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Date Posted:07/19/2003 01:38:26Copy HTML

Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas is a very popular place to swim and sun, especially during the summer months.I have been going there for 4 years, and have worn a thong or g-string everytime, without any trouble. Girls can also go topless there, and it's not just limited to laying out. I saw a girl walk down one side of the pooltopless, and get in the pool with her air mattress. The last time i was there, an older man walked around the pool,strutting his stuff in a black thong, and got quite a few giggles from everyone who saw him. It was obvious that he wanted to be seen, and he sure was. You will usually see more girls than guys wearing thongs there.Barton Springs is a public, spring-fed pool, and all ages go there. It's the only public pool in Texas, that I know of where thonging is allowed.
tbacktom #1

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:07/22/2003 10:24:54Copy HTML

I've been to Barton Springs many times and wore my thongs or g's with no problems.  I try to be confident but low key in my attitude and it seems to work.  I get very little negative reactions, but also my being in pretty good shape helps.

Austin has other places you might want to check out.  MacGregor Park which is on Lake Travis and known widely as Hippie Hollow is a clothing optional beach (mostly rock cliffs that can be easily walked on - not steep).  I think it's a great place.  You can find secluded spots or groups of people who don't mind if anyone wants to hang out with them.  I've had a lot of great times there, if you ever want to hear some good stories let me know...

Also, the Greenbelt along the river is a woodsy running trail where the unspoken rule is that skinny dipping is allowed in the secluded areas.  The first several swimming holes you come too are usually crowded with teenage posers who are not too accepting of thongs, but if you keep going down the trail, you will find few adults scattered around who don't carw what you do.  I usually wear some shorts over my thong and just go for a nice run until I get to the un-crowded area. Then, I pull off the shorts and keep walking until I find a good spot to swim or lay out.  I usually pull off my thong to go swimming.  I have been seen by many people and nobody has ever complained.  A few have even asked to join me.




jonny883r #2

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:09/12/2003 07:23:56Copy HTML

Hippie Hollow (MacGregor Park) is where my wife and I feel the most comfortable.  It is great to be able to walk around and know that there are not going to be any gawky stares or comments.  I wear a thong and my wife goes topless.  The scenery is beautiful and the water temp is just right on a hot day.  The sun sets against the rock cliffs that the park occupies, so along with being able to thong, you get a great sunset on the lake.  As mentioned before by Tom, everybody is friendly, so if you need someone to hang out with, you can usually spark up a converstation with anybody. 


sarasotajt #3

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:09/27/2004 11:41:29Copy HTML

I just returned from a trip to Austin Texas and got to visit Hippie Hollow, Barton Springs and a couple of other parks.

Barton Springs is just a great place. What a cool natural resource located just across Town Lake from downtown. I visited three times during my visit. The first was a partly cloudy Wednesday afternoon with my wife and young son. This was not a thonging opportunity for me but rather quality time with the family. Due to the weather the pool was sparsely populated and I saw no thongs or topless ladies. My second visit was by myself on a sunny, hot Friday afternoon. Since the weather was cooperating, the pool had more visitors. I found a fairly out-of-the way location on the south-facing grassed slope and laid out in my black Skinz thong. I'm sure I got some looks and comments from the college students on the hill across the pool, but no one bothered me. I didn't parade around, but didn't hesitate to walk to and from the pool for a swim. I did see one brave young girl sunbathing topless across the pool She was with a group of friends and was uninhibited as she walked down to the pool for a swim. I saw two other ladies wearing rio-back bikinis, but that was it for small swimsuits. There were a few guys in conservative speedos.

Regrettably, I didn't get to visit on a weekend. On my third visit the weather didn't cooperate and lifeguards outnumbered the swimmers.  I spent most of my time hiking the Barton Creek greenway trails. A dry spell had caused the stream to stop flowing so there were no swimmers along the creek and I wasn't interested in immersing myself in the greenish water.

I got to spend Thursday afternoon at Hippie Hollow which is a really beautiful place from a nature point of view, however I was disappointed that the place was just crawling with men. Since this was my first visit I wanted to see the whole park and I didn't hesitate to walk the length of the paved trail nude. Many others were nude too, although during my visit all of them were male. I only counted eight women there the whole afternoon - there were probably one hundred men at the park. Several of those women were only topless. Hippie Hollow really is an obvious gay hangout and I was cruised by one guy in particular who just wouldn't stop following me around. He was one of those freaky-types who wears a ring on his penis to attract attention.  I finally realized that the primary "hetero-hangout" is the area around bathroom #2 so I was able to enjoy some peace there. I'm really not surprized that the unescorted ladies avoid this park. I saw a pair of attractive young women come and lay out their towels in the "radio rock" area near bathroom #2. Within minutes guys seemed to come out of the woodwork attempting to "casually" set up their camp near them. It was really obvious.

I really enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk, swim and sun sans-clothing and I'd love to visit Hippie Hollow again. I suspect that the weekends might be better because more women may be there.


Travis001 #4

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:10/01/2004 02:06:45Copy HTML

Does anyone have any current information on Barton Springs?   I live in Austin and I'm wondering if it's acceptable for men to thong there.
redraider55 #5

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:12/18/2004 12:25:44Copy HTML

I plan going there to tan in my JS thongs this coming summer.  My wife says the water is pretty chilly, so I don't if I'll swim too much.
josht #6

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:12/28/2004 06:42:28Copy HTML

I will be in Austin in the very beginning of May. Is it usually warm enough to lay out at Barton Springs? I weara g-string from Skinz and it sounds as though that will be OK at this place? Any hotel or other swimming pools that are OK with thongs?
txnudist #7

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:12/28/2004 09:05:51Copy HTML

It should be warm enough in Austin to go to Barton Springs and enjoy the sunshine.
redraider55 #8

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/08/2005 06:28:17Copy HTML

The weather is beginning to get real nice to lay out in one of my new thongs. Now, all I need is a break in my work schedule and a sunny day to line up just right.  When it does, I'll have a trip report.
solargod #9

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:04/08/2005 07:44:47Copy HTML


In a previous message I suggested you go to Barton Springs instead of thonging at your San Antonio hotel but I see you already have plans for that this summer.  As I said in my reply, I started wearing my speedos and bikinis there back while I was in college.  I remember laying on the hillside soaking up the sun almost every day during my senior year.  That was back in the late 70's and I remember a few brave guys wearing thongs although no one thought twice about speedos. Speedos were everywhere back then.

Enjoy your visit there and let us share the adventure with you whith yur trip report.


