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Date Posted:04/20/2017 08:40:40Copy HTML

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting a friend from school. She's married with a couple of young kids. The first morning I was there, I beat them all down to breakfast. I was making coffee when my friend and her kids came into the kitchen. "Good morning," I said. "Morning," replied my friend giving me an odd look. She walked over as her kids went to the table. "You know you're naked, right?" she said quietly to me.

I was mortified. I'd slept nude and for some reason it hadn't occurred to me to get dressed when I'd come downstairs. I apologized, but she just laughed and asked what had gotten into me. I was about to run upstairs for some clothes when her husband came into the kitchen. His eyes widened and he said, "Didn't realize we were going casual this morning."

Before my friend or I could respond, her oldest asked, "Can we go naked at breakfast too?" The youngest had already removed most of his clothes. The three of us couldn't help but laugh. "I guess so," said my friend with a shrug. The older one didn't hesitate to join her sibling. At that point it seemed a bit weird for me to go and get dressed, so I just stayed as I was.

The next morning I made sure to put on a robe, so I was surprised when I was greeted by my friend's husband's naked ass when I walked into the kitchen. When he turned around and saw me dressed, he look a bit embarrassed. "Sorry," he said looking for something to cover himself. "The kids wanted a repeat of yesterday's breakfast. We figured you would," he didn't seem to know how to finish.

"Oh yeah, of course," I said quickly shedding my robe. He relaxed and my friend and the kids joined us, just as nude. The five of us enjoyed breakfast in our birthday suits.

The third morning there was no awkwardness as we enjoyed our naked breakfast. And, by the end of the visit we were spending most of our time unclothed. From Friday night to Monday morning when I left for the airport, I didn't wear a stitch of clothes. It felt awesome.

It wasn't long ago that the thought of friends seeing picture of me in a thong freaked me out. Now, here I was spending an entire weekend with friends wearing even less. Sunday afternoon my friend snapped a few pics of me. I didn't even hesitate telling her it was fine to send them out.

I feel like thongs have helped me feel more comfortable with my body and being nude. Has anyone else had the same experience?
cmp304 #1

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/20/2017 01:59:23Copy HTML

You experience makes a lot of sense.   Similar to any other goal that we "work up to" my taking smaller steps in that direction.    I initially chose speedos,  then smaller bikinis and later thong swimwear because I hate wearing shorts at the beach.  That progression is similar to what you have experienced.  But my self confidence wearing a thong in public only really increased after I started going to legitimate, designated nude beaches.   Being nude in public has made it very easy to be comfortable in a g string when nudity is not an option. 
Nuwalket #2

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/20/2017 02:11:50Copy HTML

 I have a similar story, only the other way around. My sister in law was staying with us and one morning I did much the same and went to the kitchen nude to make coffee. When she walked in she stated that' "I didn't know I was staying at a nudist colony?'. I half apologized before my wife came in and she stated that "He's naked all the time now that he's retired". The sister in law said it's no big deal, she had been to nude beaches and seen it all before. So I remained nude and she even walked around topless at times but always kept panties on at least.
So, I guess that I'm just the opposite in that respect. Nudist before wearing thongs and now wear thongs if naked isn't an option. As for being a gateway to nudity; to me it's all about comfort at this age but before that it was about confidence and freedom. So for some, yes it could be a gateway to nudity. As a nudist, I sure hope so!
J_R_365 #3

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/20/2017 03:25:13Copy HTML

 For me, it was actually reversed.  I had bought a couple of suits from Skinzwear, but was very apprehensive about wearing them in public, not really wanting to attract attention. While on a weekend camping trip, I decided to check out a nearby CO beach. Since everybody there was naked, I didn't worry about feeling out of place, thought, "Well, here goes!", and stripped down. I loved it! It was so liberating.

A couple days later, I wore my Skinz M1R2 in yellow Thinskinz fabric to my local beach. I was still a little nervous about wearing it, but thought, "Hell, I was nude at the beach the other day", and it was no problem. Yes, I did attract some attention, but it was all positive.

So, being naked in public made me more comfortable wearing thongs. Now, at the beach, I wear an assortment of as minimal suits as I can. The reactions I get are so positive, they do make me more comfortable with my body, and I find that my comfort with being nude and wearing a thong reinforce each other. While I am comfortable with my body,showing so much of it to the public makes me want to take better care of it, so I tend to stick to my diet and exercise regimen more. Nudism and thong wearing have improved my health!

itanng #4

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/20/2017 09:39:57Copy HTML

Just the opposite for me, too.

