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jazzyfay #351

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/13/2015 04:05:01Copy HTML

 Already got to open the pool up here in RI surprisingly, thanks to beautiful weather, and have been thonging it in my Joe Snyder bulge thongs the last week or so every chance I get.  The wife has also joined me to get some great tiny tan lines in her Malibu Strings and Wicked Weasel thongs.  What a great couple of days.  Apparently my elderly lady neighbor has noticed and commented to my wife with a smile, "I see you guys out there with your asses hanging out".  It's going to be a good summer!
JM_Runs #352

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/10/2015 11:25:46Copy HTML

This thread inspired me to survey my backyard today for founding possibilities. Turns out I have a lot more privacy than I thought. Tested the water with a pair of split side shorts. Will try more soon!
JM_Runs #353

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/10/2015 11:26:39Copy HTML

 Thonging possibilities, that is!
BarelyCovered #354

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/11/2015 12:54:18Copy HTML

 I don´t have a backyard. But I do live on the bottom floor an have the oppertunity thong outside. I use a beach towel to cover the sight from people passing by. The bushes around my patio covers enough. If people want to see me they have to come pretty close. It is little risky. I uploaded a picture from my first thonging session of the year. My goal this year is to really work on a deep tan. 
32189 #355

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/13/2015 11:10:44Copy HTML

I don't have a backyard either.  I have tanned on my bottom floor patio a few times.  I do not think anyone has seen me but it is possible.  I have not had any trouble with wearing my thong around my community.  
NtoN #356

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/10/2015 05:37:14Copy HTML

 I just enjoyed an hour and a half of thonging on a small deck in my side yard. I was wearing my muscleskins poser with 3/8" sides. Got some good sun and it felt wonderful. Trees block the neighbor to the side and a nice combination of perennials and weeds (at least they're good for something) are providing privacy from the road. I have sunbathed nude and last week in a thong on the adjacent patio before, but found the deck to be a better experience.
I have visited a few nude beaches in the past, however this is my first year thonging. This board is a wonderful place. I discovered it by accident and it struck a cord with my nudist inclinations. After reading many of the threads and looking at some of the swimsuit company sites I worked up the courage to order my muscleskins poser. I was excited about the arrival of the order and now I'm hooked ! I'm planning on ordering some more thongs.
I still want to enjoy going to nude beaches whenever I have the opportunity. I enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of being nude, however I'm finding that thong wearing offers a similar experience with an added element. At a nude beach chances are most everyone will be nude. That's why we're there. Thongs can be worn at many beaches which makes it more convenient and very daring.
I only had a short window of opportunity to work on my tan today, but am looking forward to making some time later in the week to get to one of the beaches that are not too far from my home to experience thonging on the beach for the first time. Many thanks to all the great posters here who have helped me develop the confidence to do so !
mrhb2008 #357

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/29/2015 02:19:27Copy HTML

 After a greuling day working in 112 degree heat, I came home, put on a Stuffit, grabbed a beer and got into the pool!  After about an hour the GF came home, changed into her bikini and jumped in with me.  Our neighbor, Kamil ( an Egyptian immigrant ) shouted to us over the fence and we all stood at the fence having a chat.  He was not phased by my G string. I'm sure the whole family has seen me in Gs or less, and he was as non shocked as any one can be.  I guess after 7 years of wearing them around the house ( in & out ) & in the pool, no one is surprised anymore.  Just wanted to share.  Have a nice weekend ya'll.  Suns out, buns out!
spark2100 #358

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:09/28/2015 12:00:46Copy HTML

 We just spent a wonderful weekend at the lake. Because everyone seems to think summer ends at Labor Day, there were not many people around. The weather was incredible. It was warm ( high 70's) and windy. My wife and I spent two afternoons working around the cottage and relaxing in the front yard on loungers. She was wearing a nude colored Gstring and I had on a Skinz Y back gstring. there was some boat traffic on the lake and people at cottages 4 or 5 down the beach. We both were down to the water a number of times. I was in the lake twice. It was absolutely wonderful. Our 16 year old son joined us in the front yard Saturday for a couple of hours, he had forgot shorts for the weekend and had sweats on but made a comment about having a sauna later. Mom said he could wear his boxers( not sure why as we are always nude in the sauna) and he came back with , or" I could just be who we are" Guess we raised him right!!  The lake is busy enough all summer, I just can't pull off a thong most times in the summer. I get enough flack in a bikini. My wife is topfree and in a thong all summer. That in itself  causes the neighbours enough grief, but she is comfortable and I am proud of her for expressing her freedom. She doesn't discourage me, but she doesn't encourage me either.  We ended the year on a high note, maybe next year will be even better!!!
sailor250 #359

