I say live and let live. If anyone does not like a particular board member or thread, simply do not read it. It's time to lighten up a little.
OS777 #380

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/27/2015 05:36:35Copy HTML

tanlines2thin #381

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/27/2015 11:54:08Copy HTML

 I like the soap opera comparison the best........furthermore, if ya don't like what someone has to say, say something worthwhile, yourself
thong_jock #382

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/27/2015 01:58:52Copy HTML

 Just don't read them if u don't like them them. Jeez. I choose not to read them. Way too long. Peace people. Peace. 
mack_back #383

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/27/2015 08:15:37Copy HTML

 Problem with some people on this board instead  of helping me. Not looking for pity or sympathy about examples or situations that i write about. Only to prove that some people hate guys in thongs or tights or other fitted clothes, not my imagination or opinion expressed but others i overheard or seen reacting. Yes, i can generalize my thoughts more concisely but many just believe it's in my head or i'm worried about it i.e., amount of posts on this forum.
 By far i'm not fixated on the lawn noticing one blade of grass is longer then the others that i just mowed. My examples are observations from people who i seen many times and their comments, reactions, opinions with others about me. Not being a person who stares upon others but absorbs the atmosphere carefully while many don't even notice, thus me being quite and looking oblivious that others surround me.
In order for some to better guide me on the topic at helping my disjointed thoughts or experiences i write about rather then attacking me. So that others can read, or be at the very least, entertained with the going ons, mundane or boring stories, as some here believe i write about.

Only want discussions about others not about me. Interested how others who are new to the thong life can relate or be informed by my examples i lived with. Talk about JM_Runs boardwalk video someone posted and his reactions caught on camera. He lived it so he can in detail give insight tell all of us what was happening. 
Or talk about the funny youtube video about the really old guy running the beach in a rainbow rio on his toes and hands up in an usual way. Regardless what he was wearing the way he ran was funny enough.

Never have i asked someone to feel sorry for me about the life experiences i wrote about wanting to cry on anybodies shoulder.Like many have discovered i like to push back negativity when receiving it wrongly or deserved. Feel it's my prerogative to lash out for what i know not imagined, disapproving opinions of my attire. If i feel turning up the volume of my attire be it a thong, running tights, street wear who is going to stop me. While knowing it will be received back with stronger negative vibes or comments, so be it, my fault. At least it will be my  non vocal voice what i believe is contempt for anyone disagreeing with my attire. If anyone can follow my train of thinking.
 For example if i wear a speedo people laugh or make stupid negative comments. So if i decide rather to wear a thong in the same context senerio the same comments will exist, maybe bit or lot stronger. What difference does it make to me passive negativity or strong negativity either way they are the same emotional response. My logic maybe flawed to some and you might disagree. I'm not talking about wearing a navy blue conservative speedo and then saying i'll wear a unlined koala torpedo g-string thinking people will respond the same ways.

What i do know while wearing running tights black male type, woman often didn't care being woman's or mens versions (2XU), he is still wearing tights, which is wrong or funny to them. Only i push it so the colors are more vivid or patterns noticeable and style cut capri, 7/8 crops, leggings the reactions are the same. Only because many males are not seen in capris often and many companies don't make them for males woman tend to find it girly. People can label me whatever they want fag, gay, girl, princess, a model i react the same rolling my eyes here we go again and again. Not complaining only stating a fact. Tights should be unisex so why the attention. My thought turn up the volume wearing hot purple never pink crop leggings and let those haters watch, tough s$#t because i can.
That goes to about my street wear stocking like jeans the stares, smirks i receive etc. So i up the volume buying my first high end nubuck block heeled booties in the woman's shoe department. Bet you won't guess the reactions from the female male employees? Do i expect negativity wearing around town, ya for sure, i had a few already, save you all of the details, although entertaining funny as it might be. At the end of the day i'm wearing heels not them and they can think and laugh all they want. Yet for some reason not as much i first thought to my surprise.  
Take a look at these bad ass heel booties. My thinking how can they hate these booties if they envy wearing or buying them for themselves. Lol.. Truly deranged thinking you might say….. Yet it works envy is a powerfully emotion and it works when done correctly… Laughter is eliminated and jealousy for themselves takes on new life so to my gym attire and beach thong body….

