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mrhb2008 #151

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/29/2009 01:27:45Copy HTML

 OK A few weeks back my girl and I were out back tanning by the pool.  She in a standard bikini and myself in a Skinz stuffit g-string.  Our neighbor, Liz, came over for a smoke and a chat.  My girl answered the door and led her out back. When she saw me she had no comment or reaction.  She hung out for awhile as we went in and out of the pool, but made no mention of my G and she went home.Last nite she came by to let us know that her boyfriend was driving by when I was washing the truck the other day.  He thought I was nude!  She asked if I was in a thong and of course I was.  We've lived her over a year and I wear thongs/Gs most of the time around the house, front & back and never had any reaction from the neighbors.  Although once I was washing the truck and 4 teenage girls walked by.  One of them doubled back and asked to take a foto. "Sure."  She said the folks back home would never believe it!  I asked where she lived and she said around the block!I've noticed a complete lack of concern, in the last couple of years, of my wearing thongs.  On the beach or anywhere else for that matter.  Seems like it's getting more acceptable or maybe people just don't want to draw attention to themselves.Anyways,  weather here in SoCal is holding up so get out there and sun yr. buns
My-nice-ass #152

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/05/2009 08:19:53Copy HTML

 I laid out in the back yard on my stomach tanning my buns in a skimpy black JS Rio thong, 5 min after I was out tanning the neighbor lady again came out on her deck.  I was facing my house and my feet and ass towards the neighbors in the back.  The reflection off my sliding glass door was a perfect view for me of  her deck.  Just seemed strange , I go out lay out in my thong and within 5 min she is outside on her deck drinking her coffee looking straight down on me suntanning.  I just laid there for 30 min soaking up the sun.  Maybe she enjoyed the sight???
JM_Runs #153

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/06/2009 03:36:57Copy HTML

The house we are renting is separated from the road and neighbours by high walls which allows us to spend all day in the nude. I can see the buildings nearby however, due to the angle, no-one can see me, even from windows on the upper floor. What I did not take into account was the roof. The young lady opposite hangs out her washing on the flat roof (very many Greek properties have flat roofs). I happened to notice her yesterday but continued sweeping thinking that she had not noticed me. Today I thought about wearing a thong (St. Tropez swimthong from Kiniki) in case it was washing day again. I decided against it. It was not washing day but she was on the roof again - leaning on the railing around the roof, drinking what looked like a glass of fruit juice, looking down into our yard. I did not let her see I had noticed her and continued clearing the vine leaves which are dropping at this time of year. Let's see what tomorrow brings!
ohiothonger #154

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/22/2009 06:13:38Copy HTML

My situation is a little different.  While my backyard is mostly "protected" by a fence, there are some places where the neighbors can see through.  The difference is that I own my house, while the neighbors rent, and that thongs are permitted in most placed in Ohio.  I simply walked over to one of the fence opening the first time I saw the neighbor's wife walked by and ask outright "I hope you don't mind me catching some sun out here".  She said NO and that was that.  I know she saw my thong as I walked away from the fence (she may have thought it was a speedo when I approached her from the front) but I never heard another comment on the issue.  No, I don't sun bath in the buff, but some of my thongs are pretty small, but I have not had any issues.  In fact the only interesting thing that has happened was when their daughter, who was away at college when they first moved in during winter, got back for summer break, she (the coed) started wearing thongs too and eventually worked up to going topless occationally or wearing g-string bottoms.

stanpuppy #155

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/24/2009 12:40:31Copy HTML

Wife and I are in the process of looking at new houses.  One of our key criteria is a back yard that is conducive to tanning in a thong.  I will be working during the day in the summer, but she will be home.  Her "job" is to get a g-string tan line, so she wants to make sure that the neighbors dont partake...LoL
solargod #156

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/24/2009 03:14:19Copy HTML

I'll be moving back to the States within the next 12 to 18 months.  I've told the wife that our next house will have a pool, and it's not open for discussion (she has very little interest in a pool and won't wear a swimsuit!).  I'll be looking closely at the privacy factor of the pool.  I do not want neighbors looking down on our pool from their second story windows since I plan to swim in thongs or even less.  It's my pool and I can swim nekkid if I want to!
ozarkG #157

