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Date Posted:02/10/2005 02:36:06Copy HTML

Hi. Will be in Barcelona in April... is the weather good enough for suntanning? Any thong acceptable beaches nearby? Thanks
Ryan Booth #1

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:02/23/2005 01:35:58Copy HTML

It will be touch and go on the weather. I think the average temperature for April is about 14.1? (57.4?) which isn't great. But you never know it could heat up before then so make sure you pack your thongs.
wr1944 #2

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:02/23/2005 05:51:51Copy HTML

For a better temperature you have to go to Sitges, 30 km South of Barcelona. That is where the rich people from Barcelona used to go to escape the cold from the North. Between Barcelona and Sitges is a mountainridge to shield off the cold winds. I have heard the Sitges community tends to be a little gay. But the city and the beach are nice, so be sure to check it out. You can reach it by a local train.
AndreaDK #3

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:03/21/2005 03:07:05Copy HTML

Both men and girls can wear thongs in barcelona, so you'll feel safe. Sitges, not been their, but it is famous for being super liberal.
jthong #4

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/05/2005 06:05:46Copy HTML


the weather in April in Spain tends to be fairly good and warm, especially for northerners. Even though the Spaniards are still walking around in their winter coats, the weather is fine enough to enjoy the sun. Here in Madrid, the temperature at the moment is about 24 C.

The city beach in Barcelona is ok for a couple of hours of sunbathing if you don't have the time or don't want to go to a place outside the city. On the end of the beach, near the Olympic village, is the nude area and the gay area.

Sitges ist just great. It only takes a 30 min train ride from BCN main station to get there. It is a very popular for day trips from BCN and a very pittoresque little town. It indeed is very liberal, as it has a huge gay scene, but also many families tend to go there. It definitely is worth the trip and you don't have to worry about wearing a thong.




CheBru #5

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:11/05/2011 05:12:33Copy HTML

San Sebastian is very cool beach to show off. Showering nude and showing off my prince albert to the tourists strolling by on the passeig maritim. Apparently some discussion that nudity would be prohibited.
rickvt #6

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:11/06/2011 12:38:14Copy HTML

  Make sure you stay on the beach in Barcelona, as they passed a
law last April prohibiting skimpy attire anywhere but on the beach,
including bikinis, etc.  News story here:

thongdk #7

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/14/2012 04:54:36Copy HTML

 Will in going to Barcelona next week. Is Sitges still the best place to thong on the beach - or do anyone have some recommendations? And what about cool underwear/swimwear shops - any ideas where to find them?
AndreaDK #8

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/14/2012 07:21:48Copy HTML

 Barcelona city beach (Barceloneta or any other) is perfect for wearing a thong, even for a man.When I was there last autumn, many girls and women were wearing a thong, most topless, a few nude. Most men were in swimsuits or naked, not in thongs (a couple I think and it was busy), but absolutely not a problem.I asked my friend about the swimwear ban as we were at the beach cafes just off the beach in our thongs (but putted the top back on) and many other girls too. She says, it applies away from the beach, so the pavement next to the beach is not the problem, it is the tourists leaving to beachfront that are the problem. Have fun :)
Thongdude87 #9

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:07/28/2013 08:32:08Copy HTML

 The beaches of Barcelona are perfect for thongs. The Spaniards are very free and open with all kinds of swimwear. Give it a go!
miaswim #10

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/19/2014 06:24:58Copy HTML

I'll be in Barcelona May 3 - 7.  Is the weather then decent for thonging at the beach or my hotel pool?  Considering a day trip down to Sitges as well since it's been 10+ years since I was last there. 
spandexluva #11

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/25/2014 01:25:22Copy HTML

I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Barcelona and make it to the beach twice during my stay.

I found myself at San Sebastian beach on both days, at a nice location directly in front of the swimming club.

On the first day the beach was fairly busy since it was a perfect sunny day. I found a spot that wasn’t too busy. There happened to be two men sun bathing nude, which I figured would distract people from me in my Joe Snyder bulge thong. It was my first time thonging on a really busy beach. I soaked up the sun for nearly two hours during which several groups of people, including families, setup shop right around me. They did not bat an eye at my bright red minimal suit.

My second day was much the same but the beach was far less busy since it was a weekday and sun didn’t come out until later in the day. I think I was the only guy in a thong but saw many guys in speedos and a few nude. Many women were topless. Brazilian style bottom was by far the most popular cut for bottoms.

Overall my experience was fantastic. I wish I lived closer to a beach like that. I am pleased to say that for the first time I have thong tan lines!

