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Date Posted:12/06/2003 05:50:26Copy HTML

My gf and I are planning to go to Aruba in February and we are curious as to what the attitudes there on swimwear are. She will be wearing thongs/g-strings and I hope to wear rios/string bikinis. Will we be "accepted" on the public beaches there?Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
nicthong #1


Date Posted:12/08/2003 10:17:21Copy HTML

Although I've never been, all that I've read, seen and heard would suggest that Aruba will be favourable/friendly towards thonging and small bikinis. I'm sure you and your gf will be just fine. Enjoy the vacation and be sure to post a report on your return!
Dr S #2


Date Posted:01/08/2004 08:54:21Copy HTML

Hi Luv,

My wife & I honeymooned on Aruba in 1997, I can't remember the particular hotel but it was excellent.  You should find the Island perfectly swimwear-friendly.  I wore only thongs to the beach and pool without complaint (and with compliments!)  I even walked back to our room in only a thong on several occasions.  There is a notable latin influence and I saw other men wearing speedos, rios and even string bikinis, but the American tourist majority wore baggy shorts!  I was the only male thonger I saw (despite men's thongs for sale at Scuba Aruba and at a swimwear boutique in town).

There were, however loads of women wearing thongs and unless Aruba's radically changed your girlfriend won't feel out of place.

Enjoy your stay:  I'm envious!

JM_Runs #3


Date Posted:01/10/2004 05:16:56Copy HTML

   My wife and I were in Aruba as a stop on our last cruise. We went to one of the beaches they recomended, and it was great.  I was the only male thonger I saw, and did get a few stares, but there were several lady thongers, and a few top-free ladies. We had no problems, and even went to one of the local hotels to use their pool because we were tired of the sand in everything. The cruise line told us that topless sunning by ladies was "technically illeagal" but "generally tolerated." I would agree....
Mplsmike #4


Date Posted:05/20/2004 10:35:56Copy HTML

My wife and I have been to Aruba numerous times.  Manchebo beach would be very thong friendly.  If you stay at the Manchebo Beach Resort you can thong all day.  I did not thong, but wore very small Speedos.  Aruba has many europeans, so Speedos are everywhere on all beaches.  Eagle beach, which is next to Manchebo, is very quiet during the week.  You could thong all day with no problem.  A little busier on the weekend with locals.  Palm beach would be OK if you are near the Aruba Grand hotel or the Wyndham hotel.  The Grand is very quiet so no one would bother you.  The Wyndham attracts more of a young crowd, so you might be OK.  Have seen many thongs on girls on beaches.  The girl who rents the jet skis between the Wynham and Grand is ALWAYS in a bright colored thong.  She has been there every day for the seven years we have been going.  There is no nude beach on Aruba, though some people go nude at the sand dunes on the north end of the island.  Toplessness is common on Manchebo and Eagle beaches.  Not as common on Palm beach, but you sometimes see it.  Great peir bar by the Radisson on Palm beach, the Cocoa bar.  Very fun.
marlon1972 #5


Date Posted:08/02/2004 07:28:25Copy HTML


I've been to Aruba once and wore my thong all day at the beach. I always went to Arashi beach: here do come a lot of locals. (as well as tourists) One day I even saw a group of 4 men and 3 women all thonging. It was great! Pity that a local woman asked one of the girls to cover up her breasts, because topless sunbathing was not allowed....hehehehe

clubthongs #6


Date Posted:08/02/2004 10:40:06Copy HTML

Manchebo Beach is great!  I was last there in 1985 and there were numerous men in thongs.  I hope that has not changed over the years1
JM_Runs #7


Date Posted:09/29/2004 10:52:07Copy HTML

More answers on this thread on another board:
From a thread on Aruba that is on the Orient Beach forum.

