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redraider55 #51

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/12/2006 12:01:59Copy HTML

This past weekend I spent most of Saturday in my red Dore low-cut microthong doing work in my backyard. After the yardwork, I started to assemble the canvas-topped gazebo while the kids splashed and wrastled in the splash pool. The gazebo went together pretty good up until I was almost done and then noticed that a corner piece didn't fit correctly. Well, the corner supports needed to be fitted in a certain way in order for the corner piece to fit properly and the instructions only had picture assembly instructions and no specification for the corner supports. Aargh! I had to pretty much take apart the whole thing and start over. I was so pissed! At least I worked on my tanlines during that time. Oh well. The next day, Sunday, I put on the microthong and finished the gazebo. What a relief!
swoontogo #52

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/12/2006 12:48:54Copy HTML

my back yard is small, but totally private, so i tan in the nude a few times a week. i have thonged occasionally in the past, but why bother when privacy is not an issue? a few hours of sun per week keeps the tan looking good, and the tanlines away. the hot sun here in socal has been nice.
nicthong #53

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/24/2006 01:45:37Copy HTML

Today has been (and currently continues to be) a great day weather-wise, especially for the UK where we're enjoying some good summer weather at the moment. I'm temporarily back at my parents so haven't really been able to enjoy the sun all that much but they've gone away for the week so the most I've worn all day has been a very low cut red thong. I've enjoyed sorting things around the house (when taking breaks from tanning), time spent reading and sunning on a lounger in the back garden and even plucked up the courage to take the quick trip across the front yard in the thong to get the lounger out of the garage. Just taking another break at the moment but enjoying a day in nothing more than a thong (and mostly nothing while I've been tanning!).

p.s. I should say this is quite a respectable and conservative neighbourhood but the back garden is relatively private. When I heard the neighbours outside I figured if they looked over the fence (or if they saw me from their upstairs windows) it shouldn't really be a problem as I wasn't 'flaunting' myself and was, as far as the law is concerned, sunning in private. Going out front was probably pushing the boundaries a little but I don't think anyone saw me and, either way, I was covered and again kept myself to myself and just went about 'normal' business.

Ex_Member #54

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/24/2006 04:28:42Copy HTML

nic  - good on ya.  I too spend more time in my garden with a thong on and now take the same view as you do if the neighbours see me from their top windows.  If they don't like it - don't look and, like you, I'm not flaunting it.  Keep thonging!
nicthong #55

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/25/2006 05:11:15Copy HTML

Today was another great day spent tanning (mainly nude) in the back garden and putting a thong on to go inside (where windows at the front make much of the inside visible from the street) and to take the sun lounger I broke back to the garage. I put a little more on for the quick trip out to get a new sun lounger and wore my extra short running shorts and a tank top when watering the plants in the front yard this evening (I wore the thong to water the back yard as standing and moving around the garden makes me a little more visible to neighbours). A couple of guys in the mid-20s walked past while I was watering the front and made some comment under their breath but I couldn't quite catch what it was - pretty sure it was negative and about me though given their body language. Probably a good thing I decided not quite to go to azcraig's extent of a micro bikini or thong (much as I would have liked to)! Hoping for more good weather while I have the place to myself!
skelly24 #56

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/12/2006 08:47:59Copy HTML

It has been so hot here in TX that I have been speeding up my plans on breaking in the neighbors to my swimwear.  I was in boy shorts for all of the yard work, and outdoor activities, but now i am in a dore very low cut brief with 1/4 inch sides and 4 inch back for  all of my work in the garage and taking out the trash, etc. This is in full view of my neighbors driveway, and so far no negative comments!  I have even gone out to the curb to turn on the sprinklers!

Hope to get up the nerve to go dow the street and check the mail at the community mailboxes by the end of this month!

imathonglover #57

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/14/2006 03:43:41Copy HTML

Yes, it has been hot here in Texas and although I couldn't make it to the beach today, I did manage to spend a couple of hours laying out in my backyard wearing just my camel colored N2N thong. I am not as tanned as I was last summer, but not too far from it.
Ex_Member #58

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/24/2006 08:50:56Copy HTML

I've just built a new house with a pool in the backyard. The neighbours on one side can see over our pool from their laundry door, and they rarely come out there anyway. Every time I have been in the pool so far since living here, (around 10 months) I have worn a thong only. They've seen me a few times, and even chatted over the fence while we swam. No dramas! Last weekend I even did a little painting in the back yard in just a thong. I'll spend as much time as possible in the backyard in only a thong, but doubt I'll venture out hte front like that. It doesn't worry me not to.

The beach season is fast approaching now. This year I intend to wear nothing else but a thong evry time we go to the beach. I'm even going to aim for the family Christmas gathering at the in-laws place around their pool in my thong. A big step. We'll see...

Guts #59

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:02/28/2007 03:40:04Copy HTML

During summer when ever I mow the back lawn I am always in just a thong. We had the mother inlaw living with us for this summer (only moved out last week) and she didn`t care one bit about my outfit. If anything I think the old bat liked the view.
We now have brother inlaw living with us and its the same with him here, if I am mowing the lawn I`m in just my skinz thong. Starting to get a very nice thong tan line now.

