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Date Posted:01/31/2007 10:05:23Copy HTML

I recently joined the local YMCA and was hesitant to shower considering I have no pubic hair and wear thong underwear.So far I don't regret it. I walk to the shower naked but wear a towel in the sauna.I am not staring but to date I have not seen any other shavers or thongers. A lot of the guys wear jocks wich is not much different.Have any of you seen other thongers or shavers at the health club?
trapking #1

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/31/2007 10:05:24Copy HTML

I recently joined the local YMCA and was hesitant to shower considering I have no pubic hair and wear thong underwear.

So far I don't regret it.  I walk to the shower naked but wear a towel in the sauna. 

I am not staring but to date I have not seen any other shavers or thongers.  A lot of the guys wear jocks wich is not much different.

Have any of you seen other thongers or shavers at the health club?

redraider55 #2

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/01/2007 12:06:10Copy HTML

I never had a problem walking to the shower naked, and I'm fully shaved. I also have a thong tanline. I have seen other guys shaved as well.
Byfordgstring #3

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/01/2007 04:18:31Copy HTML


I've showered while being completely shaved and have never really had any wierd looks after swimming laps at the pool.

However, while changing in the locker rooms, a lot of the older men would stare when I put on my thong underwear. 

In fact, my university proffessors seen me in my thong in the changing room. No reaction except for a smile and a nod.

Go for it, its no big deal. 

thongbutt1 #4

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/03/2007 07:12:22Copy HTML

i've seen guys with thong tanlines- not that big of a deal...
Ryan Booth #5

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/04/2007 03:17:53Copy HTML

I think male shaving is now at that point were it wouldn't cause alarm to anyone if they saw that someone was fully shaved. In the gym 99% of the guys have shaved chests and backs and the majority trim downstairs.
tremendimouse #6

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/20/2007 07:05:47Copy HTML

These days I dont think that being completely shaved is an issue.  Sure, it does get a few stares and looks occasionally but then that is a choice that you make when you shave and you have to live with that decision.  It is common t see guys completely shaved at nudist beaches and, like other people in this thread, I have noticed that more and more guys are trimming so it shoudl not come as a shock to many people really.  I think it has a lot to do with how comfortable you feel about your body  and how confident you portray yourself.  I have been completely shaved for a few years now and hardly ever cover up in the locker room and sauna or steam room at the gym or spa.  I almost always wear thong or G-string underwear and only ever get positiive comments.  If nothing else it is a good conversation starter.

Beachlover492000 #7

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/07/2007 11:25:56Copy HTML

I shave my body completely, and really love it. There is a price to be paid, however, because I am unusual, and I do hear comments and spot people staring at me from time to time. I also get reactions at the doctor's office. One doctor said "Oh my," when he saw me naked, and other asked me if I was a transvestite.

It all goes with the territory, and sometimes you do have to put up with a little embarrassment to get something you really want.

thonglife #8

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:04/03/2007 11:32:23Copy HTML

I workout at the gym regularly and use the locker room area including the steam room and showers nude. I was modest as a teen in such an environment but realized as an adult that men really don't care about each other (unless they are cruising, lol). I shave my crotch bald or leave a small patch to humor my g/f and also always have bikini or thong tan lines. I don't strut around but I don't hide either and I don't really notice any reaction from the other guys. Just business...
totallyshaved #9

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:04/16/2007 09:30:23Copy HTML

Hi - only discovered this forum today, so joined immediately!.  I too shave, and don't hide the fact at the gym in the changing room, showers or sauna.  Oddly the only time anyone has reacted was yesterday - I was sat in the sauna after a workout sweating away and became aware that the bloke sat diagonally opposite me was staring at my crotch.  We were in the middle of a conversation about growing tomato plants in a greehouse (odd but true) and neither of us changed the subject.  I've not been at this gym for long having moved house, and I've yet to meet another shaver here, but we were quite common at my last gym - it was more of a body-builders gym rather than a fitness place like this one.  I've never had comments about my thong tanline either!

Thanks for reading.

