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Date Posted:11/30/2004 10:15:44Copy HTML

Didn't know where to post this one but my g/f found some good deals on flights to Nasau (Bahamas). Just wondering if anyone has any experience thonging there, Nasau,on the beaches or swimming pools, resorts. So please any info? on where to go or where to stay in a thong friendly environment ?
JM_Runs #1

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:11/30/2004 11:54:22Copy HTML

Nasau is the town on a small island with quite a lot of people. Guess thats how it got to be the capital. Compared to the rest of the Bahamas it's positivly over run with people.

The harbour is in the cut between two islands, New Providence and Hog island. The town of Nasau is on the larger island, aranged around the harbour.

To please the tourists Hog Island was renamed Paradice island. That's where most of the hotels are, and the best beach.

I have not been there for many years. If I were to go I think I would be heading for the Club Med on the west end of Paradice Island.

Do your free tickes include accomidation ?
Ex_Member #2

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:05/03/2005 03:03:13Copy HTML

I'm planning a trip to Nassau. I will be staying at the Atlantis resort. Does anyone have an opinion on what kind of swimwear I should wear?

I would be up to wearing a Dore very low cut g-string, but this is a family resort. I might try to wear a Dore moderate push front thong, a Hom string (forgot the name), or just a normal thong swimsuit.

On the other hand, I'm thinking of being considerate and wearing a speedo style bikini, but I would want a low rise one (probably more than 1/4 inch sides). Does anyone have suggestions? I see that Dore has a low slung bikini, but I haven't heard anyone's opinion on it.
gstring1 #3

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:05/04/2005 02:56:32Copy HTML

johner-  was in Nassau in March to reprovision my boat and friend was in town staying at the Attlantis.  He invited me over to the Attlantis to see it and swim.  I live on my small boat and stay naked 90% of the time and when I am not naked all I wear is a tiny gstring.  Imagine my shock when I got to the the attlantis resort on a warm  sunny day and all I saw were over weight americans in dork shorts within 2 inches of there ankles.  Dont know how they swam in those dam wet baggie things. However you would not of wanted to see them in a gstring I can promise you that.  I did not see even one guy in a speedo upon my two visits there in two days. Fortunnately I did take along my very low-cut dore bikini with its 1/4" sides and 3" back instead of my usually gstring.  I can assure you this is probably the skimpist swim suit any one has ever worn their  from raction I got form both the staff and other guest.   This suit is one of my most consevative suits but it still is very revealing .  It is light blue and one of my oldest and well worn so it is quiet transparent when wet.  However it was very well made and stays on great and offers great support to my equiment while putting it on full display.  The dore's low cut suits and gstrings start at the base of your shaft and dont all ways cover all of it.  Not for the shy or or someone that is not comfortable with their body.     In my     case I have an all over tan, great shape form  swimming and runing daily,long sun bleached hair and i am totally comfortable wearing something this tiny and revealing since in usually wear a lot less.  The reactions I got  varied form outright  shock (e.g."OH MY GOD that guy is NAKED") to the best compliment I have ever heard-"look at that hunk stuffed into that tiny little see-thru bikini".  However I did have a great time swimiing and playing in the water park  If your are not comfortable being different plan on wearing those awful dork shorts as that is what everone wears. 
shaved_thong_lover #4

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/19/2005 12:05:18Copy HTML

I am going to Atlantis in July.  I have been ther before and I have never seen anyone else in a thong other than one girl.  I spent most of my time on the beach away from the crowd.  Towards the end of the week I went to the pool with a gstring as the crowds lessened.  It was incredible being throughout the water park in a gsring however the people that were there were either shocked or taking pictures and giggling.  It was difficult to feel comfortable.  I will again wear my gstrings on the beach and will probably venture into the water park and pools if the crowds lessen or towards the end of the day.  SOmetimes there are many children, so regular swimwear is needed.  I will be there in late July this year.
Ex_Member #5

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:08/30/2005 03:18:33Copy HTML

I just got back from my trip. Atlantis is definately a family resort and not the place for thonging. There are some all day beach/snorkling excursions were you can get away from the huge crowds to smaller crowds.
NoTanLinesToo #6

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:02/22/2007 12:02:48Copy HTML

Back from the Riu Hotel, Paradise Island.  There was absolutely no thonging going on at the pool and very little on the beach.  There was one german-speaking lady who thonged everyday and was topless.  There was one hot 30-something American lady who showed up on her last day in a tiny black g-string (every other day was a conservative bikini).  Other than that, no one else was thonging.  I had the smallest swimsuit on a male and that was a low-cut Sauvage square cut.  Everyone else had board shorts down past their knees.  I probably could have gone down the beach, away from Atlantis, and found a spot where I could thong, but that would have been a VERY long way from the free drinks at the bar!

