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Date Posted:10/20/2010 12:48:51Copy HTML

A women on this board posted about her experience wearing a thong in public.  A member of this board then asked her for pictures.  I deleted his message and sent him a personal message, a PM, saying:

----------Original Message------------

Try not to drool or beg for pictures. If people wanted to post them they would. 


To which the user replied:

----------Original Message------------

Hello. Don't harp on every and any thing. Life's more relaxed and less tensed than you visualized with your stressed-up mind.

Which exact word did you come across that even remotestly hit that I DROOL or BEG? Enlighten me right here.

I merely ASKED. And only once. In short: I did NOT drool or beg. Period.

Geez...what's wrong wif you? Just because its YOUR forum you practically have to jump into every line and sentence and instruct and direct people, right down to the exact word, phrase and meaning, like you the teacher and all of us your students?

Give everyone a break, including yourself. Your 'advices' really aren't helpful at all, be it to the forum or to anyone here 'cause no one seriously take your 'serious' advices, seriously. At least I know I don't.


And I replied to him with the following:

----------Original Message------------

One of the reasons we have so few women posting is because they feel intimidated by the men who want more: More contact, more information, more pictures, more proof that they relay are women. 

We don't ask you for pictures to prove you are a man, or that you wear thongs.  If you post them on your personal profile that is up to you. 

I don't think you realize how impolite it is to ask women for their pictures through the internet.  This is not a dating site. 

I frequently get messages from women who are a little offended at the rather frank way complete strangers want more information and pictures from them.  I would find it offensive if you were to ask me for personal pictures.  I am who I am, and don't have to prove that to you by sending you pictures.  If you meet me in real life you would know that.

You say "Your 'advices' really aren't helpful at all, be it to the forum or to anyone here. 
 'cause no one seriously take your 'serious' advices, seriously. At least I know I don't."

That my be the problem.  You don't read the messages from women who don't want to post or who stop posting becuase of the rather forward way some men act on this board. You don't realize that when you ask a women you don't personally know for her pictures you come over like a begging drooling teenager. 

You seem completly oblivious to the fact that I am trying to protect the few women who do post and at the same time to help you, so that you don't come over as a drooling troll.


What people don't seem to understand is we have over 17,000 members.  If only 1/2 of them asked for pictures, and only asked once, the flood of requests would still be simply overwhelming.  Asking people for proof, or pictures, or personal information that they have not volunteered is often seen as impolite.  

Asking for more information about a beach or someones experience is fine, that is what we talk about.  That is a normal subject of conversation on this board.  On the other hand, in real life, I don't think you would ask a women you don't know and have never met before to publicly share her thong pictures with you and the rest of the world.  Just becuase it is the internet does not make that any less intrusive and rude.

People need to understand that this is not a dating site.  The women who do post here are often in very comfortable long term relationships and they don't like it when people do the internet version of drooling, "Yeh, baby, send me some hot pictures of you in a thong!". 
That was not exactly what the man said, but that is how it comes out in a women's brain.  I know this because they sometimes take the time to write and tell me.  Sometimes they just get mad and abandon the message board.

While an individual may take offense because they only asked once, and they think there is no harm in asking, this is a bit like waking up to each of the attractive women in the room and saying "Give me pictures of you naked".  It may work as a pickup line for you, and you may get lucky some times, but you are going to leave a string of pissed off women behind and not get invited to the next party.
If a women ever feels a lack attention from adoring men, all they have to do is put on a thong swimsuit and head out to the beach or pool, where they can meet real men, not internet men. 

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am too sensitive. Maybe asking complete strangers for pictures of them in a thong is not rude or insensitive.  I would be intrested to hear from some of the women on this subject. 

In the mean time, would the men on this board please refrain from asking the women for pictures, and don't assume the women post here because they want to start a personal relationship. They are probably not looking to meet an exciting young man like you in person, or over the internet. They are not that desperate.

You want pictures of a smiling women in a thong swimsuit?  Get a real girlfriend, go to the beach with both of you in thongs and ask someone to take your picture, together.
Then you can be embarrassed when she frames the picture and keeps it on her desk at work. When you are introduced to her colleagues they smile and go, "Oh, I saw your picture, nice to meet you in person!", and then you are glad she did not share your picture with the entire internet. (Thanks B.W. )
Thongsc #1

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:10/20/2010 02:26:37Copy HTML

 "Yeh, baby, send me some hot pictures of you in a thong!". 
That was not exactly what the man said, but that is how it comes out in a women's brain.

