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odiekyle #401

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:06/28/2015 09:40:44Copy HTML

sailor250 #402

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/03/2015 11:46:24Copy HTML

 Here's an article with many pictures of bathing suit "fails"! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3148490/Neon-mankinis-beachwear-CDs-bikinis-fashioned-SWEETS-epic-beach-fails-ever.html
mack_back #403

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/10/2015 02:55:18Copy HTML

Decided to wear my dore bulge thong for the first time at the gym pool. Had only a few minutes before the aqua class was to begin to do some laps.  Noticed my bulge thong in teal blue color was sheer showing my shaft when wet. Got out of the pool to shower rinsing off the chlorine on the deck. Noticed a couple cute bikini clad girls 20-21 year old reacting. As almost every woman observed what i had on already could overhear the chatter. As i walked back to my towel hanging on the wall hook beside the whirlpool it began to start. Almost all the woman and clearly the cute 20 year girls began to react laughing louder as i had my backside towards them. Later as i was soaking in the whirlpool the cute girls joined me While i ignored them sitting in the whirlpool they sat near the steps hoping to get another look upon me leaving. Think they wern't patient enough leaving prematurely because of the warm water. Most regulars know me for wearing skimpy swimwear and thongs so reactions from others was bland at least from the men.  Some guys whistled hollering giving woman the que to turn in the pool notice my exit from the whirlpool and into the change room. 
Looking at how the bulge dore thong looks wet and sheer i'm thinking twice of wearing it again. Measuring the bulge outwards it made banana hammock pointing down of at least five inches. Some or maybe the new cute new woman thought i maybe arroused. Thus the intrigue and intial laughter, but again they reacted to my backside more. 
Did get smiles and friendly hello from the old regular ladies. Did notice the often complainer old woman initially reacted saying, woe, what's he wearing.. While later folowing the pack mentality most woman laugh reacting chatting how i look. Suppose woman in the aqua class focus on one part of my body which others enjoy hearing...
Goes too show me extreme as my bulge thong looked woman react childish initially. Later becoming more intrigued observing me even while i did laps. Woman chatting distracted in conversations looking upon me swim  by. My only worry was i wearing something to extreme and getting people offended thus me in trouble. The amount of woman and men seeing me was a lot. If anyone didn't approve what i had on they didn't complain about it. Even the numerous woman outside the pool area looking in noticed my thong backside and five inch bulge standing in the shallow area. 

Have this reocurring dream that people are complaining i'm arroused wearing my swimwear at the gym pool. So the high heel semi attractive femaleMangers begins to tell me its unappropiate to be arroused. Then i argue myPenis isn't aroused and she argues otherwise along with her female associates. So to prove its not hard i strip off as she and other infatuated females observe. I go as far asking them to touch my flacid penis thus they all get carried away. Spare you any more details but you can know where this dream is leading towards. Suffice to say, i'm able to wear whatever i wish at the pool instructed by the  manger. Yes, its a dumb fantasy of mine.. But always reoccurs whenever thonging at the gym. 

Am i pushing thongs to far wearing my dore bulge thong at the gym pool? 
mack_back #404

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/17/2015 05:49:40Copy HTML

I've been wearing thongs to a pool and leggings and female tank tops on the gym floor for few years.Many have been immunized what i wear and regulars don't think or say too much of my clothes. Except for a few compliments or discussions i overhear about me things remain good. 
While i decided to wear a neon Magenta tank top and my crop leggings to the gym to workout later swam in my dore bulge teal thong. 

Did notice a female associate with her girlfriend seen me them passing through began to cackle laughing together. Odd because the female associate always stayed positive what i wore and appeared, she even admitted being jealous of me.
Later i was stretching near east indian 28- 30 year fit woman, laying beside each other on gym mat. The husband showed up talking to her whispered saying, the guy next to you is the one i was talking to you about.. Didn't know what the husband meant but the east indian female (wife) acted very subtle not looking upon me at all or that i noticed. 

Once i was changed in my dore bulge thong enjoying the gym pool hot-tub soaking my aches and pains away. 

The indian female showed up on the pool deck walking into the dry sauna. A mutual colleague noticed her and decided to join her while the husband was using the male locker room steam room. As i was about finished in the hot-tub walking along the pool deck for a shower rinse next to the dry sauna. The female east indian earlier was talking to her husband and our colleague while preparing to use the pool we all were clustered together. The husband in a towel walked back into the locker room after sending a message to his wife about preparing to leave. My colleague friend was in the pool while i showered preparing to climb into the water. The female east indian began to comment to our colleague friend about me who was laughing leaning on the side of the pool. 

She was saying to him,  as i embarked into the pool with my sheer when wet  teal dore thong, i think it's a woman. seeing what he's wearing... I acted not fazed but stared at my colleagues laughing red face but ignored this narrow-minded east indian female. Knew she probably wanted to get my goat to have some semblance of inclusion to chat with me. So i just swam away doing lap after lap then our colleague left while she stayed a few minutes in the water leaving as well. Found her very immature and close minded that she called me a female or mistakenly thought i looked like one. Just looking upon my big bulge in the dore thong could answer that question. Yet she looked unfazed seeing me usually it's shocking for anyone new noticing me stick out that much, let alone wearing sheer when wet dore bulge thong, yikes i sometimes can't believe what i see. with the penis outline easily seen..

Goes to show you their is double standard for men about the color choice, the tank top i wore. The choice of wearing a thong was too feminine for the east indian woman to accept.... How would she like it if i was racist, calling her not worthy to be married with her white husband because of her skin color? How would she feel then... Although i'm no racist, would not say it, i feel what her views of me were, was similar of being a snob of my clothing choices. As well the girls on the gym floor cackling laugh only because of the Flash neon Magenta color lululemon racerback tank top i wore with my crop wunder under heathered light grey leggings. Yet wearing less subdued colors the same girl  a week ago complimented me talking with a group to having calfs looking good compared to everyone else she seen. 

Never knew that certain colors like pink was gender exclusive or funny. Are we children to be clueless in differentiate our gender... or isn't my body and big bulge enough shown in leggings and muscles proof to see i'm a man? While female trainer did accept me looking incredible loving the tank top and how well tanned my skin looked. Even admitting many her clients wish to look like me baffled how incredible i appear.

So why the discrimination of a male wearing a specific color that many woman themselves love to wear shades of pink? Who are they to mock or judge me as being wrong.. Only consolation was i knew the girl laughing upon my magenta top one of them  likes the color and finds me wearing it jealous, weird that a male can try to wear it also. Do know my shade and tone was intriguing and they loved it despite the laughter. Seeing the two woman approach me from a distance they already noticed from the far end of the gym what i had on. Only they couldn't control their laughter except exploding right behind my shoulder as i began to started my lat pull down exercise.  Suppose they thought i was wearing a male tank but seeing the lullulemon logo told them everything they wanted to know. Yet they seen me in other colors in lululemon and not a peep. 

Bet if i was a newbie female at the gym they never seen before i would been complimented looking as i do, wicked tan, fit body, and great unique color choice making my  tan look darker and crop complimentary leggings. Only answer i can come up with is they thought i looked to perfect, even if i was a female thus their uncontrolled hilarity, that this is a guy we are looking upon not a female... Bet if they took a breath and pondered what i was wearing they would truthfully love it, envious of every aspect they seen, my bulge, body symmetry, clothing brand color choice, shoes, skin color. etc...
When i do see her again will mention are you going to laugh at me again in a serious tone, knowing they love my body and clothes i wear, but afraid to admit it. Know her answer will be is guys don't wear pink! Excuse me if i laughed because it's unusual to see you specifically wearing it on you... Doubt she will compliment me but subtly apologize saying other colors look better on you discouraging the magenta tone and shade left for her and the girls at the gym. 

JM_Runs #405

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/19/2015 02:48:23Copy HTML

They are laughing at you because you seem to be deliberately dressing in women's clothes.  Leggings?  Really?  Never understood why women wore them but it was the 80s fashion trend ... for women.  You are 30 years late and the wrong gender to boot.  Sorry but that is just plain weird.  Then, you choose colors that society associates with women and gays and you wonder why they laugh at you?  Well, duh!   When you do things like that and then wear a thong, you make the rest of us look like weirdos to the outside world.  I like my thong swimsuit and I don't really want to be associated with cross-dressers when I choose to wear it.  The point of this board is to normalize thong swimwear, not marginalize it.  You aren't helping.  Keep that in mind.
Lucky_guy #406

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/19/2015 05:58:21Copy HTML

 @mack_back: "Am i pushing thongs to far wearing my dore bulge thong at the gym pool?"