Ex_Member #10

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:07/09/2007 08:48:00Copy HTML

I think we tend to be more conservative here in the States regarding shaving the private parts.  I do my hanging parts occasionally -- better for wearing mesh g-strings -- but otherwise retain full body hair.  As a competitive triathlete, I've mentioned to my wife that I ought to shave my whole body, but she's said, "Don't you dare -- I love your fur!"  Even if I did shave, I'd still maintain my well groomed pubes, they're so much a part of my masculine identity, and I think they look good, whether in the locker room or at the rare clothing optional beach I get to.  That said, I've noticed recently three men at my health club who shave down there.  They seem in every other respect very average blokes, so I'd love to know why they choose to do so.  I won't ask, of course, it's just not done!  As for myself, I'm always sporting either an overall tan or thong tan lines, go about my business neither showing off nor hiding, and never get any comments.  Same with my thong underwear.  I've yet to see anyone else in the locker room in an overall tan, thong tan lines, or wearing thongs.  Would love to know what folks are thinking when they observe me, though.  Oh, these taciturn New Englanders!  
abczyxabczyx #11

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:07/10/2007 01:02:07Copy HTML

Hairless is the way to go. 
roninho #12

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:08/01/2007 04:25:19Copy HTML

I recently started shaving and I'm a little shy at the gym, where I tend to quickly remove my gym kit then cover my crotch with a towel. Still not brave enough to wear a thong though and I'm going to wear a thong for the sun bed as I don't want to burn but concerned about the tan line at the gym!
miaswim #13

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:08/03/2007 02:20:34Copy HTML

I'm usually trimmed pretty low and almost always sporting a thong tanline and never get many looks or comments in the locker room.  A few guys have commented on the tanline, but positive.

Being in a city with lots of entertainers, there are quite a few shaved guys at the gym.   Most are in the hotel shows, so they stay shaved/trimmed year-round for their costumes. 


stanpuppy #14

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:10/30/2007 07:13:53Copy HTML

I am completely shaved and have a thong tanline.  I dont flaunt either at the gym, but i dont go to extraordinary lengths to hide either of these.
heeledmarc #15

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/04/2008 01:28:07Copy HTML

I am waxed, wear thongs and shower at the gym. I never saw any weird looks but on the other side, I am not asking for feedback to my fellows so... My motto is to be natural. If you shave because you like it and you wear thongs because you like it, well then you are in your natural element and you should not ashamed of the comments or reactions, as long as you do not behave rudely and respect others.
Ex_Member #16

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/12/2008 05:15:49Copy HTML

Heeledmarc, right on.  Just be natural.  At my health club, the sauna by the pool was recently replaced by smaller ones plus steam rooms off the mens and womens showers.  So I use the pool and whirlpool in my bikini, then move on to the steam room and sauna naked, where most guys seem to prefer their shorts or a towel.  For me, why bother?  I'm friendly and conversational, and haven't detected any discomfort from my colleagues.  We all just do our thing and accept each other at face value.  That's how life should be. 
kiwi_thonger27 #17

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/25/2008 11:13:53Copy HTML

I am living in London at the moment and get brazilian waxes leaving just a little rectangle about my XXX. Have seen a few other guys shaved completely at the local gym in canary wharf but havent seen anyone else in a thong yet. Just only me. Usually when the guys seen me changing in and out of my thong, they have a little stare, but no one has said anything negative yet.keep shaving and keep thonging I say. The more us guys do it the most it will be accepted or at least the more others will do the same.
Shazam #18

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/30/2008 06:45:15Copy HTML

I've been shaving my pubic hair totally for 11 years now.  It's definitely become more popular over that time.  At one gym I was at for two years, pretty well every guy I saw was totally shaved or very trimmed.  Seriously, I think I saw three guys there with pubic hair, and one of them was almost totally shaved.

The YMCA I used to go to had a steam room where the guys went totally nude.  Nobody covered themselves up.  I was actually one of the very few shavers there, but never got any comments but did get lots of looks at my crotch (I don't really mind).