Oh and when my wife mowes the back lawn she also does it in her thong.

Our back yard is almost private and the bit that isn`t we don`t care about the nab seeing us anymore.
thongersc #60

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/28/2007 10:09:23Copy HTML

I live in a duplex in South Carolina. Yesterday morning I laid out in a red speedo thong. My back porch has a fence on the side,  so really the only people that could see me easily are my next door neighbors if they walked into the backyard. My next door neighbors are an older woman and her two twenty-something daughters. They and my wife do not get along so we really never talk to them at all. I was face down when I heard my nextdoor neighbors come out. They were talking then got really quiet. Then I heard them talking again very softly. I turned my head toward them, and they were just standing there looking at me smoking cigarettes.  I  had on dark glasses so since they couldnt see my eyes I just pretended to be asleep or whatever, and watched them watch me. After 15 minutes or so they went back inside, so I know they got a good look.

g333 #61

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/11/2007 05:50:57Copy HTML

On hot days I tend to sunbathe in my back garden in a thong and read a book or something, but I'm terrified of my nieghbours getting an eyefull!
leo40 #62

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/11/2007 08:41:42Copy HTML

There is an interesting and inexpensive product called the "No-Peek Screen" that is mostly marketed to nudists.  It is a 6 ft. high plastic sheet that can be put up and removed easily.  See www.dmask.com and click on No-Peek.    A friend has one, and it does what it says it will do.
JM_Runs #63

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/12/2007 05:43:46Copy HTML

Sliding G: Well said!

matchingthongs #64

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/26/2007 04:29:10Copy HTML

I don't know what this says about my neighbourhood, but we're lucky to have a great bunch of people. The other day, on a rare sunny day, I managed to get a bit of time to lie out on the back garden in my Alphamoda thong (the briefest I own). It was only the third time this whole awful summer that I've managed to do this. I was just relaxing nicely while reading when I heard a neighbour (he's a school teacher and scout leader - very into outdoor pursuits, etc). You have to go through our garage to get to the back garden and I'd left it open as usual. So he walked through to ask if I wanted his old fence that he was removing for firewood? I turned round in surprise realising he'd had a full view of my bare bum. I turned round and said, "I'll come round and take a look at it. Better put some more clothes on first!" Went round and had a normal conversation about the timber and we carried it through to my garage for cutting up. I made no apology (why should I) and he said nothing either.

My wife thought it was quite amusing when I told her later what had happened. Wasn't sure how they'd react later, but nothing's been said and the neighbours are still talking to me... I think as long as you don't make a show of your preferences and are pretty sociable most of the time, intelligent Brits will tolerate most things.

As for me. It won't stop me wearing my thong and I won't be taking greater precautions; after all, it's my garden and to see me you have to climb a tree, peer over a fence or come through my property. I don't mind them doing that, but they'd have no right to complain if they didn't approve of what they see. I suspect my neighbour will probably give me more warning in future!
beachfolks #65

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/26/2007 02:17:53Copy HTML

At a certain age you stop apologizing to other people for how you're dressed at your own home, other similar concerns. It's your territory, they can look away if they're offended.
darksmooth #66

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/27/2007 07:37:43Copy HTML

Beachfolks, I agree.  I've had my days of worrying about what everyone else thinks.  I'm sure those that are bothered by thong or short shorts wearers have done things that I would never consider doing. 

Regarding thonging in the yard, I live on five acres.  The center acre the house is on is open to the sun, while most of the surrounding area is trees.  I have been doing house construction for the better part of the past two summers in my Skinz narrow sided thong.  Depending on which side of the house I'm on, the neighbors could see me if they were interested.  One neighbor's property is about 150 feet away while the other is 50 feet.  We also have a pool at the house, so I've had a great chance to sharpen my tan lines.

Whenever I need to go down to the mailbox, or to close the gate for some reason, I must walk right past the neighbor's driveway.  I either wear my Skinz cover-up/running shorts, which show various amounts of cheek (depending on if I have them rolled up some or not), or a pair of extra short cut-offs.  The neighbors have seen me doing this several times.  I make it a point to wave and say hello when they see me.  I'm not certain what they really think about the way I dress.  But like I said, I'm not going to worry myself sick over wondering if they approve or not.  I'm satisfied with being myself and wearing what I want.

newthongwearer #67

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/05/2007 01:00:22Copy HTML

Well first off I must say I have been wearing thongs for only a very short while and i really like them! But I've already worn them thonging in the back yard Buns up for that sexy tanline! I have already got the outline of the thong not quite up to the caliber of what I want! But it's kinda nerve wrecking because we have no significant foliage surrounding our yard so my neighbors could theoretically see. But from what I understand of the law in Arizona specifically Phoenix you could be naked or have sex in your pool or almost anything in your backyard even people see it's not illegal because it's private property. I just don't want my neighbors calling my parents...yike that would just be awkward!
JM_Runs #68

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/19/2007 10:53:15Copy HTML

I spent an hour on my second floor balcony sunning my buns today. I hope to sun the front tomorrow, not many days left. It was great. I have to say laying out in a thong in the sun is a great break from the worries of the day. It was beautiful 78 degrees in Maryland.