So i push the limits what people find weird, different, silly, wrong and pretend or fake it that i don't care or bothered about their opinions.  You be surprised at some woman's responses are of me on the street. While i always think pessimistically towards being pointed out by others such as "hey!, look at him, look at those tight jeans, oh my", then i roll my eyes here we go again. Two females noticing me standing on escalator behind me as we rode up together. One told the other after a long pause, "he has a nice body". Wow, to my shock no negative comments or laughter seeing my backside in heels and stocking jeans and very short jacket. Or my costco store standing inline woman muttering to her husband. He sure looks well dressed in that, husband response, ya if your gay. Wife belittles him afterwards. 
jprob50 #384

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/28/2015 05:35:39Copy HTML

Could it be that the shock and negative opinions could be the result of functionality. In general, men's clothing tends to be more about function than showing off a physique. From your photos Mack, no one can argue that you are well built and put in a great deal of work to stay in shape. Thongs on the beach and tights in the gym or while running are quite common, but also have function. In fact, tights for warm-up and fitted speedsuits are expected in the world of track and field. Even the largest of shot-putters and hammer thowers wear tights and spandex shorts.
On the street, however, very snug jeans and 2-3 inch heeled boots simply are not functional for a man to wear. Heels were worn by men before the French Revolution by nobles who really didn't need to do anything for themselves. They simply are not practical on larger people in this day and age.
If I meet anyone male or female on the street who can't walk well in heels or just too large for the heels to make difference in their appearence, I tend to chuckle to myself. I simply think "Why bother?" Heels on a heavy woman do nothing for her except produce foot-pain.
Having said that, I would never infringe on a person's right to express themself. So, if you like the look, be brave and......GO FOR IT !!!
Like those Frech Nobles, I tend to use makeup to enhance my looks sometimes. Almost no one notices and those who do can't argue that it does look good. The key is not to go overboard.
Stay strong !! 
mack_back #385

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:01/29/2015 06:27:52Copy HTML

Great that some feel they can go to a non thong environment such as a pool where none has thonged before. Even though i have confidence and know some woman do as well. Only reasons people don't try to wear a thong in places we never seen them before is feeling comfortable. Meaning we as confident thongers believe why are people staring and looking upon me in a thong what's the big deal.
 The unnecessary attention is overblown from sheltered people and react to us thongers in a less polite manner rather then going on with their business. Having a constant eye on you with a thong body can be unsettling, people glare or lear constantly with your unique swimwear presence. Sometimes i too would like to thong and suntan at a public outdoor Olympic pool. 
Knowing the attention given to me good or bad would out weigh the pleasure and freedom of actually wearing a thong. Their is enough attention when i wear AQUX low rise swim brief seeing the positive shocked reactions i'm given at a pool. Wearing a thong only would bring the levels higher, even positive reactions about me can still cause uncomfortable feelings. Seeing that interested people are watching your every movement scratching myself, my flaws, tendencies  or my misunderstood demeanour, all can be unsettling rather than a relaxing time at the pool.

Others here on this forum may laugh saying i'm crazy when people react to me positively i get uncomfortable. Yet i believe if your closely watched scrutinized, commented on by others, positive as it can be, i be happier if left alone and ignored to some degree. Great to get an odd admiring stare or smile but constantly watched or focused on is another story. If peoples topic of me not getting over it, never seems to end while attending a conservative pool  it  becomes intolerable and i want to leave second guessing what i wore.  Find that has a lot to do with many woman not wearing thongs as well. Woman like to be admired what they wear and how their body looks. To have men lear and comment constantly becomes childish, unsettling maybe creepy to some degree. So too it can happen to a male by females and becomes odd for the thonger misunderstanding their reasoning for staring.