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/29/2009 04:09:57Copy HTML

   It's your house and back yard. I thong in my back yard and pool, and yes the neighbors can see me if they wish. I don't care, it doesn't bother me. It doesnt bother them either. I've talked to one of the neighbors, and they don't care. I'm on corner lot. One house to the left and one behind. I don't speak to the ones behind, but they can see if they try. No issues have come up.
   but there is still the issue of respecting your neighbors. If properly introduced to what you wear in the pool and yard, there shouldn't be a problem. But if you act carelessly and or rudely, then there could be a problem. Not that there could really be anything that can be done by a nosey neighbor or something, but no need to create problems just because. 
   Even if you don't have a completely private back yard, you could still thong and sun if you approach it correctly. Talk with the new neighbors and get a feeling for things. Be nice, be cool.
stanpuppy #158

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/30/2009 12:15:21Copy HTML

Our current house has a semi-private back yard.  We could be seen by either of our two neighbors if they are out in their yard or if they are looking from the second floor windows of their house.  If they want to see our asses that bad, more power to them.   We have never discussed the issue with either of them, but i am sure there is no way they could have gone the entire summer and not seen us.   Not a big deal
kai028 #159

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/30/2009 09:58:59Copy HTML

 My neighbors to the south can see into my back yard if they're in one of their bedrooms on the second floor and really craning their necks. I figure that's unlikely. Other than that, if anyone sees into my back yard it's because they're really trying, using advanced surveillance equipment. I parade around in my back yard in skimpy swimsuits and sometimes thongs, and sometimes we have friends who come over and get into the hot tub with us, and they're usually nude. No problem, and I've been here for over 13 years.
stanpuppy #160

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/30/2009 10:01:38Copy HTML

Oddly enough...I would think that of our group of friends, they would be more likely to go nude in a hot tub than wear a thong.  Strange...but i just think that is the way it is
JM_Runs #161

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/31/2009 12:54:55Copy HTML

One of the factors for purchasing our new house this year was having a private backyard and pool.  We  realized almost no pool is 100% private, but I would say we have a good 90% privacy in our pool area.  Both my wife and I are aware that the neighbor can see into our yard if she really makes the effort, but we figure if she really want to look that bad we might as well give her a show.The funny thing is my neighbor has a 17 yr old son who I know has tried to catch a glimpse of my wife because I have drove home when she was laying out back alone and saw the kid near our fence when I turned into my driveway. I asked my wife if she knew he was there and she laughed and said if he was then he has already seen me naked so why bother covering up now.
modelnude4u #162

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:11/19/2009 02:30:35Copy HTML

 I laid out at about 70 degrees last weekend, but I can't talk myself into much below that!
stanpuppy #163

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:11/26/2009 01:53:59Copy HTML

We are purchashing a new home with a semiprivate back yard.  Looked next door and the neighbors have a huge hot tub.  We are hoping they are either into minimal (or no) swimwear.  Will make things alot easier
JM_Runs #164

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:11/26/2009 03:23:54Copy HTML

 Seems to me your new neighbors may be waery of ofending you.  If they see you sunning in a small suit it will signal them that they don't have to worry and cover up so much.
darksmooth #165

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:11/26/2009 05:51:53Copy HTML

We've moved to a conventional neighborhood from the five plus acre lot.  Our wooden fence is about 5 1/2 feet tall and a person can see through the gaps if they'd like to.  I've thonged laying out to sharpen my tan lines several times.  I've heard the neighbors in their adjacent yard several times.  My wife has encouraged me to thong and tan whenever I can, even knowing that someone could see if they decided to look over or through the fence.  She's even started tanning her buns a little bit.  I think everything's cool as long as we're in our yard and not flaunting ourselves intentionally to our new neighbors.
ithongit #166

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:11/26/2009 08:28:05Copy HTML

Our house had the wood fence with gaps on one side in the back, a chain link fence on the second side, and a huge corn field on the third.  Obviously, people could sneak out in the corn to get a better view of things, but our first concern was the chain link fence side.  When we bought the house it needed to be cleaned out after it sat vacant for over two years (it was a as-is where-is sale).  The previous owner had died and with the exception of a few family albums and the like, none of the relatives wanted anything that was left, so we had to sort out what we could use and what we needed to pitch.  In addition, a large tree limb had fallen on the house, causing some structural damage.  Mark was in college and had a flexible schedule and Randy worked a couple of jobs which afforded him a flexible schedule too.  We didn't have a pool or a hot tub then, but the boys wanted to thong it when they worked in the yard or on the roof.