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:12/24/2015 02:39:07Copy HTML

 When traveling on business I've been lucky enough lately to have the budget to rent a house for several days at different locations.  Many times I'm going to warm weather locations in the winter.  I've found if you do a little research on Homeaway you can find a house with an enclosed pool.  I've found several places where I've been able to spend my downtime in a thong or nothong at all.  If I have people over I have to behave, sometimes they don't!.  It's quite a luxury to just come back to the house, strip off and hop in the pool or take a dip anytime of the day or night.  This is now possible without spending a lot of money.  Well there are the $1000-2000/night homes on there but you can find houses around $200/night in many towns with enclosed pools sometimes with spas and pool heat.  I've found this a great way to keep up my lineless tan when spending time in some conservative southern US towns- where you would get A-rested for wearing a thong at a hotel pool, I'm tanning my balls!I always check out the photos of the pool and check all the angles for privacy, then check the address on google street view and satellite to make sure there aren't two story houses adjacent where neighbor's bedrooms overlook the pool.  I've had some maintenance issues at some places and the managers or owners were accommodating of my privacy- never show up unannounced or surprise me in the pool!  I had one woman owner come by on the afternoon while I was home to oversee a contractor do something inside the house.  She saw I was in a robe may have seen some swingage when I walked and had been out by the pool  She went over and closed the drapes and said "you go back outside and enjoy the pool"
The Swan #360

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2016 06:10:11Copy HTML

 My neighbor cut down all his trees and bushes, Oh NOOOO!!!!!!.

I'm sure what I am going to do this summer. Where I am staying has, oops, "had" a very nice, secluded, rather large area in the back yard. Once the trees and bushes were fully leafed out, I could walk around wearing pretty much whatever I wanted. Now since my new neighbor to the south has cut down almost all the trees and bushes in his yard, the neighbor behind him (to the east) and the southerly neighbor next to the eastern neighboor, because they are on a rise in elevation, have a view of almost my whole back yard. There is a small area that is still secluded but I can't get there without crossing the viewing zone.

I've looked up the city regulations and I don't think I can appear in less than a fully opaque covering of the front and back.

I guess I'll be going up to to Caesar Creek a lot more this year.
JM_Runs #361

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/03/2016 10:13:08Copy HTML

You can buy fast growing trees that are already juveniles to plant your side of the fence.

If you continue to thong and they don't like the view they can grow their own trees. 

I think they they would not complain about a women in a thong in her own back yard, so it is unlikely they will complain about a man who is far away, on their own property, minding their own business.  (After all, they probably don't want to start any trouble with their neighbors either.)

At best, if someone complains, you would get a very apologetic request from someone asking you to cover up.

I can see you surreptitiously spraying liquid fertilizer over the fence when they are away at work, to speed up their trees regrowth.

navythong #362

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/04/2016 04:22:23Copy HTML

I hardly do any backyard thonging anymore. Our neighbours installed a dormer window which gives a view over almost our complete backyard.
Unfortunately they are not nice people, so I choose to go to the beach for thonging most of the time.
Every now and then I do some thonging in a secluded spot in my backyard, but it doesn't feel right anymore.
Lucky for me: the beach is only a few km's away!
ioannis #363

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/04/2016 07:52:50Copy HTML

 dear navythong... i dont know what to say...i cant understand why you are not thonging in your backyard... its your private area and you can do whatever you want!! also i cant understand  the lifeguards and all of such things i am reading in this forum... i dont know if i am living in very liberal country but in greece we dont have all these issues.... at my apartment in athens and in every apartment you can go nude and nobody will tell you anything... in your backyard you can do anything you want and if someone say something the natural response is: is MY place!!!and i do whatever i want... the same goes with the beaches.. you cant go nude in the middle of a family beach but thonging is not a issue... we do have lifeguards in a small numerus of beaches but they dont care and they dont have the right to say or permit or dont permit anything....  if i was in your situation i would say thats is my property and i do whatever i want!!      the only case that neighbours were upset and they call the police-- i know this event because all the national papers wrote about that-was when a man put in his balcony the turkich flag....and imagine that this neighbours act was so strange that all the papers wrote about it....( of course i am not talking here when someone make noise during  the common silence hours or something really illegal).

navythong #364

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/05/2016 04:13:48Copy HTML

Hi Ioannis, Basically you are absolutely right about it is my backyard and that I can do whatever I want.
But you also need a bit of tolerance from the people around you. I'm not so sure of the tolerance of the people next door, you know.
I dislike the idea people are watching me.
But it's no big deal for me: we have km's of beaches around here and the nearest is only a few km's from my home.
Most of the time I simply hit the beach. There are several spots where thonging is absolutely no problem!
Grabeach #365

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/06/2016 08:54:16Copy HTML

Not thonging, but relevant.

