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Date Posted:01/31/2005 12:47:00Copy HTML

I just bought a house with a nice good size backyard. I specifically wanted a house with a yard that is somewhat private and not directly exposed to a bunch of neighbors. Even though our yard is quite private and fenced, it is still possible that some of our closest neighbors could see me there walking around in a thong (they would have be in their houses, upstairs and looking through their windows basically). I don't worry so much about someone seeing me, I just don't want to offend anyone and I would like to know if it's legal to walk around in my own backyard in a thong. I live in Georgia (Fulton County). I'm not seeking professional legal advice here, just any insight, comments and experiences about backyard thonging. I can't even imagine venturing out to the front yard in a thong, I'm just happy to be able to get some tan and do some work in my yard without having to be afraid of cops showing up.
Ex_Member #1

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/08/2004 05:51:52Copy HTML

today was a very good day to come home after work and work on the tan lines, as it is in the 80's in Mass. I got home, changed into a g-string and went for a dip in the pool and later tanned outside, it was such a nice day today and so refreshing. Has anyone had a day like this just relaxing in a thong/g-string after work?
Ryan Booth #2

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/08/2004 06:57:23Copy HTML

I posted something similar to what you have.
We have experienced some really hot weather the last couple of weeks or so in the UK. So I had to make the most of it while I could. On with the swim thong and out into the garden to top up on the tan. I've got to admit that after a hard stessful day at the office nothing quite beats relaxing in the sunshine. The garden isn't really that private but my neighbours all seem pretty relaxed about me and my fiancee thonging. So it's all good!
16proudthonger #3

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/08/2004 07:39:33Copy HTML

i know how it was i also live in mass and was enjoying the sun....the second i got home i took out the beach towel and stripped down to my thong i had on....probably do the same tomarrrow cause its suppose to be even better =)
thongluver4life #4

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/08/2004 01:21:23Copy HTML

yep i love doing that.  whenever im at home with my family, my boyfriend and i go outside on the backyard.  we both put on some of our g-strings and tanning ourselves.  it feels great. 
Beachlover492000 #5

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/08/2004 11:02:31Copy HTML

Yes, I remember quite well what it was like to live in Massachusetts. Its seemed like it took forever for the summer to come, and then it was all too short. Now is really the best time to thong in Mass. because the sun is at its highest point. My backyard used to get covered up by the trees in August.

I now live in Florida, and it's great but not quite perfect. The nearest thong friendly beach in quite a drive away, and you really need to go for the day to make it worth while. The spring is great, but during the summer we get a lot of very strong thunder storms, it seems everyday. I've got a great backyard though with a pool, sometimes I can even be out there in January and February.

JM_Runs #6

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:01/31/2005 11:48:15Copy HTML

I think a lot of people wear thongs at home and around the yard. The rule of thumb is "People wear them more, where less people can see." I think you should start thonging once the weather gets better and let the chips fall where they do. I suspect you will notice a couple of surreptitious peeks from neighbor windows but once they have seen you once or twice the novelty will wear off.

If you want to be cautious about it then socially inoculate your self. You do this by meeting the people first. It's generally true that peoples first opinions count. If they have met you socially then they are less likely to be thinking "The weirdo next-door" and more likely to be thinking "That's Mr xxxxx out in his yard" So do what you can to fit into the community. Join the local residents association, talk to every neighbor you can, get to know them, go running in the mornings and say hi to every one, etc.

A good plan is to hold a party, maybe a house warming or something. (A regular party, not a thong-pool party). Invite the neighbors who overlook your yard on the excuse that you would prefer that they be at your party instead of phoning the police about the noise! Or if they have kids, that you don't want any one to feel left out. Go round in person to invite them. Even if they don't come, you will have opened up a personal communication and you may find they invite you in to say hello, or for a cup of coffee. Plan it at least a month out, so you will have time to personally get to invite each neighbor with out being rushed. Take your time in the introductions and let them know what skills and resources you bring to the neighborhood. Are you a computer whizz do you have a fabulous set of tools? People think better of others when they know them, have been extended hospitably by them, and are a useful resource.

You may not think you bring much value to the community, but you will be surprised. Write out a list of what you do bring. It can be as simple as commuting to down town at 7:30 each morning. Every one needs a ride now and again.