I think you do yes. There still is a huge difference between wearing "a thong" and "an extreme thong". So as I see this, you do this to attract attention, but when you get unwanted attention you don't like it. Well, wear a moderate thong and the reactions get milder. 
mack_back #407

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/19/2015 02:23:06Copy HTML

Thanks for your honest answers and suggestions. Nice to know some thongers have some narrow sense of fashion style. Yes woman wear clothes that scratch our heads wondering why. Yet, it can't bother us or change our outlook what kind of person she is. So too when I wear what I feel comfortable in none should assume certain stereotypes. 
Woman laugh at me even when they like what they see. On the c/o beach had a cluster of females surrounding, intrigued, curious deliberately passing by me out of the way to get closer looks. Had couple girls seemingly laughing upon me of her initially looking upon me. Later in the water she tried to make small talk and whispered to her thong friend that guy is so hot! 
So laughing upon me by females isn't always bad. Sure I prefer a stunned stare expression but I can't control people's emotions. Although I do push the boundaries hoping for jaw dropping expressions. 
Won't change my style despite some negative narrow minded views whatever I wear. I enjoy the attention like Kanye west sings I want it all, laugh at me all you want... I want it all.... The good comes the bad and I expect nothing less the way I appear. Some woman and men can't imagine wearing what I do being ashamed of it. While I'm proud wearing a thong more people see me the easier it is. Some people just can't imagine me wearing anything different complying with society standards of style snd taste...
Call me weird, or freak and gay don't matter to me because I break down the walls and barriers for others to follow, maybe not as extreme but copying a part of it. Society is to uptight and judgemental. Looking at the c/o textile beach seeing what people wear or their bodies someone needs to do something different... 
Putting on my lime green neon poser g-string late afternoon shower soaking wet woman noded in approval knowing I stood upon the beach sand surrounded in the sea of people laying on their towels admiring me..... Some people just walked passed me saying outloud nice body... So whatever I wear I can get away with it knowing people can see passed it...

Lucky_guy #408

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/19/2015 03:04:34Copy HTML

 So why ask for answers if you're going to trow everything aside and be convinced you're doing it all right ? For me, after only a few days on this board, it's clear that there are a lot of men here who just want to get attention, one way or another. It not about "wearing A thong" but it's "getting the most possible (positive or negative) attention by wearing the most shocking thong out there".

I consider myself open minded. But if I were on a public beach with my kids, and a man came there to sunbath and swim in a pouch thong which gets see trough when wet, I would be the first to tell that man to put on something less revealing or please to go away. But if a man came in a decent thong, not see trough and not displaying his package, I wouldn't care. I don't mind for exposed cheeks, but when men start to display their dicks in public my open mindedness starts to slip away.

Hey, and to be clear, I would have the same reaction with a woman in a open crutch thong.

That 's what I mean with above statement.
mack_back #409

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/19/2015 03:59:13Copy HTML

Never do I attend a public pool wearing bulge thong or any thong for that matter. With kids being the majority with families I don't expose myself as you put it. I try to stay away from such locations such as family beach, pools etc.., if I do attend in the evening where less children attend wearing Aqux brief swimsuit. Although I learned my lesson even wearing something modest like that swim brief. Just for safety sake for pool swimmers female lifeguards are distracted seeing me wear such swimwear, looking upon me with disbelief and discussion among themselves. Even teen kids notice telling me " your huge" teasing me humming the words to a song singing I'm to sexy or overhearing what other adults are discussing.. Makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and not my target audience I want to show off, even modestly as I was attired. So I don't attend such locations or understand the frenzy sheltered prudish attitudes taking place at many venues. 

My rational is if someone gets upset seeing me in an adult gym pool or c/o beach wearing something modest laughing such as lurkers etc... Then I pull out the stops showing them something they never seen or imagined. For example c/g- rings , crotchless g-strings, poser thong, crop leggings, short shorts, heel booties, tight skinny jeans etc... They are going to laugh at you or me despite what we are wearing such as the c/o beach. Some people believe thongs are only lingerie, meant for strippers dancing on a pole. Seeing any guy wearing it is silly no matter how modest it looks. My opinion is their going to laugh anyway give them something to be shocked at rather be amused. 
Sure I walk or stroll along a textile beach and encounter a few children. Although passing by isn't as bad then camping out nearby. So I make sure my suit isn't sheer when walking but when I shower in it and immediately walk onto the c/o beach it's not so bad. 

While many at my gym feel the same as you. Some woman also but are intrigued wanting to ask something of me but afraid. Hear guys talk to these woman telling them watch him stretch then you can see everything he showing down their if your still interested... So I know woman hate me for my crop leggings I wear reacting with smirks and chuckles. Yet they are very curious looking upon my bulge at every moment they can  get. They must love me for that moment then laugh next for the type of clothes I'm wearing.
Had a older woman next to me wearing crop tights working out, minding her business. Then came another woman to talk and chat with her. The woman must of watched me exercise and notice the brand logo on my clothes. She said outloud, Lululemon? As she was surprised seeing me wear it, as if it would be ok seeing wearing the same style but unknown male brand.  Then the woman said her goodbye's, saying with bit of sly remark, good luck with your workout, her reply with chuckling laugh thanks! Both kind of laughed because of my bold female brand crop leggings and tank top. Just like you they found me wearing something they believe woman exclusive should wear. Who makes these rules.. You could bet if I had on exact same crops from Nike male gear and racer back tank from unknown brand I wouldn't been noticed or pointed out for my clothes.. Yet I would be wearing exactly the same thing..

NcknameInUse #410

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/20/2015 11:38:54Copy HTML

 I know they laugh at me. Not everyone does. Some go out of their way to compliment me.
It's possible that I'm as crazy as Mack_back, though I don't go to the gym. I go running out on the roads wearing thongs under bright coloured leggings. My favourite colour is pink.
I discovered the need for thongs as a teenager who wore leggings and skinny stretch jeans. On the beach thongs have their own purpose too. But away from the beach it's just a way of avoiding VPL.
For my last trip to the mall, last week, I wore a conservative thong under American Apparel lycra leggings. They are white with silver sparkle. They look like mirror fabric from a distance. Very, very shiny. Leggings look silly with most normal male footwear so I wore some nice silver glitter shoes that have a 6.5 inch stiletto heel. I can walk in them too :)I do a lot of running and have a reasonably toned torso so I topped the outfit off with a see-thru black cropped T made from a very open weave fabric. It's not a short crop and lands about 2 inches above my navel. The leggings rise to about 2 inches below my navel. So show about 4 inches of midriff. I'm currently trying to get my wife to agree to me getting my navel pierced.
Anyway, I loved the look and got a real buzz walking through the mall. Sure, I attract attention and get some sneers but I also get a lot of smiles and senior citizens in particular like to strike up conversation. 
Are they laughing at me? I don't care. I hope I brighten up their miserable day...
SlimSuit #411

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/21/2015 04:48:47Copy HTML

Maybe it isn't so much what you wear as how you act. Or, perhaps it isn't show much what you say as your attitude.
GAGUY30013 #412

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/21/2015 11:12:29Copy HTML

 I will ad my honest opinion here. Nobody likes to be laughed at and made fun of,  I think there is a fine line between drawing attention to yourself and "drawing attention to yourself".  To an extent, in some cases, yes I can be considered an attention whore, but at other times I like to keep a low profile and keep to myself.  In an adult oriented scenario, you better believe that I will do something to get the crowd laughing, cheering or something. I may even pull out something that is shocking! In an everyday event, I will just keep to myself and not draw attention to myself.  
I am not saying what anybody is doing is wrong, but you have to consider what others think and feel as well.  If there are kids around, I am not going to wear anything revealing, You have to consider that here in the states nudity and revealing clothing is still offensive to some people.  They may have conservative morals, and if you are in a public environment it is up to whoever owns or is managing the property that you are on, to make the best decision to silence the majority,  not the minority. So if you have caused a number of complaints, then they did what  they saw best to make the majority happy. Is that right or wrong? Who is to say.  If what has happened made the majority happy, then maybe in their minds the case is closed. 
Some people are generally curious when they see something that they don't see everyday, then there are some that are immediately repulsed by anything different, or anything they consider wrong or indecent. This of course sets a mind set that anything that is different or out of the ordinary is wrong. This brings out the " oh he or she must be gay or something" comments.  Which without getting to know someone, that is the wrong thing to think or say! 
It sucks that it is that way, but it is what it is, and I am not trying to stir the pot here, but when a guy wears women's attire in a public environment, it will draw some attention, and I am sorry to say  that it will most likely be negative.  

Lucky_guy #413

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/21/2015 12:01:50Copy HTML

 Hey, wanna know something ? I just looked up that "Bulge dore thong" and now I don't even understand that you dare to ask if it's too much... it's way over the top ! It's like a woman with an open crutch bottom  and teardrop top going to the gym and wondering why people act strange around her.
Are you so far out of it that you really don't see it, or are you simply being a troll here ? Cause honestly, I don't believe you are for real.
mack_back #414

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/21/2015 02:02:49Copy HTML

Lucky guy the dore thong isn't as bad like you say. Their are missle suits, baggies, one sided strap thongs and crotchless ones. Yes, I agree it's bold but reason I wore it is for experiment. Woman or most of the Aqua class labeled me a vulgar nickname that is obscene and untrue. Even though none says it to my face I heard it from a pool friend. That is why so many woman giggle for no reason seeing me in bikini brief swimwear. Also the attention I receive from all the woman in the pool is their problem nothing I do or act making them stare upon me like they do. Even my colleagues can attest to that point lot of ladies turning their heads when I'm walking the pool deck.