thong69 #8


Date Posted:12/30/2004 01:42:28Copy HTML

We went to Aruba in May 2002 (with out the kids) and stayed at an all inclusive on I think Palm Beach.  The beach was great with few people.  Most of the people with kids stayed at one of the pools.  I wore very low cut 1" to 1 1/2" side speedos most the of the week as did several of the other guys there my age (late 20s) and younger. I just put a T-shirt on when we ate at the outside buffet but other than that I felt completely comfortable just wearing the speedos anywhere outdoors at the resort.(which is unusual, I normaly like to cover up when not at pool or beach)  I did not see anyone topless but there was a man in I would say his fifties on the beach in a thong.  My wife saw him and said why  is he wearing that...I can't  believe someone his age wearing something like that!  I just said so what....don't look! Then I turned over to remind her I was wearing one also that day (which she hates...hehe). She just rolled her eyes then went back to reading.  That was the only day I wore one though because it covered more in front and sides than my speedos did and I was trying to keep the same tanlines.  I did'nt get any comments or stares from anyone that day like you do sometimes at other places although a couple young ladies did do a double take when walking by.......all three times.  So I would say as long as you cover the important parts go ahead and sun your buns in Aruba!   

ezampese #9


Date Posted:05/03/2005 07:34:03Copy HTML

I used some thongs in Aruba at north and in baby beach without problem. And the same thing happens in Curacao at Knip beaches and in Marriott hotel beach.

If have some interest I can give more informations and hints about. My girlfriend uses to and many time just a gstring and topless.

It's possible to insert pics?



Dutch59 #10


Date Posted:05/05/2005 11:06:18Copy HTML

Unfortunately it appears taht Aruba has taken a turn for the conservative; maybe US is becoming a greater and greater portion of visitors, as in 6 days on the beaches along the West side of the island (Manchebo, Eagle, and Palm) I saw a total of three women in thong bikinis.  I was the only guy who wore a thong at any time that I saw; was self-concious enough that I kept it low key and genreally wore shorts except when lounging around the cabana.  Didn't get any unusually lengthy stares, and only had one short situation of two couples walking and one of the guys pointing at me and saying "there's one for you ladies".  Other than that folks pretty much let you do what you want - but don't expect to find a large contingent of thongers here.  Maybe we should all work to schedule a group trip in 2006, and take the beaches back in a flurry of thongs?
thong21 #11


Date Posted:05/12/2005 06:58:22Copy HTML

I will be going to aruba in a few days. I will be bringing my speedo thong as well as a bunch of rio cut bikinis. I hope there are others in speedos and thongs and I will be sure to report to everyone as to what I see, maybe some of you people there!!!!
JM_Runs #12


Date Posted:05/12/2005 07:49:33Copy HTML

Reply to thong21

There will probalby be quite a few speedos but few thongs.  If you get out there and thong, then others may see you and next day they may thong too.  So start thonging from the first day out.  Take at least two, so you have a dry one next day. 

thong21 #13


Date Posted:05/14/2005 11:27:27Copy HTML

Hey JM, I will bring 2-3 thongs with me and see if I can't get others wearing them too. My girlfriend will have hers on and I told her that is all she can wear! When I went to the bahamas I was one of the only people at the Holiday Inn wearing a speedo. No problems at all from other people and I felt very comfy. So this will be my first time thonging on a beach, I can't wait!! Also thanks to everyone for all the support on this site!!!!!!!!
thong21 #14


Date Posted:05/28/2005 01:41:25Copy HTML

So I went to aruba and it was great!! I only saw 2 men in thong, both older and a good amount of speedos, only the were like the 2" sided ones. Aslo a good amount of men had on the tight little shorts. I didn't wear my thong but I did have one of the smallest speedos on the beach. It has a Brazilian back and string sides, very skimpy. There were a lot of girls in thongs which was great to see. The only other guys in small speedos kept checking out my suit. All of them were with their girlfriends or wife. All in all, I will go back and maybe at a high season, there should be more thongs then.
thong21 #15


Date Posted:07/09/2006 03:29:02Copy HTML

i wen to aruba and saw about 2 thongers.  I chose to walk in a 1/2 back bikini with 1/2 sides.  Got a lot of looks but noone said anyyhting. cant wait to go again!
underwater #16


Date Posted:09/04/2006 08:08:07Copy HTML

We just returned from a week at the Marriott in Aruba. I mostly thonged early in the morning on the beach and around the pool, but went to Baby beach one day and had no problems whatsoever

A lot of looks but no negative comments. I saw a few women wearing thongs and several topless, but no other men. I wore a Skinz string with an adjustable front pouch.

