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Date Posted:02/19/2012 05:19:57Copy HTML

I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum, but I wanted to give some hope to all thong lovers out there who have wives that may feel differently about the idea of men in thongs.
I've been wearing thongs since an ex-girlfriend of mine turned me on to them many years ago. That relationship came and went, but my enjoyment of thongs did not. Still the pressure of society and normalcy was such that I kept my interest in thongs from the woman who become my wife for many years. I finally worked up the courage to ask her about them a few years ago although skeptical she tolerated me wearing them and even asked for them on special occasions.
Well, after being married for many years she stopped asking me to wear a thong and I stopped wearing them thinking that she wasn't interested (yes, I know I am still a slave to what society thinks). Anyway, last weekend we went out and had a nice dinner and ended up getting fairly tipsy with a few drinks back at home after we got back from our meal. For some reason (god knows why) I brought up the question of thongs and how I missed wearing them for her. To my utter shock she responded that she missed them too and hoped I would wear them again. We ended up browsing a few online underwear sites, but didn't buy anything.
 That alone felt like an amazing victory, but things got even better yesterday. I was preparing to go out for a typical Friday night (we generally go out for a few drinks) and had just taken a shower after work. As I was getting ready my wife came in with a box and gave it to me, saying "this is for you". I opened it up only to find that (for the first time ever) my wife had bought me a new thong. I was pretty shocked by this and asked her why she had finally done this after so long and she said that she had though about it many times but simply didn't know the right way to approach the subject. The details of the rest of the night may not be appropriate for this board so I'll leave them out, but it was simply amazing.
Anyway, not sure I really even have a major point here, but I am just so totally elated I had to share. For those of you wife not so accepting wives, keep the hope, you may be surprised!
BarelyCovered #1

Re:At last, success with the wife!

Date Posted:02/19/2012 12:24:16Copy HTML

 Great story.
thong_jock #2

Re:At last, success with the wife!

Date Posted:02/19/2012 04:39:19Copy HTML

This is a great story and reinforces the need for open and honest communication in a relationship. How are you supposed to get what you want if you never ask or talk about it? I was married to a woman and she was totally supportive of my interest in wearing gear but it wasn't until the final stage of our marriage that I admitted it was a total fetish for me - still she was cool with it. As it turns out I finally realized I like guys more than girls and for the last 7 years have been in a relationship with a guy. He doesn't share my fetish but wears thongs on occasion and speedo bikinis on the beach. We had a discussion a couple years back about our individual needs and concluded that it was best to open up the relationship, so we both can have our brand of fun on the side. My thing is guys into hot swimwear and spandex workout gear and I have buddies all over the country [as I travel for work regularly] his thing...well it's his thing and I support him and his hot 20-something muscle boy. I know this wouldn't be for everyone but at the end of the day it's about communication, understanding and not living in fear of rejection or abandonment.
LoveMyThongs #3

Re:At last, success with the wife!

Date Posted:10/13/2018 04:33:21Copy HTML

Open mindedness and open communication are so key. Great points gents!
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