(some things are always better smaller, while others are not)

redraider55 #10

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/23/2005 01:39:05Copy HTML

I got sick and tired of waiting for a break in my work schedule and so I decided to go ahead make time to thong at Barton Springs yesterday. It's been scorching hot for the past few days(100+) and the 68 degree water sounded good. I took the afternoon off and left directly from work to the Springs and within a 1/2 hour I was in my thong.  I had never been to the Springs before and didn't know what to expect, so I wore a pair of yellow Soark onionskin running shorts over my lemon Joe Snyder thong. I had cut out the liner to the running shorts, so they were relatively sheer.  There weren't a lot of people there yet, and so I didn't really know where the best tanning spots were located. I saw a nice green area near the men's changing room that was not too steeply sloped.  It's near the shallow end of the springs.  There were about two dozen other people around tanning as well, so I figured this'll do.  I picked a spot not too invasive of other people, but close enough to watch the eye candy laying out.  I settled down on my towel, whipped off my shorts and enjoyed the sun.

There was a group of 6 college ladies about 10 yds away that immediately looked my way, but didn't say anything and made no derogatory facial expressions. They stayed almost as long as I did. I put my sunscreen so I wouldn't burn. I rolled over onto my stomach to sun my buns after a few minutes and heard a few "oh yeah's" from the ladies in my area. I pulled out my magazine with the NFL Preview and read for a while with my buns up.  It wasn't very noisy which made it that much more relaxing.  Soon though, I got very hot and was literally dripping with sweat and headed to the water to cool off.  I wasn't sure what comments that I would get walking to the stairwell at the water but it wouldn't have deterred me anyway.  The group of girls that I mentioned earlier turned to look as I walked by.  As I got to the stairwell to the water, another group of college kids (mostly girls) were just arriving and setting up their towels for some sunning.  One of the guys in that group saw me and said, "Oh Boy..." to the girls.  One of those girls then said, "Well, that's why we're here."  I felt good with that.

I got in the water and.....it takes your breath away! That water is cold! I quickly immersed myself to get over the shock and then it felt fine.  I swam around enjoying the coolness and felt better from being so hot out.  I swam past the diving board where some very large (fat) guys in dork shorts were attempting some dives.  That reminds me - there were only a few guys in speedos, I was the only person in a thong, and almost all the women wore either one-pieces or the average American bikini.  There a few lovely ladies wearing the rio-backed bikini bottoms.  I was the only person in a thong during my time there.  I swam around some more until I got too cold from the water temperature and then I headed back to different stairwell.  I wanted to force myself in walking a little bit further.  As soon as I got out of the water, one of the fat guys at the diving board said, "There you go!" to his friend.  The tone was as if they were waiting for the first thong to show up.  I walked past several lifeguards and both groups of college girls and nothing was said. 

As I got back to my towel, I overheard two more comments from women.  The first was from three (large)women wading in the shallow end in which one said, "There's a thong on him. He won't pick up any girls wearing that."  I thought to myself, "That's allright. I'm not looking to pick any women since I'M MARRIED!"  That lady's comment certainly didn't stop them from constantly glancing my way to look at me. I'm sure they liked the sight.  The other comment that I heard going back to my towel was from two college girls that were just setting out their towels about 10 feet from my towel.  Once they saw me, they paused and said "Oh!", and then continued to stretch out their towels. That was nice.

No one picked up their stuff and moved when they saw me.  In fact, I noticed several forty-ish ladies move closer to my towel.  I liked to think it was because of my thong...;-).  One middle-aged lady near me wore a foil lime green string-bikini and would move her bottoms slightly between her cheeks when lying on her stomach. A couple of guys would also scrunch their shorts up to almost a bikini while tanning. 

All in all, it was a very good first time experience at Barton Springs.  Next time, I'm going to lay out where most of the other sunbathers were which is across the springs.  That's where I saw a gorgeous lady in a small rio bikini.  Too bad she wasn't in a thong!

max77056 #11

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/23/2005 04:32:20Copy HTML

great story red raider, wear it proudly!! I have only thonged once at Barton Strings and I was with a lady friend. You got spunk. i've seen photos of you and your wife posted on the various sites. I also like the joe snyder suits. I am in Houston but get all over the state. Looks like some of your beach shots were at Port Aransas area(?) or maybe Galveston(?)....and for the record, toplessness is allowed at Barton Springs. Every now and then you see topless girls but as usual...goofball pushy guys make women uncomforable so it is rare. I did see a guy one time who walked the entire length of the pools and then walked out to his van clad only in a g-string. No one said a thing but he got lots of looks. For thongers, now that kids are back in school this makes it a great time for Barton Springs. Not so many kids running around.
redraider55 #12

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/23/2005 06:53:05Copy HTML


Those beach shots are at Mustang Island and Padre Island National Seashore.

I didn't see any topless women yesterday at Barton Springs. I'll keep an eye out next time.

I forgot to mention in my rambling trip report of a possible photo moment.  I took three dips to cool off.  Well, on the second trip into the water, one of the groups of girls had a disposable camera and as I walked by them I heard the noisy film winder moving real fast.  I didn't see any of the girls in that group posing, and I didn't hear the click of the shutter, but the film winder kept going and going.  Like several shots were taken.  Later, the girls took more pics of themselves, so it wasn't out of film.  I assume they wanted a pic of the thong guy.

Dennis at Thong Beach #13

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:08/29/2005 05:48:52Copy HTML

Congrats, redraider!  Glad you got the opportunity to thong!  Your self-confidence is contagious and your reports are always interesting.
tigerthong #14

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:09/26/2005 03:16:47Copy HTML

Congratulations Redraider on finally making to Barton Springs. I actually was there last summer visiting my friend who has a clinic nearby.  I went in my speedo.  I didn't notice any thongs or topless women. I admire your bravado.  When I return for lunch with my friend he asked if anyone had been laying out nude in the changing room.  He said that it is okay to do that there. Makes sense since because of the open roof in the changing room. I hope you have a chance to make it back. I know that I will be heading back when I am in Austin.
redraider55 #15

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:09/28/2005 12:26:00Copy HTML

I made an afternoon trip to Barton Springs Pool yesterday. The heat wave continues and the cold water felt so good.  There were not as much observable reactions to my thong as last time, but I made some more personal thong progress.  I wore a smaller thong than I have ever before! I wore my purple Dore Low-Cut 1/4-inch sides thong.  I decided to go small after trimming my leg hairs this past weekend.  My wife is against me shaving them smooth, so I decided to go halfway and trim them down.  I was so pleased on how I looked and felt that I decided to go tiny on my excursion to Barton Springs.  I still took a Joe Snyder tanga thong as a fall back (chickening out), but I kept strong and took the plunge.  I'll admit it, I was nervous while changing into it in the changing room.  And yes, there were two guys sunbathing nude in the locker area.  I thought that it was too easy to lay out nude in the changing room.  The real challenge is going out in public in a microthong! I put on the sunscreen, slipped on the thong, put on some tiny running shorts (without the liner), and headed out to the pool.

