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flossy666 #101

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:05/22/2011 06:51:11Copy HTML

Perhaps i'll just spend an hour or two hanging out around the showers at my gym today and see what is up with everyone else's shaving or nonshaving rituals down there - lol!!! Good way to get beat up.

I guess it matters where you live? but i haven't noticed anyone else shaved down completely, except me. I try to be polite and not look out of curiosity. I know a lot more guys in porn shave all the way down down there now, and whenever i go to the nudist 'camp' (for lack of a better word) almost everyone there is completely shaved down now, and that's guys and girls.

Personally, i like having about 85 to 90% of my public hair shaved off and leaving just a little tiny bit because having none looks too plain on me, but as soon as the spring 'n' summer comes i have to shave down completely to wear any and all of my g-strings/thongs to the beach. It just doesn't look right (at least on me) having any pubic hair wearing practically nothing. So bare i dare.

steampowered #102

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:09/08/2011 12:50:13Copy HTML

 I go through waves of confidence with how much I sport in the showers. My gym has one section of showers which has walls between them but no door or curtain and another section with no walls or anything. I've shaved leg and pubic hair on and off over the last few years that i've been going to the gym, but only a few times have I been completely shaved, boldly dropped the towel and walked into the area with open showers, which is actually in more or less full view of the whole changing room.

I'm making a conscious effort to change that at the moment, but to be honest I actually prefer a landing strip (if I must call it that) which is closer to just a really well trimmed, smaller, shorter normal shapped pubic hair. no love heart, aeroplane or penis shapped pubic hair for me I'm afraid! :P
JM_Runs #103

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:11/10/2011 12:40:53Copy HTML

I have no problem prancing around the gym locker room shaved totally bald, or even with a small patch of fluff at the base of the rod. Sure, I've had a few looks but they never last long, and have never amounted to mere glances. A few have looked at my thong too but again, no problems. But sporting a crisp, sharp thong tan line? I don't know if I'm ready for that! I'd rather show that off for my wife.
stanpuppy #104

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:11/11/2011 02:34:12Copy HTML

I am now at the point in my life where i really dont care about matters such as this.  I have been bald down there for years and dont even give it a second thought.  I wear thongs under my gym clothes and really dont care who see them when I change.
rickl454 #105

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:11/11/2011 01:18:43Copy HTML

If someone in the locker room cares if you are "bald at the gym" or what you wear under your gym clothes they really need to have a more meaningful life.  If they are actually stupid enough to say something, they probably need their medication increased.  Stanpuppy is exactly right, none of that stuff is worth caring about.
ShadowT #106

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:11/11/2011 01:52:11Copy HTML

I've trimmed downstairs for a very long time, but I started shaving about a year ago, leaving just a "landing strip."  (Wife doesn't like the bald look)  I joined the YMCA a couple months later (Back in Jan.), and though this subject crossed my mind, I've been far more self conscious about my thongs and thong tan line.  I don't purposely look around, but most of the guys at this gym cover up.  I've even seen a few guys shimmy into their pants with a towel around their waist, and it's too the point that there changing booths for privacy ('though I've never seen them used.) 

The men that walk around with nothing on are mostly from older generations who are accustomed to the old ways of guys being comfortable in locker rooms.  I would do the same if it weren't for my tan line.  And since it's mostly the younger generations that shave, most of these older gents are hairy as can be.  I've noticed a number of bare legs and chests, but nothing more.  One guy (an older guy) does walk around naked with a speedo tan line, but he carries his towel in front of him, so I don't even know if he shaves everything.

For some reason, I really don't care if anybody sees me from the front.  Perhaps it's because I feel that it at least looks better than some of the unkempt stuff I've seen AND (more importantly) guys are generally afraid to leer at another man's junk.  You'll generally get a glance at the most.  Since we don't have eyes in our backsides, I think you're more likely to get an "OMG" stare at your rear.
barebayboater #107

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:11/11/2011 03:11:46Copy HTML

Been smooth from nose to toes for many years now and usually put my towel over my shoulder when walking to shower or sauna.  I have gotten comments and they have all been very positive.
flossy666 #108

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:11/11/2011 03:13:03Copy HTML

It is an odd feeling though to be shaved 100% bare down there for the first year or so and be seen in public (or private) like that, but that's what is popular right now and if you wear a 'barely there' thong i think it is the best look for that..... Or at least on me it is.

