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Date Posted:05/02/2018 06:02:49Copy HTML

Wondering if any fellow members from the Pacific Northwest have visited the Art of Sauna, (artofsauna.ca) located in Vancouver B.C.?  

From the website it sounds a little bit like the Russian Spa in Miami, I emailed them and asked about clothing.  The response was that since it is coed there cannot be nudity so a towel, sarong, or bikini are all accepted, as long as important parts are not visible! Any info?
kiyoothong #1

Re:Art of Sauna - Vancouver B.C.

Date Posted:05/02/2018 04:46:12Copy HTML

 I'm going to be in Vancouver in August, so I'll check this place out and will let you know. 
microfibre #2

Re:Art of Sauna - Vancouver B.C.

Date Posted:06/30/2018 06:55:59Copy HTML

Let me know when you're in town, would love to grab a beer or something. Send me a message on IG micro.fibre
PalmtrePalmtree #3

Re:Art of Sauna - Vancouver B.C.

Date Posted:07/20/2018 06:04:48Copy HTML

 I actually just got back from art of sauna right now. It was my first time there and it won’t be my last.  It was amazing, very clean and everyone was really nice and helpful. There are 8 different rooms ranging in heat and dry and wet. It was very relaxing. I went for 2.5 hours this evening, it wasn’t that busy which was nice. I made sure to call ahead and check what was acceptable to wear. They said anything that covers the important bits.  I wore my dore narrow  pouch thong and it was by far the smallest bikini there. There were only about 14 people there in total throughout the night. All the guys were in board shorts and one was in some hot yoga Lycra shorts. All the women were in full back two piece bikinis. I was the only one in a thong. I was nervous at first so I stayed wrapped up. But before long the heat was too much and I stripped down. The rest of the night I was walking around in just my thong. There is also a lounge area were you can cool off between rooms. There are recliners and tea you can drink. It felt great lying out I my thong sipping on tea. I feel totally relaxed now. You should definitely check it out. 
muzz #4

Re:Art of Sauna - Vancouver B.C.

Date Posted:07/21/2018 01:57:59Copy HTML

Thanks for the replies....now I should reply to my own thread!.  I was there at the beginning of July and my first visit was on a hot and sunny summer day.  Not exactly prime sauna weather, the second visit was on a partly cloudy and cooler day.  First day I wore my MS thong followed by my JS thong.  Over the two visits might have seen 10 other people in the place, one guy in a swim brief the rest shorts and girls in bikinis.  The place is spotless, with great rooms, cold water shower buckets, free water, tea and towels.  Nobody including myself cared that I was in a thong and I enjoyed my time there and will try and do a winter time visit the next time.   I had a massage and as the therapist mentioned if there was a pool, or outside area they would be a lot more busy.  Definitely worth a visit and a great place to support.
PalmtrePalmtree #5

Re:Art of Sauna - Vancouver B.C.

Date Posted:07/21/2018 07:31:21Copy HTML

 I couldn’t agree more. I want to try the Turkish bath massage next time I go. Which Massage did you get and what did you wear during the Massage?  Were you covered up?  I was thinking of wearing my StuffIt g string next time but am afraid that may be too revealing. Thoughts?
JayByrd #6

Re:Art of Sauna - Vancouver B.C.

Date Posted:07/23/2018 03:04:51Copy HTML

 Call me a purist, but sauna should be nude. But, if you have to wear something... you might as well go minimal. 
IBuy_SheWears #7

Re:Art of Sauna - Vancouver B.C.

Date Posted:09/16/2018 02:46:48Copy HTML

I recently took my wife there in Aug and this weekend. In Aug, we went early afternoon on a bright and sunny day. We saw maybe 10-12 people there total, mostly women. The women generally wore 1 piece or full bottom bikinis. There were a few in cheeky bikinis with some cheekier than others. My wife wore her thong and nobody seemed to mind. The men, including me, wore board shorts. We spent over a hour in the saunas and finished with a facial and massage (nude but covered with towel). The past weekend (mid Sept), we went mid afternoon on a rainy/sunny day. The sauna was much busier than last time. You were never in a room by yourself for more than a min it seemed, not a bad thing by any means. The women were generally all in full bottom bikinis, with the exception of a couple cheeky ones. My wife wore her thong but stayed covered up in the first couple rooms. I think the number of people there caught her off guard. By the third room, she was fine and walking around in her thong. We spent 1.5 hrs in the saunas and ended with a body scrub in one of the sauna rooms (you're in your bathing suit). It's an amazing place!
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