We noticed the chain link neighbor had two girls who we later learned were 13 and 15, and the realtor mentioned that there was no dad.  The people lived a lifestyle a clock maker would have been proud of.  We soon learned when the girls would go to school and when the mom would be at work.  Randy and Mark agreed to wear their thongs only at times when the mom and kids would be away.  As fate would have it, however, this only worked for a couple of weeks.  We saw the kids leave and a little later noticed the car was not in the driveway any more, so the guys wainted about a half hour then put on their thongs and worked outside.  About an hour later the neighbor came over to the front door and I thought Randy and Mark were in big trouble.  Not so, the neighbor had seen the boys in their thongs, but only wanted a ride into town to pick up her car at the repair place.  She had taken the day off and had been watching everything from the window.

She said she didn't personnally have an issue with the boys running around in their thongs, but wanted to run it by the girls before giving the boys carte-blanc to wear them all the time.  Later that evening, mom and the girls came over to officially welcome us to the neighborhood, and the girls immediately recognized Randy as a guy who regularly wore a thong at the beach and who they saw often there.  Dawn said they didn't really care if Randy or Mark wore thongs, but then Barb said that when they went to the beach their mom spent all her time staring at the boys.  They then told their mom that she should ask the boys to wear their thongs around the yard since she got such a kick out of watching them in them.  The mom, Sally, then ask them about me and Nikki, and they said we should feel free to wear our thongs and even to go topfree like we did sometimes at the beach.

Issue resolved.  The interesting thing was that by the end of the summer, Dawn was wearing thongs to, but not topfree, and the next summer Barb joined her.  The only hold-out was Sally, who waited another year to thong.  Our thonging was limited at the time to sunning, working around the yard, and running through the sprinkler.  It was about 3 years before we got our hot tub and 6 years before we got ot pool.  About a year after we moved in, Sally and Barb saw Randy showering in the buff at the outdoor shower which he had built but hadn't gotten around to putting sides around.  At after another meeting between us and their family, they decided that nudity was also okay.  After this, it was hard to get Randy to keep any cloths on when he went outside at home.


Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:02/17/2010 09:09:43Copy HTML

We have new neihbors a young couple from Pakistan,they are avery nice couple.
I was laying out in my garden wearing a very brief cossy when i heard talking it was the couple and the husbands mother saw me we started talking they then went into there house.
That evening up went a bamboo fence.
The next day the the neighbor was in the garden and we were talking and i asked her if she had been embarrassed with me laying in my garden and she said no.
The next day i was laying out in my thong which was even briefer than what i was wearing the day before there was a gap in the fence which they could see through  and the neighbor came into their garden saw me and started talking not thinking what i was wearing i stood up and started talking to her,as i was talking to her she kept looking down at my thong.
JM_Runs #168

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/05/2010 03:53:08Copy HTML

Spent some time laying in the sun yesterday and I didn't realize how intense the sun was. I did this a about a week ago for the same amount of time with no problems. I ended up with a burned bum and back. Ouch! I am heading out to get some aloe to relieve the sting. Be careful.
Glutes #169

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/05/2010 03:59:50Copy HTML

 "Bullfrog" just came out with spf 50..This stuff don't smell that great..but it works
JM_Runs #170

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/05/2010 09:53:48Copy HTML

The last two days the weather has been sunny here in the Burgh and I got the opportunity to tan naked in a secluded spot in my yard.  Unfortunately, the sun is only shining there for a few hours so I have to even things out later when I'm doing yardwork and gardening.  Still, I seem to be maintaining the tan I got in Jamaica two months ago.

I wish I had more privacy for allover sunning, but that's the way things go.  When I buy my retirement property I'll take that into consideration!