JM_Runs #69

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/01/2007 05:43:12Copy HTML

We have had some really sunny weather in Maryland lately. I've layed out in the sun almost everday around lunch time in a thong and have gotten a nice looking tanline. I decided to try out my new muscleskins mpx on Friday. I had to do a little shaving to make it look good. The thing I forgot was the suntan lotion! I spent about 45 minutes to an hour laying on my back in the sun and ended up with a pretty good sunburn. That was virgin skin. Its now Monday and its still red. Anybody else get a bad sunburn this summer?
JM_Runs #70

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/01/2007 07:09:55Copy HTML

For your sunburn, use Aloe gell:  Prefrably the 100% aloe.  Do not get any of the lotions that are 'medicated', aloe with other medicated junk added, for the medicated ones will sting.  Put on three thick coats, 45 minutes apart, then keep moist all day.  Re-applying a little water to the skin should do to re-hydrate the gell. Use just enough water to wet it, not enough to wash the aloe away.  Re-apply the aloe if you shower or sweat it off.

JM_Runs #71

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/04/2007 05:39:25Copy HTML

Thanks for the advice JM. It work well.
leo40 #72

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/04/2007 10:26:47Copy HTML

One way to get your 100% aloe is to have an aloe plant growing in a pot.  These are a succulant (plant with thick pulpy leaves), and a desert plant.  They don't need much sun and only require watering once a month.  When you get a sunburn or any kind of burn, you cut off a leaf and squeeze out pulp inside.  My gardening skills end at dandilions, but I can keep one of those plants.
JM_Runs #73

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2007 05:10:40Copy HTML

Re: growing an aloe plant.  Real aloe works well, it os good stuff... but be aware that raw aloe from the plant may well stain clothes. 
darksmooth #74

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2007 08:00:06Copy HTML

I had a great weekend working in the yard wearing my black Skinz thong.  The temperature was in the upper 80's and I got to sharpen my tan lines nicely.  As I was moving some dirt in a wheelbarrow, my neighbor to the north came up to the fence and shouted to me asking if I'd seen one of his animals.  I was about 120 feet from the fence, so I know he could tell I was wearing a thong.  I answered him and continued working.  A little later, I slipped on a pair of my short cut-offs that just cover my cheeks, and walked down to the fence to ask the neighbor if he could use some doors we didn't need anymore.  He said sure so i went back to the house, loaded my truck with the doors, and headed over to his house.  His nephew and daughter were there and we unloaded the doors.  We had a great visit for about 25 minutes.  There I was in my super short cut-offs and smooth tanned legs visiting with some good 'ol country folks.  These are the same people who had seen me walk down the drive a couple weeks earlier in my rolled up Skinz cover shorts that revealed two or three inches of my cheeks.  Nothing was said about my attire.  I felt perfectly comfortable with them.  And I'm certain they've all seen me wearing my thong up the way from time to time.  I think they probably expect to see me dress in minimal clothing now, so I'm not the least bit apprehensive about doing so around them. 

I think that gradually letting others warm up to seeing you in a thong (at a distance) or other minimal clothing is a good way to gain their acceptance.  This is especially true if you have the chance to interact with them after the fact and prove to them that you are as normal a person as the next guy.

JM_Runs #75

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/08/2007 09:56:14Copy HTML

This must have been the weekend for yard work. I also spent a good part of the weekend working with the wheelbarrow. I was in my black g-string. Not sure if the neighbors saw? But I'm sure between having the pool and working in the yard they've caught a view or two. They seem fine if they have.
JM_Runs #76

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:11/28/2007 07:19:16Copy HTML

<P>I was laying out in just a thong I bought Skinz swimwear in my back yard. We have a fence and i did not think the neighbors were home.Well i stood up to stretch my legs just as lady next door was letting her dog out. I said hello  and she walked out onto her deck and we started to talk,i wasjust wearing my thong . After awhile i asked her if it bothered that i was laying out in just a thong, and  she said not at all as long as i don't mind her taking apeak every so often. She said i looked good which made me feel good.                                                                                                         Mike in pittsburgh pa.</P>
thongjake #77

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:02/20/2008 07:01:59Copy HTML

We bought a vacation home last summer, the back yard is perfect for thonging in private. It is located in a rather quiet area so when I heard the mail man, I only waited a few moments before I went to the mail box which, of course, is at the front of the house. I was wearing a rather conservative thong but it is still a thong. I opened the mail box and when I looked up again, one of the neighbours (an elderly woman walking her dog) walked right by me. I was surprised and tried to cover up by folding out a newspaper and pretending to read in it. Eye contact was inevitable so I just said "hi" not sure how she would react. She didn't react, I'm not even sure she returned my "hi". When she was gone I calmed down. Not that I'm embarrased about people seeing me in my thongs but still, I don't want to be know as "the guy in thongs" at least not until I've gotten to know people.
pkthong #78