I only heard one negative comment from an American couple, who hasn’t figured out that just about everyone in Barcelona understands at least some English.
thong4gay #12

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:07/12/2014 08:18:58Copy HTML

 It was great at Mar Bella Beach...3 days in thong. I was the only one:-( Hope to see more thongers next time in Barcelona.
thong_jock #13

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:09/20/2014 02:30:53Copy HTML

 I just spent 2 weeks in Europe - 1 week in Barcelona and Sitges and the rest of the trip touring Italy and the South of France. I only saw 2 other guys in thongs on the beach our entire trip and I was at the beach about 5 of 14 days . I saw LOTS of guys in speedos but RARELY any other thongers. Nonetheless I wore my Muscleskins poser thongs on the beach and at the hotel pool without any issues. The only issue I did have was we went to check out a fetish night at a sex club. They advertised it as open to all kinds of gear, including jocks, speedos, swimwear, leather. When I went to wear my thong the uptight woman at the door said 'no thongs'. I tried to explain that thongs were my fetish but she was being ridiculously adamant about it. It's my first time experiencing thong prejudice and at a sex club of all places! Needless to say I was a little pissed and we left.
I did brave wearing a thong on a main beach at Barceloneta and walked up to the boardwalk and showered in my thong with lots of people walking by. Lots of looks, but no rude comments or people looking like they were seeing a UFO. Overall a very positive experience thonging. Of the beaches in Barcelona, Playa de la Mar Bella was my favorite and the gay nude beach in Sitges was really nice too. Barcelona/Sitges are beautiful spots with an amazing and free-spririted beach culture. Thumbs up! 
T_for_2 #14

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:09/20/2014 11:37:14Copy HTML


  If jocks were acceptable it seems ludicrous that thongs were not. Makes no sense to me. At least otherwise you had a great time.
thong_jock #15

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:01/27/2015 02:10:47Copy HTML

 I stayed at an airbnb condo when there so can't comment on hotels. U will see lots of speedos on guys in barcelona but very few thongs. I only saw one other guy thonging in the week I was there. My fav beach was Playa Mar Bella. Awesome clothing optional beach. I wore thongs there every day and no one batted an eye. Barcelona is an amazing city and very cosmopolitan. All beaches are clothing optional and u can wear what like...no one's seems to care. If u like guys take the train to Sitges one day. Great little seaside resort town with lots of hot men. Have fun!
Thongzforever #16

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:01/27/2015 10:23:59Copy HTML

Thong_jock speaks truth! BCN is a great city and very tolerant of thongs. 
lcp84047 #17

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:09/08/2015 10:18:28Copy HTML

 Spent a couple hours nude with my wife topless on Mar Bella beach. Lots of nude people, the majority men. Saw a couple thongs, none on men but speedos were common. Hope to get more beach time before I leave Friday morning, but have lots of other sights to see.
dresden123 #18

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/30/2016 12:09:30Copy HTML

 I was in Barcelona last June for my work. I escaped several times to the beach and braved my thong. I am male, in my 50s, but pretty fit and slim and (I think) I look OK. I love wearing a string for the sensation of the sun and water on my backside and I love that minimalist feeling but I am no exhibitionist. I am always very nervous and self-concious about wearing it. I have read many blogs that tell me that nobody cares but still I wonder if I should be doing this.

Well, it is more or less true, not many people care, but people certainly look. First time was starting at noon on a crowded Sunday on Mar Bella beach but well away from the mostly male, nudist part which is not my scene. I placed my towel, counted one two three and stripped off. It was very hot so I walked straight to the sea. I felt uncomfortable there and back, but once on my towel - magic, nobody cared and I enjoyed the sun. For the rest of the week, I found it very difficult to arrive at the end of the day when the beach was packed. Going early morning is much easier, as you are there and people are free to camp next to you, or not. Perhaps the highlight of the week was the last afternoon - after dozing in the sun, I opened my eyes to find myself next to two ladies of a certain age stripped to the bare minimum (one looked like a businesswoman filling time before the plane home - like me). They looked great and they looked comfortable. I felt like the founder of a minimalist colony.
tiggerix #19

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/02/2016 10:17:35Copy HTML

Good for you dresden123 - I think you summed it up well.  Too many of us find reasons not to thong (me included), only wishing we had taken every opportunity.  Hopefully you will get more chances to enjoy the sea and sun.