So I either clear the air towards the Aqua class by never showing up at the pool all together or dispel the nickname. So my easiest way was to take my towel off and shower nude on the pool deck for all to see. Ain't first guy to walk the pool deck nude for your information. Or buy a revealing thing that can present my manhood so no misunderstanding can take place and squash the nickname and giggles I always receive. 
Not my problem that woman enjoy looking upon my body and bulge in particular. 
As I said before popularity breeds contempt. Single girls can't get enough looking upon me, chatting discussing me in studio class etc.. While the majority demographic are soccer moms they get tired hearing young woman's sexual desires about me. So thus the complaints and majority at the gym win calling me disgusting. If they had it their way I would be booted entirely out of the gym.

As many here have given solid advice years ago about attending a family textile beach wearing rio bikini's. Telling me to look for more tolerant beach to visit being I gotten negative attention wearing what I did on the textile beach. While many thong friendly places have evaporated. Although do read some here have good time wearing a thong on the said textile beach I exiled myself from. Even heard bylaws stating thongs can be worn for outdoor public pools. As common sense tells me children frequent them thus I stay away voluntarily. Unless I go in the evening wearing a brief speedo but it also attracts unwanted attention from the immature female lifeguards shocked on the way I look in good way but I still rather be relaxed and at ease enjoying my solitude. So I have very few options leaving the c/o beach and adjacent textile beach to walk along the shoreline exclusively in my poser muscleskins string thong. 
At least the giggles seeing me in the nude and thong people can say he can wear anything looking as hot as he does their words not mine gay and single woman.  
Yes, I'm to serious about my thonging and how people relate towards me. My attitude is quite meek but my clothes and body tell different story... So I won't apologize wearing thongs that many here promote or try to do as well, be it privately in their yard or out in public...

With this all said and done who am I wearing the thong for at the gym, really! The demographic at the gym are soccer moms not interested in any male and don't want to see me wear what I do. Nor do I care to be seen by some disgusting fat woman or narrow minded young average females giving the f gasp.
Lucky_guy #415

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/22/2015 03:13:49Copy HTML

 So you against the world, as I said on another tread of yours... have fun !
mack_back #416

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/25/2015 04:31:25Copy HTML

Sometimes it can't be helped being seen in a thong. When I do see kids I observe the adults usually the mom acted overly protected grabbing the child playing in the sand as I walk passed on the beach. Like a lioness bring their Cubs closer to the den while I approach closer strolling by. Always feel odd that actions of the parents seeing me from a distance walking passed their instincts to shelter the child. Often it brings crying and tears from the child being dragged from playing in the sand. All because a man in a thong might do something watched over like some predator. Just the thought what these parents think of me is creepy to even contemplate. Sometimes is always best never be seen around children or where they may visit. Often or not I stay clear away of city pools or textile prudish beach's unless it's connected to a nude beach.
As for older kids teens, Friday I gotten stares taking a shower in the park off the beach. The bicycle path is beside the showers and few Chinese tourist riding passed reacted with the teen girls shocked what I had on. The older boyfriends / brothers grabbed the teens shoulder because of what they just witnessed probably never seeing before. The teens just put their hands upon their mouth laughing omg reaction... The men rubbing them as their in some shock seeing if their alright all of which were amused..
I don't go looking for it but if they come in my path, none dies on the beach of heart attack. Even kids who are to busy playing in the sand oblivious of anyone around. Sometimes they need to be careful so excited running into people getting pales of water for their sand castle. Most kids don't notice me probably looking down upon the sand or my feet when the suddenly run into my direction. Last thing parent wants is their kids to look look up seeing my bulge thong.
Had a couple cute 16 or 18 year girls in bikini ready to walk into the water. They seen me walk along the shore waiting for me to pass. As I came closer one just stared confused looking upon my bulge poser MS thong. While the older one just walked behind around behind me instead of watching waiting for me to pass. 

mack_back #417

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/27/2015 03:12:11Copy HTML

Walking along the shoreline from textile beach to clothing option one. Wearing my MS orange poser thong see nude beach pics in folder. While the beach wasn't crowded seen hot Asian female wearing conservative bikini walking behind her daughter maybe 4 or 3 years old. The kid ran along the water but never looked up or seeing me. 

The mom looked exactly like the one I previously written about seeing me on another occasions sheltering her child as  i approached. 
The Asian woman never took her eyes off me as I did her. Could tell her expression cold but lingering anger beneath her  sunglasses I could tell she was feeling. While my expression changed from a smile and later chuckle laughter as I passed her by while she was walking opposite directions along the waters edge. Felt like the cute Asian mom was ready to hit me or start a fight wearing what I had on. 

Bet if I was camping out settling where to put my towel down on the beach she wouldn't want me anywhere near her. Luckily had my beach gear laid out on the c/o section rather near a woman like this Asian I seen couple occasions. 

Just for amusement sake I may see her again walking the beach will say hello. Just find it funny how some mom gets angry because of my choice of beach wear. Cracks me up every time seeing a visible stoic woman judging my swimwear as inappropriate, what a conservative mindset. My first question to her can't we get along and be friends... Hope I can say it with a straight face knowing the reply I will receive..
Good thing is the woman seen me for the second time. Familiarity of seeing a male in a thong maybe apeasing her attitude towards thongs. Who knows third time might be the charm if I compliment how beautiful she looks and that she should wear a thong as well having a body for it.  Even though she despises what I'm wearing difficult to forget someone saying a nice compliment to you. Who knows if I can maybe slightly change her initial mindset of fear seeing me in a thong to at least someone she can laugh upon rather feeling afraid or upset. 

Helps the whole thong community knowing freak like me is harmless and not going to hurt her or the child. Repeating wearing a thong being seen will relax the Asian Philipino mom from fears that her initial first reaction to shelter the child even for a few seconds walking along  the shoreline. 
See how it goes.. Or am I hoping for to much best leaving things alone..

mack_back #418

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/15/2015 11:03:34Copy HTML

Well didn't take much effort to find myself been photographed and placed on social media. Take a look at picture folder beach  pixs  first pic I'm in the background. These bikini clad woman deliberately shoot wide to get as much of the beach and bystanders like myself. Suppose just standing up gets me in a lot of pictures from other photo takers in the background. 
Never thought some benign photos taken of group shots at the beach have parts of me in it as well. Guess I don't need to wonder why females are laughing after taking pictures of their friends catching me in the background, ops.....
Notice type of woman I got to put up with at the beach no thonger in the bunch. 
John Howard #419

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/16/2015 01:30:01Copy HTML

 come on mack I think you are exaggerating I don't think this photo was deliberately taken to make other people appear in the background, I can't even notice who is supposed to be the guy in the 'g' aka yourself.
The girl on the left with the burgundy hat has a nice body.   Look at such potential for hot female company in minimal swimwear you have at that beach.  You are missing out buddy.
mack_back #420

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/16/2015 04:08:53Copy HTML

John Howard don't believe it's accident that the hot photographer cut off the butt of the mommy on the left leaving blank space on the right. Believe me this wasn't the only picture i remember these mothers took. Yes it was a birthday celebration of the blue bikini girl second from the right. These married moms decided to have a girl only time at the c/o beach. Seeing i'm nude not wearing a thong do know woman like them come to lurk not socialize with strange naked men. 
Yes a few photo snaps with weird angles at the waters edge i knew something was off when they setup camp. If you like the plump girl in the burgundy  baseball hat she was nothing compared to the hot photographer with her camera phone. Even the notes from the picture said sorry for the bad image from her cell phone.   Sort of not too close  but a birds eye on me always, while i eyed the cutey taking more pixs some further away probably taken without her friends hat blocking my ass.. 
Doubt the ladies went home bragging to the husbands what they were doing all afternoon or particular beach they went to. Suppose even happily  married woman with kids come to the beach doing a wennie watch. Definitely seen the camera girl take a few my way or at least interested looking my way. Hell i think i remember one of them pointing me out to the others saying something through their loud music take look at his body.. While many laughed...