Soon after I started sunbathing in a bikini, I realized I was really a nudist at heart. So, when legal, I'd sunbathe nude. From that point, the g-string became the go-to suit when nude wasn't legal, a thong if not the g-string, and a minimal bikini if not a thong.
JSJax #5

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/20/2017 11:53:16Copy HTML

Great topic, something I've been thinking a lot about lately.  I've encountered a few people in chat with stories similar to NWGirl: started wearing thongs and transitioned to nude in similar private, closed-group situations.  The fact that most of these have been females, and most of the guys responding here are going in the opposite direction makes me think that gender plays a part in this "gateway effect"... This is probably over-generalizing but I'd think that the average guy is more likely to get initially comfortable in a nude situation and move to thongs for conventional beaches, maybe as a way to stay as close to nude as possible, while women gain confidence wearing thongs in everyday situations and use it to push things further.  If this is true it probably has a lot to do with the social/gender norms assigned to the thong as a women's garment.  Not an absolute, but I think we're on to something for those of us who enjoy both thong-wearing and going nude.
John Howard #6

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/20/2017 11:59:40Copy HTML

 I'm with itanng on this one, wearing a thong made it easier for me to enjoy the nudist beach.  Because having a sharp thong tan line makes me feel like a fair dinkum sun lover who is not shy to show skin at the normal beach.  I still like to show my individuality at the c/o beach by wearing a metal glans ring and that sometimes creates negativity from some nudist nazis or some jealous males from the attention i usually get from their girlfriends.....for that and other reasons i tend to feel more comfortable wearing just a thong at the textile beach.
John Howard #7

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/20/2017 11:59:49Copy HTML

 I'm with itanng on this one, wearing a thong made it easier for me to enjoy the nudist beach.  Because having a sharp thong tan line makes me feel like a fair dinkum sun lover who is not shy to show skin at the normal beach.  I still like to show my individuality at the c/o beach by wearing a metal glans ring and that sometimes creates negativity from some nudist nazis or some jealous males from the attention i usually get from their girlfriends.....for that and other reasons i tend to feel more comfortable wearing just a thong at the textile beach.
Ex_Member #8

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/21/2017 06:38:46Copy HTML

For me, nudity was the gateway to thonging.  Even the best thong in the world is nowhere near as pleasant and relaxing as legal skinnydipping.  It's stupid to wear clothes to swim if you don't have to -- I was going to nude beaches LONG before I knew thongs were available.  And the comfort factor?  If you're at a legal nude beach (like Haulover) there's no feeling that you're the "weird one" like you can sometimes get wearing a thong.  Oh, I still like my thongs and enjoy wearing them whenever there's no nude beach available -- but it's because a thong is the next best thing to nudity.
thonglife #9

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/21/2017 01:27:35Copy HTML

For me, privately thonging and nudity outside came along at the same time. I would do either or both in my yard or in private elsewhere. This led to wearing Speedo type swimwear in public which eventually led to wearing thongs and g-strings in public, Having been almost nude for years in public, my first and subsequent public nudity experiences were easy and felt normal. Now, I enjoy doing both publicly but can't deny that wearing a thong or g-string makes me feel sexier and is more of a rush then nude,
bmicro #10

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/21/2017 03:20:51Copy HTML

 I grew up when swimming nude at the Y was the way it was, students showered in a large group showers after PE, and skinny dipping was a normal thing to do at remote areas. Being nude when allowed has never been an issue and predated thongs. I was a competitive swimmer in HS and part of college back when we believed the smaller the suit the less the drag. This search for the smallest permissible swimwear has characterized my approach since I was a kid. When thongs became available the transition was normal. 
The Swan #11

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:05/12/2017 12:26:08Copy HTML

 A group of us were camping, me, my GF and two other women we know. We were in my van the two other women were in a tent.  Except for one other group of twenty somethings  pitched about 100yds away from us, there was no one else at the campground. We went to bad about 11pm. Since we had been drinking beer I needed to use the facilities about midnight. I got up and not wanting turn on the lights in the van and wake up my sweetie I put on the first thing I found, a pair of see through shorts. I went to the facilities and on my way out of the restroom who should appear but our two friends coming the other way. Even though the flood lights were on the women kept shining the flashlights on my shorts. I waited for them to come out of the bathroom and we walked back to our campsite together. Interestingly the women did say anything on the way back about my attire.