This may seem a lot of work to go through just to keep your neighbors happy. The benefits of being integrated into your community extend much further than that. Learning how to work with your community is difficult and ever evolving but gives life long and rewards. Only one of which is that when they see you thonging in your yard they are less likely to pull the fire alarm and more likely to ask you about what fertilizer you use to keep the grass so green.

backstrap357 #7

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:02/01/2005 04:25:11Copy HTML

I agree JM. Get to know your neighbors. Be friendly and at worst they will think of you as eccentric. If act hermit like it's then you become a weirdo.

   As for the law, It is always in flux because that's the way lawyer's like it. but a general rule is a person cannot approach another person with the intention of being offended. As long as you can demonstrate that you weren't trying to draw attention to yourself, you should be fine.

    It's just like someone deliberately looking through their neighbors windows and then wanting to complain because the neighbors are having sex on the kitchen table. If you don't want to see, don't look.


Off topic: Hurray!!!!!! for me, I am not a begginer anymore.

thongpwr #8

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:02/02/2005 10:43:33Copy HTML

Guys, thank you for your valuable comments. I agree that first and foremost it's important to establish good neighbor relationships, everything else is so much easier after that. JM, what you said about first opinions and bringing value to the community makes perfect sense and I intend to follow your advice. I definitely don't want to come out as the "weirdo next door" but a valuable new member of the community. If "normal" people get a chance to learn that other "normal" people can wear thongs then sooner or later thongs can become "normal". Pretty simplistic but but I think it can actually work that way.

Me and my wife are so happy to get out of the apartment and into our new house. We're really looking forward to the hot Georgia summer (wish this winter would end already). Now, anybody got any good deals on hot tubs? ;-)

Take care.

muppet in a thong #9

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:02/17/2005 06:33:21Copy HTML

I only thong outside at home, when other people are around.  Always thong on the beach.  I do think offending people is a major issue.  I wouldnt really want to appear wearing a thong where people may take offence to it.   It is best to asses the situation first i guess.  On the beach isnt so bad, but at home if people can see, it's a bit more difficult.
imathonglover #10

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:02/17/2005 11:01:34Copy HTML

I must say that I agree with JM. It's best to get to know the neighbors first and make that first impression a positive one.

About thonging in your back yard, I was wondering if you have a privacy fence. I realize that wouldn't shield you from the second story windows of the neighboring house, but I would think that if you were in your own fenced in yard, there would be little that anyone could do to you. Although sometimes all people have to do is spread word that there is a weirdo living in the neighborhood and that by itself could cause tension. Best thing is to learn a little about the neighborhood and take it from there.

I have a 6 foot privacy fence and last year I spent a good bit of the summer laying out by my pool working on my tan. As of yet, I haven't received any indications that any of my neighbors noticed me thonging out back, but I always keep in the back of mind that at anytime, someone could easily walk through my side gate and catch me there. If they do, then there is nothing I can say if they are offended, but quite honestly, the only person that might see me would be the meter reader.

Congrats on the new house and I hope that you get to fully enjoy the thrill of owning your own home. Good luck and Happy Thongin'.

sunbaked #11

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:03/15/2005 09:31:37Copy HTML

I am not for sure what my neighbors would do if I wore my thong outside of my backyard. The lady across the street would freak. May be some day I will get up the nerve and go for it
abczyxabczyx #12

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:03/16/2005 06:52:15Copy HTML

I have worn thongs in my back yard frequently and have not had a problem.
BeachBum413 #13

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:03/17/2005 09:29:22Copy HTML

I wear a g-string or thong a lot in the summer - especially on the back deck. Generally I put something else on when I work in the garden or someplace else that is more exposed in the back yard (shorts or speedo). Our deck is pretty private so I can get away with a lot. Wearing as little as possible in the summer helps keep the air conditionong costs down
thongpwr #14

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:03/18/2005 12:35:14Copy HTML

First of all, sorry for not checking on my thread lately. Been really busy with the house after we moved in, I'm sure every homeowner knows why. ;-)

jace63, thanks for the comments. I do have a +6 ft privacy fence all around my backyard (love it)and I thank myself every day for not getting this other house with a smaller backyard with no fence at all. We made an offer but thankfully the owner didn't accept it. Our backyard is now indeed quite private and gets even better when the leaves come out with all the trees that we have. I cannot understand people who buy these 700K-1M houses that I see every day when driving to work that have almost no backyard at all and no privacy whatsoever.