I actually think shaving/serious trimming is the norm now.  I rarely see full bushes anymore.  And I'd say the majority of guys under 30 are totally shaved.
Ex_Member #19

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/30/2008 12:54:08Copy HTML

Shazam, where are you from?  Local custom seems to vary a lot, and while I note a little more shaving at my health club here in CT, it's still very rare.  But at least the guys that do seem like very regular types and are as friendly as anyone else.  Most are younger, but not all.  I'm not among them, though I do shave c and b -- like the clean look -- and would probably try a close trim of the bush if I didn't think my wife would object.  She likes my hairy chest and her enjoyment ranges lower down, too, so I'll just stick with a neat shaping trim to fit my g-string.  There are times, though, like when wearing a baggie, that the total trim or shave would be preferred (I say "trim" here as an option for better blending with unshaved chest, stomach and legs).  I keep saying that as a competitive triathlete I really ought to shave completely, but she keeps saying, "Don't you dare!"  So the status quo is an easy call for maintaining domestic tranquility.  And my general hairiness works fine with my overall tan, so I'll have to say, at the end of the day, life is good!
Shazam #20

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/30/2008 03:08:36Copy HTML

I'm in Canada.  We seem to be a lot less modest up here :)
TDStorm #21

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/30/2008 04:14:44Copy HTML

I guess I never really thought of it as a big deal to bald at the gym (London, Canada). I'd say it's pretty common to see most younger (say..under 30) guys at least trim the hair. I never notice any kind of bush popping about, which is my basis for comparison except on the older members. I really think a lot of it has to do with girls going bald eagle to. Guys are seeing porn at younger ages and see that girls have no pubic hair, which probably translates to "bush is sick man" and resulting in girls shaving, that in turn say bush is gross on guys in which they shave. That or most guys in porn are trimmed/bald. And with global warming, we don't really need any extra warmth/sweat down there. :)
Ex_Member #22

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/30/2008 07:07:36Copy HTML

Shazam, I hope to run the Bare Buns Fun Run 5k on Wreck Beach in Vancouver mid-August.  Though billed as clothing optional, most runners bare it all, I note (tasteful distance shots on the web), so I'll get my chance to check out the scene with all you "less modest" Canadians. Even with my bush, I'll make sure it's trimmed neatly so I look my best!   
Shazam #23

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/30/2008 11:21:48Copy HTML

 If you're going to be in Vancouver, might as well hit Wreck Beach.  About as nice a nude beach you can get this far north :)

Anyhoo, I actually started shaving because I find my crotch area gets very itchy when it's hairy.
Popeye1 #24

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/31/2008 03:39:54Copy HTML

If you mow the lawn, the tree looks bigger. Peace Popeye
steelfan3838 #25

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/01/2008 03:15:07Copy HTML

I am going to join a gym soon and I am hesitant to shower at it because I have no pubic hair because I shave it all off...
heeledmarc #26

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/05/2008 11:47:01Copy HTML

Steelfan, go shower, not thinking about it... your heart might pump a little harder the first times, but so what... Think about the feeling you have when your friend (boy or girl) see your crotch hairless. Does he or she like it? On my side, it is a full yes. I am fully waxed, with a nice thong tan line, so I should be dead by now if I cared about the look some guys have on me, but I am not. I learned to be natural while waking naked at the gym shower, or even on a nude beach. So please, be bold and bald! :-)
bmicro #27

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/09/2008 12:51:07Copy HTML

Just behave like everyone else and everything will be fine. You shouldn't be embarrassed by your grooming choices, whether it be your hairstyle on your head or lower. For me, I am completely shaved, have a scrotal piercing and an all over tan. I wear a towel walking from the lockers to the shower because it is the norm at the gym. When there and when toweling off, I have not had any uncomfortable experiences or comments in years. There are some other males who shave, but my piercing is unique. No problem.
Ex_Member #28

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/09/2008 12:35:06Copy HTML

Just noticed the other day in the showers at my health club that my Spinning instructor is now shaved.  Looks good with his very muscular physique, tattoos and very long hair that changes color (I mean color!) now and then.  You might think, very far out guy.  But I'll have to say, you'd have to look far and wide to find a more perfect gentleman, always friendly, sincere, and goes out of his way to help folks.  So there is hope for this 20's/30's something generation.  Just kidding, of course, but being in my mid-sixties, it is amusing sometimes to observe the goings-on of the youngsters.  Incidentally, he seemed a little shy about exposing his new grooming, keeping turned away from others as much as possible.  Hope that passes, we like him for who he is, not for his unconventional choices of appearance.   
trapking #29