The next morning I got up and put the same shorts  on (Why not? I figured they had already seen me.) and started making coffee (Is there anything better for breakfast than french press coffee at a campsite?). My girlfriend gave me a bit of grief but when the other two got up, they came out of their tent wearing just t-shirts and underwear. It was compliments all around on each other's attire.

One of the best camping breakfasts I ever experienced...

So while we were not nude we definitely were not far from it. I attribute my actions to my comfort level in thonging at the beach.
beachlion #12

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:05/12/2017 03:17:18Copy HTML

I went to nude beaches before I seriously started to wear thongs at the beach. While beach walking, I walked into the nude section at the end of the beach of Biarritz, France. I was curious how it would feel to be naked in the open so I came back next day around 4 PM, when it was very quiet. I undressed and sat on my towel. When nobody was there, I walked to the water edge and walked a short distance along the shore line, away from people. It felt extremely liberating. When I returned some people had walked in my direction so I had to go past them. The realization that they were naked too gave me the push to step over my fear. From that moment on I was through and could visit nude beaches without the slightest fear.20 year later I started to wear thongs in a serious way. But for me it feels easier to be naked at a nude beach than in a thong at a "normal" beach.
tobias5711 #13

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:05/12/2017 01:22:38Copy HTML

 I totally agreeing it is easier to be naked at a nude beach than in a thong at a "normal" beach. This probably doesn't apply to a beach like South Beach or beaches like it. But most beaches are not like SB or Haulover. The first few times at Tybee or Lake Lanier it took real guts for a man to wear a thong. The moment I took off my shorts and felt the sun and wind on my bare ass, I was hooked. No matter what anyone said I knew I would never wear board dork shorts ever again. and that goes for speedos too. Thankfully, my confidence is much stronger ( mainly knowing I was legal helps) and people's attitudes are more relaxed. 

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:05/12/2017 02:11:23Copy HTML

Much the same holds for me. It was rather the other way round.
With my family I was used to go naked as a child already and that persisted through puberty when children lose the "innocence" to go naked as they (or their parents) wish. It was only when around 20 years old that I first saw a thong in an ad. I was fascinated right away and bought my first one as soon as the department store advertising it opened.
At first I was pretty insecure about wearing one in public: being afraid people would conclude I was gay or given to any number of other "perversions". Nowadays I don't give much thoughts to what other people might think. I'll not only wear my thong or g without any qualms on an appropriate beach (i.e. a beach where it is allowed to wear thongs) but like I did yesterday, I'll return home on my bicycle wearing nothing but a g and perhaps a t-shirt.
a_lex #15

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:05/23/2017 05:25:22Copy HTML

Yes and no. NWGirl's theory is interesting, and frankly I think it worked for me as well, but I wouldn't say it's universal.

Becoming a thong swimsuit wearer definitely helped me become more comfortable with my body, and sparked my interest in wearing skimpier suits and eventually trying nudism when I was in vacation.

It was more or less the same with my girlfriend, who now wears almost exclusively thong swimwear. Yet she doesn't like the idea of going nude on a beach, she thinks beaches are a little too dirty for her tastes.Then again, I know several friends of mine who became nudists without becoming interested in skimpy swimwear, before or after.

So, it depends on the person. Some people won't like going nude to the beach regardless. Others will develop an interest in going nude without ever being fascinated in skimpy underwear and swimwear. Others still, like myself, will need a "bridge" between going to the beach covered in a mainstream way and going nude - and that bridge and encouragement can be thong-wearing.
32189 #16

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:05/24/2017 10:33:11Copy HTML

I feel that wearing thongs physically makes becoming nude very simple.  Off with one little piece of swimwear and suddenly I am nude.  I think the psychological aspect for me is similar but not the same.  I like being nude and at the beaches that I frequent most nudity is not allowed though I have done it.  As a gateway, this could be different for each person.  I do think thonging makes it easier as you are showing most of your body in a thong already.  
Ex_Member #17

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:05/26/2017 06:08:01Copy HTML

 I started wearing things when my local nude beach became restricted.  The state of California decided to take San Onofre long standing nude beach back into standard policies.  Even though the rest of the state exists with many many many miles of standard policy requiring clothing.  After that changed, I had become so comfortable nude that a thing or g-string was the closest I could get to that feeling of freedom and a great tan all over.  So, nudity was actually my gateway to thonging.  Now that I have thonged comfortably in many different locations, I continue to do so wherever I can & whenever I can.
NudeNArizona #18

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:05/29/2017 09:12:58Copy HTML

 I would say that for me Thongs are a side effect!