I am the only guy i know personally who also shaves his legs (just two or three times a month). Years and years ago i was in the bathtub and did it for the first time and my girlfriend at the time said, "You should do that all the time," so ever since then i have. On me, it just looks better - way better. Even though i have barely any hair on my chest, i get rid of that too. 

Even shaving under my arms was weird when i first started doing it! 

As far as thongs go (- and this IS the thong board!) - i never wear a thong anywhere but at the beach and also once in awhile at my apartment. I've never seen anyone wear a thong at the gym though, not even one time. Nor at my place of work where seemingly we get dressed and undressed a million times a day. Most guys wear very long underwear, i've noticed. Like 'surfer pants' underwear. I've never worn those in my life. Less is always better for me clothing-wise.

JM_Runs #109

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:11/23/2011 07:30:23Copy HTML

I've never seen a thong wearer at the gym and I go 2-3 times a week. It's much more common at beaches.
As for pubic styles at the gym, a lot of the guys my age and younger are either trimmed, have a pleasure trail or all off. It seems to be the ones with partners are the ones most likely to be grooming downstairs. I've noticed that guys who don't have much hair though, do tend to try and cover up as much as poss with a towel and are obviously a bit embarrassed around their friends (like for say when a sports team comes into the locker room). You know what gossips people are.
Being bald downstairs is the norm at naturist beaches in my experience.
kawasaki #110

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:12/03/2011 08:00:27Copy HTML

Bukaj, I agree 100%

"Being bald downstairs is the norm at naturist beaches in my experience."
In Europe, bald is the trend, grtz, Chris
Jeffthong #111

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:12/03/2011 09:47:45Copy HTML

I've been shaved smooth for about 15 years. It feels completely natural now and I've never had a problem changing at different beaches and pools. Trimming appears to be more common but I have noticed a few others who are also shaving it all off. My thong tan lines occasionally attract an extra glance but nothing negative. The bushy, hairy look is clearly in the minority. Shaving downstairs doesn't seem to be unusual anymore.
mattsthong #112

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:12/30/2011 09:27:01Copy HTML

I have had no reactions to showering while completely shaved in the swimming pool changeroom and I have seen other men completely shaved as well. I wear thong underwear and have not had a problem with wearing it in the changeroom. I actually find it surprising how many guys struggle to get changed by covering themselves up, mainly younger men. Most older guys don't care and although I am young I don't really care what anyone thinks. It attracts more attention when you try to change under a towel and almost fall over!
ShadowT #113

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:12/30/2011 01:58:58Copy HTML

That reminds me... Mr. speedo tanline with towel in front stepped into the whirlpool while I was already sitting there.  It's not that I meant to check, but your eyes are drawn to movement and things just happened to be at eye level.  It was hard to miss that he was shaved and pierced.  That same day, he was talking to another guy who appeared to be shaved from head-to-toe.
Dr S #114

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/03/2012 10:17:24Copy HTML

 I've kept trimmed, shaved, or more recently waxed for approximately 20 years (and worn thongs for most of this time). Although it's fairly widespread now it was not common at all when I started and certainly turned heads in the changing rooms. In the mid 90's I worked for the council in Manchester, and our department had an associate membership with the MMU sports centre. I tended to use the gym at lunch times, and occasionally saw a few colleagues there. One afternoon my boss asked if I'd like to make up a doubles pairing for badminton as someone had dropped out and I went along. We played against two other managers from the department. 
There were definite exchanged looks when we showered and changed after. I was only a couple of weeks back from my honeymoon. I was shaved apart from a landing strip and had well-defined thong tan lines. I half considered skipping the shower, but decided to just be brazen. I've never been too bothered amongst strangers, but it's somehow different amongst friends or colleagues. They tried to pretend they weren't looking, but it was fairly obvious as I pulled on my thong when I was getting dressed! Still, it probably gave them something to gossip about back at the office.
OS777 #115