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/07/2008 06:06:56Copy HTML

Spent Saturday in the backyard/jacuzzi. Did some cleaning of the patio and other small chores in JS capri felt great and got a good start on my tan.
scymikey #79

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/17/2008 02:10:29Copy HTML

Last year in September we had very hot weather in Pa.,so i decided to wear my thong and lay out to work on my tan for our trip to Mexico. The neighbors were not home,so i was laying out when I heard HI NEIGHBOR I stood up and Carol was standing on her deck we have a fence but the deck is heighter than the fence. We started to talk,she had questions about her house. So after about five minutes i asked her if she minded me wearing a thong. She said only if i minded that she would be taking a look as much as she wanted. So my first time was a good one.
ThongLoverOBX #80

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/17/2008 06:58:33Copy HTML

Hey guys... I've had fun reading the posts on this thread. Unfortunately where I currently reside I can't thong in the backyard because the neighbors that live behind me are situated on elevated ground so they could see everything. Fortunately there is a lake just down the street that is secluded where I thong sunbathe sometimes.

I used to live in Greenville, SC near Bob Jones University. If you haven't heard of Bon Jones University (BJU) before it is a fundamental baptist "christian" school (despite it's bogus "non-denominational" claims). Consequently my old neighborhood was flooded with BJU students, faculty, and alumni. Needsless to say wearing a thong in public would be a Bo-Jo-A-No-No. In fact just about any type of skin showing is considered "immodest". I remember when I was about 15 I went outside on my raised deck to sunbathe in my thong. It was a great feeling to have the sun warm my buns. I heard the phone ring inside and went to answer it (covering up with a towel before I stood up). To my surprise it was my neighbor who lived behind us (a baptist preacher who actually lived quite a distance away) calling to tell me he was going to call the police if I went outside "naked" again! I was speechless and eventually hung up on him (I did see a police car drive by about an hour later, but it never stopped... wheewwww!). Another time my next door BJU neighbours caught a glimpse of me sunbathing in a thong and threatened to call my mother if I went outside like that again. It was very discouraging to have these types of early thong experiences and it actually made me a little paranoid for a while. Were my neighbors just looking out the window all the time seeing what fault they can find in this world? At any rate I continued to thong on my deck, but this time putting up towels so they could not see me. It was really nice when I was old enough to drive so that I could go to beaches that allow or tolerate thongs. It's people like that who don't mind their business who drive me nuts. I wasn't hurting anyone and if they didn't like it they could just look away. But if you've run into fundamentalits you know that's not how they operate. But anyway, that's my little story.
rickl454 #81

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/17/2008 08:06:17Copy HTML

OBX - I hate to be the one to tell you this but it looks like you have a good shot at going to Hell unless change your evil ways.   Of course, there may still be time for redemption - if you hurry.  My advice to you is to repent, get a crew cut and start wearing suits for all occaisions (naturally, on hot days it would be permissible to loosen your tie while doing yard work), join the Republican Party and the NRA.  Also, getting a full-size (American brand-name) pickup truck and a pre-frontal lobotomy would be advisable to help you fit in.   Maybe then you ... 

That's the problem we all face when dealing with those who have the inside track on devine revelation as the fundementalists do.  They are right and you are wrong, unless you happen to agree with them 110%.  Even then your status would still be questionable.  The only other solution would be move out of Nazi Germany and back to America. 
ThongLoverOBX #82

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/18/2008 06:55:23Copy HTML

lol  you got their number rick! Actually I've seen South Park and the devil does wear thongs! Funny thing about the suit comment, even on the hottest summer day I'll see BoJo's walking down the street wearing dark suits.... weird. Fortunately I've moved away from BJU central and can breathe a little easier.

The weather was great so I thonged today at my new house. I just moved in last month and this is the first time I've thonged on my property. Since the houses are close together and the neighbors that live behind me are on elevated ground I had to make a little "privacy fence" with my car on one side and some drywall on the other. It worked well.
big daddy thong #83

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/09/2008 03:06:11Copy HTML

Today was  GREAT DAY IN THE BURGH!  90 degrees, hot and humid, so my wife and I went out into the backyard to catch some rays.  She wore her one piece blue and white stripe bathing suit.  I wore my lime green yellow thong.  We both enjoyed the hot sunny sunshine.  Our backyard is enclosed to the rest of our nighborhood, so we have lot of freedom to do as we please.  During the afternoon I roamed the backyard spraying down my wife, our dog and my self with the garden hose to cool down and beat the heat.  We had 6 pack of our favorite assortment of mircobrew beers.  I read the sunday paper and a book for about 3 hours.  The only objection came from our 12 year old son.   He came out into the back yard to shoot on his Lacrosse goal and  was surprised that   I was wearing a thong in our back yard.  My  wife enjoyed the view of me in the backyard from the kitchen window when I was time to get dinner started.   I fired up the grill  and  got  some   more  beers  while wearing my thong.  I was a fantastic day for backyard thonging.
Nashoba-nowa #84