Wow!  Based on your theory of womens thought processes I'm amazed that women were givent the right to vote, or even drive, etc...   Get off your sexist soapbox, women aren't the meek idiots that you try to make them out to be.  Women have the same brain functions and thought process as men.  I don't think you're giving 99% of the board, male and female, enough credit, and that in turn is turning many off this board.
JM_Runs #2

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:10/22/2010 08:54:40Copy HTML

And that was not then end of it. 
There were more messages both in the public thread and in private PMs.

The user posted another message in the thread, complaining that his prior messages requesting pictures had been deleted and he was only asking polity.


To which another user replied "The moderator was just doing his job"


Then the women who was the target of the requests for pictures posted publicly:

I don't post nor sending my pics to anyone or anything here. If I waned to I would have done it from the beginning.Thanks anyway for requesting politely. Anyway,yeah I do agree that the Mod doing his job right.


At this point, as the Moderator, I again sent another  PM to the user, asking him to drop it and not to pester the women.

----------Original Message------------

The user replied:

The whole prob is abt you trying to be a hero trying to 'save the world' here.

If S_____ is so 'shy' and easily turned off by all the scenarios you described you, she wouldn't even register and log on, and all the more told us how excited she was in wearing WW suit in front of a large crowd.

I am 35 yo, not your 15-yo blood-rushed kid. The first incident which involed me speculating Mikki's occupation, where you timely removed my post, I have no prob with that.

Then you probably tasted the sweetness and started to allege me that I 'attack', and now 'drooling' and 'begging' for pics, which I think in both instances are naive and childish, notwithstanding the fact that I do NOT like to be alleged at. Particularly for the latter case, where I asked openly, in a short and sweet one-sentence AFTER S_____'s open + detailed description about her public show and not bombard her with PMs for sexy pics, I simply find it laughable you actually stepped in to what? - remove my post? LOL

I only can wonder how u live in your life in the real world, despite the fact that you being a moderator for a Thongs Board, for what I see is one who is uptight, narrow-minded and certainly paranoid for no specific reason.

There is a difference between real, existing elements of online attacks and constant harrassment, for pics or even meetups, AND things that only exist in your mind. Learn it.

If you can't see it, let me know, for I can promptly enlighten to you.


Back in the public thread:

After another user said "The moderator was just doing his job"
and the women followed up saying  "I do agree that the Mod doing his job right"

The man posted:


And I am just doing my 'job' as a participant of a forum.

If you aren't being offended by a large crowd watching you in WW in public, I see no reason for you being offended by my one statement request (which I believe you are NOT), which I do think is more of like a shoot-from-the-hip reply in response to your excited post.

Geez, can someone tell me we are in a ThongsBoard and not some uptight religious forums? 'cause I began to see that we are being screw-tinised for every word and sentence typed down here.


To which the women again replied saying:

I just feel that there is no apparent reason for me to post pictures here or to send to anyone. I will if I want to.  Glad that you know its only a forum.


I sent a PM to the women saying:

Thanks for dealing with T_______'s requests in a mature and adult way.

I hope he does not deter you from fully participating in the board and posting about your future experiences.

We need self confident women in real life, and to express their opinions on this message board.

Thanks JM 


She replied:  Your most welcome JM.   I do get that a lot from guys.

It's much better to have guys ogle at my body [in real life] than desperadoes asking for my pictures in a forum,
lol.. how lame could that be?


Again the man posted publicly, saying:

Amazed how people take this virtual reality's simple Q&A that seriously. LOL

One alleged me for 'drooling' and 'begging', the other glad that I know its a forum.

What more can I say? Hahaha...


Another user chimed in and told him "Get a life man."


This dear men, is why you should not ask women on this message board for pictures, personal information or email, the dates and times they are going to the beach, etc.   If they wanted to share with the internet they would have done so. 

As you see, most men just don't get that the women who post here don't need your personal attention. If you have something positive to say just add it to the thread. Don't ask them for more information, pictures or proof.  Don't send them private messages either. 

Most women who have the self confidence to wear a thong on the beach have absolutly no problem meeting men. If they wanted to meet men they can put on a thong and walk out on the beach, or post in the CONTACTS section of the board. 