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/21/2008 04:14:37Copy HTML

It has been a year since I first posted this and I am at the YMCA four or five times a week.  I have seen some guys who probably trim, and a couple who shaved the sack but no others shaved all the way.  I have had no problems with people seeing my and the regulars treat me like anyone else.  I don't flaunt it, but I don't hide it either.  It is pretty hard to hide in a group shower anyway.I am surpirsed by some of the older guys who have bikini tan lines or small short tan lines this winter after being south.  I took them for dork shorts or fully dressed guys.I rarely have a thong or string bikini tan line because I am nude in sun enough to blend it in but when I do that has gotten more stares then my fully shave crotch.
Beachlover492000 #30

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/26/2008 03:37:38Copy HTML

I should think that some of you might have heard as many comments about your tan lines as your grooming choices. I've heard them over years both in the locker room. and at the doctor's office. Having just a thin white line over my hips and a "V" over my butt does draw attention, some of it not welcome.
Ex_Member #31

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/26/2008 04:25:44Copy HTML

Wonder if you'd get less attention if you had an overall tan.  People might assume you tanned nude, and maybe that would be more accepted.  I've always strived for an overall tan, even though it's usually in a tan-thru sliding g-string, and it has yet to elicit any comment.
Ex_Member #32

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/28/2008 04:30:47Copy HTML

While I try not to show off, no one has ever commented about my being well groomed or recently having gone to completely bald.  I would say that thong tan lines would definitely gain more interest from people than being bald.
Beachlover492000 #33

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/03/2008 03:28:13Copy HTML

I love my tan lines and my totally shaved body. It's just that there are situations when I wish I could be "normal." But I have delt these cards to myself and have to cope with them when the situations arise. Sometimes coping and handling a little bit of embarrassment can be fun if you can understand that. It's sort of like my attraction to big rollercoasters.
NativeNude #34

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/04/2008 12:19:47Copy HTML

Don’t worry about other peoples ideas of so called “normal” !!! Some form of shaving goes back at least as far as Egyptian times and varieties of tans since humans have been on the planet. The only real normal for humans is their never ending exploration of body enhancements. Just enjoy what gives you the most pleasure.
Ex_Member #35

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/04/2008 01:08:43Copy HTML

"The only real normal for humans is their never ending exploration of body enhancements."                                                                         It occurs to me that my body enhancement exploration is best met by achieving an overall tan.  Since I rarely have a chance to bare it all, I'd mess up this overall tan if I were bald down there since any legal, minimal coverage is going to block the sun's rays somewhere.  With moderately trimmed pubes, my tan-thru sliding g-strings perfectly line up with the contours of the hair, resulting in absolutely no tan lines.  Also, for me at least, carefully trimmed, well-shaped pubes are a body enhancement, too.  The result is that I've got the look I like, and at the gym I appear 'normal' to others.  They may wonder about the overall tan, but have yet to say anything.  If they assume I'm a nudist, that's okay, as I guess I am, even if a rarely practicing one.  Would be fun to discuss, should someone ask.  Hard to think it would be the least bit embarrassing.             
Popeye1 #36

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/05/2008 11:34:27Copy HTML

when I look around at the uptight nature of what's considered normal in this country I think "count me out!" I'm shaved (sometimes my whole body) I have thong tanlines, I wear thongs when I can't go nude and If other folks have a problem with that then they're the ones with the problem. If they think less of me because of something that is ultimately trivial, then their opinion is meaningless to me. Peace Popeye
rickl454 #37

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/06/2008 06:58:33Copy HTML

I've been shaved for years and this has never presented a problem in the locker room at the gym.  It's simply a non-issue.  Who got traded or acquired and "Manny being Manny" are far more important topics of locker room conversation than whether I or anybody else is shaved.  If anyone ever asked I would follow SlidingG's suggestion: "I'm a nudist and it's very common, no big deal."   
muscleinathong #38

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/12/2008 03:06:50Copy HTML

No pubic hair AND thong tanlines here. Not a single negative comment from other guys in the gym showers. Mostly straight gym as well. I just never even think about it.
roninho #39

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/12/2008 04:07:54Copy HTML

I'm not totally shaved though I'm still a bit self-concious of walking about naked as most others seem to be unshaven. Then again I'm in the habit of looking at anyone else in that area!
20897 #40

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/15/2008 05:17:43Copy HTML

 I have been shaving at the gym showers for number of years now and have been completely bald for five years. Once in a while I get some looks but nobody ever says anything. It's just a normal routine I do just like working out.
chris0721 #41