ezampese #17


Date Posted:03/26/2007 12:17:06Copy HTML

I recommend Aruba/Cura?o/Bonaire. In many beaches I use a Skinz thong and my girlfrind a gstring and topless...
I stay in Marriot but inside the hotel ( swimpool ) we use a conservative swimwear but in the beach go free, we haven't any complain about.
ss4me #18


Date Posted:04/17/2007 10:37:31Copy HTML

My girlfriend and I are going to Aruba next month and were wondering if anyone had been there recently, specifically Divi Aruba Resort? We both wear thongs, and she enjoys topless. Any one have any feedback?
thong21 #19


Date Posted:04/18/2007 05:58:04Copy HTML

it has been a while since i have been there but when i was there i only saw 1 guy in a thong.  Lots of guys in bikini swimwear including my self, but my girlfriend wore a thong the wole tim....lots of girls in thongs....let me know what you see when you go....i want to go back soon....
clubthongs #20


Date Posted:04/18/2007 11:17:05Copy HTML

My partner and I were in Aruba for one day while on a cruise this past November.  We spent the entire day at Eagle Beach in thongs.  We befriended a group of women who commented positively on our choice of swimwear.  We did see a few women in thongs and many of the men were in bikini swimwear. I had been to Aruba many years ago and did see more men in thongs at that time.  You will enjoy Aruba!

Popeye1 #21


Date Posted:04/20/2007 05:20:39Copy HTML

This same theme keeps coming up. Guys go to some exotic location, they bring a thong but wont'   wear it until they see some other guy go first. If you're going to wait for someone else to do it, you're gonna wait a long long time at most beaches. So what if somebody giggles or points at you, they do it to me and i'm still having fun. I'll bet you that at least half of those guys wearing speedos or bikinis have a thong in the room too and are also waiting for somebody to go first. Olive and I regularily see this phenomenon. After a day or two of seeing me in a thong, suddenly one or two other guys start furtively wearing one and pretty soon they realize that nothing bad is happening and they're feeling liberated from the stuffy American stereotype. So if you want to wear a thong at some vacation destination, just wear the damn thing , it's nothing that hasn't happened before and you're gonna have a great time. Peace Popeye
DavyJ #22


Date Posted:04/22/2007 10:21:03Copy HTML

Amen to that, Popeye!

I will never let the lack of other thongers stop me.  Often will end up being the only one for the entire vacation, but many times, as popeye suggests others will join in as the week progresses.  Either way, I usually have a great time.  Occasionally I will misguess the location and will overstep the bounds, but that doesn't happen very often, and I try not to let it interfere with having a good time.

thongs_thongs #23


Date Posted:04/25/2007 10:35:17Copy HTML

Just spent 6 days in Aruba at the Radisson Hotel on Palm Beach.  Only saw 3 females wear thong swimwear my entire stay.  No guys in thongs but a small handful in speedos and swim shorts.  Worn my  Hom ussac micro when I was with the wife and kid but changed into my Hom ussac string when I was along poolside/on the beach and into my Hom trophee string when I was on the balcony.
pkthong #24


Date Posted:05/15/2007 07:38:19Copy HTML

We will be at the occidental on Palm Beach (wife and kids) in August of this year. Any experiences?
thong4me #25


Date Posted:07/14/2007 11:03:45Copy HTML

The Real Thong Report:

Currently in Aruba on day 8 of 10 and it's 7/14/2007.  Staying at the Marriott Renaissance in Oranjestad (not to be confused with the Marriott Renaissance Beach Club which is family oriented time shares).  With the wife (who is pregnant so no thongs this trip for her) and enjoying our time away from the grind of work...

Day 1: Checked out the Renaissance "private island" and it was great.  There was a smokin hot chic in a thong going topless on the adult side, and about 4 topless women with string bikini's.  There was multiple euro-speedo guys, and a few box-cut tight shorts.  I wore "normal" swim trunks until about 3pm, then threw on a thong after late lunch and laid out on the adult-only far right penninsula.