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/09/2008 02:05:23Copy HTML

I have recently started back to wearing thongs again in and around the house during the summer or warmer months.  For years I lived and worked in South America and the Caribbean wearing nothing in many places as nude beaches were quite prevalent on just about any and all islands.  My favorite places to thong were found on some of the very small islands.  I basically was raised a naturist since childhood and even in high school had very little modesty wearing the skimpy speedo racer suits in competition swimming.  To wear a thong or go nude was the fun thing to do, and I had friends of both sexes that liked to do the same.  I find that I still enjoy wearing a thong and have the opportunity to wear them once again, in this rural area.  My favorite thong would be a blue speedo pouch,  another a black narrow pouch type, and a red g string  which leaves little to the imagination.  Never have I had any problems on any beach thonging or going nude, except for parking in a No Parking Zone one time, and thankfully I arrived back at the truck in time before he actually wrote the ticket.  I was next in line to be towed.  Yes indeed, I have thonged all morning, walking a 1/4 mile to the mail box, and just enjoying the warm breeze on my body and now sitting at my computer..........................a pleasant morning it is.
JM_Runs #85

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/10/2008 01:34:40Copy HTML

My gf and I just visited her mothers house and she has a great pool in the backyard. The privacy fence only goes about a quarter of the way around the yard, the rest is chain link, and she lives on a corner so any number of neighbors can see the pool.
I brought a few of my favorite Koala swimsuits and told my gf that if her and her mother went out I'd get some quality time sunbathing and swimming in my tiniest of micro's.
My favorite on is a Koala design called suspended animation. It has an almost thong back but not quite with string sides that connect to a metal ring, which connects to a tiny pouch that holds you very firm. It leaves nothing to the imagination.

My gf and her mom went shopping on Friday morning and it was in the low 90's. So I slipped on my suit and went outside to work on my tan. It was great, I swam some laps, and I did notice a few of the neighbors looking but I really didn't care. I was enjoying myself.
In fact I was enjoying myself so much I didn't hear my gf and her mom come home. When they didn't see me in the house they stepped outside and my gf's mom got a perfect look at me in my skimpiest. Naturally I was a little embarrassed and turned beat red but she smiled and assured me it was okay and she wasnt offended at all. They both went back in the house laughing a little and I decided to do a few more laps.

Apparently my gf had told her mom about my suits, and when they were out shopping they bought a tiny thongs of their own.  A few moments later they both came out of the house wearing those tiny little thongs.

We layed out and tanned for a while and played in the pool and spent the next couple of days doing the same. I got to hang out in the pool with my sexy gf and her sexy mom, all three of us in tiny thongs. I even got to rub them both down with tanning lotion.
I'm definately looking forward to more of these weekends at her house!
darksmooth #86

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/10/2008 01:24:20Copy HTML

I spent all weekend in my black Skinz thong while outside doing yard and home project work.  I used dark tanning lotion on my butt cheeks to try  regain my balanced tan I had prior to wearing my Aussiebum Sharks on the beach.  I also spent some time laying out at the pool.  I had mentioned in a previous post that I was considering spending some time in the front part of the property in a thong at some point.  Here, it would be possible for any neighbors or passersby to see me.  My wife was mowing down front and got stuck and had to come up and get me to help her.  I knew wearing the thong only down would not fly since the neighbors on that side had company over.  So I put on my 2-3" cheek revealing cutoffs and went with her down front.  I love the fact that she knows I'll be seen in these, but she doesn't seem to mind.  We worked on pushing the mower out.  A lady who was next door drove by and slowed and looked over at us.  Then my neighbor from the other side drove by on the road as he was leaving his house.  That evening, I asked my wife to make sure my cutoffs got put into the wash.  She later said "I made sure your little jean shorts got washed".  I can feel that front yard thonging getting closer and closer.
redraider55 #87

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/15/2008 05:00:05Copy HTML

My wife tells me she keeps having these dreams where we have a new privacy fence and I'm doing all this yard work in my tiny thongs along side her mom and step-dad. She really likes those dreams and looks forward to when we can put in a privacy fence and I can where my thongs for her. Currently, we have these low chain-linked fences.

I guess she misses my thongs while doing yard work!
darksmooth #88

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/16/2008 05:58:17Copy HTML

Redraider55, isn't it great having a wife who is supportive of our thonging?  My wife will work along side of me in the yard all day while I'm wearing my thong, and then suggest that I take a break and lay out by the pool and relax - in my thong. 
JM_Runs #89

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/28/2008 10:05:06Copy HTML

knowing the neighbors was the key for me.

I was a very young homeowner (23) I was very lucky to get a modest home with a small pool in the back yard, all fenced. I had a very smart, very funny 60 year old lady living next door (Vivian) depending where she was in her yard she could see about 70% of my yard as she was on a hill. We were very friendly early on and I was very respectful and often helped her around the yard. Out of respect for her when sunning I generally tried to remain in the part of my yard that she couldn't see, but that was not near the pool so I knew somethnig had to change.