There weren't that many people there when I got there at noon, and so I headed over to the main sunbathing area of the pool.  I found a decent spot near a few people and set up shop for the afternoon. No one got up and moved as a result. I had situated myself so that I could observe the facial reactions of people walking by.  I saw a lot of women do double and triple takes. If a guy was with them, he would simply glance once and shake his head. This time, I was not the only thonger. There was a guy in gstring snorkeling. He was well-tanned. There were other guys in speedos, as well. Unfortunately, there were no female thongers, nor were there any topless women. I did see two spectacular ladies in capri bikinis. They only had half-coverage on their butt. As the sun shifted, one of them moved to about ten feet away from me. Very nice eye candy.  I made several trips to the water to swim and cool off. Each time that I got out, I made sure I had to walk further to my towel. Once, I mentally challenged myself to get out near the dam and walk the entire length of one side. And, I did it. On the way over, I passed a group of very attractive ladies sunbathing. One from the group was by the water and called to her friends as I passed. On the way back to my towel, the same girl called to her friends as I approached and they all rolled over onto their backs with grins on their faces. That was nice. But then 10 seconds later I walked by three middle school boys, and one of them said, "I'm scarred for life!" after I passed.  And that did not surprise me at all. You take the good and bad.

One speedo-wearing guy walked up to me as I was laying buns up and reading. He said he thought that he was being brave by wearing a speedo, and offered me congratulations for being more brave. He also said it looks "Damn hot!" while looking at my ass. I said thanks and mentioned that I was enjoying the sun, and I went back to reading. Another guy strolled in with his Goth-looking friends wearing a leopard print bikini and unlaced Doc Martens. By his behavior, I think he was dared to go swimming like that. He truly looked ridiculous.

All in all, it was a great day at the Springs. I plan on going again today and take advantage of the heat. This time I'll be wearing my lime green Dore low-cut microthong. It's a little smaller than the purple one that I wore yesterday.  You can see what both suits look like on me by clicking on my home page icon. Another trip report will be forthcoming...

redraider55 #16

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:09/29/2005 05:36:25Copy HTML

Well, I made it out to Barton Springs Pool again yesterday. I have plenty of vacation days left and I decided take the afternoon off to enjoy the last day of the heat wave before a cold front moved in. Yesterday was the eighth day in a row of 100+ temperatures. I was anticipating a larger crowd than Tuesday reasoning that other folks would want to squeeze in some hot sun as well.  I headed to the changing room after paying the $3 entrance fee and saw the same guy tanning in the nude. I stripped down and put on the sunscreen and put my stuff in my gym bag before slipping on my thong. I enjoy hanging out in the nude, too. I slipped on my onion skin running shorts (without the liner) and headed out to find a different spot to hang out. To my surprise, there weren't a lot people there yet. The crowd showed up later. So, I got a nice strategic spot (soft and grassy) on the same side of the pool as Tuesday. I immediately removed my shorts to display my lime green Dore microthong which has 1/4-inch sides and a small triangle in the back. Man, it felt good to be in only a tiny thong! I got my towel situated and stretched out.

After a few minutes, I was sweating buckets. I decided to go on another walk like the day before. I walked the length of the pool to the rocky trail part. I walked around an outcropping and there was a stunning blonde in a tanga bikini. The bikini back wasn't a real thong, but it was small enough that it easily ended up being a thong as she walked. She was walking in the same direction that I was. I have a natural long, fast stride and quickly caught up to her. It was only coincidence that we were walking the same direction, so I hope she didn't think I was stalking her. She split off to wade in the shallow area and I wanted to investigate the upstream. She met her boyfriend (pasty white and wearing large dork shorts) in the water. I headed back to my towel. I passed more people with a few kids snickering (that's expected), the guys ignoring my presence, and the women turning to look. I've noticed that older women will look once, while the UT co-eds will look more than once or track me. And that was true this time as I walked back to my towel. Several co-eds craned their heads my way while laying on their stomachs, and then they flipped over to sit up and watch me walk by. They didn't say anything, but the eye contact between them suggested otherwise. I reached my towel to tan buns up.

After a while, I rolled over and cropped up my head with my gym bag (it made a nice pillow). It was good timing because I saw the same thong lady strolling by on the opposite side of the pool sans boyfriend. All the guys watched her parade by. Unfortunately she left an hour after I arrived. I rolled back onto my stomach to read some more of my magazine. I would occasionally look up to scan the people up the hill from me and see quite a few beautiful co-eds wearing full-bottomed bikinis (bummer). They would roll onto their stomachs and undo their tops. Then off to my left, I saw a lady, sitting upright, undo the snaps of her bikini top and take it off. Topfree! Finally, I'm not the only person taking full advantage of Barton Springs Pool! She sat up for a few minutes topfree and laid down on her back. Awesome.

I got hot and took a dip. I swam to the opposite side of the pool and sat on the edge for a while. When I swam back to my side, I got out to near the diving board which would force me to walk back to my towel.  These small mental challeges prevent me from walking the shortest distance from the water. While reading/sunning, three lesbians sat down near me (two had the rainbow tatoo). Two were pleasant-looking, but one was not. She had a shaved head! I prefer women with shoulder-length or longer hair, and definitely at least longer than mine. We all have our different preferences. My wife has nice long hair. and she prefers me keep my hair short. The lesbians were sitting on their towels for only a few minutes when they suddenly stood up and started brushing at their legs. They found a fire ant mound. Ouch! Been there and done that! They gathered their stuff and moved right next to me on the opposite side. Their towels were only a few inches from mine. That was cool. We didn't talk, but I noticed that they looked at the same women I did. hehehe  They left after an hour.

The topless lady walked down to the water with an inflatable floatie/mattress, and got all the guys attention. The female lifeguards didn't even bat an eye.  Speaking of which, the lifeguards change stations every 1/2 hour or so, and there must be a station/gate at the top of the hill behind me because the female lifeguards would walk right by me (like within five feet) every station change. They ,too, never batted an eye at my microthong. This didn't happen Tuesday, only yesterday.