Day 2: We had a car so this day we went to baby beach and rogers beach at the far end of the island. The drive was through what seemed to be the ghetto of aruba (somehow we always find the ghetto) and when we finally found our way down the hillside to the beach, we found baby beach PACKED with kids (as stated in every tour book), and Roger's beach right next to it, basically empty.  We pulled the car right up to the water, set out our blankets, and hung out for about 3 hours. I wore a new thong that is red and white print. NOBODY CARED AT ALL.  Given the ease of driving to the water, there were multiple jeeps and cars that rolled through, took pictures, stopped, etc.  Again, NOBODY CARED AT ALL.  There were American's and European's and S.American's, and the ones that stuck around and threw down blankets, seemed to take my thong all in stride. No problemo.

Day 3: Back to the Renaissance Island.  Started earlier this day with an all blue thong.  Laid out from about 2pm (lunch again) until we left around 5.  Went snorkeling and swimming. I am discreet and do not walk the whole beach, but I did walk into and out of the water.  Not too many eyes ventured or stared.  There were 2 female thongs this day and they were the only ones topless.

Day 4: We headed north to the lighthouse which was boring.  The beaches around the lighthouse need 4 wheel drive and there are tons of trails, but not that great of beach.  On the way "down" from the lighthouse adjacent to the golf course, the books saying that the beaches are dedicated to windsurfing are definitely true. There are "huts" and shelters, but I would not venture under them. There were dirty diapers, rocks, and just home of the "unclean" of the island.  We did not stay.  Instead, we ended up on the north end of eagle beach where I tossed on a white Joe Snyder thong.  We left in an hour due to wind and blowing sand. It makes it a pain to read on the beach.  There were numerous locals and tourists that passed by without even noticing. There were no topless women, but 2 women with thongs did walk by which brightened my day. The area we stopped at was between la Cabana and another resort where people were walking the beach from.

Day 5 - 7: Started these 3 days on eagle beach, all with thongs on.  Again, no worries.  Saw no guys in thongs at all. It was windy these two days, and VERY HOT the next. We stayed about 2 hours, then had lunch, then hit the Renaissance Private Island. This is a good time to say that the "Private Island" is NOT NUDE. There are tons of posts OVER AND OVER AGAIN saying it is nude.  If you go nude, you will absolutely be tossed or asked to cover immediately (I asked the security gaurd who seemed to be there every other day if people go nude here.)  I really wish that people would read previous messages before posting that the private island is some nude mecca or something... FYI: Probably 7-8 different women in thongs over these 3 days. I was the only guy.  HOWEVER, at LaCabana when driving by to the beach (main road divides the beach and the la cabana resort), there were 2 guys in g-strings standing up people watching.  We didn't want to press our luck and try to fake being guests to get beach chairs on someone else's beach, so we just hung on the beach.  Looked like a descent place to hang out though.

Day 8: Stayed at the private island all day.  Me = Only guy in thong, all day.  I did put my board shorts on when I walked to the other beach where the restaurant is.  There were a few older European guys with their wives who wore speedo-like suits.  One couple where the guy had on a box-cut and his girl was thong + topless.  Seems like the "rio" cut is what girls have on at this beach more than anything. There was a very hot 20-22 yr old girl there alone (saw her with parents later that night) who continued to wear small rio cut suits. She was a sight for sore eyes given the older Euro women topless, although she did not remove her top.  Mid day there was a VERY SKIMPY g-string girl (not topless but obviously a wicked weasel suit) that made an appearance for a few hours with here speedo-clad husband. 

For the rest of the trip, I plan to wear my thongs each day.  There is no hassle for a guy on the renaissance island, eagle's beach, roger's beach, and the windsurfing beach Hadikurai beach.  I would say that people did look, but there were NO comments, remarks, or under-the-breath laughs.  It may be because Aruba is not a place full of teenager's like cancun or miami, and is primarily late 20, 30 somethings's and up (including manu european and s. american guests).  All in all, Aruba is definitely THONG FRIENDLY on the beaches. I have no pool experience but would not go to the holiday inn or westin pools anyway given the many children, so can't comment there.  If you are stuck between which marriott, go to the oranjestad renaissance in the marina section over the "high rise" marriott.  It is mainly adults and gives you access to the renaissance private island which is now my favorite place to hang.

Hope this post helps people. It is definitely true that once you put it on and go for it, you realize the world does not stop and look, so just do it.  Later

pkthong #26


Date Posted:08/09/2007 06:47:21Copy HTML

Well we're FINALLY heading to Aruba today. It's our tenth annivarsary vacation. Some say that this should only be the two of us but we feel that the kids are an integral part of the last ten years. I will be wearing various rios (although not thonging it is the best that I can expect from my better half) during our stay there.