One day, about 6 weeks into the summer she was moving some heavy walking path stones in her yard, I got out of the pool and asked over the fence if she needed any help. She really did so I said I would change and be right over.  "you don't need to change for me" she said and I thought; This is great, I had a blue, fitted bikini on which even though it was wet offered some modesty (in my opinion) I slipped through the fence which I had done numerous times before (shirtless but in trunks)and as I turned and stood in front of her she gasped and said oh my! "I didn't know you had just speedos on"  I was very nervous and embarrased as I thought maybe my suit being wet gave too much information , I started to apologize, then she  said allowed to herself "well what is wrong with me" "I better get with it"  then she says to me; why not ,you have a beautiful body. Now I was embarassed again in a completly different, but good! way. 

I can say that if I had not invested the time to meet vivian and let her know I respected her as a nieghbor things would have been different. 

I worked in her yard for nearly three hours and refused her offer to pay me. I loved working in the sun and getting sweaty and dirty in my bikini both of us growing more comfortable as time went on. Then her best friend, Donna (10 years younger) whom I'd met twice before, stopped by and after a few minuets she brought her out to the back yard and showed Donna the project I was mortified at first as I was a muddy mess, indicating that I was as much playing as working but I knew that they had come to see me as much or more than the "project"  Donna made a couple of comments about my mucels and it being good to see a young man working "so hard" Vivian apologized several timesfor being so uptight. She told me she was glad to have a handsom helper for a neighbor.

The next day, was another scourcher and I was lounging near the pool on my back, she came toward the fence where she could see me and said she had made me some Iced Tea and fresh cookies, I said great and she said I'll be right over.

As she made her way around to my gate I made the decision, that since yesterday went so well and this is my turf, I would not try to cover up my light blue, lycra thong and  distinctly remember wishing that it was a bit dryer because even though it had a pattern it practically disappeared when it was wet.  She came through the gate, sets the Tea on the table, pours us both a glass and then proceeded to stay for 15 mins. chatting about local stuff trying to pretend she didn't notice how small my suit was.   I remember the excitement of being in this tiny thong with this newly liberated lady, although she was trying to act casual, she was practically reveling in her new found comfort level sitting 6 feet from me talking about the "new" target store etc.

 As if to prove her newfound openess was complete she starts to confess that even 60 year old women enjoy looking at handsom  young men Donna and I both agreed that "yesterday was a real highlight of the summer" she joked, watching you work so hard in that little suit.  "now this suit is even smaller isn't it ?', she leans forward and  lifts her sunglasses "is this type called a speedo too?" realizing she is now actually looking right through my suit she quickly puts her glasses down and sits back in her chair.  We both laughed at our own reactions.,both embarassed  she says "Well I guess that answers a few questions" she cackled.

Given our age differances we both understood she wasn't suggesting anything just letting me know that she was fine with our new understanding.  I felt I needed to put her at ease and let her know I was fine with her seeing my goods so I told her I was glad that she was "so cool" with my "sun suits" and asked if she would stay while I grilled some brauts.  She joked that she would love to as long as I was "cool" with having an old lady "checking you out" we laughed again and she said "this is Great" I like to look and I see that your a bit of an exhibitionist!  With that, I was encouraged and got up for the first time and gave her a hand to shoulder hug, as I was sweating (and nearly naked) both nervously laughing and both new to this additional aspect to our friendship...at this point, She still didn't know I was wearing a thong and as I turned my back to her to go get the brauts she said oh my god! and laughs again. what now!.. I pretended, grinning over my shoulder.  You really are an exibitionist arn't you? I said I suppose but I really do love the sun too. I added, that I was sure that at 60 it can't be the first ass you've ever seen.  She said you're right there but I can tell you one thing for sure ...It is without question, the nicest ass I've ever seen!  Wait till I tell Donna that its as nice as she thought!

Pleased with myself, and a positive thong experiance, I hurried to the fridge for brauts thinking all the while that this was great fun but I didn't want to over due the nearly nude thing. I grabed a pair of 
tan thru square cut shorts, put em on grabbed the brauts and went out side.

Hey! wait just a minute friend, she says, whats with the pants?   "I just threw them on:"  she says well take them right back off...If we're going to be "cool" with this then let's be "cool" I know you wouldn't be wearing those shorts if I wasn't here.I saw the logic and was more than happy to lose the shorts.  Thats much better, she said, now I can see that award winning ass again. You have got to let me show Donna your ass!  It was a strange kind of turn on to "thong"  with my "old lady" friend  I finally got enough nerve to "cool off" in the pool knowing my thong would do nothing but highlight my XXX and although I was nervous I was brave enough to come up out of the pool and walk over to the grill like, I was bored with the day, my heart was pounding and my hands gave me away, as I was nervously holding my hands generally hiding myself. Vivian says" Friend..... I'm 60, I grew up in the sexual revoultion and yours is not the first XXX I have ever seen, now you bought that suit for a reason right.... now put your hands down and let me see it, I stood there light headed from the rush of blood from my brain and the relization the Vivian was one upping me on the exihbition thing.
We had several BBQ's over the next three years  Donna was almost always at the there especially if we were at Vivians pool they left me alone if I had guests or girls over and loved to talk girl talk infront of me.   We had several "fashion shows" which would start by them insisting to see my cheeks in one of my many other suit sand discuss which one was more see thru or if I should shave more or less of my "nether" regions, what a kick
darksmooth #90

