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IotaTheta #201

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/16/2010 09:01:09Copy HTML


I have a privacy fence on the first floor but all the townhouses are 3 floors.  I am not worried about the neighbors seeing me as long as it is legal.  The home owners association paperwork says nothing on the issue.  I think I am just going to go for it and see how it goes.
alex1234 #202

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/18/2010 05:20:59Copy HTML

today i woke up and i put on my very low cut bright pink silk thong on from victorias secret for underwear and i ended up just wearing that for the day. i walked to the road to get the mail in just my pink thong and im not sure if anyone saw me..if they did i wonder what they were thinking...then i sat on my deck and smoked a cigarette and my neighbors can see my deck from their house and the wife came out and waved to me and my thong was right in her view and she knew i had a pink thong on and knows thats wat i wear for swimwear and underwear and she just gave me a smile...i then went and skimmed my pool and my neighbor saw me and then i went and ansewered the door for the ups lady in just my thong and she didnt say anything....
JM_Runs #203

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/20/2010 04:58:58Copy HTML

I wear a Japanese Mokko Fundoshi a lot around my house and outdoors also.  There are a number of different types of fundoshi, however this one is very comfortable.  I sometimes sleep in these as well.   If interested you can buy them on eBay.   My neighbors are quite used to seeing me in and around the garden or pool in this type of thong or less. 

JM_Runs #204

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/24/2010 03:02:58Copy HTML

Spending my lunch hour in the sun in my thong. It is suppose to be 90 degrees hear in Maryland. Record breaking. I want to get one more chance to work on my tanline. Does anyone else use a tanning bed during the fall and winter months|?
underwater #205

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/24/2010 10:08:52Copy HTML

 I used to use a tanning bed when I couldn't tan outside due to the weather in NJ until I was diagnosed with skin cancer. That about did it for my tanning bed days.
SusanaM #206

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/26/2010 04:47:41Copy HTML

After some rain today here in Dallas the rest of the week looks spectacular. Sunny days, highs of mid 80s. Perfect backyard thonging weather.

JM_Runs #207

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:10/12/2010 01:44:57Copy HTML

South of Tallahassee here and the weather has been perfect 90s during the day 50s and 60s at night. Spent most of last weekend outside in the yard in only a posing strap type g-string. 
JC2162 #208

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:12/27/2010 05:40:35Copy HTML

I thong in my backyard quite often when there is nobody around the house.  I have a place in FL with awesome sun exposure and the pool area is out of the view of my neighbors.  I have a 48" or so white metal fence around the pool so I put up a blanket on the fence to keep my closest neighbor from inadvertently coming over for a chat. 
ozarkG #209

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:01/17/2011 07:29:08Copy HTML

  The rental house next to us is for sale now. We'll see how the summer goes if it sells.
gog5150 #210

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/23/2011 01:32:02Copy HTML

My girlfriend and I just purchased a home in San Diego, Mt. Helix.  Huge backyard with a beautiful in ground pool.  I will miss Coronado however, I am looking forward to summer in my own oasis!
mrhb2008 #211

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/31/2011 10:39:25Copy HTML

Five glorious days back in So Cal!!  Altho Barton Springs is OK, the sun there is never as penetrating as So Cal. Spent 4 days in the yard getting brown again, still can't convince the GF to get into a thong, even tho I bought her a new one!  Laid out, swam, and went back and forth to the garage to get refreshments. Neighbors are used to it so never a problem.

Got to surf for 3 days and on Memorial day I surfed the Breakwall and then went and laid on the sand at south Hermosa.  Very unexpectedly quiet?!?.  Great to be on the beach again! 

No hassles or even a look!  Looking foward to getting back as soon as I can.  I miss the Pacific!  Wanting more California Sun!