The tree shadows were shifting onto my sunning spot, so I was contemplating on where to move when I saw another stunning blonde strolling in with her boyfriend. I decided to wait a little longer and see where she sat and what she was wearing. The found a spot about fifty feet away. He had dork shorts. She revealed a black tanga similar to the earlier blonde. The tops were different, but the bottoms were very similar in that they turned into a thong while walking. Great view!  I decided to move to the opposite side of the pool to get the direct sunlight. I packed up and moved to soft grassy area near the entrance. There were four ladies laying out with one packing up. I spread my blanket out and continued to work on my thonglines. The ladies hardly acknowledged me. I read, sunned, swam and people-watched for another hour and half here. The college co-eds would look and look again, and the other ladies would glance once and keep walking. Except one. She looked at me, then again, and kept walking. She got just past my grassy area, stopped, turned around and set out her towel about 10 feet away from me. She had a nice figure. I also kept an eye out for the tanga lady across the pool. She would get up from her towel, head straight for the water, jump in the water, immediately get out and go straight to her towel. Nice to catch at least a glimpse.

The same gstring man from Tuesday walked by with only a towel over his shoulder and his snorkeling equipment in hand. As he walked over the dam to the opposite side of the pool (from me), he got loudly laughed at by a dozen teenage boys outside the park. Very disappointing to see. The boys definitely had a wolfpack vibe about them - looking for trouble. I gotta hand it to the gstring man for keeping his cool. He didn't break stride, nor acknowledge the boys. He went straight to where he wanted to sit, put on his snorkeling equipment, and swam buns up. Good job, gstring man!

It was nearing the end of my time there when a college-aged couple walked past my area outside of the park on their way in. I heard her loudly say, "There you go! That's what I want to see!" I looked up at that. She waved hello and her boy/male friend gave me a thumbs up and said, "Cool dude!" just as loudly. I gave them the thumbs up in return. I figured that it was a good sign to leave on a high note like that. I felt emboldened. So, I packed my stuff and left my shorts in the gym bag. I walked the whole length of the crowded pool to the changing room in my microthong.  It was a great day.

sailhoopsbare #17

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:09/29/2005 09:00:33Copy HTML

Redraider, "You Da Man"!!!!!


redraider55 #18

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:10/01/2005 11:18:32Copy HTML

I packed my stuff to go to Barton Springs Pool again yesterday, but at the last minute I decided to go to Hippie Hollow. I felt like being naked all day, and seeing naked people all day. I didn't even bother to take my microthongs out of my gym bag.  I had never been to Hippie Hollow on a Saturday with a larger crowd. Unfortunately, the crowd didn't really show up until 3 pm. I got some great sun, read the latest Maxim Magazine, and waved hi to the passing boats. A lot of ladies would wave back.  But after a while, it got boring.  I missed the exhiliration of wearing microthongs where people don't usually wear them. It was still a good day.
redraider55 #19

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:10/04/2005 11:17:59Copy HTML

How fitting that for my 100th post I have a thong trip report to Barton Springs!

I made the decision to squeeze out some thong excursions while the weather lasts. The weatherman at the local NBC station said it was going to be mid-90's with 10% chance of rain yesterday, with a front moving in Wednesday night. I jumped at the chance.  I don't think the temperature was that hot, but it was very comfortable. The weatherman was way-off on the rain chances, though. Luckily, the rain was warm, and came in small spurts.  Wearing only my purple Dore microthong, I didn't mind getting a little wet. Heck! The rain was warmer than the spring water.

There weren't too many people there. A few pretty bikini ladies, a few MILF's with kids, a few older ladies, and some guys in speedos swimming laps.  Oddly enough, there were more guys in bikinis than dork shorts. I wanted to take advantage of the sun, so I laid out near the shallow end and near a stairwell. Boy, did it feel good to lay out in a thong again! A few hours into laying out, a lady was walking around and seemed to be inspecting the place. I watched her walk over to the stairwell near me, and it seemed like she wanted to say something to me. I looked her way, and went back to reading. A little while later, I heard a distant rumble in the sky. Thunder. I quickly got up to get one last cooling dip in the pool before it got closed. As I walk to the water, I saw that lady leading a class of students. They could've been high schoolers, or freshmen in college. I figured that lady was scouting ahead.  If she had asked me to cover up, I would've simply refused. This was my thong time. The lady took the class on a tour explaining the source of the springs, and the difference of water volume and pressure with/without the dam in place for the pool. There was another rumble of thunder and we got out of the water. I laid back down on my towel buns up, and I wondered how distracted some of the students were.

As the clouds got a little bit darker, most people packed up and left. I stayed and took a walk. The rain came down and it felt so good that I walked the entire perimeter of the pool. Even with the occasional rain, it was a pretty good day and I now notice that my tanlines are getting smaller.

dayne #20

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:02/02/2006 01:20:50Copy HTML

I understand it is legal to go nude at Barton Springs.  Maybe just nobody ever does it?
txnudist #21

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:02/04/2006 12:02:49Copy HTML

I have only seen topless at Barton Springs, never nudity. You can go nude at Hippy Hollow on Lake Travis, out on the west side of Austin
max77056 #22

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

Date Posted:02/11/2006 06:54:20Copy HTML

I have only seen topless and bottomless on people at Barton Strings. I would guess that nude is not legal. Perhaps you confused it with Hippie Hollow at lake Travis which is a legal nude area.

However, at Barton Springs there are nude sunning areas within the changing rooms for men and women -- not coed! ---the facilities/changing areas are open air pavillions (no roofs) with grass in the middle. I have seen men sunning nude on several occasions. So you can avoid the tanlines if that is your thing. The grassy area is fairly large so you can pick a spot and read or whatever and no one will bother you. It would be a good option for nudists that want sun but can't get out to lakes.      

redraider55 #23

Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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With the temperature starting to creep up, I'm gonna start planning my thong trips to Barton Springs. I had enjoyable times last year, and I hope to catch a few more women thongers/topfree. Of course, each trip will get a report.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I was out yesterday (Tuesday) at Barton Springs. Austin was supposed to hit 100 degrees. Can you believe it? and it's only April.....I had a great time. I tend to be busy in the summer so I am trying to get out there more at this time of year.  I arrived at about 11AM and it was perfect. Not a lot of people and a mostly adult atmosphere. I set up at the first sunning area near the bottom of the stairs. This is a real visible area for people  arriving and going to the changing areas and I wanted to lay out confidently and make a statement. I picked a spot between 2 ladies that were sunning and I set up my towel and dropped my shorts to reveal my royal Dore push out pouch suit. I layed out for a while and then decided to go for a swim. I swam laps for a while and then walked around a bit. It was awesome. While lap swimming I noticed one of the lifeguards looking at me and talking on his walkie-talkie. I thought maybe he was going to say something but of course he never did. He may have been just advising the other lifeguards that there was "a thonger in the house". After a while a large group of kids arrived which was a little disappointing but it was not a problem. Only negative comment was from a kid swimming in the water. I had swam laps and was getting out of the pool which  really showed off my buns and I heard one kid say "ew - look at that man's underwear". It just made me laugh.