   I would also give her a lot of credit, she bought some bathing suits for me particularly for this trip. she got me one full seat lavender bikini, one square cut with tassles and one "european swim trunk". Needless to say I did not like any of them. I told her in a nice way that if she thought my exisitng rios looked "gay", then these lokked more so. She agreed and returned them.

  Will report on my return.

  Best Regards!!

pkthong #27


Date Posted:08/21/2007 09:41:01Copy HTML

We are on our last two days of vacation. I am disappointed by the lack of minimal swimwear in general. Did see perhaps three or four female thongers the whole time. two were topless.

 I have been wearing JS capri(black) and nu parr no tie nada(teal) and sunup sundown brazil back(blue). For at least 8 days I had the smallest swimwear of all the guys. On the ninth day A S. American couple showed up and the guy was wearing what appeared to be rio's. So I did not feel like "that guy" any longer.

My wife says that for the most part I have been getting stares and other looks of surprise but no negative comments. Even though this is considered a family type place I feel fairly comfortable in the rio's. Although I do not think I would try thonging it here at least not at the pool.

Well gotta catch up on some more sun.

underwater #28


Date Posted:10/27/2007 08:53:25Copy HTML

Just got back from a week in Aruba. No thongs on any of the men we saw and just a few on the women. We went to Baby Beach where I wore a Skinz g string with no reaction from any of the others on the beach. I also wore another Skinz thong on Eagle beach with no nehative remarks but quite a few stares.

Walked the beach daily in front of the hotel in a thong but early enough to avoid all but a few early risers.

Tanned Bum #29


Date Posted:01/04/2008 01:44:52Copy HTML

I'm heading out to Aurba, this weekend and will post a report once I get there. I've pack my JS thongs and "regular bikinis"   
7423080 #30


Date Posted:01/04/2008 03:21:27Copy HTML

its been years since going to aruba but stayed at manchibo beach or something close to that name.  all i ever wore were thongs around the hotel and mesh gstrings on the beach out front.  i say others in thongs and a gstring or two on guys but not that many.  no negative comments that i was aware of.  i would leave the bikinis at home and just take thongs or less.
Bluesman123 #31


Date Posted:01/07/2008 06:02:46Copy HTML

I'm SOOO Excited! I have a lot of super skimpy pouch g-strings made by www.skinzwear.com which I HIGHLY recommend. I just turned 43 and am still hitting the gym. At 5-09, 165 with a 22 lb lead diving belt added, I'm still doing 30 DIPS per set! I barely even like thongs anymore. I just LOVE wearing high quality g-strings. My wife who I adore and met when I was 18 and she was 16 is also very very hot (I'm biased of course) is getting a nice boob job soon and can hardly wait to show it off. She has super sexy teardrop g-strings which make it very obvious her pussy is completely bald. It barely covers the lips, and gives a nice cameltoe too. I'm a Marriott Rewards member so we are going to use some points and go I hope in April!
Tanned Bum #32


Date Posted:01/08/2008 10:58:29Copy HTML

 So far 2 days in Aruba, We went to Eagle beach and Del Palms island. I saw bunches of girls in thongs at both places and a WW at Eagle beach.I think because there is such a varity of different visitors, nobody really has anything negitive to say. Plus it's not like a teenage springbreak place. I also noticed why people stereo type our Speedo swimsuit.
Tanned Bum #33


Date Posted:01/13/2008 03:55:01Copy HTML

Currently I'm sitting at the laCabana poolside waiting for my flight back home.As the previous notes mentioned I found Aruba is acceptable of different swimswear. I mainly believe this because people are from all over the world. I mainly stayed at Eagle beach because it is part of the hotel and my kids enjoyed it. My main choice of swimwear was a Joe Snyder rio thong. Sure I was a little nervious walking around in small swimsuit but never really felt uncomfortable. After a day on the beach I would relax by the pool. There was a few thongs on woman and a few more guys in Speedos. I think I was the only guy in a thong which didn't bother me at all. One day I took the family snorkeling to De Palms island and I did wear a rio suit to cover up while snorkeling. As we spent time on their beach I would strip back down to my Joe Snyder.  Nice trip and would go back again.Just a word of caution. I tan nice, but the sun down here is no joke. Don't try to tan in one day. A Classic picture everyday was an overweight guy in a bikini beet red and sun burnt.    
escargone #34


