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Date Posted:10/19/2003 11:50:27Copy HTML

Most of us wear Thongs & Micro's at home ( for some this is the only place) doing work or swimming or sunning etcWe all wish we were as brave as azcraig, but what does everyone else get up to?I spent the last three days doing landscape work in my backyard in a small black rio, 1 1/2" front & 3 1/2" rear, then went out late Sunday afternoon to wash my work truck before Monday in the same suit. I got a few looks from some passers-by, but no honks or waves and definately no negative feedback!I also spent a few hours on four different days last week tanning in my thong in the back yard last week. A couple of times I hung out the washing in my thongs too. That is becoming much more frequent. My backyard isquite private so it isn't much of an issue. Although my neighbour stuck his head over the fence to see me shovelling in my rio's yesterday! He looked twice at them, but said nothing!
Stiven #1

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:06/16/2004 05:40:37Copy HTML

I am in that age(I am 16 years old) when wearing thongs public is hard, because my friends won't understand it. With older men everything is OK...

That's the reason why I wear thongs only at home...

Beachlover492000 #2

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:06/16/2004 09:53:05Copy HTML

I live in Florida and have a fenced in backyard. I can g-string to my heart's content out there. If the neighbors see me, it would be because they were very nosey .

I'd never wear my thong in the front yard or places where the neighbors could easily see me. I don't want the hastles, and I don't want to offend them or their kids.

I always look for thong friendly beaches. Once I know the lay of the land, I wear my Koala suits exclusively. I've been wearing thongs on g-strings on U.S. beaches since 1989. I "dabbled' with them on island beaches in the '80s. After you have been a thonger for as long as I have, the fear factor is zero, but you do have to be careful about where you do it.

BigEasy #3

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:06/17/2004 06:46:58Copy HTML

I live in a detached house but the next door neighbours house is higher than my back garden so they can see straight into our garden. I regularly go out in the garden in my thong/g-string to catch the sun (when the weather is good enough UK) and the next door neighbours don't have a problem with this. Their family consists of the mother father and a brother and sister and both women and the son also wear small outfits when sunning themselves although not quite thongs.
nicthong #4

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:06/17/2004 08:04:29Copy HTML

Well I often lounge around my room in a thong and usually work out (at home) in a thong too. My current place is rented and shared with another guy who wouldn't feel comfortable with me thonging around the house but he's often away at weekends, which gives me opportunities for doing housework - washing, laundry, cleaning, etc - in a thong too; this is dependent on the weather though as I prefer to wear more than just a thong if it's cold.

Unfortunately the back yard is a mess (which the landlord seems to be reluctant to do anything about) and is overlooked by several neighbours and a public alley. If it offered more privacy, there's no doubt I'd enjoy sunning in a thong too but currently that's restricted to holidays.

Would love to move somewhere with a little more privacy but with the state of the property market in the UK at the moment, that won't be any time soon. Ah well.

Shame I don't have other thonging friends either... it'd be cool to be able to hang out and sun with thonging company. Hopefully that will come some time in the future too...

Stiven #5

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:06/19/2004 04:45:21Copy HTML

Around my garden are my neighbour's gardens, so in every place in the garden all my neighbours will see me thonging. There is privacy in my garden. But as I said before - guy in thong in Latvia for everybody means that You're a gay...

sailor250 #6

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:12/13/2018 11:15:39Copy HTML

Here's a piece about women who admit to being home nudists- Kourtney K started this dialog! https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/7956983/naked-at-home-like-kourtney/
roninho #7

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:12/16/2018 09:33:53Copy HTML

Thanks Sailor250, hadn't seen that. Every morning when I'm getting ready for work, I walk around naked, even though it can be damn cold at this time of year! mostly i put my clothes on in our dinning room, near our bedroom so as not to disturb my wife. The curtains are always open with a reasonable view to neighbours but in reality probably no-one awake at that hour!. I'll go through to the kitchen naked to get stuff out of the fridge. I've really got into naturism especially after a visit to a naked sauna in Austria a few years ago and looking to go to more.
32189 #8

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:12/16/2018 04:47:41Copy HTML

Same here!  I like to get ready for work in the nude as well.  I get ready super early so nobody is really awake.  I sometimes take out the trash in the nude as well. 

big daddy thong #9

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:12/16/2018 06:05:19Copy HTML

Since all of the kids have moved out and we downsized to a smaller house, I get naked as much as possible when possible. I pretty much strip out of my clothes when I come home and get dressed in the dining room on my way out of the house to work in the morning. I sleep naked, walk around the house naked, drink coffee with the wife at the kitchen bar. Sometimes she says are you going to put some clothes on? But she enjoys the view. ;~D The only reason I put clothes on any more is to take my dog outside to poop and take out the garbage.
Thongmad #10

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:01/01/2019 11:59:11Copy HTML

We're not nudists or anything, but aren't phased at all about getting around our house naked whenever we want. My wife will shower and do her hair/make-up for the day naked in warm weather, and iron her clothes for the day naked, dressing only minutes before she leaves for work or whatever. We aren't at all bothered by walking around the house naked after a shower to find clothes, go to the laundry, or do household chores. I am the same obviously, but would be the one to be naked for far longer than anyone else. We've always done this in front of our children (now 20 and 17) who only ever made comment at about the age of 14-15. Interesting is that my son (no longer at home) used to only get about in his underwear, whereas my daughter (now 17 and still at home) is just beginning to do the same as us. I know I've posted this elsewhere, but some of the things I do regularly around the house naked or in a thong/g are as follows; Naked - Morning routine (breakfast/coffee/etc) before getting dressed to go to work. Go from shower to laundry before/after a shower - and iron clothes etc before going out. Swim in the pool/sunbake. Watch TV, sit on the computer etc. Sleep (always sleep naked no matter where I am). Occasionally taken out the garbage to the kerbside on hot nights after dark. Mowed the lawn and done yard work in the back yard only, but not that often (usually home alone). Thong/g-string - All of the above, more often thonging while doing the outdoor stuff than naked. Often swim/sunbake in a thong (preferred way) when alone, with the family, or when others are over. Done yard work and mowing in the back and front yards. Washed the cars on the drive or lawn. Swam with neighbours in their pools. Taken out garbage to the kerbside regularly in warm weather, day and night. Go out to move the sprinkler around the front yard when watering the grass. Pretty much everything I regularly do around the house. I've done and still do in a thong when I feel comfortable. I have no hesitation doing any of this in my bikini briefs, no matter how small (usually like a European or Rio cut, no bigger).
LoveMyThongs #11

Re:At Home Etc

Date Posted:01/19/2019 05:26:45Copy HTML

We are all about the thongs at home and with close friends. The peripheral acquaintances is a debate we have. For my wife she’ll go a more conservative style and I’ll go shorts but with our close friends we are open as we are tight and don’t judge. We both work from home so being in thongs throughout the day is normal as it’s confortable and what we like. And I hear you stiven about being 16 and keeping it under wraps. In time you won’t have to
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