JM_Runs #212

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/06/2011 03:53:17Copy HTML

 2011 update, we are still in the same home we bought 2 years ago, and to date we have never contaminated our pool with swimsuits. we have had a few changes in the neighborhood.  Our original neighbors who have a view to our pool from their balcony are still there and very rarely even use their balcony anymore. I guess the novalty of nude neighbors wore off after the first year. And we have talked to them on occasion while out in our back yard, and even asked if they minded that we sunbathe nude.  To that question we got a very enthusiastic "Hell No!" she even joked that she told her co-workers she was looking forward to the holiday weekend to watch the neighbors swim and tan.  When her co-workers asked why she would want to do that she said that she had a hot nudist couple living next door, and one of her friends asked if she could come visit.  But she declined the offer she said.
Now behind us we have new neighbors who have moved in and put in a new pool, and when the guy came to ask us about our pool in the winter, we openly mentioned that we loved our pool and love to nude sunbathe, not sure if he believed us or not but a few weeks ago after he had his new pool up and running he dropped by unannounced to find us both nude sunbathing. He came to ask how to get the algae out of his pool. I got up and went to the gate and he said when you said you enjoyed nude sunbathing I though you were just kidding, but now I know you wearnt. I told him what products to get to rid his pool of algae, and he left only to return 30 minutes later with his wife, who he introduced us to and she had mentioned that she had been a nudist back in the 80's and was now encouraged to get back into nudism.
I think after living here for a few years most of the neighbors know how we enjoy our pool, so those who don't want to see us nude will call while others will just drop by if they need something.
SlidingG #213

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/09/2011 01:37:05Copy HTML

Your last line says it all, Mako, a very mature, healthy relationship with your neighbors.  Congrats on getting there responsibly.  Would I could do the same, but so far it's limited to morning coffee on our patio in the cotton sock jock I slept in, and sunning there mid-day in my tan-thru sock jocks.  No neighbors have come by yet; it'll be interesting if and when they do.  I've gotten so comfortable enjoying our patio like this that I no longer care, and my wife is finally okay with it, too.  Getting to that point -- her comfort level -- was my achievement for acting responsibly.
BaltoBob #214

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/09/2011 12:50:04Copy HTML

My pool is up for the summer. I never wear more than a thong (and often much less) the good news is my neighbors don't wish to spend the time and effort to make me wear clothes. My pool is small and best of all rather private.   
ohiothonger #215

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/26/2011 03:34:54Copy HTML

Way back on 06/11/2009 I put a post of this thread about trying to "hide" from my new neighbors the fact I wore thongs to sun in, or to do wet things like wash the car or water the plants, and how it turned out that the new neighbors simply didn't care.  I want to up-date the story since it took on a new twist yesterday.

The neighbor I talked about inherited the house from her father.  He had lived next door for many years, and knew I wore thongs around the back yard.  At the time he was living, I got a new fence installed, and he requested that I not install a high privacy fence since it cast shadows on his vegetable garden.  He was more interested in getting light to his vegies than he was worried about seeing me wearing a thong in my back yard.  So I put up the high privacy fences on three sides of the yard, but a low chain link fence on the side bordering his backyard.  This means that for several houses down the block, people can now look into my back yard.

Several years later, he died and his daughter inhereted the house.  After trying to sell it for a year or so, she and her husband finally decided to move in.  For several months I tried to coordinate my thonging to times when nobody was home, but eventually after a few close calls was caught.  She always said "hi" or stopped to talk if she saw me, and so the day I heard her say "cute buns" I knew my secret had been broken.  Well, it turned out that she didn't mind me wearing thongs at all, and had even seen me wearing them when she had visited her dad when he was still living in the same house. 

After this happened, I decided to be opened with my back-yard thonging.  I didn't try to hide the fact I thonged, but at the same time, I didn't flaunt my swimwear either.  After about another year, the daughter moved out and the house was sold.  A workman named Juan started showing up on an erratic schedule and spent the better part of three months redoing everything inside and outside.  I didn't stop thonging on his account, and he always said "hi" when he saw me outside, regardless of how much or how little I was wearing.  Sometimes he would stop at the fence and we would chat a minute or two about the work he was going, and he often invited me over to see the progress (which I would put short and a shirt on before doing).  A few times he borrowed tools or ask for help with moving something heavy or helping with something when he needed an extra hand.  It wasn't until the house was almost done that I learned that he was a professional handyman working for a landlord with many rental units, and that he was fixing the house up for himself and his wife, Mary Ann.  When she showed up one day to choose paint colors, he brought her out to the back yard to meet me, and she too seemed cool with my thong swimwear.  Since they have moved in, there have been no problems with them, and their kids who are 3 to 10 are just as comfortable with my thongs as their parents are, but nobody in the household wears any type of minimal swimwear themselves.

Last winter, the house on the other side of the neighbors was sold, and a new couple moved into the neighborhood.  They are in their mid-20's and both would wave if they saw me, but neither acted particularly friendly.  Spring here in Ohio was too cold and too rainy to get much thonging done, and my work schedule has prevented me from being able to be home most afternoons anyway, so the chances of thonging in the yard have been very slim.  Still, I did get out a few times and more than one time one of them would be coming or going, and I assumed they might not have even noticed me or if they did see me might not have noticed my thong.  They were one yard away, and with the various bushes and plantings on the two lot lines, I don't know how obvious I really was.  The few times I had gotten "hi"s before had been when I was standing when they saw me.  