Look at them having a good time all smiles yet neither shedding their clothes such as a thong... Going back again tomorrow to the beach asking myself why, seeing more people clothed in dork shorts, summer dresses and conservative bikini's, typical what i see surrounding me. 
John Howard #421

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/16/2015 04:46:54Copy HTML

 mack is the beach on the photo a c/o beach?   are you the guy standing up walking on the right of the shot?   I can't see anyone wearing minimal swimwear let alone naked.   
If it's a c/o beach, it puzzles me the atmosphere so opposite;   why would anyone dare take his her clothes off when almost everyone around is wearing a lot of fabric.  
Maybe the fact that here in Australia we don't have c/o beaches but nudist beaches, where 99.9% of people are nude is what really intrigues me of the photograph.
mack_back #422

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/16/2015 05:28:09Copy HTML

Yes, it's c/o beach and me above the girl in the hat far right.  I wonder myself sometimes standing amongst the crowd thinking when late arriving crowd takes up space clothed, bringing more and more people of the same mindset. Before i know it's late afternoon i'm surrounded with dork shorts and bikini sun dressed clothed people. While initially their are nudist surrounding me but later move on because of the drugs being smoked, music played to loudly, liquor being spilled or large groups of clothed people infringing on many initial beach nudist. Being they are resting off their yachts standing on solid ground in their dork shorts above people laying out. While their hot bikini princesses are walking along the shoreline or getting drunk at the concession bar off the beach. Shows you how brave i am when i transform from nude to a poser MS thong after a beach shower.  Often i hear only he can get away wearing it.Yah, it's a scene over here, that's for sure. Sunday afternoon always brings the party hung over crowd trying to live out the rave or early morning party. Often drugs are been abused, crack, large amounts of bong pot smokers bellows away, depending on the breeze blowing, often confused from exhaust of boat engines starting near shore or jet skis open with full throttle on. Music blasting from Yachts off shore with large groups of drunk loud crowds in the water. Even couple weekends ago seen a guy almost drown as i watched his buddies rescue him to shore plopping him on the wet sand, saying that's a close one leaving him on his back alone to recover. 
Last week had some of the water on fire from some boater and crowd going insane.  Seen older nudist complaining to the lifeguard about the pot smoke. Yet walking along the entire beach myself seen couple guys having sex openly as many watched. Expect a big police presence tomorrow on boat and land policing the crowd. Becoming a lot like Sodom and Gomorra with anything goes while many take advantage going further then anyone expects.     
mack_back #423

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:09/03/2015 04:25:36Copy HTML

Funny experience at the c/o beach. Seen this Eva Green look alike redhead but same body visit the beach with her boyfriend. They settled further away from me but i never really noticed who they were. Just seen a hot body female topless with great breasts, so not too surprising nor did i care. Didn't know at the time this couple redhead EVA Green look a like was observing me noticing i was familiar.

As week passed i overheard the couple at my gym the male noticing me saying to his hot redhead girlfriend go ask him. Didn't know at the time what he meant nor did i realize they were visiting the c/o beach observing my nude body.

Another visit at the c/o beach this time i went on a Friday where the beach was sparsely populated. Noticed this  same red head hottie approaching down the beach heading towards me. Didn't think anything about it so i laid back on my towel ignoring anyone walking passed or settling down. This time with a squinting corner of my eye some couple decided to park themselves near me. Later on as i looked around seen the same redhead laying out not more then twenty feet familiar to the redhead a few weeks back visiting the beach. Didn't piece the puzzle together of seeing her regularly at my gym over the last year.  

So i watched this lean hot redhead wearing a string black thong topless going in the water laying on a tiny bath towel getting sand all over her sexy body. The boyfriend sat around but disappeared for numerous occasions leaving her alone virtually the time i was around. Peeked at her focused stare upon me at every opportunity she had as i stood air drying from the water, eating, drinking, listening to tunes on my phone etc..So i kind of knew she looked familiar but kept denying or doubting  myself she was a regular at my gym. Lot a prudes go to my gym didn't think the redhead by her conduct being quite observing me was the same girl on the beach in spitting distance. 

As i watched her topless with perfect breasts and body i was intrigued laughing that she was interested or curious looking upon me. Thought it was funny but a little weird. She stared upon my body but said nothing but noticed she changed into a string bikini bottom from her string black thong. Thought she maybe self conscious seeing my tiny bare ass, comparing hers and gotten shy although she did stare constantly upon me. Found it weird that she had her head facing me not towards the water or sun lying on her back as most people do.Later i put on a thong showering near a clothing mandatory park area  and took it off once on the c/o beach ready to leave for the afternoon in front of her no less. 

So i had inkling this redhead woman was more then intrigued with me on the beach looking all afternoon of my nude body. Thoughts began to enter in my mind  that indeed  this redhead does attend my gym regularly. Then today i seen her at my gym and the way i looked upon her and she me i knew it had to be her.Felt like laughing while i sat stretching observing her in grey leggings and teal tight sort sleeve shirt easily recognizing those breasts as on the beach.The light bulb in my head went on and i began to hold my laughter so none would look upon as i'm crazy. 

Thought she would approach me at the gym saying are you the guy at the c/o beach last Friday? She stayed quite as though she wasn't positive of me being the same guy on the beach as in the gym. Funny thing is she and me are probably 99.9% sure we are same people at the beach as in the gym but too shy to ask each other, thinking what's the point leaving us alone. My problem was over the last year i always drooled upon her tight body and never looked upon her face much except the burgundy red long hair. Bet she too observed i know for sure she stares upon me at the gym but only looks at my body also how ironic forgetting our faces.

Positive of this is i know she participated in some nudity and thonging for a short time as myself. The intrigue or coincidence seeing us on the beach at the same time is funny as well. Will be making a appearance on Friday and the entire long weekend at the beach see if she decides to show up or participating fully nude.Glad i'm not the only freak going to the beach showing our hot bodies for anyone to see. Suppose it will be our little secret less the boyfriend starts talking...

John Howard #424

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:09/03/2015 04:35:06Copy HTML

 I would definitely talk to her you are too shy mack....
mack_back #425

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:09/03/2015 06:10:59Copy HTML

JH don't think anything would come of it being she has a boyfriend, not that i'm shy. No point to confirm her 99.999% beliefs that truly i't me at the beach as in the gym. Feel better she has some doubts or at least thinks i have a twin brother..
 OverHeard a lot from this quite redhead honey at my gym or learned how she stares upon my exercise clothing  and  body. Had a long suspicions that she is a woman superficial about her body and self conscious and a size queen, the way she looked upon me on various occasions in front of her boyfriend. Of the observations of what i seen initially of her boyfriend nude briefly on his towel, just say, my suspicions were validated  and warranted of her label of being a size queen. 
Even when she walked over across to a regular nudist borrowing some sunscreen from him, above average endowed black male, i stared with disbelief upon her amazing breasts.  Felt as though i could touch them her walking by so close. She could of easily asked me for some suntan lotion but rather took it from a stranger.  She basically ignored me as i as well did her all afternoon on the beach and often at the gym. Also coming to a beach in just a tiny bath towel to lay down on is very odd to me. Her having fair skin noticed her getting burned from the sun thus the nudist observing her, suggested to use his. 

Funny coincidence is she was working her glutes at the gym when i seen her. Yet, she like me, has no problem showing our bodies off in tight lycra for everyone to see i mean everything! Hell we wear exact same colors the other day at the gym and i almost wore the same grey heathered leggings like these she had on.  https://images.lululemon.com/is/image/lululemon/LW6E85S_9445_4?$pdp_zoom$ by the way she looks similar to the model in the link and  Eva Green from the movie sin city amazing breasts. Couldn't believe how nice until seen her on the beach. 

JH seeing how hot she looks and perfects her body even more using me as motivation to achieve a better rear end tells me something. Either she strips for a living or has choice of a lot of guys she prefers then the likes of me. Doubt she is in heat laying in bed  thinking of having sex with someone like me, whomany consider looks like a woman's body or an ass she wants on herself or many others say they want on themselves. 
Anyway wasn't to turned on about her being she has pasty white skin and red hair. Prefer latinas or asianic woman with darker skin tone and much better ass in wearing a thong that i met at the beach, and yes i talked to them to be sure. Ask yourself why a beauty like the redhead changed from wearing a string thong to bikini string at the beach as soon as i noticed or looked upon her or she did me. 

By the way if i ever do talk to her the whole circumstance is ridiculous making me cry laughing uncontrollably, doubt i could say a word. 
Did have a itch to say to her at the gym nice tan when walking behind her... Yet felt she wouldn't appreciate my snide remarks having a great tan myself and great skin hue while her not so much.   By chance if i do see her at the beach i still probably would stay quite yet stare upon her as having some stroke. Never seen her before on c/o beach over the years so this is new virgin territory.... My curiosity is this just coincidence or deliberate meeting to see my package by the redhead. If i don't see her on the beach i will know my answer. Next question who told her and who else knows my beach tendencies. 

Only thing i will hate is her glaring stares and rolling eyes upon me at the gym. Giving me the your not so hot wearing those tights compared seeing you nude. While before i would be getting puzzled looks or intrigue wondering how big my package is. Now she knows and compares her boyfriend to me. Certainly know it's in her court wanting anything to do with me or not. If she likes my body like some woman on the beach i hear compliments and comments with this redhead only dead look stares. Tells me one thing she isn't interested and thus leaving me be as i do same to her.
thongalactic #426

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:09/14/2015 06:09:12Copy HTML

I agree with @Lucky_guy, one of the good guys on this board.