All in all, I would recommend the Riu for a short getaway, but be prepared for shocked looks and whispers if you decide to wear minimal swimwear!


cats89 #7

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:07/07/2008 01:34:42Copy HTML

 Just got back from Paradise Island; stayed at Atlantis for a week (4 days at Royal Towers and 3 at The Cove).  My girlfriend wore her thongs every day throughout entire place (ie beaches pools etc.)  was no problem at all and she was comfortable.  Saw a few other thongs around mostly when we we were at the Cove but some in the rest of Atlantis as well.
shaved_thong_lover #8

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:07/20/2009 07:47:03Copy HTML

Was in Atlantis for 5 days.  Wore my g-string the entire time.  Stayed at the Cove and wore it at the Cain pool.  NO problems at all.  Did get some looks though, Mostly Americans there so I expected that.  But an excellent time.  No other male thongers though.  Saw about 20-30 male speedos on Europeans, saw only a few women in thongs, surprisingly not at Cain pool but actually more throughout the resort.
diva30040 #9

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:09/13/2009 08:41:21Copy HTML

Besides Atlantis, is it ok for me to go topless or thong anywhere in and around Nassau?
shaved_thong_lover #10

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:07/23/2010 01:40:16Copy HTML

Just got back from Atlantis, Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas.  Wore a Skinz Stuffit Powernet Gstring the whole vacation.  Both in the Cain (adult) pool, where there were only two girls in thongs, and all guys in board shorts.  Also on the beach where I was a bit more comfortable despite the Cain pool adult status (more of a club than a pool).  Walked up and down the beach with no issues, but there were def. soem onlookerrs and people commenting to themselves, fairly typical when a guy is in a gstring.  Even the local people who were working were suprised.  Dont think they see men in gstrings that often.  It was fun to be the center of attention, and the European guests, almost didn't mind at all, you could def. tell the American's vs. Europeans by their reactions.  I went on slides in my Ausie short suit, but I did see at least 5-6 girls in rio backs on the slides, probably 2- rio back suite on girls throughout the resort, and one girl in a thong on the slides.  Throughout the resort in total, about 20 or so rio backs, 3-4 thongs, one gstring all on women, and then me.  A few guys in speedos that were not flattering at all.  Overall, great experiencce, but woul dbe nice if more people wore thongs at Atlantis.
shaved_thong_lover #11

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:08/20/2010 06:32:41Copy HTML

Just got back from another trip to Atlantis, Bahamas, wore my gstring the whole trip, many looks but no problems, and a bunch of compliments from women, but the weekend brought in the crowds from Miaami, and even though many women wear gstgrings and thongs there, only a few in the topless pool area and no guys, so I was looked at alot, but still no bad comments.  Overall, I had a great time.  In general, I saw 5 women in thongs, many eurpean guys in speedos, many rio backs.  and I was the only thong wearing guy.
minimalist75 #12

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/12/2011 11:00:29Copy HTML

I am going to Atlantis in November. Wouldn't want to thong but would like to wear a speedo solar type suit.
Any recent experiences or observations concerning men there in this type of suit?
shaved_thong_lover #13

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/12/2011 02:13:03Copy HTML

 i goto atlantis a few times a year and always wear my gstring or thongs, mainly in cove pool or by the beach between cove and reef hotels.  no problems,even swimming laps in the lap pool in gstring.  lots of looks though on the beach and pool as usual when weaaring minimal swimwear.  but i have always been the only male.  i usually see the occaisional woman topfre. and have seen at least one woman, never more than five wearing a thong or gstring.  there are always men in speedos from europe.  that is very common
stanpuppy #14

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:10/16/2011 03:34:39Copy HTML

We were considering Atlantis as well.  I actually wrote the following letter to the resort to inquire about thongs.

