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Shazam #151

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:09/20/2013 10:21:27Copy HTML

 Yeah I have a few gray pubic hairs too.  I let it grow out a bit a few weeks ago and was surprised.  Yikes.
CDNThongLover #152

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/11/2016 10:44:17Copy HTML

 I have no issues with being the gym and shaved bald.  I have been bald for about the last 8 years and never had an issue in the gym.  I don't mind at all if other guys take a peek because I do the same thing.
Thongzo #153

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/17/2016 01:44:05Copy HTML

I've never understood why men read the paper and watch TV naked in the gym but it seems to happen at EVERY gym I've ever been to! Why? What is the appeal? I mean, I love being naked and stuff but reading the paper? Watching TV in the locker room? Never understood it and likely never will.
BigEasy #154

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:02/18/2016 11:48:54Copy HTML

 I can agree with the rest of the people on here that says it's not a problem. I've been completely shaved for years now and haven't had any problems at the gym. I have had the odd look but nothing untoward. I've also seen blokes with various degree of trimming going on also
SmoothStud #155

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/30/2016 06:04:43Copy HTML

With the tank tops I almost always wear while working out, the other members (especially those who get close enough to see for sure) can usually tell I shave at least my entire chest. In the locker room, I make clear that I am completely comfortable in my body, especially when I'm making visible progress on it. At a gym I belonged to in Denton, Tx., in 2002-03, the saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs were next to the shower and between the locker room and pool, which means they were gender-separated; that allowed us to remain nude while using those facilities, which is unquestionably best anyway. Both then and now, I've brought a towel along in case so I can wipe off my face before putting my eyeglasses back on. When I used the hot tub, steam room, and sauna back then, the towel was in a corner while I remained very casually nude; when in the co-ed facilities now, I only wear a low-cut, 1-inch side bikini swimsuit (Dallas isn't very friendly anymore to Brazilian-cut suits, but very fit men & women are definitely more likely to be allowed wear them publicly like that.)  When taking a shower, my towel stays back in my locker--no sense in risking get it wet. Whether the place is packed or empty, I walk nude everywhere in the lockerroom, while somewhat hoping others will see my cleanshaved body.

I don't so much flaunt it but make sure others see that I'm just as comfortable being nude as they are in gym locker rooms.  But, I do want them to see that a gym body looks so much better when smoothshaved; sometimes, if a guy is at either end of 5 sinks to brush teeth, fix hair, etc., I'll pick a middle sink to do the same while totally nude--it's also part of my effort to promote the superiority of nudity over being textile-impaired. I use one of the wall dryers on my hair and body while anyone passing by can see my smoothshaved, nude body.  When I remove or put on my cotton G-string underwear, I do it just as nonchalantly as they do their bikini, brief, and boxer underwear.  I believe this encourages others to eventually do the same.  I rarely get obvious stares or comments; but, I have gotten 2 or 3 positive comments with questions on how to do it best.  The one time someone couldn't stop staring was when his locker was 2 down from mine; while he changed and I dried off after showering & shaving, he could not take his eyes off my flat, cleanshaved crotch until he left--maybe he'd never seen it done so well or so completely before with the unexpected opportunity to see it so closely.  I have also gotten plenty of positive compliments poolside, especially at the gym, because of how good I look completely smoothshaved and in my skimpy swimsuits.

As far as others I see, it seems to be mostly men at least age 68 who don't at least trim or manage it. Most of the guys, especially the more serious athletes and bodybuilders, shave and/or trim it nicely. I must agree that a growing majority of those under about 35 shave all or almost all. (I can't help but notice that 98% of guys (mostly 18-25) who post various amateur videos online are completely shaved.)  I'm rather of the opinion now that if you're going to be naked at any time in the locker-room area, then you should shave all or most of your crotch or, at the very least, trim it nicely so that it looks groomed.  Too much hair there is now a distraction.
Shazam #156

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:12/31/2017 05:34:14Copy HTML

