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Date Posted:04/08/2007 06:23:26Copy HTML

We want to choose a thong [or at least bikini/speedo] friendly place in the out ilands, preferably Abaco or Elbow Cay
mjstacey #1

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:05/22/2007 03:49:23Copy HTML

We're also doing a bahama out island vacation this summer as well. We've got a house booked on Eleuthera. Apparently the beaches there are so sparsely populated you can do the thong thing without problem - it's just a matter of finding a low-key beach. There are quite a few very large beaches there that are very remote with no development at all. We've read stories of people getting to one of the larger beaches (lighthouse beach - which spans 3.5 miles) and not seeing another soul there....

In some of my research I've seen the nudity question asked on a number of FAQ pages and the response is always the same:

"Please note that there are no nude beaches in the Bahamas, but Eleuthera beaches are so deserted and if no one looks..."


"Do I have to wear a bathing suit at the beach in front of the house?

In the Bahamas, they call this "Going Cowboy". Many people have done so at the beach in front of the house, and, so far, there has been no problem. Yippee, kay yay!"


Here are some great testimonials (including links to pictures) of people who have stayed on Eleuthera: here

gstring1 #2

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:05/31/2007 06:29:47Copy HTML

I have never "gone Cowboy" on
Eleuthera but have worn those most tiny nothing of a gstring or baggie there with no problem. I live on a small sail boat currently in the Bahamas and plan to spend the summer here but not on Eluethera. I am further south. But while there I have worn both my Kuala swimmmers pouch and my dora's fish net white gstring while running on the beachs near houses and never had a negative reaction. They dont seem to care as long as you have something on even if it covers up next to nothing. While on the boat I am always naked as many others are on boats. At the many out islands that or uninhabited I always go nude and the local fisherman don't seem to have any problem with it and have never said anything about it to me. I often stop to talk with them and they are always as friendly as can be. Other boaters in the area don't care either.
gra7y #3

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:06/03/2007 01:21:41Copy HTML


The here link did not work for me. Could you post the link again. Also, give us a report on your trip, and if you have info on cottages, which you don't mind sharing, would you post them or PM them to me. Thanks.

mjstacey #4

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:06/06/2007 03:04:18Copy HTML

I see that the link is messed up - don't know what happened and can't seem to find the page I had previously posted. Oh well.

When I'm back I'll report how it goes. Apparently Eleuthera is a very large island - 110 miles long (but very skinny) with tons of beaches, only a few hotels, and only 10,000 citizens. Having stretches of beach to yourself are apparently the norm there. We're definitely looking forward to it.

gstring1 #5

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:06/07/2007 01:28:29Copy HTML

10,000 people on a 110 mile long island is a lot of people in the Bahamas- I have been to many many islands that do not have a single resident in the Bahamas-e.g. the Berry Islands, Conception island, the Raged islands or the Jamintoes. Have fun but plan on wearing your thong or gstring.
mjstacey #6

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:06/08/2007 01:37:11Copy HTML

it is a lot... but unfortunately, without a boat and as a tourist, i need to get to an island that regular airlines actually fly into.
eimeo #7

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:06/08/2007 02:05:42Copy HTML

Fly Continental Connection my husband works for them.
bmicro #8

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:08/04/2007 05:37:53Copy HTML

Just got back from a brief break in Bimini. The North of the Island (a golf cart trip past Bimini Bay) is virtually deserted where g-strings are easy. I was a little more conservative on the beach in Alice Town wearing a very low Bikini with a 4" rear. No problem. On the last day, my wife an I were out and a woman with her family was wearing a thong and even went to Sherry's Beach Bar and sat for a long time in just her thong (not topless). Guess thongs are fine even on the "in-town" beach.
mjstacey #9

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:08/12/2007 11:42:23Copy HTML

Just got back from our trip to Eleuthera. It was great... pretty much spent the whole time in my Skinz Bravura thong. We stayed at a small cottage on the Atlantic side that had beach frontage and visited a ton of beaches. Pretty much every beach was empty. My wife and I spent a ton of time in our thongs and I have the burnt butt cheeks to prove it. I would recommend this island to anyone. We did run across a few people at some beaches. It didn't deter my wife from her thong, but she politely asked me to cover up as "men in thongs just aren't that accepted". I gladly obliged because there were tons of other beaches to be had. Quite honestly, the best one was right in front of our rental.
gra7y #10