Date Posted:08/14/2009 08:30:47Copy HTML

I am planning on a singles visit ot Aruba in late November and will be staying at the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa. Has any members been there and do you have any tips for me? Middle 50's and don't want to cause a problem. Should I stay in a bikini or chance the thong. I am a bit apprehensive about waring a thong on the beach as I never have before. Thanks to those who contribute a reply.
stanpuppy #35


Date Posted:08/14/2009 11:52:27Copy HTML

We have stayed at Manchebo beach resort and spa on Aruba. Wife wore g-string and topless the whole visit.  i wore thongs.  No problems whatsoever
7423080 #36


Date Posted:08/15/2009 12:29:36Copy HTML

I too have stayed at MBR and wore a gstring out on the expansive beach without problems/  While around the pool area i put on a small net thong, swam, drink, etc and felt just fine.
clubthongs #37


Date Posted:08/15/2009 04:00:14Copy HTML

I have stayed at the MBR many times and always have worn thongs at both the beach and pool. I have seen other men in thongs at the MBR and also women. You will be perfectly acceptable in whatever swimwear you choose. Eagle Beach is also very thong friendly.
yyzgent #38


Date Posted:04/15/2013 05:56:30Copy HTML

Im going to be at the RIU Palace Aruba and am looking for other thongers in May 2013, I'm sure there will be more of us??
JM_Runs #39


Date Posted:11/15/2013 05:44:50Copy HTML

 Does anyone have some (more) current info on shops in Aruba that sell thongs for both men and women?
snc704 #40


Date Posted:09/02/2015 12:12:39Copy HTML

 Just got back from a time-share exchange week, and am glad to report Aruba seems very thong friendly. Like most places, thongs are a small minority. but it reminds me of how Florida beaches were in the old days of the 1990s. Stayed at a resort on the beach between Manchebo and Palm Beach. Palm Beach seemed to have the most thongs, just 1 mile from my resort. Walked there several days, and got no negative comments. Best of all, I had company. Even saw two other men in thongs, and probably 12 - 15 women. A lot of these appeared to be Hispanic ladies, as Venezuela is only 20 miles away. But I also observed several American ladies wearing their thongs with no apparent shyness. Only wish this trend would expand to our U.S. beaches!
string_theory #41


Date Posted:12/24/2017 04:52:15Copy HTML

I have just returned from a trip to Aruba for a week. I stayed at the Renaissance Resort, because it advertised a private island, and in the winter Caribbean winds can be strong. Their beach is protected from the wind, and they also have a family side and an adult side to the private island.

During the week, for the women I saw a half dozen thongs, a dozen near thongs, two near g-strings (one was in the beach chair in front of me), and up to 10% cheeky bikinis. The family side had more cheekies than the adult side. All bikinis seemed smaller this year, and even the one piece swimsuits were more revealing. For the men all week I saw eight bikinis and six square cuts, but no thongs. Up to a fourth of the men had above the knee trunks.

I wore my tear drop g-strings, and they were the smallest suits anyone had. I got no comments, no stares, and no attention. No one cared what anyone else was wearing. Perhaps it helped that Americans were in the minority. At the hotel (the adult side) I wore a g-string at the pool. Just like at the beach, it was crowded, I was in the middle of the action, and I walked around like everyone else, without a care.

One day a woman at the pool had a g-string, but other than that, only a few cheeky bikinis. I got no comments or stares. I did overhear one of the pool attendants say to another guest nearby, “That’s a thong swimsuit and they are allowed here.” Aruba appears to be thong friendly and following a trend toward smaller swimwear.

It occurred to me why fewer people now take notice of minimal swimwear or care what others are wearing. Nowadays most people are in to themselves. Taking selfies, reviewing them, and sending them occupies a lot of time. Perhaps so many people being absorbed in their cell phones is part of it.