I can't wait until the local nudist facility opens up at the end of May.  I'll be there at least twice a month to keep the overall tan going.
bbyrne78 #171

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/06/2010 09:28:58Copy HTML

My husband and I have moved into our new home with a pool and a large rear deck which is ideal for tanning, yoga and entertaining. Unfortunately, our timing is not great since winter is coming up. We did have a short period of warm unusually weather where my girlfriends and I did catch some sun in our Wicked Weasels. Our next step is to build a higher privacy fence around the spa, as I am a little sensitive to our neighbours who appear very interested everytime we use the pool, spa and deck.  
JM_Runs #172

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/07/2010 06:33:51Copy HTML

My backyard gets limited sun, so I have to time when I'm going to get some rays either nude (which is most often) or in a thong.  The neighbor's trees give some limited sunshine in the only private area.  When the full sun hits I strip down and can tan privately for about two hours at the most.

This morning I was standing in the private corner of my yard in my Solar TanThru string thong, trying to judge when the full sun would hit, when I heard footsteps.  My neighbor of twenty years (about a decade younger than me) had collared his loose dog on an adjoining street and was cutting through my yard. (Neighbors cutting through my yard is not a problem with me.  No damage, no problem.  That's how it goes around here.)  He was just past me and then turned because he must have seen me from the corner of his eye.  He didn't miss a beat although we both were startled.  He made a couple of comments about how the bushes and trees in my backyard were doing well after the difficulties we all had with them in the past few years, especially because of the heavy snowfalls from the past winter.

I stood there in my thong and mumbled some replies and he didn't seem phased by the encounter.  He said goodbye and eventually walked off with his pooch.

My neighbor...what a diplomat!

Good thing I wasn't naked this morning as I sometimes am or the encounter might have turned out differently.  But maybe not.

It will be interesting to see if the news that I wear very brief swimwear will percolate around the neighborhood.  I’ll keep you posted.
JM_Runs #173

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2010 08:25:32Copy HTML

Well, these encounters demonstrate there is one concept that Americans still understand well -- private property.  In other words, when you're in your backyard, you can pretty much do as you want, sometimes even when people can see.  As far as total nudity goes, I suppose that's a gray area.  I mean, if you're standing in an unfenced yard with it all hanging out, then it would legally be indecent exposure.  However, if you've got a privacy fence, bushes, etc. in place, but people position themselves so they can see around or over, you're still OK in terms of law, correct?
JM_Runs #174

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/09/2010 05:14:58Copy HTML

We too have neighbors that seem to have a need to be outside when we lay our in our thongs. Nothing negative has ever been said and on several occasions they make it a point to come to the fence and talk to us which is fine. One couple has made several positive comments about our choice of swim wear and usually when the lady of the house comes home for lunch and to let the dog out she makes it a point to come over to see what I'm wearing, which is often very small and sheer if I'm wearing anything. Our pool area is quite private but if any of the neighbors want to see they can find a way, and they usually do. The neighbors behind us have a pool too and often have pool parties going on at the same time we do, and quite often their group is looking over the fence at ours. When we first bought the house we tried to be a little more conservative about what we wore when the other neighbors were out but it didn't take to long to realize they enjoyed the view and now it's nothing thongs or g strings when we're in or around the pool. We do swim nude but only later at night.
ozarkG #175

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/22/2010 09:08:42Copy HTML

It's finally not raining here in Southwest Missouri. I been wanting to get some sun the last couple of weeks but the weather has not been helpfull. Nice and sunny to day, and quite warm. Did some yard maintenance and gardening in the back yard for a couple hours a little while ago. 
 the neighbors to the left of us can see into our back yard from their back windows and back steps, but no body is home. the neighbors behind us, wear on the corner, packed up and moved last weekend. No moving signs up or anything, so not sure whats going on there. We'll see if we get new neighbors.
  Got my tan lines going again. I manage to keep them some what thru the winter. I'm dark skinned as it is, and tan easily. Hopefully the weather keeps up tomorrow.
JoeSnyder #176

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/23/2010 09:10:49Copy HTML

Today, wearing just my Joe Snyder Thong, I serviced my bike and mowed the grass at the front of my house. 

A female friend, whom I trained with this morning for 2.5 hours at the sports club, was due to come round for tea with my wife and children. Before she departed, I texted her to say I've been thonging all afternoon and did she want me to cover up before she arrived. She said I was fine in my thong. (Well I've done a dance class, BodyPump, BodyBalance, and 20KM of cycling today so she knows I'm in trim shape and waxed!).