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:08/23/2007 06:45:21Copy HTML

mjstacey #11

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:08/27/2007 04:18:59Copy HTML

Just head over to VRBO.com and search on the bahamas. We stayed at a place called Finiterre. The beach was good for general swimming and some snorkeling.
beachfolks #12

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:09/01/2007 01:15:55Copy HTML

MJ-Thanks for the reference and info.
bmicro #13

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:06/17/2008 09:36:47Copy HTML

Just got back from a trip to the Abacos Marsh Harbor/Elbow Cay area. Stayed in a wonderful house on Lubbers Quarters. My wife and I brought our thongs and g-strings and wore them on the rental boat. Unfortunately, the area has become over developed and over-run with large families. At Nippers bar in Guana Cay (formerly a laid back, restful, out island place overlooking a beautiful beach) we felt we were in a Ft. Lauderdale resort. It had a two-level pool and was over-run with people. The old times where you could find a deserted beach and wear (or not) anything you like appear to be over here. I would recommend other out islands without the intense tourist traffic.
orangeb #14

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:12/28/2009 03:04:07Copy HTML

 Anyone have any suggestions on rental houses in the out islands?
2xist #15

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:11/08/2013 04:51:17Copy HTML

 Is there a place to thong on coco cay beach?
Blackphantom5 #16

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:04/04/2018 01:16:12Copy HTML

 The wife and I are heading to Eleuthera next month. I’m sure it’ll be awesome. I’ll report back.
MBthong #17

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:04/05/2018 05:21:47Copy HTML

 My wife and I have just got back.  Fabulous island for nude and thonging.  You'll have a great time
DavidFreeman #18

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:04/08/2018 08:26:43Copy HTML

Concur on Eleuthera being a proper island for thonging.  Wife and I have been four times, loved it more each time.  Most recently last December.  One certainly obtains a rather snobbish definition of "crowded beach" in short order; i.e., if you can see anyone else, it is "crowded".  
A fair percentage of the people we have encountered have the same proclivities for minimal or no swimwear.  Or, are supportive or at least tolerant of it if in standard swimwear.  It hasn't been uncommon for us to see topless or nude.  Haven't seen any fellow thongers, male or female, as of yet however.  Depending or your suit or lack thereof, discretion is advised for the occasional family unit encountered.
But, we've walked mile long beaches with not a footprint in site.  Always a great day on Eleuthera where the day's big decision is BEACH WALK: THONG or NUDE?  Aside, of course, from DRINK: BEER or MARGARITA? 
gw32 #19

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:04/09/2018 01:37:35Copy HTML

 @David Freeman - whereabouts did you stay on Eleuthera? Its a big long island and I imagine different areas have a different vibe/potential. My wife and I would love to go.
DavidFreeman #20

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:04/14/2018 01:55:22Copy HTML

@ gw32, a few different places.  Most recently in Current, on the north end of the island.  Calmer, shallower waters.  Place we stayed at was called the Getaway, very isolated at the end of a road.  You do have a stretch of beach to yourself, guarded by rock at either end.  Also have previously stayed on or near Airport Beach or Double Bay, on the Atlantic side in the vicinity of Governors Harbour.  Both beaches we found to be sparsely populated, if at all, and you'll generally feel comfortable to do as you wish.
Blackphantom5 #21

Re:Bahamas - out islands

Date Posted:05/30/2018 12:36:57Copy HTML

 Well we just got back from Governor’s Harbour area. Great place for thongs. The only people that were actually around smiled and waved and said hello. I have a few pair of body aware shorts I wore to and from the beach. Running errands and whatever else around town I wore soffee shorts. Got some looks but no one said a word.  Only time I wore anything longer than that (mid thigh length) was out to dinner. Then finally on our travel home I busted out the knee length “longs” and questioned why I should ever wear them again. I think I’m going to turn those into shop rags. They’re useless, too long to keep me cool and too short to provide shin protection. That’s reason enough for me to shred them. 
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