As for the minimal suit crowd, there were lots of speedos as many men and women swim laps in this pool. It is an excellent lap pool and will give you quite a work-out. Most of the younger hip crowd hangs out on the large grassy knoll sunning area on the opposite side. I walked around a bit and saw 3 topless girls and one other thong guy. He was older and in excellent shape but was extremely modest about it. He wore a micro suit but always covered up with shorts to walk about. After a while I was getting too much sun so I put on some clothes and went for a hamburger and a coke. About 4ish in the afternoon I noticed a beautiful blonde had laid out near my sunning area. She was topless and was sunning with 2 women that were in regular 2 piece bikinis. The reason I mention this is that she was completely free and uninhibited. She did not act shy or embarrassed. She swam and walked about very normally. It was great. It reminded me the the European beaches where people can be sensual and it's not sexual. She got quite a few stares but everyone went about their business. I noticed some of the little boys were fascinated with her but I reckon most little boys would be amazed at seeing a topless woman. After a while she and her girlfriends swam over to the diving area to watch the divers. They all sat on the ledge beside the pool. I thought this was also cool as there were many people standing in line to wait for the diving board and there she was sunning and hanging out. it made a powerful statement about naturalism/nudism.

I plan to go back in 2 weeks and stay in Austin for 3 or 4 days. I heard on the radio that it was a record crowd day for Barton Springs because of people trying to escape the heat. Indeed as I left around 6PM it was really packed and I thought it had a less interesting crowd...but just my opinion. Obviously, I like Barton Springs but I also want to "keep it real" and mention that there are lots of dork shorts about and a fair number of rednecks and jugheads so one should keep this in mind. I am not trying to paint this as a thong mecca but if you hit it just right, it can be really swell. For guys like myself that are not too modest, it's a great place to hang out cause the lifeguards and management fully support freedom in  swimwear and whatever people want to wear. When I return in a couple of weeks it's going to be my very low cut Dore thong!  




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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Great trip report, Max! I almost made it out to the Springs on that day, but work got in the way.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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yeah, that 'work' thing tends to get in the way...plan to go in a couple of weeks and we'll show em how to it's done...  


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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Just spent 3 days in Austin and I really enjoyed Barton Springs. We had great weather this past week in South Texas, like CA weather with 50's and 60's at night and then hot in the daytime but it's getting back to hot again. I was out at Barton Springs on Wed, Thurs and Friday and wanted to give a report. 

Got out at about 11AM Wed. I was going to sun in my favorite spot near the entrance but there were quite a few kids in the shallow end of the pool. I hung around a bit and then the place was over run with a mass of homboyz and homegirlz on a field trip. I then realized that school is about to let out for the summer so it's field trip time here. These kids were loud and obnoxious from "the hood" so I decided to work out and swim laps for a while. I changed into my one inch side Speedo to swim laps. There were several other locals working out and swimming in bike shorts, bodysuits and speedos so I did not feel out of place. The good thing about BS is that there are many places to sun and the lifeguards pretty much restrict kids to the shallow end. The pool is 1/8 of a mile long and there are many places to sun and lay out. I changed into my royal Skinz M4 thong which fits great. I walked to the deep side of the pool and picked a spot to lay out. There were 3 ladies and one couple near me. None had any reaction as I dropped my shorts to reveal my thong. It was great and I laid out and then jumped into the chilly water to swim more laps. BS is hilly on both sides so every view is a clear view of the pool. I swam right in the middle. I swam and laid out for a few hours. I struck up a conversation with a strawbery blonde gal who was a local and was really nice. We hung out till late in the afternoon. As for bikini sightings; thong guy from the famous video was out and about (see thread for 'Thongs in the News' under Barton Springs to see the video). He was in a tiny blue micro suit. There were 2 pretty coeds in thong back suits on the large grassy sunning area. They were lying with a group of about 6 women. Also, one topless lady  sunning out of the way.

On Thursdays, BS is open early and late for swimming but is CLOSED for cleaning from 9AM to 7PM and then it re-opens from 7 till 10PM for evening swim. I was aware of this so I ran around Austin a bit and then checked out the greenbelt adjacent to the park. I ran along the greenbelt which is dense with forrest. There are periodic swimming holes which I am told you can lay out and swim naked, however, the water levels were too low for swimming so this was not an option. The running trail is 4 or 5 miles long and is superb for mountain biking. I encountered several mountain bikers going crazy and going really fast.  

Back to Wednesday.....I did witness one negative thing which I wanted to report since I think it's important to relay both the negative and postive. As I was leaving the men's changing area I noticed a guy wearing a very small rio back bikini. He was covered in back so one might consider it a 'modest' suit. Anyway, he had set up on the deep end of the pool and then went to swim laps. When he climbed the ladder to get out of the pool there were about 15 or 20 of these "homegirls" passing by. They all screamed with laughter and went nuts. like really stupid nuts......rio bikini guy collected his stuff and left. I think he left for the day as I never saw him again. I must say that if that happened to me I would not have given a damn about what those adolescent girls thought of me. The day I care about something like that is the day I care too much about what other people think. It would not have phased me a bit. I guess I am thick skinned but I felt sorry for the dude.

Friday was beautiful also. There were more kids in the morning but these were the white kids from the rich part of Austin. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that all these kids were only there for a couple of hours and then they all went away. Keep this in mind if you encounter this situation. On Friday, lots of bikini ladies but no thong ladies. One brave blonde guy in a tiny black thong. He got bonus points cause he laid out in the middle of a large group of people and he also swam laps and walked about in his tiny suit. You go man!!! I'll definitely get back to Barton Springs this summer but I'll be curious if it's over run with kids in the summertime. I'll let you all know.....      


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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I went out to Barton Springs Pool yesterday for 4 hours. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a bunch of kids coming off a bus. I figured they'd be hanging out at the shallow end, so I knew I was going to the adult area. I changed into my orange Dore low-cut thong with 1/4-inch sides and a triangle back, and put on a pair wind shorts (without the liner) to briefly cover up. I walked around the pool and noticed that it wasn't too crowded - yet. As I approached the adult side, I saw a pretty blonde laying out topless. Very nice to see! I picked a nice grassy spot higher up the hill than I had stayed before. I wanted to keep an eye on the blonde, and see the other sights on top of the hill. There were a few college ladies spread througout. I laid my stuff out and promptly took off my shorts. AHHH! My first public thonging of the year. I laidown buns up to make my statement that I'm thonging. With the sun on my buns, the beautiful bikinis everywhere, and me wearing next to nothing, my thong addiction got reinforced!