On one side I have neighbours who don't have any problem with me sunning nude on my balcony midweek. On the other side, however, I had neighbours who I didn't get on that well with submit plans for an extension that had windows facing N, S and W. The W one would directly overlook my back yard. The room would receive adequate light from the N and S windows, so it would actually be really dumb to have a W facing window. I politely mentioned that and the affect on my privacy to the them. They basically said "bad luck". I officially notified an objection to the plans to the council, which did respond.

I planted a a fast growing tree directly in front of their window, but it would be some years before it was tall enough to be effective. In the meantime I figured that the neighbour and council had both been warned, so if I was nude in the backyard then it was the neighbour's problem not mine. Even if they called the police, I was sure I would have an excellent case to keep me out of trouble.

The neighbours have never said a thing. The property eventually changed hands, but by then the tree blocked the window so it was not an issue.
JM_Runs #366

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/07/2016 01:03:58Copy HTML

A wooden trellis with green climbing vines. The vines can grow really fast. You probably don't need a permit.
You can even add pots or trays of dirt half way up to give the vines a head start in getting to the top.


Or just google  ( trellis vines block view )
Dr S #367

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/07/2016 10:55:53Copy HTML

My backyard sunbathing should be interesting this summer. Over the winter I have got a new neighbour on one side, new houses built behind our garden which overlook it and my neighbour on the other side is moving soon. I hope all these new neighbours don't mind thong wearers! Still going to go for it as soon as the weather's warm enough though...
The Swan #368

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/09/2016 03:00:44Copy HTML

The landlord and I are planting some Rose of Sharons, however it will take them a couple of years to the 10 feet height I need for protection.

I've been looking for another place to live. I'm finding it difficult to find a place in town with some privacy.
I'll make my tanning work here. I guess I'm a little more at ease with it than I was a week ago.
tobias5711 #369

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/09/2016 05:23:31Copy HTML

 JM, A trellis is a fantastic idea. Never thought about it. Much cheaper than a new fence or waiting years for new trees to grow.
mrhb2008 #370

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/17/2016 01:54:36Copy HTML

 Burnt my front side to a crisp yesterday while the neighbors had an open house.  Heading to Venice/MDR today to even out the back side.
Thongzo #371

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/20/2016 12:46:04Copy HTML

Gonna be a nice warm and hopefully sunny day here in MN and since I have the day off I figured I'd do a little backyard thonging and get my thong tan line started!
Thongzo #372

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/29/2016 08:11:19Copy HTML

Did some great backyard thonging today! Actually back driveway, where I discovered I have a great little private spot where I could practically lay out nude. Was even able to do a little yardwork in the thong and prance around in the garage here and there. Posted some new pics to my profile and my flickr page. Check em out!
75texasthong #373

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:06/05/2016 09:27:32Copy HTML

Good day today in west Texas.Finished watching my son play in a basketball tournament then went home to mow. I mowed the front then dropped my shorts to my rio thong and did the back.Next I laid on the trampoline for about an hour then cleaned our "white trash pool" it's a above the ground pool. I call it that cause it seems every trailer has one-ha.Did it all in a thong. Now sunning the front typing this so I can get an even tan.Suns out buns out my friends!!
ARThongLover #374

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/15/2016 01:53:34Copy HTML

It's not a thong story as I was sunbathing nude in my backyard but it's still funny...  I lived at the edge of a rural town at the time with one field about 50 yards away and another across the highway. I was on my stomach erasing tan lines in my back yard one Saturday morning when a crop duster flew directly overhead on the way to do its thing. The pilot must have seen my bare ass because as soon as the plane passed over I heard the pilot "hit the brakes" and make a tight turn to make another pass over my house, this time at an even lower altitude. He apparently didn't get a good look the second time either as a few seconds later the plane was headed towards me again. I rolled over and shook my stuff at him so he could tell it wasn't a lady he was trying to ogle. It must have worked as this time the plane continued on. I chuckled to myself, rolled back over and continued to enjoy the morning sun. :)
ThongLines5858 #375