One day a few weeks ago, I was able to sneak in a few hours of thonging, and the wife called over across the fence "Can I come over and meet you in your yard?  I have something important I must discuss with you."  She was standing right at her fence and I knew she had a clear view of my bare buns since I was laying face down in my chaise lounge chair.  I thought maybe I was going to get an anti-thong lecture, so as she negociated the gates and came towards me, I took the oportunity to stand with my back away form her and started putting my shorts on.

"Oh you don't have to cover up on my account," she said as she walked closer.  I didn't stop, but continued to get my cut-offs on and acted like I was going to do that any way.  "I sort of liked your swimsuit," she added as she got to my fence and came into my yard.  "I was going to ask you if you knew about the surprise party we are going to give Mary-Ann," (my next door neighbor).  We discussed the plans for the party and how we were going to surprise her, and then the conversation went back to my choice of swimwear.

She told me that she had noticed me in my thongs, and so had her husband.  He too was into sun worshipping she told me, but they did not realize that thongs were legal in Ohio since she thought Ohio was a very conservative state.  She then ask me a few questions about if I wore my thong elsewhere and what the reactions had been.  She then re-assured me that she saw nothing wrong with thongs, and that her husband wore thongs on vacations sometimes and she hoped he would follow my lead and wear thongs at home too.

A week or so ago, I was thonging and the husband came out shirtless and wearing long board shorts.  He laid out a bit, wandered around the yard some, and kept looking over my way.  After an hour or so he went back in.  A few days later, he did the same thing, but this time in a Speedo.  This time I was the one who went in first since I had to go someplace later.  Yesterday, I was out again, and he came out in short sweat shorts and strarted the same routine.  This time I noticed the loose and low-hung shorts were revieling a narrow swimwear waist band several inches above the top of his shorts.  After checking me out a few times, he slipped his shorts off and quickly laid on his back to get some sun.  Eventually, he flipped over, and I learned that he was wearing a thong after all.  He was very nervous and kept jumping everytime a car drove by or a kid screamed or when there was any other unusual noise.  At one point a police car drove by with it's siren on, and he quickly pulled his shorts on again, but eventually he slipped them off.  He also pulled his shorts on if the sun went behind a cloud! 

I thought about confronting him, calling out and telling him he was okay, but didn't want to spook him either.  He had never made any comment himself about my thongs, and was trying to be very secretive when he glanced my way.  Eventually, I stood and went inside without putting my shorts on, and a little later he went inside too.  I hope he gain's enough confidence to wear his thongs openly.  I am hesitant to confront him directly since he is so nervous and jumpy about wearing thongs, and hasn't even "officially" acknoledged the fact I wear them, but tries to hide his interest.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?  I think I will just let things go the way they are and hope that in a few weeks, he will be feeling more comfortable with wearing his thongs around the yard.

JM_Runs #216

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/26/2011 03:53:38Copy HTML

Thank You for that well written and interesting posting.  It is a good feeling when you have first mastered your own fears, and then given someone else a little courage.

He sounds as nervous as a prairie dog, so if you are going to have a conversation with him, I would suggest bringing the subject up when you are fully dressed and he is not worried that you are checking out his bottom.  You might even mention you wrote about your own experences with backyard thonging and point him to this thread.

He may be worried about the intervening neighbor, the one between the two of you who has kids. On that account you can assure him you have been openly wearing a thong in the yard for years, and that the intervening neighbors have no problems. When men first start out thonging they are often unnecessarily worried about the reaction of families with kids. I suspect he is more worried bout them than you.
starkist #217

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2011 03:39:17Copy HTML

Ohiothonger, great sharing! You have really cool neighbors.