Too many people here just want attention, good-or-bad. They forget that this is a *thong* board; it's about the booty. Everyone loves butts! Yet from people's posts and the images they show in their profiles, you get the impression that we're posting on a dickboard. Please don't use the word "thong" to describe these swimwear choices. I'd go with "dicksuit." Because that's what it is: a dicksuit: some kind of "bulge"-enhancing, shaft-displaying, pubic-hair revealing, too-small, or sheer swimsuit. This is a thongboard; not a dickboard. 
mack_back #427

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:09/17/2015 09:22:25Copy HTML

Missed opportunity to bring a female trainer from the gym to the beach. Know this married older mom trainer at my gym. She gives me over the top compliments. We talked about my tan her again telling me I look great. Asking if I go to the beach. Later on she remarked only once in 9 years arriving in the country she visited the beach. Saying another male trainer asked her to join visit a local beach plontonically. She revisited the experience saying it was terrible because the weather being so cold. Being a little dense I never invited her to join me in any my experiences or c/o beach I visit keeping it a secret at least keeping gym life and beach seperate.  Does anyone believe she was trying for me to invite her to visit the beach? Her comments afterwards was when I encouraged her to go she said, I have none to go with. I tried to say it's more fun that way, her shrugging shoulders. Did I miss the bus to try attempt to make a beach date with her just before Labor Day weekend? Yet something tells me many people at my gym know my nudist visits seeing me on the beach. Seen recent t-shirts from female associates words lets get nkd. Even some guys I never seen tell me I look familiar bringing up the point about my c/o beach in front of others surprised overhearing. 
Only reason I didn't invite the lean sexy imported blonde Russian  female trainer with me was her conservative strict all knowing  mindset. While she may have no issues about nudity she being Russian I didn't want to take that chance seeing her daily at the gym. Although I think the way she compliments my body, clothes she maybe intrigued seeing more at the c/o beach. Even though I'm proud of my body something tells me something is at odds about her. She often tells me she is over the hill and looks terrible yet never gives me the chance to compliment her or when I try she ignores it walking away. Any conversations with her I never get a read what she is implying. Want to know what beach she visited that one time but never tells me. Only clue I got from her she said she wore a bikini. Have a suspicion see did attend the city c/o beach what hetro couple be it platonic wants to pursue more what better way to find out then getting naked at the beach. Also a c/o beach is novel tourist attraction for those visiting or never experienced it. What little I know about her over the 9 years racking my memory over the times I remember other gym employees mocking her going to a nude beach but she replied about the terrible experience. At the time I thought she was disgusted looking at old men nude but now think it was the weather. 
Do believe it's a plan to get to see all of me nude and gossip all afterwards at the gym about my size. Funny that this Russian trainer is taking first attempt of the curiousity surrounding my Ora. Yet I Already hear or seen gym member sitting on the beach clothed camping out near me talking about the clothes I wear. How on earth do they know what I wear when standing nude on the beach arriving before they visit? Or hearing them talk about the particular gym location they attend. Suppose the cats out of the bag and curiousity got the better of many females at the gym. None wonder  my gym buddy is asking to look upon  better gym, guessing he hears the rumours and gossip about me.

John Howard #428

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/12/2016 03:55:28Copy HTML

I'm puzzled, find it incredible, what is happening in the world.Places like Couples San Souci, Hedonism,....Something has been cooking in society's attitudes over the last 20 years, and now the dish is ready.
why are younger people, (I imagine that couples on these resorts are younger than middle aged) so adverse to basically men showing skin.Yes there is also a tendency to discourage thongs on women (not even one shop catalogue now shows thongs on women) however women are not the targets of the whispering and negativity.

It's men.  Men skins, men's bodies.  Who has been inspiring the idea of men bodies being dirty and repulsive.  Is it feminism?   homophobia?   Even gay men are falling on the trend and they mostly wear shorts and cover their skin.   The sad thing is that this campaign has worked.  Men are now ashamed of their bodies.  Just watching the news and the outrage on British divers speedos at the Olympics.  Some headings in the news call them the porn divers..... Is this part of being progressive left?  Or conservative right?  Most of the outrage comes from relative younger people.  These people have sometimes inked even their faces, necks, ...  the girls have their calves, arms inked . but they all react with horror if they see a near naked male body.  I find it bizarre that if a male goes for a swim at the beach, a bunch of blokes full body inked covered on knee length board shorts, could judge him with horror and disgust because he is wearing only a speedo or a thong.   

I think that sadly we need to learn to live with this.  The darkest era for people who enjoy wearing minimal to sun and lay in the sun.  Sometimes I wonder if the furor of social media is driving this madness..    Social media is like a sewerage of abuse and bullying.  Many people might disagree on many things;  but if social media holds the opposite opinion and they express their ideas, they know they will be demolished by the crowd.  If an opposite opinion shows up in Twitter about something, in the middle of a sea of twits saying the opposite, the abuse that comes is beyond real.  So perhaps it is the same at San Souci, Hedonism or Negril, there are men who would love to wear a thong or speedos.  But because mainstream says that this is gross, they abstain.  
 I can't accept the assertion that all men agree that men should not show skin.  There must be some in the closet speedo-thonger males.Instead of standing for what is right and at least defend the guy wearing the thong, they join the pack attack.  I know some men who never disagree with wife,  that would be a ticket to not getting laid tonight.Very coward attitude of some men who became spineless and can't find where their balls are.Men are becoming more feminine than ever. 

mack_back #429

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/12/2016 06:57:44Copy HTML

 Agree with JH only find woman have their own way, while men cower like dogs doing or acting as others want. While i try to go the opposite direction with what is deemed acceptable or normal attire. Yet women are afraid of me only because they can't trust their instincts. Had conversation with a woman about why woman fear and hesitant meeting with me. She explained  they have fear because the lack of predictability of what i wear while can't trust my traits. Them believing he dresses like this what else is he hiding. Woman rather find someone who is dressed like everyone else because he is predictable and spineless which can be controlled and molded to their whim. While i have a bold maybe sexual connotation to my appearance which they cannot predict if i'm a player or can be serious  relationship. 
Yet anytime i see reactions woman can't stop but gasp often good sign but talk themselves out of being friendly. Reaction often tell me everything i need to know from woman with their first impressions of me. Sort of example of woman owning me as exotic pet such as a tiger. They may find it very appealing from the beginning, but practically overwhelming to take care of, so they rather buy a house cat instead. Such as life woman prefer steak but often settle for ground beef instead. 
My take is woman in general don't want to compete with her male counterpart in sexual attire such as swimwear, thongs, bikini bottoms, yoga tights, tight jeans clothing in general. Only because womans flaws are more recognized versus male body physique. Such as cellulite, along the backside and glutes while most males are more muscular in that region with firmer buttocks then most woman.  So when a male like myself shows off his body in tight fitting swimwear or clothing i'm recognized looking above average then any ordinary donut Joe they associate with. Often woman just move on recognizing that their flaws are more prevalent with me standing in front of their bulging eyes.While woman who have perfect fit bodies look for males who are enormously muscular prototypical musclehead to be protect and intimidate other  would be male stalkers.  
JM_Runs #430

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/12/2016 07:06:00Copy HTML

John Howard, your observations are absolutely correct.  My post to Brutus merely pointed out that getting angry and confronting people like this would be counterproductive and could ruin his own vacation, but that didn't mean that I don't support his intentions.  The situation arises at Couples Sans Souci because if you are a person who would wear a thong to the beach, why would you spend your time on the textile side when they have a nice nude beach area?  Nobody's left on the textile side but the insecure ones who are ashamed of their bodies and afraid to take off their clothes, and imagine that they are morally "superior" because of it.  You can't make everyone love thongs, so why put yourself in a stressful situation while on vacation?
Tangapreta #431

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:08/12/2016 02:17:40Copy HTML

 John Howard could you please post some links about the bad comments brit divers are having in the news? I've been searching on the web and so far i just found good comments about their bodies and their speedos, well, at least on brit papers and news. 
mack_back #432

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/08/2017 10:07:06Copy HTML

 Don't know how some can have the courage to be going to the pool to thong with college age or younger kids and families. Find older mature females often with younger children visiting the pool or beach tend to have prejudice upon skimpy swimwear, thongs to be specific. Seeing how conservative and prudish  females outfit themselves, is telling what there opinions of others wearing skimpy swimwear are. College age people tend to be more vocal mocking, seeing male attire unpopular swimwear dork shorts being the trend. 

Just like others here i scout out the beach or pool before i decide to join the other bathers. Often than not i find the scene or vibe completely not suitable knowing i will be the only one standing out.  Very disappointing and discouraging, depressing to to say the least.  Observing a beach or pool full of young female bodies attired in conservative bikini's not a one in anything skimpier than my own bikini briefs in fact lot more revealing thanwhat i see others wear. 

Went visiting few times one summer to outdoor pool with majority lifeguards 99% all female.  Thought i would feel more comfortable knowing the lifeguards aren't male as many pools often are staffed with college kids observing me swim at the pool. Something about their visual  disgust seeing a male in skimpier swimwear noticing there displeasure often is unwelcoming or down right rude, makes me feel uncomfortable.Once i changed into conservative black front AQUX logo seemed back bikini bottom, i wouldn't be making any scene, or attract undue attention upon myself. Once i walked out of the change room towards staffed lifeguard shower station needing to pass through inspection of appropriate swimwear for the pool. Seeing the two lifeguards eyeing me over one girl and guy saying nothing i felt little bit less anxious that my swimwear would cause a fuss. After passing through the shower inspection station unscathed i picked up my towel on the other side of the rinse showers counter and began to walk 75 feet long path towards the outdoor pool, with a chain link fence along the either side.  