We all know popularity breeds resentment. Sooner or later overhearing positive reactions to my thong body their will be others saying enough is enough he is not that great and begin their slams, shaming you and going to higher authorities complaining to leave or put on something else. 
Although i put up a brave front of being very confident even cocky with my body whatever i wear their is always some doubt in all of us. Often when i get noticed or just overhear others talking positively about me being mentioned while having outer persona looking oblivious to everyone. My body heart rate increases muscles begin to spasm or quiver or fatigue faster. My brain processes things  in slow motions, all of these symptoms can be attributed to shyness and attention given towards me. Feel almost you can't go on be it swimming or just walking feeling any moment i will faint or get light headed loosing my balance. 
All of these symptoms  i mentioned maybe just fear and in my head when i first started as a newbie brief bikini wearer, thonging, running tights, nudist etc.. While age and maturity makes things easier over time and confidence grows more. Can't lie saying the fears and symptoms doesn't happen to me anymore to very slight degree depending on the venue or people your surrounding yourself with.  Just think of good things people re-enforced complimenting me in the past. Then compare myself to whomever is discussing my appearance then judge them as they are doing to you. Often or many times leaves me more relaxed and more confident. Sometimes i glance over to whomever is staring, smirking or rolling my eyes, thinking to myself, look at them they have a problem with me, buddy have you seen yourself  in the mirror lately or the size of the woman your with...
mack_back #386

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/02/2015 05:24:49Copy HTML

How do we differentiate one who is negative or one who is over observant and just opinionated not meaning any harm?

It dwells inside us on our sensitivity towards others reacting to our attire. For me i'm always on guard and pessimistic on peoples typical behaviour. While i believe almost everyones against my attire, when push comes to shove, it can't all be true. 

My opinion is to expect it always and over do my attire to the point they become shocked speechless to comment. Lately i've noticed bigger friendlier smiles from the ladies and confused stares from the men. Comments none so far. Believe me i'm deserving of some comments at what i worn lately.

While if someone did comment negatively i would think being unique in my appearance almost certainly gravitates haters, not to surprising. In saying that  some may enjoy my attire, intrigued, enjoyment because of the  entertainment factor from the boredom of others peoples mainstream drab fashion sense.
People should feel uniqueness of someones appearance shouldn't be commented on negatively. People should be happy for another wearing what they choose carefully and like to show off to others. While some believe they may have a impact on someones decision on their appearance when commenting negatively. In contrary as i do actually raise the bar only to spite their indifference or negative views. Smart individuals will abstain to critique your appearance negatively thinking your beyond reproach to listen. Leaving you with people not encouraging your attire fashion sense only just ignoring, minding their business, in better terms indifferent, less caring. 
Thongmad #387

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:02/04/2015 11:31:51Copy HTML

 ...once again, if you choose to wear something skimpy you will be in the minority and you will draw attention to yourself no matter what...

Class dismissed.
mack_back #388

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/12/2015 05:08:05Copy HTML

Anything that makes others look twice and comment, intrigued about what i wear. Reactions from others is a secondary option i care to have, while the first is comfort and style.
This week wearing different tights to the gym brought reactions from a few hot females paired together working out, commented, giggling about what i wear. 

Noticed another tall woman chatting with the same couple woman but she didn't respond or look upon me of my tight attire. When she worked out i heard her grunts and moans but i refused to look her over in very nice black capri tights she was wearing. Although i knew she watched me working out nearby, in between resting of her sets of squats. Our paths later crossed as i walked from a well deserved drink of water from the gym fountain. She was finished her workout and walked down a corridor she let out a big smile towards me as i looked over to her as we approached closer together.  

Nothing better seeing woman take notice of what i wear knowing they like it as well. (maybe not on me but the clothes themselves) Despite what oddity or uniqueness as a male wearing something no other guy would try or dare too. Fun to know woman are jealous or in such love with my clothes i wear, probably wanting to tear it all off my body for themselves. Lol..

Best thing wearing my type of unique tight athletic clothing to the gym people i meet outside recognize me. Went to a local Lululemon store had to buy some new crops and asked a sales woman do you have in stock Wunder Unders crop II and she said what size. Picking them she asked will that be all or would you want a matching top with it? She knew it was for me only smiled knowing she will be seeing me wear it at the gym. Next day she and her boyfriend were at the gym with her big smile seeing me wear it knowing sold them just the other day. My regret not listening and buying the racerback tank top. Will be hell trying to find elsewhere matching up the unique shade color Lululemon tights i bought. 