"He also pulled his shorts on if the sun went behind a cloud!" - I laughed out loud at that one. He needs a support pillar, and from what his wife said to you, you're it.
DoreFan #218

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2011 05:47:18Copy HTML

You're very lucky to have such great neighbors. Keep on thonging and encourage others to as well. I can see you having a thong party in your backyard with your neighbors one day.
1skinnydipper #219

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2011 08:40:19Copy HTML

 Great post.  I have been wearing thongs for many years but mostly at the beach or forest as I lived in climates not conclusive to much thonging at home.  Moved to Las Vegas about a year ago and am in the process of buying a home with a large back yard however three of the neighbors can see into the yard even though the walls are 6 feet high.  Perhaps they may become converts.  The yard needs lots of landscaping and I will be in thongs most of the time.
JM_Runs #220

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2011 10:28:48Copy HTML

My first thong outdoor experience was in my parents backyard.  I didn't own a thong swimsuit until last year but for the last 3 years or so I wore a pair of black thong underwear that resembled a bikini bottom enough to fool the neighbors.  It also was so skimpy that it could have easily been seen as a regular bikini bottom.  We live in a sub with privacy fences so only a second floor window could see me and we had old neighbors on both sides.

Glad to be apart of the board!

Ally :)
malagaguy #221

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/27/2011 11:22:58Copy HTML

Hi Ally
Welcome to the board.
I and my lady have been wearinbg thongs and g strings for around 20 years and would suggest you check out styles from Wicked Weasel and Lola Luna. These are quality companies and my lady insists on these now having tried the cheaper lines.

JM_Runs #222

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/28/2011 01:34:56Copy HTML

Great one ohiothonger!!! You have neihbors to be jeoulus of. Personly, I think his wife would be the best support pillar, esspesialy if she likes him in thongs. Best thing I think is for the wife/girlfreind to be in a thong with him. I thong in the backyard all the time, and it is where I get the most of my tan. My wife is fine with me doing it, thinks I am nuts, but supports me. I know my neihbors have seen me, including the 13/14 yr old girl next door, and she always smiles big and says hi to me when she sees me. None of them have ever said anything, or made any indication that they have seen me, but I know they have had to by now. I know the guy in the back of our yard has seen me, and no comment from him, at least yet anyway. I don't walk around in the yard though, as our next door neighbors have 2 daughters, 5and almost 2. I stay covered while mobile because I don't know if they would be mad if their girls saw me. As long as I get to lay out, and swim in our little pool, I don't mind covering for moving around.
1skinnydipper #223

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/28/2011 03:58:45Copy HTML

 My wife was watching what I wrote previously and said, "why do you guys make such a big thing about wearing thongs and writing to each other about it?"  She then said I should go in the nude in our new yard and forget the thongs.  She doesn't wear thongs but she is far more likely to go nude than she used to be.  I will definitely do so frequently but I also really like the feel of thongs and told her so.  She does complement me on my thongs and buns daily.  Pretty satisfying for an old guy!
ohiothonger #224

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/01/2011 11:38:51Copy HTML

Timid Neighbor Update --

Yesterday, I was out enjoying an hour or so of sun in my back yard.  Two doors down is the house where the man tried to thong for a few minutes a week or so ago after he saw me wearing a thong in my yard.  As I was laying out yesterday, the wife of the man drove up and wandered over to my yard.  This time I knew she was cool with thongs, so I didn't try to cover up.  "Cute swimsuit" she said as she came through the gate into my yard.  I thanked for for the compliment and we spent the next 30 minutes talking about thongs, men who thong, her husband, and when he had thonged before on a vacation.  It turns out that she herself does not thong, nor even wear a bikini due to some surgical scars on her front side, and I suggested that if she prefered one-piece suits, she might like to try a one piece thong.  I told her that this would really encourage him in wearing his thong too.  Her husband's only previous experience was when they went on a cruise and stopped at a clothing optional beach.  Although he was the one pushing to visit the beach, he wasn't going to go all the way, but she insisted that he at least wear a thong they had bought for the trip but that he had never worn.  Even before the trip he had talked about wanting to wear thongs and liking the look on men but every opprtunity he got to wear his thong he chickened out.  The visit lasted about 1 hour, and he was comfortable, probably since many others on the beach were wear as little as he was or even less.  They then later sneaked in a few late-night swims at motels on the return trip, but this was a walk to the pool with a towel as a cover up and shed the towel at the edge of the water, splash around for a bit, then get out and immediately use the towel as a cover up.  So his thonging experiece before trying out the back yard last week was a total of about 1 and a half hours in three places.

Someone mentioned that he might have been worried about thonging in front of the kids who live in the house between my house and his, and I mentioned this, but she said he had seen me thonging on a day the kids were out playing, and knew that they didn't care.  He even ask the kid's dad about me thonging, and got a respose that when they go to Caesars Creek beach, the kids see other people in thongs, men and women, on the beach and on boats, and that they have taught their kids that thongs and topless beach use are just ways some people like to swim or boat or tan and that there isn't anything wrong with thongs or the people who where them to get sun or at other times when a swimsuit is appropriate.