As i began my walk seen three adults asian female with couple other people enjoying themselves at edge of the pool location. The pretty asian female maybe 30 year old wearing printed bikini beautiful body smiling, laughing with two friends turning her head looking back at them as she was making her way walking towards the entrance i was exiting from 70 feet away. She looked forward to see if she wasn't bumping into anyone or into the fence, boisterously walking humped over laughing at her friends. Suddenly she noticed me walking about 60 feet away closing in only one exiting the entrance/ exit towards the pool showers, change rooms, as i was only one along the entire pathway. She noticed me and  her demeanour changed completely from enjoying her friends antics humped over laughing, giggling to straight face stare, stunned, surprised expression. Thinking to myself oh no, what i was wearing is going cause a stir, look at her sudden stoic serious demeanour. Then as the group of them together began to walk she began to smile giggle looking back at her friends then as we got closer she became quite looking forward as we both passed each other on by.

Finally i got to the foot of the large pool steps to swallow end mostly populated with young toddlers, kids, nannies, moms couple lifeguards one on the left of me on a perch the other standing on the right side. The female lifeguard on the right side was holding floatation device and first one to notice me as she stared and began quickly looking over the crowd of young kids in the pool, voicing to them stop, doing certain things etc.. As i looked upon the entire pool i was trying to find a suitable spot to lay my towel down also seeing if i was only guy in small swim briefs. As i stood i noticed the lifeguard on my right yelling out the name of the other across from her pointing me out with her red floatation device.  The tan good looking lifeguard heard her colleague, sitting on the perch noticed me voicing the words Holy S#^T! as she pivoted her entire body from her perch sitting up towards me. I was feeling bit uncomfortable looking behind me why such a dramatic reaction seeing only the chain link fence nobody around. 

As i made my way down to mid shallow end midway of the pool i planted my towel down and did few laps 50 feet across to the side of the pool. As i sat up after my laps on the edge tray plastic attachment they have along the edge of the pool to sit on couple inches under water very relaxing. Another female lifeguard began to move out of her zone from the opposite side observing me found it bit unsettling.  Although didn't see any unusual stares or observations from fellow pool patrons. Only when i was about to leave young black boy alone  maybe 13- 14 years of age kept singing the song i'm to sexy... While i ignored him began to leave he voiced YOUR BIG!  As i walked away towards the steps of the shallow end toddler area i seen two males burly type maybe mid 50 with similar age female drying herself off with a towel as the one male husband was boasting about himself. Then the female was laughing at him as the other male too,  she then as i walked in front of three of them said, "you don't even come close to what he's got".  Yet she or anyone stare upon me as i walked by simply laughing at her husband both probably seen me earlier getting out of the pool drying off, as many others did also as i didn't realize at the time.

So i did make a fuss with the female lifeguards even had couple stopped there VW jetta back of mine observing as i was making inside my parked car from the pool, little unsettling to say the least. Did visit the pool few times more and the amount attention escalated from the female lifeguards intrigued of how my bulge appeared. 

The conclusion is often a older couple out of shape ones sort admire my body and swimwear. Men convincing their wives they can look as good as me or better and aren't that far off couple, pushups, situps, laying off the beer and there just like me.  Thinking if i was wearing a thong people might begin to notice even point me out as if i was stripper.  As for younger college age females they might find me more amusing even take a photo seeing i'm not there type being older. 


Mineralguy #433

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/09/2017 01:49:49Copy HTML

 Some random thoughts here. Anything that is outside what society considers acceptable ( even though legal) will be mocked. It is just something that is hard wired in our species. 
If you are wearing these bathing suits to gather attenion then I would suggest you are wearing them for the wrong reason.
I am a avid swimmer and I started my swimming in Board Shorts. They don't work to well doing flip turns. I then went to Jammers which unless you are spending $300 on a competition suit are a wadte of money. So I settled on TYR, Arena, Sporti and speedo bikini briefs. I am the only person that wears them at a regional Athketic center and I get my share of snarky comnents but I don't care because this is the most comfortable suits for lap swimming.
I wear a string at the beach sometimes when I just want to think and be by myself. Again, I hear the snirts but you know what that is just going to happen. I am there for me and no one else.
The bottom line is wear what you want to wear because you want to.  Just make sure you are comfortable with your reasons.  People don't have to accept you as much as you might want them to.
Walking down the beach on a summer weekend where a string will bring some comments your way. If you don' t want to hear the comments then I would suggest not doing that action

mack_back #434

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:07/11/2017 06:01:00Copy HTML

 When i wear my shorts i get looks even some snorts at the self checkout line bored people eyes wandering. While i know i look good in them and there short denim cutoffs, it's understandable some people believe teenage girls should be only wearing them. 
Yet i've seen reactions from others of my shorts or appearance in them, for whatever reason i stand out and impress others observing me saying i have great legs, or whistled reactions of sexy. For whatever bizarre nature females are intrigued, envious even speechless seeing me wearing denim cutoffs that usually worn my young ladies. Suppose there is some lingering past style men wearing denim short shorts in late 70's early 80's that was common, which translates to woman guessing it's sort of okay for the right guy to wear today, with their slight smirk of approval.

It's also true if you have the wherewithal to attire revealing clothes thongs, bikini briefs, yoga leggings, short-shorts because of your physique everything is lot smoother for acceptance.  Only problems i may face is longer than normal stares, even some smiles, noticing the notable body parts. With that i suppose it's flattering seeing myself ogled, envied  desired by a female, maybe not for the shorts i'm wearing but what is underneath all that denim which at times is clearly scene. 
So if you got it might as well flaunt it with the right clothes. Doubt the double standard exists for showing off your body. Woman show off their legs, booty, and large bosoms (cleavage) it is known as sexy yet at times maybe considered slutty. Male flaunting his bottom, package, legs, chest abs, is labeled as a stud, some females find all to desirable not believing what they are seeing as the norm. Which in turn turns to confusion from females being caught off guard ogling the male body, feelings of shame even laughter arise that they are desiring some random stranger so much.. 
If i receive very angry outrage what i'm wearing usually the common denominator is blaton jealousy plain and simple. Usually if female protests too much it's usually some sort of deep lustful desires they want to cover up. Almost always if female hates my outfit whatever it may be it's because there desires are so strong they need to cover it with opposite of what they are feeling. Sounds crazy but in most cases when someone wants to stop or change the way your attired in provocative manner they are protecting their lack of self control in what they are tempted to do, or distracted in thinking about what they could do.

mack_back #435

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/20/2018 08:19:02Copy HTML

 For me i wait for women to approach me either by group or solo. Find woman signals are telling or outspoken comments made to others giving me ample opportunity to overhear it's pretty clear to figure what they enjoy or not.  

Usually approaching woman in my experience is done by others inviting me into there closed circle. Going up to any woman on the beach as i appear often is too much for anyone to handle or feel comfortable talking with. Either they are assuming one thing or another and are scared off fixated on my obvious male characteristics. 

Heard couple woman walk along the beach discussing me. Discussion was about my appearance or intrigue about me. Overheard one saying to the other "he looks all to sexual", whatever that means. In today's society men have to be a little careful on there approach towards woman either on the beach or other surrounding, Although do believe if you choose the "right beach" (clothing optional)  you can assume woman are coming to observe different males physique as some say "willy" watching. In most cases they just like to observe nothing more nothing less and admire certain male bodies they deem attractive. In my experience it often leads to larger packs of woman needing their friends to see that guy next visit to the beach. 

Best way to figure woman are attractive to me is where they set up towels in relation to my vicinity. Initial reactions towards me are often easy to understand.  Remembered when i setup my towel near a young couple at the beach and settled down. No room for others to set-up nearby we were comfortable apart but not tightly squeezed into each other. Later came group of friends of the young couple laying next to me. About two males and three females they wanted to settle down the males nodded to move to open space nearby. The females in the group disagreed adamantly saying, "No! we are staying here," as each female agreed with relief and excitement. Soon i would figure out little did i know it was because of me. As they laid out as i was on  my back there towels almost touching mine and sat above me, admiring my physique to the disappointment of the male friends they came with.  As i was listening to music with my earbuds i could overhear a discussion about me with the two females closest to me. One of the females asked the other as they were virtually arms length from me,  "ever see someone wear that  before?"  instantly and adamantly the other female answered "NEVER!"  
Later as they began to go into the water they began to stand over me dripping water onto me from there wet hair, apologizing yet never bored observing my smooth tanned naked body. 
Only advice is pick the right beach and appropriate beachwear. Usually a conservative  family beach females come with husbands or boyfriends not interested in meeting other males or been hit on. At least that's my experience really attractive woman rarely are single and looking to mingle unless there really young. Also wearing provocative swimwear such as speedo, or thong is turnoff for conservative single young minded females. Best to meet women in group atmosphere them feeling safer and if they don't like your personality they move onto the next guy in your group. 
If your looking for something more at the beach woman will often show you what they want. Good luck..

Matt37 #436

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/20/2018 08:55:07Copy HTML

 > you can assume woman are coming to observe different males physique as some say "willy" watching.