After a little while, I started hearing the giggles and/or "omigod", as the ladies realized what I was wearing. The topless lady may have noticed me because she had turned to face my general direction while talking to a friend, instead of the both of them facing the water as earlier. More people started to trickle in, and the topless lady started packing up to leave. She must sunbathe topless a lot at Barton Springs because not only did she not have any tanlines on her boobs, but she knew when the crowds showed up. More people started showing up, and they were younger (high school/college). I would hear the guys chuckling a ways off, but the girls never seemed to notice my thong until they were almost right on top of me. One mixed group (mostly teenage girls) of six setup camp about 10 feet away. I was laying on my back reading a book when they practically had to step over my feet to to select their spot. None of the girls noticed my thong until a few minutes later after they had laid out to sunbathe. Then, they all shockingly gasped, "Omigod!" But, they didn't move from their spot. Another group of college ladies laying out near me must've heard those other girls, because as they walked right by me I overheard part of their conversation. One girl mumbled something and the other girl clearly responded, "Well, at least it's a nice ass. I could look at it all day!" Man, I hope she was talking about me! I was reading buns-up, so I didn't get to see who said what.

One very sexy girl setup camp with a guy (I assume boyfriend) nearby and she had a very low-cut front bikini bottom. The back had moderate coverage. It was obvious, she shaves! Wow! They setup camp about 10 feet away, but kept moving to follow the shade. They were interesting because they conversed in sign all afternoon. At one point, I saw he was taking some pictures of her with me obviously in the background. There was lots of eye candy all over, but most most were too immature looking. A group of teenage boys showed up to meet with some pretty bikini girls, so I steelled myself in preparation of anything, but nothing happened. There were no other thongs around on either sex, but a few girls did partially wedgie up their bottoms to tan.

One lady did scowl at me as I was swimming. She was a WHALE of a lady, and she kept pointing at me to two junior high boys. The water was feeling great on such a hot day that I didn't care. Besides, one of the boys was wearing a pullover werewolf Halloween mask on his head. Here's a question for ya lady: which looks out of place at a pool in 100 degree heat, a thong bikini or a HALLOWEEN MASK? I guess he was doing his part to "Keep Austin Weird".

Overall, it was a good day, but there were a lot of teenagers, and kids on the other side of the pool. I wish there had been more thongs out that day.

I plan to go more this summer. Let me know if anybody wants to meet up.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I got rained out last Wednesday. The weather looked great last Friday, so I jumped at the chance at the last minute. The Springs wasn't as crowded as the previous time, but it was still busy. I changed into my black Dore low-cut microthong and slipped my onionskin shorts. I made my way over to the adult hangout and didn't see any topless women. I found my spot and setup camp for the afternoon. After slipping off my shorts, I sat down to look around. I then noticed that a guy wearing a g-string was meditating about 10 feet away in the shade. I was wearing my sunglasses and the shade under the tree was so dark, that I never noticed him until I looked around. There were plenty of hot women laying around and none got up to move.

It was a rather uneventful day concerning reactions and looks. I got up a few times to dip in the Springs to cool off from my sunbathing/reading. The crowd picked up later and I spotted a thong lady. Well, her brazilian bikini bottom got sucked in between her cheeks. So, it might as well been a thong. She walked up and down the sidewalk as if she was looking for someone. A little while after that, a group of Brazilians arrived and the men wore speedos while the women showed off "real" brazilian bikinis. Wow, they were stunning!
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I went thonging again yesterday for the afternoon. The weather was wonderful not too hot as before. The place wasn't as crowded early on as previous trips because I got an awesome parking spot in the shade. In the bathhouse, I changed into my red Dore low-cut microthong and threw on some white onion skin shorts. I made my way over to the adult area and laid out in the same prime area to see and be seen. After I set my stuff up, I noticed that another guy was laying out in a black thong. Cool! No one said anything when I stripped down to my thong, and no one got up to leave. As the day progressed, more people set up around me, but still not all that crowded. I noticed the other thong guy would put on shorts when he got up to swim. Not me, I'm there to thong.

Another quiet, laid back day at the Springs. I finished the book I was reading. So all was good.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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With a heat wave in full force (near 100), I decided to take a 1/2 day and head to the Springs yesterday. When I got there, the parking lot was full, but hardly anybody was at the pool yet. I wore my black Dore low-cut thong. I headed over to my usual spot, so that I could see everyone (and they could see me). I laid my stuff out, took off my shorts and started to read a new book. No one got up to leave. As the day wore on, a guy and girl laid out down in front of me (right next to the sidewalk) and she promptly took off her top. She was curvy, but very pretty, and she wore a normal bikini bottom. She got a lot of attention, obviously. She stayed the whole time that I was there. By 2:00, the place was packed. Lots and lots of eye candy. Unfortunately, there was also a lot pre-teen boys hanging around, so they could ogle the topfree lady. Also, there were a few guys tossing the football around near her, and puffing up their chests. She paid no attention to them. Har har!

One group of ladies set up near me and all looked my way a lot, with one smiling a lot. They all had interesting, colorful tattoos with streaks of color in their hair. The one smiling at me the most was the prettiest, but another lady with her caught my eye because I really liked her bikini. She was pretty, but her bikini was different and very sexy. She left way too soon with her friends staying.

No thong ladies yesterday, although the topfree lady did wedge her bikini bottoms between her cheeks when lying on her stomach. The same thong guy was there as well that I've seen before. He would put on shorts to take a dip, but otherwise layout in a black thong.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Hey redraider, thanks for the posts.  With regard to the guy who sunbathes in a thong, but then puts on short to go for a swim, all I can say is how lame.  Most people shed clothes to go for a swim, not put them on.  I have witnessed the same thing on occasion, and find it quite retarded.  More people will see a person sunbathing, than when they are in the water, as most of the time people in the water are in it deep enough to be at least above their waists (unless doing laps).  If a person is so self-conscious wearing a thong, that they can't even swim in it, why not wear something they can relax in?   As has been stated elsewhere on this board, a self-conscious person is an easy target for ridicule. 

I think the willingness to thong while sunbathing, but not while swimming,  has something to do with the fact that when a person is lying down sunbathing, they can avoid eye contact.  Whereas, once they stand up, it is more difficult.  I think AussieBum's motto is appropriate here:  "If you doubt yourself, wear something else."