Come 1700, she arrives at my door, seeing me in my red thong for the first time ever. I pose for about 5 seconds flexing my muscles and legs. She said, "you really are in a thong" with a smile, and then came in and continued to have a perfectly normal happy social occasion inside and outside with not a hint of akwardness from either my lady friend, kids or wife.

Whilst outside, and sitting with my kids, amongst other things we briefly talked about The World Naked Bike Ride day coming up on June 13th which all present know I'll be participating in, wearing what I was wearing today. I said don't be ashamed of your bodies but wear what ever you want and feel comfortable in. She said it was very assuring to see me completely accepting how I look and also enjoying the 27 Celsius exceptional weather with the kids.

As others have said, one of the keys to thonging is be relaxed, un-ashamed, unappologetic, natural, and warm to others, and they will quickly accept you as you come and probably quietly appreciate your looks and company too.

I even made the ladies a cup of tea, standing with my butt in view, but no one was embarrassed or freaked out and my wife did not turn green or look in any way insecure by my attractive lady friend.

SusanaM #177

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/28/2010 05:06:30Copy HTML

With the closest Gulf beach about 4 hours away the backyard is our best location choice. Renting a boat for a local lake is an option for us only once or twice a year even though the time had is fantastic. The weather for the Memorial Day weekend looks great on Saturday and Sunday so I hope all you other Texan thongers get some suntime registered. And let's see some pics of this weekends thonging please. I see too many profiles with no pictures. ;))

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/28/2010 08:20:10Copy HTML

The weather in the UK as been hot so been in the garden in my thong.
I agree with SusanaM we don't seem to see many pics of people in their thongs in their profiles.
odie77301 #179

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/28/2010 11:58:57Copy HTML

 It's memorial weekend, kids get to go with their mom I have this weekend all to myself. Thinking of heading to east beach in Galveston or maybe trying out their state park. if all else fails I head down to my river to lay out. I really want to go to Galveston and strut my stuff./ If anybody wants to join you are more than welcome. I wish everybody a Happy Memorial Weekend and  Happy thonging!!!!!!!
JM_Runs #180

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/19/2010 11:56:12Copy HTML

Im glad I stumbled onto this discussion. Ive only worn my thong at the beach , in an area where thongs are common as well as nude tanning. I do have a mostly private back yard...fenced on two sides with huge arborvitae on the 3rd side. I work second shift, so have private time at my house during the day. I have two neighbors that could view parts of my yard . One from the 2nd story windows of their house.. the other
, through the shurbs , but they would really have to look in between small opening in the shurbs.
I think I will start tanning  and watering the gardens back there in my thong..This thread has given my the
courage to do so. After all, its my yard , I think I look good in my thongs, and the neighbors will have
to really try to see me...If they enjoy looking, let them. 
ozarkG #181

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/20/2010 02:49:29Copy HTML

  I spent a few hours in the back yard today cleaning up a few things. I was only in my thong. It was quite sunny and hot today. I wasnt' concerned with whether or not my neighbors were out and if they would see me. the ones to the left of me know I thong, even though we don't speak anymore. Long story. And the ones that face our back yard, we are the corner house, can't really so too well into the back yard. Trees, tool shed, kids play house, etc.
  I am interested in thier opinion. The original owners just moved out, and the guys step-son moved in. We'll see what he says, if anything.
thong_jock #182

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/20/2010 03:51:09Copy HTML

 I tan in my thong in my yard all the time. If neighbors wanna look they can...if they don't they can look at something else.
darksmooth #183

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/28/2010 04:13:24Copy HTML

I spent two hours thonging oiled down in the backyard today, with my wife.  We have a new fence installed, but still some gaps.  Our neighbor was barbecuing next door.  My wife walked over and looked at the fence and said, he's so close to the fence, I think he can see through if he wants.  I said, oh well, life goes on.  The thong tan lines are brilliant now!
big daddy thong #184