Warmer weather coming to the UK - not quite Florida, but we are hardy types..
abczyxabczyx #20

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/05/2016 05:29:14Copy HTML

I thonged once in Barcelona, but felt more freedom going nude after that.  Great place to shed your inhibitions.
Speedster78 #21

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/21/2016 06:20:22Copy HTML

 I'll be in Barcelona June 17-25. Looking for guys 25-45 y/o to go to the beach in thongs with and to hang out in general. Hit me up if interested. 
spanishthong #22

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:07/01/2016 10:51:20Copy HTML

Hello there!
I am from Barcelona and I go to the beach, usually in my speedos. In Barceloneta beach, it is not so unusual to see boys in thongs. Sometimes, there are men who use them but it is more usual to see nudist ones. I am looking forward people who uses thongs as swimwear or underwear (I use thongs for underwear mostly everyday). If you are interested in it, drop me a message!Greetings!!
Baguio #23

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:03/23/2017 12:32:06Copy HTML

 Going be in Barcelona next May 2018. Looking forward to the open acceptance of Europeans and what is worn or not worn at beaches. Going to be at several Spanish and Portugese ports of call. What about the water park in Barcelona, Illa Fantasia? Are thongs allowed there? Watched a lot of Youtube videos and saw speedos but no thongs.
lcp84047 #24

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:03/23/2017 09:00:21Copy HTML

 I got an incredible deal ($300 ea) on nonstop tickets from OAK to BCN in June, so my wife and I will be going back. We were there a couple years ago-look back in the thread for my reports.I plan to go to the nude beach at La Mar Bella beach, and maybe thong at some of the other beaches, depending on the vibe. I also think it's likely that we'll go back to Sitges and the nude beach there, since the weather made our stay short last time.We are deciding what to do, where to stay, and so forth. Since we've been before, some of the touristy stuff has already been crossed off the list, so we are looking for recommendations for other things to do. And of course, I'm always looking for suggestions and reports on good places to thong or go nude.
ballsnark #25

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/04/2017 04:29:44Copy HTML

 Barceloneta I believe is the more crowded textile beach. How common is it to see men completely nude there? I have a white see through Joe Snyder thong I want to try out there this summer. 
Thongzforever #26

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/04/2017 11:11:57Copy HTML

 In most beaches there, you'll come a cross a couple of completely naked men (though it is not designated as a nude beach)...if you move farther down to Marbella Beach (around 15min walk) you will find more naked people (mostly men) as it is the nude beach
Thongzforever #27

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/04/2017 11:13:43Copy HTML

 Oh..and a white see thru swimsuit should not be an issue pretty much anywhere along the beach
ballsnark #28

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/06/2017 02:18:13Copy HTML

 Thongzforever, thanks for the info. What about the showers at the top of the beach there? Do you see completely naked men at the showers and would that be acceptable? What about in my completely see through white JS pouch thong? Or would this be too much?
My wife and I are headed there in early August and am interested in what is acceptable for guys. I figure she can wear whatever wherever on the beach but not sure about what is accepted for guys in particular at the shower area.
Thongzforever #29

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/06/2017 10:22:00Copy HTML

Your swimwear will not be an issue at all - even if it gets see-thru. As for showering naked, that also shouldn't be an issue either at/near the nude beache
ballsnark #30

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/10/2017 07:13:42Copy HTML

 Thanks. What about at the other beaches such as Barceloneta? Will we able to shower nude there or must we keep our clothes on? I don't think we will spend too much time at the nude beach there.
Thongzforever #31

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/11/2017 10:31:40Copy HTML

I find the odd naked guy scattered across Barceloneta usually with no issues...can't say i've actually seen one using the showers there naked. The nude beach isn't at all far from Barceloneta (10mins or so away), so perhaps it is better to just stick to go going to the nude if you're that concerned about causing a stir showering nude. 
thongingKY #32

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/11/2017 03:04:55Copy HTML

 I will be in Spain all of May 2017. This thread is very helpful! I cannot wait to get some great tan lines. Any recommendations on beaches or things I should see would be great. Or any local thonger contacts?
thong_jock #33

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/12/2017 01:26:51Copy HTML

 ThongingKY...all beaches are thong friendly in Barcelona. I only saw 2 other dudes in thongs when i was there over 6 days in Sept 2015. I wore my thongs evwrywhere, even showering on the boardwalk in Barcelonetta. Barcelona is a super cool city! Take beach pics! :-) 
thong_jock #34

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/12/2017 01:28:06Copy HTML

 Fyi...definitely make the trip to Sitges...especially if you're a gay guy...fun!!!
thongingKY #35