Why would you make that assumption? Most of them come to c/o beaches to enjoy being able to sunbathe naked and get rid of tan lines, not look at penises. Some *might* go to the beach for that, but that sure doesn't mean you should assume that they all do.
mack_back #437

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/20/2018 09:41:38Copy HTML

Matt all do respect i've overheard and observed what woman are doing in packs settling or lurking on the c/o beach. Online blogs state exact words "willy watching" of the beach i frequent. Woman use the beach as a sport, girls night out, or in this case daytime for intrigue what they might observe. Seen female co-worker of mine show up at the beach with her friends and boyfriend. She was wearing a dress never took it off but stayed for awhile for amusement or voyeur factor. In little time she discovered me, peeking to get a closer look towards the water's edge with another female as i stood observing the horizon. Later on at work heard her discuss the visit to a c/o beach with female employee. Only heard she found the visit disgusting full of terrible bodies littering the beach. Never wanting to go again, yet i knew it was lie of sorts because everything i seen of her slyly observing me so i wouldn't noticed told me i was the exception to the rule. Even return trip from the beach she had her back towards me acting she didn't know me or didn't recognize me.

 Often then not woman are fully clothed and are not participating getting a tan seeing many leaving the beach paler then they showed up. Whenever a certain males struts their stuff walking purposely near the group of gals, often married, engaged, talking about wedding plans. One of the ladies nudging the other all sitting in circle to look up checking out "the guy", with them getting a big smile, or grin, even laughter, giggling mouthing the words OMG! he's huge..

I'm not talking about the generic couple. A female who decides to lose her inhibitions topless and tan in a thong, enjoying the time on the beach with her boyfriend or husband.Talking about all female pack showing up out of curiosity or intrigue, looking at different males bodies shapes and sizes just for fun etc.. Let's face it we all observe people's bodies on the beach doesn't matter what the vibe or what there wearing. 
The beach is place where people can get away from busy lives and relax get lit or enjoying some fun with friends. If they encounter a freak of nature strutting his stuff it's all the better for light giggle or shock stares they may not ever seen before. It encourages other  female friends to join them next time at the beach wanting to see the guy they are talking about.
Had experience where unknown to me females were eavesdropping on my conversations at the beach. These females never approached me but looked upon gather information my name as i introduced myself to others on the beach or shared other information.  As i wasn't aware group of ladies settled down near me but left enough space not making it obvious there ogling.  As i was laying down listening to music the group of gals were clearly commenting about me even heard my name being mentioned. The newbie of the group kept staring saying i don't know what the big deal about him you were talking about earlier, "his c#$K isn't that huge". Then the female who seemed to bring her new friends to the beach kept sighing, in love sick manner my name. I looked upon her but couldn't recognize ever meeting then i just relaxed shrugged thinking maybe but was too tired to find out and took a nap face down.

bbyrne78 #438

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/20/2018 10:47:24Copy HTML

I think this has finally reached the high water mark for silliness. Is there anyone out there who actually knows, interacts with, and is friendly to women who will go to the effort to drive to, set-up, and stakeout at the beach in the vain hope to seeing some guy? That is probably the dumbest thing I have ever read on this board (which is like climbing K2 in terms of degree of difficulty).

Are we that weak and clueless that hanging out at C/O beaches is the only way we can get to see? Good grief, there are much easier ways with a much much higher success rate than hanging out at the beach if that is all we want to see.
modelnude4u #439

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/21/2018 08:56:10Copy HTML

 Just like all guys don't go to the c/o beach to see boobies, or any other body part, not all ladies go to willy watch or whatever.  There is a bit too much certainty in mack's position to be taken seriously.  Anyone who is fully convinced that they are right, is likely not.
mack_back #440

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/22/2018 08:05:45Copy HTML

 Reading how common some females get so offended or afraid leaving the beach ruining there stay only because of some dumb comments. Only because two childish sexualy explicit words from couple aqua velva dudes thinking there flirtatious comments can be enticing for few new ladies they met. Same analogy i find but don't react in same fashion when few woman i overhear making comments to one another about my appearance ruining my day. Should i then get up and leave my beach visit only because some woman can't stop from there abusive, critical opinions voicing to anyone that can hear about me.

Life appears to be a series of social issues strung out to cause discomfort amongst unlike minded individuals, all of which requires their expressing their disapproval/disputation in the most expressive and easily interpreted ways. 
So to what i read trying to get back at some ridiculous childminded men. Woman feel justified in expressing themselves in same childish manner. Those who stand by silent often are guilty watching things take place instead of correcting a wrong making two. Seems the gals on the beach are just as petty and sensitive to any one act or comments.  Some want to be considered mature acting like  an adult yet lower themselves in the gutter to feel better about oneself is so childish.

Nothing wrong in asking someone on the beach for some lotion. Some woman often never prepare themselves visiting the beach. Seen one fair skinned  very attractive redhead female (size queen) starting to burn as other looked on noticing. Luckily a friendly  black man suggested her to use his, while her boyfriend helped rubbing it on.  What i seen it might of been too late nonetheless but the attractive female sort of recognized me from the gym only stared intensely, laying out nearby unsure it was really truly little old  me from the gym. The stares she was giving me on the beach or later in the gym i could of figured it out, yet she was too shy to ask me. Later on the beach or couple days in the gym, overhearing her ask her boyfriend, should i say something to him, while her boyfriend replied go ahead, although she didn't want to disturb me. 

While i have been asked numerous times as a ploy to use my oil from females on the beach. Yet if they have no real interesting personality then nothing really transpires. Only once i found a female so intrigued she had to ask for my suntan oll. As she gave it back to me she commented, "WTF is that!" as i laid on my back nude. I smiled, chuckling knew it would be fun time at the beach today. Although i ignored her vulgar comment about my genitalia i knew she meant well only curious and intrigued. Later talking with her walking along the beach we became friendlier and her enjoyment walking with me discussing topics about the goings on. She often smiled began to ask me to walk faster enjoying the way i moved with her best friend swiping closer to my body, teasing. She was the type of female to speak her mind, unfiltered no matter how it sounds, hurting someone or whoever might overhear her criticism or funny jokes about them. Yet everything about me she was overjoyed observing thus we spent almost the entire remainder of the afternoon together. 

Little did i know what transpired in the afternoon on the beach with her best friend and others. Weeks later meeting up at the beach knowing her better she admitted her initial visit to the beach landed her best friend getting raped on a yacht and her sexually assaulted after they did quick line of cocaine.  They didn't want to tell me when it happened thinking i would take revenge on the As#&*%S on the yacht. To this day i'm little angry of the dudes on the white yacht wanting some closure even though these girls don't show up at the beach anymore. Also the girls i met were angry i didn't tell them to be careful with the sea-doo dudes.  They were complaining that the dudes on the yacht slapped there buttocks because they were topless and wearing a thong or my friend a g-string panty. 

The sea-doo dudes come ashore acting normal observing attractive naive females asking if they want a ride. Little do the girls know they get waved onto a yacht anchored off shore. They hear music, have drugs introduced and get sexual assaulted onboard no place to run. After the ordeal the sea-doo guys drive them back to shore. Sort of suspected this was going on the c/o beach all part of the course of sex, rocknroll, drugs being the part of the beach vibe. Yet never thought girls would be raped or violated as they did. 
Although my female friend didn't know what exactly went on with her friend since she went voluntarily down below in the cabin of the yacht with numerous guys. One of female best friend even apologized when the one male stuck his finger violated them together sitting between the two saying one was to tight.

Sarah_Thong #441

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/23/2018 10:29:33Copy HTML

Hi guys, I'm going to wade into this debate offend or please lol
There's a number of issues being brought up within this thread and I'll try and give my version of each issue:
1 - Men's thongs aren't common, this is a fact and the general impression of thongs is that they have a bad rep for men at the moment. That said it doesn't mean all females laugh at every man in a thong. We don't. I personally, and I have friends that find a guy in great shape in a thong or tiny swimsuit on the beach as sexy as hell and I find nothing better than watching my SO (or other guy prior to my relationship) walk down to the sea wearing a thong and seeing his butt in the sun and then walking back soaking wet from the sea and a tanned body shining in the sun. This is personal preference and I also know girls who aren't a fan of men in skimpies whether it be swimwear or underwear and just find boxers sexier whether the guy was ripped or not. 
It's down to personal preference at the end of the day. You'll always get the odd one that is negative, I do, I'm sure Bren and the other ladies on here have also but that's life, the majority of people will just let you get on with your day. They may have a longer look than if you're in shorts but that's obvious, they'd have a long look if you drove past in a Ferrari compared to a Ford, it's human nature to take a longer look at something out of the norm.
2 - My second point is the way guys act, I'm not pointing the finger, but reading through some of the posts on this board a lot of guys use minimal thongs as a sexual tool for exhibitionism. I'm not a prude and I'm all for that people should be able to wear what they want to wear, but life being life don't flaunt it. Don't wear a Koala style suit on a family beach and go strolling up and down the shoreline looking for attention or you will get negative feedback. Just get on with your business, tan, play ball, swim etc. If people want a closer look believe me they'll find a way of coming for a look. Until male thongs/g's are as accepted as females then the boundaries need to be eased out and not smashed in peoples faces. 
3 - My 3rd point is that guys seem to be worried about what people think too much, whether it's about am I accepted or do they think I'm gay? At the end of the day who cares? There's 7 billion people on this planet, the 1000 or so on the beach that you saw on holiday aren't going to give you a second thought after you or they have gone and the people you will meet again will come to know you as a person and not "the thong wearer". 
An example of this is my SO, he's never had an issue of tanning and being around the beach in a thong but he'd always put his shorts back on to go to the beach bar. We've been to the same place on holiday now 3 times a year for the last 4 or 5 years and the staff at the beach bar are always coming around the loungers to clear the cups and rubbish etc. so have seen him wearing his thong lying to tan so he took the view that if they've seen him there why not at the bar so we'll now happily sit there at the beach bar and have a bite to eat or a drink chatting with the staff in our swimwear and he gets treated as a human being not a "thonger". 
4 - My fourth point is that there seems to be a general consensus that men think that women only like "ripped" physiques. I know plenty of women who absolutely hate muscles and find them repulsive to the point where they wouldn't be able to touch them, one friend actually gets turned off at the sight of the external oblique muscles and abs.
So to summarise, if you want to wear a thong accept that it is a choice against the norm, accept that you'll get stares, you'll get sniggers, you'll get compliments (these go for us women too, I've had people laugh at me), you'll get peoplel think you're gay or strange, you'll get people that think you look sexy as hell. But at the end of it all, people who you'll see often and build relationships with wont give a monkeys what your choice of attire is so just get on with it and wear what you want. 
ioannis #442