My wife asked me the other day if I thought it was OK if she does some yard work wearing only her small bikini. I said "hell yeah, I'm going to be doing that in my thong all summer". She said she knew I would and said "well, it's our house and our backyard, let's enjoy it".

big daddy thong #15

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/04/2005 11:33:48Copy HTML

I try to be discreet while thonging in my backyard and stay in the backyard only.  I also keep some shorts and a towel andy just in case.  PA has had a case legal case of an man wearing a thong in his back yard while cutting the grass and gardening.  His neighbors call the cops.  He was later cleared of indencey charges but this was after he spent some time in the local jail and had to cough up some cash for legal fees. 

During the daytime hours of the summer I like to thong while sunbathing.  I don't have a privacy fence around the backyard, but we do have some trees and bushes blocking the view to the backyard.  I try to beware of who is in the area.  Kids and others use a path behind our house as a shortcut to the next street.  My next door neighbor has seen me in a number of times and even has come up to me and had long conversations while I has in my thong.  She is in her early 60's and is an artist, so I guess the human body is no big deal to her.  But the people in the house directly behind mine are not so progressive.  I remember one summer day when they came home and saw me in my orange g-string thong.  They all could not believe that some one would wear someting so skimpy.  I saw the husband and wife pointing at me and making comments.  We are not on friendly terms with these folks to begin with due to other reasons.

  We also have a hot tub in our backyard.  We do have a 6 foot high fence around 2 sides of the hot tub. During the day I will wear my thong in the hot tub, but at night my wife and I like to go buck naked.  Our kids like to skinny dip at night as well.  We run our hot tub all year round, even in the winter with snow flying.

muppet in a thong #16

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/06/2005 10:21:52Copy HTML

i often go for walks in the nearby woods and by the river in a thong. live in quite a rural place, nobody around for miles. as above, with thonging in winter etc, one of the best experiences ever was the nice winter chill while walking in a thong in the snow. was very cold, but nice cool fresh air clenses the body
abczyxabczyx #17

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/06/2005 10:49:56Copy HTML

I worked in the back yard in my thong.  I am sure that neighbors saw me.  But who cares?  If they have a problem, then it's theirs.
luv2thong #18

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/11/2005 01:39:00Copy HTML

I live in central California on a one-third acre lot which is very large comparied to other lots in this area.  We are surrounded by six homes with a two story house directly behind us.  When I do yard work or go in the pool, I always were a thong.  As for my opinion for people with two story homes, you have to know that when you are on the second story of your home you will see into your neighbors back yard and windows.  If you are going to be offended, then don't buy a two story house.  I am in my own back yard and I do have a six foot red wood fence surrounding three sides of my house, therefore, I am in the privacy of my own backyard.  If someone is looking into my backyard, then it is their problem if they are offended.
Beachlover492000 #19

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/12/2005 10:30:33Copy HTML

When I moved to Florida I arranged to have a 6 foot high fence constructed around my screened in pool, spa and deck. Since there are not two story houses around my home, the only way that neighbors can see me is if they walk up and peer over the fence. If that's what they want to do then they can blame themselves if they are offended.

Ex_Member #20

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/30/2005 03:51:35Copy HTML

I wear a thong in back garden as much as I can but can't say I always feel comfortable as the garden can be overlooked by my neighbours who are all friendly enough. I'm sure that htey have seen my and my partner, who is usually topless anyway but no one has ever said anything and perhaps they never will. which makes me think I'm making a small contribution to acceptance of thongs. hope so!
ctmonline #21

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/13/2005 08:22:02Copy HTML

I live in a small development near the beach where the houses are very close to each other. My neighbors directly behind me, it's only about seventy-five feet from my back deck to their back deck, are the only neighbors that have ever seen me in my gstring. They're an older german couple in their seventies, they caught a glimpse of me in the driveway beside my shed in the backyard once when I thought they weren't home, all I heard was "oh my god" from the woman and the man just shook his head. That was the turning point, from that moment on we went from neighbors who talk everytime we see each other, to neighbors that speak once or twice a year instead. It's rather unfortunate that they choose not to talk to me now because of my swimwear choice, but I figure they're old, no sense in trying to change their ways now. I now wear my gstring, a pouch with no straps, or I go nude while laying on my deck...the damage has already been done the way I figure...as long as they don't call the police on me for indecent exposure!!! It hasn't happened in the three years I lived here, regardless, they shouldn't be looking in my backyard anyway, haven't they ever heard of respecting one's privacy.
abczyxabczyx #22

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/13/2005 12:26:56Copy HTML

I have neighbors who have never showed an interest in being neighborly despite numerous attempts on our part.  Therefore, when I wear my thong in the back yard, I do not care what their reaction.