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/03/2012 10:35:49Copy HTML

 Dr. S,
I do understand.  I have been bald and trimmed for nearly 30 years.  I used to live in San Diego and Los Angeles, California and would visit the beach a few times a week (all year long). The gym I worked out at 3 or 4 times a week had a large communal shower (men's locker area), as well as sauna (co-ed), and a steam room (men's locker room).  Most of the regulars there shaved as well.  Back then in the late 70's and early 80's the culture of beauty was the rage in Southern California.  There were few if any overweight people who used that gym.  Just a side note...  I used to work at an aerospace engineering company there in San Diego and would go with some buds to swim laps at a nearby health club.  The entrance to the club had a lobby and then a hallway that lead in two directions. The one to the right was for men's and the other to the women's locker room.  There were no doors only a cinder block partition what obstructed the view and passageway for entry into either locker room.  One afternoon just after my friends and I had finished a 1/2 hr of lap swimming a woman mistakenly entered the men's locker room from the pool area and walked straight through.  I was changing into my street clothes and found it somewhat amusing to see the uninvited visitor but raised not protest.  My companions and other male compatriots payed no attention to the matter.
flossy666 #116

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/03/2012 07:08:43Copy HTML

I always knew it would be much more accepted and popular to be clean shaven in California then anywhere else in the good ol' U.S. of A.
stanpuppy #117

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/03/2012 09:05:51Copy HTML

As popular as I hear this is becoming for men, it seems that this trend has not hit the mid-atlantic area.  I go to the gym 4-5x a week and have yet to see anybody other than me who is bald downstairs.  I make no attempt to hide this, nor my thong underwear when changing (note...I make no attempt to flaunt it either...i simply go about my business as if I were wearing boxer shorts).  To date...no mention of either (although I do occasionally notice a guy who I am pretty convinced is gay checking me out after he saw me in a thong once).
JM_Runs #118

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/04/2012 12:51:30Copy HTML

If you are going to a gym/spa/pool/naturist club etc, basically if it's one you share with work colleagues/"vanilla friends" then you are going to raise eyebrows. If you are going somewhere where either the people don't know you or it is the norm (like a naturist or gay venue) then you have nothing to worry about. In fact don't feel bad about showing off a bit! You will get admiring looks!
sxmthonger #119

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/13/2012 02:52:49Copy HTML

I've gone to the same gym for the past 10 years, and in that time, I've seen only about 5 other men who completely shave, though trimming is definitely more of the norm. Sadly, I'm also the lone thonger. 
HermesOrange #120

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/13/2012 04:38:25Copy HTML

 I am fully shaved and I also see a fair amount of all shaved men--its certainly not rare to see.. I see more fully shaved men than I do men with thong tanlines. I live in New York City working out at Equinox.Clubs which includes a wide cross-section of membership.    Interesting, I observe many men are at least groomed in some way....it definitely seems that some level of grooming 'down there' is the trend nowadays. 
Gymbuff #121

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/01/2012 10:56:41Copy HTML

I think now days most guys tend to at least trim downstairs, so I dont really think about it when headding into the shower at the gym.At the gym the other day and there was three other guys in the showers when I headded in. Two of them were early twentys and the other around my age 31-33ish. I only really took notice of them after seeing this post a few days ago. One of the younger blokes trimmed and his mate was completely shaven. They were both talking away like nothing was unusual. The 30-odd yr old trimmed. Otherwise i don't think anyone was really taking any notice.
The only time I've really thought about being shaved in the showers was after a game golf we had for a bucks party. After the game we were all going out for dinner, so we hit the showers. I was already showering when I saw that most of the older guys were 'natural', so to speak. So that was when I became aware of myself. The older blokes didn't really notice so I just went about showering.
mack_back #122