Many ask where i buy my clothes suspecting their are woman tights. Don't care anymore if someone stops pauses as i stretch my hands up showing off my wide waistband and LULULEMON logo clearly seen. Often woman now walk away smiling to themselves, unless their a fanatic to the company brand and seen the exact same or own it themselves, or clever to know it without the logo being visible.
mack_back #389

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/21/2015 02:22:07Copy HTML

Just another mess that validate narrow minded simple folk making the assumption of any thonger is either a pervert or mentally ill. People just observe the titalating   facts man wearing a thong. While ignoring the fact he maybe drunk, exposing his underwear. He could of been just wearing boxer briefs and no mention of that because it's deemed okay by the public, while a thong is novel for the viewer and reader to be more intrigued.

Just hate when someone brings the fragile community of any sort down by some bad apple. Just as in life bad things happen in every occupation, lifestyle choice, expect some flack when some of us walk the beach this summer. Yet many don't read such novel news reports but i bet it will have a topical life span anyone who wants to goggle pervert and thong and this story pops up.

I've overheard gossip assumptions about my attire at the gym today by older woman talking to her young friend riding the stationary bicycle together. The young woman cycling next to me quietly spoke to the older friend beside her saying what's the deal with this guy, nodding towards my direction (meaning me). The older woman who probably teaches a few classes in the gym seen me a time or two (which i never spoke or knew before today) responded, silently inaudibly for me to hear clearly. Saying something to the fact i enjoy wearing woman clothes and a crossdresser, while the young female spoke out loudly, "oh no!" The older woman just went on saying people are just mentally ill and don't care to get any help. Didn't look over to respond in anyway towards them even though i was topic of conversation. Soon they walked off together while the young one saying, great i can now eat. They didn't bother me i didn't bother them we all go our separate ways. Even though i find her opinions true in some respects but utterly disrespectful although she may have thought i never heard her. Although i do keep tabs knowing what they look like at snub any chance i see them again. 

Minutes as i got off my bike i walked passed another couple woman a mom and her daughter talking in another language coincidently on bikes next to me. The daughter seen me before often smiled what i wore unlike her i don't wear lace tops or mascara working out. So they never acknowledged me certainly not the mom (to involved in chatting). Then as cleaned and wiped my bike off i headed out towards the changing rooms. The same Mom and daughter were chatting oblivious of anyone around standing blocking my path so i passed in front of the mom and she responded in her language OMG! which is always universal in translation. Could not understand the words but i knew she was making a fuss what was in front of her. Her daughter saying something to her mom of  not making a scene about what she was looking upon. Think the mom noticed either my bulge or tights and backside while keeping the chatter what was unfolding stunned and shocked with giggles. Again i never looked back and walked as everything was normal, at least to me. While the Mom i seen plenty of times and the daughter seen me always noticing with her grin talking to her mom which up to today was oblivious of me. 

Looking back at it quite amusing seeing the mother realizing what she had seen a male wear at the gym exposed as anyone can be. While the daughter knew what i wore amused or enjoyed looking at me as eye candy under the moms nose for awhile. Embarrassing for the 30 year old daughter hearing her mothers murmuring what the daughter already seen, time  after time and fantasized of how my body looks. Having her mom express every enormous (her words "Gigantic oh la") detail back to her of what i so blatantly i show off almost every time i enter the gym floor. Lol...

The first two woman in my story they both were wearing black capri leggings and tank tops while i had on crop tights and adidas compression top of the same color. Yet i noticed them both looking me over before they mounted the stationary bicycles nearby as they passed by. Didn't bother me of her comments seeing they both were a bit heavy set stretching those tights up along the thighs. 

Yet again some people just have certain mindset that cannot accept someone dressed unlike they see on certain genders as normal. 

nospam_TN1 #390

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/28/2015 08:58:44Copy HTML

mack_back:  I would suggest you spend less time at the gym and more in the wilderness -- out on trails, the open water, etc.  You will find judgmental people far more rare in that environment.
mack_back #391

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/28/2015 04:56:51Copy HTML

Nothing wrong with judgemental people just another perspective of how i may appear in the eyes of others. It is always welcome even though it may sting at times while we overhear agreeing with it or not.

Another unbelievable story when i went to the shoe store maybe more appropriate of the topic at hand. So while i was browsing looking for the booties i seen online. The two male employees 40 something in a suit and tie were discussing or judging me. One said openly for the entire store to hear to the other. Guys like him (me) have to be careful with becoming prime targets turning into serial killer. He was totally serious, discussing that the way i was dressed, what i was browsing for, that i didn't care and others like me what society thought. Turning it into a slippery slope argument with the other employee. While the other employee just nodded in his thought process agreeing.

