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Date Posted:06/26/2005 09:40:28Copy HTML

Hey guys, just thought I'd share an experience from the little old UK.With the hot weather we've been having lately our group of friends (approx. 4 females and 5 males)had the day off and thought it would be a good idea to have a BBQ and party at one of thegirls houses as his parents are away on hols. In his back garden he has one of these DIY swimming pools which is quite large at 12ft x 6ft and about 4ft deep. After the BBQ and quite a few beers we decided that we'd have a dip. As we just decided to do this as a spur of the moment thing we hadn't come prepared but after a few beers our inhibitions were long gone so we just stripped off to our underwear and jumped in.The main reason for me writing this though is that one of the guys who was there was quite new to our group of friends as he was the brother of one of thegirls and didn't really hang around with us there was quite reluctant to get into the pool and kept giving excuses as to why he didn't fancy getting in the pool, such as there wasn't enough room etc.We didn't have a clue why he wouldn't get in the pool but left him to it - may I add we didn't even think it was because he was wearing a thong as 1 of the other guys had a HOM Fredy thong on and another was even nude, we are all good friends so no-one cared as we've all seen it all before.As the day went on more and more booze was being drunk and we all kept on nagging him to get into the pool otherwise we would throw him in totally clothed. Then thats when he explained that the reason that he was reluctant to get into the pool was that he was wearing a tiny g-string and he was completely "bald" in the downstairs region and that he didn't want his sister seeing him like that and he was worried that she'd tell his parents.To cut a long story short we explained that we really didn't give a damn and something like that should spoil him having the fun that he could be having. We eventually convinced him to strip down by getting his sister to assure him that she wouldn't tell their parents about it.It turned out that he was wearing a kiniki OLLY - which actually looked pretty cool.Just thought I'd add this experience to assure the guys who are worried about seeing them in thongs/g's or shaved that if you're among friends then you shouldn't worry what you do as after all they are friends and really don't care what you wear.
nicthong #1

Re:Back Garden Thong Male & Female

Date Posted:06/27/2005 06:42:03Copy HTML

Thanks for sharing this Sarah; I have some friends who recently had a hot tub installed and they've said to myself and some other friends that we're welcome to go over and use it when they're away. I don't think any of this particular friendship group knows I thong (which is weird cos most of my other friends do know - I guess it's just never been a topic of conversation for us) so I'd initially thought I'd just wear a low cut speedo or something (despite really wanting to thong). Now I think I might just try a thong anyway - they're great friends and I'm sure they're not going to change what they think of me simply because I choose to wear something they might not expect me to wear. Thanks!
Sarah_Thomas #2

Re:Back Garden Thong Male & Female

Date Posted:05/05/2006 12:57:55Copy HTML

I think you're right JM if they are true friends then they wont care if you wore womens knickers on your head lol.


Its peoples choice what they wear and other narrow minded people should respect what individuals choose to wear.

elp_gr #3

Re:Back Garden Thong Male & Female

Date Posted:05/05/2006 02:19:29Copy HTML

I agree with the above posters... If they're your friends, they shouldn't be bothered.
mendenfriend #4

Re:Back Garden Thong Male & Female

Date Posted:05/14/2006 12:20:55Copy HTML

Amen, I have too many friends who make a big deal about my thong wearing. I was them because they are comfortable and make me feel good. I treat them as if they are regular attire, because to me, they are. Wear on!
mrever_ready #5

Re:Back Garden Thong Male & Female

Date Posted:05/14/2006 03:29:01Copy HTML

Our friends know us well enough to expect us to be wearing our thongs especially during the summer around the pool.   A good friend of ours puts on a couple huge pool parties during the summer and everyone takes it all in stride.    The ladies kinda make fun of it, wondering which one I'm wearing this year.    When my shorts come off, they all giggle while I'm enjoying the sun.    Also, don't forget that by then, we've all had enough booze in us to not care, lol.    Other friends of ours could care less what we wear, as long as we bring the steaks to their pool parties.
sailor250 #6

Re:Back Garden Thong Male & Female

Date Posted:05/05/2016 12:06:51Copy HTML

 Article about Nude Gardening in Miami! http://www.miamiherald.com/living/home-garden/article75163852.html
LoveMyThongs #7

Re:Back Garden Thong Male & Female

Date Posted:09/22/2018 07:04:27Copy HTML

When we moved my wife and I were working from home so we were always in our thongs either tanning or simply working. Once day we were thonging and one of her friends walked in the side gate and found us. She actually didn’t freak out and we are very comfortable in public in thongs. Her friend also wore thong bathing suits and was excited my wife did too because she was the only one who did. Now she had a partner
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