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/02/2012 01:26:43Copy HTML

Almost always i don't look at anyone in the showers. Find more men look at me below then i ever do myself. Most of the time i cover myself with my shampoo bag and sponge when hanging my towel and heading into the shower area. Now i've been completely shaven but cover up so many can't see. Most men who walk nude and don't care what other think seam to be natural no shaving. Only one time heading my way to the pool from the showers noticed one man wearing metal c-ring and was slightly trimmed. Only reason seeing him was he was in my way crossing my path and very tall compared to me.
While at the lockers drying off and brushing my hair in the mirror i noticed a older man stare down at my runway trimmed lawn. Didn't care what the old guy thought but i just got annoyed of him looking as i walked by him from and to the mirror. While he was leaving packing his bag curious seeing me shaven partially balls and most of it trimmed off. Looks to me out of hundreds of men that walk through the locker room showers i seem to be the odd guy groomed.
newlynymphos #123

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/11/2012 11:48:37Copy HTML

 I shave everything from the neck down :) Only comment has been from my sister! The men and women I have sex with all enjoy it (including my wife :) ), and I feel dirty when I'm not smooth! I also have some tattoos that look good on smooth skin (with a another coming soon, just above the XXX :) ). There will be pics when that's done on the 31st :)
arogers1031 #124

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/25/2012 05:06:46Copy HTML

Interesting to hear that there are some who still find it unusual to see shaved (or even trimmed) men in the locker room. What is the average age of the men at the gyms that you attend?

At my gym (to be fair, a younger crowd), I feel like it's more surprising to see someone who doesn't trim at all than it is to see someone totally bare. I'm pretty self-conscious and still don't have the nerve to wear a thong to the gym, but I've never thought twice about my various styles of pubic hair (including completely shaven).

Men trimming/styling their pubic hair is definitely a trend that's here to stay so I would definitely not lose any sleep over what you look like. 
RobinHood413 #125

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:04/26/2012 09:51:19Copy HTML

 Seems pretty common here. I'd say, its about 25% natural (untrimmed), 50% trimmed, and 25% shaved. But then I'm probably in one of the most liberal towns in Massachusetts.
JM_Runs #126

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:05/08/2012 05:45:12Copy HTML

I just like seeing a guy that is shaved or trimmed with a bit left there.  I enjoy it myself and like the look on other guys.  There are, it seems, quite a few of us at my health club that enjoy being completely shaved or very well trimmed.  i've seen guys trim themselves in the shower and they have seen me shave myself completely smooth in the shower too
wanabenaked #127

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:08/02/2012 11:10:25Copy HTML

I have been shaving my complete body pretty much every day for the last few years, and sometimes at the gym.  I walk around completely nude and do not hide the fact that I shave completely.  Now a few of the guys have started to shave at least the genital area, and some completely.  I may have started a trtend. 
flossy666 #128

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:08/02/2012 12:41:48Copy HTML

Tell them that look is patent pending. They have to pay a surcharge!

I've been shaving completely the last 3 or 4 years down there, but the last 5 months or so i leave about 15% or so grow out. The rest is shaved. Kind of a Hitler thing, but even less than that. 'A trace of public hair.' I always thought it looked just a bit weird completely bare, even though i've been doing it for so long. There is so little hair left there but it does divide the area up a little bit better, i think.

All in all it doesn't matter much as long as it is either bald or just about bald down there, at least for myself.
upthecrack #129

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:08/02/2012 01:47:15Copy HTML

I used to be completely bare but lately have left about 1 inch strait up.  Kinda Like Flossy.  The locker rooms that I have been have been mixed and no one cares.
shavedandsmooth #130

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:08/16/2012 07:35:22Copy HTML

nobody is totally shaved like me at my gym, so i get kinda wierd looks when im strutting around naked in the locker room. dont know if there jealous or what, they just dont know how good it feels i guess.
JM_Runs #131

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:09/17/2012 09:16:38Copy HTML

 Speaking of bald at the gym hehe - anyone know a good gym at South Beach?  I will be staying at a hotel near 15th street next week.  I have never been bald in the gym shower but would like to give it a try
JM_Runs #132