I grew up where as kids we all went skinny dipping in the creek in the summer, and ran thru the sprinkler naked out in the country!

When I grew up and moved away after joining the military thongs were what could be considered acceptable.

Now to this day I would rather go nude, but some places that isn't permitted so thongs are my next best choice
Thongmad #19

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:06/05/2017 11:28:03Copy HTML

 I grew up as a young kid wearing Speedo style briefs. When I got old enough to realise all the boys around me were wearing shorts, I began to as well. I think I always craved to wear briefs again, and still would in our backyard pool. As a teenager, you wouldn't dare wear a brief in front of your mates!
When I began to go to the beach on my own, I would sometimes wear the briefs again, and being the eighties, they were thin sided which I loved, and that started me wanting smaller styles. The beach right beside the one we frequented was a legal nudist beach, and I started going there occasionally by myself, walking over in my briefs, and spending time nude. 

Thongs and g-strings started to become popular in Australia around that time, and when I first saw them, I knew I had to have one!

I did both on the nude beach for some time, alternating depending on what I felt like doing at the time. I then began thonging more on every beach I went to, and now that I've grown to love it so much, it's my first choice. Occasionally I do still go nude, but generally it's a thong, or sometimes a brief.

So overall, I can't say that one has influenced the other. Thongs are not a choice because I can't go nude, but rather my first choice option. The briefs are actually the compromise now.
mattsthong #20

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:07/11/2017 02:14:19Copy HTML

 I've made the move to nude from thongs. I have been wearing a thong on the beach for years and I finally decided to visit the local nude beach. I love the freedom of being nude especially the swimming.Now I wear a thong to walk to the nude section of the beach and then it comes off as soon as I get there. I kind of like the looks I get and a few favourable comments too.
modelnude4u #21

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:07/11/2017 02:48:35Copy HTML

 Thongs are as close to nude as I can get legally in most cases, otherwise I would go nude.  Certainly I get the idea of gradually stepping down the amount of your body that you are covering, letting the suits get smaller and smaller, until indeed, nude is the final result.
NWGirl #22

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:12/06/2017 04:03:27Copy HTML

My husband and I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. We stayed with my aunt and uncle, who live near my grandparents. Now that my cousin and her husband have two kids, it's a pretty full house. Ten people (once you count my parents) staying in their three bedroom house doesn't leave much room for anyone, but we manage. We stayed in one of the extra bedrooms as did my parents. My cousin's family slept in the living room.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and spent the rest of the day prepping the Thanksgiving dinner. My aunt ordered a couple of pizzas for that night. After we ate, everyone started getting ready for bed. It took a while, since we had to use the bathroom in shifts. Finally we went to our room and got into bed.

I woke up during the night and was having trouble falling back to sleep. I decided to get a drink of water and read for a few minutes. I sleep naked, but something compelled me to grab my panties, a Wicked Weasel thong, before quietly opening the door to the hallway. As expected, it was dark, but there was enough light for me to find my way to the kitchen. I passed my cousin and her sleeping family on my way there.

I filled a glass of water and sat down at the kitchen table. My aunt had left a few magazines out, and I grabbed one and started to flip through it. I'd only been there a few minutes when I heard noise coming from the living room. It sounded like one of my cousin's kids had woken up. The only way back to my bedroom was through the living room, so I stayed put. It got quiet again, so I assumed they'd gone back to sleep. I went back to my magazine.

A creaky floorboard made me look up, and I say my cousin carrying her youngest, who's 4, in the doorway. She gasped then laughed. "Sorry, I didn't think anyone else was up."

"Didn't mean to startle you," I replied. "I couldn't sleep."

Her son was pulling at one of the straps on her tanktop. "He still gets hungry at night," she said almost apologetically. She looked at me sheepishly. "We're still breastfeeding," she said as an explanation as if it was something wrong.

"Oh, yeah, I've heard about how it can be healthy to do that for longer periods of time," I said reassuringly.