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/16/2008 01:51:05Copy HTML

I have been going to the gym for about 5 years, shaved body hair until two years ago and now body wax.  I run, bike and swim (multisport), have a thong tan line (from the beach), and tan nude in a tanning bed.  I have had a few comments but after a while, I got use to it and it's no big deal.  I have come to find out that most negative comments are from people who are jealous and feel uncomfortable about their own body.  Do what is comfortable for you and don't worry about what other people think...that is their problem.
koalafan #42

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:07/29/2008 10:58:32Copy HTML

I have been going to my local gym for four months now and at first I was very self conscious of the fact that I was totally hairless down below. After a while I felt a lot more comfortable as I had no negative reactions and noticed that several of the other guys were shaved or trimmed too. It seems to be fairly commonplace for guys to shave which is good. In fact, going to the gym made me decide to start shaving my legs too. I was surprised at how many of the guys there had shaved legs. I love the way it makes the muscles more defined and it's made me feel more confident about my body.
Ex_Member #43

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/27/2009 03:12:15Copy HTML

Has anyone ever shaved at the gym?

I've either been bald or shaved down to a small patch, sometimes with thong tan lines. I've had no problem and no issue flaunting these - I do get some quiet looks but no comments yet. Would it be "wrong" to shave myself in the locker room shower? It'd just be more convenient. What do you think?
Ex_Member #44

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/27/2009 04:13:51Copy HTML

 i've shaved in the locker room shower.  arm pits and chest mainly.  no prob.
SlidingG #45

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/27/2009 06:08:36Copy HTML

Why not? Awkward at the sinks, that's for the face, but I see guys shave their heads in the showers, so why not the pubes?  Then again, why not in the shower at home?  Whatever works, I guess.  Since I give my C&B just a dry scrape, I'll save that for home, just a little too personal. 
bmicro #46

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/27/2009 08:08:45Copy HTML

 Why not, I do it all the time! Best place to shave as it is wet and helps to soften the hairs. A little shampoo or some soaps work well for shaving gel.

Now, if the shower at your gym is one of the old style mass showers, I might agree with Sliding. I haven't seen one of those in a long while.

To answer the original question, I have seen a few men in the locker room that are shaved down there as well. Thong lines seem to be rarer than being shaved. Those that don't have obvious board short or bikini tan lines tend not to have any lines at all. (I don't have any lines myself)
Ex_Member #47

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/27/2009 08:23:16Copy HTML

My gym does have one of those mass showers. I shaved before I went but I did shower after my workout. It was just me and another guy in there. He had his back to me most of the time but when he turned and got a look at my thong tan line he almost stopped dead in his tracks with surprise. When I was finished and toweled off, I was at my locker getting my stuff together - I was nude - and the same guy had a locker two spots away. I could tell he was uncomfortable - hehe. No comment though.
rickl454 #48

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/28/2009 12:24:17Copy HTML

At most nudist camps, co-ed outdoor showers are very common and are considered part of the nudist experience. Yesterday I saw two women shaving in the showers - everything from underarms down - completely natural.  Many nudist men are also shaved or trimmed as well and have no hesitation about shaving in the showers. 

In the gym, however, I have to agree with SlidingG, shaving down below might not go over so well in the guy's locker room.  Being shaved is a different story, more and more men in the non-nudist world seem to be doing it. 
stanpuppy #49

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/29/2009 02:28:58Copy HTML

I have been bald downstairs ever since i joined my current gym 2 years ago.  Walk around all the time and dont (unnecessarily) cover up.  Although i think i have seen one other guy who was bald, nobody has ever said a word to me, or really even given a second look.
redraider55 #50

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/29/2009 04:49:23Copy HTML

 I've kept myself completely shaved for about 10 years now. I've noticed a few guys in my gym completely shaved, but not too many. If I work out at night (after the little ones are in bed), I'll shower afterward and do my shaving down there if necessary. I'll shave my chest, armpits, and C & B. Hair conditioner works really well for that shaving. All the showers at my gym have curtains, so privacy is not an issue. Then I'll walk back to my locker with towel over my shoulder. I like to admire my thong tanline in the mirror as I'm walking by.
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