FYI, they have neve expressed any negative comments either.

redraider55 #23

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2005 04:07:42Copy HTML

Each day is getting warmer and I'll be likely tanning in the backyard in my thong.  This past Saturday, my M-I-L invited us over to swim and enjoy some Texas-style BBQ brisket (smoked, very little sauce). I was at work, so my wife grabbed a few of my bikinis: my orange Joe Snyder Rio bikini and my lemon Joe Snyder thong. I guess she already wants me to wear very little for the swim season.  When I got there, my kids and step-F-I-L were already in the pool. I quickly changed into the orange rio bikini and hopped in the water. Brrr! We swam for a bit, my son wanted to show off his improving swimming skills. I ordered the kids out a little while later when their chins were chattering away. Of course, they refused to go without a fight. My wife got the kids into dry clothes, but she didn't want me to change. She wanted to see more of me in the tiny bikini. While getting stuff ready to eat, I showed my M-I-L the other thong my wife brought for me to wear. She said to wear it next time.

This past week, we were offered a free used hottub. We gladly accepted. We know the people and that they kept it well-maintained.  Apparently, they got a new jacuzzi bathtub and they use it more.  So, after it's setup and working, there will be plenty of hottub parties with thongs. My M-I-L let it be known that she'll be visiting a lot more to enjoy. I also let her know that the hottub is Clothing-Optional and that she could see me in my thongs or nothing at all. An additional privacy fence will be setup around the hottub, so she may thong too. Who knows?

sailhoopsbare #24

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/16/2005 04:22:11Copy HTML

Redraider I am envious that you have such a cool wife and M-I-L!!!!! 
imathonglover #25

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/17/2005 01:41:13Copy HTML

Yes redraider, each day here in southeast Texas is getting warmer. Although the water in my pool still has a pretty good chill to it, but I didn't let that stop me from floating around in just my Joe Boxer cotton thong. I started out doing a little cleaning up in the back yard today, then decided to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Rather than go in and change into one of my swim thongs, I decided to just strip down to the thong underwear I was already wearing. It was indeed a beautiful day.
Jazz Skirt #26

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/21/2005 10:07:59Copy HTML

I had a very notable experience a few years ago, resulting from my tanning and mowing the lawn in a thong, and sometimes surrupticiously laying nude on a reclining chair, all  in my back yard.  I lived on a golf course and a community rule was that no one could construct a fence higher than 3 feet within something like 25 feet of the golf course property (so that neighbors' views of the golf course were unobstructed).

One day my next door neighbor lady---a single woman in her sixties---employed a handyman to construct an eight-foot, solid wood fence between us, right up to the golf course.  Turns out she didn't like seeing me wearing so little!  So I had to sue her to get the fence removed.  (It really interfered with our golf course view, and this had a deleterious effect on my property value.)

The case never made it to court before she realized the fence had to be removed.  Turns out that:

1.  People may be nude if they're on their own property and can't be seen from public property.  (Therefore, they are not "nude in public".)

2.  The golf course was privately owned!  So the fence came down.

Glad I hired a lawyer to learn the law and my rights!  I live in Oregon.  People should check their state's statutes.  There's always someone out there who's determined to take away your rights.


redraider55 #27

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/23/2005 05:22:10Copy HTML

I worked in my backyard for most of the day yesterday in only a thong and sandals. Since it was going to get into the upper 90's (ended up at 97 F), I put on some sunscreen and filled a large insulated cup with ice water.  I mowed the lawn, trimmed the edges, installed an above ground water fountain, planted some jasmine, and set up the splash pool (which is big enough for my whole family).  I have a corner lot, so there were lots of cars driving past.  Any pedestrians could've looked between the slats of my privacy fence and got an eyeful. I'm sure my neighbors right next to my house could've seen me since their front door pretty much opens into my backyard.   Any breeze that came up felt wonderful.  At the end of the day, I noticed that my thong tanline is looking more distinctive.  It was a good day - got a lot of work done in only my tiny thong.