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/12/2017 01:56:23Copy HTML

 I am spending one week in Sitges and another in Barcelona!
thong_jock #36

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/12/2017 02:11:36Copy HTML

 ThongingKY...all beaches are thong friendly in Barcelona. I only saw 2 other dudes in thongs when i was there over 6 days in Sept 2015. I wore my thongs evwrywhere, even showering on the boardwalk in Barcelonetta. Barcelona is a super cool city! Take beach pics! :-) 
Thongzforever #37

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/12/2017 09:55:38Copy HTML

 thong_jock is absolutely right...it is a thong-friendly city and you will definitely love it!
Baguio #38

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:04/21/2017 12:19:03Copy HTML

 Gee, sounds like my 'daring' suits won't realy be that daring in Barcelona. hehe Can't wait for May '18
thongingKY #39

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/13/2017 05:28:45Copy HTML

 I spent all last week in my thong on San Sebastian in Sitges. Went to the main nude beach in Barcelona today and definitely going back tomorrow if anyone wants to meet up. Still haven't seen another male thonger, most are nude or in speedos. 
Baguio #40

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/13/2017 08:04:56Copy HTML

 Whats teh weather like, Thonging KY, in Barcelona? and the water?
thongingKY #41

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/14/2017 08:10:29Copy HTML

It's been sunny, about 75-80F. Water probably about 65, but it is the Mediterranean. It isn't too popular in May, so the beaches are not too crowded.
ballsnark #42

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/15/2017 04:41:22Copy HTML

 Have you noticed any nude sunbathers on any of the non nude beaches such as Barceloneta? I'm headed there in August. 
Thongzforever #43

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/16/2017 10:18:50Copy HTML

i have noticed the odd nude sunbather on non-nude beaches every now and then without people around them making a big deal out of it or anything....if you'll be staying in barcelona, might as well just go to Mar Bella beach, which is nudist
CKWonderer #44

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/19/2017 09:45:21Copy HTML

 I'm going to be there in mid-June and look forward to hitting the sand in my speedo types and thongs and G when I can "step away " from my kids for a while.  They both know I wear them but haven't adjusted to be able to see me in one, YET.  I'm hoping that they get an eye full when in Europe so that I become more "normal "  in there eyes about wearing them. 
malagaguy #45

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:05/21/2017 02:07:47Copy HTML

Barcelona is a pick pocket nightmare! Watch out on the Metro for the little gypsy girls that normally pickpocket the trains as a group of 2 to 4 ppl. They will run a finger lightly up your leg in a crowded train to see where your wallet is!  Just keep all your backpacks and hand bags on your front - zipped up with your arms around them. 
Be well aware of the people around you! 
jruss86 #46

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:02/08/2018 12:28:26Copy HTML

Barcelona is awesome for just plain nudity.  I have personally seen (men and woman) doing the following, on nearly all beaches, not just the nudist areas:- showering fully nude right next to the boardwalk- showering, then pulling bathing suit down to wash off sand from crotch, revealing everything to passersby- changing into / out off bathing suit with full nudity, albeit brief- changing into / out off bathing suit, bottoms only, keeping t-shirt on- Walking and standing nude on beach- Swimming nude
I've never seen fully nude men or women laying on a beach towel, except in the nudist areas.  Many women are topless, though, just never bottomless.
Note that in general people always seem to restrict their flashing to areas where there are no children.  Cool.  I've also never witnessed anything overtly sexual.  And it's not like a nude fest.  You may see one or two full-monty nudity events per day if you're watching for them.
I have been all along the coast of Catalonia and the same situation is everywhere.  The only times I saw a reaction to nudity was laughter from two young women who were obviously being intentionally flashed by a guy, and a woman who shouted "yes, freedom!" in Catalonian.  Some tourists look a bit shocked at first, and that's just a bit funny.
The point is, I guess, if you're not offending anyone and act casual then you can be nude on any Spanish (or at least Catalonian) beach, especially if the nudity is relatively brief.
thongman8 #47

Re:Barcelona - Spain

Date Posted:03/13/2018 01:23:19Copy HTML

 Was in Barcelona last summer. 

Lots of topless ladies on the beach.   Lots of cheeky/thong bikini bottoms.  One very attractive, top heavy (natural breasts) girl got up from her towel and swam in the ocean topless.  It was kind of funny.  When she got to the shore, she covered her breasts with her hands to walk onto the sand to her towel and her friend.  Once there, the hands went away and she acted as if it was not a problem.  Just thought it was strange to cover up for literately 10 seconds when she exited the water.

Didn't see any nude sunbathers.  No guys in thongs either.  Some guys wore swim briefs, but no thongs.  There were a lot of guys wearing square cut briefs.  So, if you add those to the brief/speedo type, I'd say there were a lot of guys wearing that type of suit.  
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