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/28/2010 06:11:05Copy HTML

  It was a great Saturday this past weekend in the Burgh.  Temps were in the mid 80's.  My wife and I decided to chillout and get some sun in the backyard.  My brother picked up our 2 younger teenaged boys for a short trip with their cousins that came into town for a visit.  Our oldest son was working during the day, so we had the house to ourselves.  My wife wore her one piece bathing suit and I broke out one of skimpiest G-strings.  I did some yard work, pulled weeds and ran the weedwacker.  Last summer we put in a pond kit and my wife bought 2 lounge chairs for sunning.  We hungout cathing rays and had a few cocktails.  She just bought a new digital camera and asked me to model in my thongs for her.  She also took some pics on her cellphone and sent them to a few friends.  She got many positive comments from her envious girl friends, that wished that they could get their husbands to wear thongs.
nicthong #185

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/29/2010 10:03:48Copy HTML

Our back yard is far from private: a short open link fence to our neighbour and a low wall at the end, backing onto a building contractor's yard. I shared recently about being 'caught' by the neighbour while wearing short running shorts that pretty much revealed exactly what I was wearing underneath while crouching down to do some weeding. Yesterday I decided to catch some rays during the day, while everyone was at work at the building contractors had disappeared in their trucks. I enjoyed my time in the sun but found myself constantly on edge, feeling like I needed to cover up at the slightest sound for fear of offending the neighbour or being mocked by the contractors. Why is it that so many of us don't feel the freedom to be able to wear what we want to in our own yards? I honestly don't know whether to throw caution to the wind or to continue letting what those around me *might* do or think dictate my freedom... which is just ridiculous. Isn't it?
Sipper #186

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/29/2010 08:45:06Copy HTML

 It is ridiculous, but I am the same way.  I guess that we don't want to be thought of as perverts or some such.  But, primitive societies wore and are wearing to this day the skimpiest of g-strings. How does one change their mindset?
Johnny111 #187

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/29/2010 10:24:04Copy HTML

don't you think it depends in part on your community the size and your position in it. I deal with the public and network w/many in a smaller town.  I am totally at ease on vacations (usually) but at a couple homes I have had it has made for some more dynamic situations.
and how the dynamics can change over time.

When I was 23 I bought my first house mostly because it had a pool. My new nieghbors (who became friends) could see parts of my backyard were "older" directly behind were a 70 year old couple and next door was a lady in her early 40's. She worked for a company that my company provided service for so I knew her "professionally" I was new to my Job and representing my company. So what she "thought" could have had a big effect on me. 
the only totally private part of the yard to tan/bake was on the end of the house on a small "side"patio. So there I was probably 30 feet from the pool....how sucky is that!  I did finally reason that I would be safe with wearing full speedos in the pool and on the inflatables but didn't even walk to and from w/o a towel handy. Only when I was on the side patio was I comfortable that it was private enough to wear my thongs. Just barely enough room to tan and work out with some free wieghts and skip rope and a bit of yoga.

A very LONG story short, As is usually the case, Both nieghbors got to know that I wasn't a threat (I help both w/ landscaping projects) they let me know that  they were fine with whatever I chose to wear. After a couple months Cheryl  actually got upset with me because I always covered up with a T-shirt or cover-up shorts when she talked to me over the fence or came over for a visit because it made her feel like she was impossing on me! she said it made her feel that I wasn't comfortable with her being there. The process of  getting comfortable with her seeing me in a thong and knowing that she could really embarass me at work was a real head rush
20897 #188

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/30/2010 12:58:30Copy HTML

We did some backyard thonging today. I did 30 minutes of laps in the pool and the wife joined me after to float for a couple of hours. Our yard is pretty private as you can see from the pictures in my profile. There is a two story in back of us, but it is to the right. The neighbors can look if they want. It doesn't bother us.
Johnny111 #189

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/30/2010 08:55:36Copy HTML

cool pics.....beautiful home...looking good!

re: the previous post
I think its interesting how the situation makes things different. You being a married couple and "on the equal" Neighbors as opposed to me being 1/2 the age and a subordanate co-worker of sorts. she was obviously smarter, better traveled, worldy etc. I was intimidated a bit too. Clearly it mattered to me what she thought, It didn't occur to me that she might think it was "cool"  to have a young nieghbor man/boy to
tease/torment, embarass and flirt with.  
mister_string #190

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/01/2010 02:03:09Copy HTML

This weekend was pretty hot and I was laying in the garden with in my shorts. The wife sat in a chair reading a magazine.
At one moment she said to me, why not drop the shorts. In previous occasions I had been tanning on our balcony, but never in the garden.