This weekend will be more of the same in my backyard. I'll be wearing only a thong when I dig out space to install a pad for a hot tub my wife's step-sister is giving us.

redraider55 #28

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/31/2005 12:18:42Copy HTML

I planned on getting a lot of work done in my backyard over the long weekend, but the off-and-on rain forced me to make some adjustments.  My son's swim meet was cancelled Saturday morning, so we took the kids to see Madagascar. The sun was blasting down by Saturday afternoon, so the kids and I played in the pool and with some water balloons my son bought. I wore my orange thong. When I was out of the pool filling and tying the water balloons, I heard the neighbor's door shut. Their door overlooks my backyard, so whoever went in got a clear view of me.  The kids and I had a great time cooling.  We got done playing and dinner was ready and I was picking up the dropped towels and such, when I heard the same neighbor's door chime open again. I looked over and saw one of the couple's mother with a huge grin on her face trying to make eye-contact with someone inside that house.  The family that lives there is my age, so this lady could've been the visiting mom.  My secret's been blown (but I'm not worried)!

Yesterday, I was able to start digging out the grass and attempting to level the ground for the hot tub pad.  Of course, only wearing my lemon-colored thong (with shoes).  I got it dug out, but will need to add a gravel layer.  The sun felt good on my bare skin, and I had my wife take a photo of me working.

I have lots of work to do in my backyard, so plenty of opportunity for me thong and work on that tanline.

luv2thong #29

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/02/2005 02:33:01Copy HTML

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I got to do a lot of yardwork in the backyard wearing only a thong and sandels.  I did the usual mowing the lawn, pruning the shrubs, pulling weeds and maintaining the pool.  The pool is still on the cool side for me but with the temperature being in the high 80's and 90's, it won't take long for the water to warm up.

My neighbor behind us, was doing some painting on the facia board of his two story house sure got an eyefull of me (we are separated by a 6' tall redwood fence).

redraider55 #30

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/29/2005 10:42:39Copy HTML

My wife and kids wanted to go over to her mother's house to swim yesterday afternoon. My wife wanted me to meet them there after I left work, so she grabbed a variety of bikinis for me to wear.  When I got there, the kids had already changed into their swimsuits. My wife grabbed her Rio bikini and I went to look thru my choices. I pulled out my orange Joe Snyder Rio capri and yellow JS tanga thong.  I showed my MIL the choices my wife had brought for me. She said, "Wow. Wear the yellow one if you want." My 3 yr old daughter seconded the idea, because she likes yellow. I changed into my yellow thong after my wife finished changing into her bikini. My wife complained that she looks fat and is too big for the bikini. Her mom quickly scolded her for saying that, and that she wasn't fat at all. Which is true! My wife looked great and I wished she had brought her thong as well.  We all had a good time swimming in the nearly 100 F Texas heat.
imathonglover #31

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/30/2005 12:36:10Copy HTML

What a way to fight the Texas heat! Redraider, it's good that you have the support of your family as you do. My wife has nothing against me thonging in the backyard pool either, but I don't know that I can be as bold as you in front of other family members. My hat's off to you ... by the way, I have the exact same lemon colored JS tanga thong and it is indeed a nice suit. Heat index in southeast Texas is hitting the triple digits ... time to cool off in the pool again!
tigerthong #32

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/25/2005 08:20:07Copy HTML

Yesterday was an awesome day. Extremely hot here in the midwest.  I have been wearing my solar sliding front and back string bikini over the past week or so.  My wife has frowned on my wearing it. I finally told her last week that she might as well get used to me wearing minimal swimwear. (She's known that I prefer thongs for underwear for quite a while now).  Today she actually encouraged me to wear the slider. 

Trust me I took advantage and slid it to as small as it would go...front and back. Her comment was that if the guy next door (yards are kinda close together) can mow his lawn in just his shorts with his gut hanging over, then why  shouldn't I be out in my thong....kewl!!

She even got up the courage to go topless while in the pool.  I never thought the day would come.  It was a great afternoon of fun in the sun.