 My wife and I are considering a stay at your fine resort.  We are very impressed by the website and we have had friends who have given Atlantis rave reviews.  Both my wife and I do have a question regarding swimwear attire at the resort.  Do you have a policy with regard to toplessness and/or thong swimwear in your beach and pool area.  We looked on the website but could not find anything that stipulated if toplessness was allowed in the pool area or on the beaches.  Similarly, can thong swimwear be worn in either area (beach or pool).  If it is technically "allowed"....is it commonly practiced?  Would my wife "stick out" if she were to tan topless or wear her thong swimsuits?  Your answer will be very helpful  Thank you in advance Mark

This is the official response I got back

Dear Mark, While there is no specific policy regarding these isssues, we are a family oriented property. Anyone who chooses to dress in thongs or women who go topless will attract attention. Atlantis.com is where the exploration begins.  There we have detailed accounts of the Lost City with photos and videos for you to enjoy. Our website offers vacation package options, restaurant details, entertainment information and so much more.  We look forward to helping you plan your Journey.  Your guide to Atlantis, George

I dont know exactly what that means....LoL
1Monte #15

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:10/17/2011 01:31:16Copy HTML

The intentionally vague response means you should go somewhere else and forget about the Bahamas.  I'd suggest Jamaica.
orangeb #16

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:10/17/2011 07:33:28Copy HTML

Skip Atlantis and go to one of the out islands and do what ever you want on some of the greatest beaches you will find anywhere.
bmicro #17

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:10/17/2011 10:01:43Copy HTML

 Excellent advice. I have spent a lot of time in the Bahamas and wouldn't go to Nassau or Paradise Island unless I had to. If I want crowds, I will stay home. A number of years back I taught some graduate courses in Nassau and stayed in Atlantis regularly. It is a very beautiful place if you are into casinos and crowds. I have taken friends and relatives there just to see it.
Go to the Abacos (Hopetown) if you like boating, rent a boat, and do what you like. 
There are many out islands, each with their own personality, where you can find a deserted beach to do whatever you like. Try Cat Island, Long Island, Harbour Island (expensive) or the Exumas for incredibly beautiful beaches. 

SlidingG #18

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:10/21/2011 03:54:28Copy HTML

Or San Salvador.  
minimalist75 #19

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:11/23/2011 01:55:28Copy HTML

Got back from Atlantis a few days ago.  Wore speedo solar almost exclusively at pools, beach and water park. While a minority at back and pool there were enough men in brief suits that they don't look totally out of place.
Didn't see anyone other men in brief suits at water park, but I didn't care and only overheard a few negative comments.
bmicro #20

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/09/2012 08:01:55Copy HTML

Went to Atlantis last week. Before we went, I called their support line and inquired about things and g-strings. I was told that they were allowed on the beach and around the pools but not on the water slides (I can guess why). I saw a few women in thongs but no other men. Wore thongs on the beach and very small bikinis at the lap pool and around the aquaventure. No issues at all.
armand_galleon #21

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/09/2012 09:07:34Copy HTML

 I don't understand why would anyone want to go to a disneyland sort of destination in the Bahamas. With so much natural, beautiful, virgin, paradise setting that the Bahamas are, with so much to do and see... and don't say it's for the kids, most of us were taken to the lake or the river one county over and we turned out alright. IF I wanted my kids to have a genuine Caribbean experience I certainly wouldn't take 'em to a make believe place, not even a more normal all inclusive resort.
bmicro #22

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/12/2012 10:32:21Copy HTML

A little myopic today aren't we?  Same reason some folks go to Las Vegas (which is much more expensive and time consuming for me).
I have known Paradise Island since the casno was developed by Resorts International later owned by Donald Trump, (then  Merv Griffin, then Sol Kerzner who turned it into Atlantis). It is fascinating for my wife and I to go back every four and five years to see the latest developments. A great time for four days, but that was enough. Too crowded. Probably won't be back for another four or five years.
I do agree with you that there are much better places to spend time in the Bahamas. The Out Islands are normally our favorite places to go for a vacation or a getaway. We have been on virtually all of the inhabited islands from Long Island north and have many friends there.
armand_galleon #23