She said his real fear was that he was scared that people might think he was gay "like the man down the street" -- ME.  I assured her I am not gay, and am in a steady relationship with a woman I hope to marry.  Since she is in college in a town over an hour away, we only see each other on weekends and occationally a few other days here and there.  I explained that when she is around, we like to spend "quality" time together, and so we don't usually hang around the yard.  I also told her that 80% of the men he might see in thongs at the beach or most any place else except a gay-pride parade are probably straight.  She said I had been a big help in getting him to try out his thong again, and I suggested that if it would make him more comfortable, he could come over and thong with me, or that he should come over and talk about any issues he might have wearing a thong.  She thanked me again for supporting him emmotionally, complimented me on my "nicely tanned buns" and left to go inside.  Time will tell if our conversation will do any good.
Mary0826 #225

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/02/2011 02:20:26Copy HTML

OHIOTHONGER your posts about the neighbors are so interesting.  I think the wife must really like seeing you in your thongs since she told you you didn't need to cover up, then gave you two compliments on your swimsuit and tan.  I think when she told you not to cover up, you should have stopped and taken your shorts off again.  You said you acted like you were going to put your shorts on any way, but I think by covering up, when she came over, you were showing you were sensetive to her feelings.  When she said you didn't need to cover up, she was showing sensativity to your thonging, and by not immediately dropping your shorts, you were making it look like there was something wrong with your activites or what you were wearing.  Fortunately, the second time she came over you did the right thing by not reacting to her coming over by covering up again.  I think she really liked what you were wearing. Most women would only give one compliment unless they were really liking the show you are putting on. 

What I also find interesting is that your neighbor, who is straight, wants to thong but is nervous that people will think he is gay if he does because he thinks you are gay.  He has thongs and being gay so tied together that when he sees another man in a thong he assumes that man is gay -- even though he should realize than straight men, like himself, like or want to wear thongs too!  Maybe you should invite the neighbors over for dinner or a Bar-Bee-Que when your girlfriend is home.  You could set this up with the wife.  I'm sure there are many things besides thonging you and your girlfriend can find in common with the neighbors.  Too many people don't even know who their neighbors are -- you are in a position to strengthen the ties with your neighbor and thereby strengthen the entire neighborhood.  Maybe when he sees you have an interest in women, he will realize you are not gay, and that other straight men thong too.  This also would be a good time to discuss thonging in general, and you could even ask his wife to bring up the subject if it doesn't come up in the normal conversation.  She ask your girlfriend if she thongs too, after mentioning seeing you out in the backyard sunning your buns.  Your girlfriend's answer is not inportant, the starting of the discussion is.  I also think you should give him the web address of this Thong Wearers Message Board so he can read about other men who have been shy, learn that gay men are no more likely to wear thongs than regular men, and that thonging can be fun -- once you get over the initial nervousness.  For me, having someone else in a thong to lay out with at the beach made me much more comfortable with thonging in public, so I also would encourage him to come over and join you when you thong, or ask if you can go over and join him when he is thonging.  Once he get's over his fears and preconceptive thinking, things will be better for both of you.  (Imagine how much better you will be accepted if other men on the block thong openly too!)
stanpuppy #226

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/02/2011 08:32:28Copy HTML

Today was a landmark day for wife and I.   We have been very frustrated lately with the almost non-existant thonging options available to us in suburban philadelphia.  The only "sure thing" we have is gunnison beach which is about 2 hours from us (in typical traffic).  Today, saturday, we had no kids and were dying to lay out to work on our tan lines. Wife had always been apprehensive about laying out (even in a bikini) in our yard because we live in an uptight typical corporate america development where we are sure that most people even wear formal pajamas to bed.   Our backyard is anything but private.  Lately we have been talking about doing some landscaping to increase the privacy and create a totally private area for thonging.  

Our backyard, is blocked completely by heavy foliage on one side (so there is no problem with the neighbors on that side.  The middle is semi-blocked by lighter foilage and trees.  The problem is the north end of the yard.  It is completely exposed to our next door neighbors.  They have a 16 year old daughter, who often babysits for our kids.  We almost never talk to the parents as the dad is just kind of quiet and the mother is never to be seen.  The also have a tendency to sit out on their deck which looks directly into our patio.  Our patio is awesome and would be perfect to thonging, if we had the north section blocked.