Sort of understood his train of thought thinking to myself about this message board of our problems wearing thongs in public and peoples outrage and perception of us thongers. Guess in some circumstances if a person becomes to reclusive, island on his own, not caring what others think, or not caring about others the spiral begins. Think it was a giant leap from shopping for booties to a killer which made me not angry but a bit amused at his stupidity. Which later became more relevant when i approached him asking for help finding the booties i seen online. He basically dismissed that they sold them at the store but i kept explaining then it clicked in, oh yah we do indeed sell those, while i shook my head at his stubborn error or lack of understanding. At that point i didn't feel any animosity towards him only pity and watching him wallow in his error to comprehend and help me find them in other stores that might be in stock.

So people do make wild leaps of what they figure as abnormal appearance for your gender. They assume or afraid of the worst be it a thonger at the beach or me at the mall shopping for some block heel ankle booties. 

nospam_TN1 what fun would their be getting dressed as i do and none sees me?
 One reason wearing what i do is to frustrate with great angst those who are negatively judgemental of how i appear. Sort of rubbing their nose into it saying to myself without any words "nothing you can do, na na nah, no matter how you believe it looks, or your commentary perceptions of me". "Feel free to label me however you want, if it makes you feel better, but i will keep wearing it and you can't help yourself from glancing now again". Your visible expressions or comments  frustrates you into a bitter, ugly person. Turning your back towards me and shaming me through others only using your way to protest what i have to wear doesn't agree with your taste and style. Good thing with that it fetters out the good people without bias or judgement against me rather encouraging me whenever they see something they love.

Who wants to hang around people they hate only because what your wearing or look like. To me it's shallow person with little understanding or compassion which is better off not knowing.

As far as those hags you so named i did glance upon them noticing and thinking about their big thighs. Catching  the matriarch glancing upon my legs several times looking away immediately while riding our bikes next to each other.While yes i judge others as well keeping a stoic poker face never revealing my thoughts of how out of shape or large woman appear. The way i may perceive to other woman is that i find them attractive which they believe is true. In many circumstances i'm disgusted or amused at their body symmetry only adding the fact i can't stop staring at how large they look.

  As my colleague Channing Tatum likeness comments to me often about the woman who frequent our gym. He tells it like it is, holding no punches and almost always says nasty remarks about them. Such as being built like a brick, all awhile the woman smile back at him not realizing he is laughing upon them. While woman believe is a cheerful happy guy in reality is poking fun at the woman at their expense. I just tell him they heard you but he responds no they couldn't understand what i'm saying. Often making more nasty comments about them as she approaches us closer smiling thinking we are admiring her beauty.
ozarkG #392

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/03/2015 12:58:40Copy HTML

 I guess ive been lucky so far. Everyone that knows i thong dont realky care. All my former coworkers that know i thong dont care. It was a shock at first, the usual jokes and all, but then it ended and nobody ever made a fuss after ward.   The only public reaction, laugh or other, was once while i was pumping gas. My jean shorts were kind of loose and were hanging down. I reached into the back of my truck for a gas jug. As i reached up to get it, my shirt pulled up, my shorts sagged some more, and as i turned and put the jug down a couple girls in the next pump lane saw me. I heard a gasp and "oh my god". But they never made a loud comment or other.   And even if they had made a comment, rude or other wise i would have just said "thank you"
mack_back #393

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:04/04/2015 01:49:23Copy HTML

Sixdelta glad you found something that works for you. Often is the case we find clothes or afraid to wear it because of different reasons at the time. Later you find it's not so bad or in your case enjoyable because of the attention.

Tell you few things wearing tight jeans. Fabric often is thin so shape and smashing as some call it doesn't really exist. While only thongs that work well for me are seamless front because the shaft won't favour either side unlike men's thong. Sort of like this picture.....


What i can tell you is bang on woman stare and you won't believe how many do it would blow your mind.At work almost always any woman walking passed me while i sit, stare glancing at my package. Even when standing woman are discussing my profile bulge, laughing giggling almost unnerving if your not use to it. Feels like being a woman with giant breasts and men are leering making comments. 