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/23/2018 01:15:31Copy HTML

 Sarah, i agree with every word you wrote!! If  someone wear something too much extreme and goes to a family beach he certainly will have some negative comments. A man in a thong is something strange for the many and it will continue to be for many years.
With my wife we visit any beach. We had been in nude beaches, remote beaches, small-big, anything you can imagine. The reactions for me or my other male thonger best friend were varied : My male friend and I we wear only conservative swim-thongs in blue or black color. Our wives also wear conservative swimtongs in various colors, let's say female colors. 

At beaches where the people are mostly young, we never had a issue. Nobody ever seemed to have a problem or to make laugh at us or make any comment.  At those beaches, when we are alone we had some girls approaching us in a very "good" mood.  In nude or remote beaches no problem either.

At families beaches... well, we had faced some strange looks from some people, but that's it. 

So for me the important is 1) the type of thong you wear 2) the total behavior at the beach.  If you act normal, with a "normal" thong, you don't get bad reactions. 

Last summer I went to a very popular beach with my wife and little daughter. I will post a link to the beach. I was in a black thong and my lady wore a black thong bodysuit. Around us a lot of families and older people. Nobody said anything. I has a chat with two other daddys, swim with my little girl, and go and pick her from her friends to our place. At the end of the day, as usually happens in Greece, we all joined into a big company. After the beach our three families took our children for ice cream,  cold beers for the adults.
ioannis #443

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/23/2018 01:19:09Copy HTML

i cant paste the image, so the link is



ioannis #444

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/23/2018 04:53:33Copy HTML

The last 2 links, are images of the beaches me and my family we visit every summer, and both enjoy our swimthongs !!
bbyrne78 #445

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/23/2018 09:16:49Copy HTML

Sarah has articulated key points better than any one has so far and I don't think I can add anything material that will make it better.

I like a guy in thongs, but I love a guy in Aussiebum swimbriefs or squarecuts. What I really don't like are guys who act strange or creepy. I'd rather hang out with a nice polite guy in boardshorts than a creepy guy in a thong no matter what my preference. This back to my four points - be nice, be humorous, be humble and be friendly taking precedence over anything a guy can wear or look like (more on this later).

I really don't understand the fear of being called or seen as being gay by some of the guys on this board. Anyone who surfs regularly knows that the surfing culture is extraordinarily macho, but over the last decade, I have seen it welcome the LGBTI community more so than some of the other sporting groups I am associated with (MMA still leads the way for those curious about acceptance). A quick lesson, there are literally a million things worse than being called gay. A lot of my beach, sport and close friends are LGBTI and by association, I've been called gay a bunch of times. I couldn't care less. If you think wearing a thong in public is brave, try being that brave 24/7/365 because that is what some people have to be all the time.

On the issue of ripped physiques, imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. Think about having a long-term relationship with someone who has to eat the same food for weeks on end, someone who has to go the same restaurants (in the rare instance when they go out), someone who won't have wine, cocktails or beer when everyone is drinking, and works out twice a day for two hours at a time. Unless your genetically gifted, that's what it is like to live with a girl with six-pack abs, leaned out physique, and fitspo look that is so prized here (I'm not even going to go into the preparation tricks and photography that goes into taking those photos). That doesn't sound like a bunch of fun on holiday right?

I hope after reading Sara's contribution to this thread, people realise that the main reason why some people react a certain way (by laughing) is because they have been exposed to some stupid behavior (most likely narcissistic). 

Love Bren 
mack_back #446

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/24/2018 07:02:56Copy HTML

Those who remarked they don't see a problem why men are in fear being labeled gay. Being single hetro guy i also don't care about what people label me be it amusing nicknames or down right rude. 

Suppose the remarks of being gay often have a underlying tone depending on who is saying it.  Sometimes it's meant to hurt rather expressing a fact or opinion. In the gym many people assume i must be gay because of the tight colourful feminine clothing i attire. It doesn't bother me considering the source or in the way they are commenting. Often it is out ignorance and narrow mindedness so i don't take it personally. Also the woman who may suspect or feel i'm gay there no fitness prize winners, so i careless or not correcting any opinions or assumptions, even smirk at their comments. Staring down these haters upon there female flaws smugly, observing there physique needs to improve and lame black outfits there wearing has to step it up a level. In fact woman in the gym have copied my outfits feeling envious and self conscious. Some females even respect my choice of style wanting my approval of there outfits to the gym, asking do i like it!   In fact it opens my eyes giving me new perspective on how evil or prejudice they are of gays. Even how they maybe feeling about any minority group race, religion and fashion styles for specific gender. I can learn a lot from  a person with their expressive demeanour towards my appearance showing me their characteristics. 

Yet when i'm at the beach seeing new people lurking, females especially intrigued of my appearance, i find it flattering. Yet when at the beach, fellow regular woman who never talked to me, or matter of fact ever said polite hello, feels she figured me out visiting the beach for years. When she finds time to express her opinions to unsuspecting newbie females telling them don't waste your time with him he's not interested in woman. This is where false accusations and misleading others angers me rather feeling fear as some described.  

Nonetheless i may appear creepy or weird  sneering upon the accusing female labeling me gay to others. If looks could kill she be long gone. Although i try to mind my business live the way i want and with who i want to chat with. Nothing better to find a friend who is not judgemental towards any group or race of people regardless of appearances.  
As for the comments of great physiques it's so true, Lol... Of the mindset some diva pageant contestants preparing for there shows.  Yet woman described in previous post have to be applauded and are complete opposite of the lifestyle at the beach, drinking, drugs or regular body composition people have. Maybe that is why i stand out so much versus others. Like most fit fanatics i also suffer from body dysmorphia from time to time negatively and extremely positively depending on the surrounding. This also includes caring what others think or say of me, while other times just enjoy flaunting myself for the betterment of everyone's eyes could see while being encouraged by some. 
stringster #447

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/25/2018 11:56:07Copy HTML

It could have been worse, you could have been approached by this kid! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czQ2T6SnbfM
bbyrne78 #448

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/25/2018 11:54:20Copy HTML

@Stringster  after spending all day Sunday with a lot of kids under the age of 15, the kids today are way more articulate and pleasant than their parents and guys who are just under 30 to 45. I think that those are the prime @$$hole ages.
Love Bren
stringster #449

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/26/2018 09:51:35Copy HTML

I've met plenty of guys aged 18-30 that are @$$holes too, i think they just never change and are just born that way. or it has something to do with being at their alleged 'peak' in terms of wealth, career or physical build - giving themselves a feeling of superiority over others.

i'm guessing your experience was far from perfect, as i recall posts about choosing a new, more conservative kini for this event. did it still attract the creeps?
stringster #450

Re:Are they laughing at me?

Date Posted:03/27/2018 09:09:02Copy HTML

 why was my post edited JM_Runs? the first time i could've sworn i posted it, then i realised i had uncensored swearing in it. so i presumed it was deleted for that reason. now i realise it was the women 45+ comment. can i ask, why is it ok for a female to badmouth an age group of one gender, but i can't say the same about the opposite gender in another age group?

stereotyping on age/gender/nationality is obviously wrong, and why i don't hold to it in real life, but i've had both positive and negative experiences in life from anyone of any age regardless.

i could have easily taken offence (as could many others on this board) about bbyrne78's comment "I think that those are the prime @$$hole ages.", but i don't because i am assuming that because she has had more negative experiences than positive with men of that age that she is somewhat biased in her opinion. this was why i made that comment shortly afterwards, as it is the same kind of thing (based on my personal experience) just applied to a different demographic and age group.
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