Her face relaxed. "You don't mind if I feed him in here then?" she asked. He'd already pulled down the strap and released one of her breasts. She pulled it back up covering herself.

"Not at all," I said. I let the magazine drop to the table. It was dark, and I don't think she'd really been able to see much other than my head until then.

"Are you?..." she trailed off as she suppressed her laughter.

"Not quite," I said standing up and showing her my thong. "Didn't think I'd run into anyone tonight."

She took a seat across from me. Her son pulled down her top again and found his way to her nipple. We chatted quietly as he nursed.  When he went for her other breast, she pulled off her top giving him complete access. 

My cousin seemed like she really needed to talk about it, and I didn't mind listening. She revealed that her 6 year old still breastfed on occasion and even that her husband had wanted to try it a couple of times. Her son eventually fell asleep on her lap as we talked.

The floorboards creaked again, and we both looked up to see my aunt enter the kitchen. "You two are up early," she said. She noticed our state of dress. "Did I miss the memo about going topless this morning?" We both laughed and explained the situation. I was about to say I'd go cover up, but she beat me saying, "Mi casa es su casa. You two make yourselves comfortable." She went to make herself a cup of tea.

My cousin went to put her son back to bed. I excused myself to do the same. It was still early, and I figured I could get another couple of hours sleep. I heard my uncle say good morning to my cousin in the other room. He entered just as I was leaving. There was a stunned look on his face when he saw me. My aunt noticed and said, "The girls decided it should be a casual weekend." He just sort of nodded looking a bit confused. I excused myself and went back to my room. I could hear them talking as I left.

My husband was still asleep when I slipped back into bed. I managed to fall asleep.
ithongit #23

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:12/07/2017 05:56:41Copy HTML

 They can be -- but certainly not always.  

I have found that people who want to go nude often wear thongs first or upon seeing a person in a thong, are encouraged to go nude at that point.

Children, especially young ones, tend to see others nude or in thongs or topfree and (rightly?) assume that there is really nothing wrong with going nude or otherwise mimicking the actions of the others.

There is a group of people -- mostly who were taught that thongs were "yucky" when they were children, who still find thongs to be upsetting.  They might skip wearing thongs when others might.   I have seen these at the lake several times.  Most of the time it is guys.  The men will see Randy nude or me topfree or either of us in a thong and simply shed whatever they have on and go swimming.  Sometimes they lay out to dry off this way too.  Sometimes they come over afterwards and say they wouldn't have had the courage to do what they did if they had not seen us in our thongs, but when ask why they don't wear thongs, they have some dumb comment about the inappropriateness of wearing thongs, forgetting that in most places, going nude is even more inappropriate.
MB27 #24

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:01/17/2018 12:50:31Copy HTML

For mr the evolution was my first speedo which lead to smaller bikinis, then half inch sides with half back, to tanga, to thong, to g-string, to nude.  Of course I may have jumped to nude sooner if there had been nude beaches nearby.
32189 #25

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:01/21/2018 03:41:53Copy HTML

I do believe more now that thonging is a gateway to nudity for those who already want to get nude.  
bmillerw #26

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:01/23/2018 04:53:56Copy HTML

 No. I don't care to see or be seen nude. I find women more attractive in bikinis.
Sarah_Thong #27

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:01/29/2018 01:06:53Copy HTML