Today was an absolutely perfect day, and wife loves the sun.  I asked her what she wanted to do today and she said "lay out".  We wouldn't have time to go to any beaches, local pools are obviously out, so we said (basically)....THis is rediculous.  We should be able to do whatever we want in our own backyard.  So wife went upstaris and donned a blue and white wicked weasel thong (most conservative than her malibu strings crystal back g-string...but still a skimpy little thong by anyones standards).  I went full out with a sheer gray mesh muscleskins torpedo.  We layed out for 4 hours and had a great time.  We both came in and had very pronounced thong lines. It was a good day and I am thrilled that wife got over her inhibition about thonging in the backyard.  It definately increases our options.   I am still going to look into creating more privacy, but it is good to know that we can get a great thong tan in our own backyard!!!!!
mrpba #227

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/03/2011 03:07:32Copy HTML

Today wife and I had a great day thonging in our back yard poolside. We thonged for about five hours.One of our neigbors came over for a quick swim not knowing i thonged. She was happy to see me floating on a lounge raft in my white  adjustable thong from skinzwear.My thong was pretty sheer showing alot. She always knew  I tanned in skinny side  rio swimwear but not thongs. My neighbor said I looked pretty hot floating in the lounge raft wearing that suit.I said thank you. I also said its not to reavealing to her she said HELL NO!!! I lOVE iT.My neighbor wanted to know if we will be doing this all weekend because she wanted to join us.My wife and I said yes.And she great I would love to come over on sunday as long your husband wears a thong. That made me fell good. I told her I would wear a yellow thong for her tommorrow she smiled.Not knowing if she wears thong or g strings but she wears some very tiny rio bikinis.We will she if she comes over in a thong or not.I know wife an i will be in thong s all weekend and loving it.
sailor250 #228

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/04/2011 11:14:18Copy HTML

Here's a story about a guy sunbathing on his condo balcony in  a thong in Tampa causing issues- this is a tv news report- doesn't look like a small suit and he's fit not fat.

ohiothonger #229

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/04/2011 07:24:34Copy HTML

I watched the video and it is typical of the sensationalist news media -- especially at the local level.

1.  The news make a big thing about the complaint being made by the father of a small child.  There is no indication he looked into the issue himself (was the man really nude) but called the police without even finding out what was going on in the first place.
2.  The thonger was taken down to police headquarters but no charges or complaints were filed.  If there was nothing wrong with his behavior, why was he taken to the police headquarters?
3.  The thonger says he has been thonging on his balcony for 3 years.  Nobody says how long the person making the complaint has lived there.  If it has been for a long time, why was this the first time the thonger was noticed.  If the man has been wearing thongs for three years without issues, then is the neighbor who complained asking for special treatment?
4.  None of the neighbors were interviewed or mentioned.  Has anyone else been disturbed by the man's thongs or have they accepted it as part of living where they do.
5.  The report left in the part where the thonger said he was not a kid molester -- just in case somebody didn't think about this before, it is now something they have been "reminded" to think about.  What caused the man to make this statement (was he ask by the reporter or was he just rambling on)?
6.  The thonger offered to put his thong on to show that there was plenty of coverage.  The news station did not ask him to do so, or if they did, they didn't show it in the report, so viewers can not make up their own minds about if his thong was appropriate or not.
7.  No mention was made of places where thongs may be worn legally (local beaches maybe) or places where they can't be worn legally.
8.  No mention was made about if the actions of the neighbor, police, or news station would have been any different if a woman had been wearing the thong.
9.  The news station did not site any laws or regulations, including apartment or condo rules that might have applied to the claim that wearing a thong was inappropriate.
10.  The police have told the neighbors to work it out between themselves.  Neither seemed that opened for compromise.  Will the news station do a follow up reporting on what the results of the compromise was?  who knows.

The reporting was not very complete, but at the same time, it was a lot more fair than some stories I have seen elsewhere about the legalities of wearing thongs in a given location.

