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Date Posted:08/03/2018 12:54:48Copy HTML

I have recently (past few months) purchased two orders from Arroyman.
I am very happy with what I received both in terms of price, style, and quality of construction.

Take a look at their website:


I would say that for the price, there is no vendor with sexier styles or better construction.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jovana and Joe Snyder, my two other favorites.

But their price is about 70% higher than Arroyman.

Here's some of the things I purchased:

This one is similar to the JS Bulge, although it feels like the pouch is either smaller or the material less stretchy.


Love this one. Feels like a glove on your package. Open triangle back.


Big fan of this one as well. Fits like a glove and very skimpy. The back pulls down a bit for a slight V or Y effect. Love it.


I got one of these, which I love:


although it seems like maybe they discontinued it because I can't find it on their website any more.

This one is very much like the mesh JS Bulge, except substantially cheaper:


The first time I ordered from them I used their credit card payment service and my bank called me to ask me if the purchase was legit.

I told my bank it was, but then the order got canceled or lost somehow, so I had to recreate it and repurchase it again. The second time

the credit card payment went through.

For the second order, I just used paypal and that payment went through without a hitch.

Orders take a little under a month to get to me in the States. Part of the delay is customs.

So to sum up, check them out - their quality is great, their price is better than anybody else of comparable quality.

Kevorkian #1

Re:Arroyman - zungas.com

Date Posted:08/25/2018 10:34:41Copy HTML

I wear that trademark a lot, because it fits to my type of body.
killamozilla #2

Re:Arroyman - zungas.com

Date Posted:09/11/2018 12:32:08Copy HTML

Wanted to post a few images for some things from this vendor just to let people know how good they are. I'll leave out any see-through or mesh ones, because I suspect that would get this post sent to the Gulag.

There are several versions of this one with different colors / materials and they are all great: 

RIB Bulge Thong Yellow

I also like this one a lot (with triangle back):


There are several other ones that I really like that I mention in the first post in this thread, but they are kinda see through.

Anyways, check them out and feel free to post any questions about them below.


Pointless. All images deleted by JM without any warning.

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