I think there are a few different ways to look at this:
The reason for wearing a thong or going nakedThe type of swimwear if you are wearing anyThe environment you are in
The reason I say this is that there are different reasons that people wear what they do. For example, some people wear thongs/g's for exhibitionist reasons, others wear them for minimal tan lines, others for comfort etc. etc. 
May I add, when I state exhibitionist, I don't mean flashing etc. I mean that if someone is proud of their body and want to show it off then they exhibit it and quite like the looks and attention they get.
Also I know people who are more comfortable naked in a naturist environment than they are wearing a thong on a public beach, purely because you're "meant" to be naked on a nude beach.
I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself too well here lol
So...... If you start wearing thongs because you love showing your body then the natural progression is to get smaller suits and push your own self limitations to get that attention. 
If you are into minimal tanlines, then again the obvious progression is to go small with your suits, and if you're not near a naturist area then a tiny G will enable you to move the suit about and get the least tan lines possible.
If you wear them because you like the feel, then you like the feel full stop, you aren't going to change style or go naked as you purely like the feel of a thong. I know some people who wear bigger type thong swimwear as they do enjoy the feel of the materials during their daily life.
Also a lot of people I know adjust the size of their suit according to their environment, for example they wouldn't wear a sheer g-string to a water park but would on the beach, but then wear something larger around the hotel pool where kids are about and maybe a one piece thong back or a rio when back home in the UK.
I also know people who would still wear a thong when nudity is allowed as the tan line is the main goal.
From a personal view, I started wearing thongs etc. as underwear during my teens, this was mainly because I saw my sisters thongs and I got the impression from the marketing at the time that they were sexy underwear and I wanted to be sexy. After all I was a developing female. I started wearing thong bikinis as I wanted a minimal tanline as I was wearing thong underwear and thought I'd look silly wearing a thong with a big white butt. (some of you may remember my post about my first beach trip with a thong as I was with my parents).
I've done the minimal stuff from WW, I've worn sheer bikinis/g-strings, I've gone naked on nude beaches, I've worn one piece thong swimsuits to the pools here in the UK, I've also worn bikinis and full covered up swimsuits. I've just worn what I feel comfortable wearing in my particular surroundings. For example I wouldn't go with my friend to take her child to swimming lessons and wear a thong, so I wear a full covered bikini or 1 piece. I don't have the view that I need to be naked all the time, it's what suits the moment.
So I suppose my answer to this is that it all depends on a number of variables and you have to take them all into account when thinking about the original posters question as it's not as simple to say well I started wearing a speedo style when I was 20 and gradually over the years I've developed through full speedo, rio back, thong, g-string, sheer suits and now nudity is the only option left for me so I MUST go naked.
Ex_Member #28

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:01/29/2018 05:13:17Copy HTML

 If I may add my own perspective to the discussion, it was really the other way around for me; nudity was my gateway to thongs. I have always felt more comfortable the less clothed I am, so as I grew up I took the opportunity to go nude whenever it was permissible. Apart from that, thongs are not easily obtained where I'm from due to cultural standards, so the only reason I tried wearing thongs was purely out of curiosity. Now, I would rather wear thongs than go nude because I think it makes me look and feel better.
MrFalcon #29

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:01/29/2018 05:38:42Copy HTML

 For me thongs are a compromise with nudity. I prefer being nude. 
Sharon73 #30

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:02/01/2018 07:13:25Copy HTML

 No doubt about it for me. Thongs led me to nudism.  My first nude experience was on a clothing optional beach where I was in a thong bikini - for the first five minutes anyway.  Seeing all those naked bodies made me want to join them naked.  I still remember the thrill of stripping down naked in front of a group of naked guys. It was so exciting to do.
RapidBlue #31

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:02/01/2018 07:27:28Copy HTML

 For me thongs were not a gateway to nudity. While I have been to a few c/o beaches I find that I prefer seeing people in a thong. Don’t get me wrong I love going to a c/o beach and am always happy to go to one. But there is someint extremely attractive and erotic about seeing someone wearing a thong. For me I love the tan line, especially if I have a deep tan. My thong wearing and my first visit to a c/o beach happened at about the same time.
fordrs #32

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:02/25/2018 12:30:09Copy HTML

 Agree with sarah,I started to wear speedos most of my early years and continued to wear them till 30 then tried tanga style suits then thong as i liked the tanline it gave on my bum then to g-string 
Now i have tried naturism now about 7years ago but was nude at ho,e alot too for 15 yrs once i got my own flat
So i do think wearing thongs can lead to nude bathing/sun tanning as long as your comfortable doing it go for it
mack_back #33

Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

Date Posted:04/28/2018 11:00:31Copy HTML

 With my experience i wore nylon loose shorts to pool for many young adult years. Later decided i needed to purchase  neon blue  tight fitting JM  spandex boxer brief swimwear i seen at department store fell in love with the colour texture, this was my journey and beginning towards a slippery slope. No turning back felt comfortable with the way my body appeared thus my journey began. 

Thought the tan lines i gotten were silly in the JM blue boxer brief rolling up the leg hems at the public outdoor pools. Bought shorter square cut navy speedo,  size to small, feeling uncomfortable and squished. Moved to a poser bodybuilding AC bikini's for the pool and beach. Later moving to skimpier moderate Skinz rio's, eventually skinny side Skinz Rio's scrunching the backside as much as possible to a thong. Found some AC thong posers online suits decided to tan on the beach but found the skinny strap Rio's better for minimal tan lines upfront and sides.  