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/30/2008 09:23:20Copy HTML

That's a great story Johnny111.  I guess we can all dream of having such fun, understanding neighbors!
JM_Runs #91

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/31/2008 10:30:43Copy HTML

I agree.  I have found it is the more mature ladies that seem to have a great interest in my thong too!!!
darksmooth #92

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/31/2008 03:41:12Copy HTML

SlidingG, I'm sure that my neighbors near the drive have seen me thonging in the yard several times over the past couple of years.  They have a direct view from their driveway up to my house.  I've spent hours out working in a thong.  I've also played basketball a couple of times.  I remember one of the neighbors standing and watching me for a while last summer while I played.  There is a fair distance to there fence line, but plenty close to see what someone is wearing.  Our other neighbor has probably seen me working, but I'm almost positive that he's seen me laying out at the pool a few times. 

Regarding the down front thonging, you're absolutely right.  I don't want to push the envelope too far.  The neighbor on that property who lives closest to the fence line has told me that he doesn't mind me (and my wife) wearing skimpy clothing.  He's the one who's probably seen me in a thong the most.  But he said his uncle has made comments from time to time.  He told me not to worry about it, but I, like you, want to remain as respectful as I can to my neighbors.  As I've said before, I often go down front, in close proximity to their property, in extremely short shorts.  I'm sure I'll wear my new Fit-to-size shorts from Bodyaware down there when I get them.  Part of the fun is wearing and being seen in new attire.  I wore some cutoffs that revealed an inch or so of my cheeks and ran the weedeater along the fence line two weeks ago.  I noticed the uncle's daughter watching me for a little while while I did this.  I figure if I'm on my property and they see me in cheek revealing shorts, so be it.  I think they are used to that and I thoroughly enjoy it.  But you're right, I don't think flaunting myself in a thong for extended periods of time that close would be beneficial.  But if I'm just minding my own business farther up in the yard or around the house, say beyond 75-100 feet from the fence line, they are likely to see me thonging. 
darksmooth #93

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/07/2008 07:52:32Copy HTML

Wow, what a day for working in a thong yesterday!  It was 98 degrees F and somewhat humid.  I went home early and sharpened the thong tan lines for about two hours by the pool.  The combination of heat and spray on dark tanning lotion made for a very nice slick and shiny skin surface.  I then worked on the mower for about two hours in the yard, and a little in the garden.  I knew the neighbor was home and would see through the trees if he happened to be outside.  I then walked down the drive near the other neighbors fenceline and picked up sticks so my wife, who was running the mower in her bikini, would now dull the blades on them.  I was to the point that if anyone drove up the neighbors drive, even more so our drive, I'd be a sitting duck (in a thong).  I then removed the thong and put on my white juniors shorts with a negative 1/2" inseam and accompanied my wife down front along the roadway to continue picking up sticks.  August is great here!
bajaflyer #94

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/24/2008 06:23:09Copy HTML

hello everyone, I'm new to this message board.
    I live in a small set of houses, one street with houses, one street going up.  I have a six foot fence, but the way the yards are set up, we are the corner house, the house behind use and to the left of us can see into the yard if you try.  i thong everyday, and were some old cut off jeans for yard work that are a bit too big for me now so they wind up hanging low on my waist. My thongs are visible most of the time while in the yard, and I'm sure the those two neighbors have  gotten an eye full, but have never said anything. Also when ever in the pool I thong, and roam the yard getting pool toys from the shed for the kids and such. We have also had two other neighbors over to swim and bbq, whilest i thong, and they are cool with it. One female neighbor that has been over swimming gets quite a thrill. Me too.
    My yard, your yard, do as you wish. If the neighbors are offended, then they shouldnt be peaking over the fence.
Party/thong on!!!!
1skinnydipper #95

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/10/2008 10:45:21Copy HTML

I have been very fortunate to have a yard largely enclosed by trees and bushes so I am usually free to wear or not wear what I want, so in the summer I frequently go nude or wear a thong or g string in the back yard.
The thong is especially useful when working in the yard; got to be safe you know when using tools.

The only neighbor who can see if they really look hasn't said anything.  In fact, after being a neighbor for over five years, the lady of the house went on a diet and lost well over fifty pounds and looks really great.  I like to think I was an influence as she developed some pride in her body.  Not only her daughter but now she sunbathes on the back deck.

Our front yard isn't as well enclosed and there I wear a bikini but only in deference to my wife who is very conservative and my sons who are very prudish. Unfortunately prudishness seems to represent the current mores and fashions for young people  in our society today.  Almost all male young people seem to hate their bodies as they are afraid to show skin above their knee, be it at the beach or their yards. Sick, sick, sick.  Seems like we are returning to the early 1900s when you go to the beach in the Seattle area where I live.
1skinnydipper #96

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/12/2008 03:30:48Copy HTML

Hi SlidingG and everyone who read my previous post.  Sorry about the XML junk proceeding my post but my internet went down and I saved what I had written to MSWord then copied and pasted when I got on again.  Bad idea, will never do that again.

