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Date Posted:02/12/2012 11:48:26Copy HTML

Anyone has bought any arroyman thong? how's the fit and quality?



they have thong type like Bulge Bud thong, Arsenal, Long front thong, Micro Thong Roma...
notherbigr #1

Re:Arroyman thong

Date Posted:05/25/2010 05:57:22Copy HTML

I have some bikini briefs from them and like them.  The cut, construction, sewing and quality overall are quite good.  True to size with nice sized pouches.  I like that swim thong you link quite a bit, nice to see a swim thong with a drawstring, should actually be wearable in waves...
thong_jock #2

Re:Arroyman thong

Date Posted:02/12/2012 03:43:47Copy HTML

I have two of their bikinis and they are extremely well made and fit like a glove. I would love to hear how the thongs are. 
BurtErn #3

Re:Arroyman thong

Date Posted:02/13/2012 02:14:17Copy HTML

I have a few of these thongs and bikini underwear. They do fit like a glove and the quality is great. I would really like to try other brands like Body Aware but trully stick to Arroyman. I have both bulge bud and roma thongs and love them. Just ordered the g string and cannot wait to try on. 
Porpoise #4

Re:Arroyman thong

Date Posted:09/14/2016 08:14:21Copy HTML

Judging by the number of posts, Arroyman thongs are greatly underrated. At 68, I have been an enthusiastic thong wearer for more years than I can remember, both as underwear and on the beach. Like many posters here I have gone through the gamut of steadily skimpier styles and tried various thong manufacturers (Skinzwear, TXM, Tendenze, Thongbiker, etc.) in pursuit of the perfect style and fit. I have recently been trying Arroyman and have ordered both the Bulge Bud thongs and the Rib Bulge Bud g-strings. Having now graduated to the skimpiest of styles I find that they are excellent in every way. The quality is excellent, as is the fit and comfort, both as underwear and on the beach. Though not for the faint-hearted, I find that these bulge styles allow your genitals to hang in a more natural downward way, albeit pronounced, especially when worn with a cockring - unlike many bulge styles which tend to protrude the genitals un-naturally outwards. So if you're a bit of a show-off and want to wear the skimpiest thong or g-string with a pronounced but natural bulge, I cannot recommend them enough, especially given their very reasonable price. As a long time nudist and keen swimmer, I generally prefer nude beaches but, when these are not available, only the smallest thongs will do. I have found that the Bulge Bud thongs work best as underwear, and will not stay on very well in the water, whereas the elastic of the Rib Bulge Bud g-strings is firm enough to keep them on for even the most energetic of aquatic activity. So if any of this strikes a chord with you, try them; you'll like them.   
hotbunz1969 #5

Re:Arroyman thong

Date Posted:03/13/2017 03:28:46Copy HTML

 Hi All, 

I've just been taking a look through "Arroyman's" range at   zungas.com  A Chilean company new to me that appears to offer some great looking swim/tanning suits and underwear. One suit in particular has really taken my fancy, their new 'Arsenal Thong' in black latex. 

Before I ordered I thought I'd just ask the board if any of you guys (or girls that have ordered for their BF's) out there had had any experience with this company and/or this particular suit. 

The products look well made, are they? 

Do they run true to size? 

Is the company reliable? 

And is this particular suit really latex or just a faux latex material? 

Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing from anyone that can help. 
Porpoise #6

Re:Arroyman thong

Date Posted:03/21/2017 10:15:47Copy HTML

In answer to your question Hotbunz1969, I have only bought their Bulge "Bud" thongs, some with "RIB" which are very small but encase the goods deliciously, and some without "RIB" for an equivalent, but slightly looser fit, but I haven't tried their "Arsenal" thong.

The ones that I have bought fit beautifully at first. However with some of their stretchier fabrics, the pouch elastic of the RIB Bulge thongs tends to pucker up after a few wearings and seems to give up the ghost altogether in time. This is probably because this elastic has to work that much harder to keep everything nicely protruded compared with the looser fit non-RIB variety.

But, as your interest is in the Arsenal, it would seem that you won't have this problem, particularly with a black latex fabric. The Arsenal does look like fun, but for supreme celebration of male cockiness (which is what 99.9% of the men on this board gravitate towards), I reckon that you can't beat Tendenze's Louis thong - pricey but they really put a smile on your face! ...... and Tendenzes last forever.

Hope this helps.

Incidentally, Hotbunz1969, you have an attack warning on the Images page of your profile 
mrhb2008 #7

Re:Arroyman thong

Date Posted:03/17/2018 10:07:24Copy HTML

 Just received my first purchase from this company and I am very pleased!  2 Rip Bud Bulge in yellow & turquoise.  I love 'em!  Puts me out there as I like to be!!!  Hopefully they will last a bit longer that the post above claims, buy they are inexpensive enough that I can always buy more.  I'll try and get some fotos up soon.
maozer2003 #8

Re:Arroyman thong

Date Posted:05/13/2018 09:22:49Copy HTML

 I have some Arroyman thongs, very good quality, very comfortable, sizing is fine. I've also bought sports leggings from them that I wear a lot
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