BeachBum413 #33

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/25/2005 09:55:08Copy HTML

Yesterday it was hot here in Michigan too. I had some work to do in the garden and as usual I had my g-string on under ny shorts. I've lost some weight so the shorts fitted loose. Anyway as I was working in the garden they slipped off and finally I just said OK and spent the rest of the afternoon in the g-string. I'm sure that I gave the neighbors a pretty good show. When the wife got home from work it was still warm and we ate dinner on the deck. She was hot so I suggested that she strip and to my suprise she did. (The deck is pretty private.) We spent the evening on the deck pretty much nude. Great evening - she has done this before - but it's been a while. We still go back and forth about what swimwear that I can wear at our cottage on the lake. It all seems to depend an the amount of people that are arround. It looks like this weekend it's going to be a pretty good one so hopefully she will let me wear my thong again (She likes it, but like most everyplace else in the midwestd ork shorts are the norm and I'm the odd man out - but there doesn't seem to be much resistance to my Skinz M18 Rio. I'vs been wearing this sort of thing long enough now that no one seems to mind although the thong seems to push the limit a bit - but I still have to cover up sometimes with the dork shorts (It depends on who is arround.
imathonglover #34

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/26/2005 12:16:40Copy HTML

Yesterday was a hot day here in Texas also. The pool needed a little attention, therefore I put on one of my JS thongs and went to work cleaning it. I worked up a pretty good sweat and dove in after my work was done. I was still lounging in my thong when my wife got home, so naturally she had to join me. Although she doesn't thong herself, she never minds if I do.
matchingthongs #35

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/21/2005 04:50:52Copy HTML

It's been a good summer here in northern England for backyard (back garden we call it) thonging. Our new garden has neighbour's gardens on either side, with the back not overlooked at all. To the north side is a dense leylandi hedge halfway along (and a low fence beyond) to separate us. My neighbour and I lowered it in the late winter so that it's about 6ft tall now. Later this year we're planning on taking another foot off; this should still stop looking over. On the south we have a great hedge of mixed deciduous plants. We have taken a couple of feet off the top and between the two of us thinned it out drastically. The neighbour's garden on that side is higher, so the height is about 5ft on their side and about 7ft on ours. The hedge is fairly gappy and it would be easy to see through if you were close up, but I can't imagine them ever doing that!! I don't usually cover up when doing stuff in the garden or lying around so I may have been seen in my thong? Nobody's said anything and we get on great with our neighbours; I think they would be too embarrassed to say anything, and we don't flaunt ourselves or make a point of being seen.

Today H... next door took out a big elder tree from the hedge and did more trimming. We now have a pretty big gap and the possibility of being seen is much easier now. H & L next door know of our "nudist" tendencies so I presume they don't mind if they see us or H.... would have left it alone to hide us from their view?

We're cool about it and happy that more light will get in now, and our vegetable plot should do better now too!
Ex_Member #36

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:12/14/2005 05:17:14Copy HTML

I'm 16 and backyard thong all the time, when my parents are out of the house at least; I haven't been brave enought to do it with them in the house. I haven't had a problem with it. It is a little nerve-wracking the first few times because you're afraid someone will see you, but you get a little more comfortable each time!
imathonglover #37

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:12/14/2005 11:14:02Copy HTML

Congrats on your bravery ThongBoy. You will find that with each day, you will become more comfortable about wearing them. As for your parents finding out, that is something you will have to work out. Each parent has different outlooks on matters of such. Hopefully your parents will be open minded enough to listen if you decide to let them in on your secret. As long as you are in the privacy of your own backyard, I don't see any harm.

Now as for my backyard thongin', it has come to a temporary halt due to the colder temps. I also lost a good portion of my privacy fence during a recent storm, but will be sure to have it all replaced by the next tanning season.

Jazz Skirt #38

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:12/15/2005 12:24:59Copy HTML

I think JM Runs speaks wisely about attempting to build neighbor trust before we are seen wearing little or nothing in our backyard.  Above, I wrote of my neighbor experience, but I failed to mention that I had previously initiated friendly neighbor contact when I, as a professional musician, learned that she was a piano teacher.  I was even into her home to see her twin pianos, but she never visited my home.  So when she decided to have the handyman build an illegal six-foot fence between our yards as a way of shielding her tender eyes from my thonging and nude sunbathing, and I went over to her house during the construction in order to have her stop, she beat it into the house and stayed in there to avoid me.  She wouldn't answer her doorbell, either.