Always i cover up my hips and package with long shirts so when woman notice they can't see a thing and lose interest. Once in awhile while sitting shirt may ride up or button gets undone and clearly my package is openly seen. As i'm unaware i notice more woman looking down upon me while i sit and then look to see oh yes my shirt is open to uncover the bulge. Funny how woman see my bulge uncovered first before i do it's uncanny, just like an eagle looking at a field mouse from high up.

Had troubles in the past of making my thong into make shift @@@@@@ ring if anyone know what i mean or done that. Pulling out your shaft and testicles while the thong waistband pushes everything upfront and forward. At the time i thought the tight denim jeans would cover any details and leave my package set tight. Also wearing long enough shirt would never be seen as a safe guard. Well couldn't believe the hysteria and attention i received and been so wrong. To my surprise i thought everything was covered neatly no chance for anyone to see my package let alone my shaft. Sudden giggles and comments from woman began saying see that, oh my god, double takes while looking in my lap. Seeing woman smile and grin laughing made me laugh at their focus was entirely on my bulge. 

The attention is unparalleled what woman look upon seeing a male. Experience has taught me be careful because their is always woman watching with eagle eyes at our bulges. 

mack_back #394

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/01/2015 03:41:43Copy HTML

At the pool i seen their was a aqua class in session so i used only the whirpool and dry sauna which is all at the pool deck. Talked to a gym buddy in the sauna and used the pool deck shower to cool off before leaving. All awhile the twenty odd woman in the pool were watching me as i entered and left. Next day i talked to the same buddy in the sauna telling me what happened after i left the pool yesterday.
He tells me all the woman in the pool will get heart attacks seeing me. All eyes are glued when i visit using the pool facilities when the aqua fit classes are in session. He tells me the woman have given me a nickname. Asking him who decided to label me he wouldn't say. Yet he did discuss it with the woman and said if i you got it might as well flaunt it. 
Just wait till summer when i wear a jovana thong, think these woman will change their tune or drown staring. 
nadathing #395

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/12/2015 02:15:04Copy HTML

 Mack_back, what was the approximate age range of the women in question.  Was it just younger women who found you interesting or those with more experience?  I would normally expect younger women to be more accepting and interested, but often it's oleder women in aqua fit classes (in my experience) and they are less likely to be accepting.
mack_back #396

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:05/15/2015 06:03:34Copy HTML

Agree with the article and recent replies also. Beach volleyball for woman is a spectator sport and increases popularity when attractive woman are showing their lean tan bodies. None will watch fat pasty chicks playing volleyball?

Showing our bulge maybe not news to us on this board but for many are sensitive of that sight.
In many cases woman have a difficult time to ignore a visible bulge from a male it just keeps the mind preoccupied on it. Analogy of pornography is males forget or have less difficulty seeing it, while woman have difficulty watching because it has a stronger memory that is difficulty to shake off.
When a woman laying down beside me notice wearing spandex leggings at the gym with her boyfriend. She at first didn't realize it until further inspection, then whispered to her man about it. The boyfriend said, "ya that's a good way for him to pick of girls". The woman smiled, and shrugged it off yet kept glancing at it until i left.

While in extreme cases too a woman at my gym can't control her desires upon me what she sees, often running away or leaving the location entirely. While in the short past kept staring even making obscene compliments to me about my visible bulge. While many may not believe this as true this woman loves men even though she is married, (knowing her past as a cougar). Heard her talk about getting orgasms while working out with another female, not about me but the exercise in itself. While this woman can't handle just only looking upon me, knowing exactly what she wants to do with my bulge. Funny to watch this woman feeling uncomfortable nervous even panic stricken when together with her husband, while i'm around.  At times when she is alone working out or without the husband she observes my appearance times standing upon my body while i walk by. Yet i hear her negative comments about my appearance denying her true thoughts of lust and desire for my bulge.Times i feel if i acknowledge her presence smiling being friendly she would undyingly grope my bulge in public. Understand her avoidance of me whenever she notices my presence in the gym. Some woman passion for male anatomy is so great they can't bare being around them only because the fear of what they may do. 
mack_back #397