One magic moment occurred at the airport. I was selected for special screening, but TSA got a special surprise. I was wearing a thong bodysuit with skimpy skin tight see through tank top and thong bottom covered by short shorts with side splits to the waist. Over 90% of my body surface was visible. After a couple of seconds patting me down and finding only muscle, the screener gave up and with an air of resignation in his voice said, “You’re not wearing much clothing.”
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 Wife and I just returned from a week long vacation in Aruba.  In the past, we went yearly to Orient Bay in St. Martin's but given the hurricane damage last fall, changed plans this year and went to Aruba.  Aruba is very American (American Hotels, restaurants and fast food)  particularly compared to Orient Bay, St. Martin.  Topless in a thong or G-string for either a man or woman is completely acceptable at Orient Bay in St. Martin and even common (many people every day everywhere) (even distantly up the beach from the nudist area of Orient Bay).  In Aruba we did not see very many men or women in true thongs other than ourselves.  We saw several women besides ourselves on Eagle beach and Arashi beach wearing true thongs and visited each beach daily.  We visited Palm beach once and saw a couple of women in thongs (that's very few b/c it's a big beach).  Overall at all three beaches there were few women in thongs as percentage.  We did see quite a few women wearing a more skimpier 'whale' or 'cheeky'  type bottom but not really a true thong.  Most of those women wearing the skimpier cheeky type suit seemed to be from South America - not the States.  We saw no topless women at all other than ourselves (discretely away from others at Arashi beach).  We did see a lot of women with there top off but they were laying out on their stomach and we saw none "go topless."We only saw two men wearing thongs in a week - other than myself.  We saw a few square cut speedos daily but those were a definite minority.  Mostly there were just board shorts.  I had heard and read that Palm, Eagle and Arashi Beach were fairly thong friendly.  Obviously a few people wore thongs including us with no hassle but I would not classify the week we were in Aruba as 'very' thong friendly just thong acceptable.  We often visit South Beach in Miami, Orient Beach in St. Martin and Haulover Beach in Fort Lauderdale or other Fort Lauderdale beaches and all of those beaches are much more thong friendly (and topless friendly too) for both men and women.  Thongs at those beaches are common daily for both women and men at certain locations (eg 8th street to 29th street at south beach).
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 Just returned from 10 days in Aruba.  Thongs are not common but you will see them mostly on women.  Maybe 2-3% of women wore thongs.  Maybe 1-2% of the men wore speedos.  Did not see any men in thongs.  I comfortably wore my skinzwear M26 smooth front, my M63 fitted and my M74 Stuffit probably pushed the envelope.  I would even walk up to the beach bar in my skinz to order drinks and could feel everyone looking at me.  No one said anything to me, many women smiled probably because all of those suits show that I shave everything.  I wore a square cut over my skinz as a cover up to and from my car, and peeled it off as soon as we found a spot to set up.  I felt more comfortable wearing my skinz there than I do on most American beaches.  The one thing I just don't understand is why guys wear dork shorts while their girlfriends or wives are in thongs.  Come on, at least wear a speedo and show you are as confident as your girl.  
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Thanks Barebayboater.  You confirmed my assessment of Aruba regarding thonging and for that matter toplessness or minimal swimwear.  It's "acceptable" or "tolerated" but not "thong friendly."  Most of our time at the beach in Aruba, we were the only ones in minimal swimwear.  We did not get any negative looks or comments but there was little to no toplessness and the women wearing 'thongs' were really in cheeky swimwear (with a few exceptions).  As I said in my post above, we usually vacation at miami south beach or orient beach SXM - both of which are thong friendly in the sense that you won't be the only man in a thong or speedo and there will be more than a handful of women in a thong or topless.  
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  I recently got back from 2 weeks in Aruba.  I spent the entire time at the beach in thongs, though I mainly went to the beaches on the eastern side which were pretty much deserted.  
The eastern side is the windward side so the beaches have waves, these are harder to get to and generally require either 4 wheel drive or a bit of walking.  The  western side beaches with all the tourist hotels are beautiful but there are absolutely no waves.  Palm Beach in front of the high rise hotels was jammed with mostly overweight Americans standing around in waist deep water getting sunburned and drunk, the men all in huge board shorts.  