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:09/18/2012 06:47:53Copy HTML

bareboy: There's a "Crunch Fitness" facility a couple blocks south of 15th ( I can't remember exactly where) I didn't actually work out there, but I did peek in to ask about short term access. They have a day rate and a week rate available... /hijack
gra7y #133

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:09/21/2012 09:11:25Copy HTML

I keep my genital area bald  and trim my chest hair short. I shave and trim at home and at the gym. I often get a very stiff while shaving ay the Gym, which has pole showers with 4 heads on each poll, so you are totally exposed to the other guys at the pole and pretty much to all the guys in the shower. At first I used to wait around,and try to be alone, but of course that doesn't really work. I imagined that guys were sort of scowling at me, but no one has ever said anything. Some other guys now shave, particularly some new guys who are senior competitive swimmers.
Now I take my time and walk proudly around the shower and locker room.
shavedandsmooth #134

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:10/22/2012 01:23:53Copy HTML

does anyone on here do laser hair removal? i am currently having neck down done,very painful at time but good results. i thought @@@@@@ and balls would hurt worse but it doesnt for long,lady who does cant see how i can take it.
stanpuppy #135

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:10/22/2012 03:36:07Copy HTML

I just bought the Tria home laser.   Seems to be working well, but I have only used it for 2 months (6 is recommended).
gra7y #136

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:12/15/2012 08:54:09Copy HTML

I was reading this thread and my last post. As some of you have mentioned, the reaction by others is effected by the time and the place, which often changes.. Our gym is a community facility, & our morning users are pretty much the core swimming group, including a new group who competitive swimmers. These guys shave everything, and help each other, which always, without regard to their sexuality, causes a lot of erections. Since they have been regulars, shaving in the shower and erections, are common and regular, not only in the shower, but in the locker room, with no negative comments or stares. So the current social climate at a place, is pivotal, in what is acceptable. Shaving and arousal were the subject of critical looks, in the past.
hotbunz1969 #137

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:12/17/2012 09:02:33Copy HTML

Gar7y.........   That must be some gym/pool you go too, 
I was a county swimmer for 7 years in my youth and although I always kept myself smooth at the time it was by waxing. Shaving meant stubble and stubble means drag. I could never see the point of shaving/waxing the boys coz they were covered by a suit and hence would not be a problem, but I guess each to there own! Must be some sight in your showers seeing guys shave each other, ready for the pool, they must swim nude? 
gra7y #138

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:12/19/2012 06:05:01Copy HTML

The morning 3 hrs, Mon, Tues Thurs. are male only so we can swim nude. For me, the current level of openess.is quite erotic. I hope it continues forever.
gra7y #139

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/02/2013 06:40:17Copy HTML

It has been 10 yr since we moved, but was there over Christamas, and went for the morning men's session. It  is still open, to nudity and shaving. Since we moved, I have aged, to 83. There are still some guys, who do not shave, or swim nude, but they seem fewer and totally non-judgemental. There also were a number of guys wearing thongs, conservative to Dore'.
thongman8 #140

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/03/2013 01:15:01Copy HTML


Where is this pool you are referring to?  I'd love to go there sometime and swim nude.
tguy #141

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/09/2013 12:47:49Copy HTML

Used to be self conscious about it and then I got to the point of who cares what others think? We have to stop living in fear and live our lives the way we want as long as we are not hurting someone else. Not having any pubic hair or any body hair isn't going to affect any other person in this world one iota, period. Case closed!
rickl454 #142

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/10/2013 03:39:25Copy HTML

Tguy hits the nail right on the head when he says, " ....  then I got to the point of who cares what others think .... ".  For many of us that's an attitude that comes with age, for others it never comes.  That goes for a lot of things. 
Shazam #143

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/13/2013 11:31:21Copy HTML

 One thing I never realized: if you're bald on top, you might lose your pubic hairs too.  At least that's what some of the old guys at my gym were talking about one day.  LOL.
thonger2005 #144

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/14/2013 07:24:23Copy HTML

 I go to a local gym later in the evening because of my job and other crap I have to deal with after work. Never been  a problem being totally bald from neck to toe.