At first I was excited to do so, but eventually I got rid of my shorts and was laying on a towel in our garden in my thong.
At one moment my wife saw the curtains of our neighbors moving but did not see anybody looking.
I did not hear any comment from my neighbours later that evening.

I hope the good weather will continue for a while so I can tan in my garden much more often.
kawasaki #191

Re:Backyard thonging

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Hi folks, I hope you have the same good weather as here at the Belgian coast ;-) When I am in my garden 2 neighbours can see us from their first floor (bedrooms). I don't matter that they see me in whatever, thong or nude. They make no complaints so everone is happy ;-)
alex1234 #192

Re:Backyard thonging

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I just moved to a new house with a semi private backyard, pool and hot tub. I'm 15 and a guy.
Today I wore my leopard print men's thong in my hotub. I turned some music up real loud and went in my hot tub with my leopard thong. Unexpectedly my neighbor came outside and started playing baseball with his 5 and 7 year old sons. Where he was he could see me sitting in the hot tub but did not know what I was wearing.  I was kinda scared to get out of the hot tub because if I walked to my house, about 50 feet, I knew he would see me.

I decided I did not care. I got out and walked to my pool to go for a swim. I saw him look at me a couple times but I don't think he really cared even though he could see my thong through my pool water.  When I was done I just walked to my back deck and dried off but by that time my neighbors were back inside.  My neighbor on the other side, a women of about a 30, was outside and could see me the whole time. No complaints yet.
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Re:Backyard thonging

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 It has been so cold and wet in the Puget Sound Area (Seattle) that I haven't been able to go out in my thongs or shorts.  Finally tomorrow, July 5th, it is supposed to warm up, from the 50s and 60s to around 70 and even the 80s later in the week.  I can't wait to get back to Nevada and Arizona in the next couple of months so I can thong year around.  Anyone interested in leasing my four bdrm house in the Puget Sound Area? It has a great pretty private low maintenance back yard with big trees and bushes plus a cool gazebo on a second floor deck.  Great for thonging and entertaining.  Especially good if you like thonging in cool weather.  I've spend most of my working life in deserts so anything below 80 is freezing for me. 
alex1234 #194

Re:Backyard thonging

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Today I went in my pool in my bright blue thong swimsuit. 

I was just swimming in the deep end and all of a sudden a frisbee came flying in the pool area.  Then my new neighbor came to the fence to get it.  He has already seen me in a leopard thong before when I was on my deck and got out of the ho tub, and he never said anything about that.

So my neighbor came over to the fence that goes around my pool and talked to me for a little bit.  He obviously saw my blue thong swimsuit already but he had not seen the backside and may have thought I had a speedo on, which isn't that embarrassing.  I was kinda scared he would say something but he didn't.

He asked me if I could get the frissbee for him that had landed at the opposite end of the pool area.  I then realized that if I went to get it he was going to see my thong up close.  I hesitated and then swam on my side to the pool wall and climbed out.  He could see my backside as I went to get the frisbee.  I knew he saw my thong by now and when I threw him the frissbee and he just said "Have a Gooday!"  and left.

Later in the day my new neighbor cam back over to introduce himself to my dad. He didn't say anything about seeing me in a thong. Phew!
JM_Runs #195

Re:Backyard thonging

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While the weather wasn't all that good here for most of the weekend the wife(Ann) and I did get a little sun time Friday early afternoon. Then were off to a party hosted by a long time friends, Tim and his gf Micki who were always at our pool parties.

He was one of the few that would not wear a thong but would wear a bikini. We had several of the other people at the party tell us they sure missed the pool parties and asked if we had plans to put in a pool at the new place. With the rather cool and wet summers we've had for the last 3 years we presently have no plans to do so and told everybody this. Several mentioned that it was the only place they really felt comfortable wearing a thong since so many of us did there.

The theme of the party was "Come to the Caribbean", and the invitation said thongs were welcome and encouraged so there was lots of island wear to be seen as well as a few women in just bikinis. Micki told me that she especially was sad to see us move as she had finally talked Tim into buying his first thong swimsuit. She had convinced him to do so after she got him to try thong underwear and he loved how comfortable they were. Tim told me they had been laying out on the deck tanning several times already this summer and none of the neighbors seemed to mind.