I don't really consider myself a nudist but more "clothing and style optional".  To me nudists are group oriented whereas I do what pleases me and won't get me arrested, I don't need to be with others to exercise my way of life.  Ever since I was a small kid I wore very brief swimsuits and went nude if I wanted as we lived on a farm at that time.  My parents weren't hung up on the body being bad as most people seem to be today.  During my long life I have worn very brief swimsuits in many countries and have found places to be nude if I want.  A few years ago I wore a thong on a beach near Tacoma, WA and some teenage boys and girls came up and talked to me and thought it was neat, although they didn't dare to.  Social pressure, fashion and conformity is terrible for kids and adults.  I have gone to the extreme of riding small motorcycles nude in secluded areas of Arizona, Washington and Saudi Arabia (the last very dangerous as I could have been jailed and executed - very stupid of me).  In addition I have been nude on a canoe trip down the Colorado River, in the mountains and beaches of Cyprus, the beaches of the UK, on South Pacific islands, the hills of Virginia and the lakes and forests of Alaska; to name a few.  I still don't consider myself a nudist but a clothing optional person.  In all the aforementioned I also worn brief shorts, brief swimsuits, thongs and g-strings (I have a really big collection).  Because of all the sun exposure I have paid one serious penalty of all this sun exposure and that is recurring skin cancer.  Even so I still wear brief swimsuits, shorts, thongs and g-strings, plus being nude, but I avoid the sun as much as possible and restrict my activity to forest trails and early morning, late afternoon and evening shedding of clothing.

Like your experience SlidingG, my wife is against it for the most part, especially nudity and my kids think I'm nuts but that is their problem.  However my wife likes to see me in the brief stuff or nude but not where other people see me.  Actually she is very jealous and thinks other women will be after me.  Not likely, you see I am an old man of 67 but that does not affect my life style as I have lived like this all my life.  I am the same weight I was at 18, 165, and only have the normal wrinkles and scars which come from age.  A large part of my working life I have lived and worked around the world and found that parts of the world are very accepting of the human body and others will kill someone who exposes their body to even a limited amount; my wife is from one of the latter countries.   I prefer to accept my body and encourage everyone else to do so as well.  Everyone in the U. S. should take a more accepting attitude toward the human body such as most Europeans and many South Americans do.  Thongs, g-strings, brief swimsuits and short shorts are acceptable attire for men in the appropriate environment, and that should include hiking in forests as well as on the beaches, parks, and certainly in our own yards and homes.

I haven't ended my lifestyle even though I am getting old, I still work internationally, currently Iraq, and will wear what I want, including clothing optional, until I die.  Of course I dress conservatively here on this job as the crazy extremist Muslims will kill me and the over conformist/conservative U. S. Military and the U. S. Government will deport me if I am myself as there is no secluded place to relax and strip down.  I do wear my thongs, g-strings and short shorts under my clothing and in my room.

My motto is:  Never give up the life style you want nor conform to the coward's way of life.
luv2thong #97

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:11/27/2008 05:43:19Copy HTML

Hello all.  I wore my thong doing yard work in the backyard in the second weekend in November.  This is very unusual for Central California as we had unseasonal warm weather with the temperature in the low 80's.  Our house has a very large backyard with a farily large pool and a lawn area that is bigger than the pool.  Large evergreen trees separate the neighbors.  One house behind us is a two story home but with the trees, they can't see into the backyard.

During the late spring, summer and early fall month, I am alway in the backyard with a thong.  When my kids (ages 10 and 12) have their freinds over, then I would wear a speedo type swim suit.  Also when adult freind come over I may or may not wear a thong, speedo or dork shorts.  It all depends on the open mindness of the adults.  Sometimes freinds or family members may stop at our house with out notice, then they will see me in my thong.
JM_Runs #98

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:11/29/2008 04:59:11Copy HTML

I have a question for everyone.  I have recently purchased a new home with a backyard pool and a 6 foot block wall around the entire backyard.  My delima is that the neighbors can see into the yard from their second story windows.  Is it considered offensive if they can see into my yard and I am either in a G-string ot nude?
JM_Runs #99

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:12/01/2008 03:56:38Copy HTML


I have met a few of the neighbors, but the ones I have met either are located in a single story house which is not a problem or they are in the process of selling their homes.  I don't plan on going nude during the day, but I will suntan in a G-string.  I really don't care if they can see into the yard as long as they don't become a problem. Most of the neighborhood seems to keep to themselves.  What is you opinion on the baggie suits? Would you consider that acceptable while rafting in the pool to prevent lines?
JM_Runs #100

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:12/01/2008 04:56:06Copy HTML

First, you don't need to use micro suits or baggies to prevent tan lines.  Just use suits with thin side straps and that are cut diffrently so the side straps don't fall in the same place.  With regular taning each bit of skin will get it's turn.

With regard to your new naibours, this can be a ticklish subject.  It is inportant to get along with the people you live next to, otherwise they can make your life difficult. I would start with standard thongs and let them get acustomed to seeing you out in a thong. Also try to get to know them as people:  Invite them round for a BBQ or something. 

Once they know you are a regular person and after the first sesion of seeing you out in a thong they will be aclimatized, and you can then change down a size or two.
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