There are atleast a handful of us guys that are either bald pubes or fully shaved bodies because the muscles on their bodies are more defined and they like the look if they are really toned. A few of us have even shaved at the same time or touched up our shave job in the shower at the same time. Its no different that we were both washing our hair at the same time. No biggy at all! Nothing is ever meant to be a "come on" or flirt with another guy!!
One guy even dyes his pubes red to match his head hair and we were talking with him in the sauna one Saturday afternoon and the follow week he came in bald! SO......it does catch on! Plus the money he now saves n hair color. hehe!

However couple of times, did I have help shaving...THIS IS PG RATED!!!!!

I had twisted wrong working on a weekend at home and something out of place in my back. I couldnt lean over far enough or twist to get the backs of my thighs and knees. A fellow shaver helped me out...a VERY STRAIGHT and respectful fellow member, and body builder to boot. I kept missing a couple of places right behind my knees, so he got them for me. The small group of us fitness center shavers also help out those who are training for a body building show. They too cant always see ever inch of their body, so they help each other out. (this is NOT intended to turn anyone on. Its to share that there ARE men out there that accept other men being bald!)

Oh and a couple of us every now and ten have thong tan lines, and even VERY noticeable lines where we have worn the same thong every time to tan in, and making ure we get the thong straps lined up with the tan lines so they dont overlap.
ThongersAngels #145

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/15/2013 03:36:55Copy HTML

 Yes, the gym we attend, at least from the women's locker room standpoint; its not much of a surprise how many women shave these days.

Not to take cheap shots at the older women, but there are some at our club that just should not be walking around naked. haha!

I would have to say roughly 70% of the women in our locker room are fully shaved. However there are a hand full that need a lawn mower. LOL!

As for the thong wearers and thong tan lines, I couldnt count. Way too many. Also, I see some randon piercings and intimate tattoos on the ladies. And yes, I share all this information with my better half. Just to tease him.
wallygr40 #146

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:06/17/2013 07:44:37Copy HTML

As a pierced guy I am curious how common the female piercings are? Do many have nipple piercings? I assume many have clit hood piercings because they are so common but I am really curious how often you see labia or some of the other more piercings present. Thanks for sharing!
JM_Runs #147

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:08/14/2013 08:05:14Copy HTML

Quite a few of the other guys at my gym are shaved like me - many of those that aren't do like to look and talk with me about it though
JM_Runs #148

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:09/03/2013 07:50:45Copy HTML

I have been shaving below the waistline for a few years now.  After my wife let me shave her bald downstairs, she soon asked me to let her shave me as well.  I have noticed a trend at the gym.  It's usually men who are more in tune with their general overall upkeep that are also shaved.  I never really see a big fat hairy slob with just shaved pubes.  It's usually someone who is not necessarily a perfect body, but seems to care about their appearance overall. You find more people like that at my gym apparently.  I do not have a perfect body but do try to live a healthy lifestyle.  I do get glances, I do get stares, and I do get questions but I have never been concerned.
I have been asked about my trim job at the nude beach, when thronging, and at the gym.  My response is always the same, "my wife likes it this way and I love it."
stanpuppy #149

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:09/03/2013 08:28:58Copy HTML

Agree alfredo.  I have never been questioned about my teardrop G-string tan lines, or my lack of pubic hair, but if I ever were to be, my standard response would be exactly the same as yours.   Anybody who has ever seen my wife would have no argument...LoL
JM_Runs #150

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:09/05/2013 08:34:12Copy HTML

Shazam said:  "One thing I never realized: if you're bald on top, you might lose your pubic hairs too.  At least that's what some of the old guys at my gym were talking about one day.  LOL."
Something else that I realized, that made the hair removal decision that much easier:  If you are graying on top, you may be graying down below as well.  A short haircut on top and a smooth shave job below makes age that much more difficult to detect.
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