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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I headed out to Barton Springs Pool yesterday to take advantage of the hot weather. It hit 100F yesterday, which is about 5-6 degrees above normal. Not many people were there when I got there, so I set up in the usual area, but a little closer to the diving board and where more people tend to layout. I wore my orange Dore low-cut microthong, so I can tan with a consistent tanline. I got my stuff laid out, scanned the folks already there, and started reading a book. It was hot, so I jumped in the pool to cool off. While I was gone, a bunch of guys set up their towels about 2 feet from mine. Their conversation quieted down a little when I returned. They started teasing one in their bunch for manscaping his chest hair. In general, I think guys need to manscape more than just their chest hair. They blew up some floats and headed down to the water for quite a while. More people showed as the afternoon progressed. They were mostly guys and, for some reason, they were setting up near me. The ladies were very good-looking, but I had to look past the guys to see them. The bunch of guys right next to me eventually left, and that open spot was quickly filled by a bunch of high school girls. They were very pretty, but chatty. I guess they didn't have a problem with thongs, because they were so close they were almost on my towel.

I saw a few other college-age ladies that were stunners in small bikinis. They were amazing to look at. One laid out alone near me and occasionally would look over at me. Two other stunners were a little higher on the hill and they would lay out topless, and put their tops back on to swim. Another time, two ladies showed up and picked a spot near me. After they got their towels laid out, one of them looked up to scan the crowd. When she saw me, her face lit up and smiled a big smile at me. I smiled back. That felt good! I didn't see any other thongs at all, but it was still a good day at the Springs.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Yesterday I visited Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park. It was a very hot day but the good news is that there were two male thongers out (not including myself). I didn't notice any women in thongs.

The first guy was a bit shy. In fact at first I wasn't sure he was even wearing a thong. But, after some time it appeared to be a navy blue swim thong with a wide waste band. This gentleman was at the south west end of the pool sitting on steps that led into the water. He was seated so that those passing could not easily see the backside of his suit. He would often drape his towel over his lap/groin area and circle it around to cover his rear. He would go for a quick swim every now and then. Each time he would turn to face the water as he moved up the steps, never enough to clearly see his buns. Instead he would wrap himself with his towel. Eventually he gathered his belongings and headed to the grassy area on the east side. He often covered himself with his towel there too but from time to time I did see him without the towel and on his side. I guess he would work up the courage every now and then. Good for him. I did see a man and woman snicker when he was on his side but I don't think it was loud enough for him to hear.

The other guy had the appearance of a proud thonger. He was wearing a blue Y-back thong. When I first noticed him he was laying face down on a blanket and was and at the south east corner of the pool. Now he was located on a corner adjacent to stairs and a concrete walkway which is next to the pool. A lot of people walk by this location. He went for a swim a time or two and was not ashamed as to who saw him in his thong. When I saw him later in the day he was laying on his back. He had undone the straps to his thong to avoid tan-lines. So, all he had was a bit of triangle shaped material separating him from nakedness. This guy is my new hero. He had a newspaper with him and used it to cover just a bit when children would walk by. He didn't do that when he was on his stomach.

I just hope this is a growing trend at Barton Springs Pool.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I finally made it back out to the Spring last Friday (9/1). I had been delayed too long from work and stress. School has been in session for several weeks, so I didn't expect a ton of kids like earlier in the summer. I laid out my towel and stuff around noon. It wasn't too crowded, mostly adults and college students. It felt really good to lay out! I wore my black Dore low-cut thong and settled down to read a book. As the crowd started filling in, I noticed a few stunning ladies from previous trips to the Spring. One in partitcular liked going topfree while sitting at her towel. For some reason, the new arriving guys set up near her.

As I was climbing one of the stairwells on my way out after my first dip, I noticed a bikini lady pulling out her camera phone. Now, I originally planned on walking along the sidewalk and taking the long route back to my towel, but when I saw the camera phone I knew what I needed to do. I walked up the hill straight towards her. She took a few shots directly at me and then proceeded to act like she was also taking pictures of a tree and the sky. As I walked right by her, I tried to glance at the LCD screen of the phone, but she saw me do that and quickly covered the screen. The lady had on a tiny rio bikini which wedged up between her cheeks as she got up to leave shortly after taking the pictures.

I had another picture-taking incident that afternoon as well. A couple showed up with the lady sporting a very sexy red, bandeau-type bikini top that was stretched to the limit. Unfortunately, her bikini bottom had full-coverage. Well, she picked out a spot about 10 feet away from mine, and her husband wanted to sit down further away (presumably away from me). She won by simply putting her towel down and sat. He plopped down next to her, but tried to position himself to block her view of me. I continued my reading. I guess he didn't feel intimidated by me after a while, and he got up to go swimming leaving her by herself for a little while. At that time, I took a break from reading and was people-watching. That's when I noticed she was people-watching, too. Her guy came back and got her to go swimming. When they got back, they dried off and she stood to pose for pictures for him. Well, she positioned herself so that I was in her immediate background.

After the photo op, I was getting ready to cool off in the water when a super-buff guy in a speedo walked right next to my towel. Then, a minute later he walked back to the water right next to my towel. I then lost where he went. I made my way down to the
water and swam across the pool (width-wise). I got out and sat on the edge on the opposite side of the pool. A minute or two later, the same super-buff guy climbs out of the water, near me, in a handstand! Geez, guy! Who are you showing off for? I got back in the water and swam back. Instead of a stairwell, I used a ladder to climb out and walk a different route back to my towel.

As I was going back to my towel, I walked past a very nice-looking bikini lady down the hill from my spot. Shortly after that, she got up, picked up her stuff, and walked up the hill to a spot about 6 feet away from me. As soon as she got her stuff settled, she promptly took off her top. Impressive! She stayed an hour or two topless, only covering up to go swim. It was really nice to see someone get up and move closer to me. Maybe she was thinking that if no one is going to bother the thong guy, then no one was going to bother her.

I did see one lady in a near-thong walking on the sidewalk. Her rio-back bikini bottoms easily slid between her cheeks and she showed off most of butt. It was a very nice afternoon without a million kids making noise. I might go again this Friday since there might be a lot of Ohio people in town for the big, big football game on Saturday.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I made it out to Barton Springs Pool again last Friday. I wanted to see if there would be an Ohio State crowd, and to also get there before the Austin City Limits Festival starts up this week. The sky was slightly overcast, but with enough sunlight getting thru to require sunscreen. The crowd was very sparse. In fact, I thought the pool was closed since there were so few cars in the parking lot. I quickly changed into my black Dore low-cut thong. I got to my usual area and set up camp. There were only two people on the hilltop.

I decided to take a dip right away and walk around a tiny bit. As soon as I got out of the water by the diving board, an Ohio State family started pointing from the opposite side. The guys wearing bright red caps with an "O" on it gave them away. They promptly pulled out a camera and took some photos. I had walked past that family when I first got into the Pool, and the college-aged girl was wearing small bikini (small for the midwest). She was probably too big to be wearing it, but this is Austin and she could've worn anything she wanted.