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/13/2012 04:37:58Copy HTML

 Not at all. I know of hundreds of thousands of people who choose 'Vegas, Atlantis, Disney Cruises, guided European tours, etc., the packaged deals. I just don't get it. Of course they too look at me oddly and wonder why would I spend my vacation time hiking the Inca Trail, or taking the train through central India, alone. Just me an a guide book. No reservations. But to really say you've been somewhere, it's more than just to be geographically in the area. A person should experience the place, its flavors, its sounds, its textures... Yes, Atlantis is awesome, I'm sure, and the vacationers go back home so happy and relaxed from their tropical holiday, who am I to say they've done it all wrong? But to miss the "other" Bahamas, or Jamaica, Panama, Berlin, Copenhagen, or Istanbul is, in my opinion, a mistake. To go so far and spend so much and not experience certain things... Like I said, I don't understand.
But, "isn't dangerous?" I'm asked. No, not really. I've missed a plane or two, slept in a lobby, an airport and a couple of train stations; had a bad meal here and there, but I've  never been mugged, robbed, kidnapped, pick-pocketed, scammed, bullied, fought with, or accosted with bad intentions. I have never even lost my luggage (although once it was delayed a day).
But to stay on topic: the Bahamas are cool. and in most places you can wear whatever. If you're not sure, ask. They're likely to look you wide eyed and smile big with a certain naughtiness and say, "sure man, nooo problem!"
bmicro #24

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/13/2012 02:29:46Copy HTML

 I hope that, eventually, you come to understand the large variety of why different people choose different things, including vacations. Personally, I celebrate it. One of my nightmares for the Bahamas is that all of those folks currently choosing to go to Resorts on New Providence or Paradise Island wind up in some place like Cat Island. So much for the natural, virgin paradise setting!
armand_galleon #25

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/13/2012 06:22:44Copy HTML

(...still, why is it generally the American who is the Ugly American abroad? Never have I met the Ugly German, or the Ugly Dutch, Japanese or Australian! In fact, when I travel, and I hear American accents, or I'm asked if I speak English--'cause my looks don't necessarily say "American"--I usually play dumb, or say, "jess, ai espeak a liTL englesh" and help people accordingly to their helplessness.)
pkthong #26

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/14/2012 04:59:47Copy HTML

 What a great subject!!Armand: although I have not met you I feel that I have a great deal in common w/you. I too have the sense of adventure and wanderlust that you seem to have, alas I also have a beautiful family with all its wonders and responsibilities.Yes "Atlantis" and other such place have a contrite aspect but they are also for enjoyment and predictability. When we recently  isited Fiji we spent 1 week at a small resort w/minimal creature comforts and another in a regular resort geared to kids but  othing lika Atlantis.To my surprise the kids liked the small resort better  ecause of the friends they made and the shared experience.The second place was ok but they did not make friends the same way.
I'm sure if they went to Atlantis and made friends going down all the slides etc. they would have loved it and it would have  een the best vacay.As parents we want them to e perience local culture and meet people with a different world view than ours BUT we also want sanitary conditions and food that they will eat( because we don't want 24/7 complaining). 
So we strike a bargain as many do between  commercial places and off the beaten path.
At the end of the day  no two people on planet earth have the same life experience and who am I to tell someone that any particular experience is less than the one I had  because I din't think it was "cool".

armand_galleon #27

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:06/15/2012 04:00:28Copy HTML

 I agree. People returning from an all inclusive vacation where they never saw the "real" X had just as much fun as I did; who am I to say that they did X wrong? And I agree with bmicro, I'm not too sure I'd like these people in my little corner of the beach, or mountain, or Paris, or wherever. 

But travelling with kids can be a bit tricky. My parents trekked me half around the world and took me places I can hardly recall. They went 'cause they wanted to go and they took me along for its "educational" elements. This type of travel I believe should be reserved for older kids. To a 7 or 13 year old, a beach is a beach is a beach. All they need is water and a little sand; maybe a bucket. And it's much cheaper to go to Pismo Beach, or Oceanside, than Bermuda or the Canary Islands; and they would have just as much fun! But to those who insist on going with the kids to a tropical Disney, fortunately for them such places exist. And I understand that some adults are really kids at heart, that they need not have kids to go to these places. Again, fortunately such places exists (there seems to be enough of these types of people for these places to make a profit!).

But if you really do your research right, there are all kinds of wonderful places where kids can have a blast, drink safe water and eat food they recognize and still be far from these "Mall" packaged destinations. The difference is, that we want someone else to do the thinking and researching and entertaining for us. For example, I asked my mom and two nephews if they wanted to go to the Dallas King Tut exhibit a couple of years ago. They all said no. I said come on, it'll be fun. Reluctantly they came with me (I was in town visiting). I'm a Pharaoh nut, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, ...the whole enchilada. We skipped the scripted/audio tour and we started to go through the exhibit as I explained to them about the jars, and the spells, and the writing... by the end they could easily find proper names and sound out some names! half way through I noticed how other people began to perk an ear towards my presentation and some began to ask questions themselves even ask if I worked there. 