This is not real life.  What may be an innocent and charming comment said with a smile in real life, will often come off as creepy and stalking when on the internet.
John Howard #3

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:11/27/2010 09:14:44Copy HTML

 In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with a man on this board asking for pictures of a female member wearing a thong.As long as he asked politely and once only.Then she would have the right to politely say yes, or no.And that should be the end of it.If the guy objected the woman's decision and became insistent, then that's another story.
JM_Runs #4

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:11/28/2010 07:40:12Copy HTML

Trouble is:

a) Their are over 18,000 members on this board, and most of them are men.  Anyone who is inundated with emails from even 10% of them would be swamped with about 2,000 emails.

b) Most men don't understand that an anonymous email asking for pictures posted on the internet comes over like some drunk shouting "Show us your tits!"

c)  If the person had wanted to show or share pictures, or more pictures, they would have done it. 

d) As the moderator of this board I do hear from aggravated women who take offense when people they don't know get overly personal by requesting more information or pictures.  

e)  We have had women scared off this message board by the men, who don't seem to be able to figure that for women such questions are annoying.

f)  I don't think any requests for more pictures has ever directly resulted in a women posting more pictures or sending them to the requester, so there is little point annoying them in futile attempts to extract them.

If you want to see pretty women in thongs then invite a pretty women to accompany you to the beach and both wear thongs. 

Failing that book a holiday to a beach where women wear thongs, or do what a lot of men do, scour the internet for pictures. There are thousands, maybe millions,  of pictures of women in thongs on the internet, no need to bother the few women who post here for them.
JM_Runs #5

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:06/18/2013 01:17:26Copy HTML

I think asking women for photos is over the top, if she doesn't have pictures on her profile I don't think you should ask her for pictures. You may ask the most polite way possible but anyone would think its creepy.I'm a man and I've been ask for photos and I feel a bit creeped out one because I believe I've shared enough photos on the board and second because I get very cautious when I'm ask to send a picture and/or reveal personal information and I'm a man and I think that way when it has happens to me imagine a woman. It is not a sense of undermining women in general its protecting her prestige and anonymity. The theme of women sharing risque pictures (or at least a picture of a person in a thong showing to much skin) has always been delicate and her prestige as a woman most possibly be trashed.

As for approaching women on the board in general, I'm always very cautious to not offend them nor scare them off the board. I've PM just a two women, during all this time I've been in this board, and its only to ask them how did they find this board and if they like guys in thongs.I think its not personal questions nor they would be creeped out by my questions, always very respectful.Out of the two only one has responded and the other didn't, I didn't insist in receiving an answer for the one who didn't respond and didn't receive a second reply from the one who originally responded.

Now I just try to let them be and not bother them with my questions because of the experiences I'd had with women on the board. Presently I am just happy alone with the simple fact that women are around here the board.
johny_b #6

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:02/02/2014 12:58:11Copy HTML

 its a womens choice if she wants to post her picks here, in my opinion. i know i don't ask men or ladies to post theres, if i see pics, i look and comment on them, how would you feel if someone asked you that, i know i would be a little freaked out by it. you know how many perverts and sexual predators are out there, tons, another reason i only have a couple pics in my profile.
SO PLEASE STOP ASKING FOR PEOPLE TO POST PICTURES, they will post them on their own when they want too.
The Swan #7

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:04/28/2014 12:07:24Copy HTML

This is an interesting thread. JM_Runs I'm with you. 
thegirlyxxx #8

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:04/28/2014 12:32:37Copy HTML

 This issue is a primary reason why I don't post. Yes I am a young girl who wears WW, aSS, Malibu Strings, and many other types out in public at the beach, water parks, public and private pools, public parks, hotels, rivers, spas... and very often in front of large crowds. I dont ask the crowd to be present when Im wearing a thong, they just happen to be there. And I dont wear it for them anyway. The guy in Jm's story is an asshole. It doesnt matter to a woman how nicely a stranger asks for pictures. The act itself of asking a woman for pictures or proof that she is a young woman who wears thongs in public is creepy and perverted. And it doesn't matter if the one asking is male or female. If I dont have pictures in my profile or links to the pictures I have in my social networking profiles like twitter or facebook, then dont ask me. Of course I know there are women who are exhibitionists and like having strangers jerk off to them, but more than likely they would have pictures up somewhere for you to freely look at.