Several other Ohio State people showed up, and they all noticed me. It was only the women who wanted to take photos of me. And they kept looking. The women chose the spot nearby, while the guys wanted to setup near the diving board where there were two gorgeous bikini ladies. The women won out. The guys ran down to the water to jump in, while the ladies setup camp and looked my way a lot. I loved it. A similar incident happened a little later when a 50's-ish couple setup 10 feet away from me. He wanted to go by the diving board (same reason?), but she wanted to be right there. He wore a square-cut swimsuit and she had on a nice black bikini. She spent the afternoon with the bikini top rolled down to just above her nipples.

Right around noon, a guy in a g-string showed up to do some snorkeling. When he was done he read a book for a while. He only stayed for hour or two. Also, during the gstring guys reading time, another guy showed up in a g-string. He was much older with a big belly and a bright blue g-string. He got a lot of laughs and chuckles, while the other g-string guy and me did not. The older guy was very outgoing and struck up a lot conversation with various people as he walked around.

After both other g-string guys had left, two absolutely stunning girls (coeds) showed up in rio-back swimsuits. You could tell these ladies were "well-kept". Almost all the guys turned their heads to look at them (including me). After they set up camp, one of them pulled out a camera phone and started taking pictures of the Springs and also of me. They were not subtle in their picture-taking. I guess the camera phonepics weren't that good, so she pulled out a regular digital camera and took more pics of me. Then she put the camera away. I don't know why they took so many photos of me (most only take one or two pics), when so many guys obviously wanted some pictures of them.

I did see one woman topless when she changed her bikini top. Overall, it was a nice, laid-back crowd.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I made it out to the Springs yesterday for a stress reliever and get some reading done. The weather was wonderful, the grass was green, and it wasn't very crowded at all. This time, I wore my orange Dore low-cut thong. The place was almost deserted when I got there. I changed in the dressing area where some guy was sunning naked. As soon as I undressed to put sunscreen on, he positioned himself to watch me. When I finished getting ready and was about to head out, he was showering with tent pole. Not the place for that! I got to my usual area and setup camp. I took a small break from reading to people-watch. To my good fortune, there was a thong lady sashaying along the pool. Well, she actually wore a very small brazilian bikini that she pulled between her cheeks. Very, very close to being a thong. She had the petite body to really show off, so she confidentally strolled around the pool. I lost sight of her. I then decided to stroll around the pool before jumping in. I happened to pass by her on my way back, and we gave each other a pleasant smile. During my stroll, I heard a few chuckles from guys, and a few "Whoa-ho's" from their ladies. Also, during my occasional swims, I saw smiles from the ladies who were laying out with their guys.

It was rather really quiet, no kids at all. I got a lot reading done. Later, as the afternoon wore on, I spotted three separate topfree ladies. The most I've ever seen. One sat off by herself, far away from others. She would put her top on to swim. Another simply kept her top off and would throw a towel over her shoulders when she went down to the water to swim topless. She also lounged at the water's edge topless. The third lady simply sunned herself at her towel and never moved during my time there.

It was a nice pleasant day at the Springs.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Since redraider moved to Colorado, it seems this thread has died off completely. Anyone been out to Barton Springs lately, or any other thonging in Austin?

My wife and I may be moving to the Austin area sometime in the next few months. I'm looking forward to reviving this thread next spring and summer if nobody else does!
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I live in the Austin area but favor Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis. It's a clothing optional venue, so the thong is off once I'm out of the parking lot. Barton Springs is a lovely place, but I think the crowd is "too textile" and despite the odd g-string or two I prefer going elsewhere. it is a beautiful place to swim though. A real gem.

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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Hippie Hollow is the place to go in Austin - it is C/O and it is beautful - lots of nice people there too

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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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 Hi, I've moved to the Austin/San Antonio area and have yet to visit Barton Springs Pool.  I did visit Hippy Hollow a few times last summer (2007) and the weather and high water level of Lake Travis were great. I wore a black C-ring thong there at Hippie Hollow and no one raised an eyebrow.  I would like to meet new kool friends in Austin to sun with at Barton Springs.  I will bring along an assortment of Dore, Koala, or other tiny gear to decide on wearing when I get there. I don't have the fear of rejection from textile-minded individuals so having other new friends who are not as brave as me are welcome to connect with me for a day at either the Springs or Hippie Hollow.  I do wear a thong (how be it very very small ) when I go to a place where if is required to wear swimwear.  If you have an idea of when you are up to going to Lake Travis or the Springs or have a boat or cabin in, near or around Austin give me a holler.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I will be in Austin this weekend and would love to make some new friends to hang out with at Hippie Hollow.  I have never been there and am looking forward to giving it a try.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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This thread has been dormant for over a year.  I'm in central Tx temporarily and am going down to Austin on the weekends.  Any new reports Re: Barton Springs?  I did a recon this AM and it seems like an OK place, nothing like the SoCal beaches, but I'm starting to get pale.
Went up to Lake Belton which is close by and it seemed OK.  Anything I should know about legal issues over there?  I want to try and get a friend of mine(F) to join me at the springs.  Just looking for an update.  Any help is appreciated.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I was out a the Pool for 4 hours yesterday, and I am burnt!  Nice afternoon.  Did not get in the water cuz I could'nt screw up the courage.  No hassles, catcalls or rudeness.  Coupla ladies were topfree and a smattering of Speedos but no other Ts or Gs.   Wore a new Lilac Adjust. Gstring from Suzi Fox.  Excellent quality and fit, although I'll have to order a larger pouch size next time.  A bit more expensive, but worth it.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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Thongs are Ok and tollerated at the Springs... If you want a very free environment for thong or even nude sunbathing, I believe there's a spot on Lake Travis that allows that (Hippie Hallow)...
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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The weather looks to be good tomorrow so I'll go back to the springs to maintain the tan!  Anyone?
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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This is a good one.  I was at the Pool yesterday, got there around 1:30 and it was packed.  Set up in my normal spot wearing a turquoise G-string and was enjoying the sun.  Went down to the pool for a cool off and heard a few gasps but, again no hassles.

Laid face down for awhile but it started to cloud over so I flipped over and was deciding if I was going to stay or not when a few rain drops fell and within 30 seconds the sky opened up!  People were running and screaming, the pool emptied and I just laid there watching the show and getting soaked.  After about 5 minutes I was drenched and called it a day!

I am told, if you don't like the weather in TX, wait an hour!  As I drove back north it cleared up!  What a country!
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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 If people had personalities as flaky as Texas' weather they would be medicated.  While it was raining you could have "gotten dressed" and gone for lunch.  By the time you finished your meal the rain would have passed.
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Re:Barton Springs Pool, (Zilker Park), Austin, Texas

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I know, but I had to get back to Killeen anyways to get set up 4 the week.
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