Wanna travel with your kids? Do the research, think activities/applications of what they will be seeing; make connections to other things that they have already learned. You do this I promise a water slide will be of little interest to them. Promise! (or take 'em to Vail and leave them with the ski school and go do your own thing... it's all the same to me. I'll be the one half way down the mountain stopped and pointing up to the top of the tree showing the kids where the owls nest during the daytime.)
killamozilla #28

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:02/15/2014 12:10:51Copy HTML

A good friend of mine is having his wedding in Nassau this Summer.
I have a new girl friend who looks great in a thong bikini and I was wondering if there was a place on the
island or nearby that we could wear our thongs / g-strings together.
It seems like it might be kind of a conservative place, based on doing some googling.
Can she wear a thong, but not me (I'm a dude)?
Anybody know if there is a place where nudity is allowed?

JM_Runs #29

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:02/15/2014 05:12:19Copy HTML

On Nassau there are some adult resorts, free from children, like Breezes, which I think has an adult topless beach. You may also find some quiet some out of the way places you could sneak off too, like a little beach on Rose Island. On the whole Nassau is very populated compared to the rest of the vast Bahamas.

If you want to have fun and impress your girlfriend I would plan to stay a few more days, and spend them on one of the quieter islands, maybe one with a nudist, or thong friendly resort.  Flights from Nassau to the other islands are not that expensive.  The cost is getting to the Bahamas in the first place.
Gboy69 #30

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:03/24/2014 06:28:27Copy HTML

 As luck would have it a I have to take a business trip to Paradise Island, Nassau next week for 3 days. I have to only work for 4 hours so I will get some pretty good beach time in.  The weather next week is low 80's and sunny, Perfect for working on the tan lines. Taking the wife along so she can also get in some beach time. Going to hit the east end of Cabbage Beach, soak up a few days of sun and rum before heading to South Beach and Key West in late April.
Gboy69 #31

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:04/02/2014 12:29:18Copy HTML

 Just returned from a quick 3 day business trip to Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas. What a great time. We stayed in a small quiet Best Western hotel on Paradise Island within walking distance to Atlantis. Spent all our sunning time on Cabbage Beach on the east end away from the crowds. What a beautiful time we had. Pictures are on my profile.
Gboy69 #32

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:04/02/2014 12:34:51Copy HTML

 I forgot to mention I walked the beach in my Skinz M55 blue gstring, the one posted in the pictures. Walking back to the hotel I had to walk past several resort crowds.  My wife was loving all the attention I was getting from the tourist. While we were walking she would mention how a crowd of girls would sit up and comment to the others (look at this guy). She was loving the attention I was getting.
Gboy69 #33

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:04/08/2014 01:24:01Copy HTML

 I just got back last week from Paradise Island, Nassau ( Cabbage Beach) which is located just east of Atlantis Resort. I spent 3 days soaking up the sun.  I was in my skinz m55 gstring, see profile pictures. We had a great time, walked the length of the beach in my suit of course I had looks and some photos taken but that is why I wear my suit, love the tan lines and the attention. It all goes with your confidence level. I personally do not care what others think of my choice swim attire and for that I will walk almost any beach. I say almost because I am also respect for family beaches.
Gboy69 #34

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:04/10/2014 02:31:07Copy HTML

 Just booked my hotel and flights back to Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas for April 23 thru the 30th. Going to hit the same beaches we hit last week.Guess I will have to go to Skinz Store and get some new suits for this trip.
Gboy69 #35

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:05/01/2014 03:47:04Copy HTML

 Just spent seven days on Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas. Awesome week of sun and rum and beer. I was in nothing but my Skinz Gstring every single day all day long. Nothing but sunshine the entire week. I now have my base tan for the summer. I walked the entire length of Cabbage beach in my suits got some nice smiles and plenty of  pictures taken, love every minute of it especially when I was feeling really buzzed from all the Rum, it was a very fun time! Most late afternoons the suit would come off for some skinny dippin time just to get the sand out of the suit.Already planning another trip to the Islands.  G
Baguio #36

Re:Bahamas Nasau / Paradise island / Atlantis

Date Posted:11/06/2016 06:57:30Copy HTML

 Whats teh latest on Atlantis? Emailed them and they said they 'discourage' thongs since its family but no rules against them. Has any one worn thongs on the slides there? Headed that way in the spring.
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