Better yet, assume I'm a guy posing as a girl for alittle thrill.
JM_Runs #9

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:04/28/2014 02:07:55Copy HTML

 Well said, thegirly :) You have an excellent and refreshing attitude I think. I think the guy in the posts is using classic defensive counter tactics that are suspicious red flags; invalidating the possibility that he could be coming across offensively (regardless of whether or not the other party is offended), and quipping back the "what's wrong with you?" line. Where have I seen that before?
You are absolutely right to be angry at creepy and perverted behavior; it doesn't deserve any time of day or any leniancy, as it has so much potential to psychologically harm people.  There are a lot of posts on this board from men that disturb me with their sexist assumptions. Any man who assumes what women, or a vague group of women, are thinking (usually along the accusatory lines of "women think this bad thing about men wearing thongs how oppressive") is usually wrong, or at best hypocritical, and is treading into dangerous territory that can't help but to be offensive to both women and men. Men and women are individuals; you make the mistake of generalization and stereotyping, which leads to prejudice and psychological harm, if you try to group people together like a homogeneous entity. I don't see women on here making these kinds of blanket statements about men collectively, no matter how loud men claim they do en masse...is this not a double standard and projection?
I also agree about being very careful about statements of what women (or men) think, though I think in this case JM meant more about what is polite vs. creepy/impolite behavior than women's brain functions per say (JM, it would help your case, which I agree with, to steer clear of the "women think this in regard to that" kind of language). The problem is the behavior stemming from a disrespectful or careless attitude, which in most cases has the potential to offend and also harm.
JM_Runs #10

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:04/28/2014 06:52:17Copy HTML

 I totally agree with the statement by thegirlyxxx:

"The act itself of asking a woman for pictures or proof that she is a young woman who wears thongs in public is creepy and perverted."

To guys it may not seem so but to most women I think it comes off like you walking up to random women and asking for their phone number,
no worse than that, their phone number and where they live, .... no worse than that, pictures of them nearly naked.  Yep, that's what you are asking for.

This is not a dating or casual pickup site. There are plenty of websites that provide such services. |
If you are too cheep to pay for one try "Plenty of Fish" http://www.pof.com/ 
That is an appropriate site for finding women, posting your own pictures and soliciting for further contact.

Think of it this way - "How would most straight guys react to lots of anonymous old men asking them for personal pictures in their underwear or thongs?" 

So please just DON'T do it. Just let the women post when they want too and don't bug them or ask them for more, not even a picture.
johny_b #11

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:04/28/2014 11:46:50Copy HTML

i have never asked for a girls or boys pictures of any kind on this site. i would be uncomfortable doing that as would i be uncomfortable someone asking to for mine. i like this site for the writings people contribute. if you want to pick up someone, there are sites for that, not here. this is a place for people too share there thoughts, advice and opinions. please be respectful to the girls here, they don't want to show there pictures, they don't have too.
JM_Runs #12

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:04/28/2014 05:38:07Copy HTML

 Along this theme,
JM_Runs #13

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:04/29/2014 05:20:18Copy HTML

 JM_Runs is absolutely right.  It's a huge pain in the ass to have to deal with requests to see pictures of myself.  I posted plenty in my images folder to hopefully satisfy that kind of thing ahead of time, but I assure you that getting a million requests for pictures or tons of messages talking about how good we would look naked is not a turn-on, it simply becomes the equivalent of online junkmail.  I like showing off my body or I wouldn't wear a thong to beaches and pools, but that doesn't mean I'm on here to meet men...I can assure you I'm not.
Grabeach #14

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:04/30/2014 09:34:39Copy HTML

Is there a way that members can block PMs? I know they shouldn't have to, but it may be convenient if they don't use it for other purposes.
JM_Runs #15

Re:Asking women on the board for their pictures.

Date Posted:02/26/2015 10:50:09Copy HTML

 Is this issue just a male/female thing? That is, if it's not OK to ask a woman for a picture, is it OK to ask a man?If so, why the difference? The same rule should apply to everybody.

I understand the motives for saying "Don't ask for pictures". the problem I have is, I would be flattered if someone asked for my pic, if they did so politely, and I suspect so would many other members, male and female. (Whether I would send one or not depends on the situation - most likely I would simply post one on my profile.) However that's not going to happen, because this directive is going to spook people.

I don't understand why some people are so thin skinned anyway. Let's say someone - doesn't matter whether it's a man or a woman - receives a politely worded request to supply a picture of themselves wearing a thong. One request. Not pestering. ONE request. Are people not capable of simply responding "Thanks for the compliment, but i don't supply self-pics", and leaving it at that, instead of running to the moderator and claiming they are being harassed or intimidated?

If the person does not accept a "no", then of course it becomes a different matteer and a complaint would then be justified.
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