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/26/2016 01:52:34Copy HTML

NEW ALBUM.  I decided to post some pictures on me thonging in my backyard this summer.  If it get enough responses about this album I will continue to to post more.  
Tangapreta #376

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/26/2016 02:25:31Copy HTML

Thonglines what is the brand of the blue thong in the new album? Muscleskins?
thongguy200 #377

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:07/26/2016 08:51:42Copy HTML

Great to see you thronging. Looking very good!
sunnfun #378

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:08/17/2016 02:42:01Copy HTML

 I posted a few albums of my backyard thonging adventures this summer.  Check them out and comment if you like! :-D
gog5150 #379

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:03/11/2017 04:11:33Copy HTML

 San Diego will be sunny and 80 degrees today and 82 tomorrow (at least where I live in La Mesa)! My day will be poolside in my back yard with a drink in my hand!
JM_Runs #380

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:03/14/2017 06:11:04Copy HTML

 I live in a townhouse so I really don't have a backyard.  The most discrete location I have for thonging is the community pool at the townhouse complex.  I started lounging and sunning at the pool on weekdays when there were few others at the pool.  Early on, when others came thru and i would cover up.  I simply don't care anymore.  Mostly because I have never had a negative response from a neighbor.  Sometimes the gardeners hang around a bit longer than necessary, but they move on.  All of the community members who I have come across have either said nothing at all or paid me a compliment of some sort.  
Thongzo #381

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:03/14/2017 05:20:28Copy HTML

I was able to get plenty of backyard thonging in last summer. Have a few photos in my album and can't wait to get back out there this year!
Jogs #382

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:04/16/2017 01:40:51Copy HTML

I'm a college student and do homework in our private backyard.  I multi-task by wearing a g-string to get an overall tan.  Though there is a wood fence, some neighbors in two-story houses stare using binoculars.  One has a telescope.  One man even talked to me at the fence about my outfit, saying I could go as small as I wish and nobody would complain.  tee hee.  I've ordered an extreme euro styled micro with 2" wide triangles top & bottom.  We'll see what he says when I wear it outside.  :-)
Eh_2_Zed #383

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2017 12:56:52Copy HTML

 We'll see if any happens around the house here. The neighbour's kids have moved out and the other neighbour is rarely outside that I notice. I've still got a problem neighbour though and maybe a privacy fence will be on order before our hot tub is set up and running. 
NCThonger #384

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/12/2017 02:21:46Copy HTML

 As many of you know, thonging here in NC isn't widely accepted on women much less men! With that said, I live in a neighborhood that has a community pool and where the houses are close together. Last week a neighbor sent us guys a text with a picture of our college freshman neighbor girl laying out in the sun in her backyard......IN A THONG! If the neighbor that lives beside her saw it, I guarantee she would have called the police.
Last year we purchased some nice deck furniture and I was able to discreetly wear a Brazilian bikini a few times. Earlier this week, I wore a gstring while tanning during lunch. The sun felt great on my body and I can't wait until I can tan again in my gstring.
Martylouie #385

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/13/2017 08:55:42Copy HTML

 Thonging in NC may not be common in NC, but it is not illegal except where it is specifically banned.  Check your local laws and see if thongs are banned. If not banned, enjoy YOUR backyard.  A bit more creepy is the distribution of that young lady's photo by the neighborhood men. That kind of behavior might turn her off from thronging in the future.  
nude2020 #386

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/01/2018 04:49:22Copy HTML

I have asked a friend of ours if thonging in your backyard is ok. He said that is no problem it is the ones that are nude and their neighbours complain about them. Ever since he advised us of the law we have been thonging in our backyard without even thinking about it. And we we take care of some of the fence height issues we will go nude. Looking forward to getting that fence sorted. Cheers
NudeNArizona #387

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/01/2018 07:30:54Copy HTML

 We have a 5’ block wall privacy fence around our backyard so we are quite private except for the neighbor on our left who’s yard is elevated a few feet higher than ours toward the back of her property. So thonging being legal in Az. It was never even an issue and after doing research that since we have made the efforts to provide us privacy we have always used our pool nude and sunbathed nude. She is completely aware of our nudity and has even engaged us in conversation while she has been in her yard while we sunbathed nude, which she has never had an issue with. She has even joined us in our pool while we were nude and she clothed. My wife jokes because every time I clean the pool she decides to work in her yard and find a reason to talk or walk over to visit.
modelnude4u #388