JR -- While this post certainly does have to do with neighbors, perhaps it would be more appropriate in the "Thongs in the News" section.
JM_Runs #230

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/04/2011 07:50:48Copy HTML

I think the gist of the story, in the end, is if the neighbor does not like to see someone else thonging he is welcome to move out. 
Move to a diffrent building or move to a condo with more restrictions, or go buy his own house on 100 acres in Montana.
I hope it leaves the thonger feeling empowered and not intimidated.

malagaguy #231

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/05/2011 11:31:57Copy HTML

Backyard thonging.... 
Hey our block of land is our own space on which we live, our land! (rented or owned)  If we want to do our thing with strings or no clothes why cant we.
Comply with the local laws, always!
I have 60 metres of open fenced lake/road frontage with people walking by.  Next summer will be in a string!
JM_Runs #232

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/06/2011 04:42:17Copy HTML

 We have just noticed the neighbors who are behind us have decided to build a deck on the roof of their 1 story house, so I asked the guy what the deck was for and he said it was for watching the stars, and I laughed and said it looks like it is for spying on the other neighbors around since we all have 6 ' walled in yards.  Then the neighbor assured me that he would not intrude on anyone privacy.  I informed him that he should warn his wife that if she goes up there on a sunny day do not be surprised if you see us nude sunbathing, in which he laughed and did not realize we were serious, until over the past weekend he had friends over and was showing off his deck around 1pm, and sure enough when they went up on the roof both my wife and I were nude in the pool.
He later apologized for "catching us" which I said you didn't catch us we are not going to change our lifestyle just because you decide to build an observation tower behind our house, he then asked if my wife was upset, and I said at first when you decided to build it, but now we just have to live with it
nudemdcouple10 #233

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/06/2011 06:19:43Copy HTML

we are always nude, or my wife is in her thong when in our backyard. have had neighbor catch us twice, but no one seems to matter. oh the joys of living in th ecountry. love to hang out
with fellow marylanders or travelers that thong or go au naturel. hot tub is great in the evening
thongshowoff #234

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/06/2011 10:46:42Copy HTML

 Mako_Hawaii - don't you need to get planning permission for things like that in your part of the world?  If so, I wonder whether your neighbour got it.  I'd be pretty sore if someone built a structure which allowed them to see into my private property.
JM_Runs #235

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/07/2011 03:24:16Copy HTML

 #thongshowoff - In my area the HOA allows for 2-story construction and since my neighbors home is only a single story flatroof home, he did nothing outside of the CC&R' s for the neighborhood, technically! But one would not expect their rear neighbors to build an observation deck on their roof. On the positive side we can at least notice when they are on their roof instead of hiding behind a window if they would have build a second story room up there.
JM_Runs #236

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/11/2011 04:29:41Copy HTML

 I used to sunbathe in a thong when I lived with my parents in the Middle East. Since the local law did not permit the wearing of thongs at the beaches, I could only sunbathe in a thong at my home. Therefore, on Fridays, when my parents were gone out to church, I used to go on the roof of my house to sunbathe in a thong. 
BaltoBob #237

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/03/2011 09:41:49Copy HTML

I have a very small but very public front yard. Cutting the grass only takes 10 mins tops. Yesterday I was feeling rather brave and pushed the mower in just my Skinz M44U-7523. That's a Bravura Thong in Cobalt PowerNet. Decided to take some pics after I finnished.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/24894360@N03/6001730469/in/photostream/ I'm standing on the sidewalk. You can see the grass in front of me, it's less than 8 feet from the porch to the wall and 25' wide. 
XChip #238

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/03/2011 12:23:14Copy HTML

 Good for you, Balto!  I trust there was only positive response, if any!
BaltoBob #239

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/03/2011 03:39:24Copy HTML

I didn't see anyone or hear anything. A couple of years ago a guys stops his car and yells"Put some f-ing clothes on"  when I was wearing shorts. They were mesh running shorts that are split up the side but, everything was covered. Earlier this summer I was in the backyard and a guy was in the backyard 2 houses down. Woman comes out and he said "I'm watching your neighbor walk around naked". Of course I wasn't nude but in a g-string.
20897 #240

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/03/2011 11:17:16Copy HTML

Had the day off, so we did some backyard floating today after skimming and testing the pool water. I was wearing a Skinz g-string my wife was wearing  a Skinz one piece thong. We noticed a backyard neighbor watching us from her second story window. My wife waved to her and she smiled and waved back.
jn9195 #241

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/22/2011 04:01:10Copy HTML

She should have asked him why he was watching you.

BaltoBob #242

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/22/2011 12:56:38Copy HTML

I couldn't quite hear her respose but, It sounded like "he dose that all the time".
leo40 #243

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/23/2011 12:25:16Copy HTML

I was once sunning on a privately owned beach, wearing a Dore horizon (12 o'clock) g-string, and got buzzed by a small plane from a nearby field!  If they yelled anything, I couldn'd hear it.
Nrstorm1980 #244

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/23/2011 01:15:37Copy HTML

I sunbathed in my back garden in my joe snyder thong and the neighbour can see from there upstairs windows on one side only it does not bother me if they see me or not (but i would like it if they do) and if they have seen me they have not said anything as it is my garden and if i wish to i will sunbath in my thong.