So I tried to build confidence and I tried to intercede before I called my lawyer.  Too bad.  This ended up costing us both a lot in lawyer fees, and fortunately it was settled before we went to court.  I have to think that either she didn't think about the expense of violating ordinances, or she just didn't think I would sue.

Just thought I'd bring up this experience so that readers of this board will realize that, even though you may try everything to establish rapport with neighbors, you can never outguess what they'll do next, when motivated.


murray1 #39

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:01/28/2006 02:09:53Copy HTML

thongbutt1 #40

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:01/29/2006 11:10:22Copy HTML

Ex_Member #41

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:02/01/2006 06:39:38Copy HTML

Good one skipper! I agree with JM. You should definitely get to know your neighbors before thonging in the backyard. It also depends where you live. I live out in the country with a lot of hicks and farmers in Maryland. I would think it would not be as much of a shock to see someone in a thong in Florida. I do sunbathe in the backyard in a thong but I make sure I am out of sight of any neighbors or people passing by. But just in case I do get seen I know my neighbors well. It would be a little embarassing but they know I am not a weirdo and I have a wife and kids. Keep it descreet.
redraider55 #42

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2006 12:02:46Copy HTML

It was a nice day yesterday in Texas, so I worked in my backyard for a few hours raking up dead grass clippings. I wore my orange Dore low-cut thong with 1/4 inch sides. I put on the sunsreen so I wouldn't burn and got right to work. I was sweating a river, and skin glistened. My wife kept opening the back window to say sexy things to me. She really, really liked my thong! I got some good work that I'd been meaning to do and I'm getting the start of the thong tanline! Very nice. We just got the hottub up and running, so I hopped into that last night after the kids got to bed. No thongs required for that! Hottub jets + nudity = heaven!
luv2thong #43

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/19/2006 03:43:13Copy HTML

Well, it is suppose to be in the high 70's or low 80's by the end of the week, but here in central California, the weather forecast is still predicting rain for this coming weekend.  I can't wait for the first day to start wearing my thong.
jerbare #44

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/20/2006 05:53:59Copy HTML

WE have had three days of 75-85 last week spent about three hours each day out in the sun here in the Dakotas. Now it is rainy and 45 will jus have to wait longer
mrever_ready #45

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/20/2006 05:55:57Copy HTML

You live in California and you haven't been out in your thong yet  ?     I live up in the frozen northland (Canada) and my wife and I have been out several times in our backyard patio in our thongs, enjoying the unusually mild conditions.    This past winter we went to the Caribbean and showed everyone our thongs too.    I kept hoping to see others in thongs, but we were the only ones.    Geez, if I lived in California, I think I'd be in my thong collection all the time.    All that sun, all those hot bods wearing almost nothing.....a dream cum true !     You lucky sob, lol.
barefischer #46

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/30/2006 11:38:51Copy HTML

I tan nude or in a thong in my back yard daily after work weather permitting, I prefer to be nude though. Some neighbors have seen me but too bad for them as life is too short for me to care what they think.
publicgirluk #47

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/30/2006 03:42:00Copy HTML

likewise thong and go nude in my back garden. I take the view that it is my garden and if the neighbours want to look then that's up to them

HB1818 #48

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/02/2006 09:52:17Copy HTML

I just started tanning in my backyard in my thong since I've been out on summer vaction from college. I live in a condo and I really only have one neighbor that can look into my yard, so it's a great private spot to tan outdoors.

It's an awesome feeling, I have to tell you if you've never done it! I normally go to the tanning salon about 3-4 times a week and my tan lines are looking sharp. But tanning outdoor is way better. My girlfriend seems to love it. I live in Orange County, California, so the weather has been awesome lately.

My next step is only do it at the beach. Hopefully, I'll go and do it soon.
beachfolks #49

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/04/2006 12:20:27Copy HTML

The neighborhood is depopulated this weeekend and great weather. Over the 4th weekend we have been tanning in mini-micro-swim suits in our partly fenced backyard. Some young couples in a pool nearby on the 4th afternoon but they didn't complain.
luv2thong #50

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/11/2006 02:01:56Copy HTML

I live in Fresno, California which is in middle of this state and it is 100 degrees plus almost everyday.  Over the weekend, it was 107 degrees and the weather people predicts that this weekend will be 110 degrees.  Therefore, I will continue to wear the minimal amount of clothing (thong) to stay comfortable.  Happy thonging to all!!!
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