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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:02/22/2008 05:30:02Copy HTML

Hi,   I need more info.Any thong friendly beaches in Bali??My wife is quite shy when it comes to busy beaches.Are there any secluded beaches where one could just laze and walk around in a thong without people staring.Thanks.God Bless.
darklegend #1


Date Posted:03/23/2008 12:59:36Copy HTML

Try Geger Beach. 
Pagan-Egyptian #2


Date Posted:03/29/2008 05:18:47Copy HTML

 there are several in Bali. My wife is from Indonesia and its not hard to find a secluded area at many beaches. I will ask her about some good ones and get back to you when she gets home.
Pagan-Egyptian #3


Date Posted:04/11/2008 02:35:02Copy HTML

Sorry it took so long to reply...  This may be useful for anyone wanting to visit Bali, Indonesia. remember, Bali is dominated and ran by the Hindu communities, so you will encounter very open minded and polite peoples that keep their land very clean and neat lined with incense and flowers compared to the Muslim areas of Middle and Western Java. 
Beware of June-July months as this is the School break and prices go way up during these times due to the higher demand of visitation of Javans.

  My wife said Kuta Beach is the cleanest and nicest beach. She said there are international traverlers that visit, so you will be in a mixed bag of visitors, a lot of Japanese, Australian, Korean, Europeans etc. so the midframe is very lax.But also note that she advised Kuta beach is VERY long and is very easy to find a spot for yourselves.  She said the view is totally unsurpassed.
Nusa Dua Beach is also one she highly recommends. Its not quite as clean, but is compared to American beaches as about the same, and are fewer people there.  
Danah Lot is one with large waves and looking out you can see mountains. But the shore is not sand, but is essentially carved from rock, so your walking on slabs of smooth slightly wavy stone.
Bedugul Lake in the mountains. A great getaway spot where the water is cool and refreshing and you can ride on boats for just under $5.

Lombok island is another option if you have the time, boats ferry people all the time.
Pagan-Egyptian #4


Date Posted:04/11/2008 02:46:51Copy HTML

 If there is any request or need for a in depth guide to Bali, just send me a message and I will get with my wifes aunt that was born there and lived there for over 30 years.
chan_ #5


Date Posted:04/11/2008 03:34:41Copy HTML

    Thanks for the in depth info, greatly appreciate.Thank you once again.
Pagan-Egyptian #6


Date Posted:04/12/2008 01:04:03Copy HTML

 I forgot to mention that thongs are perfectly acceptable at all the Bali beaches.  Hope you have fun.
616 #7


Date Posted:05/04/2008 03:04:52Copy HTML

I am thinking of going to bali, might stay in the Ubud area, is it ok to thong at these resorts and at the hot springs in the Nat park etc?  Where are good hotels on the beach but nowhere near the city/tourist areas?
Pagan-Egyptian #8


Date Posted:05/11/2008 12:33:57Copy HTML

 I sent you a pvt message. 
straplesspouch #9


Date Posted:10/17/2008 12:12:51Copy HTML

Any news about proposed new law?
joshuaspain #10


Date Posted:11/16/2009 04:40:25Copy HTML

 Just back from Bali...  Thong is totally acceptable on beaches in Bali.  I walked from Seminyak to Kuta along the beach in my thong...  it was totally fine.  And along the way, I met people along the way in thong (both male and female).  Had a great time walking along that stretch of beach.  It is about an hour to walk from one end to the other.  Bali is AWESOME and I highly recommend it.  Keep thonging :-)
joshuaspain #11


Date Posted:03/10/2011 08:47:02Copy HTML

Going to Bali from 11th - 14th March...  Am looking forward to some nice weather there!
straplesspouch #12


Date Posted:03/12/2011 02:11:21Copy HTML

You may find the weather not so good as there are big rains now.  from end of April on it starts to dry up. Bali is a laid back place and generally there is no problem on the beach as to what you wear or not wear.  Will be there in May and June. 
strepsils #13


Date Posted:03/14/2011 06:25:35Copy HTML

Believe me or not. I rode a motorcycle all the way to Banjar Hot Spring! Approximate 4 hours motorcycle ride, no kidding!

Rinse myself in a thong and then dive in! :-) Wow... refreshing...

gnoht #14


Date Posted:03/14/2011 10:21:19Copy HTML

 so which part of Bali you guys recommend?
straplesspouch #15


Date Posted:03/15/2011 10:40:56Copy HTML

south Bali as in Kuta, Legian beaches. similarly Nusa Dua, Jimbaran Bay. Then there is Canggu and Seseh, etc along the southern coast. For the latter these places can be very quiet and at times there is no one around so with some disgression nude is possible. Not late afternoons as many Indonesians visit the beach. Thirty years ago there was an article in  Penthouse magazine featuring single European women holidaying there and all photographed in g-strings and topless. And I thought that is the place I want to be. In those days it was acceptable to go nude on Legian beach but then people were forced to wear something and so g-strings became the norm. These days it is the exception to see women topless and thongs/g-strings are a rare sight.  
straplesspouch #16


Date Posted:03/15/2011 10:56:53Copy HTML

As per my earlier post you should have no difficulty in thonging and topless discretely (variants: thong, g-string, c-string, pouch) but complete nude on the tourist beaches no. Go to the quieter areas in the quieter times or to the unofficial nude beach which I think is,or was, over in the Bukit area. 
cilipadi #17


Date Posted:07/10/2012 11:54:51Copy HTML

 Going to Bali with my wife... Cannot wait for the day to see her in her thongs and topless playing on the beach...
bbyrne78 #18


Date Posted:08/19/2012 11:37:25Copy HTML

Selamat sore!