The beaches where the locals hang out were better, I saw several women in thongs including a few very "plus size" who were beautiful simply for their confidence to wear what they wanted to wear.  I saw only one guy in a speedo the entire trip, he was an older european.  Aruba is part of the Netherlands and there are a lot of Europeans, but overall it seems on the conservative side when it comes to swimwear. 
One morning I was up early and went snorkeling at the point between Boca Catalina and Arashi beaches, when I came out of the water in my M44 there was an American family who were setting up right next to where I had placed my towel and gear bag.  Mom and Dad tried hard to not react as I walked up and picked up my towel and just continued talking about where was the best place to snorkel. The 13 year old boy was looking anywhere but at me, and the 15 year old girl couldn't take her eyes off me.  I pointed out the best area for snorkeling and described what I had seen, starting a conversation seemed to break the tension and everyone realized I was just a normal person and relaxed.
Another day I was at Andicuri beach on the east side. To get there you have to drive on a dirt road and then walk about a mile. I had the entire place to myself for a few hours and enjoyed body surfing in the 82 degree crystal clear water and lounging in the shade reading. Then 4 couples from Columbia showed up. I thought "oh no there goes the atmosphere."  But the girls peeled off their shorts to reveal thongs smaller than mine, then asked me to take a bunch of group pictures of them which I happily did.  

By my last day I had a pretty nice tan so I dared myself to walk Palm Beach in a thong.  I started at one end and decided as soon as I saw a woman in a thong I'd take off my shorts.  About 50 feet later there was a woman in a thong so I said "ok next one," that was about 100 feet later so I just went for it.  I walked the entire length of the beach with no reaction except for one drunk Dutch guy - who smiled and gave me a thumbs up.  

Overall a great trip, as others have said above Aruba is thong tolerant but they're not common.
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Returned to Aruba for a week vacation and was at the Renaissance Island and at Eagle Beach. I wore my teardrop g-strings from Skinzwear and leatherlatexandlaces (former rubbertreelatex). I had the smallest swimsuits of anyone but there were no issues either on the island or at the hotel pool. No comments. No stares. I got smiles from beach attendants, and a thumbs up from one. A pool attendant recognized me from a year before, but maybe the red g-string helped. Spanish-speaking people far outnumbered English speakers. At the island, for women there were about 5% thongs or near thongs, but at least half of bikinis had some cheekiness. For guys I saw a dozen bikinis, two squarecuts, and one short-shorts, but no thongs. Maybe 10% mid-thigh trunks. Almost no board shorts below the knee. But overall it is an older crowd and a plus size crowd going to this hotel. A girl near me one day started out in a cheeky but quickly changed to a small thong. I overheard one Latino guy survey this island scene and remark, "Miami Beach." There's an adult side and a family side on the island, but the number of thongs and cheekies was about equal for both sides. I only saw one woman topless on the adult side. I wore a coverup away from the adult beach and hotel pool. It was a 12" mini pareo tied so that some cheek was barely visible and the g-string side strap was visible. One evening at a restaurant on a beach near downtown, I saw a girl in a small thong together with a guy in a squarecut, the closest to minimal for a MF pair the whole week. It seemed like much use of Eagle Beach was by locals on the weekend, mostly families, and lots of children. Fewer people were there on a weekday. Spanish speakers outnumbered English speakers three to one. In two days, for women I saw about 1% thongs and another third cheeky. I did see two girls in a g-string. There was rare discreet topless - I counted six in view near the water. I walked many times and for many miles along the beach in my teardrop g-string and got very few stares, and was mostly ignored. The only comment came from a young guy running by and wearing a small bikini. I did not understand whst he said, but at least he noticed. Overall there were 5% bikinis on guys, the highest concentration I've seen in a long time. Maybe 10% mid-thigh trunks. I counted two men in thongs. One of them was very tan, so it must have been his usual suit. However, none of the male or female small swimwear people walked along the beach like me. This beach is so wide and long it did not seem crowded at all, and there are very uncrowded areas where the topless women were. Many other people walked along the beach. Few selfies were being taken, and no pictures of others, including me. So I liked the private island better for the amenties with food, drinks, and rest rooms readily available, as well as smaller crowd from limited access, plus good swimming and snorkeling. Eagle beach was better for walking, and it resembled South Beach Miami regarding people present, but less crowded and more laid back. No issues for minimal swimwear in Aruba.
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