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/07/2015 05:54:18Copy HTML

Was at my local c/o beach not many people around. Only me and another thong colleague was wearing one. While I was trying to lose my brief tan lines. Watched the other thongers revel in his minimal swim attire knowing and talking to everyone on the beach getting photos taken etc. While I walked later in the afternoon heard a couple girls chat about me and the other thonger which they had conversations with him most of the afternoon. These woman just find it silly and amusing seeing us two lone guys in thongs. They said it was embarrassing to see us two him mostly along the entire beach getting noticed. While I only layed on my towel all afternoon alone. They added we (thonger and myself) enjoyed it to much and flaunting themselves to anyone who looked. It was odd and the two woman thought  me and other thonger are probably gay. 
Funny that I got labeled with him because of his ego driven love me attitude towards his body in a thong. While my ego is in check almost always at the beach knowing people staring perplexed at my body and attire. This other thonger wants attention and lives for it needing to get noticed. While humble is not in the other thongers vocabulary got to smile at his behaviour. While I try to be humble and fit in I know it's impossibility on how I appear nude or thong at the beach. Got to mention the other thonger walked straight for  a pack of lurker walking along the c/o beach. Seen the woman laugh and detour away from his approach in their direction. 
Nothing humble wearing a thong at the beach but my thonging colleague has a entire level of enjoyment flaunting his body to whomever wants a picture or bats an eye on his buff tan oiled butt. 
Until I get a better overall even tan it will be a battle me and the other thonger ruling the beach this summer entertaining many people. My thong colleague did confess last summer i bested him with my body in a thong. Most compliments I got last summer at the beach of utter confidence were from borderline male thonger enthusiast and normal people alike while I thanked them bowing down to their path I try to follow. 
Suppose a fit tanned oiled male in a thong is highlighted at the clothing optional beach. People expect the obsurd appearances freaks as many call them. Anthing goes relaxed atmosphere from couple Bondage, transsexuals, to piercings and body tattoos we seem to tolerate everyone despite what many think. Thonging is another for beach goers to observe or lurk at our wonderment and gifts we are born with. 

Although good thing while I stood up over looking the water at the beach noticing pack of young Asian woman fully dressed approaching with cell phones in hand. They stopped along the waters edge exactly parallel to my beach towel and where I stood backside towards them. They lurked taking hidden pictures of me showing each one of her friends. They got a big laugh out of it as the backtracked from where they came. 
stanpuppy #398

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/08/2015 12:16:54Copy HTML

 Its funny Mack Back, but my wife and I go to clothing optional Gunnison Beach all the time.  we never go fully nude.  I always wear a (very small) thong, and my wife wears a teardrop G-string with no top.   We get more comments than any other couple.  Oddly enough, when she puts her top ON, the comments really jump up! 
mack_back #399

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/08/2015 04:01:40Copy HTML

Funny stanpuppy, about the asian pack clothed females. There was a nude buff male standing in the shallows with semi errection not to far off towards us. Guessing  he wanted to get noticed by these cute girls. While the asian girls barely noticed him and were taking shots of the horizon upon the waters edge. Knowing they were clever reversing there camera shooting towards themselves high above their heads towards me. After many shots taken and viewed they got a money shot of me standing in my thong. Yet only one asian female glanced at the engorged male standing in the water. While all others smiled giggling at the photo turning back.
Even the couple laying beside me the bikini clad woman stared upon me like never seeing a male wearing a thong before. 
mack_back #400

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/28/2015 02:17:41Copy HTML

Ever experience males getting angry or upset seeing you wear a thong or leggings?
I find instead of others joining or copying my way of attire they seam to enjoy it for other reasons. I'm talking about straight guys not gay. Males noticed how woman react seeing me on the various style of provocative clothing i wear. While i don't concern myself with what others think i do notice reactions.
In many ways noticing woman stunned lustful desires upon me others to enjoy the results.If woman are perving upon me other males enjoy the female expressions. Sort of having a woman watching pornography and guys observing their hyper over-reactons.  Suppose males enjoy woman perving expressions as they look upon me. 
So in some ways other guys can't follow my lead be it their out of shape or old. Males and sometimes females too, enjoy seeing peoples first reactions towards me wearing various clothing of undress. Instead of males following my lead they sit enjoying watching the stunned reactions...
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