Keep thonging!
JM_Runs #245

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:03/16/2012 09:51:17Copy HTML

 2012 Update -- Our only tree blocking our neighbors view did not make it thru the winter and is now cut down after starting to fall on my block wall, so my semi-private yard is now a whole lot less private and my neighbor now has a clear unobstructed view into my yard from her 2nd story window. 
The Swan #246

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/15/2012 02:27:47Copy HTML

I was doing a little yard work for an older female friend of mine earlier this year. When I was done I told her I was going up to Caesar Creek to work on my tan. She said "You could layout here." She has a fairly private back yard near the house as she has planted various tall plants around the perimeter the walkway that used to go around a swimming pool. I said, "I usually wear a pretty skimpy thong." She said "That's OK." Really all I was wearing was a rather sheer g-string. under my shorts as I was planning to change when I got up to the lake.  
I said OK and stripped down to my mesh g-string and layed out. Even walked around her house, as she was showing me some things she wanted me to do. A week later I was back at her house after finishing the work asked if I could strip down and get some sun. She just said to be discrete. So I layed out naked for awhile putting on little g-string to walk around in. 
Two weeks ago I was over there and she was not . I told her I might layout. After doing some work I stripped down and layed out in the sun. When she got back I heard the garage door open  and so I slipped on a fishnet suspender g-string. She came into her back yard and said she had never seen anything like my suit. We talked for a bit. Then she said she was going in for a while and went into her house. As soon she went in I slipped off the suit and layed out naked.
A minute later she comes back outside to ask me a question. I didn't bother to cover up. I gave her the answer and she went back inside. After awhile it was getting hot and so I wanted a drink of water. I slipped on the fishnet suspender suit and went in. I was talking with her and asked her, "Since she had seen me naked do I need to wear a suit? She said, "Whatever you want." 
I went back outside and stripped off the suit spending another two hours naked at her house. I would get up to use the rest room get a drink or whatnot all the while being naked.When I left I said, "Do I need to bring a suit next time I come over?" She just laughed.
XChip #247

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/15/2012 02:41:10Copy HTML

 Great story!  But (the schoolteacher in me): you mean discreet, not discrete.  No offense meant.
mrhb2008 #248

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/17/2012 04:17:00Copy HTML

 Just wanted to share my experience with this.  We live in a very suburban neighborhood & the HS parking lot meets our back fence.  I am usually out wearing a thong, but mainly a G, when tanning, working around the yard & washing the vehicles.  After almost 4 years not one negative comment or indignation from the neighbors.
Was talking with my direct neighbor yesterday, who is confined to a wheelchair & is home all day, and he never said a word.  I know he and his wife have seen me in my various Gs and they have always been cordial.  Only comment he made was, "It's a pool day" because it was nice & hot out.  I guess it goes to show that if one behaves without shame or with confidence, all is well.  I suppose this post is just trying to encourage everyone to not worry about what others think and wear yr suits with pride!
JM_Runs #249

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/18/2012 07:01:30Copy HTML

 I am often outside wearing only a thong and my neighbours are OK with that - I was examining the water timer outside the house last week and the neighbour came across and explained how it worked - I was wearing only only a brief swim thong - not a  problem. Previously, when I called in to pay my pool bill,(they maintain our shared pool) they said they would respect my privacy when I used the pool. I said, not knowing what to expect, "so you know I like to swim nude?". They said "No" but no problem :-)
thonglife #250

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/19/2012 08:46:50Copy HTML

We live in a townhome that backs up to the woods. We have a nice common area and patio out back that gets afternoon sun and after 4 years, I finally realized I can sun out back in the afternoon. I've gone from wearing short shorts to a speedo-like bikini. Currently, I am wearing a 1" side suit. My wife has yet to join me but she approves. We have most couples living in our building, our neighbors are both girls. Everyone on the block has seen me in 4" inseam compression shorts before or after a run. I figure eventually, one of my neighbors will notice me or walk up on me out here but I guess I don't mind. Sadly, I will never have the courage to thong out here (though its soo tempting). My wife would kill me if I wear a thong in front of the neighbors, haha. When we eventually move from here, our next home MUST have a private backyard where I can sun in a thong or nude.
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