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/02/2018 10:23:11Copy HTML

 There is a 30 something couple right behind us, with 2 small kids, & they just seem to give out dirty looks when I'm even in my short shorts in the yard.  I've certainly tanned in a thong on the deck, but haven't been bold enough to do anything further out in the yard.  I've walked in and out of the house, around the back of the garage, cut that's about it. 
Thongmad #389

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/07/2018 03:46:06Copy HTML

 Did we all remember Sunday on the first weekend in May was Naked Gardening day?Should we organise a worldwide thong event???
leo40 #390

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/07/2018 08:45:16Copy HTML

MY backyard is REALLY private and I go nude there and also sometimes wear a special "Tarzan Thong" comprised of an elastic waistband, a tiny ragged leopard print rear flap offering very partial butt coverage, and nothing at all in front.  Also works as a nudist party costume. 
NCThonger #391

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2018 03:20:51Copy HTML

 I WISH my backyard was more private. I enjoy going home during my lunch hour and slipping on a thong to tan in on my deck. Yesterday I went home and found my next door neighbor sitting in her screened in porch that is fully visible from my deck so I wasn't able to tan. I am planning on trying again today. Last week I managed to tan 3 times during the week and my thong tan lines are beginning to take shape.Bryan
String_guy #392

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2018 05:26:35Copy HTML

 Hey Bryan,  Maybe she was out there waiting for you to come out and tan.
tobias5711 #393

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2018 05:58:59Copy HTML

 Two weeks ago I had a young Spanish couple move in next door to me. I went up and chatted with the dad explaining to him his house looks down into my backyard and in summer I don't wear much. I told if he wanted he could raise my six foot fence higher.  For the last week I have worn very small thongs in my yard and back deck.  All of the family including dad, mom and 4 young kids under the age of 6 have seen me in my thongs including my exposed ass. Nothing negative has been said. The kids looked for a good bit the first day, but now they go and come without an issue. One kid yelled out hello. I hope this continues and I don't have a problem. As for now, I love the freedom to be in my yard almost naked and to be able to do hard working in a thong or g-string. I have been outside every day since they moved in. I decided to train the new neighbors from the beginning . Lol. Also happy I don't have to spend money to raise the fence higher.
J_R_365 #394

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2018 07:08:07Copy HTML

 " I WISH my backyard was more private."

I wish I HAD a back yard! :-)
JM_Runs #395

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2018 09:51:22Copy HTML

Many years ago, when I bought my house, I was pleased it had a tall ficus hedge giving lots of privacy, and giving me the feeling that I lived in a little green oasis, isolated from the rest of the city. Over the years the hedges have become ratty and in places non-existent, due to a combination of my lack of care and then the white-fly plague.  So now people can see me in my yard. 

However, over the same time, I have become more confident and less worried about what my neighbors think about me.  The decrease in privacy means we no longer go naked in the yard or have outdoor sex. The flip side is being more open about thonging, both around the yard and out on the street. I am often out front putting out or taking in garbage cans for myself or my neighbours, getting mail, cutting the front yard and swale, going to or from the car in the driveway, or just picking up.  Today I am again up on the scaffold fixing the overhang of my front roof, and of course doing it in a thong. 
Maxtlatl #396

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/08/2018 10:02:58Copy HTML

To enhance the privacy on my deck I attached a couple of 6 foot poles to the railing, vertically, and then as needed attach a tarp to them.
MNluvthongs #397

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/09/2018 03:45:49Copy HTML

 Depends on where you are. Liberals parts do not care what you wear. I had a lady friend who would mow her un-fenced yard nude.
sailor250 #398

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/10/2018 01:22:03Copy HTML

 Interesting piece here about backyard and home nudity in the UK https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6234141/illegal-naked-own-home-sunbathe-topless-garden-uk-law/
NCThonger #399

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/10/2018 02:36:59Copy HTML

 String_guy I don't know if she went out there waiting for me or not but I do know that the next day I went back out there and she wasn't on her porch but as soon as the dogs went down the stairs of the deck to go to the bathroom, she showed up. Coincidence? I don't know but her timing was spot on. Must have been watching through her front door to see when I pulled up.
Sharon73 #400

Re:Backyard thonging

Date Posted:05/10/2018 04:39:09Copy HTML

 Our deck is somewhat secluded on one side only, I  know the neighbors on the other side have seen me sunbathing nude and in my thong on the deck, they don't seem to mind at all
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