 At my usual gym location, if I go in the morning, there's a couple of guys that have always shaved, including me.  If I go in the evening, there's way more shaved guys - virtually all the young guys are shaved or heavily trimmed.
Going to the gym location downtown has been truly remarkable.  Almost every guy other than the old fellas are totally shaved.  Morning, afternoon, evening, doesn't matter when I go.  This is a huge change from when I used to go there around 2000, where I was usually the only totally shaved guy.
NudeNArizona #157

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/15/2018 05:40:30Copy HTML

 I don't think being shaved is really a shock anymore, but I can remember back in high school the only guys who were shaved were swimmers, and most still kept their pubes but since I had light hair I just shaved it all off.  Then later on in life kept myself shaved even though I didn't swim competitively anymore.
BigEasy #158

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:01/23/2018 03:40:20Copy HTML

Hi Guys,
Personally I've never had a problem, been bald all over for years now and never a negative comment, maybe the odd look as it's not common but nothing negative. And given the fact that I have a fairly heavy gauge PA piercing also then I probably draw attention more than most so all is good I say.
I've just taken the attitude it's my choice and I'll do what I like, used to have the stigma years ago but now I just think f*ck it. 
I've probably maybe seen half a dozen guys who shave or trim over the last few years.
Not sure if this is the right place to post but a fairly funny story is as follows:
When I go to Spain I still join the gym to keep in trim and the gym I go to has a sauna within the changing room. The first time I went I did my workout and thought I'd relax for 10 mins in the sauna. I stripped off after my gym session and went in naked as I assumed this is what happens due to the changing room being male only and the sauna being in the changing room.
I went in and took my spot furthest from the door as this was close to the coals and I wanted to get close. I was totally relaxed, eyes closed and drink in hand when the door opened and 3 guys from the gym walked in.........with shorts on. Well that was that, I felt like a complete idiot. 
I tried to stay until they left but if I left it any longer I would have passed out from the heat lol. So up I get and had to do the "walk of shame" past them all bollock naked.
My point being is that as stated I'm shaved all over and have my piercing. I left the changing room and had my shower. As I came out of the shower the other guys were at their bags gearing up for their shower, as I walked to my bench all I got when they looked up was a friendly "alright?" and nothing negative what so ever. 
I hope this goes a way to easing the mind of the ones who are apprehensive about being what is perceived as a little different
Beachlover492000 #159

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/01/2018 02:15:50Copy HTML

 There was a time when male body hair was very much in fashion. Men unbuttoned their shirts at the neck to show chest hair topped off with a gold neck chain. Shaving your body was a big no-no. In fact one aspect of the "master - slave" type of relationship had the dominant woman forcing the man to shave. The more he was forced to shave, the greater the "punishment." 
Years ago I would never have the courage to beach with my body totally shaved as I do now. It would have drawn a lot of negative comments and a lot of embarrassment. I am glad that times have changed. 
Endo_Rowe #160

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/08/2018 08:11:30Copy HTML

 I've kept myself hair-free or close to it since I was a teen (37 now). It's just not something I even think about anymore. That said, I haven't noticed anyone else at my gym. It's a busy downtown Gold's, men from their early-20s into their 60s, gay and straight, all different body types, and yet, even trimming seems to be a rarity. Maybe it's a regional thing. Who knows?
RapidBlue #161

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/08/2018 09:36:17Copy HTML

 I have been totally shaved since I was a teen. Originally I shaved as part of a competitive sport. I’ve simply kept it up ever since. While I do take care to shave and be clean I have noticed that I am the only one in my gym that is clean of body hair. It has never been an thing with anyone I have encountered in the locker room. Outside and in the gym space I have had a number of women comment on how good my legs look shaved and how nice it is that I take the time to take care of myself. It is simply my preference to be shaved. 
kiyoothong #162

Re:Bald at the gym

Date Posted:03/09/2018 02:53:09Copy HTML

I can't wear shorts when I'm playing soccer because all the guys stare at my bare legs. It's like they've never seen a hair-free guy before. One time, this guy trash-talked and told me that I should play in the women's league.
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