My husband and I are currently in Bali for some fun in the sun. We're there for two weeks and will get to go around not only Bali but some of the surrounding islands.

Selamat Tengal!
bbyrne78 #19


Date Posted:08/20/2012 02:12:48Copy HTML

We are staying in a villa in Seminyak. Today was really cruisy, organising our surf equipment and days. Apart from that wore a WW451 in the new sheer vision sea green colour. Made my fading tan look amazing.
Had a younger French girl take the lounge next to me and ask a bunch of questions. She seemed nice enough. When she left she was replaced by an American woman traveling with her older husband. She had also asked a bunch of questions.
Last but not least (struggling to finish the book on my tablet), one of the gorgeous Balinese wait staff asked me where I purchased such a small bikini. She seemed so sweet and interested we chatted for about five minutes. I got her name and shift details. I promised her she could wear one of them if she wanted to spend her day off with Andrew and me in Padang Padang beach in Uluwatu.
If she comes I'll give it to her as a present.
So far no issues apart from some sunburnt British tourists and a couple of tanorexic Aussie girls behaving badly.
Maxin #20


Date Posted:08/21/2012 02:01:18Copy HTML

Interesting despatch. How is it there for guys to wear thongs. Is the place you stayed upmarket, where thongs tend to be more acceptable, and how about other parts of the island. Planning a trip soon so would appreciate some up to date info. Max
bbyrne78 #21


Date Posted:08/21/2012 09:36:35Copy HTML

Hi Max

I'd say that where we are staying is pretty nice and has probably the best pool in Seminyak. Not sure about a guy with a thong. I did see lots of Europeans wearing swim briefs and square cut trunks, but no thongs. Other than myself, there was a couple of Russian girls and French girls wearing thongs.

That said, nothing as brief as a WW for the others though. There are a couple of stores in Seminyak and Legian which I saw a few cute brazilian styles - Niconicointimo and Blue Glue. Unfortunately, they are made for the tourist market since their extra small/small sizes are still too big for me.
AlanMartin #22


Date Posted:08/21/2012 12:24:01Copy HTML

Hi Brenda,glad to hear it's so cool, but hot!
I thought you had thrown out all Andrew's boxers and briefs so he only had thongs to wear?

bbyrne78 #23


Date Posted:08/29/2012 07:21:36Copy HTML

Hi Alan

Board shorts are the easiest thing to buy in Bali. There are about 1000 surf shops in Bali all selling the same thing. Andrew pretty much hit the shops on the first day and picked up about five pairs of board shorts.

That said, he hasn't bought any new underwear since he has come back which pretty much means that he is happy with wearing thong underwear.

Other than when surfing, he has pretty much worn Aussie Bum suits throughout our time in Bali. Surfing is slightly different since it is a pretty tribal  thing and you need to wear the "uniform".

One great moment was when he approached a couple of ladies to take their photo by the pool (overlooking the calmest, bluest water in Bali), he was surprised when those women all offered to pose with him. I think he was pretty embarrassed by the whole thing. I ended up taking the photos (the women kindly gave him their emails for the photos).

The only downer was Andrew being asked to cover up by an Englishman who I think was a little annoyed by his partner taking more than a few sneaky looks and camera phone shots.
AlanMartin #24


Date Posted:08/29/2012 07:00:25Copy HTML

 Nice report - yes I can understand wearing surfshorts for surfing, there's a time and  a place for everything.
So the Englishman asked Andrew to cover-up wearing basically speedos, while at the same time their where girls in thongs?If so, weird, but then people can be here :)

pkthong #25


Date Posted:09/11/2012 05:20:14Copy HTML

 I understand the wearing of boardshorts while surfing is a tribal/cultural thing but certainly NOT a practical thing.
I have seen guys surfing in speedos once in a while and they did not seem to get more of a rash than anyone else.
Also female surfers routinely wear bikini bottoms while surfing.
I would like this to wearing a collared golf shirt while golfing, most golf courses will not allow men to wear regular T- shirts(collarless) while golfing.These are usually private clubs which reserve the right to set rules. Boardshorts while surfing is slightly different as most beaches where people surf are not private clubs. I think it would be bold of someone to surf in a thong. I suppose one might be chided if not downright ridiculed for doing so but this applies for thong wearing in general.
barebutt #26