Found my experience wearing swimwear kept getting more provocative. The amount of attention at public beach's and pools, both good and bad, began to make me feel confused. Smaller skimpier tighter swimwear was attention getting, but people began to ridicule, making my visits uncomfortable on most family oriented beaches.  

Thonging wasn't even option at conservative beaches so moved to neighbouring textile beach next to clothing optional one, when people on this forum suggested other beaches that might be suitable. I found nobody was using the textile beach near the populated clothing optional one, which meant my thonging was secluded. Near the nude clothing optional beach I wore my skinny sided Skinz rio scrunched along my butt crack. Overheard a nudist's commentary wondering why I bothered wearing such tiny swimwear. 

I noticed I was getting incredible dark tan lines and was frustrated how uneven they looked at my backside.  So experimented with some Victoria Secret female thong underwear as beachwear but that soon ended quickly. Decided to be bold laying on my stomach nude losing the awkward tan lines but wearing rio bikini's when laying on my back.  Rarely or ever did I stand or walk on the C/O beach. I was on the border near the exit, far away from the water and people.

After half summer frustrated of my tan lines not fading I decided next summer to be completely nude from the beginning. I was hoping the existing dark swimwear tan lines would fade over the winter. Next summer I boldly layed out nude in the same spot, away from others, and still not walking or standing much. As my tan lines disappeared I felt more comfortable, and began walking into and out of the water.  I still did not stroll around or stand talking to others, just laid on my towel.  I noticed lurkers pass me, seemingly enjoying the view of my body. This gave me confidence to go for walk on the shoreline along the entire beach. 

What a thong does now makes me compromise my nudist lifestyle when it is prohibited to wear one at certain beaches. If thonging is prohibited on beaches then I go back to my skinny side rio scrunching the backside. I don't regularly visits places where I have to cover up with a thonging or rio, preferring beaches where  I can go nude. While many find my thonging swimwear wild and provocative I find it lame compared to the nudity i'm use to. Thus I am unfazed by reactions to me in swimwear. I tell myself they should see me nude in comparison.

The first time I took a stroll on the a crowded nude beach I observed all sorts of bodies laying on the beach towels couples, singles, males, females groups. Nobody noticed me, a bit like walking into a library or school exam room everyone uniform heads down. etc.. I felt all was well, nobody cared or noticed me, until one nude woman sat up from the sea of bodies. As I approached she pointed her finger towards me, and to her husband said Look!, Look! at him! She got her husband to look at the size of my penis! The husband on his stomach turned his head rolling his eyes at his wife disturbing  him resting for nothing, why she making a big deal about me shaking his head. Others began to smirk at the woman's response, yet at the time i believed i was being mocked by everyone. Did take few summers to readjust, and decided never to walk along the beach for stroll again. 

Now I'm confident as ever, pushing the boundaries of being nude, even wearing c-rings, or extreme g-strings. Not afraid over-reactions by others at the beach. Wearing poser thongs strolling to the restrooms or showers, and walking from C/O beach to textile one, while observing everyones reactions: Female lifeguards, mom's with there families etc...  Now I wear a thong to prove a point to some, otherwise I'm entirely nude absorbing the rays.
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Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

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I got back from a yoga retreat today. Our mostly female (2 men) group stayed at a cute little resort. I shared a room with two other women. I sleep nude at home, and it didn't even occur to me to do anything else at the retreat. My roommates were a little surprised. I've been wearing thongs in public enough at this point, that nudity just feels natural.
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Re:Are thongs the gateway to nudity?

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In my own experience, I started going to nude beaches in the late 1960's. I bought my first thong around 1980. I had just purchased a road bicycle and a pair of bike shorts. The store owner suggested that I should not wear anything under the shorts, but that was not comfortable, so I began wearing athletic supporters. That, of course, presented visible supporter lines. It was around that time that I first purchased thongs in a regular department store along with some bikini underwear. Meanwhile, I started purchasing spandex exercise shorts and leggings which led to more thong wearing. I now have about a dozen pair or thong underwear and about eight pairs of thong swimwear. So, for me, to answer the question, nude came first, then thongs. I try to get to Gunnison beach a few times each summer. When I walk from the parking lot to the beach, I wear a thong and t-shirt; once I pass the "nudist sign", the thong and t-shirt come off.
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