Ann wore her Hawaiian print sarong with a light purple bikini top and thong bottom underneath. I arrived at the party wearing a pair of shorts and an island print shirt but had my new muscleskins thong underneath.

Tim's back yard is quite small but very private and they have a very large deck that's great for entertaining and as the night went on and some of the people were leaving Tim decided it was thong time so he and Micki stripped down to just a thong. I and a few others joined in and stripped to thongs as well. The wife had but to remove her sarong and she was good to go and several other women had brought bikinis and they put them on as well.

Quite a few of us were marveling at Micki's new WW 489 microminimus suit and some of the ladies mentioned they were going to be ordering themselves one. 

A glass of wine got spilled onto my light blue MS thong. Luckily it was white wine but Micki lead me to the restroom so I could remove it and get it washed out. She remarked that she was sorry but loved how sheer it became and how form fitting the material was.

After getting cleaned up and back out to the party we started talking about  trying to get together a party for some afternoon in Aug at our new house, inviting a small group of our closest friends and making use of the new hot tub. Ann mentioned that we had small children living next to us and we'd have to check with the neighbor to be sure it wouldn't be a problem, since most all of us would be in a thong.

We had a good time and said our goodbyes and came home.

Saturday morning Ann saw the neighbor outside so she mentioned the plans and asked if it would be a problem and if she would like to come too. Kellie (the neighbor) said it would be no problem at all that she'd have the kids go to grandpa and grandma's and she'd love to attend.

So even though the weather didn't cooperate much this weekend it looks to be a good summer. 
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Re:Backyard thonging

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Today was a good thonging day. It was very hot about 95 degrees. Today I wore a red men's thong at my pool.

I walked out to my pool with just shorts and a thong on and wen I got to the pool I took off my shorts so I was in only my thong.  The pool area and has very little privacy so one of my neighbors can sea me pretty good.  I skimmed the pool for a few minutes and went back in the house for my radio.
When I went back outside back my neighbor had come out and was washing her kids' playscape. I spent a lot of time in full view of my neighbor while skimming the pool and then doing some tanning, face down.  I also made several trips back into the house to get stuff.  I notice that each time I got out of the pool the water made a noise, and when she heard it she wood look over, so I know she was checking out my thong.

Now all of my new neighbors have seen me in a thong and apparently they dont mind.
It was alot of fun and I even got a light thong tanline!
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Re:Backyard thonging

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I'm actually out sunning in a thong now - I just came in for a break from the heat & decided to check in on the ol' board to see what's new.

My GF & I are heading down to Florida for Labor Day weekend - we're having a nice little beach trip, which will involve lots of nude sunbathing (hopefully). At the worst, we'll be out on the beach in our thongs. We just ordered some new thongs for the trip - I can't wait!

I haven't been able to get out and tan in the nude or thong much this summer, so the tops of my legs are a lot whiter than the rest of me (from wearing swim trunks too many times). So I decided to get some sun where I need it most. I set up a space on my back patio and have been laying out in my Skinz Bravura thong. I'm going to tan a few more times before next weekend so that I'll have a great thong tanline for my trip!

So far I'm enjoying the thong time. Just wish it wasn't so incredibly hot. I was going to head to the community pool while nobody was there and wear my Speedo bikini, but some dummy locked the pool gate and no-one can get in. But this works out better, since I can wear my thong!

Back to the patio for more sun on my buns!
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Re:Backyard thonging

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Spent part of yesterday thonging at a job I am working on by the Maryland Line. It's a renovated house on a 100 acre vineyard. I got up there in the afternoon and knew nobody was going to be coming up so I stripped down to my swim thong and sunbathed overlooking this vineyard. It was awesome. On my way out a hawk flew past my truck and landed on the fence near me about 15 feet away. I snapped a couple of pictures. It was great. Hope to do it again today.
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Re:Backyard thonging

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Ok, I have read that it is illegal to thong in public in Virginia. Does this apply to your backyard? I currently live in a townhouse so I have neighbors attached on both sides.  I didn't know and figured I would ask here.
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Re:Backyard thonging

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  Iota Theta,  I would check with your condo or townhouse association and the local town authorities where you reside.  Do you have a privacy fence?  If not you might want to consider putting one up tp prevent any snoopy next door neighbors.
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