Date Posted:03/10/2013 03:55:59Copy HTML

 On holiday in Bali and Wore my joe Snyder thong and walked from seminyak To legian and had. 4 beach massages in 2days all in a thong. Went boogey boarding also in a thong. It was awesome to do that. Friendly locals too.
firefly2010 #27


Date Posted:08/25/2013 06:11:13Copy HTML

can anyone tell me of a swimwear shop in bali that sells womens thong bikini????
bbyrne78 #28


Date Posted:08/26/2013 12:15:45Copy HTML

There are thousands of places to buy bikinis in Bali. Unfortunately, most are surf brands or from the nebulous term, resortwear.
I did have some luck with a boutique brand called Blue-Glu. Decent quality and fit (on the large side) but at the store I went to (in Ubud of all places), they had their more skimpy bottoms not on display. I asked for G-Backs or T-Backs and they had a few in the back.
Hope this helps.
Love Bren
firefly2010 #29


Date Posted:08/26/2013 06:07:37Copy HTML

Thanks Bren.

Looks like some shopping on line is called for before thet trip :)
firefly2010 #30


Date Posted:09/15/2013 01:58:30Copy HTML

in Bali now. apart from the  rain  today the beaches are nice and relaxed. Only one guy I thong on the beach but lots of girls in thong an tiny backed bikini.
BeachLover007 #31


Date Posted:09/15/2013 02:55:49Copy HTML

I've been in Bali twice this past week but only at the airport.  Sadly I fly medivac and I've had to pick up 2 Australians that have been in accidents that were young and will either most likely die or be paralyzed for the rest of their lives and take them home to loved ones.  One was a hit and run.  So everyone please be careful with traffic in Bali.

Safe and fun travels!
magicmuffin #32


Date Posted:09/28/2013 06:20:35Copy HTML

I'm thinking of going to Bali next February for a week or so. This will be my first trip over there so can anyone tell me of any secluded beaches where guys can safely wear g-strings, or should I say micro g-strings? I've worn them on secluded beaches in West Oz for ages because I know where the quiet beaches are, but Bali is a different story. Can anyone help me out please and also does anyone know of any seamstresses over there that make swimwear to order? My local seamstress has moved and I can't find any others willing to do one off orders.  
straplesspouch #33


Date Posted:09/29/2013 02:05:00Copy HTML

Climax swimwear in Kuta.  Yes that's the name.  Search balitravelforum for comments about their quality.
malagaguy #34


Date Posted:11/16/2013 12:22:32Copy HTML

Any update on Bali beaches?
4 Weeks to go and we have pool villas @ Jimbawan and Sanur through the Xmas period.
Will, return with full reports!
wxyzz #35


Date Posted:04/24/2015 05:06:03Copy HTML

 any latest thong scene in bali?
SGInnovator #36


Date Posted:04/30/2015 09:54:31Copy HTML

 Its great, let me post a pic of what I saw in April 15. But no guys thonging though.

wxyzz #37


Date Posted:04/30/2015 03:18:44Copy HTML

anyone try to make their fav thong at Climax swimwear ?

which beach is best to thong now?
djthong #38


Date Posted:03/02/2016 04:49:30Copy HTML

Climax swimwear great little shop. Quality custom made thongs made to order. Friendly and helpful staff. Thank you.
Maxin #39


Date Posted:03/04/2016 11:46:06Copy HTML

 Useful info. there djthong. Hope you will post some pics of the suits and quality of them. Sounds amazingly cheap.

chickenleg #40


Date Posted:01/18/2018 09:43:46Copy HTML

 Another bump. Looking at planning a cheap family holiday, possibly staying in a nice hotel somewhere like Nusa Dua perhaps? What's the scene like in Bali at the moment, perhaps a little more open with the rise of skimpier swimwear over the past few years? It's been 10 years since i've been, staying in Kuta as a young partygoer. I'm sure much has changed just like I have! 
barebutt #41


Date Posted:01/19/2018 02:00:13Copy HTML

 Watch the volcano situation bere thinking about going to Bali. 
poonster #42


Date Posted:06/12/2018 07:16:42Copy HTML

 Hi Everyone any updates on the Bali scene? thinking about planning a Christmas vacation there.Thanks
shireguy69 #43


Date Posted:06/13/2018 01:51:31Copy HTML

 bali is all good people are fantastic resort pools & beaches are good for thonging been there twice in the last 2 years if you want your own pool get a villa
Stringtheory #44


Date Posted:11/02/2018 10:29:02Copy HTML

Bali is very thong friendly. Went to the Uluwatu beach (less people) in thong. No problem. Lots of other girls in thongs, but I was only male.Also went to the waterbom Waterpark, but in a Rio I went to climax swimwear. Boght 4 thongs and made 3. They cusom make for What style you want. Very reasonable prize and very friendly straff. Check it out if you are in the area
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